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The opposing forces at Fort Fisher, N. C.: January 13-15, 1865.

The Union Army.--Major-General Alfred H. Terry.

Second division, twenty-Fourth Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. Adelbert Ames.

First Brigade, Col. N. Martin Curtis: 3d N. Y., Capt. James H. Reeve, Lieut. Edwin A. Behan; 112th N. Y., Col. John F. Smith; 117th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Francis X. Meyer; 142d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Albert M. Barney. Second Brigade, Col. Galusha Pennypacker, Maj. Oliver P. Harding: 47th N. Y., Capt. Joseph M. McDonald; 48th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William B. Coan, Maj. Nere A. Elfwing; 76th Pa., Col. John S. Littell, Maj. Charles Knerr; 97th Pa., Lieut. John Wainwright; 203d Pa., Col. John W. Moore, Lieut.-Col. Jonas W. Lyman, Maj. Oliver P. Harding, Capt. Heber B. Essington. Third Brigade, Col. Louis Bell, Col. Alonzo Alden: 13th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Samuel M. Zent; 4th N. H., Capt. John H. Roberts; 115th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Nathan J. Johnson; 169th N. Y., Col. Alonzo Alden, Lieut.-Col. James A. Colvin. Second Brigade, First Division (temporarily attached to Second Division), Col. Joseph C. Abbott: 6th Conn., Col. Alfred P. Rockwell; 7th Conn., Capt. John Thompson, Capt. William S. Marble; 3d N. H., Capt. William H. Trickey; 7th N. H., Lieut.-Col. Augustus W. Rollins; 16th N. Y. Heavy Artillery (detachment), Lieut. F. F. Huntington.

Third division, twenty-Fifth Army Corps (colored troops), Brig.-Gen. Charles J. Paine.

Second Brigade, Col. John W. Ames: 4th U. S., Lieut.-Col. George Rogers; 6th U. S., Maj. A. S. Boernstein; 30th U. S., Lieut.-Col. H. A. Oakman; 39th U. S., Col. O. P. Stearns. Third Brigade, Col. Elias Wright: 1st U. S., Lieut.-Col. Giles H. Rich; 5th U. S., Maj. William R. Brazie; 10th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Edward H. Powell; 27th U. S., Col. A. M. Blackman; 37th U. S., Colonel Nathan Goff, Jr.

artillery: B, G, and L, 1st Conn. Heavy, Capt. William G. Pride; 16th N. Y. Battery, Capt. Richard H. Lee; E, 3d U. S., Lieut. John R. Myrick.

Engineers: A, and 1, 15th N. Y., Lieut. K. S. O'Keefe.

The effective strength of the force above enumerated was nearly 8000. The loss aggregated 184 killed, 749 wounded, and 22 missing = 955. By the explosion of a magazine the day after the capture there were 25 killed, 66 wounded, and 13 missing.

The Confederate Army.

General Braxton Bragg (department commander);
Major-General W. H. C. Whiting (district commander).
defenses, mouth of Cape Fear River, Brig.-Gen. Louis Hebert.

Garrison of Fort Fisher, Col. William Lamb, Maj. James M. Stevenson (too ill for duty), Maj. James Reilly: 10th N. C. (1st Artillery), Maj. James Reilly (2 companies: Co. F, Capt. E. D. Walsh, Co. K, Capt. William Shaw); 36th N. C. (2d Artillery), Maj. James M. Stevenson (ill), Capt. Daniel Munn (10 companies: Co. A, Capt. R. J. Murphy, Co. B, Capt. Daniel Munn, Co. C, Capt. K. J. Braddy, Co. D, Capt. E. B. Dudley, Co. E, Capt. O. H. Powell, Co. F, Lieut. E. L. Hunter, Co. G, Capt. William Swain, Co. H, Capt. Daniel Patterson, Co. I, Capt. J. F. Melvin, Co. K, Capt. William F. Brooks); 40th N. C. (4 companies: Co. D, Capt. James L. Lane, Co. E, Capt. M. H. McBryde, Co. G, Capt. George C. Buchan, Co. K, Capt. D. J. Clarke); D, 1st N. C. Artillery Battalion, Capt. James L. McCormick; C, 3d N. C. Artillery Battalion, Capt. John M. Sutton; D, 13th N. C. Artillery Battalion, Capt. Z. T. Adams; Naval detachment, Capt. A. C. Van Benthuysen.

Battery Buchanan: Capt. R. F. Chapman, C. S. N.

Hoke's division, Major.-Gen. Robert F. Hoke.

Clingman's Brigade: 8th N. C.,----; 31st N. C.,----; 57th N. C.,----; 61st N. C.----. Colquitt's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. H. Colquitt: 6th Ga., Col. T. J. Lofton; 19th Ga.,----; 23d Ga.,----; 27th Ga.,----; 28th Ga.,----Hagood's Brigade: 11th S. C.,----; 21st S. C.,----; 25th S. C.,----; 27th S. C.,----; 7th S. C. Battalion,----. Kirkland's Brigade: 17th N. C.,----; 42d N. C.,----; 50th N. C.,----; 66th N. C.,----

cavalry: 2d S. C., Col. T. J. Lipscomb.

According to General Bragg's official report the garrison of Fort Fisher (including reenforcements from the adjacent forts) numbered 1800, and the movable force under General Hoke, including reserves and cavalry, was about 6000. In regard to the losses, the same authority says: “After the enemy entered the fort our loss is represented to have been about 500 killed and wounded. The garrison consisted of about 110 commissioned officers and 2400 or 2500 men.” The strength thus stated probably included the 21st and 25th South Carolina sent from Hagood's Brigade. General Terry reported the capture of 112 officers and 1971 men. Colonel Lamb writes that all present in Fort Fisher, Jan. 13th-15th, including sick, killed, and wounded, numbered 1900.


Naval force at Fort Fisher, Dec. 23-26, 1864, and Jan. 13-16, 1865.

North Atlantic squadron:

Rear-Admiral David D. Porter, Commanding. Lieutenant-Commander K. R. Breese, Fleet Captain. Lieut. M. W. Sanders, Signal Officer. Lieutenant S. W. Terry and Lieutenant S. W. Preston (k), Aides.

First division,

Commodore Henry K. Thatcher; Second division, Commodore Joseph Lanman; Third division, Commodore Jas. Findlay Schenck; Fourth division, Commodore S. W. Godon; iron-Clad division, Commodore Wm. Radford.


Malvern, Lieut. William B. Cushing (1st attack); Lieut. B. H. Porter (k), (2d attack).


Canonicus, Lieut.-Com. George E. Belknap. Mahopac, Lieut.-Com. E. E. Potter (1st attack); Lieut.-Com. A. W. Weaver (2d attack). Monadnock, Com. E. G. Parrott. New Ironsides, Commo. William Radford. Saugus, Com. E. R. Colhoun.

Screw frigates.

Colorado, Commo. H. K. Thatcher. Minnesota, Commo. Joseph Lanman. Wabash, Capt. M. Smith.

Side-wheel steamers (1st class).

Powhatan, Commo. J. F. Schenck. Susquehanna, Commo. S. W. Godon.

Screw sloops.

Brooklyn, Capt. James Alden. Juniata, Capt. W. R. Taylor (1st attack); Lieut.-Com. T. S. Phelps (2d attack). Mohican, Com. D. Ammen. Shenandoah, Capt. D. B. Ridgely. Ticonderoga, Capt. C. Steedman. Tuscarora, Com. J. M. Frailey.

Screw gun-vessels.

Kansas, Lieut.-Com. P. G. Watmough. Maumee, Lieut.-Com. R. Chandler. Nyack, Lieut.-Com. L. H. Newman. Pequot, Lieut.-Com. D. L. Braine. Yantic, Lieut.-Com. T. C. Harris.

Screw gun-boats.

Chippewa, Lieut.-Com. A. W. Weaver (1st attack); Lieut.-Com. E. E. Potter (2d attack). Huron, Lieut.-Com. T. O. Selfridge. Seneca, Lieut.-Com. M. Sicard. Unadilla, Lieut.-Com. F. M. Ramsay.


Iosco, Com. John Guest. Mackinaw, Com. J. C. Beaumont. Maratanza, Lieut.-Com. G. W. Young. Osceola, Com. J. M. B. Clitz. Pawtuxet, Com. J. H. Spotts. Pontoosuc, Lieut.-Com. Wm. G. Temple. Sassacus, Lieut.-Com. J. L. Davis. Tacony, Lieut.-Com. W. T. Truxtun.

Miscellaneous vessels.

Fort Jackson, Capt. B. F. Sands. Monticello, Act. V.-Lieut. D. A. Campbell (1st attack); Lieut. W. B. Cushing (2d attack). Nereus, Com. J. C. Howell. Quaker City, Com. W. F. Spicer. Rhode Island, Com. S. D. Trenchard. Santiago de Cuba, Capt. O. S. Glisson. Vanderbilt, Capt. C. W. Pickering.

Powder vessel.

Louisiana, Com. A. C. Rhind (1st attack; blown up).


A. D. Vance, Lieut.-Com. J. H. Upshur. Alabama, Act. V. Lieut. Frank Smith (1st attack); Act. V. Lieut. A. R. Langthorne (2d attack). Britannia, Act. V. Lieut. Samuel Huse (1st attack); Act. V. Lieut. W. A. Sheldon (2d attack). Cherokee, Act. V. Lieut. W. E. Denison. Emma, Act. V. Lieut. T. C. Dunn (1st attack); Act. V. Lieut. J. M. Williams (2d attack). Gettysburg, Lieut. Com. R. H. Lamson (w). Governor Buckingham, Act. V. Lieut. J. McDiarmid. Howquah, Act. V. Lieut. J. W. Balch. Keystone State, Com. H. Rolando. Lilian, Act. V. Lieut. T. A. Harris. Little Ada, Acting Master S. P. Crafts. Moccasin, Act. Ens. James Brown. Nansemond, Act. Master J. H. Porter. Tristram Shandy, Act. Ens. Ben. Wood (1st attack); Act. V. Lieut. F. M. Green (2d attack). Wilderness, Acting Master H. Arey.

At the second attack the fleet was composed of the same vessels, with the exception of the Nyack, Keystone State, and Quaker City. The following additions were also made to the fleet: Montgomery, Act. V. Lieut. T. C. Dunn; R. R. Cuyler, Com. C. H. B. Caldwell; Aries, Act. V. Lieut. F. S. Wells; Eolus, Acting Master E. S. Keyser; Fort Donelson, Acting Master G. W. Frost; and Republic, Act. Ens. J. W. Bennett.

Armament of the fleet.

In the first attack the armament of the fleet was 10 15-inch S. B., 27 11-inch S. B., 1 10-inch S. B., 255 9-inch S. B., 30 8-inch S. B., 3132-pounders S. B., 10 150-pounders R., 37 100-pounders R., 5 60-pounders R., 1 50-pounder R., 43 30-pounders R., 28 20-pounders R.; total guns, 478. Howitzers: 68 24-pounders, 73 12-pounders; total howitzers, 141; grand total, 619.

In the second attack there were 1 more 10-inch S. B., 2 fewer 9-inch S. B., 2 more 8-inch S. B., 8 more 32-pounders S. B., 8 fewer 100-pounders R., 1 fewer 50-pounder R., 5 more 30-pounders R., 1 fewer 20-pounder R., 4 more 12-pounder howitzers; making 4 more guns and 4 more howitzers; grand total, 627.

Landing party at Fort Fisher, Jan. 15, 1865: 2261 officers, seamen, and marines.

Lieut.-Com. K. R. Breese, Fleet Captain, commanding.

First division, Capt. L. L. Dawson, U. S. M. C.; Second division, Lieut.-Com. C. H. Cushman (w) ; Third division, Lieut.-Com. James Parker; Fourth division, Lieut.-Com. T. O. Selfridge. Pioneers, Lieut. S. W. Preston (k).--Malvern, 60 men, Lieut. B. H. Porter (k). Colorado, 218 men, Lieut. H. B. Robeson. Minnesota, 241 men, Lieut.-Com. James Parker. Wabash, 188 men, Lieut.-Com. C. H. Cushman (w). Powhatan, 100 men, Lieut. George M. Bache (w). Susquehanna, 75 men, Lieut.-Com. F. B. Blake. Brooklyn, 70 men (estimated), Act. Ens. D. Cassell; Juniata, 69 men, Acting Master C. H. Hamilton (w). Mohican, 52 men, Acting Master W. Burdett. Shenandoah, 71 men, Lieut. S. W. Nichols. Ticonderoga, 60 men, Ensign G. W. Coffin (w). Tuscarora, 60 men, Lieut. Com. W. N. Allen (w). Kansas, 20 men, Act. Ens. Williams. Pequot, 44 men, Act. Ens. G. Lamb. Yantic, 45 men, Act. Ens. J. C. Lord. Chippewa, 24 men, Act. Ens. G. H. Wood. Huron, 34 men, Lieut.-Com. T. O. Selfridge. Seneca, 29 men, Lieut.-Com. M. Sicard. Iosco, 44 men, Act. Ens. W. Jameson. Mackinaw, 45 men, Acting Master A. J. Louch (w). Maratanza, 51 men, Acting Master J. B. Wood (w). Osceola, 39 men, Act. Ens. J. F. Merry (w). Pawtuxet, 40 men (estimated), Act. Ens. J. A. Slamm. Pontoosuc, 42 men, Act. Ens. L. R. Chester (w). Sassacus, 37 men, Act. Ens. W. H. Mayer. Tacony, 32 men, Act. Ens. J. B. Taney. Fort Jackson, 69 men, Lieut. S. H. Hunt. Monticello, 41 men, Lieut. W. B. Cushing. Nereus, 61 men, Act. Ens. E. G. Dayton. Rhode Island, 47 men, Lieut. F. R. Smith. Santiago de Cuba, 53 men, Lieut. N. H. Farquhar. Vanderbilt, 70 men (estimated), Act. V. Lieut. J. D. Danels. Gettysburg, 71 men, Lieut. R. H. Lamson (w). Tristram Shandy, 22 men, Act. Ens. B. Wood (w). Montgomery, 37 men, Acting Master W. N. Wells. Total, 2261 men.

casualties.--The reports of casualties in the first attack, as collated by the Surgeon-General, give the following result: 19 killed, 1 mortally scalded, 31 severely wounded, 1 severely scalded, 31 slightly wounded or scalded. Total, 83.

casualties in the Second attack.--Malvern, 3 killed, 1 wounded; Canonicus, 3 w; Saugus, 1 w; Colorado, 4 k, 17 w, 8 missing; Minnesota, 15 k, 26 w, 2 m; Wabash, 4 k, 22 w, 5 m; Powhatan, 4 k, 17 w, 8 m; Susquehanna, 3 k, 15 w; Brooklyn, 3 w, 2 m; Juniata, 5 k, 10 w; Mohican, 1 k, 11 w; Shenandoah, 6 w, 5 m; Ticonderoga, 2 k, 2 w; Tuscarora, 4 k, 12 w; Kansas, 1 w; Pequot, 3 k, 5 w; Iosco, 2 k, 1 w; Chippewa, 4 k, 4 w; Huron, 5 w; Seneca, 5 w; Iosco, 2 k, 12 w; Mackinaw, 2 w, 2 m; Maratanza, 3 w; Osceola, 3 w; Pawtuxet, 2 w; Pontoosuc, 7 w; Tacony, 4 k, 11 w; Sassacus, 3 k, 3 w; Fort Jackson, 1 k, 10 w; Monticello, 4 k, 4 w; Nereus, 3 k, 3 w; Rhode Island, 8 w, 2 m; Santiago de Cuba, 1 k, 9 w; Vanderbilt, 2 k, 13 w; Gettysburg, 6 k, 6 w; Tristram Shandy, 2 w, 1 m; Montgomery, 2 k, 4 w. Total, k, 82; w, 269; m, 35; grand total, 386. [663]

Marching through Georgia.

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