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The opposing forces in the Red River campaign.


The Union Army.-Major-General Nathaniel P. Banks.

Headquarters Troops (Guard): A and B, Capt. Richard W. Francis. (Escort): C, Capt. Frank Sayles.

Thirteenth Army Corps (detachment), Brig.-Gen. Thomas E. G. Ransom (w), Brig.-Gen. Robert A. Cameron.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Robert A. Cameron.

First Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Aaron M. Flory: 46th Ind., Capt. William M. De Hart; 29th Wis., Maj. Bradford Hancock. Second Brigade, Col. William H. Raynor: 24th Iowa, Maj. Edward Wright; 28th Iowa, Col. John Connell; 56th Ohio, Capt. Maschil Manring. Artillery. A, Ist Mo., Lieut. Elisha Cole; 2d Ohio, Lieut. Wm. H. Harper.

Fourth division, Col. William J. Landram.

First Brigade, Col. Frank Emerson (w and c): 77th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Lysander R. Webb; 67th Ind. (non-veterans of 60th Ind. attached), Maj. Francis A. Sears; 19th Ky., Lieut.-Col. John Cowan; 23d Wis., Maj. Joseph E. Greene. Second Brigade, Col. Joseph W. Vance (k): 97th Ill., Col. Friend S. Rutherford; 130th Ill., Maj. John B. Reid; 48th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Joseph W. Lindsey; 83d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Baldwin; 96th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Albert H. Brown. Artillery: Chicago (Ill.) Mercantile Battery, Capt. Patrick H. White (chief of artillery detachment Thirteenth Army Corps), Lieut. Pinckney S. Cone; 1st Ind., Capt. Martin Klauss.

Sixteenth and Seventeenth Army Corps (detachment from the Army of the Tennessee), Brig.-Gen. Andrew J. Smith.

Sixteenth Army Corps.

first and Third divisions, Brig.-Gen. Jos. A. Mower.

first division.

Second Brigade, Col. Lucius F. Hubbard: 47th Ill., Col. John D. McClure; 5th Minn., Maj. John C. Becht; 8th Wis., Lieut.-Col. John W. Jefferson. Third Brigade, Col. Sylvester G. Hill: 35th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. William B. Keeler; 33d Mo., Lieut.-Col. William H. Heath.

Third division.

First Brigade, Col. William F. Lynch: 58th Ill., Maj. Thomas Newlan; 119th Ill., Col. Thomas J. Kinney; 89th Ind., Col. Charles D. Murray. Second Brigade, Col. William T. Shaw: 14th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. Joseph H. Newbold; 27th Iowa, Col. James I. Gilbert; 32d Iowa, Col. John Scott; 24th Mo. (non-veterans of 21st Mo. attached), Maj. Robert W. Fyan. Third Brigade, Col. Risdon M. Moore: 49th Ill., Maj. Thomas W. Morgan; 117th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Jonathan Merriam; 178th N. Y., Col. Edward Wehler. Artillery: 3d Ind., Capt. James M. Cockefair; 9th Ind., Capt. George R. Brown.

Seventeenth Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. T. Kilby Smith.

First Brigade, Col. Jonathan B. Moore: 41st Ill., Lieut.-Col. John H. Nale; 3d Iowa, Lieut.-Col. James Tullis; 33d Wis., Maj. Horatio H. Virgin. Second Brigade, Col. Lyman M. Ward: 81st Ill., Col. Andrew W. Rogers; 95th Ill., Col. Thos. W. Humphrey; 14th Wis., Capt. C. M. G. Mansfield. Artillery: M, 1st Mo., Lieut. John H. Tiemeyer.

Nineteenth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. William B. Franklin2 (w), Brig.-Gen. William H. Emory.

first division, Brig.-Gen. William H. Emory, Brig.-Gen. J. W. McMillan.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William Dwight, Jr., Col. Geo. L. Beal: 29th Me., Col. George L. Beal; 114th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Henry B. Morse; 116th N. Y., Col. George M. Love; 153d N. Y., Col. Edwin P. Davis; 161st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William B. Kinsey. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James W. McMillan: 13th Me., Col. Henry Rust, Jr.; 15th Me., Col. Isaac Dyer; 160th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John B. Van Petten; 47th Pa., Col. Tilghman H. Good. Third Brigade, Col. Lewis Benedict (k), Col. Francis Fessenden (w): 30th Me., Col. Francis Fessenden, Lieut.-Col. Thomas H. Hubbard; 162d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Justus W. Blanchard; 165th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Gouverneur Carr; 173d N. Y., Col. Lewis M. Peck. Artillery, Capt. George T. Hebard: 25th N. Y., Lieut. Irving D. Southworth; L, 1st U. S., Lieut. Franck E. Taylor; 1st Vt., Capt. George T. Hebard.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Cuvier Grover.

First Brigade,3 Brig.-Gen. F. S. Nickerson. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry W. Birge,4 Col. Edward L. Molineux: 13th Conn., Col. Charles D. Blinn; 1st La., Col. William O. Fiske; 90th N. Y. (3 co's), Maj. John C. Smart; 159th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Edward L. Gaul. Third Brigade, Col. Jacob Sharpe: 38th Mass., Lieut.-Col. James P. Richardson; 128th N. Y., Col. James Smith; 156th N. Y., Capt. James J. Hoyt; 175th N. Y. (batt'n), Capt. Charles McCarthey. Artillery, Capt. George W. Fox: 7th Mass., Capt. Newman W. Storer; 26th N. Y., Capt. George W. Fox; F, 1st U. S., Lieut. Hardman P. Norris; C, 2d U. S., Lieut John I. Rodgers. Cavalry: 3d Md., Col. C. Carroll Tevis.

artillery Reserve, Capt. Henry W. Closson (chief of corps artillery): 1st Del., Capt. Benjamin Nields; D, 1st Ind. Heavy, Capt. William S. Hinkle.

cavalry division, Brig.-Gen. Albert L. Lee, Brig.-Gen. Richard Arnold.

First Brigade, Col. Thomas J. Lucas: 16th Ind. (mounted inf'y), Lieut.-Col. James H. Redfield; 2d La (mounted inf'y), Maj. Alfred Hodsdon; 6th Mo. (Howitzer battery under Capt. Herbert H. Rottaken, attached), Capt. Sidney A. Breese; 14th N. Y., Maj. Abraham Bassford. Third Brigade, Col. Harai Robinson: 87th Ill. (mounted inf'y), Lieut.-Col. John M. Crebs; 1st La., Maj. Algernon S. Badger. Fourth Brigade, Col. Nathan A. M. Dudley: 2d Ill., Maj. Benjamin F. Marsh, Jr.; 3d Mass., Lieut.-Col. Lorenzo D. Sargent; 31st Mass. (mounted inf'y), Capt. Elbert H. Fordham; 8th N. H. (mounted inf'y), Lieut.-Col. George A. Flanders. Fifth Brigade, Col. Oliver P. Cooking: 2d N. Y. Veteran, Col. Morgan H. Chrysler; 18th N. Y., Col. James J. Byrne; 3d R. I. (detachment), Maj. George R. Davis. Artillery: 2d Mass., Capt. Ormand F. Nims; G, 5th U. S., Lieut. Jacob B. Rawles.

Corps D'Afrique.

First Brigade, Col. William H. Dickey: 1st Infantry (73d U. S. C. T.), Maj. Hiram E. Perkins; 3d Infantry (75th U. S. C. T.), Col. Henry W. Fuller; 12th Infantry (84th U. S. C. T.), Capt. James H. Corrin; 22d Infantry (92d U. S. C. T.), Col. Henry N. Frisbie.

In his testimony before the Committee on the Conduct of the War (p. 21, Vol. II.), General Banks says:

we started with the idea that we were to have a concentrated command of at least 35,000 to 40,000 men, when in fact we had less than 20,000, and but little more than 15,000 for actual battle with the enemy.

The returns for March 31st, 1864, however, show a total present for duty of 31,303 officers and men, viz.: Headquarters, 67; Engineers, 721; 13th Corps, 4773; 19th Corps, 10,619; Corps d'afrique, 1535; Cavalry, 4653,--total Army of the Gulf, 22,368; detachment Army of the Tennessee, 8935,--grandtotal, 31,303. Deducting Grover's division left at Alexandria (3846), and Kilby Smith's division, which moved with the fleet (1721), it will be seen that the marching column consisted on the 31st of March of 25,736 officers and men of all arms.

In his official report Banks says:

In these operations (up to April 26th), in which my own command had marched by land nearly 400 miles, the total loss sustained was 3980 men, of whom 289 were killed, 1541 wounded, and 2150 missing. A large portion of the latter were captured.

On the return march from Alexandria the loss approximated 165 killed, 650 wounded, and 450 captured or missing.


The Confederate Army.-General E. Kirby Smith.

District of West Louisiana, Lieut.-Gen. Richard Taylor.

Walker's division, Maj.-Gen. John G. Walker.

Brigade Commanders: Brig.-Gens. T. N. Waul, W. R. Scurry, and Col. Horace Randal.

Mouton's division, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Mouton, Brig.-Gen. C. J. Polignac.

Brigade Commanders: Brig.-Gen. C. J. Polignac and Col. Henry Gray.

sub-District of North Louisiana, Brig.-Gen. St. John R. Liddell.

cavalry division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas Green and Maj.-Gen. John A. Wharton.

Brigade Commanders: Brig.-Gens. Hamilton P. Bee, J. P. Major, and Arthur P. Bagby.

unattached cavalry: 2d La., Col. W. G. Vincent; 4th La., Col. Louis Bush.

detachment of Price's Army, Brig.-Gen. Thomas J. Churchill.

Missouri division, Brig.-Gen. M. M. Parsons.

Brigade Commanders: Brig.-Gen. John B. Clark, Jr., and Col. S. P. Burns.

Arkansas division (Churchill's), Brig.-Gen. John C. Tappan.

Brigade Commanders: Cols. H. L. Grinsted and L. C. Gause.

artillery (attached to brigades and divisions).

General Taylor says:

“The Army I had the honor to command in this campaign numbered, at its greatest strength, about 13,000 of all arms, including Liddell's force on the north bank of Red River; but immediately after the battle of Pleasant Hill it was reduced to 5200 by the withdrawal of Walker's and Churchill's divisions. . . . Our total loss in killed, wounded, and missing was 3976.” (See p. 191, “Destruction and reconstruction,” D. Appleton & Co., New York.)

General E. Kirby Smith, in his official report, says:

Taylor had at Mansfield, after the junction of Green, 11,000 effectives, with 5000 infantry from Price's army in one day's march of him.

According to General Parsons's report, his division at Pleasant Hill numbered “2200 muskets.”

1 As constituted about April 1st, 1864, with subsequent changes of Union commanders partly indicated.

2 Also commanded the troops engaged at the battles of Sabine Cross-roads and Pleasant Hill.

3 Joined the army at Alexandria (from New Orleans) after the battle of Pleasant Hill.

4 Also commanded at Monette's Ferry a temporary division of his own brigade and the Third Brigade, First Division.

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