Contents of Thie first volume.

I.--Diary of Events,Page 3
  Doc. Page
1.Maryland--Reply of Gov. Hicks to Mississippi Commissioner,1
2.South Carolina--Secession Ordnance2
3.South Carolina--Declaration of Causes, &c.,3
4.Seward's Speech at New York, Dec. 22, 1860,4
5.Toombs' Address to the Georgians,7
6.South Carolina Congressmen's Resignation,8
7.Evacuation of Fort Moultrie,8
8.Forts Sumter and Moultrie,8
9.Major Anderson's Movement,9
10.Secretary Floyd to the President,10
11.General Wool's Letters on the Crisis,10
12.South Carolina Commissioners to the President, and Reply,11
13.Charleston Mercury's Appeal to Florida,16
14.Buchanan's Proclamation of a Fast Day,17
15.Carrington's Call to Washington Volunteers,17
16.Gov. Hicks' Address,17
17.Gov. Ellis to Secretary Holt, and Reply,18
18.Major Anderson to Gov. Pickens, and Reply,19
19.Alabama Ordinance of Secession,19
20.N. Y. State Resolutions,21
21.Capt. McGowan's Report of Star of the West,21
22.Georgia Ordinance of Secession,21
23.Jefferson Davis's Speech on leaving the Senate,22
24.Sherrard Clemens' Speech,22
25.London Times on Disunion Movement,25
26.Toombs to Mayor Wood, and Reply,26
27.Louisiana Secession Ordinance,26
28.The U. S. Cutter McClelland,27
29.The U. S. Mint at New Orleans,27
30.Texas Ordinance of Secession,27
31.Secretary Dix's Report,28
32.Montgomery Convention, Delegates to,29
33.Constitution of Confederate States,29
34.Southern Opinions,30
35.Memminger's Speech to the Convention,30
36.Counting the Vote for President of U. S.,31
37.Jefferson Davis's “Inaugural” Speech,31
38.President Lincoln's Journey, &c.,32
39.Twiggs's Treason — Property stolen,35
40.Peace Convention at Washington,35
41.Corwin's Amendment to Constitution,36
42.President Lincoln's Inaugural Address,36
43.The Press on the President's Inaugural,39
44.Confederate States” Army Bill,40
45.London News on Southern Recognition,41
46.Braggs' Order stopping Supplies to Fort Pickens,42
47.“Confederate” Commissioners to Seward, and Reply,42
48.A. H. Stephens' Speech on the “Corner Stone,” 44
49.Vessel fired into at Charleston,49
50.U. S. Fleet at Charleston,49
51.Confederate Commissioners' Final Letter to Seward,49
52.Fort Sumter Correspondence and Bombardment,51
53.First Defeat of the Rebels,59
54.The President to the Virginia Commissioners,61
55.New York City--the feeling in,61
56.Beauregard's General Orders,63
57.President Lincoln's Proclamation for 75,000 Volunteers, and Comments of the Press,64
58.Mayor Wood's Proclamation,69
59.Gov. Letcher's Proclamation,70
60.Virginia Ordinance of Secession,70
61.Jeff. Davis' Proclamation — Letters of Marque,71
61 1/2.Tennessee, Address to the People of,71
62.Lieut. Jones' Report concerning Harper's Ferry,72
63.Louisville, Ky.--Guthrie's and Dixon's Speeches,72
64.Major Anderson's Official Report,76
65.Maryland--Gov. Hicks' Proclamation. Baltimore--Mayor Brown's Proclamation,76
66.N. Y. Chamber of Commerce.--Resolutions77
67.President Lincoln's Blockade Proclamation,78
68.General Scott's General Orders78
69.The Baltimore Riot,78
70.Baltimore--Mayor Brown to Gov. Andrew, and Reply,80
71.N. Y. 7th Regiment--Departure for Washington,80
72.Massachusetts 8th Regiment — Officers, &c.,81
73.Fort Moultrie--Report in Charleston Courier,82
73 1/2.New York Union Meeting, April 20, 1861,82
 Full Reports of Speeches by 

Gen. Dix,W. M. Evarts,
D. S. Dickinson,David Dudley Field,
Senator Baker,W. Curtis Noyes,
John Cochrane,Robt. C. Schenck,
Mayor Wood,R. J. Walker,
Henry J. Raymond,Professor Mitchell,
Archbishop Hughes,Ex-Gov. Hunt,
James T. Brady,S. B. Chittenden,
Caleb Lyon,Hiram Ketchum,
Richard O'Gorman,Ira P. Davis,
Samuel Hotaling,W. F. Havemeyer,
D. S. Coddington,Frederick Kapp,
Otto Sackendorf,Hugo Wesendonck,
Gustavus Struve,Richard Warren,
Solomon L. Hull,O. O. Ottendorfer,
Royal Phelps,M. H. Grinnell,
F. B. Spinola,Judge Thompson,
Thos. C. Fields,Edwards Pierrepont,
W. J. A. Fuller,Joseph P. Simpson,
Gen. Appleton,C. H. Smith,
Edmond Blankman.

74.Massachusetts 4th Regiment,119
75.Pennsylvania--Gov. Curtin's Proclamation,119
76.Star of the West,” Seizure of,119
77.Gosport Navy Yard, Burning of,119
78.Gen. Scott's Letter to Secretary Floyd,121
79.Baltimore--Mayor Brown's Statement,123
80.Rhode Island Regiment; Gov. Sprague,124
81.Wendell Phillips' Speech, April 22,125
82.Californians--Meeting in New York,131
83.Liverpool Times--Article on the Conflict,132
84.Secretary Seward to Gov. Hicks,133
85.Baltimore--Attack on Massachusetts Troops,133
86.Baltimore, An Embargo at,134
87.A. H. Stephens' Speech at Richmond, April 22,134
88.New York Bar, Meeting of,135
89.John Bell and E. H. Ewing's Speeches, April 23,137
90.New Orleans Press, Opinions of,138
91.South Carolina, 1st Regiment of,139
92.Robert J. Walker's Speech, April 23,139
93.N. Y. 8th, 13th, and 69th Regiments, departure of,141
93 1/2.Gov. Hicks' and Gen. Butler's Correspondence,144
94.Gov. Magoffin's (Kentucky) Proclamation,144
95.Gen. Cass' Speech at Detroit, April 24,145
96.Caleb Cushing's Speech, April 24,145
97.Gov. Letcher's Proclamation, April 24,146
98.Van Dorn's Capture of N. Y. Troops in Texas,146
99.Geo. Law's Letter,147
100.St. Louis Arsenal — How the Arms were Taken,147
101.N. Y. 7th Regiment--Its March,148
102.Gov. Letches's Proclamation, April 25,154
103.Gov. Ellis' (North Carolina) Proclamation,155
104.Gov. Burton's (Delaware) Proclamation,155
105.New Military Departments,155
106.N. Y. 71st Regiment, Letters from,156
107.Washington--Oath of Allegiance,158
108.Women of New York, Address to,158
109.Gov. Hicks' Message to Maryland Legislature,159
110.Blockade of Virginia and North Carolina,161
111.Edward Everett's Speech, Boston, April 27,161
112.Fort Pickens, Reinforcement of,162
113.N. Y. S. M. 5th Regiment,163
114.Vice-President Hamlin's Speech, New York, April 24,163
115.New Orleans, Review of Confederate Troops at,164
116.N. Y. Firemen Zouaves, Departure of,165
117.Jefferson Davis' Message, April 29,166
118.The Weverton Letter,175
119.A Sign of the Times,175
120.A. H. Stephens' Speech at Atlanta, Ga., Ap. 30,175
121.The Palmetto Guard, &c.,177
122.28th Regiment N. Y. S. M.,178
123.Philadelphia Letter to Gen. Scott,178
124.Baptist Convention in Georgia,179
125.Gen. Harney's Letter,179
126.Albany Burgess Corps,181
127.South Carolina College Cadets,181
128.Religious Press on the War,181
129.Gov. Letcher's Proclamation, May 3,184
130.New York to be Burned,185
131.President's Proclamation,185
132.Commodore Stewart's Letter to Childs,186
133.Rebel Army at Pensacola,187
134.The Attack on Washington, Nat. Intelligencer,188
135.Maryland Commissioners' Report,190
136.New Jersey Troops--List of Officers,191
137.Faulkner, Dayton, and Seward's Correspondence,192
138.President Lincoln's Letter to Marylanders,193
139.Tilghman and Prentiss' Interview,194
140.Confederate” Declaration of War,195
141.Patriotic Fund Contributions,197
142.20th Regiment N. Y. S. M. (Ulster Co.),198
143.Reverdy Johnson's Speech at Frederick, Md.,199
144.Tennessee League,201
145.Edward Everett's Address at Roxbury, Mass.,205
146.Gen. Butler's Orders at Relay House,208
146 1/2.Motley's Letter on Causes of the War,209
147.Secession Military Act,219
147 1/2.A. H. Stephens' Union Speech at Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 14, 1860,219
148.The English Press on the Fall of Sumter,228
149.A Prayer for the Times, (Charleston News,)230
150.Vermont Volunteers--1st Regiment,231
151.President Lincoln's Proclamation Suspending Habeas Corpus in Florida,232
152.An English View of Civil War in America, London News,232
153.Maryland Legislature Resolutions, May 10,234
154.St. Louis--The Riot at, May 10,234
155.Charleston--Blockade of,236
156.Gen. Harney's Proclamation in Missouri,237
157.Connecticut--1st Regiment, Col. Terry,237
158.Apportionment of Troops to the States,237
159.Report of the Southern Baptist Convention,237
160.Major Morris's Letter to Judge Giles at Baltimore,239
161.Senator Bayard on Secession,240
162.Gen. Harney's Proclamation in Missouri,242
163.The Confederate Fast,243
164.East Baltimore Resolutions, May 14,243
165.Gen. Butler's Proclamation at Baltimore, May 14,243
166.Gov. Hicks' Proclamation, May 14,245
167.Connecticut 2d Regiment,245
168.Queen Victoria's Proclamation of Neutrality, May 13,247
169.Bishop Whittingham's Circular to the Clergy of Maryland,253
169 1/2.Taking of Potosi, Missouri,253
170.Senator Mason's Letter on the Virginia Election,254
171.Gen. Butler's Speech at Washington, May 16,254
172.Judge Sprague's Charge on Treason and Piracy,255
173.Maine 2d Regiment, Volunteers,256
174.Gov. Andrew and Gen. Butler's Correspondence,256
174 1/2.Secretary Seward's Letter on Treason, May 16,258
175.Submarine Boat at Philadelphia, May 17,258
175 1/2.Arkansas Secession Ordinance,259
176.New York 14th Regiment, (Brooklyn,)260
177.Attack on Sewell's Point by U. S. Steamer Star,261
178.New York Bible Society Meeting, May 19,262
179.North Carolina Ordinance of Secession,263
180.New York 2d Regiment, S. Militia,264
181.Gov. Magoffin's Proclamation in Kentucky, May 20,264
182.Tennessee 2d Regiment,265
183.Confederate Act on Debtors to U. S. Creditors,265
184.American Affairs in Germany,265
185.Sam Houston's Speech at Independence, Texas,266
186.Howell Cobb's Speech at Atlanta, Ga., May 22,268
187.Secretary Cameron's Letter on Volunteers,269
188.New York Volunteers, 2d Regiment,269
188 1/2.Dr. McClintock's Speech at Exeter Hall, London,269
189.A. H. Stephens' Speech at Atlanta, Ga., May 23,270
190.New York Volunteers, 5th Regiment, (Duryea's Zouaves,)270
190 1/2.Ohio 1st and 2d Regiments,271
191.Connecticut 3d Regiment,272
192.Toombs' Instructions to Privateers,272
193.New York Volunteers, 7th Regiment,273
194.Jeff. Davis' Fast-Day Proclamation,274
195.The March into Virginia and Death of Ellsworth,274
196.New York Volunteers, 1st Regiment,281
197.Maj. Sprague's Letter from San Antonio,282
197 1/2.Joseph Holt's Letter on the Pending Revolution,283
198.Exportation of Cotton — Confederate Act,292
198 1/2.Bishop A. Potter's Letter to a Secessionist,292
199.Gen. McClellan's Proclamation in Western Virginia,293
200.New Hampshire 1st Regiment,294
201.Judge Thompson's Proclamation at Wheeling,295
202.Col. Duryea's Proclamation at Hampton,296
203.New York Volunteers, 8th Regiment,296
204.Western Virginia--Advance of Federal Troops,296
204 1/2.Senator Douglas' Last Speech,298
205.Washington Artillery of New Orleans,300
206.New York Militia, 9th Regiment,301
207.Gen. Cadwallader and Judge Taney,301
208.Edw. Bates' Letters to J. M. Botts,304
209.New York and Georgia--Correspondence on Property,306
210.Garibaldi Guard, New York City Regiment,307
211.Meeting of Baptists at Brooklyn, May 29,307
212.Military Departments, U. S. Army,310
213.To Volunteer Nurses--(War Department,)310
214.Col. Mann's Regiment, (Pennsylvania,)311
214 1/2.London Daily News on the War, May 29,313
215.Contraband Negroes--Gen. Butler and Sec. Cameron,313
216.Maine 2d Regiment Volunteers,314
217.W. H. Russell's Letters from South Carolina and Georgia, April 30-May 1,314
218.New York 7th Regiment (S. M.) Papers,318
219.Maine 1st Regiment Volunteers,320
220.Fight at Acquia Creek,320
221.Lieut. Tompkins' Skirmish at Fairfax Court House,321
222.Jeff. Davis' Speech at Richmond, June 1,322
222 1/2.Col. Porterfield's Proclamation at Phillippa,324
223.Confederate Post Office Circular,325
224.L. W. Bliss' Proclamation in Jefferson Terr.,325
225.Central Committee's Address in Northwestern Virginia,325
226.New York Militia, 79th Regiment,328
227.Senator Rousseau's Speech in Ky. Senate,329
227 1/2.Gen. McDowell's Proclamation on Damages,333
228.Battle at Phillippa--Official Reports, &c.,335
229.Lord J. Russell's Letter on Neutrality,337
230.Gen. Patterson's Proclamation at Chambers-burgh,337
231.New York--1st Regiment Scott Life Guard,337
232.Rector's Proclamation at Fort Smith,338
233.Price's Proclamation at Jefferson City,338
234.Beauregard's “Beauty and Booty” Proclamation,339
235.New York 9th Regiment Volunteers, (Hawkins',)339
236.C. M. Clay's Letter to the London Times, and Replies,340
237.Gov. Letcher's Orders for Destroying Roads,344
238.Maine 3d Regiment, (Col. Howard,)344
239.J. M. Mason's Speech at Richmond, June 8,346
240.Gov. Hicks' Proclamation, June 7,347
241.Gen. Morris' Proclamation at Philippi,348
242.Vermont 1st Regiment Volunteers,348
243.Border State Convention Addresses,350
244.Fight at Great Bethel--Official Reports,356
245.Connecticut 4th Regiment,362
246.Jeff. Davis' Letter to Maryland Commissioners,362
246 1/2.New York City Home Guard,362
247.Gov. Jackson's Proclamation in Missouri, June 12,363
248.New York Volunteers, 20th Regiment,364
249.New York Volunteers, 6th Regiment, (Wilson's,)366
249 1/2.John P. Kennedy's Appeal to Maryland,368
250.J. S. Carlisle's Speech in Virginia Convention,374
251.The First Privateer--The Savannah,375
252.Massachusetts Volunteers, 1st Regiment,377
253.Germans of Kentucky, Address to,377
254.John Jay's Address in Westchester Co., N. Y.,378
255.Slaves and Slavery, (Boston Courier,)401
256.Declaration of the People of Virginia,403
257.Gen. Lyon's Proclamation in Missouri,404
258.Affair at Vienna, Va.--Reports, &c.,405
258 1/2.Battle of Booneville, Mo.,408
259.Col. Boernstein's Proclamation in Missouri,411
260.Gen. Lyon's Proclamation at Booneville,412
261.Pennsylvania Volunteers, 22d Regiment,412
262.Duke of Newcastle's Order on Privateers,413
263.New York Volunteers, 14th Regiment,413
264.Harper's Ferry--Reports, &c.,415
265.Gov. Call's Letter from Florida,416
266.New York Volunteers, 18th Regiment,426
267.Jeff Davis' Message, May 8th,426
1.Shop and Freedom, London Punch,1
2.The Fight at Sumter, C. G. Leland,1
3.To Massachusetts Soldiers,2
4.The Flag of Fort Sumter, Rev. S. G. Bulfinch,2
5.The Battle of Morris Island, C. G. Leland,2
6.My Country, A. C. Cooper,3
7.The Stripes and Stars, Edna Dean Proctor,3
8.A Suggestion to Major Anderson,4
9.To the Men of the North and West, R. H. Stoddard,4
10.Virginia to the North,4
11.Stars in My Country's Sky, L. H. Sigourney,4
12.North Men, Come Out, C. G. Leland,5
13.Our Star-gemmed Banner, “H. E. T.,” 5
14.December 26, 1910, Mrs. J. M. Dorr,5
15.Laisser Aller, F. Lushington,13
16.A Volunteer Song, Rev. J. P. Thompson, D. D.,13
17.To the British Rifle Company, G. G. W. Morgan,13
18.The Stars and Stripes, F. De Haas Janvier,14
19.A Vision of January 4, Catherine Ledyard,14
20.A Northern Rally, John Clancy,14
21.Out and Fight, C. G. Leland,15
22.Massachusetts Regiment, Almira Seymour,15
23.The Secession Flag, Josephine Morss,15
24.Up, Brothers, All! “Fannie Fales,” 16
25.Yankee Doodle's Suggestions, G. W. Westbrook,16
26.The Stars and Stripes,16
27.God Save our Native Land! Jas. Walden,17
28.Our Fatherland,17
29.The New Year and the Union, Geo. D. Prentice,17
30.The “Seventh,” Fitz-James O'Brien,17
31.The United States Flag, W. Ross Wallace,18
32.National Guard Marching Song, A. J. H. Duganne,19
33.Songs of the Rebels: War Song,19
34.Songs of the Rebels: On Fort Sumter,19
35.A New-Song of Sixpence, Vanity Fair,23
36.The Great Bell Roland, Theo. Tilton,29
37.The Sentinel of the 71st, J. B. Bacon,29
38.Work to Do, R. H. Stoddard,29
39. “All we Ask is to be let alone,” Hartford Courant,30
40.Original Ode, Charleston, S. C., July 4,30
41.The New Birth, W. W. Howe,31
42.An Appeal for the Country, Ellen Key Blunt,31
43. “Liberty and Union, one and Inseparable,” “F. A. H.,” 31
44.The 19th of April, 1861, “Lucy Larcom,” 32
45.Through Baltimore, Bayard Taylor,32
46.Under the Washington Elm, Oliver Wendell Holmes,33
48.The Two Eras, L. H. Sigourney,34
49.The Sixth at Baltimore, B. P. Shillaber,34
50.Col. Corcoran's Brigade, “Enul,” 34
51.April 19, 1775-1861, “H. H. B.,” 35
52.All Hail to the Stars and Stripes! G. T. Bourne,35
53.Songs of the Rebels: The War Storm,35
54.Songs of the Rebels: Illumination of Richmond, M. Copland,36
55.Songs of the Rebels: Sumter — A Ballad of ‘61, “E. O. M.,” 36
56.The Other “Abou-Ben-Adhem,” 38
57.On, Brothers, On! S. W. Brooks,45
58.God for our Native Land, G. W. Bethune, D. D.,45
59.A Poem, by “C. F.,” [C. Frost,]45
60.Arming for Battle, W. C. Richards,46
61.A Song for the Union,46
62.The Northern Volunteers, Geo. Boweryem,47
63.The March of the “Seventh,” “R. S. O.,” 48
64.A Tale of 1861, E. S. Rand, Jr.,48
65.To Arms! M. Perry Lowe,50
66.A Bugle Note, “Emily ,50
67. “Send them home Tenderly,” G. W. Bungay,50
68.Song of Columbia's Daughters, E. D. Wright,51
69.The Major and His Men,51
70.Our National Flag, E. S. Smith,51
71.Western Virginia--Sherrard Clemens,52
72.The Ballad of Cockey's Field,52
73.The Call for Volunteers, G. W. Bungay,53
74.The Departure, W. C. Richards,53
75.April 15, 1861, W. H. Burleigh,61
76.To the American People, Bayard Taylor,61
77.Volunteered, Harper's Weekly,61
78.War Questions, W. Ross Wallace,62
79.O Let the Starry Banner Wave, Bourne,62
80.Our Country, Geo. Lunt,63
81.The Gathering, Boston Transcript,63
82.The Yankee Volunteers,63
83.Songs of the Rebels: Song for the Times, “L. F.,” 64
84.Songs of the Rebels: The Old Rifleman, F. Ticknor,64
85.Songs of the Rebels: Our Braves in Virginia,65
86.Songs of the Rebels: Song of Southern Women, Julia Mildred,65
87.Songs of the Rebels: A Poem for the Times, Thompson,65
88.Songs of the Rebels: “Rebels,” 66
89.Songs of the Rebels: Virginia's Message to the Southern States,66
90.Songs of the Rebels: The Stars and Bars, A. J. Requier,66
91.King Cotton, R. H. Stoddard,72
92.The Heavenly Omen, E. T. P. Beach,72
93.Song of the Irish Legion, Jas. De Mille,73
94.God and the Right, D. J. Dickson,73
95.Dixie, T. M. Coolie,73
96.Stand by the Flag,74
97.Zouaves' Battle Song, J. H. Wainwright,74
98.Prophecy of the Dead, A. T. Jones,74
99.Our Flag, “W.,” 75
100.The Republic, W. Oland Bourne,75
101. “Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott,” J. G. Whittier,85
101.Sumter, “Ike,” 85
102.God Protect Us! G. G. W. Morgan,85
103.The Yard-Arm Tree, “Vanity Fair,” 86
104.The Union, Right or Wrong, G. P. Morris,86
105.War-Song of the Free,86
106.Army Hymn, O. Wendell Holmes,87
107.Little “Rhody,” 87
108.The Will for the Deed, Caroline A. Mason,87
109.Rule Slaveownia, London Punch,88
110.To Arms! H. A. Moore,88
111.Babes in the Wood, “C. C.,” 88
112.To Ellsworth, “J. W. F.,” Washington,89
113. “Sons of Northern Sires,” “G. S. H.,” Boston,89
114.The Holy War, Mrs. H. B. Stowe,89
115.Ink, Blood, and Tears, London Punch,90
116.Fort Sumter, C. E. Leverett, Jr.,91
117.Songs of the Rebels: The Star of the West, Charleston Mercury,92
118.Songs of the Rebels: A Southern Song of Freedom, “J. H. H.,” 92
119.Songs of the Rebels: Welcome to the Invaders, Charleston Courier,93
120.Songs of the Rebels: Maryland, Charleston Mercury,93
121.Scott and the Veteran, Bayard Taylor,102
122.Elmer E. Ellsworth, “A. A. A.,” N. Y. Tribune,102
123.Ode to North and South, London Punch,102
124. “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” L. L. Weld,103
125.The Volunteer, Harvard Mag.,103
126.Camp War-Song,103
127.The Nation's Call, J. H. Berry,104
128.God Keep our Army Pure, H. A. Moore,104
129.Redemption, “W. F. L.,” 104
130.It is Great for our Country to Die, Percival,105
131.Song for Battle, “C. B.,” 105
132.Songs of the Rebels: North Carolina Call to Arms, Mrs. Miller,106
133.Songs of the Rebels: Dixie, Albert Pike,106
134.Songs of the Rebels: The South to the North, “C. L. S.,” 107
135.Songs of the Rebels: Reveries of War, “C. J. H.,” 107
136.Songs of the Rebels: Land of the South, A. F. Leonard,108
137.Songs of the Rebels: Kentucky, “Estelle,” 108
138.Seceding Virginia, Mrs. Sigourney,116
139.America to the World, Vanity Fair,116
140.The Voices of the Hour, “S. P. D.,” 117
141.Bay State Song, N. Y. Tribune,117
142.Col. Ellsworth, Capt. S. Whiting,118
143.War-Song, T. P. Rossiter,118
144.Battle Anthem, John Neal,119
145.Number One, H. D. Sedgwick,119
146.New Version of an Old Song, Evening Post,120
147.All Forward, Independent,120
148.To the Secession Flag, Waterford Mail,121
149.The Uprising of the North, J. C. Hagen,121
150.The Married Volunteer, “Sallie S. McC.,” 121
151.The Massachusetts Line, Author of “New Priest,”122
152.The Seventy-Ninth, Thos. Frazer,122
153.Loyal Delaware,122
154.Jefferson D., H. J. Cornwell,123
155.The Crisis, J. G. Whittier,123
156.Our Orders, Atlantic Monthly,123
157.The Rising of the North, Madison State Journal,123
158.The Bones of Washington, London Punch,127
159.Ode for 1861, H. H. Weld,133
160.The Nation's Voice, Rev. M. B. Smith,133
161.The Southern Volunteer to his Wife,133
162.Kentucky, Mrs. S. H. Oliver,134
163. “All of them,” “S. B. K.,” N. Y. Tribune,134
164.The Rattlesnake Banner, “W. M. W.,” 135
165.The Southern Malbrook, R. H. Stoddard,135
166.Songs of the Rebels: Southern War-Cry, N. O. Picayune,136
167.Songs of the Rebels: The Ordered Away, Mrs. Jacobus,136
168.Songs of the Rebels: A Southern Song, “L. M.,” 136
169.Songs of the Rebels: To the Washington Artillery, N. O. Delta,137
170.Songs of the Rebels: Secession Song,137
171.Patriotic Song, Bost. Daily Adv.,140
172.The Battle Cry,140
173.Hymn for a Flag-Raising, Mrs. H. B. Stowe,140
174.Soldier's Hymn,140
175.Gen. Harney, Bost. Transcript,141
176.The Charge on Twelve Hundred at Fairfax, Vanity Fair,141
177.To the 3d Regiment, Maine, W. C. Baker,142
178.Good-Bye, Boys, M. A. Dennison,142
179.The Hempen Cravat, R. H. Stoddard,142
180.Songs of the Rebels: Pensacola — To My Son, by “M. S.,” 145
181.Songs of the Rebels: A Mother sends Three Sons, “L. F.,” 145
182.Songs of the Rebels: “A beautiful Poem,” Jas. B. Hope,145
183.Songs of the Rebels: A War Song for Virginia, Rich. Enq...,146
184.Songs of Tee Rebels: To the Tories of Virginia, Richmond Ex.147
185.The Starry Flag, John Savage,149
186. “E Pluribus Unum,” Rev. John Pierpont,150
187.The Uprising of the People, E. J. Cutler,151

Incidents, Rumors, etc.

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Massachusetts (Massachusetts, United States) (5)
Kentucky (Kentucky, United States) (5)
United States (United States) (4)
North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) (4)
Maine (Maine, United States) (4)
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (4)
Connecticut (Connecticut, United States) (4)
West Virginia (West Virginia, United States) (3)
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) (3)
Florida (Florida, United States) (3)
Charleston (California, United States) (3)
Atlanta (Georgia, United States) (3)
Texas (Texas, United States) (2)
London (Alabama, United States) (2)
Harper's Ferry (West Virginia, United States) (2)
Fort Pickens (Florida, United States) (2)
Fort Moultrie (South Carolina, United States) (2)
Brooklyn (Alabama, United States) (2)
America (Alabama, United States) (2)
Wheeling (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Westchester (New York, United States) (1)
Vienna (Alabama, United States) (1)
Vermont (Vermont, United States) (1)
Ulster County (New York, United States) (1)
Sewell's Point (Virginia, United States) (1)
San Antonio (Texas, United States) (1)
Roxbury, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Rhode Island (Rhode Island, United States) (1)
Potosi (Bolivia) (1)
Ohio (Colorado, United States) (1)
Newcastle (Arkansas, United States) (1)
New Jersey (New Jersey, United States) (1)
New Hampshire (New Hampshire, United States) (1)
Mississippi (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Milledgeville (Georgia, United States) (1)
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Jefferson City (Missouri, United States) (1)
Jefferson (Alabama, United States) (1)
Independence, Texas (Texas, United States) (1)
Hampton (Alabama, United States) (1)
Frederick, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Fort Smith (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Fairfax (California, United States) (1)
Dixon (California, United States) (1)
Detroit (1)
Delaware (Delaware, United States) (1)
Delaware (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Columbia (1)
Charleston (South Carolina, United States) (1)
Booneville (Alabama, United States) (1)
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Aquia Creek (Virginia, United States) (1)
Alabama (Alabama, United States) (1)

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Hicks (8)
Jefferson Davis (7)
Seward (6)
Lincoln (6)
B. F. Butler (6)
R. H. Stoddard (5)
A. H. Stephens (5)
J. P. Thompson (4)
Winfield Scott (4)
Letcher (4)
C. G. Leland (4)
Harney (4)
R. Anderson (4)
Wood (3)
Toombs (3)
Bayard Taylor (3)
Sprague (3)
L. H. Sigourney (3)
G. P. Morris (3)
Caleb Lyon (3)
Elmer E. Ellsworth (3)
John Brown (3)
J. G. Whittier (2)
W. Ross Wallace (2)
Robert J. Walker (2)
H. B. Stowe (2)
W. C. Richards (2)
G. G. W. Morgan (2)
H. A. Moore (2)
J. M. Mason (2)
Magoffin (2)
A. T. Jones (2)
Joseph Holt (2)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (2)
Floyd (2)
Edward Everett (2)
Ellis (2)
Duryea (2)
John A. Dix (2)
Sherrard Clemens (2)
S. Cameron (2)
G. W. Bungay (2)
G. T. Bourne (2)
Bost (2)
Beauregard (2)
W. C. Baker (2)
Andrew (2)
E. D. Wright (1)
Wool (1)
Wilson (1)
Whittingham (1)
S. Whiting (1)
G. W. Westbrook (1)
Hugo Wesendonck (1)
L. L. Weld (1)
H. H. Weld (1)
Richard Warren (1)
James Walden (1)
J. H. Wainwright (1)
Twiggs (1)
Tompkins (1)
Liverpool Times (1)
Theodore Tilton (1)
Tilghman (1)
F. Ticknor (1)
Terry (1)
Taney (1)
Gustavus Struve (1)
Stone (1)
Stewart (1)
F. B. Spinola (1)
M. B. Smith (1)
E. S. Smith (1)
C. H. Smith (1)
Joseph P. Simpson (1)
B. P. Shillaber (1)
Almira Seymour (1)
H. D. Sedgwick (1)
Robert C. Schenck (1)
John Savage (1)
Otto Sackendorf (1)
W. H. Russell (1)
J. Russell (1)
Rousseau (1)
T. P. Rossiter (1)
A. J. Requier (1)
Rector (1)
Henry J. Raymond (1)
E. S. Rand (1)
Edna Dean Proctor (1)
Price (1)
Prentiss (1)
George D. Prentice (1)
A. Potter (1)
Porterfield (1)
Edwards Pierrepont (1)
John Pierpont (1)
Pickens (1)
Wendell Phillips (1)
Phelps (1)
Percival (1)
Patterson (1)
O. O. Ottendorfer (1)
S. H. Oliver (1)
Richard O'Gorman (1)
Fitz-James O'Brien (1)
W. Curtis Noyes (1)
Contraband Negroes (1)
John Neal (1)
Motley (1)
Josephine Morss (1)
Mitchell (1)
Miller (1)
James De Mille (1)
Julia Mildred (1)
Memminger (1)
McGowan (1)
McDowell (1)
McClintock (1)
McClelland (1)
McClellan (1)
Sallie S. McC (1)
Caroline A. Mason (1)
Mann (1)
Madison (1)
F. Lushington (1)
George Lunt (1)
M. Perry Lowe (1)
C. E. Leverett (1)
Letches (1)
A. F. Leonard (1)
Catherine Ledyard (1)
George Law (1)
Lucy Larcom (1)
Hiram Ketchum (1)
John P. Kennedy (1)
Frederick Kapp (1)
Reverdy Johnson (1)
Jefferson (1)
John Jay (1)
Jacobus (1)
Jackson (1)
Nathaniel Intelligencer (1)
Hunt (1)
Solomon L. Hull (1)
Hughes (1)
W. W. Howe (1)
Howard (1)
Sam Houston (1)
Samuel Hotaling (1)
James B. Hope (1)
Hawkins (1)
W. F. Havemeyer (1)
Hamlin (1)
J. C. Hagen (1)
F. De Haas (1)
Guthrie (1)
M. H. Grinnell (1)
Gott (1)
Giles (1)
W. J. A. Fuller (1)
C. Frost (1)
Thomas Frazer (1)
N. Y. Firemen (1)
Thomas C. Fields (1)
Faulkner (1)
Fannie Fales (1)
E. H. Ewing (1)
W. M. Evarts (1)
Estelle (1)
Richard Enq (1)
A. J. H. Duganne (1)
Douglas (1)
J. M. Dorr (1)
Dorn (1)
Yankee Doodle (1)
Doc (1)
D. J. Dickson (1)
D. S. Dickinson (1)
M. A. Dennison (1)
Dayton (1)
Ira P. Davis (1)
Cutter (1)
E. J. Cutler (1)
Caleb Cushing (1)
Curtin (1)
Corwin (1)
Habeas Corpus (1)
H. J. Cornwell (1)
Corcoran (1)
M. Copland (1)
A. C. Cooper (1)
T. M. Coolie (1)
D. S. Coddington (1)
John Cochrane (1)
Howell Cobb (1)
C. M. Clay (1)
John Clancy (1)
S. B. Chittenden (1)
Childs (1)
Cass (1)
Carrington (1)
J. S. Carlisle (1)
Call (1)
Cadwallader (1)
Burton (1)
W. H. Burleigh (1)
S. G. Bulfinch (1)
Buchanan (1)
S. W. Brooks (1)
James T. Brady (1)
George Boweryem (1)
W. Oland Bourne (1)
J. M. Botts (1)
Boernstein (1)
Blunt (1)
L. W. Bliss (1)
Edmond Blankman (1)
G. W. Bethune (1)
J. H. Berry (1)
John Bell (1)
E. T. P. Beach (1)
Bayard (1)
Edward Bates (1)
Baptist (1)
J. B. Bacon (1)
Appleton (1)
Adv (1)
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