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Chapter 2: maximum of regimental loss in killed in any one battle — proportion of wounded to killed.

Having arrived at the maximum of killed in a regiment during its term of service with its many battles, the question naturally arises as to the greatest number killed in any one action. There has been a great deal of exaggeration regarding regimental losses in particular battles, especially in instances where the loss was comparatively small; while some regiments which really sustained heroic losses are never mentioned in this particular. The figures in connection with this subject are interesting, as they show the extreme limit of loss in human life during a battle, in a regiment of the size common to the American Armies. Larger figures, of course, may be found in the casualty lists of the German regiments in the Franco-Prussian war, but these regiments contained three times as many men.

Although the casualty lists of a regiment are always stated in killed, wounded, and missing, the appended list shows only the killed, including those who died of their wounds. Farther on, in the “List of Battles, with Regiments sustaining Highest Loss in Each,” these same losses are given again, showing the number of killed, wounded, and missing; but in that table the mortally wounded are included with the wounded instead of with the killed.

The surviving wounded and the missing are omitted in the following list, in order to emphasize the more important feature of the loss, and the consequent relative position of the various regiments in this respect. The losses of the different commands can be compared better by eliminating the somewhat indefinite factor of the wounded and missing, and tabulating the regiments with regard only to the killed and died of wounds.

This list has been prepared after a careful examination of the muster-out rolls of every regiment whose losses would indicate that they might possibly have a place in this column. In each case the rolls have been examined name by name, in order to count the ones recorded there as killed or mortally wounded in the battles mentioned. The list includes every regiment in the Union Armies which sustained, in any one battle, a loss in killed or mortally wounded of fifty or more.

The First Maine Heavy Artillery took 950 officers and men into the assault on Petersburg, June 18th, 1864, and the Fifth New York took 490 into the fight at Manassas. These figures must be borne in mind in case of a comparison with the maximum battle-loss of regiments in foreign wars. Still higher percentages, however, occurred at times during the Civil War, and will be found recorded farther on. [17]

maximum of regimental loss in killed and died of wounds in particular engagements.

Heavy Artillery.
Regiment. Battle. Division. Corps. Killed.
1st Maine1 Petersburg2 Birney's Second 210
8th New York Cold Harbor Gibbon's Second 207
1st Maine Spotsylvania3 Tyler's Second 147
2d Connecticut Cold Harbor Russell's Sixth 129
7th New York4 Cold Harbor Barlow's Second 127
1st Massachusetts5 Spotsylvania6 Tyler's Second 120
9th New York7 Cedar Creek Ricketts's Sixth 64
2d Pennsylvania Petersburg8 Willcox's Ninth 64
14th New York Petersburg9 Willcox's Ninth 57
7th New York Petersburg10 Barlow's Second 55
1st Massachusetts Petersburg11 Birney's Second 54
2d New York Petersburg12 Barlow's Second 54
9th New York Monocacy Ricketts's Sixth 51
5th New York13 Manassas Sykes's F. J. Porter's 117
15th New Jersey Spotsylvania14 Russell's Sixth 116
49th Pennsylvania Spotsylvania15 Russell's Sixth 109
15th Massachusetts16 Antietam Sedgwick's Second 108
1st Kansas Wilson's Creek Lyon's ------ 106
1st Missouri Wilson's Creek Lyon's ------ 103
9th Illinois17 Shiloh W. H. Wallace's ------ 103
18th U. S. Infantry18 Stone's River Rousseau's Fourteenth 102
11th Illinois Fort Donelson McClernand's ------ 102
121st New York19 Salem Church Brooks's Sixth 97
70th New York Williamsburg Hooker's Third 97
24th Michigan Gettysburg Wadsworth's First 94
57th Massachusetts Wilderness Stevenson's Ninth 94
61st Pennsylvania Fair Oaks Couch's Fourth 92
145th Pennsylvania Fredericksburg Hancock's Second 91
111th New York20 Gettysburg Alex. Hays's Second 88
22d Michigan Chickamauga Morgan's Reserve 88
20th Wisconsin Prairie Grove Herron's ------ 88
9th Massachusetts Gaines's Mill Morell's Fifth 87
8th U. S. Colored Olustee Seymour's Tenth 87
32d Iowa Pleasant Hill Mower's Sixteenth 86
55th Illinois Shiloh Sherman's ------ 86
4th Vermont Wilderness Getty's Sixth 84
22d Massachusetts Gaines's Mill Morell's Fifth 84
13th U. S. Colored Nashville Cruft's ------ 84
10th Ohio Chaplin Hills21 Rousseau's ------ 84
49th Ohio Pickett's Mills T. J. Wood's Fourth 83
2d Wisconsin Manassas22 Hatch's First23 83
48th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 83
15th Kentucky Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 82
36th Wisconsin Cold Harbor24 Gibbon's Second 81
24th New York Manassas Hatch's First 81
23d U. S. Colored Inf. Petersburg Mine Ferrero's Ninth 81
8th Illinois Fort Donelson McClernand's ------ 81
16th Wisconsin Shiloh Prentiss's ------ 79
43d Illinois Shiloh McClernand's ------ 78
16th Michigan Gaines' Mill Morell's Fifth 78
118th Pennsylvania Shepherdstown Morell's Fifth 78
7th New Hampshire25 Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 77
72d New York Williamsburg Hooker's Third 77
1st Wisconsin Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 77
12th U. S. Infantry Gaines' Mill Sykes's Fifth 76
16th Maine Fredericksburg Gibbon's First 76
1st Minnesota Gettysburg Gibbon's Second 75
2d Vermont Wilderness Getty's Sixth 75
21st Illinois 26Stone's River Davis's Fourteenth 75
24th Iowa Champion's Hill Hovey's Thirteenth 75
12th Massachusetts Antietam Ricketts's First 74
25th Massachusetts Cold Harbor Martindale's Eighteenth 74
7th Iowa Belmont Grant's ------ 74
9th Iowa Pea Ridge E. A. Carr's ------ 74
18th Illinois Fort Donelson McClernand's ------ 74
35th Massachusetts Antietam Sturgis's Ninth 73
12th New Hampshire27 Chancellorsville Whipple's Third 72
5th Vermont28 Savage Station W. F. Smith's Sixth 72
19th Iowa Prairie Grove Herron's ------ 72
9th Ohio Chickamauga Brannan's Fourteenth 72
38th Ohio Jonesboro Baird's Fourteenth 72
81st New York Cold Harbor Brooks's Eighteenth 72
93d New York Wilderness Birney's Second 72
11th Pennsylvania Manassas29 Ricketts's First 72
59th New York Antietam Sedgwick's Second 71
69th New York Antietam Richardson's Second 71
11th Penn. Reserves Gaines' Mill McCall's Fifth 71
23d Pennsylvania Cold Harbor Russell's Sixth 71
75th Illinois Chaplin Hills Mitchell's ------ 71
77th Ohio Shiloh Sherman's ------ 71
40th Illinois Shiloh Sherman's ------ 71
15th Illinois Shiloh Hurlbut's ------ 70
73d New York Gettysburg Humphreys's Third 70
147th New York Gettysburg Wadsworth's First 76
16th Connecticut Antietam Sturgis's Ninth 70
93d Illinois Champion's Hill Crocker's Seventeenth 70
22d Iowa Vicksburg (May 22) E. A. Carr's Thirteenth 70
97th Pennsylvania Bermuda Hundred Ames's Tenth 70
203d Pennsylvania Fort Fisher Ames's Tenth 69
6th Vermont Wilderness Getty's Sixth 69
5th New Hampshire30 Cold Harbor Barlow's Second 69
9th New Hampshire Spotsylvania Potter's Ninth 68
19th Maine Gettysburg Gibbon's Second 68
3d Vermont Wilderness Getty's Sixth 68
7th U. S. Colored Fort Gilmer Paine's Eighteenth 68
14th Ohio Chickamauga Brannan's Fourteenth 68
8th Iowa Shiloh W. H. Wallace's ------ 68
32d Illinois Shiloh Hurlbut's ------ 68
84th Illinois Stone's River Palmer's Fourteenth 67
6th New Hampshire Manassas Reno's Ninth 67
67th New York Fair Oaks Couch's Fourth 67
148th Pennsylvania Spotsylvania Barlow's Second 67
149th Pennsylvania Gettysburg Doubleday's First 67
18th Kentucky Richmond Nelson's ------ 66
96th Illinois Chickamauga Steedman's Reserve 66
3d New Hampshire Drewry's Bluff Terry's Tenth 66
12th New Hampshire Cold Harbor Brooks' Eighteenth 66
30th New York Manassas Hatch's First 66
100th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 66
142d Pennsylvania Fredericksburg Meade's First 66
151st Pennsylvania Gettysburg Doubleday's First 66
2d Michigan Petersburg31 Willcox's Ninth 65
26th Pennsylvania Gettysburg Humphreys's Third 65
36th Illinois Stone's River Sheridan's Fourteenth 65
82d New York Gettysburg Gibbon's Second 65
146th New York Wilderness Ayres's Fifth 65
46th Ohio Shiloh Sherman's ------ 65
28th Pennsylvania Antietam Greene's Twelfth 64
72d Pennsylvania Gettysburg Gibbon's Second 64
4th New York Antietam French's Second 64
126th New York Gettysburg Alex. Hays's Second 64
3d Ohio Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 64
21st Wisconsin Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 64
5th U. S. Colored Chaffin's Farm Paine's Eighteenth 63
5th Vermont Wilderness Getty's Sixth 63
8th New York Cross Keys Blenker's ------ 63
6th Iowa Shiloh Sherman's ------ 63
105th Ohio Chaplin Hills Jackson's ------ 75
5th Iowa Iuka Hamilton's ------ 62
19th Indiana Manassas Hatch's First 62
141st Pennsylvania Chancellorsville Birney's Third 62
8th Michigan James' Island Stevens's ------ 61
98th Ohio Chaplin Hills Jackson's ------ 66
140th Pennsylvania Gettysburg Caldwell's Second 61
83d Pennsylvania Gaines' Mill Morell's Fifth 61
6th U. S. Colored Chaffin's Farm Paine's Eighteenth 61
87th Indiana Chickamauga Brannan's Fourteenth 61
10th Iowa Champion's Hill Crocker's Seventeenth 61
125th Illinois Kenesaw Davis's Fourteenth 61
8th Kansas Chickamauga Davis's Twentieth 61
26th Wisconsin32 Gettysburg Schurz's Eleventh 61
121st New York Spotsylvania Russell's Sixth 60
134th New York Gettysburg Steinwehr's Eleventh 60
27th Michigan Spotsylvania Willcox's Ninth 60
14th New Hampshire Opequon Grover's Nineteenth 59
6th New Jersey Williamsburg Hooker's Third 59
111th New York Wilderness Barlow's Second 59
63d New York Antietam Richardson's Second 59
76th Pennsylvania Fort Wagner33 Seymour's Tenth 59
83d Pennsylvania34 Spotsylvania Griffin's Fifth 59
96th Pennsylvania Spotsylvania Wright's Sixth 59
28th Illinois Shiloh Hurlbut's ------ 58
31st Illinois Fort Donelson McClernand's ------ 58
47th Pennsylvania Cedar Creek Dwight's Nineteenth 58
55th Pennsylvania Drewry's Bluff Ames's Tenth 58
125th Pennsylvania Antietam Williams's Twelfth 58
26th Massachusetts Opequon Grover's Nineteenth 58
54th Massachusetts (Col'd) Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 58
3d New Jersey Gaines' Mill Slocum's Sixth 58
42d New York Antietam Sedgwick's Second 58
157th New York Gettysburg Schurz's Eleventh 58
118th New York Drewry's Bluff Brooks's Eighteenth 57
124th New York Chancellorsville Whipple's Third 57
14th New Jersey Cold Harbor Ricketts's Sixth 57
7th Michigan Antietam Sedgwick's Second 57
143d Pennsylvania Wilderness Wadsworth's First 57
150th Pennsylvania Gettysburg Doubleday's First 57
22d Indiana Chaplin Hills Mitchell's ------ 57
46th Illinois Shiloh Hurlbut's ------ 57
7th Wisconsin35 Wilderness Wadsworth's First 57
37th Wisconsin3637 Petersburg Willcox's Ninth 57
1st Delaware Antietam French's Second 56
2d Massachusetts Cedar Mountain Williams's Twelfth38 56
28th Massachusetts Manassas Stevens's Ninth 56
6th Maine Rappahannock Sta. Wright's Sixth 56
7th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's Second 56
164th New York Cold Harbor Gibbon's Second 56
69th Pennsylvania Gettysburg Gibbon's Second 56
105th Pennsylvania39 Wilderness Birney's Second 56
119th Pennsylvania Spotsylvania Russell's Sixth 56
46th Pennsylvania40 Cedar Mountain Williams's Twelfth41 55
188th Pennsylvania Cold Harbor Brooks's Eighteenth 55
9th Illinois Fort Donelson C. F. Smith's ------ 55
38th Illinois Stone's River Davis's Fourteenth 55
37th Wisconsin Petersburg Mine Willcox's Ninth 55
7th Ohio Cedar Mountain Augur's Twelfth 55
5th New York Gaines' Mill Sykes's Fifth 55
140th New York Wilderness Griffin's Fifth 55
155th New York Cold Harbor Gibbon's Second 55
9th New York Antietam Rodman's Ninth 54
21st New York Manassas Hatch's First 54
40th New York Wilderness Birney's Second 54
112th New York Cold Harbor Devens's Tenth 54
115th New York Olustee Seymour's Tenth 54
120th New York Gettysburg Humphreys's Third 54
17th Maine Wilderness Birney's Second 54
18th Massachusetts Manassas Morell's Fifth 54
37th Massachusetts Wilderness Getty's Sixth 54
1st Michigan Manassas Morell's Fifth 54
4th Michigan Malvern Hill Morell's Fifth 54
18th U. S. Infantry Chickamauga Baird's Fourteenth 54
10th Vermont Cold Harbor Ricketts's Sixth 54
2d Iowa Fort Donelson C. F. Smith's ------ 54
71st Indiana Richmond Nelson's ------ 54
79th Pennsylvania Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 54
105th Pennsylvania Fair Oaks Kearny's Third 53
26th Michigan Spotsylvania Barlow's Second 53
26th Wisconsin Chancellorsville Schurz's Eleventh 53
10th Wisconsin Chaplin Hills Rousseau's ------ 52
38th Ohio Chickasaw Bluffs Steele's Fifteenth 52
26th Indiana Prairie Grove Herron's ------ 52
11th Iowa Shiloh McClernand's ------ 52
13th Iowa Atlanta (July 22d) Giles A. Smith's Seventeenth 52
15th Indiana Stone's River T. J. Wood's Fourteenth 52
4th New Jersey Gaines' Mill Slocum's Sixth 52
24th New Jersey Fredericksburg French's Second 52
49th New York Spotsylvania Getty's Sixth 52
137th New York Gettysburg Geary's Twelfth 52
1st Michigan (S. S.) Spotsylvania Willcox's Ninth 52
26th Ohio Chickamauga T. J. Wood's Twenty-first 52
65th Ohio Stone's River T. J. Wood's Fourteenth 52
6th Ohio Stone's River Palmer's Fourteenth 51
21st Ohio Chickamauga Negley's Fourteenth 51
101st Ohio Stone's River Davis's Fourteenth 51
8th Connecticut Antietam Rodman's Ninth 51
47th Indiana Champion's Hill Hovey's Thirteenth 51
12th Wisconsin Atlanta (July 22d) Leggett's Seventeenth 51
7th New Hampshire Olustee Seymour's Tenth 51
5th New Hampshire Fredericksburg Hancock's Second 51
46th Pennsylvania Peach Tree Creek Williams's Twentieth 51
14th Illinois Shiloh Hurlbut's ------ 51
20th New York Antietam W. F. Smith's Sixth 51
80th New York Manassas Hatch's First 51
26th New York42 Fredericksburg Gibbon's First 51
26th New York Antietam Ricketts's First 50
64th New York Fair Oaks Richardson's Second 50
83d Pennsylvania Malvern Hill Morell's Fifth 50
12th Missouri Vicksburg (May 22) Steele's Fifteenth 50
2d Minnesota Chickamauga Brannan's Fourteenth 50
24th Indiana Champion's Hill Hovey's Thirteenth 50


There are certain regiments which do not appear in the foregoing table, and yet they were regiments which had encountered an unusual amount of hard fighting. They had been in too many battles and sustained heavy losses in too many of them, to allow a surprising loss in any one. Notably among such were the Twentieth and Twenty-eighth Massachusetts, the Fourteenth Connecticut, the Ninth Maine, the Second New Hampshire, the Forty-fourth, Fifty-first, and Sixty-first New York, the Forty-fifth, Fifty-third, Eighty-first, and One Hundredth Pennsylvania, the Fifth Michigan, the Fifth and Sixth Wisconsin, the Twentieth and Twenty-seventh Indiana, the Fifteenth Ohio, and the Forty-second Illinois.

In these figures the mortally wounded are included with the killed, as the object is to state clearly the loss of life in each instance instead of the total casualties. The proportion of the wounded to the number killed or died of wounds is very near 2.5. This ratio is based on the figures, after the mortally wounded have been deducted from the wounded and added to the killed.

This ratio of 2.5 must not be confounded with the one representing the usual proportion of wounded to killed, as shown in statements of aggregate losses in battle. In such losses the proportion of wounded to the killed is about 4.8, the mortally wounded being always included with the wounded; for the casualty lists are made up at the close of the battle, and with the killed are included only those who died on the field. In all such statements — of killed, wounded, and missing — the mortally wounded are necessarily included with the wounded, and the word killed refers only to those who were killed outright, or died within a few hours.

The proportion of 4.8 is an average ratio as regards the aggregate of losses in battle, but is not a constant one. It varies somewhat, the proportion of killed increasing where the fighting is close and destructive, while in long range fighting the proportion of wounded increases. [23]

proportion of wounded to killed.

Battles. Killed. Wounded, including mortally. Captured and Missing. Ratio of Wounded to Killed.
Shiloh 1,754 8,408 2,885 4.7
Mill Springs 39 207 -- 5.3
Fort Donelson 500 2,108 224 4.2
Pea Ridge 203 980 201 4.8
New Berne 90 380 1 4.2
Kernstown 118 450 22 3.8
Williamsburg 456 1,410 373 3.0
Fair Oaks 790 3,594 647 4.5
Seven Days 1,734 8,062 6,053 4.6
Cedar Mountain 314 1,445 622 4.5
Manassas 1,747 8,452 4,263 4.8
South Mountain 325 1,403 85 4.3
Crampton's Gap 113 418 2 3.6
Antietam 2,108 9,549 753 4.5
Iuka 141 613 36 4.3
Corinth 355 1,841 324 5.1
Chaplin Hills 845 2,851 515 3.3
Chickasaw Bluffs 208 1,005 563 4.8
Arkansas Post 134 898 29 6.7
Gettysburg 3,063 14,492 5,435 4.7
Vicksburg Campaign 1,514 7,395 453 4.8
Port Hudson 707 3,336 319 4.7
Rappahannock Station 83 328 6 3.9
Fort Wagner (July 18) 246 880 389 3.5
Mine Run 173 1,099 381 6.3
Missionary Ridge 752 4,713 349 6.2
Wilderness 2,246 12,037 3,383 5.3
Spotsylvania 2,725 13,416 2,258 4.9
North Anna and 591 2,734 661 4.6
Cold Harbor and 1,844 9,077 1,816 4.9
Bethesda Church
Petersburg, June 15-18 1,688 8,513 1,185 5.0
Deep Bottom 327 1,851 721 5.6
Atlanta Campaign 4,423 22,822 4,442 5.1
Opequon 697 3,983 338 5.7
Cedar Creek 644 3,430 1,591 5.3
21 Minor Engagements 835 4,597 461 5.5
Total 34,532 168,777 41,786 4.8

Included in the “Captured and missing” are many wounded men, also a large number of killed. Their relative proportion cannot be ascertained, but it probably would not differ enough from the usual ratio to change the average to any extent. In the preceding table the losses at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Chickamauga, and Drewry's Bluff are omitted. [24] In those battles the Union Armies lost possession of the field, and consequently a large number of the killed are included with the missing — so large a number that any ratio based on the casualties of these battles would be misleading.

In the German army, during the Franco-Prussian war, the proportion of wounded to the killed was 5.4, and the proportion of wounded to the killed and mortally wounded was 3.02.43

Mr. Kirkley, the statistician of the War Department, states the deaths from battles curing the Civil War at 110,070, of which 67,508 are classified as killed in action, and 43,012 as having died of wounds. From this it appears that, on the average, the mortally wounded are equal to 64 per cent. of the killed.44 Hence, the proportion of wounded to killed may be expressed by the following formulas, the first showing the proportion where the mortally wounded are included with the wounded, and the second where they are included with the killed.

Killed.   Wounded.   Killed.   Wounded.
a) 100 + 480 = 580 or as 1 : 4.8
b) 164 + 416 = 580 or as 1 : 2.5

The first represents the common form used in stating the casualties at the close of an action; the second represents the same loss, after the number of those who died of wounds has been ascertained from the muster-out rolls, and added to the killed outright. The first is the common one used in all military reports and histories.

In the Surgeon-General's Report of the War, it appears that out of 235,585 cases of gunshot wounds treated in the hospitals, 33,653 died of their injuries — a ratio of 14 per cent., and one which agrees closely with the conditions expressed in the preceding formulas.45

From the second formula it may be deduced, that if 110,070 were killed or mortally wounded in the war, the total of casualties may be further stated as:--

Killed and Died of Wounds (official) 110,070
Wounded, not mortally 275,175
Total of killed and wounded 385,245

If these formulas are correct they are of value, as there is no other way of arriving at the total number of killed and wounded in the war. There were so many minor engagements for which no official returns of casualties were made, that any summary of the casualties by battles would fall far short of the correct amount.

The number of wounded treated at the hospitals during the war was 246,712, which, according to the Surgeon-General's estimate, embraced nine-tenths of all the wounded. Of these hospital cases, only 922 were wounded by sabres or bayonets, and a large proportion of these originated in private quarrels, or were inflicted by camp-guards in the discharge of their duty.

This ratio of 4.8, though true in the aggregate, varies greatly in particular instances; though generally correct as to the loss of an army in battle, it will not always hold good for a particular regiment. Still, the same regiment which in some one engagement may show a [25] far different proportion, will in its aggregate of battles, show the usual ratio; particularly so if its losses are not complicated by too large a number of missing.

The exact number of wounded who die of injuries received in any battle is an important element in this matter of losses in action. The man who dies under the surgeon's knife should be included with the killed as well as the one who, a few hours before, slowly bled to death upon the field. The mangled soldier who survived a day belongs with the killed as much as the one who was buried where he fell. And, yet, they never are. Take Gettysburg, for instance. The official figures for the Union loss at Gettysburg have lately been revised and corrected at the War Department. This final statement shows that the Union Army lost at Gettysburg 3,063 killed, 14,492 wounded, and 5,435 missing. But, as usual, the mortally wounded are included in the 14,492 wounded. As no further statement of this loss will be made by the War Department, the question arises as to how many of the wounded died of their injuries. How many of the Union Army were killed or died of their wounds as a result of the battle of Gettysburg? What was the actual loss of life?

Hitherto, this important question has never been answered. The writer, impressed with its importance, has examined the rolls of each regiment which fought at Gettysburg, and picked off, name by name, the number of those who were killed or died of wounds in that greatest of historic battles. As a result, it appears that 5,291 men lost their lives, fighting for the Union on that field. To the recapitulation of losses, as published by Mr. Kirkley in 1886, I have attached here the number of killed, as increased by those who died of wounds, three-fourths of whom died within a week.

Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863.

  Killed. Wounded. Captured or Missing. Total. Killed and Died of Wounds.
General Headquarters ---- 4 ---- 4 ----
1st Army Corps 593 3,209 2,222 6,024 1,098
2d Army Corps 796 3,186 368 4,350 1,238
3d Army Corps 578 3,026 606 4,210 1,050
5th Army Corps 365 1,611 211 2,187 593
6th Army Corps 27 185 30 242 46
11th Army Corps 368 1,922 1,511 3,801 724
12th Army Corps 204 810 67 1,081 320
Cavalry Corps 90 352 407 849 152
Reserve Artillery 42 187 13 242 70
Total 3,063 14,492 5,435 22,990 5,291

From these figures it appears that the Second Corps sustained the greatest loss in killed, although the First Corps is credited with the largest number of casualties. The strength of each Corps, in infantry, present for duty equipped, June 30, 1863, was:--

First Corps, 9,403 Fifth Corps, 11,954 Twelfth Corps, 8,193
Second Corps, 12,363 Sixth Corps, 14,516 Cavalry Corps, 14,973
Third Corps, 11,247 Eleventh Corps, 9,197 Artillery, 6,692

It is extremely doubtful, however, if any one of these corps carried into action four-fifths of this reported strength. The returns for the First Corps do not include Stannard's Vermont Brigade (three regiments), which joined July 2d; the two other regiments of this brigade were with the wagon train.

1 This regiment appears again in this same list.

2 Assault of June 18, 1864.

3 Fredericksburg Pike, May 19, 1864.

4 This regiment appears again in this same list.

5 This regiment appears again in this same list.

6 Fredericksburg Pike, May 19, 1864.

7 This regiment appears again in this same list.

8 Assault of June 17, 1864.

9 Assault of June 17, 1864.

10 Assault of June 17, 1864.

11 Assault of June 18, 1864.

12 Assault of June 17, 1864.

13 This regiment appears again in this same list.

14 Includes losses from May 8th to May 13th.

15 Includes losses from May 8th to May 13th.

16 Includes a company of the “Andrew Sharpshooters,” which was permanently attached to this regiment.

17 This regiment appears again in this same list.

18 This regiment appears again in this same list.

19 This regiment appears again in this same list.

20 This regiment appears again in this same list.

21 Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862.

22 This loss occurred at Gainesville on the 29th.

23 The First Corps was designated in that campaign the “Third Corps, Army of Virginia.”

24 June 1st, 49 killed; June 3d, 32 killed.

25 This regiment appears again in this same list.

26 Includes loss at Knob Gap.

27 This regiment appears again in this same list.

28 This regiment appears again in this same list.

29 Includes 22 killed at Thoroughfare Gap.

30 This regiment appears again in this same list.

31 Assault of June 17, 1864.

32 This regiment appears again in this same list.

33 Assault of July 11, 1864--not the main assault.

34 This regiment appears again in this same list.

35 This regiment appears again in this same list.

36 This regiment appears again in this same list.

37 Assault of June 17, 1864.

38 Banks' Corps, then designated — but for a short time only — the “Second Corps, Army of Virginia.”

39 This regiment appears again in this same list.

40 This regiment appears again in this same list.

41 Banks' Corps, then designated — but for a short time only — the “Second Corps, Army of Virginia.”

42 This regiment appears again in this same list.

43 The loss in the German army was 17,572 killed, 96.187 wounded, and 14,138 missing; total, 127,897. With the killed are include 6,210 who were mortally wounded, but died within 24 hours. The deaths from wounds prior to May 1, 1871, increased the number of killed to 28,277. The missing were subsequently accounted for, with the exception of 4,009. The total deaths in the German army — in the field — during the war were 28,277 killed, died of disease or other causes, 12,466; total, 40,743. Total strength of the armies, 887,876. Percentage of killed, 3.1; percentage of deaths from all other causes, 1.4.--(Dr. Engel, Director des koniglich preussischen statistischen Bureaus.)

44 In the Greman Army — Franco-Prussian War — there were 17,572 killed, and 10,707 who died of their wounds, the mortally wounded being equal to 61 per cent, of the killed.

45 In the Crimean War, 13.7 of the wounded died of their wounds.--(Wm. Barwick Hodge, Journal of the London statistical Society.)

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Deep Bottom (Virginia, United States) (1)
Cross Keys (Virginia, United States) (1)
Bermuda Hundred (Virginia, United States) (1)
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (1)

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John Gibbon (11)
Morell (9)
Truman H. Seymour (8)
Lovell H. Rousseau (8)
Willcox (7)
Ricketts (7)
George W. Getty (7)
William Birney (7)
Francis C. Barlow (7)
Charles L. Russell (6)
John A. McClernand (6)
Edward Hatch (6)
William T. Sherman (5)
S. A. Hurlbut (5)
Jefferson C. Davis (5)
W. T. Brooks (5)
Thomas J. Wood (4)
A. S. Williams (4)
James S. Wadsworth (4)
John Sedgwick (4)
J. M. Brannan (4)
George Sykes (3)
Schurz (3)
Israel B. Richardson (3)
Halbert E. Paine (3)
Andrew A. Humphreys (3)
Hovey (3)
Joseph Hooker (3)
Frank J. Herron (3)
Hancock (3)
Doubleday (3)
Adelbert Ames (3)
John G. Wright (2)
Amiel W. Whipple (2)
William H. Wallace (2)
Erastus B. Tyler (2)
Sturgis (2)
Frederick Steele (2)
William Smith (2)
C. F. Smith (2)
Henry W. Slocum (2)
Isaac P. Rodman (2)
John M. Palmer (2)
Nelson (2)
Robert B. Mitchell (2)
Nathaniel Lyon (2)
Joseph W. Kirkley (2)
Alexander Hays (2)
A. J. Grover (2)
Simon G. Griffin (2)
Marcellus M. Crocker (2)
Darius N. Couch (2)
Eugene A. Carr (2)
Chickasaw Bluffs (2)
Gardner Banks (2)
William H. Baird (2)
Totopotomoy (1)
Alfred H. Terry (1)
Von Steinwehr (1)
James B. Steedman (1)
Stannard (1)
Rappahannock Sta (1)
Giles A. Smith (1)
Philip H. Sheridan (1)
Jesse L. Reno (1)
Prentiss (1)
Robert B. Potter (1)
Fitz John Porter (1)
Negley (1)
Joseph A. Mower (1)
John Morgan (1)
Meade (1)
George A. McCall (1)
Martindale (1)
Leggett (1)
Philip Kearny (1)
William Barwick Hodge (1)
George S. Greene (1)
Ulysses S. Grant (1)
John W. Geary (1)
Edward Ferrero (1)
Engel (1)
Walton Dwight (1)
Charles Devens (1)
Charles Cruft (1)
J. N. Caldwell (1)
Blenker (1)
Romeyn B. Ayres (1)
C. C. Augur (1)
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