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The opposing forces at Nashville, Dec. 15-16, 1864.

The Union Army, Major-General George H. Thomas.

Fourth Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. Thomas J. Wood.

first division, Brig.-Gen. Nathan Kimball.

First Brigade, Col. Isaac M. Kirby: 21st Ill., Capt. William 11. Jamison; 38th Ill., Capt. Andrew M. Pollard; 31st Ind., Col. John T. Smith; 81st Ind., Maj. Edward G. Mathey; 90th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Samuel N. Yeoman; 101st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Bedan B. McDanald. Brigade loss: k, 20; w, 100 ==120. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Walter C. Whitaker: 96th Ill., Maj. George Hicks; 115th Ill., Col. Jesse H. Moore; 35th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Augustus G. Tassin; 21st Ky., Col. James C. Evans; 23d Ky., Lieut.-Col. George W. Northup; 45th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. John H. Humphrey; 51st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Wood. Brigade loss: k, 10; w, 38; m, 1==49. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William Grose: 75th Ill., Col. John E. Bennett; 80th Ill., Capt. James Cunningham; 84th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Morton; 9th Ind., Col. Isaac C. B. Suman; 30th Ind., Capt. Henry W. Lawton; 36th Ind. (1 co.), Lieut. John P. Swisher; 84th Ind., Maj. John C. Taylor; 77th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Thomas E. Rose. Brigade loss: k, 6; w, 75; m, 1 == 82.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Washington L. Elliott.

First Brigade, Col. Emerson Opdycke: 36th Ill., Maj. Levi P. Holden; 44th 111., Capt. Alonzo W. Clark; 73d Ill., Capt. Wilson Burroughs; 74th and 88th Ill., Lieut.-Col. George W. Smith; 125th Ohio, Maj. Joseph Bruff; 24th Wis., Capt. William Kennedy. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 39; m, 4 == 51. Second Brigade, Col. John Q. Lane: 100th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Charles M. Hammond; 40th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Henry Leaming; 57th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Willis Blanch; 28th Ky., Lieut.-Col. J. Rowan Boone; 26th Ohio, Capt. William Clark; 97th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Milton Barnes. Brigade loss: k, 4; w, 57; m, 1 == 62. Third Brigade, Col. Joseph Conrad: 42d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Edgar D. Swain; 51st Ill., Capt. Albert M. Tilton; 79th Ill., Col. Allen Buckner; 15th Mo., Capt. George Ernst; 64th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Robert C. Brown; 65th Ohio, Maj. Orlow Smith. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 47; m, 2 == 57.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Samuel Beatty.

First Brigade, Col. Abel D. Streight: 89th Ill., Lieut.-Col. William D. Williams; 51st Ind., Capt. William W. Scearce; 8th Kan., Lieut.-Col. John Conover; 15th Ohio, Col. Frank Askew, Lieut.-Col. John McClenahan; 49th Ohio, Maj. Luther M. Strong, Capt. Daniel Hart-sough. Brigade loss: k, 40; w, 204 == 244. Second Brigade, Col. P. Sidney Post, Lieut.-Col. Robert L. Kimberly: 59th Ill., Maj. James M. Stookey; 41st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Robert L. Kimberly, Capt. Ezra Dunham; 71st Ohio, Lieut.-Col. James H. Hart, Capt. William H. McClure; 93d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Daniel Bowman; 124th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. James Pickands. Brigade loss: k, 36; w, 263; m, 13 == 312. Third Brigade, Col. Frederick Knefier: 79th Ind., Lieut.-Col. George W. Parker; 86th Ind., Col. George F. Dick; 13th Ohio (4 co's), Maj. Joseph T. Snider; 19th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Henry G. Stratton. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 7 == 8.

artillery, Maj. Wilbur F. Goodspeed: 25th Ind., Capt. Frederick. C. Sturm; 1st Ky., Capt. T. S. Thomasson; E, 1st Mich., Capt. Peter De Vries; G, 1st Ohio, Capt. Alexander Marshall; 6th Ohio, Lieut. Aaron P. Baldwin; B, Pa., Capt. Jacob Ziegler; M, 4th U. S., Lieut. Samuel Canby. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 4 == 6.

twenty-Third Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. John M. Schofield.

Second division, Maj.-Gen. Darius N. Couch.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph A. Cooper: 130th Ind., Col. Charles S. Parrish; 26th Ky., Col. Cicero Maxwell; 25th Mich., Capt. Samuel L. Demarest; 99th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. John E. Cummins; 3d Tenn., Col. William Cross; 6th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. Edward Maynard. Brigade loss: k, 7; w, 82 == 89. Second Brigade, Col. Orlando H. Moore: 107th Ill., Capt. John W. Wood; 80th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Alfred D. Owen; 129th Ind., Col. Charles A. Zollinger; 23d Mich., Col. Oliver L. Spaulding; 111th Ohio, Col. Isaac R. Sherwood; 118th Ohio, Maj. Edgar Sowers. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 34 == 36. Third Brigade, Col. John Mehringer: 91st Ind., Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Butterfield; 123d Ind., Col. John C. McQuiston; 50th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Hamilton S. Gillespie; 183d Ohio, Col. George W. Hoge. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 20 ==22. Artillery: 15th Ind., Capt. Alonzo D. Harvey; 19th Ohio, Capt. Frank Wilson.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Jacob D. Cox.

First Brigade, Col. Charles C. Doolittle: 12th Ky., Col. Laurence H. Rousseau; 16th Ky., Capt. Jacob Miller; 100th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Edwin L. Hayes; 104th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Oscar W. Sterl; 8th Tenn., Capt. James W. Berry. Brigade loss: w, 5. Second Brigade, Col. John S. Casement: 65th Ill., Lieut.-Col. W. Scott Stewart; 65th Ind., Lieut.-Col. John W. Hammond; 124th Ind., Col. John M. Orr; 103d Ohio, Capt. Henry S. Pickands; 5th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. Nathaniel Witt. Brigade loss: w, 9. Third Brigade, Col. Israel N. Stiles: 112th Ill., Maj. Tristam T. Dow; 63d Ind., Lieut.-Col. Daniel Morris; 120th Ind., Maj. John M. Barcus; 128th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Jasper Packard. Brigade loss: w, 3. Artillery: 23d Ind., Lieut. Aaron A. Wilber; D, 1st Ohio, Capt. Giles J. Cockerill.

Army of the Tennessee (Detachment), Maj.-Gen. Andrew J. Smith.

first division, Brig.-Gen. John McArthur.

First Brigade, Col. William L. McMillen: 114th Ill., Capt. John M. Johnson; 93d Ind., Col. De Witt C. Thomas, Capt. Charles A. Hubbard; 10th Minn., Lieut.-Col. Samuel P. Jennison, Capt. Edwin C. Sanders; 72d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Charles G. Eaton; 95th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Jefferson Brumback; Ill. Battery (Cogswell's), Lieut. S. H. McClaury. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 96 == 118. Second Brigade, Col. Lucius F. Hubbard: 5th Minn., Lieut.-Col. William B. Gere; 9th Minn., Col. Josiah F. Marsh; 11th Mo., Lieut.-Col. Eli Bowyer, Maj. Modesta J. Green; 8th Wis., Lieut.-Col. William B. Britton; 2d Iowa Battery, Capt. Joseph R. Reed. Brigade loss: k, 33; w, 281; m, 1 == 315. Third Brigade, Col. Sylvester G. Hill, Col. William R. Marshall: 12th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. John H. Stibbs; 35th Iowa, Maj. William Dill, Capt. Abraham N. Snyder; 7th Minn., Col. William R. Marshall, Lieut.-Col. George Bradley; 33d Mo., Lieut.-Col. William H. Heath; I, 2d Mo. Art'y, Capt. Stephen H. Julian. Brigade loss: k, 12; w, 133 == 145.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Kenner Garrard.

First Brigade, Col. David Moore: 119th Ill., Col. Thomas J. Kinney; 122d Ill., Lieut.-Col. James F. Drish; 89th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Hervey Craven; 21st Mo. (detachment 24th Mo. attached), Lieut.-Col. Edwin Moore; 9th Ind. Battery, Lieut. Samuel G. Calfee. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 47==49. Second Brigade, Col. James I. Gilbert: 58th Ill., Maj. Robert W. Healy; 27th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. Jed. Lake; 32d Iowa, Lieut.-Col. Gustavus A. Eberhart; 10th Kan. (4 co's), Capt. William C. Jones; 3d Ind. Battery, Lieut. Thomas J. Ginn. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 62 == 63. Third Brigade, Col. Edward H. Wolfe: 49th Ill., Col. Phineas Pease; 117th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Jonathan Merriam; 52d Ind., Lieut.-Col. Zalmon S. Main; 178th N. Y., Capt. John B. Gandolfo; G, 2d Ill. Art'y, Capt. John W. Lowell. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 46; m, 1 == 52.

Third division, Col. Jonathan B. Moore.

First Brigade, Col. Lyman M. Ward: 72d Ill., Capt. James A. Sexton; 40th Mo., Col. Samuel A. Holmes; 14th Wis., Maj. Eddy F. Ferris; 33d Wis., Lieut.-Col. Frederick S. Lovell. Brigade loss: w, 3. Second Brigade, Col. Leander Blanden: 81st 111., Lieut.-Col. Andrew W. Rogers; 95th Ill., Lieut.-Col. William Avery; 44th Mo., Lieut.-Col. Andrew J. Barr. Brigade loss: w, 1. Artillery: 14th Ind., Capt. Francis W. Morse; A, 2d Mo., Lieut. John Zepp. Artillery loss: k, 1. [473]

Provisional detachment, Maj.-Gen. James B. Steedman.

Provisional division,1 Brig.-Gen. Charles Cruft.

First Brigade, Col. Benjamin Harrison. Second Brigade, Col. John G. Mitchell. Third Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Grosvenor. Loss in these three brigades: k, 19; w, 68; mi, 32 == 119. Second Brigade (Army Tenn.), Col. A. G. Malloy. Miscellaneous: 68th Ind. (attached to Third Brigade), Lieut.-Col. H. J. Espy; 18th Ohio, Capt. Ebenezer Grosvenor, Capt. J. M. Benedict, Lieut. Chas. Grant. Loss: k, 12; w, 47; m, 9 == 68. Artillery: 20th Ind., Capt. M. A. Osborne; 18th Ohio, Capt. Chas. C. Aleshire. Artillery loss: w, 8. First Colored Brigade, Col. Thos. J. Morgan: 14th U. S. C. T., Lieut.-Col. H. C. Corbin; 16th U. S. C. T., Col. William B. Gaw; 17th U. S. C. T., Col. Wm. R. Shafter; 18th U. S. C. T. (battalion), Maj. Lewis D. Joy; 44th U. S. C. T., Col. Lewis Johnson. Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 118; m, 23 ==162. Second Colored Brigade, Col. Chas. R. Thompson: 12th U. S. C. T., Lieut.-Col. Wm. R. Sellon, Capt. Henry Hegner; 13th U. S. C. T., Col. J. A. Hottenstein; 100th U. S. C. T., Maj. Collin Ford; 1st Kan. Battery, Capt. Marcus D. Tenney, Brigade loss: k, 77; w, 390; m, 1==468.

Post of Nashville, Brig.-Gen. John F. Miller.

Second Brigade, Fourth Division, Twentieth Corps, Col. Edwin C. Mason: 142d Ind., Col. John M. Comparet; 45th N. Y., Col. Adolphus Dobke; 176th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William B. Nesbitt; 179th Ohio, Col. Harley H. Sage; 182d Ohio, Col. Lewis Butler. Unattached: 3d Ky.,--; 28th Mich., Col. William W. Wheeler; 173d Ohio, Col. John R. Hurd; 78th Pa. (detachment), Lieut.-Col. Henry W. Torbett; Veteran Reserve Corps, Col. Frank P. Cahill; 44th Wis. (battalion), Lieut.-Col. Oliver C. Bissell; 45th Wis. (battalion),--.

garrison artillery, Maj. John J. Ely: 2d Ind., Capt. James S. Whicher; 4th Ind., Capt. Benjamin F. Johnson; 12th Ind., Capt. James E. White; 21st Ind., Capt. Abram P. Andrew; 22d Ind., Capt. Edward W. Nicholson; 24th Ind., Lieut. Hiram Allen; F, 1st Mich., Capt. Byron D. Paddock; E, 1st Ohio, Lieut. Frank B. Reckard; 20th Ohio, Capt. William Backus; C, 1st Tenn., Lieut. Joseph Grigsby; D, 1st Tenn., Capt. Samuel D. Leinart; A, 2d U. S. Colored, Capt. Josiah V. Meigs.

quartermaster's ]division (composed of quarter-master's employees), Col. James L. Donaldson.

cavalry Corps, Brig.-Gen. James H. Wilson.

Escort: 4th U. S., Lieut. Joseph Hedges.

first division (Second and Third Brigades, under Brig.-Gen. E. M. McCook, absent in western Kentucky).

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John T. Croxton: 8th Iowa, Col. Joseph B. Dorr; 4th Ky. (mounted infantry), Col. Robert M. Kelly; 2d Mich., Lieut.-Col. Benjamin Smith; 1st Tenn, Lieut.-Col. Calvin M. Dyer; Ill. Battery, Capt. George I. Robinson. Brigade loss: w, 2.

Fifth division, Brig.-Gen. Edward Hatch.

First Brigade, Col. Robert R. Stewart: 3d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Robert H. Carnahan; 11th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Abram Sharra; 12th Mo., Col. Oliver Wells; 10th Tenn., Maj. William P. Story, Maj. James T. Abernathy. Brigade loss: k, 14; w, 108== 122. Second Brigade, Col. Datus E. Coon: 6th Ill., Lieut.-Col. John Lynch; 7th Ill., Maj. John M. Graham; 9th Ill., Capt. Joseph W. Harper; 2d Iowa, Maj. Charles C. Horton; 12th Tenn., Col. George Spalding; I, 1st Ill. Art'y, Lieut. Joseph A. McCartney. Brigade loss: k, 14; w, 98; m, 1 == 113.

Sixth division, Brig.-Gen. Richard W. Johnson.

First Brigade, Col. Thomas J. Harrison: 16th Ill., Maj. Charles H. Beeres; 5th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. Harlon Baird; 7th Ohio,Col. Israel Garrard. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 9; m, 9 == 20. Second Brigade, Col. James Biddle: 14th Ill., Maj. Haviland Tompkins; 6th Ind., Maj. Jacob S. Stephens; 8th Mich., Col. Elisha Mix; 3d Tenn., Maj. Benjamin Cunningham. Brigade loss: w, 7; m, 1== 8. Artillery: I, 4th U. S., Lieut. Frank G. Smith.

seventh division, Brig.-Gen. Joseph F. Knipe.

First Brigade, Brevet Brig.-Gen. John H. Hammond: 9th Ind., Col. George W. Jackson; 10th Ind., Lieut.-Col. B. Q. A. Gresham; 19th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Joseph C. Hess; 2d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. William R. Cook; 4th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. Jacob M. Thornburgh. Brigade loss: I, 5; w, 42; m, 10 == 57. Second Brigade, Col. Gilbert M. L. Johnson: 12th Ind., Col. Edward Anderson; 13th Ind., Lieut.-Col. William T. Pepper; 6th Tenn., Col. Fielding Hurst. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 4; m, 2 == 7. Artillery: 14th Ohio, Capt. William C. Myers.

Total Union loss: killed, 387; wounded, 2558; captured or missing, 112 == 3057. The casualties at Franklin, November 30th, amounted to 189 killed; 1033 wounded; and 1104 captured or missing == 2326. General Thomas reported that the losses of his army in the entire campaign did not exceed 10,000 in killed, wounded, and missing. According to official returns the effective force of Thomas's whole command was as follows: October 31st, 53,415; November 20th, 59,534; November 30th, 71,452; December 10th, 70,272. In his official report, General Thomas says that his effective force early in November “consisted of the Fourth Corps, about 12,000, under General D. S. Stanley; the Twenty-third Corps, about 10,000, under General J. M. Schofield; Hatch's division of cavalry, about 4000; Croxton's brigade, 2500, and Capron's brigade of about 1200 [total, 29,700]. The balance of my force was distributed along the railroad, and posted at Murfreesboro‘, Stevenson, Bridgeport, Huntsville, Decatur, and Chattanooga, to keep open our communications and hold the posts above named, if attacked, until they could be reeinforced, as up to this time it was impossible to determine which course Hood would take — advance on Nashville, or turn toward Huntsville.” It is estimated that the available Union force of all arms in and about Nashville on December 15th aggregated at least 55,000. Col. Henry Stone, of General Thomas's staff, furnishes the following estimate of the number of Union troops actually engaged in the battle (not including the garrison force and dismounted cavalry), viz.: Fourth Corps, 13,350; Twenty-third Corps, 8880; Detachment Army of the Tennessee, 9210; Steedman's Detachment, 5270; Cavalry Corps (mounted men), 6600, or an aggregate, including artilery, of 43,260. General J. H. Wilson says the cavalry numbered 12,000.

The Confederate Army.

Army of Tennessee.--General John B. Hood.

Lee's Corps (Hood's), Lieut.-Gen. S. D. Lee.

Johnson's division, Maj.-Gen. Edward Johnson.

Deas's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Z. C. Deas: 19th Ala., Lieut.-Col. 1. Kimbrough; 22d Ala., Capt. H. W. Henry; 25th Ala., Capt. N. B. Rouse; 39th Ala., Lieut.-Col. W. C. Clifton; 50th Ala., Col. J. G. Coltart. Manigault's Brigade, Lieut.-Col. W. L. Butler: 24th Ala., Capt. T. J. Kimball; 28th Ala., Capt. W. M. Nabors; 34th Ala., Lieut.-Col. J. C. Carter; 10th S. C., Lieut.-Col. C. Irvin Walker; 19th S. C., Capt. T. W. Getzen. Sharp's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. H. Sharp: 7th and 9th Miss., Maj. H. Pope; 10th and 44th Miss., and 9th Miss. Batt'n Sharp-shooters, Capt. B. A. Bell; 41st Miss., Capt. J. M. Hicks. Brantly's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. F. Brantly: 24th and 34th Miss., Capt. C. Dancy; 27th Miss., Capt. S. M. Pegg; 29th and 30th Miss., Capt. R. W. Williamson; Dismounted Cavalry, Capt. D. W. Alexander.

artillery, Lieut.-Col. L. Hoxton (Chief, Corps Art'y).

Courtney's Battalion, Capt. J. P. Douglas: Ala. Battery, Capt. S. H. Dent; Ala. Battery, Lieut. H. Ferrell; Tex. Battery, Lieut. Ben. Hardin.

Stevenson's division, Maj.-Gen. C. L. Stevenson.

Cumming's Brigade, Col. E. P. Watkins: 34th Ga., Capt. R. A. Jones; 36th Ga., Col. Charles E. Broyles; 39th Ga., [474] Capt. W. P. Milton; 56th Ga., Capt. B. T. Spearman. Pettus's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. W. Pettus: 20th Ala., Col. J. N. Dedman; 23d Ala., Lieut.-Col. J. B. Bibb; 30th Ala., Lieut.-Col. J. R. Elliott; 31st Ala., Lieut.-Col. T. M. Arrington; 46th Ala., Capt. G. E. Brewer. Artillery Battalion (Johnston's), Capt. J. B. Rowan: Ga. Bat'y, Lieut. W. S. Hoge; Ga. Bat'y, Lieut. W. L. Ritter.

Clayton's division, Maj.-Gen. H. D. Clayton.

Stovall's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. M. A. Stovall: 40th Ga., Col. A. Johnson; 41st Ga., Capt. J. E. Stallings; 42d Ga., Col. R. J. Henderson; 43d Ga., Col. H. C. Kellogg; 52d Ga., Capt. R. R. Asbury. Gibson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Randall L. Gibson: 1st La., Capt. J. C. Stafford; 4th La., Col. S. E. Hunter; 13th La., Col. F. L. Campbell; 16th La., Lieut.-Col. R. H. Lindsay; 19th La., Maj. C. Flournoy; 20th La., Capt. A. Dresel; 25th La., Col. F. C. Zacharie; 30th La., Maj. A. Picolet; 4th La. Battalion, Capt. T. A. Bisland; 14th La. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Lieut. A. T. Martin. Holtzlaw's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. T. Holtzclaw: 18th Ala., Lieut.-Col. P. F. Hunley; 32d and 58th Ala., Col. Bushrod Jones; 36th Ala., Capt. N. M. Carpenter; 38th Ala., Capt. C. E. Bussey. Artillery Battalion (Eldridge's), Capt. C. E. Fenner: Ala. Battery, Capt. W. J. McKenzie; Miss. Bat'y, Lieut. J. S. McCall.

Stewart's Corps (Polk's), Lieut.-Gen. A. P. Stewart.

Loring's division, Maj.-Gen. W. W. Loring.

Featherston's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. S. Featherston: 1st Miss., Capt. O. D. Hughes; 3d Miss., Capt. O. H. Johnston; 22d Miss., Maj. M. A. Oatis; 31st Miss., Capt. R. A. Collins; 33d Miss., Capt. T. L. Cooper; 40th Miss., Col. W. B. Colbert; 1st Miss. Batt'n, Maj. J. M. Stigler. Adams's Brigade, Col. Robert Lowry: 6th Miss., Lieut.-Col. Thomas J. Borden; 14th Miss., Col. W. L. Doss; 15th Miss., Lieut.-Col. J. R. Binford; 20th Miss., Maj. Thomas B. Graham; 23d Miss., Maj. G. W. B. Garrett; 43d Miss., Col. Richard Harrison. Scott's Brigade, Col. John Snodgrass: 55th Ala., Maj. J. B. Dickey; 57th Ala., Maj. J. H. Wiley; 27th, 35th, and 49th Ala., Lieut.-Col. J. D. Weeden; 12th La., Capt. J. T. Davis.

artillery, Lieut.-Col. S. C. Williams (Chief, Corps Art'y). Myrick's Battalion: La. Battery (Bouanchaud's); Miss. Battery (Cowan's); Miss. Battery (Darden's).

French's division (temporarily attached to Walthall's division).

Sears's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. W. Sears: 4th Miss.,----; 35th Miss.,----; 36th Miss.,----; 39th Miss.,----; 46th Miss.,----; 7th Miss. Battalion,----. Ector's Brigade, Col. D. Coleman: 29th N. C., Maj. E. H. Hampton; 39th N. C., Capt. J. G. Crawford; 9th Texas, Maj. J. H. McReynolds; 10th Tex. (dismounted cavalry), Col. C. R. Earp; 14th Tex. (dismounted cavalry), Capt. R. H. Harkey; 32d Texas (dismounted cavalry), Maj. W. E. Estes. Artillery Battalion (Storrs's): Ala. Battery (Kolb's); Miss. Battery (Hoskins's); Mo. Bat'y (Guibor's).

Walthall's division, Maj.-Gen. E. C. Walthall.

Quarles's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George D. Johnston: 1st Ala., Lieut. C. M. McRae; 42d, 46th, 49th, 53d, and 55th Tenn., Capt. A. M. Duncan; 48th Tenn., Col. W. M. Voorhies. Cantey's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. M. Shelley: 17th Ala., Capt. John Bolling; 26th Ala., Capt. D. M. Gideon; 29th Ala., Capt. S. Abernathy; 37th Miss., Maj. S. H. Terral. Reynolds's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. D. H. Reynolds: 1st Ark. Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Capt. R. P. Parks; 2d Ark. Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Maj. J. P. Eagle; 4th Ark., Maj. J. A. Ross; 9th Ark., Capt. W. L. Phefer; 25th Ark., Lieut. T. J. Edwards. Artillery Battalion (Truehart's): Ala. Battery (Lumsden's); Ala. Battery (Selden's); Ala. Battery (Tarrant's).

Cheatham's Corps (formerly Hardee's), Lieut.-Gen. B. F. Cheatham.

Brown's division.

Gist's Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Z. L. Walters: 46th Ga., Capt. Malcolm Gillis; 65th Ga. and 8th Ga. Battalion, Capt. W. W. Grant; 2d Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. William H. Brown; 16th S. C., Capt. J. W. Boling; 24th S. C., Capt. W. C. Griffith. Maney's Brigade, Col. H. R. Feild: 4th Confed., and 6th, 9th, and 50th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. G. W. Pease; 1st and 27th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. J. L. House; 8th, 16th, and 28th Tenn., Col. J. H. Anderson. Strahl's Brigade, Col. A. J. Kellar: 4th, 5th, 31st, 33d, and 38th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. L. W. Finlay; 19th, 24th, and 41st Tenn., Capt. D. A. Kennedy. Vaughan's Brigade, Col. W. M. Watkins: 11th and 29th Tenn., Maj. J. E. Burns; 12th and 47th Tenn., Capt. C. N. Wade; 13th, 51st, 52d, and 154th Tenn., Maj. J. F. Williamson.

artillery, Col. Melancthon Smith (Chief, Corps Art'y).

Artillery Battalion: Ala. Battery (Phelan's); Fla. Battery (Perry's); Miss. Battery (Turner's).

Cleburne's division, Brig.-Gen. J. A. Smith.

Lowrey's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. M. P. Lowrey: 16th, 33d, and 45th Ala., Lieut.-Col. R. H. Abercrombie; 5th Miss. and 3d Miss. Battalion, Capt. F. M. Woodward; 8th and 32d Miss., Maj. A. E. Moody. Govan's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. D. C. Govan, Col. Peter V. Green: 1st, 2d, 5th, 13th, 15th, and 24th Ark., Col. Peter V. Green; 6th and 7th Ark., Lieut.-Col. P. Snyder; 8th and 19th Ark., Maj. D. H. Hamiter. Granbury's Brigade, Capt. E. T. Broughton: 35th Tenn.,----; 6th and 15th Tex., Capt. B. R. Tyus; 7th Tex., Capt. O. P. Forrest; 10th Tex., Capt. R. D. Kennedy; 17th and 18th Tex. (dismounted cavalry), Capt. F. L. McKnight; 24th and 25th Texas (dismounted cavalry), Capt. J. F. Matthews; La. Cav. Co., Capt. L. M. Nutt. Artillery Battalion (Hotchkiss's): Ala. Battery (Goldthwaite's); Ark. Battery (Key's); Mo. Battery (Bledsoe's).

Bate's division, Maj.-Gen. William B. Bate. Escort, Capt. J. H. Buck.

Tyler's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. T. B. Smith: 37th Ga., Capt. J. A. Sanders; 4th Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Maj. T. D. Caswell; 2d, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, and 37th Tenn., Col. W. M. Shy, Maj. H. C. Lucas. Finley's Brigade, Maj. G. A. Ball: 1st and 3d Fla., Capt. M. H. Strain; 6th Fla., Capt. A. M. Williams; 7th Fla., Capt. R. B. Smith; 1st Fla. Cav. (dismounted) and 4th Fla., Maj. Jacob A. Lash. Jackson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. T. R. Jackson: 1st Ga. (Confed.) and 66th Ga., Lieut.-Col. J. C. Gordon; 25th Ga., Capt. J. E. Fulton; 29th and 30th Ga., Col. W. D. Mitchell; 1st Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Lieut. R. C. King. Artillery Battalion, Capt. R. T. Beauregard: La. Battery (Slocomb's); S. C. Battery (Ferguson's); Tenn. Battery (Mebane's).

cavalry division, Brig.-Gen. James R. Chalmers. Escort, Capt. C. T. Smith.

Rucker's Brigade, Col. E. W. Rucker, Lieut.-Col. R. R. White: 7th Ala.,----; 5th Miss.,----; 7th Tenn.,----; 14th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. R. R. White; 15th Tenn.,----; 26th Tenn. Battalion,----. Biffle's Brigade, Col. J. B. Biffle: 9th Tenn.,----; 10th Tenn.,----.

At the time of the battle of Nashville, Forrest, with Jackson's and Buford's divisions of cavalry and Mercer's and Palmer's brigades of infantry, was detached from the main army and operating on its flanks. Hood reported that he began the campaign with “an ‘effective total’ of 40,403.” On November 6th his strength was 44,729. By the arrival of Forrest's cavalry, on November 15th, the army aggregated 53,938. Exclusive of Palmer's brigade of Lee's corps, Mercer's brigade of Cheatham's corps, and Sears's and Cockrell's brigades of Stewart's corps, and Forrest's cavalry (not included in Hood's return), the “present for duty” on December 10th was 26,877. These omitted commands probably numbered 12,000, which would give Hood an aggregate effective force at that date of nearly 39,000. But Col. Henry Stone estimates that Hood's army at Nashville numbered 37,937, including some who were reported as on “extra duty,” but who he (Stone) claims were with their commands, and (Hood being on the defensive) were, as occasion required, put in the ranks to fight. According to Hood's official report his loss at Franklin in killed, wounded, and prisoners was 4500. The loss at Nashville is not stated. He reached Tupelo, at the close of the campaign, with about 21,000. General Hood reported officially: “Losses, including prisoners, during the entire campaign do not exceed 10,000 men.” On the other hand, General Thomas states in his official report that during the campaign he “captured 13,189 prisoners of war,” and that “during the same period over 2000 deserters from the enemy were received.” [475]


1 Composed mainly of detachments belonging to the 14th, 15th, 17th, and 20th corps, which had been unable to rejoin their proper commands, serving with Sherman's army on the march through Georgia.

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John B. Hood (9)
De Witt C. Thomas (6)
O. P. Forrest (4)
E. C. Walthall (3)
Henry Stone (3)
C. W. Sears (3)
S. D. Lee (3)
B. F. Cheatham (3)
James Harrison Wilson (2)
R. R. White (2)
M. A. Stovall (2)
Robert R. Stewart (2)
James B. Steedman (2)
John M. Schofield (2)
E. W. Rucker (2)
D. H. Reynolds (2)
E. W. Pettus (2)
W. J. Palmer (2)
H. W. Mercer (2)
William R. Marshall (2)
M. P. Lowrey (2)
Robert L. Kimberly (2)
O. H. Johnston (2)
Gilbert M. L. Johnson (2)
Edward Hatch (2)
Peter V. Green (2)
D. C. Govan (2)
Randall L. Gibson (2)
W. S. Featherston (2)
Z. C. Deas (2)
John T. Croxton (2)
H. D. Clayton (2)
Robert C. Brown (2)
W. F. Brantly (2)
J. B. Biffle (2)
William B. Bate (2)
Charles A. Zollinger (1)
Jacob Ziegler (1)
John Zepp (1)
F. C. Zacharie (1)
Samuel N. Yeoman (1)
F. M. Woodward (1)
Thomas J. Wood (1)
John W. Wood (1)
Charles H. Wood (1)
Edward H. Wolfe (1)
Nathaniel Witt (1)
Frank Wilson (1)
R. W. Williamson (1)
J. F. Williamson (1)
William D. Williams (1)
S. C. Williams (1)
A. M. Williams (1)
H. G. P. William (1)
J. H. Wiley (1)
Aaron A. Wilber (1)
James E. White (1)
Walter C. Whitaker (1)
James S. Whicher (1)
William W. Wheeler (1)
Oliver Wells (1)
J. D. Weeden (1)
W. M. Watkins (1)
E. P. Watkins (1)
Lyman M. Ward (1)
Z. L. Walters (1)
C. Irvin Walker (1)
C. N. Wade (1)
Peter Vries (1)
W. M. Voorhies (1)
B. R. Tyus (1)
R. C. Tyler (1)
John W. Turner (1)
D. Truehart (1)
Henry W. Torbett (1)
Haviland Tompkins (1)
Albert M. Tilton (1)
Jacob M. Thornburgh (1)
Charles R. Thompson (1)
Theodore S. Thomasson (1)
George H. Thomas (1)
S. H. Terral (1)
Marcus D. Tenney (1)
John C. Taylor (1)
Augustus G. Tassin (1)
John P. Swisher (1)
Edgar D. Swain (1)
Isaac C. B. Suman (1)
C. Sturm (1)
Luther M. Strong (1)
Abel D. Streight (1)
Henry G. Stratton (1)
M. H. Strain (1)
O. F. Strahl (1)
William P. Story (1)
George S. Storrs (1)
James M. Stookey (1)
Israel N. Stiles (1)
John M. Stigler (1)
John H. Stibbs (1)
William Scott Stewart (1)
Alexander P. Stewart (1)
A. P. Stewart (1)
Carter L. Stevenson (1)
C. L. Stevenson (1)
Oscar W. Sterl (1)
Jacob S. Stephens (1)
David S. Stanley (1)
J. E. Stallings (1)
J. C. Stafford (1)
B. T. Spearman (1)
Oliver L. Spaulding (1)
George Spalding (1)
Edgar Sowers (1)
P. Snyder (1)
Abraham N. Snyder (1)
John Snodgrass (1)
Joseph T. Snider (1)
T. B. Smith (1)
Robert B. Smith (1)
Orlow Smith (1)
Melancthon Smith (1)
John T. Smith (1)
James Smith (1)
George W. Smith (1)
Frank G. Smith (1)
C. T. Smith (1)
Benjamin Smith (1)
Andrew J. Smith (1)
C. I. Slocomb (1)
W. M. Shy (1)
Isaac R. Sherwood (1)
William T. Sherman (1)
C. M. Shelley (1)
Abram Sharra (1)
Jacob H. Sharp (1)
J. H. Sharp (1)
William R. Shafter (1)
James A. Sexton (1)
William R. Sellon (1)
Selden (1)
Donald D. Scott (1)
William W. Scearce (1)
J. A. Sanders (1)
Edwin C. Sanders (1)
Harley H. Sage (1)
J. B. Rowan (1)
Laurence H. Rousseau (1)
N. B. Rouse (1)
J. A. Ross (1)
Thomas E. Rose (1)
Andrew W. Rogers (1)
George I. Robinson (1)
W. L. Ritter (1)
Joseph R. Reed (1)
Frank B. Reckard (1)
William A. Quarles (1)
P. Sidney Post (1)
H. Pope (1)
Andrew M. Pollard (1)
John R. Polk (1)
A. Picolet (1)
James Pickands (1)
Henry S. Pickands (1)
John Phelan (1)
W. L. Phefer (1)
William F. Perry (1)
William T. Pepper (1)
S. M. Pegg (1)
Phineas Pease (1)
George W. Pease (1)
Charles S. Parrish (1)
R. P. Parks (1)
George W. Parker (1)
Byron D. Paddock (1)
Jasper Packard (1)
Alfred Dale Owen (1)
Milton A. Osborne (1)
John M. Orr (1)
Emerson Opdycke (1)
Martin A. Oatis (1)
L. M. Nutt (1)
George W. Northup (1)
Edward W. Nicholson (1)
William B. Nesbitt (1)
W. M. Nabors (1)
John R. Myrick (1)
William C. Myers (1)
Charles H. Morton (1)
Francis W. Morse (1)
Daniel Morris (1)
Thomas J. Morgan (1)
Orlando H. Moore (1)
Jonathan B. Moore (1)
Jesse H. Moore (1)
Edwin Moore (1)
David Moore (1)
A. E. Moody (1)
Elisha Mix (1)
W. D. Mitchell (1)
John G. Mitchell (1)
W. P. Milton (1)
John F. Miller (1)
Jacob Miller (1)
Jonathan Merriam (1)
Josiah V. Meigs (1)
John Mehringer (1)
J. W. Mebane (1)
J. H. McReynolds (1)
C. M. McRae (1)
John C. McQuiston (1)
William L. McMillen (1)
F. L. McKnight (1)
W. J. McKenzie (1)
Bedan B. McDanald (1)
Edward M. McCook (1)
William H. McClure (1)
John McClenahan (1)
S. H. McClaury (1)
Joseph A. McCartney (1)
J. S. McCall (1)
John McArthur (1)
Edward Maynard (1)
Cicero Maxwell (1)
J. F. Matthews (1)
Edward G. Mathey (1)
Edwin C. Mason (1)
A. T. Martin (1)
Alexander Marshall (1)
Josiah F. Marsh (1)
A. M. Manigault (1)
George Maney (1)
Adam G. Malloy (1)
Zalmon S. Main (1)
John Lynch (1)
Lumsden (1)
H. C. Lucas (1)
Robert Lowry (1)
John W. Lowell (1)
Frederick S. Lovell (1)
William W. Loring (1)
W. W. Loring (1)
R. H. Lindsay (1)
Samuel D. Leinart (1)
Henry Leaming (1)
Henry W. Lawton (1)
Jacob A. Lash (1)
John Q. Lane (1)
Jedediah Lake (1)
E. F. Kolb (1)
Joseph F. Knipe (1)
Frederick Knefier (1)
Isaac M. Kirby (1)
Thomas J. Kinney (1)
R. C. King (1)
G. R. Kimbrough (1)
T. J. Kimball (1)
Nathan Kimball (1)
Thomas J. Key (1)
William Kennedy (1)
R. D. Kennedy (1)
D. A. Kennedy (1)
Robert M. Kelly (1)
H. C. Kellogg (1)
A. J. Kellar (1)
Stephen H. Julian (1)
Lewis D. Joy (1)
William C. Jones (1)
R. A. Jones (1)
Bushrod Jones (1)
George D. Johnston (1)
Richard W. Johnson (1)
Lewis Johnson (1)
John M. Johnson (1)
Edward Johnson (1)
Benjamin F. Johnson (1)
Abda Johnson (1)
Samuel P. Jennison (1)
William H. Jamison (1)
T. R. Jackson (1)
George W. Jackson (1)
Fielding Hurst (1)
John R. Hurd (1)
S. E. Hunter (1)
P. F. Hunley (1)
John H. Humphrey (1)
O. D. Hughes (1)
Lucius F. Hubbard (1)
Charles A. Hubbard (1)
L. Hoxton (1)
John L. House (1)
J. A. Hottenstein (1)
Jedediah Hotchkiss (1)
J. A. Hoskins (1)
Charles C. Horton (1)
J. B. Hood (1)
Holtzlaw (1)
J. T. Holtzclaw (1)
Samuel A. Holmes (1)
Levi P. Holden (1)
W. S. Hoge (1)
George W. Hoge (1)
Sylvester G. Hill (1)
J. M. Hicks (1)
George Hicks (1)
Joseph C. Hess (1)
H. W. Henry (1)
R. J. Henderson (1)
Henry Hegner (1)
Joseph Hedges (1)
William H. Heath (1)
Robert W. Healy (1)
Edwin L. Hayes (1)
Alonzo D. Harvey (1)
James H. Hart (1)
Daniel Hart (1)
Thomas J. Harrison (1)
Richard Harrison (1)
Benjamin Harrison (1)
Joseph W. Harper (1)
R. H. Harkey (1)
Benjamin Hardin (1)
William J. Hardee (1)
E. H. Hampton (1)
John W. Hammond (1)
John H. Hammond (1)
Charles M. Hammond (1)
D. H. Hamiter (1)
Guibor (1)
Ebenezer Grosvenor (1)
Charles H. Grosvenor (1)
William Grose (1)
Joseph Grigsby (1)
W. C. Griffith (1)
B. Q. A. Gresham (1)
Modesta J. Green (1)
W. W. Grant (1)
Charles Grant (1)
H. B. Granbury (1)
Thomas B. Graham (1)
John M. Graham (1)
J. C. Gordon (1)
Wilbur F. Goodspeed (1)
R. W. Goldthwaite (1)
Moses B. Gist (1)
Thomas J. Ginn (1)
Malcolm Gillis (1)
Hamilton S. Gillespie (1)
James I. Gilbert (1)
D. M. Gideon (1)
T. W. Getzen (1)
William B. Gere (1)
William B. Gaw (1)
G. W. B. Garrett (1)
Kenner Garrard (1)
Israel Garrard (1)
John B. Gandolfo (1)
J. E. Fulton (1)
Winsor B. French (1)
George W. Frederick (1)
Collin Ford (1)
C. Flournoy (1)
J. J. Finley (1)
L. W. Finlay (1)
Eddy F. Ferris (1)
H. Ferrell (1)
S. W. Ferguson (1)
Charles E. Fenner (1)
H. R. Feild (1)
James C. Evans (1)
W. E. Estes (1)
H. J. Espy (1)
George Ernst (1)
John J. Ely (1)
Washington L. Elliott (1)
J. R. Elliott (1)
J. W. Eldridge (1)
T. J. Edwards (1)
M. D. Ector (1)
Gustavus A. Eberhart (1)
Charles G. Eaton (1)
C. R. Earp (1)
J. P. Eagle (1)
Calvin M. Dyer (1)
Ezra Dunham (1)
A. M. Duncan (1)
James F. Drish (1)
A. Dresel (1)
Tristam T. Dow (1)
J. P. Douglas (1)
W. L. Doss (1)
Joseph B. Dorr (1)
Charles C. Doolittle (1)
James L. Donaldson (1)
Adolphus Dobke (1)
William Dill (1)
J. B. Dickey (1)
George F. Dick (1)
S. H. Dent (1)
Samuel L. Demarest (1)
J. N. Dedman (1)
J. T. Davis (1)
Darden (1)
C. Dancy (1)
James Cunningham (1)
Benjamin Cunningham (1)
John E. Cummins (1)
J. F. Cumming (1)
Charles Cruft (1)
William Cross (1)
J. G. Crawford (1)
Hervey Craven (1)
Jacob D. Cox (1)
Andrew Cowan (1)
A. R. Courtney (1)
Darius N. Couch (1)
H. C. Corbin (1)
T. L. Cooper (1)
Joseph A. Cooper (1)
Datus E. Coon (1)
William R. Cook (1)
Joseph Conrad (1)
John Conover (1)
John M. Comparet (1)
J. G. Coltart (1)
R. A. Collins (1)
D. Coleman (1)
W. B. Colbert (1)
William Cogswell (1)
F. M. Cockrell (1)
Giles J. Cockerill (1)
W. C. Clifton (1)
Patrick R. Cleburne (1)
William Clark (1)
Alonzo W. Clark (1)
James R. Chalmers (1)
T. D. Caswell (1)
John S. Casement (1)
John C. Carter (1)
N. M. Carpenter (1)
Robert H. Carnahan (1)
Horace Capron (1)
James Cantey (1)
Samuel Canby (1)
F. L. Campbell (1)
Samuel G. Calfee (1)
Frank P. Cahill (1)
Charles H. Butterfield (1)
W. L. Butler (1)
Lewis Butler (1)
C. E. Bussey (1)
Wilson Burroughs (1)
J. E. Burns (1)
Abram Buford (1)
Allen Buckner (1)
James H. Buck (1)
Jefferson Brumback (1)
Joseph Bruff (1)
Charles E. Broyles (1)
William H. Brown (1)
E. T. Broughton (1)
William B. Britton (1)
George E. Brewer (1)
George Bradley (1)
Eli Bowyer (1)
Daniel Bowman (1)
A. Bouanchaud (1)
Thomas J. Borden (1)
J. Rowan Boone (1)
John Bolling (1)
J. W. Boling (1)
H. M. Bledsoe (1)
Leander Blanden (1)
Willis Blanch (1)
Oliver C. Bissell (1)
T. A. Bisland (1)
J. R. Binford (1)
James Biddle (1)
J. B. Bibb (1)
James W. Berry (1)
John E. Bennett (1)
J. M. Benedict (1)
B. A. Bell (1)
Charles H. Beeres (1)
R. T. Beauregard (1)
Samuel Beatty (1)
Andrew J. Barr (1)
Milton Barnes (1)
John M. Barcus (1)
G. A. Ball (1)
Aaron P. Baldwin (1)
Harlon Baird (1)
William Backus (1)
William Avery (1)
Frank Askew (1)
R. R. Asbury (1)
T. M. Arrington (1)
Abram P. Andrew (1)
J. H. Anderson (1)
Edward Anderson (1)
Hiram Allen (1)
D. W. Alexander (1)
Charles C. Aleshire (1)
Robert N. Adams (1)
S. Abernathy (1)
James T. Abernathy (1)
Robert H. Abercrombie (1)
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