The opposing forces at Corinth, Miss., October 3d and 4th, 1862.

The composition, losses, and strength of each army as here stated give the gist of all the data obtainable in the Official Records. K stands for killed; w for wounded; m w for mortally wounded; m for captured or missing; c for captured.

The Union forces.

Army of the Mississippi.--Major-General William S. Rosecrans.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. David S. Stanley. Staff loss: v, 1.

First Brigade, Col. John W. Fuller: 27th Ohio, Maj. Zephaniah S. Spaulding; 39th Ohio, Col. A. W. Gilbert, Lieut.-Col. Edward F. Noyes; 43d Ohio, Col. J. L. Kirby Smith (m w), Lieut.-Col. Wager Swayne; 63d Ohio, Col. John W. Sprague; Jenks's Co., Ill. Cav., Capt. Albert Jenks; 3d Mich. Battery, Lieut. Carl A. Lamberg; 8th Wis. Battery (section), Lieut. John D. McLean; F, 2d U. S. Art'y, Capt. Thomas D. Maurice. Brigade loss: k, 55; w, 255; m, 11 = 321. Second Brigade, Col. Joseph A. Mower (w): 26th Ill., Maj. Robert A. Gillmore; 47th Ill., Col. William. A. Thrush (k), Capt. Harman Andrews (w), Capt. Samuel R. Baker; 5th Minn., Col. Lucius F. Hubbard; 11th Mo., Maj. Andrew J. Weber; 8th Wis., Lieut.-Col. George W. Robbins (w), Maj. John W. Jefferson (w), Capt. William B. Britton; 2d Iowa Battery, Capt. Nelson T. Spoor. Brigade loss: k, 48; w, 248; m, 26 = 322.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Charles S. Hamilton.

Escort: C, 5th Mo. Cavalry.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Napoleon B. Buford: 48th Ind., Lieut. Col. De Witt C. Rugg (w), Lieut. James W. Archer; 59th Ind., Col. Jesse I. Alexander; 5th Iowa, Col. Charles L. Matthies; 4th Minn., Col. John B. Sanborn; 26th Mo., Lieut.-Col. John H. Holman (w); M, 1st Mo. Art'y, Lieut. Junius W. MacMurray 11th Ohio Battery, Lieut. Henry M. Neil. Brigade loss: k, 7; w, 48 = 55. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan, Col. Samuel A. Holmes: 56th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Green B. Raum; 10th Iowa, Maj. Nathaniel McCalla; 17th Iowa, Maj. Jabez Banbury; 10th Mo., Col. Samuel A. Holmes, Maj. Leonidas Horney; E, 24th Mo., Capt. Lafayette M. Rice; 80th Ohio, Maj. Richard Lanning (k), Capt. David Skeels; 6th Wis. Battery, Capt. Henry Dillon; 12th Wis. Battery, Lieut. Lorenzo D. Immell. Brigade loss: k, 34; w, 227; mi, 15 = 276.

cavalry division, Col. John K. Mizner.

(Division organized into two brigades, Col. Edward Hatch commanding the First and Col. Albert L. Lee the Second.) 7th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Edward Prince; 11th Ill., Col. Robert (G. Ingersoll; 2d Iowa, Maj. Datus E. Coon; 7th Kan., Lieut.-Col. T. P. Herrick; 3d Mich., Capt. Lyman G. Willcox; 5th Ohio (4 co's), Capt. Joseph C. Smith. Division loss: k, 5; w, 17; m, 14 = 36.

unattached: 64th Ill. (Yates's Sharp-shooters), Capt. John Morrill; 1st U. S. (6 co's--siege artillery), Capt. G. A. Williams. Unattached loss: k, 16; w, 53; m, 15 = 84.

Army of West Tennessee.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas A. Davies.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Pleasant A. Hackleman (k), Col. Thomas W. Sweeny: 52d Ill., Col. Thomas W. Sweeny, Lieut. Col. John S. Wilcox; 2d Iowa, Col. James Baker (m w), Lieut.-Col. Noah W. Mills (m w), Maj. James B. Weaver; 7th Iowa, Col. Elliott W. Rice; Union Brigade (composed of detachments of 58th Ill., and 8th, 12th, and 14th Iowa), Lieut.-Col. John P. Coulter. Brigade loss: k, 49; w, 318; m, 36 = 403. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Richard J. Oglesby (w), Col. August Mersy: 9th Ill., Col. August Mersy; 12th Ill., Col. Augustus L. Chetlain; 22d Ohio, Maj. Oliver Wood; 81st Ohio, Col. Thomas Morton. Brigade loss: k, 38; w, 222; nm, 73 = 333. Third Brigade, Col. Silas D. Baldwin (w), Col. John V. Du Bois: 7th 111., Col. Andrew J. Babcock; 50th Ill., Lieut.--Col. William Swarthout; 57th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Frederick J. Hurlbut, Maj. Eric Forsse. Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 115; m, 46 = 182. Artillery, Maj. George H. Stone: D, 1st Mo., Capt. Henry Richardson; H, 1st Mo., Capt. Frederick Welker; I, 1st Mo., Lieut. Charles H. Thurber; K, 1st Mo., Lieut. Charles Green. Artillery loss: k, 6; w, 29 = 35. Unattached: 14th Mo. (Western Sharp-shooters), Col. Patrick E. Burke. Loss: r, 6; w, 14; m, 3 = 23.

Sixth division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas J. McKean.

First Brigade, Col. Benjamin Allen, Brig.-Gen. John McArthur: 21st Mo., Col. David Moore, Maj. Edwin Moore; 16th Wis., Maj. Thomas Reynolds; 17th Wis., Col. John L. Doran. Brigade loss: k, 11; w, 67; m, 23 = 101. Second Brigade, Col. John M. Oliver: Indpt. Co.,, Ill. Cav., Capt. William Ford; 15th Mich., Lieut.-Col. John McDermott; 18th Mo. (4 co's), Capt. Jacob R. Ault; 14th Wis., Col. John Hancock; 18th Wis., Col. Gabriel Bouck. Brigade loss: k, 45; w, 108; m, 38 = 191. Third Brigade, Col. Marcellus M. Crocker: 11th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. William Hall; 13th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. John Shane; 15th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. William W. Belknap, Col. Hugh T. Reid; 16th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. Addison H. Sanders (w), Maj. William Purcell. Brigade loss: k, 14; w, 111: m, 24 = 149. Artillery, Capt. Andrew u Hicken-looper: F, 2d Ill., Lieut. J. W. Mitchell; 1st Minn., Lieut. G. F. Cooke; 3d Ohio (section), Capt. Emil Munch, Sergt. Sylvanus Clark; 5th Ohio, Lieut. B. S. [760] Matson; 10th Ohio, Capt. H. B. White. Artillery loss: w, 8.

Total Union loss: killed, 355; wounded, 1841; captured or missing, 324 = 2520.

The effective strength of Rosecrans's command is not specifically stated in the “Official Records.” According to the return for September 30th, 1862, his “aggregate present for duty” was 23,077 (Vol. XVII., Pt. II., p. 246). Probably not less than twenty thousand participated in the battle. On page 172, Vol. XVII., Pt. I., General Rosecrans estimates the Confederate strength at nearly forty thousand and says that was almost double his own numbers.

The Confederate forces.

Army of West Tennessee.--Major-General Earl Van Dorn.

Price's Corps or Army of the West.--Major-General Sterling Price.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Louis Hebert, Brig.-Gen. Martin E. Green.

First Brigade, Col. Elijah Gates: 16th Ark.,----; 2d Mo., Col. Francis M. Cockrell; 3d Mo., Col. James A. Pritchard (w); 5th Mo.,----; 1st Mo. Cav. (dismounted), Lieut.-Col. W. D. Maupin; Mo. Battery, Captain William Wade. Brigade loss: k, 53; w, 332; m, 92 = 477. Second Brigade, Col. W. Bruce Colbert: 14th Ark.,----; 17th Ark., Lieut.-Col. John Griffith; 3d La.,----; 40th Miss.,----; 1st Tex. Legion, Lieut.-Col. E. R. Hawkins. 3d Tex. Cav. (dismounted),----; Clark's (Mo.) Battery, Lieut. J. L. Faris; St. Louis (Mo.)Battery, Capt. William E. Dawson. Brigade loss: k, 11; w, 129; m, 132 = 272. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Martin E. Green, Col. W. H. Moore (w): 7th Miss. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. J. S. Terral (w); 43d Miss., Col. W. H. Moore; 4th Mo., Col. A. MacFarlane; 6th Mo., Col. Eugene Erwin (w); 3d Mo. Cav., (dismounted),----; Mo. Battery, Capt. Henry Guibor; Mo. Battery, Capt. John C. Landis. Brigade loss: k, 77; w, 369; m, 302 = 748. Fourth Brigade, Col. John D. Martin (m w), Col. Robert McLain (w); 37th Ala.; 36th Miss., Col. W. W. Witherspoon; 37th Miss., Col. Robert McLain; 38th Miss., Col. F. W. Adams. (Battery attached to this brigade not identified.) Brigade loss; k, 41; w, 203 = 244.

Maury's division, Brig.-Gen. Dabney H. Maury.

Moore's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John C. Moore: 42d Ala., Col. John W. Portis; 15th Ark., Lieut.-Col. Squire Boone; 23d Ark., Lieut.-Col. A. A. Pennington; 35th Miss., Col. William S. Barry; 2d Tex., Col. W. P. Rogers (k); Mo. Battery, Capt. H. M. Bledsoe. Brigade loss: k, 53; w, 230; m, 1012 = 1295.

Cabell's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William L. Cabell: 18th Ark., Col. John N. Daly (m w); 19th Ark., Col. T. P. Dockery; 20th Ark., Col. H. P. Johnson (k); 21st Ark., Col. Jordan E. Cravens; Ark. Battalion (Jones's),----; Ark. Battalion (Rapley's), Capt. James A. Ashford; Ark. (Appeal) Battery, Lieut. William N. Hogg. Brigade loss: k, 98; w, 323; m, 214 = 635. Phifer's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. W. Phifer: 3d Ark. Cav. (dismounted),----; 6th Tex. Cav. (dismounted), Col. L. S. Ross; 9th Tex. Cav. (dismounted),----; Stirman's Sharp-shooters, Col. Ras. Stirman: Ark. Battery (McNally's), Lieut. Frankly A. Moore. Brigade loss: k, 94; w, 273; m, 200 = 567. Cavalry (composition probably incomplete), Brig.-Gen. Frank C. Armstrong: 2d Ark., Col. W. F. Slemons; Miss. Reg't, Col. Wirt Adams; 2d Mo., Col. Robert McCulloch. Cavalry loss: w, 2; om, 9 = 11. Reserve Artillery: Tenn. Battery (Hoxton's), Lieut. Thomas F. Tobin (c); Alta. Battery, Capt. Henry H. Sengstak. Artillery loss: k, 1; w, 4; m, 14 = 19.

District of the Mississippi.

first division, Maj.-Gen. Mansfield Lovell.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Albert Rust: 4th Ala., Battalion, Maj.----Gibson; 31st Ala.,----; 35th Ala., Capt. A. E. Ashford; 9th Ark., Col. Isaac L. Dunlop; 3d Ky., Col. A. P. Thompson; 7th Ky., Col. Ed. Cross-land; Miss. (Hudson), Battery, Lieut. John R. Sweaney. Brigade loss: k, 25; w, 117 ; m, 83 = 225. Second Brigade (composition not fully reported), Brig.-Gen. J. B. Villepigue: 33d Miss., Col. D. W. Hurst; 39th Miss., Col. W. B. Shelby. Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 76; m, 71 = 168. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John S. Bowen: 6th Miss., Col. Robert Lowry; 15th Miss., Col. M. Farrell; 22d Miss., Capt. J. D. Lester; Miss. Battalion, Capt. C. K. Caruthers; 1st Mo., Lieut.-Col. A. C. Riley; La. (Watson) Battery, Capt. A. A. Bursley. Brigade loss: k, 28; w, 92; m1, 40 = 160. Cavalry Brigade, Col. W. H. Jackson: 1st Miss., Lieut.-Col. F. A. Montgomery; 7th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. J. G. Stocks. Brigade loss: k, 1. Unattached: La. Zouave Battalion, Maj. St. L. Dupiere. Loss: k, 2; m, 14 = 16. Total Confederate loss (including Hatchie Bridge, Oct. 5th): killed, 505; wounded, 2150; captured or missing, 2183 = 4838. General Van Dorn says ( “Official Records,” Vol. XVII., Pt. I., p. 378): “Field returns at Ripley showed my strength to be about 22,000 men.” It is estimated that at least 20,000 were brought into action at Corinth.

Monument in the National Cemetery, Corinth. From a photograph taken in 1884.

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