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Organization of army of Northern Virginia.

June 1st, 1863.

Commanded by General R. E. Lee.

First corps---Lieutenant-General James Longstreet.

McLaws' division---Major-General L. McLaws.

Kershaw's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General J. B. Kershaw---15th South Carolina regiment, Colonel W. D. De Saussure; 8th South Carolina regiment, Colonel J. W. Memminger; 2d South Carolina regiment, Colonel John D. Kennedy; 3d South Carolina regiment, Colonel James D. Nance; 7th South Carolina regiment, Colonel D. Wyatt Aiken; 3d battalion (James' battalion) South Carolina infantry, Lieutenant-Colonel R. C. Rice.

Benning's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General H. L. Benning---50th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. R. Manning; 51st Georgia regiment, Colonel W. M. Slaughter; 53d Georgia regiment, Colonel James P. Somms; 10th Georgia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel John B. Weems.

Barksdale's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General Wm. Barksdale---13th Mississippi regiment, Colonel J. W. Carter; 17th Mississippi regiment, Colonel W. D. Holder; 18th Mississippi regiment, Colonel Thomas M. Griffin; 21st Mississippi regiment, Colonel B. G. Humphreys.

Woffard's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General W. T. Woffard---18th Georgia regiment, Major E. Griffis; Phillips' Georgia Legion, Colonel W. M. Phillips; 24th Georgia regiment, Colonel Robert McMillan; 16th Georgia regiment, Colonel Goode Bryan; Cobb's Georgia Legion, Lieutenant-Colonel L. D. Glewn.


Pickett's division---Major-General George E. Pickett.

Garnett's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General R. B. Garnett---8th Virginia regiment, Colonel Eppa Hunton; 18th Virginia regiment, Colonel R. E. Withers; 19th Virginia regiment, Colonel Henry Gantt; 28th Virginia regiment, Colonel R. C. Allen; 56th Virginia regiment, Colonel W. D. Stuart.

Armistead's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General L. A. Armistead---9th Virginia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel J. S. Gilliam; 14th Virginia regiment, Colonel J. G. Hodges; 38th Virginia regiment, Colonel E. C. Edmonds; 53d Virginia regiment, Colonel John Grammer; 57th Virginia regiment, Colonel J. B. Magruder.

Kemper's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General J. L. Kemper---1st Virginia regiment, Colonel Lewis B. Williams, Jr.; 3d Virginia regiment, Colonel Joseph Mayo, Jr.; 7th Virginia regiment, Colonel W. T. Patton; 11th Virginia regiment, Colonel David Funston; 24th Virginia regiment, Colonel W. R. Terry.

Toombs' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General R. Toombs---2d Georgia regiment, Colonel E. M. Butt; 15th Georgia regiment, Colonel E. M. DuBose; 17th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. C. Hodges; 20th Georgia regiment, Colonel J. B. Cummings.

Corse's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General M. D. Corse---15th Virginia regiment, Colonel T. P. August; 17th Virginia regiment, Colonel Morton Marye; 30th Virginia regiment, Colonel A. T. Harrison; 32d Virginia regiment, Colonel E. B. Montague.

Hood's division---Major-General J. B. Hood.

Robertson's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General J. B. Robertson---1st Texas regiment, Colonel A. T. Rainey; 4th Texas regiment, Colonel J. C. G. Key; 5th Texas regiment, Colonel R. M. Powell; 3d Arkansas regiment, Colonel Van H. Manning.

Laws' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General E. M. Laws---4th Alabama regiment, Colonel P. A. Bowls; 44th Alabama regiment, Colonel W. H. Perry; 15th Alabama regiment, Colonel Jas. Canty; 47th Alabama regiment, Colonel J. W. Jackson; 48th Alabama regiment, Colonel J. F. Shepherd.

Anderson's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General G. T. Anderson---10th Georgia battalion, Major J. E. Rylander; 7th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. M. White; 8th Georgia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel J. R. Towers; 9th Georgia regiment, Colonel B. F. Beck; 11th Georgia regiment, Colonel F. H. Little.

Jenkins' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General M. Jenkins---2d South Carolina Rifles, Colonel Thomas Thompson; 1st South Carolina regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel David Livingston; 5th South Carolina regiment, Colonel A. Coward; 6th South Carolina regiment, Colonel John Bratton; Hampton's Legion, Colonel M. W. Gary.

Second corps---Lieutenant-General R. S. Ewell.

Early's division---Major-General J. A. Early.

Hays' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General H. T. Hays---5th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry Forno; 6th Louisiana regiment, Colonel William Monaghan; 7th Louisiana regiment, Colonel D. B. Penn; 8th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry B. Kelley; 9th Louisiana regiment, Colonel A. L. Stafford.

Gordon's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General J. B. Gordon---13th Georgia regiment, Colonel J. M. Smith; 26th Georgia regiment, Colonel E. N. Atkinson; 31st Georgia regiment, Colonel C. A. Evans; 38th Georgia regiment, Major J. D. Matthews; 60th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. H. Stiles; 61st Georgia regiment, Colonel J. H. Lamar.

Smith's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General William Smith---13th Virginia regiment, Colonel J. E. B. Terrill; 31st Virginia regiment, Colonel John S. Hoffman; 49th Virginia regiment, Colonel Gibson; 52d Virginia regiment, Colonel Skinner; 58th Virginia regiment, Colonel F. H. Board.

Hoke's brigade

Commander: Colonel J. E. Avery commanding (General R. F. Hoke being absent; wounded)---6th North Carolina regiment, Colonel J. E. Avery; 21st North Carolina regiment, Colonel W. W. Kirkland; 54th North Carolina regiment, Colonel J. C. T. McDowell; 57th North Carolina regiment, Colonel A. C. Godwin; 1st North Carolina battalion, Major R. H. Wharton.


Rodes' division---Major-General R. E. Rodes.

Daniel's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General Junius Daniel---32d North Carolina regiment, Colonel E. C. Brabble; 43d North Carolina regiment, Colonel Thomas S. Keenan; 45th North Carolina regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel H. Boyd; 53d North Carolina regiment, Colonel W. A. Owens; Second North Carolina battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel H. S. Andrews.

Doles' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General George Doles---4th Georgia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel D. R. E. Winn; 12th Georgia regiment, Colonel Edward Willis; 21st Georgia regiment, Colonel John T. Mercer; 44th Georgia regiment, Colonel S. P. Lumpkin.

Iverson's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General Alfred Iverson---Fifth North Carolina regiment, Captain S. B. West; 12th North Carolina regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel W. S. Davis; 20th North Carolina regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel N. Slough; 23d North Carolina regiment, Colonel D. H. Christie.

Ramseur's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General S. D. Ramseur---2d North Carolina regiment, Major E. W. Hurt; 4th North Carolina regiment, Colonel Bryan Grimes; 14th North Carolina regiment, Colonel R. T. Bennett; 30th North Carolina regiment, Colonel F. M. Parker.

Rodes' brigade

Commander: Colonel E. A. O'Neal---3d Alabama regiment, Colonel C. A. Battle; 5th Alabama regiment, Colonel J. M. Hall; 6th Alabama regiment, Colonel J. N. Lightfoot; 12th Alabama regiment, Colonel S. B. Pickens; 26th Alabama regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Goodgame.

Third corps---Lieutenant-General A. P. Hill.

R. H. Anderson's division.

Wilcox's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General C. M. Wilcox---8th Alabama regiment, Colonel T. L. Royster; 9th Alabama regiment, Colonel S. Henry; 10th Alabama regiment, Colonel W. H. Forney; 11th Alabama regiment, Colonel J. C. C. Saunders; 14th Alabama regiment, Colonel L. P. Pinkhard.

Mahone's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General William Mahone---6th Virginia regiment, Colonel G. T. Rogers; 12th Virginia regiment, Colonel D. A. Weisiger; 16th Virginia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph H. Ham; 41st Virginia regiment, Colonel W. A. Parham; 61st Virginia regiment, Colonel V. D. Groner.

Posey's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General Canot Posey---46th Mississippi regiment, Colonel Jos. Jayne; 16th Mississippi regiment, Colonel Samuel E. Baker; 19th Mississippi regiment, Colonel John Mullins; 12th Mississippi regiment, Colonel W. H. Taylor.

Wright's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General A. R. Wright---2d Georgia battalion, Major G. W. Ross; 3d Georgia regiment, Colonel E. J. Walker; 22d Georgia regiment, Colonel R. H. Jones; 48th Georgia regiment, Colonel William Gibson.

Perry's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General E. A. Perry---2d Flerida regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel S. G. Pyles; 5th Florida regiment, Colonel J. C. Hately; 8th Florida regiment, Colonel David Long.

Johnson's division---Major-General Ed. Johnson.

Steuart's brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General Geo. H. Steuart---Tenth Virginia regiment, Colonel E. T. H. Warren; Twenty-third Virginia regiment, Colonel A. G. Taliaferro; Thirty-seventh Virginia regiment, Colonel T. V. Williams; First North Carolina regiment, Colonel J. A. McDowell; Third North Carolina regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Thurston.

Stonewall” brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General James A. Walker---Second Virginia regiment, Colonel J. Q. A. Nadenbousch; Fourth Virginia regiment, Colonel Charles A Ronald; Fifth Virginia regiment, Colonel J. H. S. Funk; Twenty-seventh Virginia regiment, Colonel J. K. Edmondson; Thirty-third Virginia regiment, Colonel F. M. Holladay.

John M. Jones' brigade

Commander: Brigadier-General John M. Jones---Twenty-first Virginia regiment, Captain Mosely; Forty-second Virginia regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Withers; Forty-fourth Virginia regiment, Captain Buckner; Forty-eighth Virginia regiment, Colonel T. S. Garnett; Fiftieth Virginia regiment, Colonel Vandeventer.

Nicholls' brigade

Commander: Colonel J. M. Williams commanding (General F. T. Nicholls being absent wounded)---First Louisiana regiment, Colonel William R. Shivers; Second Louisiana regiment, Colonel J. M. Williams; Tenth Louisiana regiment, Colonel E. Waggaman; Fourteenth Louisiana regiment, Colonel Z. York; Fifteenth Louisiana regiment, Colonel Ed. Pendleton.

Heth's division.

First brigade.

Commander: Pettigrew---42d, 11th, 26th North Carolina regiment, 44th North Carolina regiment, 47th North Carolina regiment, 52d North Carolina regiment, and 17th North Carolina regiment.

Second brigade.

Commander: Field---40th Virginia regiment, 55th Virginia regiment, and 47th Virginia regiment.

Third brigade.

Commander: Archer---1st, 7th and 14th Tennessee regiment and 13th Alabama regiment.

Fourth brigade.

Commander: Cooke---15th North Carolina regiment, 27th North Carolina regiment, 46th North Carolina regiment, and 48th North Carolina regiment.

Pender's division.

First brigade.

Commander: McGowan---1st South Carolina regiment, 12th South Carolina regiment, 13th South Carolina regiment, and 14th South Carolina regiment and 1st South Carolina Rifles.

Second brigade.

Commander: Lane---7th North Carolina regiment, 18th North Carolina regiment, 28th North Carolina regiment, 33d North Carolina regiment, and 37th North Carolina regiment.

Third brigade.

Commander: Thomas---14th Georgia regiment, 35th Georgia regiment, 45th Georgia regiment, and 49th Georgia regiment.

Fourth brigade.

Pender's Old brigade---13th North Carolina regiment, 16th North Carolina regiment, 22d North Carolina regiment, 34th North Carolina regiment, and 38th North Carolina regiment. [117]

Note---The foregoing organization of Lieutenant-General A. P. Hill's corps was perfected in obedience to the following order:

Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia, 30th May, 1863.
Special Orders, No. 146.

* * * * *

VIII. The following changes are made in the organization of corps and divisions of this army:

1. The brigades of Heth and Archer, of A. P. Hill's division, with Pettigrew's and Cooke's, will constitute a division, and be under the command of Major-General Henry Heth.

2. The brigades of Pender, Lane, Thomas and McGowan will constitute a division, and be under the command of Major-General W. D. Pender.

3. The divisions of Major-Generals Early, Johnson and Rodes will constitute the Second corps, and be under the command of Lieutenant-General R. S. Ewell.

4. The division of Major-General R. H. Anderson is detached from the First corps, and, together with the divisions of Major-Generals Heth and Pender, will constitute the Third corps, and be under the command of Lieutenant-General A. P. Hill.

5. The chief of artillery will designate the battalions of artillery to serve with the three corps, and the chief quartermaster make the necessary division of the transportation. * *

By command of General R. E. Lee.

W. H. Taylor, A. A. General.

Artillery of army of Northern Virginia.

[Note.---The following roster of the artillery is kindly furnished by Rev. George W. Peterkin, of Baltimore, who served on the staff of Brigadier-General W. N. Pendleton, chief of artillery Army of Northern Virginia. It is copied from a roster made out by him, from reports on hand, for General Pendleton's use, and he vouches for its completeness and accuracy. The date is not given, but is was evidently soon after the organization of the artillery into three corps, and before Colonels E. P. Alexander, A. L. Long and R. L. Walker were made brigadier-generals and assigned respectively to the First, Second and Third corps].

First corps---Colonel J. B. Walton.

  20-lb. Parrotts.10-lb. Parrotts.3-inch Rifles.Napoleons.12-lb. Howitzers.24-lb. Howitzers.Other Guns.
Col. H. C. CabellMcCarty  22   
Major HamiltonManly  22   
 Carlton 2 11  
 Fraser 11 1 11
9 rifles; 5 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Major DearingMacon 2 4   
Major ReedBlount211    
 Stribling   4   
 Caskie   4   
6 rifles; 12 Napoleons.        
Major HenryBachman   4   
 Rielly 222   
 Latham   21 21
 Gordon   31  
5 rifles; 11 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Col. E. P. AlexanderJordan  4    
Major HugerRhett3      
 Moody   2 4 
 Parker 13    
 Taylor   4   
11 rifles; 6 Naps.; 4 Hows.        
Major EshlemanSquiers       
 Miller   21  
 Richardson   31  
 Norcom   3   
8 Napoleons; 2 Hows.        


Total number of rifles31
Total number of Napoleons42
Total number of Howitzers10
Total number of pieces83
Total number of battalions5
Total number of companies21

Second corps---Colonel S. Crutchfield.

Lt. Col. Thos. H. CarterPage   4   
Maj. Carter M. BraxtonFry 2   1 
 Carter 2 1 1 
 Reese  31   
7 rifles; 6 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Lt. Col. H. P. JonesCarrington   4   
Major BrockenboroughGarber   4   
 Thompson 2  1  
 Tanner  2 1  
4 rifles; 8 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Lt. Col. S. AndrewsBrown 4     
Major LatimerDermot   4   
 Carpenter  22   
 Raine 22    
10 rifles; 6 Napoleons.        
Lt. Col. NelsonKirkpatrick   42  
Major PageMassie   42  
 Millege 13   32
6 rifles; 8 Naps.; 4 Hows.        
Col. J. T. BrownDance  2 2  
Major HardawayWatson 2 2   
 Smith 21    
 Huff   22  
11 rifles; 4 Naps.; 4 Hows.        

Total number of rifles38
Total number of Napoleons32
Total number of Howitzers12
Total number of pieces82
Total number of battalions5
Total number of companies20


Third corps---Colonel R. Lindsay Walker.

  20-lb. Parrotts.10-lb. Parrotts.3-inch Rifles.Napoleons.12-lb. Howitzers.24-lb. Howitzers.Other Guns.
Maj. D. G. McIntoshHurt  2   42
Maj. W. F. PoagueRice   4   
 Luck  4    
 Johnson  22   
10 rifles; 6 Napoleons.        
Lt. Col. GarnettLewis 13    
Major RichardsonMaurin 122   
 Moore 112   
 Grandy  2 2  
11 rifles; 4 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Major CutshawWyatt 1122  
 Woolfolk    4  
 Brookes   31  
2 rifles; 5 Naps.; 7 Hows.        
Maj. Willie J. PegramBrunson  3 1  
 Davidson   31  
 Crenshaw 21    
 McGraw   4   
 Marye 2 2   
8 rifles; 9 Naps.; 2 Hows.        
Lt. Col. CuttsWingfield23    51
Major LaneRoss 311   
 Patterson   24  
10 rifles; 3 Naps.; 4 Hows.        
  214222715 3

Total number of rifles41
Total number of Napoleons27
Total number of Howitzers15
Total number of pieces83
Total number of battalions5
Total number of companies19

1 Blakely.

2 Blakely.

3 Kind not known.

4 Whitworth.

5 Whitworth.

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S. Henry (2)
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R. S. Ewell (2)
George Doles (2)
M. D. Corse (2)
William M. Cooke (2)
Thomas H. Carter (2)
J. T. Brown (2)
H. L. Benning (2)
William Barksdale (2)
J. E. Avery (2)
L. A. Armistead (2)
Archer (2)
R. H. Anderson (2)
E. P. Alexander (2)
Z. York (1)
Wyatt (1)
Augustus R. Wright (1)
A. R. Wright (1)
Woolfolk (1)
D. R. E. Winn (1)
Wingfield (1)
Edward Willis (1)
T. V. Williams (1)
Lewis B. Williams (1)
W. M. White (1)
R. H. Wharton (1)
S. B. West (1)
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A. L. Stafford (1)
Squiers (1)
James P. Somms (1)
James M. Smith (1)
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N. Slough (1)
W. M. Slaughter (1)
Skinner (1)
William R. Shivers (1)
J. F. Shepherd (1)
W. D. Saussure (1)
J. C. C. Saunders (1)
J. E. Rylander (1)
T. L. Royster (1)
G. T. Rogers (1)
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R. Barnwell Rhett (1)
Reese (1)
Henry E. Reed (1)
A. T. Rainey (1)
Raine (1)
S. G. Pyles (1)
R. M. Powell (1)
W. F. Poague (1)
L. P. Pinkhard (1)
S. B. Pickens (1)
George W. Peterkin (1)
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J. Q. A. Nadenbousch (1)
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R. H. Moore (1)
Y. M. Moody (1)
E. B. Montague (1)
William Monaghan (1)
Samuel A. Miller (1)
John T. Mercer (1)
J. W. Memminger (1)
Robert McMillan (1)
D. G. McIntosh (1)
McGraw (1)
J. C. T. McDowell (1)
J. A. McDowell (1)
McCarty (1)
Joseph Mayo (1)
Maurin (1)
J. D. Matthews (1)
Massie (1)
W. R. Manning (1)
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S. P. Lumpkin (1)
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C. A. Evans (1)
Eshleman (1)
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E. C. Edmonds (1)
E. M. DuBose (1)
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Cutts (1)
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