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Roster of Maryland Line.1

Provisional army of the Confederate States.

First Maryland infantry.

Field and staff.

ColonelsArnold Elzey, June 17, 1861; promoted brigadier-general July 21, 1861, major-general December 4, 1862. George H. Steuart, July 21, 1861; promoted brigadier-general March 18, 1862. Bradley T. Johnson, March 18, 1862; promoted brigadier-general June 28, 1864.

Lieutenant-ColonelsGeorge H. Steuart, June 17, 1861; Bradley T. Johnson, July 21, 1861; E. R. Dorsey, March 18, 1862.

MajorsBradley T. Johnson, June 17, 1861; E. R. Dorsey, July 21, 1861.

Acting—Adjutants, Lieutenant Frank X. Ward, Company H; Lieutenant George W. Booth, Company D. Surgeons, E. T. Galliard, R. P. Johnson. Assistant-Surgeons, Styles Kennedy, Thos. S. Latimer. Captain and A. Q. M., Grafton D. Spurrier, Chas. W. Harding, Septimus H. Stewart. Captain and A. C. S., John E. Howard. Chaplain, Stephen J. Cameron. Sergeant-Major, George W. Bishop, Philip L. Moore. Quartermaster-Sergeant, Chas. J. Wegner. Chief Musician, Alex. Hubbard. Drum Major, Hosea Pitt.


Company A—Captain, Bradley T. Johnson, Wm. W. Goldsborough. First-Lieutenant, George K. Shellman. [135] Second-Lieutenant, Chas. W. Blair, Geo. M. E. Shearer, W. H. B. Dorsey, John F. Groshon. Sergeants, John T. Smith, George Tyler, D. Windsor Kessler, W. H. Pope. Corporals, Francis T. Bender, Wm. Ritter, Perry Mc-Dowell, James Abbott. Musician, Alex J. Hubbard.

Company B—Captain, Chas. C. Edelin. FirstLieuten-ant, James Mullen. Second-Lieutenant, Thomas Costello, Jos. Griffin. First-Sergeant, Peter Boyle. Sergeants, George Moog, Daniel Dougherty, Jas. Lemates. Corporals, George Bates, Wm. Haffey, Dennis O'Brien, George Probest, Musician, Joseph Smith.

Company C—Captain, Robert C. Smith, E. R. Dorsey. First-Lieutenant, Septimus H. Stewart. SecondLieu-tenant, Wm. P. Thomas. First-Sergeant, Wm. Smyth. Sergeants, Sterling Murray, John B. Berryman, John H. Uhlhorn. Corporals, Chas. A. Arnold, John O'Loughlin, Frank S. Price, Henry C. Scott. Musician, Hosea Pitt.

Company D—Captain, James R. Herbert. First-Lieutenant, Geo. W. Booth. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. Key Howard, Nicholas Snowden. First-Sergeant, Geo. F. Ruff. Sergeants, Chas. J. Wegner, Wm. H. Slingluff, Edward L. King, Mason E. McKnew. Corporals, Edward Selvage, Jos. Wranck, Washington Hands, Wm. Weber. Musician, Chas. Tuttle, Jas. M. Ruley.

Company E—Captain, Edmund O'Brien, Harry McCoy. First-Lieutenant, John J. Lutts. Second-Lieutenant, John Cushing, Jr., Jos. G. W. Marriott. First-Sergeant, Geo. G. Raborg. Sergeants, Napoleon Camper, Green H. Barton, Wm. T. Wallis, Robert H. Cushing. Corporals, Patrick H. Williams, Thos. H. Davidson, Joseph T. Doyle, Alfred Pearce. Musician, Wm. Gannon, Michael Quinn.

Company F—Captain, J. Louis Smith. FirstLieuten-ant, Wm. D. Hough. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. J. Broadfoot, Joseph H. Stewart. First-Sergeant, Geo. W. Foos. Sergeants, John Marny, John Morris, Samuel A. Kennedy. [136] Corporals, John Ryan, Michael McCourt, Edward Sheehan, Owen Callen. Musician, Francis Farr.

Company G—Captain, Wilson C. Nicholas. FirstLieu-tenant, Alexander Cross. Second-Lieutenant, Edward Deppish. First-Sergeant, John J. Platt. Sergeants, James Farrell, Louis Neidhammer, James Shields. Corporals, George Ross, Eli Fishpan, Samuel Kirk, Charles Fercoit. Musician, Andrew Myers.

Company H—Captain, Wm. H. Murray. FirstLieu-tenant, George Thomas. Second-Lieutenant, Francis X. Ward, Richard T. Gilmor, W. P. Dollinger. FirstSer-geant, John H. Sullivan. Sergeants, McHenry Howard, James Lyon, Chapman B. Briscoe. Corporals, Edward Johnson, Richard C. Mackall, Clapham Murray, Wm. S. Lemmon.

Company I—Captain, Michael S. Robertson. FirstLieu-tenant, Hugh Mitchell. Second-Lieutenant, Hezekiah H. Bean, Eugene Diggs. First-Sergeant, John J. Brawner. Sergeants, John H. Stone, F. L. Higdon, Wm. H. Rison, Warren W. Ward. Corporals, Z. Francis Freeman, Francis L. Higdon, Thomas I. Green, Thomas L. Hannon.

Company C (Second)—Captain, Edmund Barry. First-Lieutenant, John Marshall. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. H. Edelin, Tom Washington Smith. First-Sergeant, Albert Tolson. Sergeants, Richard Brown, William Barry. (This company was enlisted in Richmond and united with the regiment. No muster roll of this company has been found in the war records.)

Battles and actions in which the First Maryland infantry was engaged: Manassas, Mason's Hill, Munson's Hill, Rappahannock River, Front Royal, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Cross Keys, Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, Dispatch Station, Malvern Hill, Harrison Landing.


Second Maryland infantry.

Field and staff.

Lieutenant-Colonel, James R. Herbert; Major, Wm. W. Goldsborough; Surgeon, Richard P. Johnson; Assistant-Surgeon, DeWilton Snowden; A. Q. M., John E. Howard; Adjutant, J. Winder Laird; Sergeant-Major, Wm. R. McCullough; Q. M. Sergeant, Edwin James; Ordnance-Sergeant, Francis L. Higdon; Chief Musician, Michael A. Quinn.


Company A—Captain, Wm. H. Murray, George Thomas. First-Lieutenant, Clapham Murray. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. P. Zollinger. First-Sergeant, Wm. L. Blackiston. Sergeants, Jas. F. Pearson, Jas. W. Thomas, Ezekiel S. Dorsey, Wm. H. Smith. Corporals, Willis Brancock, Chas. E. Maguire, George Denton, Lawrence K. Thomas. Musician, Wm. Gannon.

Company B—Captain, J. Parran Crane. FirstLieu-tenant, J. H. Stone. Second-Lieutenant, Chas. B. Wise, Jas. H. Wilson. First-Sergeant, Philip T. Reeder. Sergeants, John G. Barber, Francis Z. Freeman, Wittingham Hammett. Corporals, Thomas Simms, Wm. F. Wheatley, John Z. Downing, Albert Fenwick. Musician, Chas. T. Drury.

Company C—Captain, Ferdinand Duvall. FirstLieu-tenant, Chas. W. Hodges. Second-Lieutenant, Thomas H. Tolson, Joseph W. Barber. First-Sergeant, Wm. T. Outten. Sergeants, Robert T. Hodges, George Probest, Wm. Ritter, Thos. D. Barron. Corporals, Edward A. Welch, Beale D. Mullikin, John W. Collins, Chas. Clayton.

Company D—Captain, Jas. L. McAleer. FirstLieu-tenant, Jas. S. Franklin. Second-Lieutenant, Samuel T. McCullough. First-Sergeant, Thos. C. Butler. Sergeants, Wm. Jenkins, J. Wm. Proudt, Isaac Sherwood, Edwin [138] Gover. Corporals, Geo. W. McAtee, Alfred Riddlemoser, John McCready.

Company E-Captain, John W. Torsch. FirstLieu-tenant, Wm. J. Broadfoot. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. R. Byus, Jos. P. Quinn. First-Sergeant, Samuel Kirk. Sergeants, Geo. L. Ross, Wilbur Ritter, Wm. Heaphy. Corporals, John Cain, Lewis P. Staylor, Jas. Reddie, Benj. F. Amos. Musician, Joseph Smith, Jas. L. Aubrey.

Company F—Captain, A. J. Gwynn. First-Lieutenant, John W. Polk. Second-Lieutenant, David C. Forrest, John G. Hyland. First-Sergeant, Nicholas J. Mills. Sergeants, Walter J. Randall, Philip T. Muirhead, Thos. O. Hodges, Joseph O. Wagner. Corporals, Jas. H. Dixon, Jas. T. Brown, Washington Martin.

Company G—Captain, Thos. R. Stewart. FirstLieu-tenant, G. G. Guillette, James A. Davis. SecondLieuten-ant, Geo. Brighthaupt, Wm. C. Wrightson. FirstSer-geant, Daniel A. Fenton. Sergeants, Geo. W. Manning, Michael C. Holohan, Algernon Henry, Patrick O'Connell. Corporals, Jas. E. Briddle, Henry A. Mumford, Wm. Lord, Benj. F. Twilley.

Company H—Captain, J. Thos. Bussey. FirstSer-geant, Thos. O'Brien. Sergeants, John J. Powers. Corporals, Patrick Keenan, John J. Ward.

Battles in which the Second Maryland regiment infantry was engaged: Winchester, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, White Oak Swamp, Weldon Railroad, Squirrel Level Road, Hatcher's Run, Pegram's Farm, Appomattox, Petersburg. Steuart's brigade, to which the Second Maryland was assigned, assaulted Culp's Hill at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, and took the line of Federal works, occupying the same through the night. On the following morning a further advance movement was attempted, which, however, failed, and after a desperate conflict the Confederate line was retired to the position on Rock Creek. The Second Maryland has commemorated this service by the erection of a monument which stands on [139] the Federal line of works. The regiment carried into action about 400 muskets, of which force more than one-half were killed or wounded.

First Maryland cavalry.

Field and staff.

Lieutenant-ColonelsRidgely Brown, Robert Carter Smith, Gus. W. Dorsey.

Majors-Ridgely Brown, Robert Carter Smith.

Adjutants-Geo. W. Booth, John E. H. Post.

Assistant-SurgeonWilbur R. McKnew; A. Q. M., Ignatius W. Dorsey; Sergeant-Majors, Edward Johnson, John E. H. Post, Arthur Bond; Quartermaster-Sergeant, Chas. J. Wegner; Orderly-Sergeant, Edward Johnson.


Company A—Captain, Frank A. Bond. FirstLieuten-ant, Thomas Griffith. Second-Lieutenant, J. A. V. Pue, Edward Beatty. First-Sergeant, John H. Scholl. Sergeants, Hammond Dorsey, Frank Griffith, Joshua Riggs, Chas. R. Cockey. Corporals, Wm. Wilson, Bazil Clark, Arthur Bond, John Harding.

Company B—Captain, Geo. M. Emack. FirstLieuten-ant, Mason E. McKnew. Second-Lieutenant, Adolphus Cook, Henry C. Blackiston. First-Sergeant, S. B. Spencer. Sergeants, W. A. Wilson, W. H. W. Guyther, D. M. Turner, O. H. Perry. Corporals, G. M. Serpell, J. J. Spear, Pembroke Jones, J. R. H. Deakins, Robert Carvell.

Company C—Captain, Robert C. Smith. FirstLieuten-ant, Geo. Howard. Second-Lieutenant, T. Jeff Smith, T. J. Green, Graeme Turnbull, Jas. D. Walters. First-Sergeant, Illinois Carruthers. Sergeants, Geo. Smith Norris, E. Clarence Neale, Wm. F. Dorsey, Hamilton Lefevre. Corporals, Richard Knox, Richard C. Smith, LaFayette Hause.

Company D—Captain, Warner G. Welch. First-Lieu. [140] tenant, Wm. H. Dorsey. Second-Lieutenant, Stephen D. Lawrence, Milton Welch. First-Sergeant, Phineas I. Davis. Sergeants, Upton L. Dorsey, Thomas G. Worthington, Albert Jones, Lewis W. Trail. Corporals, Geo. R. Simpson, Edwin Selvage, Geo. R. Cather, Rich H. Norris.

Company E—Captain, Wm. J. Raisin. First-Lieutenant, S. B. Burroughs. Second-Lieutenant, Nathaniel Chapman, Jos. K. Roberts, Jr. First-Sergeant, Townley Robey. Sergeants, John Savage, Solomon Wright, Thos. H. Gemmill. Corporals, Geo. T. Hollyday, Benj. J. Turton, Henry C. Wallis, John W. Slaven.

Company F—Captain, Aug. F. Schwartz. FirstLieu-tenant, C. Irving Ditty. Second-Lieutenant, Fielder C. Slingluff, Samuel G. Bond. First-Sergeant, Josiah H. Slingluff. Sergeants, Howard H. Kinsey, Henry A. Wile. Corporals, Wilbur J. Rolph, John W. Latham, Jos. C. Shorb.

Company K—Captain, Geo. R. Gaither, Gus. W. Dorsey, N. C. Hobbs. First-Lieutenant, Rudolphus Cecil, George Howard. Second-Lieutenant, E. H. D. Pue, Samuel W. Dorsey, George Howard, Ridgely Brown, Thomas Griffith, Frank A. Bond. First-Sergeant, Robert Floyd. Sergeants, W. H. Wright, Geo. Buckingham, Ira Albaugh, W. W. Burgess. Corporals, F. Leo Wills, William Barnes, B. H. Morgan, Robert Bruce, James Oliver.

Some of the actions in which the First Maryland cavalry was engaged: Kernstown, Maurytown, Greenland Gap, Oakland, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Cairo, Middletown, Winchester, Hagerstown, Morton's Ford, Brandy Station, Auburn or Cedar Creek, Buckland, Gainesville, Taylorsville, Pollard's Farm, Old Church, Beaver Dam, Dabney's Ferry, Ashland, Trevilian's Station, Leetown, Bladensburg, Rockville, Poolesville, Gettysburg, Martinsburg, Charlestown, Bunker Hill, Fisher's Hill, Madison C. H., Liberty Mills, High Bridge, Appomattox.


Second Maryland cavalry.

No official muster rolls of this command having been found, a partial list is given from various sources.

Field and staff.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Harry Gilmor; Adjutant, Herman F. Keidel; Quartermaster, N. W. Owings; Sergeant-Major, Edward Williams; Quartermaster-Sergeant, Wm. Allen.


Company A—Captain, Nicholas Burke. FirstLieuten-ant, W. W. McKaig. Second-Lieutenant, John B. Wells. Second Lieutenant, Meredith Gilmor. First-Sergeant, Jos. Stansbury. Second-Sergeant, Alonzo Travers.

Company B—Captain, Eugene Diggs. FirstLieuten-ant, Harrison. Second-Lieutenant, J. C. Holmes.

Company C-Captain, David M. Ross. FirstLieuten-ant, Richard T. Gilmor. Second-Lieutenant, Geo. Forney, Wm. H. Kemp. First-Sergeant, Frederick Baker. Sergeants, M. Todd, Fields, John Bosley. Corporals, W. H. Todd, John Emmerick, Henry Bushbaum.

Company D—Captain, J. R. Burke. First-Lieutenant, Polk Burke.

Company E—Captain, J. E. Sudler. First-Lieutenant, Geo. Ratcliffe. Sergeant, J. C. Holmes.

Company F—Captain, Jas. L. Clark. First-Lieutenant, W. H. Richardson. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. Dorsey, E. Hurst, Jas. McAleese. First-Sergeant, J. A. Stine. Sergeants, J. Sprigg, L. McMullin, R. Hahn, Robert Kemp, T. Kidd. Corporals, J. Andre, C. J. Stewart, S. C. Magraw.

First Maryland artillery.


Captain, R. Snowden Andrews, W. F. Dement. First-

Lieutenant, Chas. S. Couter. Second-Lieutenant, John [142] Gale, Frederick Y. Dabney, W. J. Hill, J. H. Stonestreet. First-Sergeant, De Wilton Snowden, J. Harris Forbes, Gratial C. Thompson. Corporals, F. W. Bollinger, Theodore Jenkins, Geo. T. Scott, E. C. Moncure, P. A. L. Couter, J. G. Harris, John F. Ransom. Battles and actions of the First Maryland Artillery: Chickahominy, Evansport, Mechanicsville, Cedar Mountain, Gaines' Mill, 2nd Manassas, Malvern Hill, Harper's Ferry, 1st Cold Harbor, 2nd Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg, Hamilton's Crossing, 1st Fredericksburg, 2nd Fredericksburg, Winchester, Mine Run, Gettysburg, Turkey Ridge, Petersburg, White Sulphur Springs, Squirrel Level Road.

Second Maryland artillery.

Baltimore light.’

Captain, John B. Brockenbrough, Wm. H. Griffin. First-Lieutenant, Wm. B. Bean, John McNulty. Second-Lieutenant, Jas. T. Wilhelm, J. W. Goodman. First-Sergeant, W. Wirt Robinson. Sergeants, W. Y. Glenn, George Poindexter, John F. Hayden, John Powers, Andrew J. Byrne, J. H. Smith. Corporals, Wm. C. Dunn, Patrick Kirby, Lewis F. Talbott, Wm. H. Kendrick, Jas. O'Grady.

Some of the battles and actions of the Baltimore Light Artillery: Rappahannock, Front Royal, Winchester, Bolivar Heights, Fishers' Hill, Harrisonburg, Cross Keys, Gaines' Mill, Dispatch Station, Malvern Hill, Second Manassas, Harpers' Ferry, Moorfield, Sharpsburg, Kernstown, Carlisle, Pa., Gettysburg, Hagerstown, Mine Run, Brandy Station, Old Town, Yellow Tavern, Martinsville, Poolesville, Maurytown.

Third Maryland artillery.

Captain, Henry B. Latrobe, Ferd. O. Claiborne, John B. Rowan, Wm. L. Ritter. Lieutenants, Ferdinand O.

Claiborne, W. Thompson Patten, Holmes Erwin, T. D. [143] Giles, J. W. Doncaster. Assistant-Surgeon, Thos. J. Rogers. First-Sergeant, Rufus McCeeney. Quartermaster, A. T. Emory. Sergeants, Jas. M. Buchanan, Jr., John P. Hooper, E. H. Langley, Joseph Lackey, L. W. Frazier, J. W. Smith, Wm. Fleming, Daniel Toomey, Edw. Wynn, A. J. Davis. Corporals, B. F. Weaver, S. G. W. Gerding, Jos. Edgar, M. H. McConnell, W. H. Erwin, G. W. Hancock, T. H. Jones, J. C. Pendley, V. P. Herron, A. G. Cox, Wm. T. Sykes, W. Pirkle, B. Sanchez, S. Hylton, M. L. Welsh, Jackson Simmons, S. R. Sheppard, Wm. Buckner, John Light, Baldwin Bradford. Bugler, Frederick Geiger. Blacksmith, Nicholas Powers. Artificer, Patrick McCann, Jos. G. Fletcher. Farrier, W. B. P. Mills. The Third Maryland artillery was mustered into the service of the Confederate States January 14, 1862, at Richmond, Va., and immediately sent to Knoxville, Tenn. Served under E. Kirby Smith in the campaigns in Tennessee and

Kentucky, being the advance battery from Lexington, Ky., to within three and one-half miles of Covington. After the retreat from Kentucky was sent to Vicksburg, under General Stevenson. One section, commanded by Lieut. W. T. Patten, manned the guns of the ram Queen of the West, when the Indianola was captured, and all except four were lost when the Queen was burned. Another detachment under Lieut. Wm. L. Ritter served under Col. G. W. Ferguson on Deer Creek, assisted in capturing a large Federal transport, and was afterwards under General Johnston in the battle before Jackson, Miss. The rest of the battery remained with Pemberton, participated in the battle of Baker's Creek, fought on the Vicksburg lines and were there surrendered. Seventy-seven were paroled, and furloughed after being exchanged. Reorganized in September, 1863; went to the front at Sweetwater, Tenn., served at Lookout mountain, Missionary Ridge, and on the retreat to Dalton, Ga. Under the title of the Stephens (Georgia) light artillery, it participated in the Atlanta campaign [144] and Hood's campaign in Tennessee. At Nashville the battery suffered heavy loss and Captain Rowan was killed by a shell on the morning of December 16th. The company's last muster was at Meridian, Miss., May 10, 1865.

Fourth Maryland artillery.


Captain, William Brown, Walter S. Chew. FirstLieu-tenant, John E. Plater. Second-Lieutenant, Benj. G. Roberts. First-Sergeant, Jas. D. Wall. Sergeants, Robert A. Crowley, Philip H. H. Brown, John P. Hickey, Jos. H. Ennis, Henry C. Buckmaster. Corporals, Thos. W. Mummey, Geo. A. Smith, Henry Baker, Isaac J. Blunt, Geo. C. Philip, Thos. G. Jackson, F. M. Fairbanks. Bugler, Daniel A. Wilkinson. Artificer, Michael H. Brady, A. J. Covington.

Some of the engagements of the Fourth Maryland Artillery: Fredericksburg, Seven Pines, Gettysburg, Second Manassas, Hanover Junction, Cedar Mountain, Seven Days around Richmond, Frederick's Hall, Sharpsburg, Harper's Ferry, Winchester, Yellow Tavern, Petersburg.

1 Note.—This is not presented as a complete Roster. It is compiled from such muster rolls as have been found in the war records Office at Washington, with additions from memory.

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Philip T. Reeder (1)
James Reddie (1)
George Ratcliffe (1)
John F. Ransom (1)
Walter J. Randall (1)
William J. Raisin (1)
George G. Raborg (1)
Michael A. Quinn (1)
Michael Quinn (1)
Joseph P. Quinn (1)
J. A. Ventris Pue (1)
E. H. D. Pue (1)
J. William Proudt (1)
Frank S. Price (1)
John J. Powers (1)
W. H. Pope (1)
John W. Polk (1)
George Poindexter (1)
John J. Platt (1)
John E. Plater (1)
W. Pirkle (1)
George C. Philip (1)
O. H. Perry (1)
J. C. Pendley (1)
Pemberton (1)
James F. Pearson (1)
Alfred Pearce (1)
N. W. Owings (1)
William T. Outten (1)
James Oliver (1)
John O'Loughlin (1)
James O'Grady (1)
Patrick O'Connell (1)
Thomas O'Brien (1)
Edmund O'Brien (1)
Dennis O'Brien (1)
Rich H. Norris (1)
George Smith Norris (1)
Wilson Carey Nicholas (1)
Louis Neidhammer (1)
E. Clarence Neale (1)
Andrew Myers (1)
Sterling Murray (1)
Thomas W. Mummey (1)
Henry A. Mumford (1)
Beale D. Mullikin (1)
James Mullen (1)
Philip T. Muirhead (1)
John Morris (1)
B. H. Morgan (1)
Philip L. Moore (1)
George Moog (1)
E. C. Moncure (1)
Hugh Mitchell (1)
W. B. P. Mills (1)
Nicholas J. Mills (1)
John McNulty (1)
L. McMullin (1)
Wilbur R. McKnew (1)
W. W. McKaig (1)
William R. McCullough (1)
Samuel Thomas McCullough (1)
John McCready (1)
Harry McCoy (1)
Michael McCourt (1)
M. H. McConnell (1)
Rufus McCeeney (1)
Patrick McCann (1)
George W. McAtee (1)
James McAleese (1)
James L. McAleer (1)
Perry Mc-Dowell (1)
Washington Martin (1)
John Marshall (1)
Joseph G. W. Marriott (1)
John Marny (1)
George W. Manning (1)
Charles E. Maguire (1)
S. C. Magraw (1)
Richard C. Mackall (1)
James Lyon (1)
John J. Lutts (1)
William Lord (1)
William S. Lemmon (1)
James Lemates (1)
Hamilton Lefevre (1)
Stephen D. Lawrence (1)
Henry B. Latrobe (1)
Thomas S. Latimer (1)
John W. Latham (1)
E. H. Langley (1)
J. Winder Laird (1)
Joseph Lackey (1)
Richard Knox (1)
Patrick Kirby (1)
Howard H. Kinsey (1)
Edward L. King (1)
T. Kidd (1)
D. Windsor Kessler (1)
Styles Kennedy (1)
Samuel A. Kennedy (1)
William H. Kendrick (1)
William H. Kemp (1)
Robert Kemp (1)
Herman F. Keidel (1)
Patrick Keenan (1)
T. H. Jones (1)
Pembroke Jones (1)
Albert Jones (1)
Joseph Eggleston Johnston (1)
William Jenkins (1)
Theodore Jenkins (1)
Edwin James (1)
S. Hylton (1)
John G. Hyland (1)
E. Hurst (1)
Alexander Hubbard (1)
Alex J. Hubbard (1)
William Key Howard (1)
McHenry Howard (1)
William D. Hough (1)
John P. Hooper (1)
Hood (1)
Michael C. Holohan (1)
George T. Hollyday (1)
Thomas O. Hodges (1)
Robert T. Hodges (1)
Charles W. Hodges (1)
N. C. Hobbs (1)
William J. Hill (1)
John P. Hickey (1)
V. P. Herron (1)
Algernon Henry (1)
William Heaphy (1)
John F. Hayden (1)
LaFayette Hause (1)
William G. Harrison (1)
J. G. Harris (1)
John Harding (1)
Charles W. Harding (1)
Thomas L. Hannon (1)
G. W. Hancock (1)
Wittingham Hammett (1)
R. Hahn (1)
William Haffey (1)
Andrew J. Gwynn (1)
W. H. W. Guyther (1)
G. G. Guillette (1)
John F. Groshon (1)
Frank Griffith (1)
William H. Griffin (1)
Joseph Griffin (1)
Thomas I. Green (1)
T. J. Green (1)
Gover (1)
J. W. Goodman (1)
W. Y. Glenn (1)
Meredith Gilmor (1)
Harry Gilmor (1)
William F. Giles (1)
S. G. W. Gerding (1)
Thomas H. Gemmill (1)
Frederick Geiger (1)
E. T. Galliard (1)
Gale (1)
George R. Gaither (1)
Z. Francis Freeman (1)
Francis Z. Freeman (1)
L. W. Frazier (1)
James S. Franklin (1)
David C. Forrest (1)
George Forney (1)
J. Harris Forbes (1)
George W. Foos (1)
Robert Floyd (1)
Joseph G. Fletcher (1)
William Fleming (1)
Eli Fishpan (1)
G. W. Ferguson (1)
Ferd (1)
Charles Fercoit (1)
Albert Fenwick (1)
Daniel A. Fenton (1)
James Farrell (1)
Francis Farr (1)
F. M. Fairbanks (1)
W. H. Erwin (1)
Holmes Erwin (1)
Joseph H. Ennis (1)
A. T. Emory (1)
John Emmerick (1)
George M. Emack (1)
Arnold Elzey (1)
Joseph Edgar (1)
William H. Edelin (1)
Charles C. Edelin (1)
Ferdinand Duvall (1)
William C. Dunn (1)
Charles T. Drury (1)
Joseph T. Doyle (1)
John Z. Downing (1)
Daniel Dougherty (1)
William H. Dorsey (1)
William F. Dorsey (1)
William Dorsey (1)
W. H. B. Dorsey (1)
Upton L. Dorsey (1)
Samuel W. Dorsey (1)
Ignatius W. Dorsey (1)
Hammond Dorsey (1)
Ezekiel S. Dorsey (1)
J. W. Doncaster (1)
W. P. Dollinger (1)
James H. Dixon (1)
C. Irving Ditty (1)
Edward Deppish (1)
George Denton (1)
William F. Dement (1)
J. R. H. Deakins (1)
Phineas I. Davis (1)
James A. Davis (1)
A. J. Davis (1)
Thomas H. Davidson (1)
Frederick Y. Dabney (1)
Robert H. Cushing (1)
John Cushing (1)
Robert A. Crowley (1)
J. Parran Crane (1)
A. G. Cox (1)
A. J. Covington (1)
P. A. L. Couter (1)
Charles Snowden Couter (1)
Thomas Costello (1)
Adolphus Cook (1)
John W. Collins (1)
Charles R. Cockey (1)
Charles Clayton (1)
James L. Clark (1)
Bazil Clark (1)
Walter S. Chew (1)
Chesapeake (1)
Nathaniel Chapman (1)
Rudolphus Cecil (1)
George R. Cather (1)
Robert Carvell (1)
Carruthers (1)
Napoleon Camper (1)
Stephen J. Cameron (1)
Owen Callen (1)
John Cain (1)
William R. Byus (1)
Andrew J. Byrne (1)
Thomas C. Butler (1)
J. Thomas Bussey (1)
Henry Bushbaum (1)
S. B. Burroughs (1)
Polk Burke (1)
Nicholas Burke (1)
J. R. Burke (1)
W. W. Burgess (1)
William Buckner (1)
Henry C. Buckmaster (1)
Buckland (1)
George Buckingham (1)
James M. Buchanan (1)
Robert Bruce (1)
William Brown (1)
Richard Brown (1)
Philip H. H. Brown (1)
Majors-Ridgely Brown (1)
James T. Brown (1)
John B. Brockenbrough (1)
Chapman B. Briscoe (1)
George Brighthaupt (1)
James E. Briddle (1)
John J. Brawner (1)
Willis Brancock (1)
Michael H. Brady (1)
Baldwin Bradford (1)
Peter Boyle (1)
John Bosley (1)
Samuel G. Bond (1)
F. W. Bollinger (1)
Isaac J. Blunt (1)
Charles W. Blair (1)
William L. Blackiston (1)
Henry C. Blackiston (1)
George W. Bishop (1)
John B. Berryman (1)
Francis T. Bender (1)
Edward Beatty (1)
William B. Bean (1)
Hezekiah H. Bean (1)
George Bates (1)
Green H. Barton (1)
William Barry (1)
Edmund Barry (1)
Thomas D. Barron (1)
William Barnes (1)
Joseph W. Barber (1)
John G. Barber (1)
Henry Baker (1)
Frederick Baker (1)
James L. Aubrey (1)
Charles A. Arnold (1)
Richard Snowden Andrews (1)
J. Andre (1)
Benjamin F. Amos (1)
William Allen (1)
Ira Albaugh (1)
James Abbott (1)
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