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XV. list of books relating to Massachusetts war History during the civil war.

Massachusetts State publications.

Address of Gov. Andrew

To the legislature, Jan. 5, 1861. 8°.

To the legislature, Extra session, May 14, 1861.

To the legislature, Jan. 3, 1862.

To the legislature, Jan. 9, 1863.

To the legislature, Nov. 11, 1863.

To the legislature, Jan. 8, 1864.

To the legislature, Jan. 6, 1865.

Correspondence of Gov. Andrew

and others relative to the recruiting of troops for the department of New England, 1862. 8°

Letter from Gov. Andrew

to S. F. Wetmore of Indiana, in answer to the question raised by the popular branch of the legislature of that state, ‘Why Massachusetts has not sent to the field during the present war as many men as have been sent by Indiana.’ Dated Boston, Feb. 3, 1863.

Proceedings in the legislature

upon the act of the state of Maryland appropriating $7,000 for the families of those belonging to the 6th Regiment of Mass. Volunteers, who were killed or disabled by wounds in the riot at Baltimore, Apr. 19, 1861. Boston, 1862. 8°.

Record of the Mass. Volunteers,

1861-65. Published by the adjutant-general. Boston, 1868-70. 2 v. 4°.

Register and military record,

1862. Boston, 1862. 8°.

Reports of the adjutant-general,

with reports from the quartermaster-general, surgeon-general and master of ordnance for the years 1862-65. Boston, 1863-66. 4 v. 8°.

Loyal Legion publications.

Loyal Legion of the United States,

Military Order of the. Register of the commandery of the state of Massachusetts. Constitution and by-laws. Boston, 1869, 1870, 1872, 1874, 1876, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1885, 1891. Royal 8°.

Military historical society papers.

Campaigns in Virginia,

1861-62. A new and enlarged edition of ‘The peninsular campaign of Gen. McClellan in 1862.’ Boston, 1886. 8°.

The peninsular campaign

of Gen. McClellan in 1862. Boston, 1881. 8°.

The Virginia campaign

of 1862 under Gen. Pope. New ed. Boston, 1886. 8°.

United States publications.

Official army register

of the volunteer force of the United States army for the years 1861-65. Part I. New England states. Washington, 1865.

Official record of the war,

from federal and confederate sources. Vols. I.–XLVI. Washington, D. C., 1880-94.

Massachusetts State Histories.

Bowen, James Lorenzo.

Massachusetts in the war, 1861-65, with an introduction by H. L. Dawes. Springfield, 1890. 8°.

Headley, P. C.

Massachusetts in the rebellion. A record of the Commonwealth, and the services of the leading statesmen, the military, the college and the people. Boston, 1866. 8°.

Schouler, William.

A history of Massachusetts in the civil war. Boston, 1868-71. 2 v. 8°.

Massachusetts town Histories.


Roll of the graduates and undergraduates of Amherst college who served in the army or navy of the United States during the war of the rebellion. Amherst, 1871. 48 pp. 8°.


Raymond, Samuel. The record of Andover during the rebellion. Andover, 1875. 8°.


The record of Athol in suppressing the great rebellion. Prepared for publication by a committee of the town. Boston, 1866. 12°.


Memorial record of the soldiers of Berlin in the great rebellion. Clinton, 1870. 8°.


Loring, G. B. Oration delivered at Bolton, Dec. 20, 1866, at the dedication of the tablets erected in town hall to commemorate the deceased volunteers of the town in the war of the great rebellion. Clinton, 1867. 8°.



Lyman, George Hinckley. Historical sketch of the Obstetrical Society of Boston in the war of the rebellion. Boston, 1887. 62 pp. 8°.

— Chauncy Hall school. Cushing, Thomas, and Ladd, W. H. Roll of former members of Chauncy Hall school who served in the army or navy of the United States during the war for the suppression of the rebellion. Boston, 1866. 12°.

King's Chapel. Foote, Henry Wilder. Memorial lessons. A sermon preached at King's Chapel, Boston, on Sunday, May 29, 1870. With a list of the sons of the church who entered the service of the country. Boston, 1870. 8°.


Thayer, George A. The Braintree soldiers' memorial. List of Braintree volunteers in the army and navy from 1861 to 1865. Boston, 1877. 8°.


Hooker, Arthur. A history of Bridgewater in the rebellion. Boston, 1880. 8°.


Whitney, F. A. An oration delivered at the dedication of the soldiers' monument in Evergreen cemetery, Brighton, Mass., July 26, 1866. Containing notices of the deceased soldiers. Boston, 1866. 61 pp. 8°.


Williams, S. K., Jr. Record of soldiers and sailors of Cambridge, Mass., who died or were killed in the army and navy during the late war. Cambridge, 1869.


Roll of honor of the city of Chelsea. Chelsea, 1880. 8°.


Ceremonies at the dedication of the soldiers' monument in Concord. Concord, 1867. 12°.


Willis, H. A. Fitchburg in the rebellion. Fitchburg, 1866. 8°.


Dedication of the soldiers' and sailors' monument. Boston, 1878. 8°.

Harvard college.

Brown, Francis H. Harvard university in the war of 1861-65. Boston, 1886. 8°.

— – Roll of students of Harvard university who served in the army or navy during the war of the rebellion. 1866. 47 pp.

Harvard college.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Harvard memorial biographies. Cambridge, 1866. 2 v. 8°.

Same. 2d ed. Cambridge, 1867. 12°.


Burr, Fearing, and Lincoln, George. The town of Hingham in the late civil war, with sketches of its soldiers and sailors. Published by order of the town. 1876.


Jameson, E. O., Ed. The military history of Medway, Mass., 1745-1885. Providence, R. I., 1886. 8°.


Goss, Elbridge H. The Melrose memorial. The annals of Melrose in the great rebellion of 1861-65. 1868. 8°.

North Weymouth.

Loring, G. B. An oration at the dedication of the soldiers' monument in North Weymouth, July 4, 1868. With an appendix containing record of the deceased soldiers. Weymouth, 1869. 8°.


Hutchinson, T. J., and Childs, Ralph. Patriots of Salem. Roll of honor of the officers and enlisted men during the late civil war from Salem, Mass. Salem, 1877. 8°.


Appleton, Samuel. Address at the dedication of the soldiers' monument, Southborough, Mass., Jan. 1, 1867.

— A record of the soldiers of Southborough during the rebellion from 1861 to 1866, with extracts from public documents, etc. Marlborough, 1867. 8°.


The town of Wayland in the civil war of 1861-65. Wayland, 1871. 4°.


Reception of the returned soldiers of Weston, Mass., and memorial service in honor of the fallen, Aug. 22, 1865. Waltham, 1865. 8°.

West Roxbury.

Clarke, J. F. The heroes of one country town. An address delivered to the people of West Roxbury, Mass., on the dedication of a monument to the soldiers of that town. (In his memorial and biographical sketches, 1878.) 383-402 pp. 16°.


Marvin, Abijah P. History of Worcester in the war of the rebellion. Worcester, 1870. 8°.

— County record and military roll of honor for 1862. Worcester, 1862. 18°.

— Dedication of the soldiers' monument at Worcester, Mass., July 15, 1874. Worcester, 1875. Royal 8°.

Massachusetts Regimental Histories.

Massachusetts Light Artillery.

1st Battery.

Bennett, A. J. Story of the 1st Mass. Light Battery, 1861-64. Boston, 1886. 8°.

3d Battery.

See 22d Regiment Infantry. Henry Wilson's regiment.

9th Battery.

Baker, Levi Wood. History of the 9th Mass. Battery, 1862-65. South Framingham, 1888. 8°.

10th Battery.

Billings, John D. History of the 10th Mass. Battery of Light Artillery in the war of the rebellion. Boston, 1881. 8°.

Massachusetts Cavalry.

1st Regiment.

Allen, Stanton P. Down in Dixie. Life in a cavalry regiment in the war days, from the Wilderness to Appomattox. Boston, 1892. 8°.

Crowninshield, Benjamin William. History of the 1st Regiment of Mass. Cavalry Volunteers. With roster and statistics by D, H. L. Gleason. Boston, 1891. 8°.


Massachusetts Infantry.

1st Regiment.

Gen. Robert Cowdin and the 1st Mass. Regiment of Volunteers. Boston, 1864. 19 pp. 8°.

Cudworth, Warren H. History of the 1st Regiment, 1861-64. Including brief references to the operations of the army of the Potomac. Boston, 1866. 12°.

— The hero of Medfield, containing journals and letters of Allen A. Kingsbury, who was killed by the rebels, Apr. 26, 1862. Boston, 1862. 12°.

2d Regiment.

Dwight, Lieut.-Col. Wilder. Life and letters. Boston, 1868. 8°.

Gordon, George H. Brook farm to Cedar Mountain in the war of the great rebellion, 1861-62. Boston, 1885. 12°.

— – History of the 2d Mass. Regiment of Infantry. Second paper. Delivered at the annual meeting of the 2d Mass. Infantry Association, on May 11, 1874. Boston, 1874. 68 pp. 8°.

— – Organization and early history of the 2d Mass. Regiment of Infantry. Boston, 1873. 8°.

Morse, Charles F. Gettysburg; a paper read at the 2d Mass. Regiment officers' reunion, May 10, 1878. Boston, 1882. 20 pp. 8°.

Oakey, Daniel. Beverly Ford; a paper read at the 2d Mass. Regiment officers' reunion, May 12, 1884. Boston, 1884. 15 pp. 8°.

Quincy, Samuel M. A prisoner's diary; a paper read at the 2d Mass. Regiment officers' reunion, May 11, 1877. Boston, 1882. 24 pp. 8°.

Quint, Alonzo H. Record of the 2d Mass. Regiment, 1861-65. Boston, 1867. 12°.

— – The Potomac and the Rapidan. Army notes, 1861-63. Boston, 1864. 12°.

Thayer, George A. Chancellorsville; a paper read at the 2d Mass. Regiment officers' reunion, May 11, 1880. Boston, 1882. 33 pp. 8°.

4th Regiment.

Maglathlin, Henry B. Company I, 4th Mass. Regiment nine months volunteers, in service, 1862-63. Boston, 1863. 8°.

5th Regiment.

Robinson, Frank T. History of the 5th Regiment Infantry, M. V. M. Boston, 1879. 8°.

6th Regiment.

Andrew, John A. Address on dedicating the monument to Ladd and Whitney at Lowell. Boston, 1863. 31 pp. 8°.

Brown, George William. Baltimore and the 19th of April, 1861. A study of the war. Baltimore, 1887. 8°.

Hanson, John W. Historical sketch of the old 6th Regiment of Mass. Volunteers during its three campaigns in 1861-64. Boston, 1866. 16°.

Watson, B. F. An oration delivered at Lowell, Mass., Apr. 19, 1886, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the passage through Baltimore of the 6th Regiment of Mass. Volunteers. New York, 1886. 54 pp. 8°.

7th Regiment.

Hutchinson, Nelson Vinal. History of the 7th Mass. Volunteer Infantry in the war of the rebellion, 1861-65. Taunton, 1890. 8°.

8th Regiment.

Hincks, E. W. The 45th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Militia, nine months men, and the 8th Regiment, at Annapolis in 1861. Extracts from speech at Peabody, Nov. 5, 1883. Cambridge, 1883. 23 pp. 8°.

9th Regiment.

Macnamara, M. H. The Irish 9th in bivouac and battle. Boston, 1867. 12°.

10th Regiment.

Newell, Joseph Keith. ‘Ours,’ annals of the 10th Regiment Mass. Volunteers in the rebellion. Springfield, 1875. 8°.

11th Regiment.

Blake, H. N. Three years in the army of the Potomac. Boston, 1865. 12°.

Hutchinson, Gustavus B., Ed. History of the 11th Mass. Volunteers and Veteran Association from Apr. 15, 1861, to July 21, 1893. Boston, 1893. 96 pp.

12th Regiment.

Cook, Benjamin F. History of the 12th Mass. Volunteers (Webster Regiment). Boston, 1882. 8°.

13th Regiment.

Davis, Charles Edward, Jr. Three years in the army. The story of the 13th Mass. Volunteers, from July 16, 1861, to Aug. 1, 1864. Boston, 1894. 8°.

Freeman, Warren H. and Eugene H. Letters from two brothers serving in the war for the union, to their family at home in West Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge, 1871.

— Circular dated Nov. 21, 1888, with an address of Gen. J. A. Beaver, delivered at the meeting of the 1st Corps at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1, 1888. Boston, 1888. 8 pp. 8°.

Same. Dated Dec. 4, 1889, with a brief account of the service of Gen. George L. Hartsuff. Boston, 1889. 12 pp. 8°.

Same. Dated Dec. 4, 1890, with an account of the regiment's departure from Boston for the seat of war, July 30, 1861. Boston, 1890. 16 pp. 8°.

Same. Dated Mar. 1, 1892, with a narrative of the regiment's services from July 29, 1861, to Mar. 1, 1862. Boston, 1862. 23 pp. 8°.

15th Regiment.

Earle, D. M. History of the excursion of the 15th Regiment and its friends to the battlefields of Gettysburg, Antietam, Ball's Bluff and Washington, May 31–June 12, 1886. With the addresses of Gen. Charles Devens and others at the dedication of the regimental and Ward monuments at Gettysburg, June 2, 1886. Worcester, 1886. 58 pp. 8°.

Hanaford, Mrs. P. A. The young captain; a memorial of Richard Derby, 15th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, who fell at Antietam. Boston, 1865. 16°.

16th Regiment.

Fuller, Richard F. Chaplain Fuller; being a life sketch of a New England clergyman and army chaplain. Boston, 1863.


21st Regiment.

Adjutant Stearns. A biographical memoir. Boston, 1862. 16°.

Walcott, Charles F. History of the 21st Regiment Mass. Volunteers in the war for the preservation of the Union, 1861-65. With statistics of the war and of rebel prisons. Boston, 1882. 8°.

22d Regiment.

Parker, J. L., and others. Henry Wilson's regiment. History of the 22d Mass. Infantry, the 2d Company of Sharpshooters and the 3d Light Battery in the war of the rebellion. Boston, 1887. 8°.

23d Regiment.

Emmerton, James A. A record of the 23d Regiment Mass. Volunteer Infantry in the war of the rebellion, 1861-65. Boston, 1886. 8°.

24th Regiment.

Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson. A biographical memoir. 12°.

25th Regiment.

Day, D. L. My diary of rambles with Burnside's coast division 18th Army Corps. Milford, Mass., 1884. 8°.

Denny, J. Waldo. Wearing the blue in the 25th Mass. Volunteer Infantry. Worcester, 1879.

James, Horace, chaplain. Oration delivered in New Berne, N. C., before the 25th Regiment, July 4, 1862. Boston, 1862.. 30 pp. 8°.

Putnam, Samuel H. The story of Company A, 25th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, in the war of the rebellion. Worcester, 1886. 8°.

— Narrative of Amos E. Stearns, Company A, 25th Mass. Volunteers, with an introduction by Samuel H. Putnam. Worcester, 1887. 57 pp.

27th Regiment.

Derby, W. P. Bearing arms in the 27th Mass. Regiment of Volunteer Infantry during the civil war, 1861-65. Boston, 1883. 8°.

29th Regiment.

Osborne, William H. History of the 29th Regiment of Mass. Volunteer Infantry in the late war of the rebellion. Boston, 1877. 8°.

— Harvard college class of 1846. Proceedings of the class, Aug. 12, 1863, on the death of Lieut. Ripley. Boston, 1863. 16 pp. 8°.

32d Regiment.

Edmands, J. C., and Ewing, Thomas, Jr. Address in defence of J. C. Edmands, late colonel 32d Mass. Infantry Volunteers, to the general court martial sitting at Annapolis, Md., Sept., 1865. Washington, 1865. 8°.

Parker, Francis J. The story of the 32d Regiment Mass. Infantry; whence it came, where it went, what it saw and what it did. Boston, 1880. 12°.

33d Regiment.

Boies, Andrew J. Record of the 33d Mass. Infantry from Aug., 1862, to Aug., 1865. Fitchburg, 1880. 8°.

Underwood, Adin B. The three years service of the 33d Mass. Infantry Regiment, 1862-65, and the campaigns and battles in which it took part. Boston, 1881. 8°.

34th Regiment.

Clark, W. H. Reminiscences of the 34th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Infantry. Holliston, 1871. 16°.

Lincoln, William S. Life in the war of the rebellion. Worcester, 1879. 8°.

35th Regiment.

Carruth, Sumner, and others. History of the 35th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, 1862-65. With a roster. Boston, 1884. 12°.

36th Regiment.

Burrage, H. S., and others. History of the 36th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, 1862-65. Boston, 1884. 8°.

37th Regiment.

Bowen, James L. History of the 37th Regiment Mass. Volunteers in the civil war of 1861-65. Holyoke, Mass., 1884. 8°.

38th Regiment.

Powers, George W. Story of the 38th Regiment of Mass. Volunteers. Cambridge, 1866. 12°.

39th Regiment.

Somerville Journal, Sept. 7, 1878. Containing a full account of the reunion of the 39th Regiment, with Capt. C. H. Porter's address.

41st Regiment.

Diary. Boston, 1863. 11 pp. 24°.

42d Regiment.

Bosson, Charles P. History of the 42d Regiment Infantry Mass. Volunteers, 1862-64. Boston, 1886. 12°.

43d Regiment.

Rogers, Edward H. Reminiscences of military service in the 43d Regiment Mass. Infantry during the great civil war, 1862-63. Boston, 1883. 8°.

44th Regiment.

Haines, Zenas T., corporal. Letters from the 44th Regiment, M. V. M. Boston, 1863.

Safford, DeForest. Bay State 44th. Regimental record. Boston, 1863. 32 pp. 8°.

— Record of the 44th Mass. Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, Aug., 1862, to May, 1863. Boston, 1887. 8°.

45th Regiment.

Hincks, E. W. The 45th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Militia, nine months men, and the 8th Regiment, at Annapolis in 1861. Extracts from speech at Peabody, Nov. 5, 1883. Cambridge, 1883. 23 pp. 8°.

— The campaign of the 45th Regiment, ‘The Cadet Regiment.’ Boston, 1882. 8°.

47th Regiment.

Hepworth, George H. The whip, hoe and sword, or the gulf department in 1863. Boston, 1864. 12°.

49th Regiment.

Johns, Henry T. Life with the 49th Mass. Regiment. Pittsfield, Mass., 1864. 12°.

Same. Washington. 1890.

51st Regiment.

Pierce, C. F. History and camp life of Company C, 51st Regiment Mass. Volunteer Militia, 1862-63. Worcester, 1886. 8°.

52d Regiment.

Hosmer, James K. The color guard; being a corporal's notes of military service in the 19th Army Corps. Boston, 1864. 18°.


52d Regiment,

con. Moors, John Farwell, chaplain. History of the 52d Regiment Mass. Volunteers. Boston, 1893. 8°.

53d Regiment.

Willis, Henry Augustus. The 53d Regiment Mass. Volunteers; comprising also a history of the siege of Port Hudson. Fitchburg, 1889. 8°.

54th Regiment.

Emilio, Luis F. A brave black regiment. History of the 54th Regiment of Mass. Volunteer Infantry, 1863-65. Boston, 1891. 8°.

— – Same. 2d ed. Revised and corrected, with appendix upon treatment of colored prisoners of war. Boston, 1894. 8°.

— – The assault on Fort Wagner, July 18, 1863. The memorable charge of the 54th Mass. Volunteers. Boston, 1887. 16 pp. 8°.

55th Regiment.

Fox, C. B. Record of the service of the 55th Regiment of Mass. Volunteer Infantry. Cambridge, 1868. 8°.

56th Regiment.

Col. Griswold; a biographical memoir. Preface dated 1866.

57th Regiment.

Palfrey, Francis Winthrop. Memoir of Francis Bartlett. Boston, 1878.

58th Regiment.

Cushman, F. E. History of the 58th Regiment Mass. Volunteers from the 15th of Sept., 1863, to the close of the rebellion. Washington, 1865. 38 pp. 12°.

1st Corps Cadets.

The 150th anniversary of the foundation of the 1st Corps Cadets, Oct. 19, 1891. Boston, 1892. 84 pp. 8°

Massachusetts Sharpshooters.

2d Company.

See 22d Regiment Infantry. Henry Wilson's regiment.


Andrew, John A.

Sketch of his official life as (war) governor of Massachusetts. New York, 1868. 16°.

— The Andrew-Butler quarrel. Boston, 1862. 20 pp. 4°.

Butler, Benjamin Franklin.

Autobiography and personal reminiscences. Butler's book. A review of his legal, political and military career. Boston, 1892. 8°.

— Farewell address to the army of the James. Dated Jan. 8, 1865. 2 pp. 16°.

Butler, Benjamin Franklin,

con. Speech upon the campaign before Richmond, 1864, delivered at Lowell, Mass., Jan. 29, 1865. With an appendix: The two attacks on Fort Fisher; Speech on the treatment of the negro, delivered at Boston, Feb. 4, 1865; Speech of Hon. George S. Boutwell in reply to charges of Hon. James Brooks of New York against Gen. Butler, delivered in the House of Representatives, Jan. 24, 1865. Boston, 1865. 88 pp. 8°.

— Life and public services. Philadelphia, 1864. 16°.

Hudson, H. N. A chaplain's campaign with Gen. Butler. New York, 1865. 8°.

— – Gen. Butler's campaign on the Hudson. 2d ed. With an appendix. Boston, 1883. 8°.

Parton, James. Gen. Butler in New Orleans; with a sketch of the previous career of the general, civil and military. New York, 1864. 12°.

Coffin, Charles Carleton.

Stories of our soldiers. War reminiscences by ‘Carleton’ and by soldiers of New England. Collected from the series written especially for the Boston Journal. Boston, 1893. 12°.

Dalton, John call.

Dalton, C. H., Ed. John Call Dalton, M. D., U. S. V. [the beginning of a narrative of his personal experiences, written during the last year of his life]. Cambridge, 1892. 8°.

Hall, Henry Ware.

Fox, T. B. Memorial of Henry Ware Hall. Address delivered in Dorchester, Mass., July 17, 1864. With an appendix. Boston, 1864. 8°.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth.

Army life in a black regiment. Boston, 1870. 12°.

Keyes, Maj.-Gen. Erasmus Darwin.

Fifty years observation of men and events, civil and military. New York, 1885. 12°.

Lowell, Charles Russell.

Bartol, Cyrus Augustus. The purchase of blood; a tribute to Charles R. Lowell, spoken in the West church, Oct. 30, 1864. Boston, 1864. 8°.

— An address spoken in the college chapel, Cambridge, Oct. 28, 1864, at the funeral of Brig.-Gen. Charles Russell Lowell, who fell at the battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864. 21 pp.

— Grand Army of the Republic, department of Massachusetts, Post No. 7. Extract from the life of C. R. Lowell. Boston, 1868. 12 pp. 12°.

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Stanton P. Down (1)
Charles Devens (1)
Joseph Waldo Denny (1)
H. L. Dawes (1)
Charles Edward Davis (1)
Erasmus Darwin (1)
John Call Dalton (1)
Charles H. Dalton (1)
C. H. Dalton (1)
Isaac S. Cushman (1)
W. B. Cushing (1)
Warren Handel Cudworth (1)
Benjamin William Crowninshield (1)
Robert Cowdin (1)
Charles Carleton Coffin (1)
Thomas William Clarke (1)
Eudora Clark (1)
George H. Childs (1)
Richard F. Chaplain (1)
George A. Chancellorsville (1)
Sumner Carruth (1)
William F. Carleton (1)
Henry Sweetser Burrage (1)
Fearing Burr (1)
Ambrose E. Burnside (1)
James Brooks (1)
Braintree (1)
George S. Boutwell (1)
C. P. Bosson (1)
William H. Bolton (1)
Henry N. Blake (1)
John Billings (1)
Edwin C. Bennett (1)
J. A. Beaver (1)
W. P. Bearing (1)
John Bartol (1)
Francis Bartlett (1)
Levi Wood Baker (1)
Cyrus Augustus (1)
Samuel Appleton (1)
Sarah Allen (1)
John A. Address (1)
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1865 AD (27)
1862 AD (25)
1861 AD (22)
1864 AD (14)
1863 AD (14)
1866 AD (13)
1886 AD (11)
1882 AD (7)
1868 AD (7)
1887 AD (6)
1880 AD (6)
1870 AD (6)
1867 AD (6)
1884 AD (5)
1883 AD (5)
1871 AD (5)
1892 AD (4)
1890 AD (4)
1885 AD (4)
1881 AD (4)
1894 AD (3)
1893 AD (3)
1891 AD (3)
1879 AD (3)
1878 AD (3)
1877 AD (3)
1875 AD (3)
1869 AD (3)
1889 AD (2)
1888 AD (2)
November 5th, 1883 AD (2)
1876 AD (2)
1874 AD (2)
August, 1862 AD (2)
April 19th, 1861 AD (2)
July 21st, 1893 AD (1)
March 1st, 1892 AD (1)
October 19th, 1891 AD (1)
December 4th, 1890 AD (1)
December 4th, 1889 AD (1)
November 21st, 1888 AD (1)
July 1st, 1888 AD (1)
June 12th, 1886 AD (1)
June 2nd, 1886 AD (1)
April 19th, 1886 AD (1)
May 12th, 1884 AD (1)
May 11th, 1880 AD (1)
September 7th, 1878 AD (1)
May 10th, 1878 AD (1)
May 11th, 1877 AD (1)
July 15th, 1874 AD (1)
May 11th, 1874 AD (1)
1873 AD (1)
1872 AD (1)
May 29th, 1870 AD (1)
July 4th, 1868 AD (1)
January 1st, 1867 AD (1)
December 20th, 1866 AD (1)
July 26th, 1866 AD (1)
September, 1865 AD (1)
August 22nd, 1865 AD (1)
August, 1865 AD (1)
February 4th, 1865 AD (1)
January 29th, 1865 AD (1)
January 24th, 1865 AD (1)
January 8th, 1865 AD (1)
January 6th, 1865 AD (1)
October 30th, 1864 AD (1)
October 28th, 1864 AD (1)
October 19th, 1864 AD (1)
August 1st, 1864 AD (1)
July 17th, 1864 AD (1)
January 8th, 1864 AD (1)
November 11th, 1863 AD (1)
September 15th, 1863 AD (1)
August 12th, 1863 AD (1)
July 18th, 1863 AD (1)
May, 1863 AD (1)
February 3rd, 1863 AD (1)
January 9th, 1863 AD (1)
July 4th, 1862 AD (1)
April 26th, 1862 AD (1)
March 1st, 1862 AD (1)
January 3rd, 1862 AD (1)
July 30th, 1861 AD (1)
July 29th, 1861 AD (1)
July 16th, 1861 AD (1)
May 14th, 1861 AD (1)
April 15th, 1861 AD (1)
January 5th, 1861 AD (1)
1846 AD (1)
1745 AD (1)
May 31st (1)
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