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Union vessels in the Vicksburg operations.

The Mississippi flotilla.--Rear-Admiral David D. Porter, commanding; Commander A. M. Pennock, Fleet Captain, Naval Station, Cairo.

gun-boats.--Benton, Lieut.-Com. S. L. Phelps, Lieut.-Com. W. Gwin (Yazoo River, December, 1862), Lieut.-Com. J. A. Greer (Vicksburg, Grand Gulf), 16 guns; Essex, Com. W. D. Porter, Com. C. H. B. Caldwell (Port Hudson), Com. R. Townsend, 5 guns, 1 howitzer; July, 1862, 7 guns, 1 howitzer; June 10th, 1863, 8 guns, 2 howitzers; August 1st, 1863, 8 guns, 4 howitzers.

Eads iron-Clads.--St. Louis (Baron De Kalb), Lieut. W. McGunnegle (St. Charles), Lieut.-Com. J. G. Walker (Yazoo River, Arkansas Post, Yazoo Pass, Haynes's Bluff, Yazoo City), 13 guns (reduced to 7, May, 1863); Cairo, Lieut.-Com. T. O. Selfridge, 13 guns, 1 howitzer; Carondelet, Com. Henry Walke (action with Arkansas, July 15th, 1862), Lieut. J. M. Murphy (Steele's Bayou, Vicksburg, and Grand Gulf), 13 guns, 1 howitzer; May 15th, 1863, 11 guns; Cincinnati, Lieut.-Com. B. Wilson (Vicksburg, July, 1862), Lieut. George M. Bache (Arkansas Post, Steele's Bayou, Vicksburg, May 27th), 13 guns, 1 howitzer; Louisville, Com. B. M; Dove (Vicksburg, July, 1862), Lieut.-Com. E. K. Owen (Arkansas Post, Steele's Bayou, Vicksburg, and Grand Gulf), 13 guns, 1 howitzer; Mound City, Com. A. H. Kilty (St. Charles), Lieut.-Com. W. Gwin (Yazoo River Raid, Aug., ‘62), Lieut. B. Wilson (Steele's Bayou, Vicksburg, and Grand Gulf, Warrenton), 13 guns, 1 howitzer; May 28, ‘63, 11 guns; July 26, ‘63,13 guns; Pittsburgh, Act.V. Lieut. W. R. Hoel, 13 guns; Sept., ‘62,12 guns, 1 howitzer; May 18, ‘63, 13 guns; Dec., ‘63,14 guns.

later iron-Clads.--Choctaw (turret), Lieut.-Com. F. M. Ramsay (Haynes's Bluff, Yazoo River, Yazoo City, Milliken's Bend), April 9th, 1863, 4 guns; May, 1863, 4 guns, 2 howitzers; June 8th, 1863, 6 guns, 2 howitzers; Lafayette, Capt. H. Walke (Vicksburg and Grand Gulf), 6 guns, 4 howitzers; Chillicothe, Lieut.-Com. J. P. Foster (Yazoo Pass), 2 guns; Indianola, Lieut.-Com. George Brown, 4 guns; Tuscumbia, Lieut.-Com. J. W. Shirk (Vicksburg and Grand Gulf), 5 guns.

Rodgers gun-boats.--Conestoga, Lieut. G. W. Blodgett (St. Charles), Lieut.-Com. T. O. Selfridge, 4 guns, 1 howitzer; Lexington, Lieut. James W. Shirk (St. Charles, Yazoo River, Dec., ‘62, Arkansas Post); Lieut.-Com. S. L. Phelps (Cumberland River, Jan.,‘63); Lieut.-Com. Le Roy Fitch (Tennessee and Cumberland rivers); Lieut. G. M. Bache (White River), 6 guns; Sept., ‘62, 7 guns, 1 howitzer; Tyler, Lieut. William Gwin (action with Arkansas, July 15, ‘62); Lieut.-Com. J. M. Prichett (Yazoo River, Dec., ‘62, Helena), 7 guns; Sept., ‘62, 9 guns, 1 howitzer.

Ellet rams.--Lieut.-Col. A. W. Ellet, Col. C. R. Ellet. (Originally employed without armament; subsequently howitzers or other light guns were mounted from time to time. Frequent changes were also made in commanding officers. Those engaged in important actions are mentioned below. The vessels were the Fulton, Horner, Lancaster, Lieut.-Col. J. A. Ellet (passage of Vicksburg, March 25th, 1863); Lioness, Master T. O'Reilly (Yazoo River, December, 1862); Mingo, Monarch, Sergt. E. W. Davis (Yazoo River raid, August, 1862), Col. C. R. Ellet (Ark. Post); Queen of the West, Lieut. J. M. Hunter (action of July 15th, 1862), Lieut.-Col. A. W. Ellet (July 22d, 1862), Capt. E. W. Sutherland (Yazoo River, December, 1862), Col. C. R. Ellet (Red River cruise); Sampson, Switzerland, Lieut.-Col. A. W. Ellet (Yazoo River raid, August, 1862), Col. C. R. Ellet (passage of Vicksburg, March 25th, 1863).

prizes.--Alfred Robb, Act. V. Lieut. J. Goudy, Act. Ens. W. C. Hanford, 4 howitzers; Eastport, Lieut.-Com. S. L. Phelps, 8 guns, 2 howitzers; Fair Play, Lieut.-Com. Le Roy Fitch; Act. Master Geo. J. Groves, September, 1862, 4 howitzers; May, 1863, 1 gun, 6 howitzers; General Bragg, Lieut. Joshua Bishop, September, 1862, 2 guns, 1 howitzer; General Pillow, Act. Ens. J. Moyer, September, 1862, 2 howitzers; General Price, Com. S. E. Woodworth (Vicksburg, April-July, 1863), 4 guns; Little Rebel, Act. V. Lieut. T. B. Gregory, September, 1862, 3 howitzers; March, 1863, 4 howitzers; Sumter, Lieut. Henry Erben (Vicksburg, July 15th, 1862), 4 guns, 1 howitzer.

tin-Clads.--Brilliant, Act. V. Lieut. C. G. Perkins, September, 1862, 4 howitzers; February, 1863, 6 howitzers; Cricket, Act. V. Lieut. A. R. Langthorne, 6 howitzers; Forest Rose, Act. V. Lieut. George W. Brown, December, 1862, 2 guns, 4 howitzers; August 19th, 1863, 4 guns, 4 howitzers; Glide, Act. Lieut. S. E. Woodworth (Ark. Post); Juliet, Act. V. Lieut. Ed. Shaw, 6 howitzers; Linden, Act. V. Lieut. T. E. Smith, Act. Master T. M. Farrell, 6 howitzers; Marmora, Act. V. Lieut. Robert Getty, September, 1862, 4 howitzers; December, 1862, 8 howitzers; Petrel, Act. Master T. McElroy, Act. V. Lieut. John Pearce; Rattler, Lieut.-Com. Watson Smith (Ark. Post, Yazoo Pass), Act. Master W. E. H. Fentress, 8 howitzers; Romeo, Act. Ens. R. B. Smith (Yazoo River, December, 1862), Act. Master T. Baldwin, 6 howitzers; Signal, Act. V. Lieut. John Scott, Act. V. Lieut. C. Dominy, September, 1862, 4 howitzers; May, 1863, 6 howitzers; November, 1863, 2 guns, 6 howitzers.

various vessels.--Alexandria, Act. Master D., P. Rosenmiller, 2 howitzers; Argosy, Act. Ens. J. C. Morong, 7 howitzers; Black Hawk, Lieut.-Com. K. R. Breese (Ark. Post and Vicksburg), 9 guns, 2 howitzers; Champion, Act. Master Alfred Phelps, 2 guns, 2 howitzers; Covington, Act. V. Lieut. J. S. Hurd, Act. V. Lieut. Geo. P. Lord, 4 guns, 4 howitzers; Curlew, Act. Ens. H. B. O'Neill, 8 howitzers; Exchange, Act. V. Lieut. J. S. Hurd, 2 guns, 5 howitzers; Fort Hindman, Act. V. Lieut. John Pearce, 6 guns; Hastings, Act. V. Lieut. A. R. Langthorne, 4 guns, 4 howitzers; Kenwood, Act. Master John Swaney, May, 1863, 2 guns, 4 howitzers; Key West, Act. V. Lieut. E. M. King, May, 1863, 6 howitzers; June 16th, 1863, 8 howitzers; Moose, Lieut.-Com. LeRoy Fitch, 6 howitzers; Naumkeag, Act. Master John Rogers, 2 guns, 4 howitzers; New Era, Act. Master F. W. Flanner, Act. Master J. C. Bunner, 6 howitzers; Pawpaw, Act. Master A. F. Thompson, 2 guns, 6 howitzers; Peosta, Act. V. Lieut. T. E. Smith, 6 guns, 8 howitzers; Prairie Bird, Act. V. Lieut. E. E. Brennand, 8 howitzers; Queen City, Act. V. Lieut. J. Goudy, Act. V. Lieut. G. W. Brown, April, 1863, 4 guns, 4 howitzers; Reindeer, Act. V. Lieut. H. A. Glassford, 6 howitzers; St. Clair, Act. V. Lieut. J. S. Hurd, Act. V. Lieut. T. B. Gregory, September, 1862, 4 howitzers; February 1863, 6 howitzers; Silver Cloud, Act. V. Lieut. A. F. O'Neil, 6 howitzers; Silver Lake, Act. Master J. C. Coyle, 6 howitzers; Springfield, Act. Master J. Watson, 6 howitzers; Tawah, Act. V. Lieut. J. Goudy, 2 guns, 6 howitzers; Victory, Act. Master F. Read, 6 howitzers.

mortar-boats, Gunner Eugene Mack; Ensign Miller.

auxiliary.--Abraham, Act. Ens. W. Wagner (inspection boat); Clara Dolsen, Lieut.-Com. T. Pattison (receiving ship at Cairo), 1 gun; General Lyon, Pilot R. E. Birch (dispatch boat), 2 howitzers; Grampus, Act. Master E. Sells (receiving ship); Great Western, (ordnance boat), Act. V. Lieut. W. F. Hamilton; Judge Torrence, (ordnance boat), Act. V. Lieut. J. F. Richardson; New National, Act. Master A. M. Grant (receiving ship), 1 howitzer; Red Rover, Act. Master W. R. Wells (hospital steamer), 1 gun; Sovereign (storeship, no battery), Act. Master T. Baldwin; William H. Brown (dispatch steamer), Act. V. Lieut. J. A. French.

West Gulf squadron: Passage of Port Hudson, March 14th-15th, 1863.--Rear-Admiral D. G. Farragut commanding; Capt. Thornton A. Jenkins, Fleet Captain. Hartford (flag-ship), Capt. James S. Palmer; Mississippi, Capt. Melancton Smith; Monongahela, Capt. J. P. McKinstry; Richmond, Com. James Alden; Genesee, Com. W. H. Macomb; Albatross, Lieut.-Com. John E. Hart: Kineo, Lieut.-Com. John Watters. Cooperating vessels of West Gulf Squadron, in Red River, May, 1863: Albatross, Lieut.-Com. John E. Hart; Estrella, Lieut.-Com. A. P. Cooke; Arizona, Act. V. Lieut. Daniel P. Upton.

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