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Church members

1Charles Williams.

2Edwin Munroe, Jr.

3Erastus E. Cole.

4Charles F. Potter.

Charles A. Kirkpatrick.

5Samuel Kirkpatrick.

6Reuben Horton.

William D. Barnett.

7David Elliott.

8Thomas McGill.

David P. Horton.

Benjamin S. Binney.

9Joseph Q. Twombly.

Edwin T. Daniels.

Mrs. Christine Daniels.

Miss Angelia Williams.

Mrs. Lydia A. Shaw.

10Mrs. Cordelia C. Elliott.

11Mrs. Helen A. Potter.

12Miss Ellen F. Russell.

Miss Henrietta Dugan.

Miss Emma F. Williams.

Miss Adeline Horton.

13John Dugan.

14John Thorning.

15Miss Olive B. Giles.

16Mrs. Nancy T. Munroe.

17Miss Mary E. Horton.

18Miss Anna H. Giles.

Miss Ellen A. Daniels.

19Mrs. G. R. Binney.

Mrs. C. Mandell.

Mrs. S. F. Twombly.

20M. T. Hollander. [102]

21J. W. Mandell.

22Charles B. Hollander.

Miss Lizzie J. B. Snow.

Granville W. Daniels.

23Miss Cordelia E. Russell.

24Mrs. Sarah Russell.

25David Russell.

26Mrs. Eliza Dugan.

27Miss Lydia M. Horton.

28Reuben Carver.

29Obadiah Merritt.

30Miss Charlotta Stephens.

31Miss Mary T. Merritt.

Miss Emma L. Daniels.

32Miss Martha Welch.

Edwin Turner.

Miss Ann Maria Daniels.

33Mrs. Jane P. Ireland.

34George W. Ireland.

35Miss Annie S. Sanborn.

36Benoni Bixby.

37Ira Thorpe.

38Mrs. Catherine Thorpe.

39Miss Elizabeth Welch.

40Miss Lucy Maria Welch.

Miss Amie S. Munroe.

Miss Maria R. Munroe.

41Miss Hannah Tufts.

42Miss Jane Bixby.

Mrs. Abby A. Welts.

Miss S. Maria Sargent.

43Miss Hannah B. Munroe.

Miss Sophronia P. Leland.

44Rev. Benjamin K. Russ.

Miss Lydia L. Turner.

45Miss Harriet N. Cole.

46Miss Emeline A. Sargent.

Miss Amy R. Goodhue.

47Ferdinand D. Daniels.

Miss Susie Daniels.

Miss Harriet S. Cutter.

Miss Lydia S. King.

Miss Amy C. Hudson. [103]

48Miss Charlotte M. Cole.

49Miss Mercy K. Sanborn.

Mrs. Willard.

50E. Fitzgerald.

Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Louis P. Hollander.

51Miss Elizabeth D. Ainsworth.

Miss Mary O. Giles.

52Thomas J. Colby.

53Miss Elizabeth A. Colby.

54Abijah Eddy.

55Miss Lucretia B. Eddy.

56Miss Ellen Augusta Bradshaw.

Miss Adeline Otis Perkins.

Miss Ella Frances Runey.

Frank Coolidge Gee.

57Miss Jane A. Gee.

58Abigail McGill.

59Miss Polly Curtis.

60Miss Mary C. Clark.

61Miss Abbie P. Kenrick.

Miss Rachel A. Donnell.

S. E. Bonner.

Mrs. Martha Ann Partridge.

62Miss Adine E. Runey.

Edwin J. Butler.

63Miss Hattie A. Hitchings.

64Miss Emma F. Hill.

65John Viall.

66C. A. Jenks.

67Mrs. Harriet E. Jenks.

Miss Ellen Johnson.

John F. Nickerson.

Miss Sarah A. Johnson.

Miss Annie M. Leland.

Miss Edith Lawrence.

68Mrs. Ann Waters.

Mrs. Abbie B. Johnson.

Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence.

69C. D. Chamberlin.

Mrs. Emily Chamberlin.

Mrs. Catherine Pierson

Miss Lydia R. Arnaud [104]

Mrs. Emma Hollander.

Mrs. Susan Boyd.

Mrs. Caroline Beal.

70Mrs. Mary Ann Dow.

Mrs. Charlotte T. Tufts.

Miss Annie Munroe.

Sanford D. Phipps.

Mrs. Alice A. C. Phipps.

Mrs. D. A. Barnard.

71Miss Harriet E. Sturtevant.

Eli A. Smith.

Mrs. Mary A. Smith.

W. G. Comstock.

Miss Marie M. Clement.

Miss Mary A. Clemant.

J. E. Bartlett.

Miss Martha J. H. Ireland.

Miss Adaline Louise Sanborn.

Mrs. J. H. Aldrich.

72Miss Etta K. Dow.

Frank Leland.

Mrs. J. L. Norcross.

Irving Smith.

Mrs. Clara Ide Smith.

J. Walter Sanborn.

Mrs. Hattie Gooding.

73Mrs. S. E. Haskell.

74Mrs. E. M. Earle.

Joseph L. Scoboria.

Miss Julia W. Sturtevant.

Mrs. Lydia Annie Sturtevant.

Mrs. Mary Thorndyke Prescott.

Fred T. Farnsworth.

75Mrs. Maria A. Murphy.

William E. Murphy.

76Mrs. Charles A. Skinner.

Frank H. Oliver.

Miss Lillian Frances Ayer.

Miss Gertrude A. Earle.

Wentworth R. Libbey.

Mrs. Sophia A. Shedd.

77Mrs. Georgiana P. Nickerson.

Mrs. Julia L. Sanborn. [105]

Miss Nellie L. Thompson.

Miss Mabel W. Houghton.

78Samuel S. Rice.

Miss Marion E. Prescott.

Rev. Charles Macomber Smith, D. D.

Leslie Moore.

Horace T. Harwood.

Miss Jennie Estelle Harwood.

George F. Fortier.

Mrs. Clara P. Haven.

Miss Dorothea Benson.

Miss Amy Meserve.

Frank B. Burrows.

Mrs. Lucy E. Burrows.

Arthur W. Glines.

Miss Lizzie F. Wait.

Miss Fannie M. Glines.

P. M. Harwood.

Mrs. Abbie M. Harwood.

Mrs. Emma Hadley.

Miss Alice Wilson.

Mrs. Martha Williams.

Miss Nellie Saben.

Miss Gertrude Strout.

79Miss Mattie Stone.

Mrs. J. W. Peak.

Mrs. Sarah Hale Hayes.

Miss Mabel Delano.

Miss Edith E. Delano.

80Augustus Hodgman.

81Gershom T. Burnham.

82William F. Longfellow.

Mrs. Hannah S. Longfellow.

Miss S. Louise Chandler.

Miss Emma F. Stevens.

Miss Daisy Knapp.

Miss Mildred Prescott.

Miss Sarah Taylor.

Mrs. Blanche North.

Miss Florence Harwood.

James E. Kelley.

Mrs. Fannie Kelley.

Mrs. Harriet P. Wilder. [106]

Miss Mary F. Freeman.

Miss Ella L. Freeman.

Miss Nellie Briggs.

Mrs. Lavina P. Fuller.

Mrs. Eunice L. Stone.

83Mrs. Ruth Fortier.

Alphonso A. Wyman.

Mrs. Laura A. Wyman.

Miss Clara Z. Elliott.

Miss Harriet E. Robbins.

Mrs. Fred E. Burroughs.

Mrs. Carrie Cole.

Mrs. Kate Pitman.

Mrs. Achsa M. Mills.

Mrs. Louise Daniels.

Miss Abbie D. Southworth.

Miss Ida Nickerson.

Charles A. Saunders.

84Dr. George W. Greenleaf.

Fred L. Greeley.

Mrs. Fred L. Greeley.

85Alfred K. Spratt.

Mrs. Lizzie D. Spratt.

Miss Sadie I. Bean.

86Miss Mabel Bragdon.

Mrs. E. C. Hall.

Mrs. F. H. Safford.

Frank H. Burroughs.

87Mrs. Grace Grover.

Miss Lettie Parker.

Thomas Darde.

Mrs. Minnie L. Darde.

Miss Bertha Richards.

Miss Grace L. Whitten.

Mrs. Eugenia F. Butler.

Mrs. G. Everett Giles.

Miss Josie B. Smith.

88Miss Angie Williams.

Mrs. Lizzie Horton.

R. Y. Gifford.

Mrs. Bertha Gifford.

Miss Alice M. Niles.

Miss Ada Aldrich. [107]

Miss Gertrude L. Cox.

Mrs. Abbie M. Southworth.

Mrs. M. J. Messer.

Mrs. Sylvia T. Ham.

Mrs. Eliza Ann Trickey.

Miss Helen S. Snow.

Miss Annie Harvey.

Miss M. L. Buskirk.

George O. W. Servis.

Mrs. George O. W. Servis.

Mrs. Sadie H. Burrows.

Miss Helen Fitzgerald.

Miss Lillie M. Whiton.

Miss Emma F. Schuch.

Miss Ella Bucknam.

Mrs. Caroline Belcher Wells.

Mrs. George B. Howard.

Miss Annie G. Stover.

Miss Eva R. Butler.

Charles Pratt.

Mrs. Charles Pratt.

Miss Mabel Leavitt.

Mrs. Jennie Carpenter.

Henry S. Barron.

Mrs. Sarah A. Barron.

Miss Ada Harris.

Miss Florence Proctor.

Rev. M. M. Goodwin.

89Miss Effie May Wellman.

George F. Horton.

Mrs. Ada Stetson Lowell.

Miss Florence Linnell.

Miss Florence E. Stacy.

Mrs. Sara Jane Spaulding.

Mrs. Ursula Withington Brown.

Lyman H. Brown.

Mrs. Sara Love Maxwell.

90Mrs. Frances Houghton.

Miss Hannah J. Whipple.

Mrs. Cornelia F. Covell.

Mrs. Ida J. Bolton.

Mrs. Luvia Anna Ulm.

Miss Abbie Lavina Day. [108]

Miss Clara Kendrick Linnell.

Miss Hattie H. Pierce.

Miss Lottie M. Draper.

Mrs. Matilda J. McFarland.

Miss Bessie Louise McFarland.

Mrs. May Catherine Pingree.

Mrs. Agnes Elizabeth Pingree.

Mrs. Mary E. Benner.

Miss Ruphena Benner.

Mrs. Ethel A. Burnham.

Mrs. Carrie D. Coulter.

Miss Edith A. Stevens.

Francis Thomas.

Mrs. Ida Adell Thomas.

William Henry Hutcheson.

1 Deceased

2 Deceased

3 Deceased

4 Deceased

5 Deceased

6 Deceased

7 Deceased

8 Deceased

9 Deceased

10 Deceased

11 Deceased

12 Deceased

13 Deceased

14 Deceased

15 Deceased

16 Deceased

17 Deceased

18 Deceased

19 Deceased

20 Deceased

21 Deceased

22 Deceased

23 Deceased

24 Deceased

25 Deceased

26 Deceased

27 Deceased

28 Deceased

29 Deceased

30 Deceased

31 Deceased

32 Deceased

33 Deceased

34 Deceased

35 Deceased

36 Deceased

37 Deceased

38 Deceased

39 Deceased

40 Deceased

41 Deceased

42 Deceased

43 Deceased

44 Deceased

45 Deceased

46 Deceased

47 Deceased

48 Deceased

49 Deceased

50 Deceased

51 Deceased

52 Deceased

53 Deceased

54 Deceased

55 Deceased

56 Deceased

57 Deceased

58 Deceased

59 Deceased

60 Deceased

61 Deceased

62 Deceased

63 Deceased

64 Deceased

65 Deceased

66 Deceased

67 Deceased

68 Deceased

69 Deceased

70 Deceased

71 Deceased

72 Deceased

73 Deceased

74 Deceased

75 Deceased

76 Deceased

77 Deceased

78 Deceased

79 Deceased

80 Deceased

81 Deceased

82 Deceased

83 Deceased

84 Deceased

85 Deceased

86 Deceased

87 Deceased

88 Deceased

89 Deceased

90 Deceased

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George O. W. Servis (2)
Charles Pratt (2)
Fred L. Greeley (2)
E. Fitzgerald (2)
Laura A. Wyman (1)
Alphonso A. Wyman (1)
Alice Wilson (1)
Martha Williams (1)
Emma F. Williams (1)
Charles Williams (1)
Angie Williams (1)
Angelia Williams (1)
Willard (1)
Harriet P. Wilder (1)
Grace L. Whitten (1)
Lillie M. Whiton (1)
Hannah J. Whipple (1)
Abby A. Welts (1)
Caroline Belcher Wells (1)
Effie May Wellman (1)
Martha Welch (1)
Lucy Maria Welch (1)
Elizabeth Welch (1)
Ann Waters (1)
Lizzie F. Wait (1)
John Viall (1)
Luvia Anna Ulm (1)
S. F. Twombly (1)
Joseph Q. Twombly (1)
Lydia L. Turner (1)
Edwin Turner (1)
Hannah Tufts (1)
Charlotte T. Tufts (1)
Eliza Ann Trickey (1)
Ira Thorpe (1)
Catherine Thorpe (1)
John Thorning (1)
Nellie L. Thompson (1)
Ida Adell Thomas (1)
Francis Thomas (1)
Sarah Taylor (1)
Lydia Annie Sturtevant (1)
Julia W. Sturtevant (1)
Harriet E. Sturtevant (1)
Gertrude Strout (1)
Annie G. Stover (1)
Mattie Stone (1)
Eunice L. Stone (1)
Emma F. Stevens (1)
Edith A. Stevens (1)
Charlotta Stephens (1)
Florence E. Stacy (1)
Lizzie D. Spratt (1)
Alfred K. Spratt (1)
Sara Jane Spaulding (1)
Abbie M. Southworth (1)
Abbie D. Southworth (1)
Lizzie J. B. Snow (1)
Helen S. Snow (1)
Mary A. Smith (1)
Josie B. Smith (1)
Irving Smith (1)
Eli A. Smith (1)
Clara Ide Smith (1)
Charles Macomber Smith (1)
Charles A. Skinner (1)
Sophia A. Shedd (1)
Lydia A. Shaw (1)
Joseph L. Scoboria (1)
Emma F. Schuch (1)
Charles A. Saunders (1)
S. Maria Sargent (1)
Emeline A. Sargent (1)
Mercy K. Sanborn (1)
Julia L. Sanborn (1)
J. Walter Sanborn (1)
Annie S. Sanborn (1)
Adaline Louise Sanborn (1)
F. H. Safford (1)
Nellie Saben (1)
Sarah Russell (1)
Ellen F. Russell (1)
David Russell (1)
Cordelia E. Russell (1)
Benjamin Kimball Russ (1)
Ella Frances Runey (1)
Adine E. Runey (1)
Harriet E. Robbins (1)
Bertha Richards (1)
Samuel S. Rice (1)
Florence Proctor (1)
Mildred Prescott (1)
Mary Thorndyke Prescott (1)
Marion E. Prescott (1)
Helen A. Potter (1)
Charles F. Potter (1)
Kate Pitman (1)
May Catherine Pingree (1)
Agnes Elizabeth Pingree (1)
Catherine Pierson (1)
Hattie H. Pierce (1)
Sanford D. Phipps (1)
Alice A. C. Phipps (1)
Adeline Otis Perkins (1)
J. W. Peak (1)
Martha Ann Partridge (1)
Lettie Parker (1)
Frank H. Oliver (1)
Blanche North (1)
J. L. Norcross (1)
Alice M. Niles (1)
John F. Nickerson (1)
Ida Nickerson (1)
Georgiana P. Nickerson (1)
William E. Murphy (1)
Maria A. Murphy (1)
Nancy Thorning Munroe (1)
Maria R. Munroe (1)
Hannah B. Munroe (1)
Edwin Munroe (1)
Annie Munroe (1)
Amie S. Munroe (1)
Leslie Moore (1)
Achsa M. Mills (1)
M. J. Messer (1)
Amy Meserve (1)
Obadiah Merritt (1)
Mary T. Merritt (1)
Thomas McGill (1)
Abigail McGill (1)
Matilda J. McFarland (1)
Bessie Louise McFarland (1)
Sara Love Maxwell (1)
J. W. Mandell (1)
C. Mandell (1)
Ada Stetson Lowell (1)
William F. Longfellow (1)
Hannah S. Longfellow (1)
Florence Linnell (1)
Clara Kendrick Linnell (1)
Wentworth R. Libbey (1)
Sophronia P. Leland (1)
Frank Leland (1)
Annie M. Leland (1)
Mabel Leavitt (1)
Elizabeth Lawrence (1)
Edith Lawrence (1)
Daisy Knapp (1)
Samuel Kirkpatrick (1)
Charles A. Kirkpatrick (1)
Lydia S. King (1)
Abbie P. Kenrick (1)
James E. Kelley (1)
Fannie Kelley (1)
Sarah A. Johnson (1)
Ellen Johnson (1)
Abbie B. Johnson (1)
Harriet E. Jenks (1)
C. A. Jenks (1)
Martha J. H. Ireland (1)
Jane P. Ireland (1)
George W. Ireland (1)
William Henry Hutcheson (1)
Amy C. Hudson (1)
George B. Howard (1)
Mabel W. Houghton (1)
Frances Houghton (1)
Reuben Horton (1)
Mary E. Horton (1)
Lydia M. Horton (1)
Lizzie Horton (1)
George F. Horton (1)
David P. Horton (1)
Adeline Horton (1)
M. T. Hollander (1)
Louis P. Hollander (1)
Emma Hollander (1)
Charles B. Hollander (1)
Augustus Hodgman (1)
Hattie A. Hitchings (1)
Emma F. Hill (1)
Sarah Hale Hayes (1)
Clara P. Haven (1)
S. E. Haskell (1)
P. M. Harwood (1)
Jennie Estelle Harwood (1)
Horace T. Harwood (1)
Florence Harwood (1)
Abbie M. Harwood (1)
Annie Harvey (1)
Ada Harris (1)
Sylvia T. Ham (1)
E. C. Hall (1)
Emma Hadley (1)
Grace Grover (1)
George W. Greenleaf (1)
M. M. Goodwin (1)
Hattie Gooding (1)
Amy R. Goodhue (1)
Fannie M. Glines (1)
Arthur W. Glines (1)
Olive B. Giles (1)
Mary O. Giles (1)
G. Everett Giles (1)
Anna H. Giles (1)
R. Y. Gifford (1)
Bertha Gifford (1)
Jane A. Gee (1)
Frank Coolidge Gee (1)
Lavina P. Fuller (1)
Mary F. Freeman (1)
Ella L. Freeman (1)
Ruth Fortier (1)
George F. Fortier (1)
Helen Fitzgerald (1)
Fred T. Farnsworth (1)
David Elliott (1)
Cordelia C. Elliott (1)
Clara Z. Elliott (1)
Lucretia B. Eddy (1)
Abijah Eddy (1)
Gertrude A. Earle (1)
E. M. Earle (1)
John Dugan (1)
Henrietta Dugan (1)
Eliza Dugan (1)
Lottie M. Draper (1)
Mary Ann Dow (1)
Etta K. Dow (1)
Rachel A. Donnell (1)
Mabel Delano (1)
Edith E. Delano (1)
Abbie Lavina Day (1)
Thomas Darde (1)
Minnie L. Darde (1)
Susie Daniels (1)
Louise Daniels (1)
Granville W. Daniels (1)
Ferdinand D. Daniels (1)
Emma L. Daniels (1)
Ellen A. Daniels (1)
Edwin T. Daniels (1)
Christine Daniels (1)
Ann Maria Daniels (1)
Harriet S. Cutter (1)
Polly Curtis (1)
Gertrude L. Cox (1)
Cornelia F. Covell (1)
Carrie D. Coulter (1)
W. G. Comstock (1)
Harriet N. Cole (1)
Erastus E. Cole (1)
Charlotte M. Cole (1)
Carrie Cole (1)
Thomas J. Colby (1)
Elizabeth A. Colby (1)
Marie M. Clement (1)
Mary A. Clemant (1)
Mary C. Clark (1)
S. Louise Chandler (1)
Emily Chamberlin (1)
C. D. Chamberlin (1)
Reuben Carver (1)
Jennie Carpenter (1)
Eva R. Butler (1)
Eugenia F. Butler (1)
Edwin J. Butler (1)
M. L. Buskirk (1)
Sadie H. Burrows (1)
Lucy E. Burrows (1)
Frank B. Burrows (1)
Fred E. Burroughs (1)
Frank H. Burroughs (1)
Gershom T. Burnham (1)
Ethel A. Burnham (1)
Ella Bucknam (1)
Ursula Withington Brown (1)
Lyman H. Brown (1)
Nellie Briggs (1)
Mabel Bragdon (1)
Ellen Augusta Bradshaw (1)
Susan Boyd (1)
S. E. Bonner (1)
Ida J. Bolton (1)
Jane Bixby (1)
Benoni Bixby (1)
G. R. Binney (1)
Benjamin S. Binney (1)
Dorothea Benson (1)
Ruphena Benner (1)
Mary E. Benner (1)
Sadie I. Bean (1)
Caroline Beal (1)
J. E. Bartlett (1)
Sarah A. Barron (1)
Henry S. Barron (1)
William D. Barnett (1)
D. A. Barnard (1)
Lillian Frances Ayer (1)
Lydia R. Arnaud (1)
J. H. Aldrich (1)
Ada Aldrich (1)
Elizabeth D. Ainsworth (1)
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