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The opposing forces at Stone's River, Tenn.

The composition, losses, and strength of each army as here stated give the gist of all the data obtainable in the Official Records. K stands for killed; w for wounded; m w for mortally wounded; m for captured or missing; c for captured.

The Union army.

Army of the Cumberland (Fourteenth army Corps), Maj.-Gen. William S. Rosecrans.

Provost-Guard: 10th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Joseph W. Burke. Escort: Anderson Troop Pa. Cav., Lieut. Thomas S. Maple. Staff and escort loss: k, 4; w, 5 = 9.

right wing, Maj.-Gen. Alexander McD. McCook. First (late Ninth) division, Brig.-Gen. Jefferson C. Davis.

Escort: Cavalry Co. B, 36th Ill., Capt. Samuel B. Sherer; G, 2d Ky. Cav., Capt. Miller R. McCulloch (k), Lieut. Harvey S. Park. Escort loss: k, 1; w, 4; m, 6 = 11.

First (late Thirtieth) Brigade, Col. P. Sidney Post: 59th Ill., Capt. Hendrick E. Paine; 74th Ill., Col. Jason Marsh; 75th Ill., Lieut.-Col. John E. Bennett; 22d Ind., Col. Michael Gooding. Brigade loss: k, 25; w, 144; m, 155 = 324. Second (late Thirty-first) Brigade, Col. William P. Carlin: 21st Ill., Col. J. W. S. Alexander (w), Lieut.-Col. Warren E. McMackin; 38th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Daniel H. Gilmer; 101st Ohio, Col. Leander Stem (m w and c), Lieut.-Col. Moses F. Wooster (m w and c), Maj. Isaac M. Kirby, Capt. Bedan B. McDonald; 15th Wis., Col. Hans C. Heg. Brigade loss: k, 129; w, 498; m, 194 = 821. Third (late Thirty-second) Brigade, Col. William E. Woodruff: 25th Ill., Col. Thomas D. Williams (k), Capt. Wesford Taggart; 35th Ill., Lieut.-Col. William P. Chandler; 81st Ind., Lieut.-Col. John Timberlake. Brigade loss: k, 32; w, 179; in, 47 = 258. Artillery: 2d Minn. (2d Brigade), Capt. William A. Hotchkiss; 5th Wis. (1st Brigade), Capt. Oscar F. Pinney (m w), Lieut. Charles B. Humphrey; 8th Wis. (3d Brigade), Capt. Stephen J. Carpenter (k), Sergt. Obadiah German, Lieut. Henry E. Stiles. Artillery loss embraced in brigades to which attached.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Richard W. Johnson.

First (late Sixth) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. August Willich (c), Col. William Wallace, Col. William I. Gibson: 89th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Charles T. Hotchkiss; 32d Ind., Lieut.-Col. Frank Erdelmeyer; 39th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Fielder A. Jones; 15th Ohio, Col. William Wallace, Capt. A. R. Z. Dawson, Col. William Wallace; 49th Ohio, Col. William H. Gibson, Lieut.-Col. Levi Drake (k), Capt. Samuel F. Gray. Brigade loss: k, 90; w, 373; 1m, 701 = 1164. Second (late Fifth) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Edward N. Kirk (w), Col. Joseph B. Dodge: 34th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Hiram W. Bristol, Maj. Alexander P. Dysart; 79th Ill., Col. Sheridan P. Read (k), Maj. Allen Buckner; 29th Ind., Lieut.-Col. David M. Dunn (c), Maj. Joseph P. Collins; 30th Ind. Col. Joseph B. Dodge, Lieut.-Col. Orrin D. Hurd; 77th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Peter B. Housum (k), Capt. Thomas E. Rose. Brigade loss: k, 99; w, 384; m, 376 = 859. Third (late Fourth) Brigade, Col. Philemon P. Baldwin: 6th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Hagerman Tripp; 5th Ky., Lieut.-Col. William W. Berry (w); 1st Ohio, Maj. Joab A. Stafford; 93d Ohio, Col. Charles Anderson (w). Brigade loss: k, 59; w, 244; mn, 209 = 512. Artillery: 5th Ind. (3d Brigade), Capt. Peter Simonson; A, 1st Ohio (1st Brigade), Lieut. Edmund B. Belding; E, 1st Ohio (2d Brigade), Capt. Warren P. Edgarton (c). Artillery loss embraced in the brigades to which attached. Cavalry: G, H, I, and K, 3d Ind., Maj. Robert Klein. Loss: k, 4; w, 6; m, 15 = 25.

Third (late Eleventh) division, Brig.-Gen. Philip H. Sheridan.

Escort: L, 2d Ky. Cav., Lieut. Joseph T. Forman.

First (late Thirty-seventh) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joshua W. Sill (k), Col. Nicholas Greusel: 36th Ill., Col. Nicholas Greusel, Maj. Silas Miller (w and c), Capt. Porter C. Olson; 88th Ill., Col. Francis T. Sherman; 21st Mich. Lieut.-Col. William B. McCreery; 24th Wis., Maj. Elisha C. Hibbard. Brigade loss: k, 104; w, 365; m, 200 = 669. Second (late Thirty-fifth ) Brigade, Col. Frederick Schaefer (k), Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt: 44th Ill., Capt. Wallace W. Barrett (w); 73d Ill., Maj. William A. Presson (w); 2d Mo. Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt, Maj. Francis Ehrler; 15th Mo., Lieut.-Col. John Weber. Brigade loss: k, 71; w, 281; m, 46 = 398. Third Brigade, Col. George W. Roberts (k), Col. Luther P. Bradley: 22d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Francis Swanwick (w and c), Capt. Samuel Johnson; 27th Ill., Col. Fazilo A. Harrington (k), Maj. Williamn A. Schmitt; 42d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Nathan H. Walworth; 51st Ill., Col. Luther P. Bradley, Capt. Henry F. Wescott. Brigade loss: k, 62; w, 343; m, 161 = 566. Artillery: Capt. Henry Hescock: C, 1st Ill. (3d Brigade), Capt. Charles Houghtaling; 4th Ind. (1st Brigade), Capt. Asahel K. Bush; G, 1st Mo. (2d Brigade), Capt. Henry Hescock. Artillery loss embraced in brigades to which attached.

center, Maj.-Gen. George H. Thomas. Staff and escort loss: k, 1; w, 1 = 2.

Provost-Guard: 9th Mich., Col. John G. Parkhurst.

First (late Third) division, Maj.-Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau. Staff and escort loss: w, 2.

First (late Ninth ) Brigade, Col. Benjamin F. Scribner: 38th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Daniel F. Griffin; 2d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. John Kell (k), Maj. Anson G. McCook; 33d Ohio, Capt. Ephraim J. Ellis; 94th Ohio, Col. Joseph W. Frizell (w), Lieut.-Col. Stephen A. Bassford; 10th Wis., Col. Alfred R. Chapin. Brigade loss: k, 33; w, 189; m, 57 = 279. Second (late Seventeenth) Brigade, Col. John Beatty: 42d Ind., Lieut.-Col. James M. Shanklin (c); 88th Ind., Col. George Humphrey (w), Lieut.-Col. Cyrus E. Briant; 15th Ky., Col. James B. Forman (k), Lieut.-Col. Joseph R. Snider; 3d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Orris A. Lawson. Brigade loss: k, 53; w, 240; m, 96 = 389. Third (late Twenty-eighth) Brigade, Col. John C. Starkweather: 24th Ill., Col. Geza Mihalotzy; 79th Pa., Col. Henry A. Hambright; 1st Wis., Lieut.-Col. George B. Bingham; 21st Wis., Lieut.-Col. Harrison C. Hobart. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 31; m, 113 = 146. Fourth Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Oliver L. Shepherd: 1st Battalion, 15th U. S., Maj. John H. King (w), Capt. Jesse Fulmer; 1st Battalion, 16th U. S., and B, 2d Battalion, Maj. Adam J. Slemmer (w), Capt. R. E. A. Crofton; 1st Battalion, and A and D, 3d Battalion, 18th U. S., Maj. James N. Caldwell; 2d Battalion, and B, C, E, and F, 3d Battalion, 18th U. S., Maj. Frederick Townsend; 1st Battalion, 19th U. S., Maj. Stephen D. Carpenter (k), Capt. James B. Mulligan. Brigade loss: k, 94; w, 497; m, 50 = 641. Artillery, Capt. Cyrus O. Loomis: A, Ky. (3d Brigade), Capt. David C. Stone; A, 1st Mich. (2d Brigade), Lieut. George W. Van Pelt; H, 5th U. S. (4th Brigade), Lieut. Francis L. Guenther. Artillery loss embraced in brigades to which attached. Cavalry: 2d Ky. (6 co's), Maj. Thomas P. Nicholas. Loss: w, 3.

Second (late eighth) division, Brig.-Gen. James S. Negley.

First (late Twenty-fifth) Brigade,1 Brig.-Gen. James G. Spears: 1st Tenn., Col. Robert K. Byrd; 2d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. James M. Melton; 6th Tenn., Col. Joseph A. Cooper. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 28 = 33. Second (late Twenty-ninth) Brigade, Col. Timothy R. Stanley: 19th Ill., Col. Joseph R. Scott (w), Lieut.-Col. Alexander W. Raffen; 11th Mich., Col. William L. Stoughton; 18th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Josiah Given; 69th Ohio, Col. William B. Cassilly (w), Maj. Eli J. Hickcox, Capt. David Putman, Capt. Joseph H. Brigham, Lieut.-Col. George F. Elliott. Brigade loss: k, 76; w, 336; 1m, 101 = 513. Third [611] (late Seventh) Brigade. Col. John F. Miller: 37th Ind., Col. James S. Hull (w,) Lieut.-Col. Williamn D. Ward; 21st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. James M. Neibling; 74th Ohio, Col. Granville Moody (w); 78th Pa., Col. William Sir-well. Brigade loss: k, 80; w, 471; m, 97 = 648. Artillery: B, Ky., Lieut. Alban A. Ellsworth; G, 1st Ohio, Lieut. Alexander Marshall; M, 1st Ohio (2d Brigade), Capt. Frederick Schultz. Artillery loss embraced in brigades to which attached.

Third (late First) division.

First Brigade,2 Col. Moses B. Walker: 82d Ind., Col. Morton C. Hunter; 17th Ohio, Col. John M. Connell; 31st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Frederick W. Lister; 38th Ohio, Col. Edward H. Phelps. Brigade loss: w, 22. Artillery: D, 1st Mich., Capt. Josiah W. Church.

left wing.--Maj.-Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden. Staff loss: w, 1.

First (late Sixth) division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas J. Wood (w), Brig.-Gen. Milo S. Hascall. Staff loss: w, 1.

First (late Fifteenth) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Milo S. Hascall, Col. George P. Buell: 100th Ill., Col. Frederick A. Bartleson; 58th Ind., Col. George P. Buell, Lieut.-Col. James T. Embree; 3d Ky., Col. Samuel McKee (k), Maj. Daniel R. Collier; 26th Ohio, Capt. William H. Squires. Brigade loss: k, 50; w, 316; m, 34 = 400. Second (late Twenty-first ) Brigade, Col. George D. Wagner: 15th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Gustavus A. Wood; 40th Ind., Col. John W. Blake, Lieut.-Col. Elias Neff (w), Maj. Henry Leaming; 57th Ind., Col. Cyrus C. Hines (w), Lieut.-Col. George W. Lennard (w), Capt. John S. McGraw; 97th Ohio, Col. John Q. Lane. Brigade loss: k, 57; w, 291; mi, 32 = 380. Third (late Twentieth) Brigade, Col. Charles G. Harker: 51st Ind., Col. Abel D. Streight; 73d Ind., Col. Gilbert Hathaway; 13th Mich., Col. Michael Shoemaker; 64th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Alexander McIlvain; 65th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Alexander Cassil (w), Maj. Horatio N. Whitbeck (w). Brigade loss: k, 108; w, 330; m, 101 = 539. Artillery, Maj. Seymour Race: 8th Ind. (First Brigade), Lieut. George Estep; 10th Ind. (Second Brigade), Capt. Jerome B. Cox; 6th Ohio (Third Brigade), Capt. Cullen Bradley. Artillery loss embraced in brigades to which attached.

Second (late Fourth) division, Brig.-Gen. John M. Palmer. Staff loss: w, 1.

First (late Twenty-second) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Charles Cruft: 31st Ind., Col. John Osborn; 1st Ky., Col. David A. Enyart; 2d Ky., Col. Thomas D. Sedgewick; 90th Ohio, Col. Isaac N. Ross. Brigade loss: k, 44; w, 227; m, 126 = 397. Second (late Nineteenth ) Brigade, Col. William B. Hazen: 110th Ill., Col. Thomas S. Casey; 9th Ind., Col. William H. Blake; 6th Ky., Col. Walter C. Whitaker; 41st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Aquila Wiley. Brigade loss: k, 45; w, 335; m, 29 = 409. Third (late Tenth) Brigade, Col. William Grose: 84th Ill., Col. Louis H. Waters; 36th Ind., Maj. Isaac Kinley (w), Capt. Pyrrhus Woodward; 23d Ky., Maj. Thomas H. Hamrick; 6th Ohio, Col. Nicholas L. Anderson (w); 24th Ohio, Col. Frederick C. Jones (k), Maj. Henry Terry (k), Capt. Enoch Weller (k), Capt. A. T. M. Cockerill. Brigade loss: k, 107; w, 478; m, 74 = 659. Artillery, Capt. William E. Standart: B, 1st Ohio, Capt. William E. Standart; F, 1st Ohio, Capt. Daniel T. Cockerill (w), Lieut. Norval Osburn; H and M, 4th U. S., Lieut. Charles C. Parsons. Artillery loss: k, 9; w, 40; m, 11 = 60. Third (late Fifth) Division, Brig.-Gen. Horatio P. Van Cleve (w), Col. Samuel Beatty. Staff loss: w, 1. First (late Eleventh ) Brigade, Col. Samuel Beatty, Col. Benjamin C. Grider: 79th Ind., Col. Frederick Knefler; 9th Ky., Col. Benjamin C. Grider, Lieut.-Col. George H. Cram; 11th Ky., Maj. Erasmus L. Mottley; 19th Ohio, Maj. Charles F. Manderson. Brigade loss: k, 67; w, 371; m, 83 = 521. Second (late Fourteenth) Brigade, Col. James P. Fyffe: 44th Ind., Col. William C. Williams (c), Lieut.-Col. Simeon C. Aldrich; 86th Ind., Lieut.-Col. George F. Dick; 13th Ohio, Col. Joseph G. Hawkins (k), Maj. Dwight Jarvis, Jr.; 59th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William Howard. Brigade loss: k, 78; w, 239; m, 240 = 557. Third (late Twenty-third) Brigade, Col. Samuel W. Price: 35th Ind., Col. Bernard F. Mullen; 8th Ky., Lieut.-Col. Reuben May, Maj. Green B. Broaddus; 21st Ky., Lieut.-Co l. James C. Evans; 51st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Richard W. McClain; 99th Ohio, Col. Peter T. Swaine (w), Lieut.-Col. John E. Cummins. Brigade loss: k, 79; w, 361; m, 143 = 583. Artillery, Capt. George R. Swallow: 7th Ind., Capt. George R. Swallow; B, Pa., Lieut. Alanson J. Stevens; 3d Wis., Lieut. Cortland Livingston. Artillery loss: k, 6; w, 19 = 25.

cavalry, Brig.-Gen. David S. Stanley.

cavalry division, Col. John Kennett.

First Brigade, Col. Robert H. G. Minty: M, 2d Ind., Capt. J. A. S. Mitchell; 3d Ky., Col. Eli H. Murray; 4th Mich., Lieut.-Col. William H. Dickinson; 7th Pa., Maj. John E. Wynkoop. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 24; m, 77 = 106. Second Brigade, Col. Lewis Zahm: 1st Ohio, Col. Minor Milliken (k), Maj. James Laughlin; 3d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Douglas A. Murray; 4th Ohio, Maj. John L. Pugh. Brigade loss: k, 18; w, 44; m, 59 = 121. Artillery: D, 1st Ohio (section), Lieut. Nathaniel M. Newell. Loss: k, 1.

Reserve cavalry:3 15th Pa., Maj. Adolph G. Rosengarten (k), Maj. Frank B. Ward (m w), Capt. Alfred Vezin; 1st Middle (5th) Tenn., Col. William B. Stokes; 2d Tenn., Col. Daniel M. Ray. Reserve cavalry loss: k, 12; w, 25; m, 67 = 104.

unattached: 3d Tenn., Col. William C. Pickens; 4th U. S., Capt. Elmer Otis. Loss: k, 3; w, 10; m, 12 = 25.

Miscellaneous.--pioneer Brigade, Capt. James St. C. Morton: 1st Battalion, Capt. Lyman Bridges (w); 2d Battalion, Capt. Calvin Hood; 3d Battalion, Capt. Robert Clements; Stokes's Ill. Battery, Capt. James H. Stokes. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 33 = 48.

Engineers and mechanics: 1st Mich., Col. William P. Innes. Loss: k, 2; w, 9; m, 5 = 16.

Total loss of Union army (in the campaign): killed, 1730; wounded, 7802; captured or missing, 3717 = 13,249. Effective force December 31st, 1862, 43,400. (See “Official Records,” Vol. XX., Pt. I., p. 201.)

The Confederate army.

Army of Tennessee.--General Braxton Bragg.

Polk's Corps, Lieut.-Gen. Leonidas Polk.

First division, Maj.-Gen. B. F. Cheatham.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Daniel S. Donelson: 8th Tenn., Col. W. L. Moore (k), Lieut.-Col. J. H. Anderson; 16th Tenn., Col. John H. Savage; 38th Tenn., Col. John C. Carter; 51st Tenn., Col. John Chester; 84th Tenn., Col. S. S. Stanton; Tenn. Battery, Capt. W. W. Carnes. Brigade loss: k, 108; w, 575; m, 17 = 700. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alexander P. Stewart: 4th and 5th Tenn., Col. Oscar F. Strahl; 19th Tenn., Col. Francis M. Walker; 24th Tenn., Col. H. L. W. Bratton (m w), Maj. S. E. Shannon; 31st and 33d Tenn., Col. E. E. Tansil; Miss. Battery, Capt. T. J. Stanford. Brigade loss: k, 63; w, 334; m, 2 = 399. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George Maney: 1st and 27th Tenn., Col. H. R. Feild; 4th Tenn. (Prov. army), Col. J. A. McMurry; 6th and 9th Tenn., Col. C. S. Hurt; Tenn. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Frank Maney; Miss. Battery (Smith's), Lieut. William B. Turner. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 163; m, 8 = 193. Fourth Brigade, Col. A. J. Vaughan, Jr.: 12th Tenn., Maj. J. N. Wyatt; 13th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. W. E. Morgan (m w), Capt. R. F. Lanier; 29th Tenn., Maj. J. B. Johnson; 47th Tenn., Capt. W. M. Watkins; 154th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. M. Magevney, Jr.; 9th Tex., Col. W. H. Young; Tenn. Sharp-shooters (Allin's), Lieut. J. R. J. Creighton (w), Lieut. T. F. Pattison; Tenn. Battery [612] Capt. W. L. Scott. Brigade loss: k, 105; w, 564; m, 38 = 707.

Second division, Maj.-Gen. Jones M. Withers.

First Brigade, Col. J. Q. Loomis (w), Col. J. G. Coltart: 19th Ala.,----; 22d Ala.,----; 25th Ala.,----; 26th Ala.,----; 39th Ala.,----; 17th Ala. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. B. C. Yancey; 1st La. (Regulars), Lieut.-Col. F. H. Farrar, Jr. (m w); Fla. Battery, Capt. Felix H. Robertson. Brigade loss: k, 53; w, 533; m, 5 = 591. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James R. Chalmers (w), Col. T. W. White: 7th Miss.,----; 9th Miss., Col. T. W. White; 10th Miss.,----; 41st Miss.,----; 9th Miss. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. O. F. West; Blythe's Miss.,----; Ala. Battery (Garrity's),----. Brigade loss: k, 67; w, 445; m, 36 = 548. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. Patton Anderson: 45th Ala., Col. James G. Gilchrist; 24th Miss., Lieut.-Col. R. P. McKelvaine; 27th Miss., Col. Thomas M. Jones, Lieut.-Col. James L. Autry (k), Capt. E. R. Neilson (w); 29th Miss., Col. W. F. Brantly (w), Lieut.-Col. J. B. Morgan; 30th Miss., Lieut.-Col. J. I. Scales; 39th N. C., Capt. A. W. Bell; Mo. Battery, Capt. O. W. Barret. Brigade loss: k, 130; w, 620; m, 13 = 763. Fourth Brigade, Col. A. M. Manigault: 24th Ala.,----; 28th Ala.,----; 34th Ala.,----; 10th and 19th S. C., Col. A. J. Lythgoe (k); Ala. Battery, Capt. D. D. Waters. Brigade loss: k, 73; w, 428; m, 16 = 517.

Hardee's Corps, Lieut.-Gen. William J. Hardee.

First division, Maj.-Gen. John C. Breckinridge.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen.-: Daniel W. Adams (w), Col. Randall L. Gibson: 32d Ala., Lieut.-Col. Henry Maury (wa, Col. Alexander McKinstry; 13th and 20th La., Col. Randall L. Gibson, Maj. Charles Guillet; 16th and 25th La., Col. S. W. Fisk (k), Maj. F. C. Zacharie; 14th La. Battalion, Maj. J. E. Austin; 5th Battery Washington (La.) Art'y, Lieut. W. C. D. Vaught. Brigade loss: k, 112; w, 445; m, 146 = 703. Second Brigade, Col. J. B. Palmer, Brig.-Gen. Gideon J. Pillow: 18th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. W. R. Butler, Col. J. B. Palmer (w); 26th Tenn., Col. John M. Lillard; 28th Tenn., Col. P. D. Cunningham (k); 45th Tenn., Col. A. Searcy; Ga. Battery (Moses's), Lieut. X. W. Anderson. Brigade loss: k, 49; w, 324; m, 52 = 425. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William Preston: 1st and 3d Fla., Col. William Miller (w); 4th Fla., Col. William L. L. Bowen; 60th N. C., Col. J. A. McDowell; 20th Tenn., Col. T. B. Smith (w), Lieut.-Col. F. M. Lavender, Maj. F. Claybrooke; Tenn. Battery, Capt. E. E. Wright (k), Lieut. J. W. Phillips. Brigade loss: k, 58; w, 384; m, 97 = 539. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. R. W. Hanson (k), Col. R. P. Trabue: 41st Ala., Col. H. Talbird, Lieut.-Col. M. L. Stansel (w); 2d Ky., Maj. James W. Hewitt (w), Capt. James W. Moss; 4th Ky., Col. R. P. Trabue, Capt. T. W. Thompson; 6th Ky Col. Joseph H. Lewis; 9th Ky., Col. T. H. Hunt; Ky. Battery, Capt. Robert Cobb. Brigade loss: k, 47; w, 273; m, 81 = 401. Jackson's Brigade (temporarily attached), Brig.-Gen. John K. Jackson: 5th Ga., Col. W. T. Black (k), Maj. C. P. Daniel; 2d Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Maj. J. J. Cox; 5th Miss., Lieut.-Col. W. L. Sykes (w); 8th Miss., Col. J. C. Wilkinson (w and c), Lieut.-Col. A. McNeill; Ga. Battery (Pritchard's),----; Ala. Battery (Lumsden's), Lieut. H. H. Cribbs. Brigade loss: k, 41; w, 262 = 303. Unattached: Ky. Battery, Capt. E. P. Byrne.

Second division, Maj.-Gen. P. R. Cleburne. Staff loss: w, 2.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. L. E. Polk: 1st Ark., Col. John W. Colquitt; 13th Ark.,--; 15th Ark.,--; 5th Confederate, Col. J. A. Smith; 2d Tenn., Col. W. D. Robison; 5th Tenn., Col. B. J. Hill; Ark. Battery (Helena Art'y), Lieut. T. J. Key. Brigade loss: k, 30; w, 298; m, 19 = 347. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. St. John R. Liddell: 2d Ark., Col. D. C. Govan; 5th Ark., Lieut.-Col. John E. Murray; 6th and 7th Ark., Col. S. G. Smith (w), Lieut.-Col. F. J. Cameron (w), Maj. W. F. Douglass; 8th Ark., Col. John H. Kelly (w), Lieut.-Col. G. F. Baucum; Miss. Battery (Swett's), Lieut. H. Shannon. Brigade loss: k, 86; w, 503; m, 18 = 607. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson: 17th Tenn., Col. A. S. Marks (w), Lieut.-Col. W. W. Floyd; 23d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. R. H. Keeble; 25 Tenn., Col. J. M. Hughs (w), Lieut.-Col. Samuel Davis; 37th Tenn., Col. Moses White (w), Maj. J. T. McReynolds (k), Capt. C. G. Jarnagin; 44th Tenn., Col. John S. Fulton; Miss. Battery (Jefferson Art'y), Capt. Put. Darden. Brigade loss: k, 61; w, 488; m, 57 = 606. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. S. A. M. Wood: 16th Ala., Col. W. B. Wood (w); 33d Ala., Col. Samuel Adams; 3d Confederate, Maj. J. F. Cameron; 45th Miss., Lieut.-Col. R. Charlton; 15th Miss. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. A. T. Hawkins; Ala. Battery, Capt. Henry C. Semple. Brigade loss: k, 52; w, 339; m, 113 = 504.

McCown's division (of Kirby Smith's corps, serving with Hardee), Maj.-Gen. J. P. McCown.

First Brigade (serving as infantry), Brig.-Gen. M. D. Ector: 10th Tex. Cav., Col. M. F. Locke; 11th Tex. Cav., Col. J. C. Burks (m w), Lieut.-Col. J. M. Bounds; 14th Tex. Cav., Col. J. L. Camp; 15th Tex. Cav., Col. J. A. Andrews; Tex. Battery, Capt. J. P. Douglas. Brigade loss: k, 28; w, 276; m, 48 = 352. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James E. Rains (k), Col. R. B. Vance: 3d Ga. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. M. A. Stovall; 9th Ga. Battalion, Maj. Joseph T. Smith; 29th N. C., Col. R. B. Vance; 11th Tenn., Col. G. W. Gordon (w), Lieut.-Col. William Thedford; Ala. Battery (Eufaula Light Art'y), Lieut. W. A. McDuffie. Brigade loss: k, 20; w, 161; m, 18 = 199. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Evander McNair, Col. R. W. Harper; 1st Ark. Mt'd Rifles (dismounted), Col. R. W. Harper, Maj. L. M. Ramsaur (w); 2d Ark. Mt'd Rifles (dismounted), Lieut.-Col. J. A. Williamson; 4th Ark., Col. H. G. Bunn; 30th Ark., Maj. J. J. Franklin (w and c), Capt. W. A. Cotter; 4th Ark. Battalion, Maj. J. A. Ross; Ark. Battery, Capt. J. T. Humphreys. Brigade loss: k, 42; w, 330; mn, 52 = 424.

cavalry, Brig.-Gen. Joseph Wheeler.

Wheeler's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph Wheeler: 1st Ala., Col. W. W. Allen (w); 3d Ala., Maj. F. Y. Gaines, Capt. T. H. Maudlin; 51st Ala., Col. John T. Morgan; 8th Confederate, Col. W. B. Wade; 1st Tenn., Col. James E. Carter; Tenn. Battalion, Maj. DeWitt C. Douglass; Tenn. Battalion, Maj. D. W. Holman; Ark. Battery, Capt. J. H. Wiggins. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 61; m, 84 = 167. Buford's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Abraham Buford: 3d Ky., Col. J. R. Butler; 5th Ky., Col. D. H. Smith; 6th Ky., Col. J. W. Grigsby. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 11; m, 6 = 18. Pegram's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Pegram: 1st Ga.,----; 1st La.,----. Brigade loss, not reported. Wharton's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John A. Wharton: 14th Ala. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. James C. Malone; 1st Confederate, Col. John T. Cox; 3d Confederate, Lieut.-Col. William M. Estes; 2d Ga., Lieut.-Col. J. E. Dunlop, Maj. F. M. Ison; 3d Ga. (detachment), Maj. R. Thompson; 2d Tenn., Col. H. M. Ashby; 4th Tenn., Col. Baxter Smith; Tenn. Battalion, Maj. John R. Davis; 8th Tex., Col. Thomas Harrison: Murray's Tenn., Maj. W. S. Bledsoe; Escort Co., Capt. Paul F. Anderson; McCown's Escort Co., Capt. L. T. Hardy; Tenn. Battery, Capt. B. F. White, Jr. Brigade loss: k, 20; w, 131; mn, 113 = 264.

The total Confederate loss (minus Pegram's cavalry brigade, not reported) was 1294 killed, 7945 wounded, and 1027 captured or missing = 10,266. The number present for duty on December 31st, 1862, was 37,712. (See “Official Records,” Vol. XX., Pt. I., p. 674.)

1 The 14th Mich., 85th Ill., and two sections 10th Wis. Battery temporarily attached Jan. 2d and 3d.

2 This brigade and Church's battery were the only troops of this division engaged in the battle.

3 Under the immediate command of General Stanley, chief of cavalry.

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T. W. White (2)
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R. B. Vance (2)
R. P. Trabue (2)
George R. Swallow (2)
William B. Stokes (2)
David S. Stanley (2)
William E. Standart (2)
Kirby Smith (2)
Official Records (2)
Leonidas Polk (2)
John B. Palmer (2)
John E. Murray (2)
J. P. McCown (2)
Anson G. McCook (2)
Bernard Laiboldt (2)
Henry Hescock (2)
Milo S. Hascall (2)
Robert W. Harper (2)
Benjamin C. Grider (2)
Nicholas Greusel (2)
Randall L. Gibson (2)
Joseph B. Dodge (2)
Abraham Buford (2)
George P. Buell (2)
Luther P. Bradley (2)
Samuel Beatty (2)
Lewis Zahm (1)
F. C. Zacharie (1)
William H. Young (1)
B. C. Yancey (1)
John E. Wynkoop (1)
J. N. Wyatt (1)
E. E. Wright (1)
Moses F. Wooster (1)
Pyrrhus Woodward (1)
William E. Woodruff (1)
W. B. Wood (1)
Thomas J. Wood (1)
S. A. M. Wood (1)
Gustavus A. Wood (1)
Jones M. Withers (1)
August Willich (1)
James A. Williamson (1)
William C. Williams (1)
Thomas D. Williams (1)
William (1)
J. C. Wilkinson (1)
Aquila Wiley (1)
J. H. Wiggins (1)
Moses White (1)
B. F. White (1)
Horatio N. Whitbeck (1)
Walter C. Whitaker (1)
O. F. West (1)
Henry F. Wescott (1)
Enoch Weller (1)
John Weber (1)
W. M. Watkins (1)
Louis H. Waters (1)
D. D. Waters (1)
Williamn D. Ward (1)
Frank B. Ward (1)
Nathan H. Walworth (1)
Moses B. Walker (1)
Francis M. Walker (1)
George D. Wagner (1)
W. B. Wade (1)
Alfred Vezin (1)
W. C. D. Vaught (1)
A. J. Vaughan (1)
William B. Turner (1)
Hagerman Tripp (1)
Frederick Townsend (1)
John Timberlake (1)
T. W. Thompson (1)
R. Thompson (1)
George H. Thomas (1)
William Thedford (1)
Henry Terry (1)
E. E. Tansil (1)
H. Talbird (1)
Wesford Taggart (1)
W. L. Sykes (1)
Charles Swett (1)
Francis Swanwick (1)
Peter T. Swaine (1)
Abel D. Streight (1)
Oscar F. Strahl (1)
Marcellus A. Stovall (1)
William L. Stoughton (1)
David C. Stone (1)
James H. Stokes (1)
Henry E. Stiles (1)
Alexander P. Stewart (1)
Alanson J. Stevens (1)
Leander Stem (1)
John C. Starkweather (1)
S. S. Stanton (1)
M. L. Stansel (1)
Timothy R. Stanley (1)
T. J. Stanford (1)
Joab A. Stafford (1)
William H. Squires (1)
James G. Spears (1)
Joseph R. Snider (1)
T. B. Smith (1)
S. G. Smith (1)
Joseph T. Smith (1)
J. A. Smith (1)
D. H. Smith (1)
Baxter Smith (1)
Adam J. Slemmer (1)
Peter Simonson (1)
Joshua W. Sill (1)
Michael Shoemaker (1)
Francis T. Sherman (1)
Philip H. Sheridan (1)
Samuel B. Sherer (1)
Oliver L. Shepherd (1)
S. E. Shannon (1)
H. Shannon (1)
James M. Shanklin (1)
Henry C. Semple (1)
Thomas D. Sedgewick (1)
A. Searcy (1)
Benjamin F. Scribner (1)
W. L. Scott (1)
Joseph R. Scott (1)
Frederick Schultz (1)
Williamn A. Schmitt (1)
Frederick Schaefer (1)
Junius I. Scales (1)
John H. Savage (1)
Lovell H. Rousseau (1)
J. A. Ross (1)
Isaac N. Ross (1)
Adolph G. Rosengarten (1)
William S. Rosecrans (1)
Thomas E. Rose (1)
W. D. Robison (1)
Felix H. Robertson (1)
George W. Roberts (1)
Sheridan P. Read (1)
Daniel M. Ray (1)
L. M. Ramsaur (1)
James E. Rains (1)
Alexander W. Raffen (1)
Seymour Race (1)
David Putman (1)
John L. Pugh (1)
Pritchard (1)
Samuel Woodson Price (1)
William Preston (1)
William A. Presson (1)
P. Sidney Post (1)
Lucius E. Polk (1)
Oscar F. Pinney (1)
Gideon J. Pillow (1)
William C. Pickens (1)
J. W. Phillips (1)
Edward H. Phelps (1)
George W. Pelt (1)
T. F. Pattison (1)
Charles C. Parsons (1)
John G. Parkhurst (1)
Harvey S. Park (1)
John M. Palmer (1)
Hendrick E. Paine (1)
Elmer Otis (1)
Norval Osburn (1)
John Osborn (1)
Porter C. Olson (1)
Thomas P. Nicholas (1)
Nathaniel M. Newell (1)
E. R. Neilson (1)
James M. Neibling (1)
James S. Negley (1)
Elias Neff (1)
Eli H. Murray (1)
Douglas A. Murray (1)
James B. Mulligan (1)
Bernard F. Mullen (1)
Erasmus L. Mottley (1)
James W. Moss (1)
Moses (1)
James St. C. Morton (1)
W. E. Morgan (1)
John T. Morgan (1)
J. B. Morgan (1)
W. L. Moore (1)
Granville Moody (1)
J. A. S. Mitchell (1)
Robert H. G. Minty (1)
Minor Milliken (1)
William Miller (1)
Silas Miller (1)
John F. Miller (1)
Geza Mihalotzy (1)
James M. Melton (1)
J. T. McReynolds (1)
A. McNeill (1)
Evander McNair (1)
J. A. McMurry (1)
Warren E. McMackin (1)
Alexander McKinstry (1)
R. P. McKelvaine (1)
Samuel McKee (1)
Alexander McIlvain (1)
John S. McGraw (1)
W. A. McDuffie (1)
J. A. McDowell (1)
Bedan B. McDonald (1)
Alexander McD (1)
Miller R. McCulloch (1)
William B. McCreery (1)
John P. McCown (1)
Richard W. McClain (1)
Reuben May (1)
Henry Maury (1)
T. H. Maudlin (1)
Alexander Marshall (1)
Jason Marsh (1)
A. S. Marks (1)
Thomas S. Maple (1)
Arthur M. Manigault (1)
George Maney (1)
Frank Maney (1)
Charles F. Manderson (1)
James C. Malone (1)
M. Magevney (1)
A. J. Lythgoe (1)
Lumsden (1)
J. Q. Loomis (1)
Cyrus O. Loomis (1)
M. F. Locke (1)
Cortland Livingston (1)
Frederick W. Lister (1)
John M. Lillard (1)
St. John R. Liddell (1)
Joseph H. Lewis (1)
George W. Lennard (1)
Henry Leaming (1)
Orris A. Lawson (1)
F. M. Lavender (1)
James Laughlin (1)
R. F. Lanier (1)
John Q. Lane (1)
Frederick Knefler (1)
Robert Klein (1)
Edward N. Kirk (1)
Isaac M. Kirby (1)
Isaac Kinley (1)
John H. King (1)
Thomas J. Key (1)
John Kennett (1)
John H. Kelly (1)
John Kell (1)
R. H. Keeble (1)
Josiah (1)
Thomas M. Jones (1)
Frederick C. Jones (1)
Fielder A. Jones (1)
Samuel Johnson (1)
Richard W. Johnson (1)
J. B. Johnson (1)
Bushrod R. Johnson (1)
Dwight Jarvis (1)
C. G. Jarnagin (1)
John K. Jackson (1)
F. M. Ison (1)
William P. Innes (1)
C. S. Hurt (1)
Orrin D. Hurd (1)
Morton C. Hunter (1)
Thomas H. Hunt (1)
J. T. Humphreys (1)
George Humphrey (1)
Charles B. Humphrey (1)
James S. Hull (1)
John M. Hughs (1)
William Howard (1)
Peter B. Housum (1)
Charles Houghtaling (1)
William A. Hotchkiss (1)
Charles T. Hotchkiss (1)
Calvin Hood (1)
D. W. Holman (1)
Harrison C. Hobart (1)
Cyrus C. Hines (1)
B. J. Hill (1)
Eli J. Hickcox (1)
Elisha C. Hibbard (1)
James W. Hewitt (1)
Hans C. Heg (1)
William B. Hazen (1)
Joseph G. Hawkins (1)
A. T. Hawkins (1)
Gilbert Hathaway (1)
Thomas Harrison (1)
Fazilo A. Harrington (1)
Charles G. Harker (1)
L. T. Hardy (1)
R. W. Hanson (1)
Thomas H. Hamrick (1)
Henry A. Hambright (1)
Charles Guillet (1)
Francis L. Guenther (1)
William Grose (1)
J. W. Grigsby (1)
Daniel F. Griffin (1)
Samuel F. Gray (1)
Daniel C. Govan (1)
G. W. Gordon (1)
Michael Gooding (1)
Josiah Given (1)
Daniel H. Gilmer (1)
James G. Gilchrist (1)
William I. Gibson (1)
William H. Gibson (1)
Obadiah German (1)
James Garrity (1)
F. Y. Gaines (1)
James P. Fyffe (1)
John S. Fulton (1)
Jesse Fulmer (1)
Joseph W. Frizell (1)
J. J. Franklin (1)
Joseph T. Forman (1)
James B. Forman (1)
Watt W. Floyd (1)
S. W. Fisk (1)
H. R. Feild (1)
F. H. Farrar (1)
James C. Evans (1)
William M. Estes (1)
George Estep (1)
Frank Erdelmeyer (1)
David A. Enyart (1)
James T. Embree (1)
Alban A. Ellsworth (1)
Ephraim J. Ellis (1)
George F. Elliott (1)
Francis Ehrler (1)
Warren P. Edgarton (1)
M. D. Ector (1)
Alexander P. Dysart (1)
David M. Dunn (1)
J. E. Dunlop (1)
Levi Drake (1)
W. F. Douglass (1)
DeWitt C. Douglass (1)
J. P. Douglas (1)
Daniel S. Donelson (1)
William H. Dickinson (1)
George F. Dick (1)
A. R. Z. Dawson (1)
Samuel Davis (1)
John R. Davis (1)
Jefferson C. Davis (1)
Darden (1)
C. P. Daniel (1)
P. D. Cunningham (1)
John E. Cummins (1)
Charles Cruft (1)
Robert E. A. Crofton (1)
Thomas L. Crittenden (1)
H. H. Cribbs (1)
J. R. J. Creighton (1)
George H. Cram (1)
John T. Cox (1)
Jerome B. Cox (1)
J. J. Cox (1)
W. A. Cotter (1)
Joseph A. Cooper (1)
John M. Connell (1)
J. G. Coltart (1)
John W. Colquitt (1)
Joseph P. Collins (1)
Daniel R. Collier (1)
Daniel T. Cockerill (1)
A. T. M. Cockerill (1)
Robert Cobb (1)
Horatio P. Cleve (1)
Robert Clements (1)
P. R. Cleburne (1)
F. Claybrooke (1)
Church (1)
John Chester (1)
Benjamin F. Cheatham (1)
R. Charlton (1)
Alfred R. Chapin (1)
William P. Chandler (1)
James R. Chalmers (1)
William B. Cassilly (1)
Alexander Cassil (1)
Thomas S. Casey (1)
John C. Carter (1)
James E. Carter (1)
Stephen J. Carpenter (1)
Stephen D. Carpenter (1)
W. W. Carnes (1)
William P. Carlin (1)
J. L. Camp (1)
J. F. Cameron (1)
F. J. Cameron (1)
James N. Caldwell (1)
E. P. Byrne (1)
Robert K. Byrd (1)
W. R. Butler (1)
J. R. Butler (1)
Asahel K. Bush (1)
J. C. Burks (1)
Joseph W. Burke (1)
H. G. Bunn (1)
Allen Buckner (1)
Green B. Broaddus (1)
Hiram W. Bristol (1)
Joseph H. Brigham (1)
Lyman Bridges (1)
Cyrus E. Briant (1)
John C. Breckinridge (1)
H. L. W. Bratton (1)
William F. Brantly (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
Cullen Bradley (1)
William L. L. Bowen (1)
J. M. Bounds (1)
Blythe (1)
W. S. Bledsoe (1)
William H. Blake (1)
John W. Blake (1)
W. T. Black (1)
George B. Bingham (1)
William W. Berry (1)
John E. Bennett (1)
A. W. Bell (1)
Edmund B. Belding (1)
John Beatty (1)
George F. Baucum (1)
Stephen A. Bassford (1)
Frederick A. Bartleson (1)
Wallace W. Barrett (1)
Oberton Barret (1)
Philemon P. Baldwin (1)
James L. Autry (1)
J. E. Austin (1)
H. M. Ashby (1)
J. A. Andrews (1)
X. W. Anderson (1)
Paul F. Anderson (1)
Nicholas L. Anderson (1)
John H. Anderson (1)
J. Patton Anderson (1)
Charles Anderson (1)
Allin (1)
W. W. Allen (1)
John W. S. Alexander (1)
Simeon C. Aldrich (1)
Samuel Adams (1)
Daniel W. Adams (1)
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