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The opposing forces at the beginning of Grant's campaign against Richmond.

For much of the information contained in this list and in similar lists to follow, the editors are indebted (in advance of the publication of the “Official records” ) to Brigadier-General Richard C. Drum, Adjutant-General of the Army. During the movement to Cold Harbor some consolidations of brigades and divisions were made, organizations mustered out, and reenforcements received. For the composition of the army, June 1st, see pp. 184-87. The impossibility of obtaining complete data relative to the casualties among officers in this campaign makes it necessary to omit such information.--editors.

The Union Army--Lieutenant-General, Ulysses S. Grant.

Escort: B, F and K, 5th &. S. Cav., Capt. Julius W. Mason.

Army of the Potomac, Maj.-Gen. George G. Meade.

Provost Guard, Brig.-Gen. Marsena R. Patrick: C and D, 1st Mass. Cav., Capt. Edward A. Flint; 80th N. Y. Inf. (20th Militia), Col. Theodore B. Gates; 3d Pa. Cav., Maj. James W. Walsh; 68th Pa. Inf., Lieut.-Col. Robert E. Winslow; 114th Pa. Inf., Col. Charles H. T. Collis.

Volunteer Engineer Brigade,1 Brig.-Gen. Henry W. Benham: 15th N. Y. Engineers, Maj. William A. Ketchum; 50th N. Y. Engineers, Lieut.-Col. Ira Spaulding. Battalion U. S. Engineers, Capt. George H. Mendell. Guards and Orderlies: Oneida (N. Y.) Cav., Capt. Daniel P. Mann.

Second Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Winfield S. Hancock.

Escort: M, 1st Vt. Cav., Capt. John H. Hazelton.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Francis C. Barlow.

First Brigade, Col. Nelson A. Miles: 26th Mich., Maj. Lemuel Saviers; 61st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. K. O. Broady; 81st Pa., Col. H. Boyd McKeen; 140th Pa., Col. John Fraser; 183d Pa., Col. George P. McLean. Second Brigade, Col. Thomas A. Smyth: 28th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Geo. W. Cartwright; 63d N. Y., Maj. Thomas Touhy; 69th N. Y., Capt. Richard Moroney; 88th N. Y., Capt. Denis F. Burke; 116th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Richard C. Dale. Third Brigade, Col. Paul Frank: 39th N. Y., Col. Augustus Funk; 52d N. Y. (detachment 7th N. Y. attached), Maj. Henry M. Karples; 57th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alford B. Chapman; 111th N. Y., Capt. Aaron P. Seeley; 125th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Aaron B. Myer; 126th N. Y., Capt. Winfield Scott. Fourth Brigade, Col. John R. Brooke: 2d Del., Col. William P. Baily; 64th N. Y., Maj. Leman W. Bradley; 66th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John S. Hammell; 53d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Richards McMichael; 145th Pa., Col. Hiram l. Brown; 148th Pa., Col. James A. Beaver.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. John Gibbon.

Provost Guard: 2d Co. Minn. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Mahlon Black.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alex. S. Webb: 19th Me., Col. Selden Connor; 1st Co. Andrew (Mass.) Sharp-shooters, Lieut. Samuel G. Gilbreth; 15th Mass., Maj. I. Harris Hooper; 19th Mass., Maj. Edmund Rice; 20th Mass., Maj. Henry L. Abbott; 7th Mich., Maj. Sylvanus W. Curtis; 42d N. Y., Maj. Patrick J. Downing; 59th N. Y., Capt. William McFadden; 82d N. Y. (2d Militia), Col. Henry W. Hudson. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joshua T. Owen: 152d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. George W. Thompson; 69th Pa., Maj. William Davis; 71st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Charles Kochersperger; 72d Pa., Col. De Witt C. Baxter; 106th Pa., Capt. Robert H. Ford. Third Brigade, Col. Samuel S. Carroll: 14th Conn., Col. Theodore G. Ellis; 1st Del., Lieut.-Col. Daniel Woodall; 14th Ind., Col. John Coons; 12th N. J., Lieut.-Col. Thomas H. Davis; 10th N. Y. (Battalion), Capt. George M. Dewey; [180] 108th N. Y., Col. Charles J. Powers; 4th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Leonard W. Carpenter; 8th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Franklin Sawyer; 7th W. Va., Lieut.-Col. J. H. Lockwood.

Third division, Maj.-Gen. David B. Birney.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. H. H. Ward: 20th Ind., Col. W. C. L. Taylor; 3d Me., Col. Moses B. Lakeman; 40th N. Y., Col. Thomas W. Egan; 86th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Jacob H. Lansing; 124th N. Y., Col. Francis M. Cummins; 99th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Edwin R. Biles; 110th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Isaac Rogers; 141st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Guy H. Watkins; 2d U. S. Sharp-shooters, Lieut.-Col. Homer R. Stoughton. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alexander Hays: 4th Me., Col. Elijah Walker; 17th Me., Col. George W. West; 3d Mich., Col. Byron R. Pierce; 5th Mich., Lieut.-Col. John Pulford; 93d N. Y., Maj. Samuel McConihe; 57th Pa., Col. Peter Sides; 63d Pa., Lieut.-Col. John A. Danks; 105th Pa., Col. Calvin A. Craig; 1st U. S. Sharp-shooters, Maj. Charles P. Mattocks.

Fourth division, Brig.-Gen. Gershom Mott.

First Brigade, Col. Robert McAllister: 1st Mass., Col. N. B. McLaughlen; 16th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Waldo Merriam; 5th N. J., Col. William J. Sewell; 6th N. J., Lieut.-Col. Stephen R. Gilkyson; 7th N. J., Maj. Frederick Cooper; 8th N. J., Col. John Ramsey; 11th N. J., Lieut.-Col. John Schoonover; 26th Pa., Maj. Samuel G. Moffett; 115th Pa., Maj. William A. Reilly. Second Brigade, Col. William R. Brewster: 11th Mass., Col. William Blaisdell; 70th N. Y., Capt. William H. Hugo; 71st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Rafferty; 72d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John Leonard; 73d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Michael W. Burns; 74th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Holt; 120th N. Y., Capt. Abram L. Lockwood; 84th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Milton Opp.

artillery Brigade, Col. John C. Tidball: 6th Me., Capt. Edwin B. Dow; 10th Mass., Capt. J. Henry Sleeper; 1st N. H., Capt. Fred. M. Edgell; G, 1st N. Y., Capt. Nelson Ames; 4th N. Y. Heavy (Third Battalion), Lieut.-Col. Thomas R. Allcock; F, 1st Pa., Capt. R. Bruce Ricketts; A, 1st R. I., Capt. William A. Arnold; B, Ist R. I., Capt. T. Fred Brown; K, 4th U. S., Lieut. John W. Roder; C and I, 5th U. S., Lieut. James Gilliss.

Fifth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren.

Provost Guard: 12th N. Y., Battalion, Maj. Henry W. Rider.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Charles Griffin.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Romeyn B. Ayres: 140th N. Y., Col. George Ryan; 146th N. Y., Col. David T. Jenkins; 91st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Joseph H. Sinex; 155th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Alfred L. Pearson; B, C, F, H, I, and K, 2d U. S., Capt. James W. Long; B, C, D, E, F, and G, 1st Battalion 11th U. S., Capt. Francis M. Cooley; A, B, C, D, and G, 1st Battalion, and A, C, D, F, and H, 2d Battalion 12th U. S., Maj. Luther B. Bruen; 1st Battalion 14th U. S., Capt. E. McK. Hudson; A, C, D, G, and H, 1st Battalion, and A, B, and C, 2d Battalion 17th U. S., Capt. James F. Grimes. Second Brigade, Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer: 9th Mass., Col. Patrick R. Guiney; 22d Mass. (2d Co. Mass. S. S. attached), Col. William S. Tilton; 32d Mass., Col. George L. Prescott; 4th Mich., Lieut.-Col. George W. Lumbard; 62d Pa., Lieut.-Col. James C. Hull. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph J. Bartlett: 20th Me., Maj. Ellis Spear; 18th Mass., Col. Joseph Hayes; 1st Mich., Lieut.-Col. William A. Throop; 16th Mich., Maj. Robert T. Elliott; 44th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Freeman Conner; 83d Pa., Col. O. S. Woodward; 118th Pa., Col. James Gwyn.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. John C. Robinson.

First Brigade, Col. Samuel H. Leonard: 16th Me., Col. Charles W. Tilden; 13th Mass., Capt. Charles H. Hovey; 39th Mass., Col. Phineas S. Davis; 104th N. Y., Col. Gilbert G. Prey. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry Baxter: 12th Mass., Col. James L. Bates; 83d N. Y. (9th Militia), Col. Joseph A. Moesch; 97th N. Y., Col. Charles Wheelock; 11th Pa., Col. Richard Coulter; 88th Pa., Capt. George B. Rhoads; 90th Pa., Col. Peter Lyle. Third Brigade, Col. Andrew W. Denison: 1st Md., Maj. Benj. H. Schley; 4th Md., Col. Richard N. Bowerman; 7th Md., Col. Charles E. Phelps; 8th Md., Lieut.-Col. John G. Johannes.

Third division (Pennsylvania Reserves), Brig.-Gen. Samuel W. Crawford.

First Brigade, Col. William McCandless: 1st Pa., Col. William C. Talley; 2d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Patrick McDonough; 6th Pa., Col. Wellington H. Ent; 7th Pa., Maj. LeGrand B. Speece; 11th Pa., Col. Samuel M. Jackson; 13th Pa. (1st Rifles), Maj. W. R. Hartshorn. Third Brigade, Col. Joseph W. Fisher: 5th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George Dare; 8th Pa., Col. Silas M. Baily; 10th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Ira Ayer, Jr.; 12th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Richard Gustin.

Fourth division, Brig.-Gen. James S. Wadsworth.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Lysander Cutler: 7th Ind., Col. Ira G. Grover; 19th Ind., Col. Samuel J. Williams; 24th Mich., Col. Henry A. Morrow; 1st N. Y. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. Volney J. Shipman; 2d Wis., Lieut.-Col. John Mansfield; 6th Wis., Col. Edward S. Bragg; 7th Wis., Col. William W. Robinson. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James C. Rice: 76th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John E. Cook: 84th N. Y. (14th Militia), Col. Edward B. Fowler; 95th N. Y., Col. Edward Pye; 147th N. Y., Col. Francis C. Miller; 56th Pa., Col. J. Wm. Hofmann. Third Brigade, Col. Roy Stone: 121st Pa., Capt. Samuel T. Lloyd; 142d Pa., Maj. Horatio N. Warren; 143d Pa., Col. Edmund L. Dana; 149th Pa., Lieut.-Col. John Irvin; 150th Pa., Capt. George W. Jones.

artillery Brigade, Col. Charles S. Wainwright: 3d Mass., Capt. Augustus P. Martin; 5th Mass., Capt. Charles A. Phillips; D, 1st N. Y., Capt. George B. Winslow; E and L, 1st N. Y., Lieut. George Breck; H, 1st N. Y.. Capt. Charles E. Mink; 2d Battalion 4th N. Y. Heavy, Maj. William Arthur; B, 1st Pa., Capt. James H. Cooper; B, 4th U. S., Lieut. James Stewart; D, 5th U. S., Lieut. B. F. Rittenhouse.

Sixth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. John Sedgwick.

Escort: A, 8th Pa. Cav., Capt. Charles E. Fellows.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Horatio G. Wright.

First Brigade, Col. Henry W. Brown: 1st N. J., Lieut.-Col. William Henry, Jr.; 2d N. J., Lieut.-Col. Charles Wiebecke; 3d N. J., Capt. Samuel T. Du Bois; 4th N. J., Lieut.-Col. Charles Ewing; 10th N. J., Col. Henry O. Ryerson; 15th N. J., Col. William H. Penrose. Second Brigade, Col. Emory Upton: 5th Me., Col. Clark S. Edwards; 121st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Egbert Olcott; 95th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Edward Carroll; 96th Pa., Lieut.-Col. William H. Lessig. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. David A. Russell: 6th Me., Maj. George Fuller; 49th Pa., Col. Thomas M. Hulings; 119th Pa., Maj. Henry P. Truefitt, Jr.; 5th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Theodore B. Catlin. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alexander Shaler: 65th N. Y., Col. Joseph E. Hamblin; 67th N. Y., Col. Nelson Cross; 122d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Augustus W. Dwight; 82d Pa. (detachment).

Second division, Brig.-Gen. George W. Getty.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Frank Wheaton: 62d N. Y., Col. David J. Nevin; 93d Pa., Lieut.-Col. John S. Long; 98th Pa., Col. John F. Ballier; 102d Pa., Col. John W. Patterson; 139th Pa., Lieut.-Col. William H. Moody. Second Brigade, Col. Lewis A. Grant: 2d Vt., Col. Newton Stone; 3d Vt., Col. Thomas O. Seaver; 4th Vt., Col. George P. Foster; 5th Vt., Lieut.-Col. John R. Lewis; 6th Vt., Col. Elisha L. Barney. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Thomas H. Neill: 7th Me., Col. Edwin C. Mason; 43d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John Wilson; 49th N. Y., Col. Daniel D. Bidwell; 77th N. Y., Maj. Nathan S. Babcock,: 61st Pa., Col. George F. Smith. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry L. Eustis: 7th Mass., Col. Thomas D. Johns; 10th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Joseph B. Parsons; 37th Mass., Col. Oliver Edwards; 2d R. I., Lieut.-Col. S. B. M. Read.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. James B. Ricketts.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William H. Morris: 14th N. J., Lieut.-Col. Caldwell K. Hall; 106th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Charles Townsend; 151st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Thomas M. Fay; 87th Pa., Col. John W. Schall; 10th Vt., Lieut.-Col. William W. Henry. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Truman Seymour: 6th Md., Col. John W. Horn; 110th Ohio, Col. J. Warren Keifer; 122d Ohio, Col. William H. Ball; 126th Ohio, Col. Benj. F. Smith; 67th Pa. (detachment), Capt. George W. Guss; 138th Pa., Col. Matthew R. McClennan.

artillery Brigade, Col. Charles H. Tompkins: 4th Me., Lieut. Melville C. Kimball; 1st Mass., Capt. [181] William H. McCartney; 1st N. Y., Capt. Andrew Cowan; 3d N. Y., Capt. William A. Ham; 4th N. Y. Heavy (First Battalion), Maj. Thomas D. Sears; C, 1st R. I., Capt. Richard Waterman; E, 1st R. I., Capt. William B. Rhodes; G, 1st R. I., Capt. George W. Adams; M, 5th U. S., Capt. James McKnight.

Ninth Army Corps,2 Major-General Ambrose E. Burnside.

Provost Guard: 8th U. S., Capt. Milton Cogswell.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas G. Stevenson.

First Brigade, Col. Sumner Carruth: 35th Mass., Maj. Nathaniel Wales; 56th Mass., Col. Charles E. Griswold; 57th Mass., Col. William F. Bartlett; 59th Mass., Col. J. Parker Gould; 4th U. S., Capt. Charles H. Brightly; 10th U. S., Maj. Samuel B. Hayman. Second Brigade, Col. Daniel Leasure: 3d Md., Col. Joseph M. Sudsburg; 21st Mass., Lieut-Col. George P. Hawkes; 100th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Matthew M. Dawson. Artillery: 2d Me., Capt. Albert F. Thomas; 14th Mass., Capt. J. W. B. Wright.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Robert B. Potter.

First Brigade, Col. Zenas R. Bliss: 36th Mass., Maj. William F. Draper; 58th Mass., Lieut.-Col. John C. Whiton; 51st N. Y., Col. Charles W. Le Gendre; 45th Pa., Col. John I. Curtin; 48th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Henry Pleasants; 7th R. I., Capt. Theodore Winn. Second Brigade, Col. Simon G. Griffin: 31st Me., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Hight; 32d Me., Maj. Arthur Deering; 6th N. H., Lieut.-Col. Henry H. Pearson; 9th N. H., Lieut.-Col. John W. Babbitt; 11th N. H., Col. Walter Harriman; 17th Vt., Lieut.-Col. Charles Cummings. Artillery: 11th Mass., Capt. Edward J. Jones; 19th N. Y., Capt. Edward W. Rogers.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Orlando B. Willcox.

First Brigade, Col. John F. Hartranft: 2d Mich., Col. William Humphrey; 8th Mich., Col. Frank Graves; 17th Mich., Col. Constant Luce; 27th Mich. (1st and 2d Co's Mich. Sharp-shooters attached), Maj. Samuel Moody; 109th N. Y., Col. Benjamin F. Tracy; 51st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Edwin Schall. Second Brigade, Col. Benjamin C. Christ: 1st Mich. Sharp-shooters, Col. Charles V. De Land; 20th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Byron M. Cutcheon; 79th N. Y., Col. David Morrison; 60th Ohio (9th and 10th Co's Ohio Sharp-shooters attached), Lieut.-Col. James N. McElroy; 50th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Edward Overton, Jr. Artillery: 7th Me., Capt. Adelbert B. Twitchell; 34th N. Y., Capt. Jacob Roemer.

Fourth division,3 Brig.-Gen. Edward Ferrero.

First Brigade, Col. Joshua K. Sigfried: 27th U S., Lieut.-Col. Charles J. Wright; 30th U. S., Col. Delavan Bates; 39th U. S., Col. Ozora P. Stearns; 43d U. S., Lieut.-Col. H. Seymour Hall. Second Brigade, Col. Henry G. Thomas: 30th Conn. (detachment), Capt. Charles Robinson; 19th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Joseph Perkins; 23d U. S., Lieut.-Col. Cleveland J. Campbell. Artillery: D, Pa., Capt. George W. Durell; 3d Vt., Capt. Romeo H. Start. Cavalry: 3d N. J., Col. Andrew J. Morrison; 22d N. Y., Col. Samuel J. Crooks; 2d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George A. Purington; 13th Pa., Maj. Michael Kerwin.

Reserve artillery, Capt. John Edwards, Jr.: 27th N. Y., Capt. John B. Eaton; D, 1st R. I., Capt. William W. Buckley; H, 1st R. I., Capt. Crawford Allen, Jr.; E, 2d U. S., Lieut. James S. Dudley; G, 3d U. S., Lieut. Edmund Pendleton; L and M, 3d U. S., Lieut. Erskine Gittings.

Provisional Brigade, Col. Elisha G. Marshall: 24th N. Y. Cav. (dismounted), Col. William C. Raulston; 14th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Lieut.-Col. Clarence H. Corning; 2d Pa. Prov. Heavy Art'y, Col. Thomas Wilhelm.

cavalry Corps, Maj.-Gen. Philip H. Sheridan.

Escort: 6th U. S., Capt. Ira W. Claflin.

first division, Brig.-Gen. A. T. A. Torbert.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George A. Custer: 1st Mich., Lieut.-Col. Peter Stagg; 5th Mich., Col. Russell A. Alger; 6th Mich., Maj. James H. Kidd; 7th Mich., Maj. Henry W. Granger. Second Brigade, Col. Thomas C. Devin: 4th N. Y. (guarding trains), Lieut.-Col. William R. Parnell; 6th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William H. Crocker; 9th N. Y., Col. William Sackett; 17th Pa., Lieut.-Col. James Q. Anderson. Reserve Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Wesley Merritt: 19th N. Y. (1st Dragoons), Col. Alfred Gibbs; 6th Pa., Maj. James Starr; 1st U. S., Capt. Nelson B. Sweitzer; 2d U. S., Capt. T. F. Rodenbough; 5th U. S., Capt. Abraham K. Arnold.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. David McM. Gregg.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry E. Davies. Jr.: 1st Mass., Maj. Lucius M. Sargent; 1st N. J., Lieut.-Col. John W. Kester; 6th Ohio, Col. William Stedluan; 1st Pa., Col. John P. Taylor. Second Brigade, Col. J. Irvin Gregg: 1st Me., Col. Charles H. Smith; 10th N. Y., Maj. M. Henry Avery; 2d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Joseph P. Brinton; 4th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George H. Covode; 8th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Samuel Wilson; 16th Pa., Lieut.-Col. John K. Robison.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. James H. Wilson.

Escort: 8th Ill. (detachment), Lieut. William W. Long. First Brigade, Col. Timothy M. Bryan, Jr., Col. John B. McIntosh: 1st Conn., Maj. Erastus Blakeslee; 2d.N. Y., Col. Otto Harhaus; 5th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John Hammond; 18th Pa., Lieut.-Col. William P. Brinton. Second Brigade, Col. George H. Chapman: 3d Ind., Maj. William Patton; 8th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William H. Benjamin; 1st Vt., Lieut.-Col. Addison W. Preston.

artillery, Brig.-Gen. Henry J. Hunt.

Artillery Reserve, Col. Henry S. Burton.

First Brigade, Col. J. Howard Kitching: 6th N. Y. Heavy, Lieut.-Col. Edmund R. Travis; 15th N. Y. Heavy, Col. Louis Schirmer. Second Brigade, Maj. John A. Tompkins: 5th Me., Capt. Greenleaf T. Stevens; 1st N. J., Capt. William Hexamer; 2d N. J., Capt. A. Judson Clark; 5th N. Y., Capt. Elijah D. Taft; 12th N. Y., Capt. George F. McKnight; B, 1st N. Y., Capt. Albert S. Sheldon. Third Brigade, Maj. Robert H. Fitzhugh: 9th Mass., Capt. John Bigelow; 15th N. Y., Capt. Patrick Hart; C, 1st N. Y., Lieut. William H. Phillips; 11th N. Y., Capt. John E. Burton; H, 1st Ohio, Lieut. William A. Ewing; E, 5th U. S., Lieut. John R. Brinckle.

horse artillery.

First Brigade,4 Capt. James M. Robertson: 6th N. Y., Capt. Joseph W. Martin; B and L, 2d U. S., Lieut. Edward Heaton; D, 2d U. S., Lieut. Edward B. Williston; M, 2d U. S., Lieut. A. C. M. Pennington; A, 4th U. S., Lieut. Rufus King, Jr.; C and E, 4th U. S., Lieut. Charles L. Fitzhugh. Second Brigade, Capt. Dunbar R. Ransom: E and G, 1st U. S., Lieut. Frank S. French; H and I, Capt. Alanson M. Randol; K, 1st U. S., Lieut. John Egan; A, 2d U. S., Lieut. Robert Clarke; G, 2d U. S., Lieut. William N. Dennison; C, F and K, 3d U. S., Lieut. James R. Kelly.

Army of the James, Maj.-Gen. Benj. F. Butler.

Tenth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Quincy A. Gillmore.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Alfred H. Terry.

First Brigade, Col. Joshua B. Howell: 39th Ill., Col. Thomas O. Osborn; 62d Ohio, Col. Francis B. Pond; 67th Ohio, Col. Alvin C. Voris: 85th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Edward Campbell; Second Brigade, Col. Joseph R. Hawley: 6th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Lorenzo Meeker; 7th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Daniel C. Rodman; 3d N. H., Lieut.-Col. Josiah I. Plimpton; 7th N. H., Col. Joseph C. Abbott. Third Brigade, Col. Harris M. Plaisted: 10th Conn., Col. John L. Otis; 11th Me., Lieut.-Col. Winslow P. Spofford; 24th Mass., Col. Francis A. Osborn; 100th N. Y., Col. George B. Dandy. Artillery: 1st Conn., Capt. Alfred P. Rockwell; 5th N. J., Capt. Zenas C. Warren; M, 1st U. S., Capt. Loomis L. Langdon.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. John W. Turner.

First Brigade, Col. Samuel M. Alford: 40th Mass., Col. Guy V. Henry; 3d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Eldridge G. Floyd; 89th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Theophilus L. England; 117th N. Y., Col. Alvin White; 142d N. Y., Col. N. Martin Curtis. Second Brigade, Col. William B. Barton: 47th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Christopher R. McDonald; 48th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. [182] Dudley W. Strickland; 115th N. Y., Maj. Ezra L. Walrath; 76th Pa., Col. John C. Campbell. Artillery: 4th N. J., Capt. George T. Woodbury; B, 1st U. S., Capt. Samuel S. Elder; D, 1st U. S., Lieut. John S. Gibbs.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Adelbert Ames.

First Brigade, Col. Richard White: 8th Me., Lieut.-Col. Henry Boynton; 4th N. H., Col. Louis Bell; 55th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Frank T. Bennett; 97th Pa., Col. Henry R. Guss. Second Brigade, Col. Jeremiah C. Drake: 13th Ind., Col. Cyrus J. Dobbs; 9th Me., Col. Sabine Emery; 112th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Elial F. Carpenter; 169th N. Y., Col. John McConihe. Artillery: 33d N. Y., Capt. Alger M. Wheeler; C, 3d R. I., Capt. Martin S. James; E, 3d U. S., Lieut. Joseph P. Sanger.

unattached troops: 1st N. Y. Engineers (8 co's), Col. Edward W. Serrell; 4th Mass. Cav. (First Battalion), Capt. Lucius Richmond.

Eighteenth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. William F. Smith.

first division, Brig.-Gen. William T. H. Brooks.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Gilman Marston: 81st N. Y., Col. Jacob J. De Forest; 96th N. Y., Col. Edgar M. Cullen; 98th N. Y., Col. Frederick F. Wead; 139th N. Y., Col. Samuel H. Roberts. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Hiram Burnham: 8th Conn., Col. John E. Ward; 10th N. H., Lieut.-Col. John Coughlin; 13th N. H., Col. Aaron F. Stevens; 118th N. Y., Col. Oliver Keese, Jr. Third Brigade, Col. Horace T. Sanders: 92d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Hiram Anderson, Jr.; 58th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Montgomery Martin; 188th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George K. Bowen; 19th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Rollin M. Strong. Artillery Brigade, Maj. Theodore H. Schenck: 4th Wis., Capt. George B. Easterly; L, 4th U. S., Lieut. John S. Hunt; A, 5th U. S., Lieut. Charles P. Muhlenberg.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Godfrey Weitzel.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Charles A. Heckman: 23d Mass., Col. Andrew Elwell; 25th Mass., Maj. Cornelius G. Atwood; 27th Mass., Col. Horace C. Lee; 9th N. J., Col. Abram Zabriskie. Second Brigade, Col. Griffin A. Stedman: 11th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Wm. C. Moegling; 2d N. H., Col. Edward L. Bailey; 12th N. H., Maj. John F. Langley; 148th N. Y., Col. George M. Guion. Artillery Brigade, Capt. Frederick M. Follett: 7th N. Y., Capt. Peter C. Regan; E, 3d N. Y., Capt. George E. Ashby; F, 1st R. I., Capt. James Belger; D, 4th U. S., Lieut. James Thompson.

Third division,5 Brig.-Gen. Edward W. Hinks.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Edward A. Wild: 1st U. S., Col. John H. Holman; 10th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Edward H. Powell; 22d U. S., Col. Joseph B. Kiddoo; 37th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Abiel G. Chamberlain. Second Brigade, Col. Samuel A. Duncan: 4th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Geo. Rogers; 5th U. S., Col. James W. Conine; 6th U. S., Col. John W. Ames. Artillery: K, 3d N. Y., Capt. James R. Angel; M, 3d N. Y., Capt. John H. Howell; B, 2d U. S. (colored), Capt. Francis C. Choate.

unattached troops: 1st N. Y. Mounted Rifles, Col. Benjamin F. Onderdonk.

cavalry division, Brig.-Gen. August V. Kautz.

First Brigade, Col. Simon H. Mix: 1st D. C., Lieut.-Col. Everton J. Conger; 3d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. George W. Lewis. Second Brigade, Col. Samuel P. Spear: 5th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Christopher Kleinz; 11th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George Stetzel. Artillery: 8th N. Y. (section), Lieut. Peter Morton.

unattached troops: 1st U. S. Colored Cav., Maj. Harvey W. Brown; 2d U. S. Colored Cav., Col. George W. Cole; 13th Co. Mass. Heavy Art'y (pontoniers), Capt. John Pickering, Jr.

The effective strength of the Union army in the Wilderness is estimated at 118,000 of all arms.

The losses of this army (including those sustained by the reenforcements received at Spotsylvania and Smith's corps at Cold Harbor), from May 5th to June 15th, were as follows:

battles, etc. Killed.Wounded. Captured or Missing.Total.
The Wilderness224612,0373383 17,666
Spotsylvania272513,416 225818,399
North Anna and Totopotomoy 5912,734 6613,986
Cold Harbor and Bethesda Church 18449,077 181612,737
Sheridan's first expedition64337 224625
Sheridan's second expedition150741 6251516
Grand total from the Wilderness to the James7620 38,3428967 54,929

During the same period Butler's army on the James River line numbered at its maximum about 36,000 effectives. Its losses amounted to 634 killed, 3903 wounded, and 1678 captured or missing == 6215, exclusive of the casualties sustained by W. F. Smith's command at Cold Harbor, which amounted to 448 killed, 2365 wounded, and 206 captured or missing == 3019, and which are included in the above table.

1 With the exception of eleven companies of the 50th N. Y. under Lieut.-Col. Spaulding, this command, with its commander, was at the Engineer Depot, Washington, D. C.

2 This corps participated in the Wilderness and Spotsylvania campaigns, under the direct orders of Lieut.-Gen. U. S. Grant, until May 24th, 1864, when it was assigned to the Army of the Potomac.

3 All the infantry were colored troops.

4 Detached with Cavalry Corps.

5 All the infantry were colored troops.

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Philip H. Sheridan (3)
Ira Spaulding (2)
William Farrar Smith (2)
Henry W. Hudson (2)
Ulysses S. Grant (2)
Lewis A. Grant (2)
Co (2)
Benjamin F. Butler (2)
Abram Zabriskie (1)
Joseph W. B. Wright (1)
Horatio G. Wright (1)
Charles J. Wright (1)
O. S. Woodward (1)
George T. Woodbury (1)
Daniel Woodall (1)
Robert E. Winslow (1)
George B. Winslow (1)
Theodore Winn (1)
Samuel Wilson (1)
John Wilson (1)
James Harrison Wilson (1)
Edward B. Williston (1)
Samuel J. Williams (1)
Orlando B. Willcox (1)
Thomas Wilhelm (1)
Edward A. Wild (1)
Charles Wiebecke (1)
John C. Whiton (1)
Richard White (1)
Alvin White (1)
Charles Wheelock (1)
Alger M. Wheeler (1)
Frank Wheaton (1)
George W. West (1)
Godfrey Weitzel (1)
Alexander S. Webb (1)
Frederick F. Wead (1)
Guy H. Watkins (1)
Richard Waterman (1)
Zenas C. Warren (1)
Horatio N. Warren (1)
Gouverneur K. Warren (1)
John E. Ward (1)
J. H. H. Ward (1)
James W. Walsh (1)
Ezra L. Walrath (1)
Elijah Walker (1)
Charles S. Wainwright (1)
James S. Wadsworth (1)
Alvin C. Voris (1)
Emory Upton (1)
Adelbert B. Twitchell (1)
John W. Turner (1)
Henry P. Truefitt (1)
Edmund R. Travis (1)
Benjamin F. Tracy (1)
Charles Townsend (1)
Thomas Touhy (1)
Totopotomoy (1)
Alfred T. A. Torbert (1)
John A. Tompkins (1)
Charles H. Tompkins (1)
William S. Tilton (1)
Charles W. Tilden (1)
John C. Tidball (1)
William A. Throop (1)
James Thompson (1)
George W. Thompson (1)
Henry Goddard Thomas (1)
Albert F. Thomas (1)
Alfred H. Terry (1)
William C. L. Taylor (1)
John P. Taylor (1)
William C. Talley (1)
Elijah D. Taft (1)
Nelson B. Sweitzer (1)
Jacob B. Sweitzer (1)
Joseph M. Sudsburg (1)
Rollin M. Strong (1)
Dudley W. Strickland (1)
Homer R. Stoughton (1)
Roy Stone (1)
Newton Stone (1)
James Stewart (1)
Thomas G. Stevenson (1)
Greenleaf T. Stevens (1)
Aaron F. Stevens (1)
George Stetzel (1)
Griffin A. Stedman (1)
William Stedluan (1)
Ozora P. Stearns (1)
Romeo H. Start (1)
James Starr (1)
Peter Stagg (1)
Winslow P. Spofford (1)
LeGrand B. Speece (1)
Samuel P. Spear (1)
Ellis Spear (1)
Thomas A. Smyth (1)
William F. Smith (1)
George F. Smith (1)
Charles H. Smith (1)
Benjamin F. Smith (1)
J. Henry Sleeper (1)
Joseph H. Sinex (1)
Joshua K. Sigfried (1)
Peter Sides (1)
Volney J. Shipman (1)
Albert S. Sheldon (1)
Alexander Shaler (1)
Truman Seymour (1)
William J. Sewell (1)
Edward W. Serrell (1)
Aaron P. Seeley (1)
John Sedgwick (1)
Thomas O. Seaver (1)
Thomas D. Sears (1)
Winfield Scott (1)
John Schoonover (1)
Benjamin H. Schley (1)
Louis Schirmer (1)
Theodore H. Schenck (1)
John W. Schall (1)
Edwin Schall (1)
Franklin Sawyer (1)
Lemuel Saviers (1)
Lucius M. Sargent (1)
Joseph P. Sanger (1)
Horace T. Sanders (1)
William Sackett (1)
Henry O. Ryerson (1)
George Ryan (1)
David A. Russell (1)
Isaac Rogers (1)
George Rogers (1)
Edward W. Rogers (1)
Jacob Roemer (1)
Daniel C. Rodman (1)
John W. Roder (1)
Theodore Rodenbough (1)
Alfred P. Rockwell (1)
John K. Robison (1)
William W. Robinson (1)
John C. Robinson (1)
Charles Robinson (1)
James M. Robertson (1)
Samuel H. Roberts (1)
Benjamin F. Rittenhouse (1)
Henry W. Rider (1)
R. Bruce Ricketts (1)
James B. Ricketts (1)
Lucius Richmond (1)
James C. Rice (1)
Edmund Rice (1)
William B. Rhodes (1)
George B. Rhoads (1)
William A. Reilly (1)
Peter C. Regan (1)
S. B. M. Read (1)
William C. Raulston (1)
Dunbar R. Ransom (1)
Alanson M. Randol (1)
John Ramsey (1)
Thomas Rafferty (1)
Edward Pye (1)
George A. Purington (1)
John Pulford (1)
Gilbert G. Prey (1)
Addison W. Preston (1)
George L. Prescott (1)
Charles J. Powers (1)
Edward H. Powell (1)
Robert B. Potter (1)
Francis B. Pond (1)
Josiah I. Plimpton (1)
Henry Pleasants (1)
Harris M. Plaisted (1)
Byron R. Pierce (1)
John Pickering (1)
William H. Phillips (1)
Charles A. Phillips (1)
Charles E. Phelps (1)
Joseph Perkins (1)
William H. Penrose (1)
Alexander C. M. Pennington (1)
Edmund Pendleton (1)
Henry H. Pearson (1)
Alfred L. Pearson (1)
William Patton (1)
John W. Patterson (1)
Marsena R. Patrick (1)
Joseph B. Parsons (1)
William R. Parnell (1)
Joshua T. Owen (1)
Edward Overton (1)
John L. Otis (1)
Thomas O. Osborn (1)
Francis A. Osborn (1)
Milton Opp (1)
Benjamin F. Onderdonk (1)
Egbert Olcott (1)
David J. Nevin (1)
Thomas H. Neill (1)
Nathaniel (1)
Aaron B. Myer (1)
Charles P. Muhlenberg (1)
Gershom Mott (1)
Peter Morton (1)
Henry A. Morrow (1)
David Morrison (1)
Andrew J. Morrison (1)
William H. Morris (1)
Richard Moroney (1)
William H. Moody (1)
Samuel Moody (1)
Samuel G. Moffett (1)
Joseph A. Moesch (1)
William C. Moegling (1)
Simon H. Mix (1)
Charles E. Mink (1)
Francis C. Miller (1)
Nelson A. Miles (1)
Wesley Merritt (1)
Waldo Merriam (1)
George H. Mendell (1)
Lorenzo Meeker (1)
George G. Meade (1)
Richards McMichael (1)
George P. McLean (1)
Napoleon B. McLaughlen (1)
James McKnight (1)
George F. McKnight (1)
Henry Boyd McKeen (1)
E. McK (1)
John B. McIntosh (1)
William McFadden (1)
James N. McElroy (1)
Patrick McDonough (1)
Christopher R. McDonald (1)
Samuel McConihe (1)
John McConihe (1)
Matthew R. McClennan (1)
William H. McCartney (1)
William McCandless (1)
Robert McAllister (1)
Charles P. Mattocks (1)
Julius W. Mason (1)
Edwin C. Mason (1)
Montgomery Martin (1)
Joseph W. Martin (1)
Augustus P. Martin (1)
Gilman Marston (1)
Elisha G. Marshall (1)
John Mansfield (1)
Daniel P. Mann (1)
Peter Lyle (1)
George W. Lumbard (1)
Constant Luce (1)
William W. Long (1)
John S. Long (1)
James W. Long (1)
J. H. Lockwood (1)
Abram L. Lockwood (1)
Samuel T. Lloyd (1)
John R. Lewis (1)
George W. Lewis (1)
William H. Lessig (1)
Samuel H. Leonard (1)
John Leonard (1)
Horace C. Lee (1)
Daniel Leasure (1)
Jacob H. Lansing (1)
John F. Langley (1)
Loomis L. Langdon (1)
Charles V. Land (1)
Moses B. Lakeman (1)
Charles Kochersperger (1)
Christopher Kleinz (1)
J. Howard Kitching (1)
Rufus King (1)
Melville C. Kimball (1)
Joseph B. Kiddoo (1)
James H. Kidd (1)
William A. Ketchum (1)
John W. Kester (1)
Michael Kerwin (1)
James R. Kelly (1)
J. Warren Keifer (1)
Oliver Keese (1)
August V. Kautz (1)
Henry M. Karples (1)
George W. Jones (1)
Edward J. Jones (1)
Thomas D. Johns (1)
John G. Johannes (1)
David T. Jenkins (1)
Martin S. James (1)
Samuel M. Jackson (1)
John Irvin (1)
John S. Hunt (1)
Henry J. Hunt (1)
William Humphrey (1)
James C. Hull (1)
Thomas M. Hulings (1)
William H. Hugo (1)
Joshua B. Howell (1)
John H. Howell (1)
Charles H. Hovey (1)
John W. Horn (1)
I. Harris Hooper (1)
Thomas Holt (1)
John H. Holman (1)
J. William Hofmann (1)
Hiram (1)
Edward W. Hinks (1)
Thomas Hight (1)
William Hexamer (1)
William W. Henry (1)
William Henry (1)
Guy V. Henry (1)
Charles A. Heckman (1)
Edward Heaton (1)
John H. Hazelton (1)
Alexander Hays (1)
Samuel B. Hayman (1)
Joseph Hayes (1)
Joseph R. Hawley (1)
George P. Hawkes (1)
W. R. Hartshorn (1)
John F. Hartranft (1)
Patrick Hart (1)
Walter Harriman (1)
Otto Harhaus (1)
Winfield S. Hancock (1)
John Hammond (1)
John S. Hammell (1)
Joseph E. Hamblin (1)
William A. Ham (1)
H. Seymour Hall (1)
Caldwell K. Hall (1)
James Gwyn (1)
Richard Gustin (1)
Henry R. Guss (1)
George W. Guss (1)
George M. Guion (1)
Patrick R. Guiney (1)
Ira G. Grover (1)
Charles E. Griswold (1)
James F. Grimes (1)
Simon G. Griffin (1)
Charles Griffin (1)
J. Irvin Gregg (1)
David McM. Gregg (1)
Frank Graves (1)
Henry W. Granger (1)
J. Parker Gould (1)
Erskine Gittings (1)
Quincy A. Gillmore (1)
James Gilliss (1)
Stephen R. Gilkyson (1)
Samuel G. Gilbreth (1)
John S. Gibbs (1)
Alfred Gibbs (1)
John Gibbon (1)
George W. Getty (1)
Charles W. Gendre (1)
Theodore B. Gates (1)
Augustus Funk (1)
George Fuller (1)
Frank S. French (1)
John Fraser (1)
Paul Frank (1)
Edward B. Fowler (1)
George P. Foster (1)
Jacob J. Forest (1)
Robert H. Ford (1)
Frederick M. Follett (1)
Eldridge G. Floyd (1)
Edward A. Flint (1)
Robert H. Fitzhugh (1)
Charles L. Fitzhugh (1)
Joseph W. Fisher (1)
Edward Ferrero (1)
Charles E. Fellows (1)
Thomas M. Fay (1)
William A. Ewing (1)
Charles Ewing (1)
Henry L. Eustis (1)
Wellington H. Ent (1)
Theophilus L. England (1)
Sabine Emery (1)
Andrew Elwell (1)
Theodore G. Ellis (1)
Robert T. Elliott (1)
Samuel S. Elder (1)
Thomas W. Egan (1)
John Egan (1)
Oliver Edwards (1)
John Edwards (1)
Clark S. Edwards (1)
Frederick M. Edgell (1)
John B. Eaton (1)
George B. Easterly (1)
Augustus W. Dwight (1)
George W. Durell (1)
Samuel A. Duncan (1)
James S. Dudley (1)
Richard C. Drum (1)
William F. Draper (1)
Jeremiah C. Drake (1)
Patrick J. Downing (1)
Edwin B. Dow (1)
Cyrus J. Dobbs (1)
George M. Dewey (1)
Thomas C. Devin (1)
William Neil Dennison (1)
Andrew W. Denison (1)
Arthur Deering (1)
Matthew M. Dawson (1)
William Davis (1)
Thomas H. Davis (1)
Phineas S. Davis (1)
Henry E. Davies (1)
George Dare (1)
John A. Danks (1)
George B. Dandy (1)
Edmund L. Dana (1)
Richard C. Dale (1)
Lysander Cutler (1)
Byron M. Cutcheon (1)
George A. Custer (1)
Sylvanus W. Curtis (1)
Newton Martin Curtis (1)
John I. Curtin (1)
Francis M. Cummins (1)
Charles Cummings (1)
Edgar M. Cullen (1)
Nelson Cross (1)
Samuel J. Crooks (1)
William H. Crocker (1)
Samuel W. Crawford (1)
Calvin A. Craig (1)
Andrew Cowan (1)
George H. Covode (1)
Richard Coulter (1)
John Coughlin (1)
Clarence H. Corning (1)
James H. Cooper (1)
Frederick Cooper (1)
John Coons (1)
Francis M. Cooley (1)
John E. Cook (1)
Selden Connor (1)
Freeman Conner (1)
James W. Conine (1)
Everton J. Conger (1)
Charles H. T. Collis (1)
George W. Cole (1)
Milton Cogswell (1)
Robert Clarke (1)
A. Judson Clark (1)
Ira W. Claflin (1)
Benjamin C. Christ (1)
Francis C. Choate (1)
George H. Chapman (1)
Alford B. Chapman (1)
Abiel G. Chamberlain (1)
S. Cav (1)
Theodore B. Catlin (1)
George W. Cartwright (1)
Sumner Carruth (1)
Samuel S. Carroll (1)
Edward Carroll (1)
Leonard W. Carpenter (1)
Elial F. Carpenter (1)
John C. Campbell (1)
Edward Campbell (1)
Cleveland J. Campbell (1)
John E. Burton (1)
Henry S. Burton (1)
Ambrose E. Burnside (1)
Michael W. Burns (1)
Hiram Burnham (1)
Denis F. Burke (1)
William W. Buckley (1)
Timothy M. Bryan (1)
Luther B. Bruen (1)
Theodore Fred Brown (1)
T. Fred Brown (1)
Henry W. Brown (1)
Harvey W. Brown (1)
William T. H. Brooks (1)
John R. Brooke (1)
K. Oscar Broady (1)
William P. Brinton (1)
Joseph P. Brinton (1)
John R. Brinckle (1)
Charles H. Brightly (1)
William R. Brewster (1)
George Breck (1)
Edward S. Bragg (1)
Leman W. Bradley (1)
Henry Boynton (1)
Richard N. Bowerman (1)
George K. Bowen (1)
Samuel T. Bois (1)
Zenas R. Bliss (1)
Erastus Blakeslee (1)
William Blaisdell (1)
Mahlon Black (1)
David B. Birney (1)
Edwin R. Biles (1)
John Bigelow (1)
Daniel D. Bidwell (1)
Frank T. Bennett (1)
William H. Benjamin (1)
Henry W. Benham (1)
Louis Bell (1)
James Belger (1)
James A. Beaver (1)
Henry Baxter (1)
De Witt C. Baxter (1)
James L. Bates (1)
Delavan Bates (1)
William B. Barton (1)
William F. Bartlett (1)
Joseph J. Bartlett (1)
Elisha L. Barney (1)
Francis C. Barlow (1)
John F. Ballier (1)
William H. Ball (1)
William P. Baily (1)
Silas M. Baily (1)
Edward L. Bailey (1)
Nathan S. Babcock (1)
John W. Babbitt (1)
Romeyn B. Ayres (1)
Ira Ayer (1)
M. Henry Avery (1)
Cornelius G. Atwood (1)
George E. Ashby (1)
William Arthur (1)
William A. Arnold (1)
Abraham K. Arnold (1)
James R. Angel (1)
Abram P. Andrew (1)
James Q. Anderson (1)
Hiram Anderson (1)
Nelson Ames (1)
John W. Ames (1)
Adelbert Ames (1)
Crawford Allen (1)
Thomas R. Allcock (1)
Russell A. Alger (1)
Samuel M. Alford (1)
George W. Adams (1)
Joseph C. Abbott (1)
Henry L. Abbott (1)
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