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Jan. 9: Skirmish, Terman's Ferry

KENTUCKY--39th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 9 missing. Total, 10.

Jan. 12: Skirmish, Mayfield

ILLINOIS--58th Infantry. Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded, 14 missing. Total, 16.

Jan. 12: Skirmish, Marshall

(No Reports.)

Jan. 13: Skirmish, Ragland's Mills

KENTUCKY--45th Infantry (Detachment).

Jan. 27: Affair, Cumberland River

(No Details.)

Feb. 8: Skirmish, Barboursville

OHIO--129th Infantry.

Feb. 22: Raid on Mayfield

(No Reports.)

March 6: Affair, Columbus

TENNESSEE--2d Heavy Arty., African descent (Co. "E").

March 10: Raid on Clinton

(No Reports.)

March 10: Raid on Mayfield

(No Reports.)

March 19: Skirmish, Cumberland River

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment).

March 22: Affair, Fancy Farms

(No Reports.)

March 25: Action, Fort Anderson, Paducah

ILLINOIS--122d Infantry (Co's "C," "H," "K"). KENTUCKY--16th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--8th Colored Heavy Arty.; Gunboats "Paw Paw" and "Peosta." Union loss, 14 killed, 16 wounded. Total, 30.

March 27: Skirmish, Columbus

NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry. UNITED STATES--3d Colored Infantry.

March 28-April 16: Operations in Eastern Kentucky

KENTUCKY--14th, 39th and 40th Infantry. MICHIGAN--11th Cavalry.

March 28: Affair, New Hope

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry (Detachment).

March 30: Scout from Columbus to Clinton and Moscow

NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Detachment).

March 31: Skirmish, Forks of Beaver

KENTUCKY--14th and 39th Infantry (Detachments).

April --: Skirmish, Creek Head

(No Reports.)

April 5: Skirmish, Quicksand Creek

KENTUCKY--14th Infantry (Co. "I").

April 7: Skirmish, Brushy Creek

KENTUCKY--14th and 39th Infantry (Detachments).

April 11: Skirmish, Columbus

NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--3d Colored Infantry (Detachment).

April 13: Skirmish, Columbus

NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--3d Colored Infantry (Detachment).

April 13: Skirmish, Paintsville

KENTUCKY--14th and 39th Mounted Infantry.

April 14: Skirmish, Paducah

OHIO--72d Infantry.

April 14: Action, Half Mountain, Licking River

KENTUCKY--14th and 39th Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 4 wounded.

April 14: Affair, Booneville

KENTUCKY--Home Guard.

April 16: Skirmish, Saylersville

KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry.

April 18-20: Exp. from Burkesville to Obey's River Tenn.

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment).

April 19: Skirmish, Pound Gap

KENTUCKY--45th Infantry (Detachment).

April 27: Skirmish, Troublesome Creek

KENTUCKY--45th Infantry.

May 5: Scout in Meade and Breckenridge Counties

KENTUCKY--35th Infantry (Co. "B").

May 6: Skirmish, Morganfield

KENTUCKY--45th Infantry.

May 9-13: Exp. from Louisa to Rockhouse Creek

KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry (Co. "B").

May 9: Skirmish, Pound Gap

MICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F").

May 16: Skirmish, Pond Creek, Pike County

MICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F").

May 16: Skirmish, Pike County

KENTUCKY--39th Infantry.

May 18: Skirmish, Wolf River

KENTUCKY--39th Infantry.

May 20: Skirmish, Mayfield

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry. Union loss, 2 killed. (No Reports.)

May 31-June 20: Operations against Morgan's Invasion of Kentucky

INDIANA--2d Cavalry. KENTUCKY--13th and 16th Cavalry; Battery "C" Light Arty.; 1st, 2d, 37th, 39th, 40th, 47th and 52d Infantry. MICHIGAN--9th and 11th Cavalry (Detachments). OHIO--7th and 12th Cavalry; 168th and 171st Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--9th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--1st Cavalry (Detachment); 1st Heavy Arty. (Co. "B"); Louisville Dragoons and Kentucky Militia.

June 1: Skirmish near Pound Gap

KENTUCKY--45th Mounted Infantry.

June 8: Capture of Mount Sterling

By Morgan.

June 9: Affair near Pleasureville

Attack on train containing public property, and defended by citizens and Militia.

June 9: Action, Mount Sterling

KENTUCKY--Battery "C" Light Arty.; 1st, 2d, 37th, 39th, 40th, 47th and 52d Infantry. MICHIGAN--11th Cavalry. OHIO--12th Cavalry. Union loss, 35 killed, 150 wounded. Total, 185.

June 10: Affair near Benson's Bridge

KENTUCKY--Militia (Detachment).

June 10: Action, Lexington

KENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Union loss, 2 wounded.

June 10: Skirmish, Cynthiana

OHIO--168th Infantry.

June 10-12: Demonstration on Frankfort

KENTUCKY--36th Enrolled Militia and Citizens, Repulse of Morgan's attack. Union loss, 3 wounded.

June 11: Action, Keller's Bridge, near Cynthiana

KENTUCKY--47th Infantry. OHIO--168th and 171st Infantry. Union loss, 13 killed, 54 wounded, 700 captured and missing. Total, 767.

June 12: Action, Cynthiana

KENTUCKY--13th and 16th Cavalry; 37th, 39th, 40th, 45th, 47th and 52d Infantry. MICHIGAN--9th and 11th Cavalry. OHIO--7th and 12th Cavalry. Union loss, 8 killed, 17 wounded, 280 missing. Total, 305.

June 17: Skirmish, Liberty

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry.

June 25: Skirmish, Morganfield

KENTUCKY--35th Infantry.

June 27: Affair, Crittenden

OHIO--164th National Guard Infantry (Detachment).

June 30: Affair, Powell River

TENNESSEE--1st Cavalry (2 Co's).

July --: Skirmish, Slaughtersville

KENTUCKY--35th Infantry.

July 10: Skirmish, Clinton

NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry. Union loss, 4 wounded.

July 13: Skirmish, Bell Mines

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry.

July 13-15: Scout from Munfordsville to Big Springs

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry (Detachment).

July 14: Skirmish, Morganfield

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry.

July 14-18: Operations in Webster and Union Counties

KENTUCKY--35th and 52d Infantry (Detachments).

July 15: Skirmish, Geiger's Lake

KENTUCKY--35th and 52d Infantry (Detachments).

July 17-18: Scout from Columbus to Hickman

TENNESSEE--7th Cavalry (Detachment).

July 26-27: Exp. from Paducah to Haddix Ferry

ILLINOIS--132d Infantry. UNITED STATES--8th Colored Heavy Arty.

July 27: Skirmish near Haddix Ferry

ILLINOIS--132d Infantry. UNITED STATES--8th Colored Heavy Arty.

Aug. 1: Skirmish near Bardstown

KENTUCKY--35th Mounted Infantry (Co. "A").

Aug. 2: Skirmish near New Haven

KENTUCKY--40th Infantry (Co. "C").

Aug. 7: Raid in Union County

By Guerrillas.

Aug. 8: Skirmish, Salem

KENTUCKY--48th Infantry.

Aug. 14-15: Scout from Mayfield and Skirmish

ILLINOIS--3d Cavalry (Detachment).

Aug. 16-22: Exp. from Mt. Vernon, Ind.,, into Kentucky

INDIANA--32d and 46th Infantry (Non-Veterans); Indiana Legion, Cavalry, Arty. and Infantry Detachments.

Aug. 17: Skirmish, White Oak Springs

INDIANA--32d and 46th Infantry (Non-Veterans), Detachments Indiana Legion.

Aug. 18: Skirmish, Geiger's Lake

INDIANA--32d and 46th Infantry (Non-Veterans), Detachments Indiana Legion.

Aug. 19: Skirmish, Smith's Mills

INDIANA--32d and 46th Infantry (Non-Veterans), Detachments Indiana Legion.

Aug. 21: Skirmish, Grubb's Cross Roads

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry.

Aug. 22: Skirmishes, Canton and Roaring Springs

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry; 35th, 40th and 52d Infantry.

Aug. 23: Action, Bettie's Gap

KENTUCKY--37th Infantry.

Aug. 27: Skirmish, Owensborough

UNITED STATES--108th Colored Infantry. Union loss, 3 killed.

Aug. 29: Skirmish near Ghent

UNITED STATES--117th Infantry, Colored. Union loss, 2 killed.

Sept. 2: Skirmish, Union City

TENNESSEE--7th Cavalry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--4th Colored Heavy Arty.

Sept. 2: Raid on Owensborough

By Guerrillas.

Sept. 3: Skirmish, Sibley County

KENTUCKY--30th Infantry.

Sept. 14: Affair, Weston

KENTUCKY--48th Infantry (Detachment).

Sept. 20: Affair, McCormick's Gap

KENTUCKY--37th Infantry.

Sept. 20-Oct. 17: Exp. from Kentucky into Southwest Virginia (Burbridge's)

KENTUCKY--11th and 13th Cavalry; 26th, 30th, 35th, 37th, 39th, 40th and 45th Infantry. MICHIGAN--11th Cavalry. OHIO--12th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--5th Colored Cavalry.

Sept. 25: Skirmish, Henderson

UNITED STATES--118th Colored Infantry. Union loss, 3 killed, 1 wounded. Total, 4.

Oct. 17: Skirmish, Eddyville

KENTUCKY--48th Mounted Infantry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--13th Colored Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 55.

Oct. 21: Skirmish, Harrodsburg

UNITED STATES--5th Colored Cavalry.

Oct. 29: Attack on Vanceburg


Oct. 30: Affair near Fort Heiman

Capture by Morgan, of U. S. Gunboat "Undine," and Transports.

Nov. 5: Skirmish, Bloomfield

KENTUCKY--37th Infantry (Detachment).

Nov. 5-6: Skirmishes, Big Pigeon River

NORTH CAROLINA--3d Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 2 wounded.

Nov. 15: Skirmish, Owen County

KENTUCKY--30th Infantry.

Dec. 8: Skirmish, Scottsville

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry (1 Co.).

Dec. 16: Action, Hopkinsville

INDIANA--2d and 4th Cavalry. KENTUCKY--4th, 6th and 7th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--1st Cavalry.

Dec. 31: Skirmish, Sharpsburg

UNITED STATES--121st Colored Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded. Total, 2.

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Mount Sterling, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (2)
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Webster (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Vanceburg (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Union City (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Slaughtersville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Sharpsburg (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Scottsville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Salem (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Rockhouse Creek (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Quicksand Creek (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Pond Creek, Pike County (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Pleasureville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Paintsville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Owen County (Kentucky, United States) (1)
New Hope, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
New Haven, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Moscow, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Louisa, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
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Hopkinsville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Henderson, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Harrodsburg (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Ghent (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Frankfort (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Fort Heiman (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Eddyville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Crittenden, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Burkesville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Brushy Creek (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Booneville (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Bloomfield, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Betty Troublesome Creek (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Bardstown (Kentucky, United States) (1)
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