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Roster of the First Massachusetts Light Battery. October 3, 1861.

Capt. Josiah Porter, Commanding.

First Sergt., Jos. W. B. Wright.1

Quartermaster Sergt., Jno. B. Mccartney.23

Clerk, Jno. W. Bell.

Guidon, Nicholas G. Lynch.

Buglers, Francis Hoyt,45

Thos. S. Hanick.

First section--right.

Lieut. Wm. H. Mccartney, Commanding.

(Commissioned Captain, Dec., 1862.)

First Detachment.—Sergt. Joseph Barnes; Gunner, Geo. Lawrence; Chief of Caisson, Thos. H. Daily.6 Privates, Alfred Bunker,789 Henry S. Hall, Alex. Harper,10 Jno. Jaques, Jno. Carter, Benj. Richardson,1112 Ira Walker,13 R. J. Isaacs, David Covell, Wm. J. Mills, Thos. F. Longley,1415 Edw. W. Preston,16 Michael Sullivan, Jas. Sullivan, Henry Tracy,17 Robert Stacy,18 Alonzo Sackett, Alfred Bloxham, Abel A. Fox.

Third Detachment.—Sergt. Chas. H. French;1920 Gunner, Wm. H. Skimmings; Chief of Caisson, Jno. Chase. Privates, David S. Morse,21 Robert Cunningham,22 Alonzo Ranney,23 Barney Hollis,24 David Russell, Jno. Daly,25 Willard Chaffin, Chas. Appleton,26 Chas. Burley, Amasa H. Tolman,27 Wm. J. Coye, James H. Kane,28 Maurice Leavitt, Jno. McGee, B. F. Winslow,2930 Jno. Burnham,3132 Geo. Evans, Wm. Boyer, Chas. C. Cannon, Chas. Edwards, Wm. Hutchinson, Wm. F. Wilbur,33 Chester Ellis.

Chief of Caissons, Lieut. Robt. L. Sawin.

1st Lieut. 1862, on Staff of Chief of Artillery, 1863.)


Second section--left.

Lieut. J. Henry Sleeper, Commanding.

(Commissioned Captain Tenth Massachusetts Battery, Sept., 1862).

Second Detachment.—Sergt. Jas. Sinclair; Gunner, Jas. S. Rowland;34 Chief of Caisson, Harry Warren. Privates, Stephen H. Reynolds,353637 Geo. Blake,3839 Geo. V. Brooke,40 Wilbur F. Bates,41 Amos Colby,42 Alfred A. Young,4344 Wm. A. Ham, Chas. Lynde,45 Thos. J. Covell,464748 Willard Pettengill,49 Jno. Clark,50 Thos. A. Deavitt, Wm. Scott,5152 M. V. B. Cushing,53 Benj. Daniels,54 Jas. Cushing, Jno. Parker,55 Joseph Pearson,56 Patrick Sullivan,57 Paul Sherman,58 Geo. Barnard, Samuel E. Hook,59 Chas. Cade,60 D. Warren Ellis, Edwin C. Barrett, David B. Gerry, Chas. Wheelock (Bugler).

Fourth Detachment.—Sergt. Joseph H. Marea;61 Gunner, Wm. Caswell;62 Chief of Caisson, Milbrey Greene.63 Privates, Jno. Taylor, Wm. Humbey,64 Jas. J. Muldoon,65 Jas. Heywood,66 Cornelius Slattery,67 Otis S. Neale,68 Jno. Copeland,69 Jno. Carroll,70 Wm. Hanscom, Calvin Currier,71 Geo. Howe,72 Harry Marsh,73 Henry Carpenter,74 Stephen Tucker,7576 Chas. Poore,77. A. Johnson, Wm. F. Ward, Henry R. Jenkins, Martin Barry,78 Jno. Kelly, Chas. G. Milliken,79 Benj. Brooks, Robt. G. Small, Robt. Macdonald,8081 Robt. Reade, Jas. S. Gordon, Edwin W. Pratt.

Third section—centre.

Lieut. Jacob Federhen, Commanding.82

Senior 1st Lieut., Dec., 1862).

Fifth Detachment.—Sergt. Matthew Adams; Gunner, Reuben P. Charters; Chief of Caisson, Asa Smith.8384 Privates, Chas. B. Hill,8586 Jno. Ricker, Henry Smitherman,8788 Eben Cook,8990 Stephen Knowles,91 Geo. B. White,92 Nathaniel Trumbull, Charles Hawkins,9394 Edw. P. Swift, Chas. Cummings,95 Jno. Hutchinson, Geo. A. Smith, Silas Tarbell, A. J. Bennett, Jas. N. Dunn, B. F. Young,96 Alvin Stevens,97 Albert Gage,98 Orrin Foster.99 Frank Howard,100 Ezra Baxter, Jr., Francis H. Conway,101 Henry C. Hall, Sylvester Horton, Richard Allen,102 Geo. O. Manning.103

Sixth Detachment.—Sergt. O. S. Snell; Gunner, Jas. W. Kenney; Chief of Caisson, Henry Williams. Privates, Daniel Cheney,104 Wm. Quinn,105 Wm. J. Quinn, Wm. J. Wheeler.106107 O. B. Bussey,108 Wm. H. White,109 Daniel Benham, Fred Gunther, Samuel Johnson, Jas. French,110 Rufus Starbird, Joseph W. Woodbury,111 Joseph Yates,112 Wm. A. Twiss,113 Wm. Twilight,114 Harry Langley,115 Daniel Macomber,116 Jacob Riedel,117118 Jas. Rogers,119 Marshall P. Goodwin,120 George Howes,121 Fred W. Frost, Chas. Gerry,122 Emery Kempton,123 Albert D. Morse.124

Artificers.—Jno. Pooler,125 Eber Hill, Peter Roome,126 Geo. Morse, Wm. Emery, Wm. Pinkerton.127


Additional members.

Allen, Erasmus D.

Beattie, Jas.

Bird, Chas. C.

Brusseau, October.

Carroll, Jno. W.

Clancy, Jeremiah.128

Clifford, Richard.

Cross, Fred K.129

Deveon, Clement.

Doolan, Patrick.

Dustin, Redford.

Dupee, Louis.

Ellis, Obed.

Essler, Jno.130

Esterbrook, Wm. H.

Eton, Edwin D.

Fannin, Joseph.

Fischer, Henry B.

Gardiner, Jno.

Galliff, Geo. H.

Gordon, Jno.131

Griffin, Ira.

Hall, Albert F.132

Hatch, Albert P.

Helmer, J.

Herron, Wm.

Hewitt, Chas. B.

Higgins, Fred T.

Horrigan, Jno.

Horrigan, Michael.

Holden, Jas.

Hudson, Wm. J.

Huntington, Chas.

Irish, Millard F.

Isaacs, Wm. H.133

Kelly, Michael.

Kelly, Patrick.

Kelly, William.

King, Z.


Lemay, Peter.

Longfellow, Ernest.134

Libby, Geo.

Maine, Jno. W.

Maine, Joseph.


Millett, Geo. L.


Mitchell, Lawrence.

Moore, Ira.

Murphy, David S.

Murphy, Jno.

Neville, Thos.135

Parlowe, H.,136

Philips, P.

Pine, Smith.

Prouty, Robt. A.

Reagan, Timothy O.

Record, Horace.

Reddington, H.

Richardson, Jno. S.137

Right, Jno.

Rock, Louis.

Rowley, Jno. M.

Sallinger, W.

Schwamb, Chas.138

Shannon, Edwin.

Shay, G.

Siddons, Geo.

Siddons, Jas.

Smith, Ansell.139

Smith, Frank B.

Smith, Jno.

Smith, Jno. H.

Soper, Herman.

Stratton, Frederic S.

Stuedivant, Andrew M.

White, Chas.

Wilson, Daniel G.

Wright, C. M. [16]

1 Commissioned, later.

2 Discharged for disability.

3 Died since muster out.

4 Discharged for disability.

5 Died since muster out.

6 Killed or died in hospital.

7 Received a warrant, later.

8 Taken prisoner.

9 Died since muster out.

10 Received a warrant, later.

11 Wounded.

12 Died since muster out.

13 Discharged for disability.

14 Received a warrant, later.

15 Wounded.

16 Discharged for disability.

17 Died since muster out.

18 Discharged for disability.

19 Commissioned, later.

20 Died since muster out.

21 Killed or died in hospital.

22 Received a warrant, later.

23 Received a warrant, later.

24 Received a warrant, later.

25 Died since muster out.

26 Killed or died in hospital.

27 Received a warrant, later.

28 Died since muster out.

29 Discharged for disability.

30 Died since muster out.

31 Received a warrant, later.

32 Wounded.

33 Commissioned, later.

34 Died since muster out.

35 Received a warrant, later.

36 Wounded.

37 Discharged for disability.

38 Received a warrant, later.

39 Died since muster out.

40 Discharged for disability.

41 Died since muster out.

42 Received a warrant, later.

43 Received a warrant, later.

44 Died since muster out.

45 Died since muster out.

46 Received a warrant, later.

47 Discharged for disability.

48 Died since muster out.

49 Received a warrant, later.

50 Killed or died in hospital.

51 Taken prisoner.

52 Died since muster out.

53 Wounded.

54 Killed or died in hospital.

55 Received a warrant, later.

56 Discharged for disability.

57 Discharged for disability.

58 Received a warrant, later.

59 Wounded.

60 Received a warrant, later.

61 Killed or died in hospital.

62 Died since muster out.

63 Commissioned, later.

64 Died since muster out.

65 Died since muster out.

66 Taken prisoner.

67 Died since muster out.

68 Received a warrant, later.

69 Discharged for disability.

70 Discharged for disability.

71 Killed or died in hospital.

72 Discharged for disability.

73 Discharged for disability.

74 Died since muster out.

75 Discharged for disability.

76 Died since muster out.

77 Died since muster out.

78 Discharged for disability.

79 Killed or died in hospital.

80 Taken prisoner.

81 Died since muster out.

82 Wounded.

83 Commissioned, later.

84 Killed or died in hospital.

85 Discharged for disability.

86 Died since muster out.

87 Received a warrant, later.

88 Died since muster out.

89 Discharged for disability.

90 Died since muster out.

91 Killed or died in hospital.

92 Killed or died in hospital.

93 Discharged for disability.

94 Died since muster out.

95 Discharged for disability.

96 Died since muster out.

97 Discharged for disability.

98 Killed or died in hospital.

99 Discharged for disability.

100 Discharged for disability.

101 Died since muster out.

102 Wounded.

103 Commissioned, later.

104 Killed or died in hospital.

105 Died since muster out.

106 Commissioned, later.

107 Received a warrant, later.

108 Died since muster out.

109 Received a warrant, later.

110 Died since muster out.

111 Discharged for disability.

112 Discharged for disability.

113 Discharged for disability.

114 Discharged for disability.

115 Discharged for disability.

116 Discharged for disability.

117 Discharged for disability.

118 Died since muster out.

119 Discharged for disability.

120 Received a warrant, later.

121 Died since muster out.

122 Discharged for disability.

123 Died since muster out.

124 Died since muster out.

125 Killed or died in hospital.

126 Discharged for disability.

127 Discharged for disability.

128 Wounded.

129 Died since muster out.

130 Died since muster out.

131 Killed or died in hospital.

132 Killed or died in hospital.

133 Killed or died in hospital.

134 Commissioned, later.

135 Killed or died in hospital.

136 Commissioned, later.

137 Wounded.

138 Wounded.

139 Discharged for disability.

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Alonzo Ranney (1)
William J. Quinn (1)
William Quinn (1)
Prouty (1)
Edward W. Preston (1)
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Martineau (1)
Harry Marsh (1)
Joseph H. Marea (1)
George O. Manning (1)
Daniel Macomber (1)
Robert Macdonald (1)
Charles Lynde (1)
Nicholas G. Lynch (1)
Thomas F. Longley (1)
Longfellow (1)
Libby (1)
Maurice Leavitt (1)
Laughlin (1)
Harry Langley (1)
Stephen Knowles (1)
King (1)
James W. Kenney (1)
Emery Kempton (1)
James H. Kane (1)
Samuel Johnson (1)
A. Johnson (1)
Henry R. Jenkins (1)
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Richard J. Isaacs (1)
R. J. Isaacs (1)
Irish (1)
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Jonathan Hutchinson (1)
Huntington (1)
William Humbey (1)
Hudson (1)
Francis Hoyt (1)
George Howes (1)
George Howe (1)
Frank Howard (1)
Sylvester Horton (1)
Samuel E. Hook (1)
Barney Hollis (1)
Holden (1)
Charles B. Hill (1)
Higgins (1)
James Heywood (1)
Hewitt (1)
Herron (1)
Herman (1)
Helmer (1)
Charles Hawkins (1)
Hatch (1)
Alexander Harper (1)
William Hanscom (1)
Thomas S. Hanick (1)
William A. Ham (1)
Henry S. Hall (1)
Fred Gunther (1)
Griffin (1)
Milbrey Greene (1)
Marshall P. Goodwin (1)
David B. Gerry (1)
Charles Gerry (1)
Gardiner (1)
Albert Gage (1)
Fred W. Frost (1)
James French (1)
Charles H. French (1)
Abel A. Fox (1)
Orrin Foster (1)
Fischer (1)
Jacob Federhen (1)
Fannin (1)
George Evans (1)
Esterbrook (1)
Essler (1)
William Emery (1)
Chester Ellis (1)
Charles Edwards (1)
Dustin (1)
Dupee (1)
James N. Dunn (1)
Doolan (1)
Thomas A. Deavitt (1)
Benjamin Daniels (1)
Daniel (1)
Jonathan Daly (1)
Thomas H. Daily (1)
M. V. B. Cushing (1)
James Cushing (1)
Calvin Currier (1)
Robert Cunningham (1)
Charles Cummings (1)
William J. Coye (1)
Thomas J. Covell (1)
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Francis H. Conway (1)
Amos Colby (1)
Clifford (1)
Clement (1)
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Reuben P. Charters (1)
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