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Organization of the army of Northern Virginia, August 31, 1864.1

Compiled by War Records Office, Washington.

[Corrections earnestly solicited, if errors are found.]

First army corps.

Lieutenant-General R. H. Anderson Commanding.

Pickett's division.

Major-General George E. Pickett.

Barton's brigade.

Brigadier-General Seth M. Barton.(2

Ninth Virginia, Colonel J. J. Phillips.

Fourteenth Virginia, Colonel William White.

Thirty-eighth Virginia, Colonel George K. Griggs.

Fifty-third Virginia, Colonel W. R. Aylett.

Fifty-seventh Virginia, Colonel C. R. Fontaine.

Hunton's brigade.

Brigadier-General Eppa Hunton.

Eighth Virginia, Colonel N. Berkeley.

Eighteenth Virginia, Colonel H. A. Carrington.

Nineteenth Virginia, Colonel Henry Gantt.

Twenty-eighth Virginia, Colonel William Watts.

Fifty-sixth Virginia, Colonel P. P. Slaughter.

Corse's brigade.

Brigadier-General M. D. Corse.

Fifteenth Virginia, Colonel T. P. August.

Seventeenth Virginia, Colonel Arthur Herbert.

Twenty-ninth Virginia, Colonel James Giles.

Thirtieth Virginia, Colonel A. T. Harrison.

Thirty-second Virginia, Colonel E. B. Montague.

Terry's brigade.

Brigadier-General William R. Terry.

First Virginia, Colonel F. G. Skinner. [9]

Third Virginia, Colonel Joseph-Mayo, Jr.

Seventh Virginia, Colonel C. C. Flowerree.

Eleventh Virginia, Colonel M. S. Langhorne.

Twenty-fourth Virginia, Lieutenant-Colonel R. L. Maury.

Field's division.3

Major-General C. W. Field.

Anderson's brigade.

Brigadier-General G. T. Anderson.

Seventh Georgia, Colonel G. H. Carmical.

Eighth Georgia, Colonel J. R. Towers

Ninth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. Hoge.

Eleventh Georgia, Colonel F. H. Little.

Fifty-ninth Georgia, Colonel Jack Brown.

Law's brigade.

Colonel P. D. Bowles.

Fourth Alabama, Colonel P. D. Bowles.

Fifteenth Alabama, Colonel A. A. Lowther.

Forty-fourth Alabama, Colonel W. F. Perry.

Forty-seventh Alabama, Colonel M. J. Bulger.

Forty-eighth Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel W. M. Hardwick.

Bratton's brigade.

Brigadier-General John Bratton.

First South Carolina, Colonel J. R. Hagood.

Second South Carolina [Rifles], Colonel R. E. Bowen.

Fifth South Carolina, Colonel A. Coward.

Sixth South Carolina, Colonel J. M. Steedman.

Palmetto Sharp-shooters, Colonel Joseph Walker.

Kershaws division.4

Major-General J. B. Kershaw.

Wofford's brigade.

Sixteenth Georgia, Major James S. Gholston.

Eighteenth Georgia, Colonel Joseph Armstrong.

Twenty-fourth Georgia, Colonel C. C. Sanders. [10]

Third Georgia Battalion (sharp-shooters), Lieutenant-Colonel N. L. Hutchins.

Phillips's Legion, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Hamilton.

Cobb's Legion, Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Glenn.

Bryan's brigade.

Tenth Georgia, Colonel W. C. Holt.

Fiftieth Georgia, Colonel P. McGlashan.

Fifty-first Georgia, Colonel E. Ball.

Fifty-third Georgia, Colonel James P. Simms.

Humphrey's brigade.

Thirteenth Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel A. G. O'Brien.

Seventeenth Mississippi, Captain J. C. Cochran.

Eighteenth Mississippi, Colonel T. M. Griffin.

Twenty-first Mississippi, Colonel D. N. Moody.

Kershaw's [old] brigade.

Second South Carolina, Colonel J. D. Kennedy.

Third South Garolina, Colonel W. D. Rutherford.

Seventh South Carolina, Captain E. J. Goggans.

Eighth South Carolina, Colonel J. W. Henagan.

Fifteenth South Carolina, Colonel J. B. Davis.

Twentieth South Carolina, Colonel S. M. Boykin.

Third South Carolina Battalion, Lieutenant-[Colonel] W. G.


Second army corps.5

Lieutenant-General Jubal A. Early Commanding.

Gordon's division.

Major-General John B. Gordon.

Hays's brigade.6

Fifth Louisiana, Colonel Henry Forno.

Sixth Louisiana, Colonel William Monaghan.

Seventh Louisiana, Colonel D. B. Penn.

Eighth Louisiana, Colonel A. DeBlanc.

Ninth Louisiana, Colonel William R. Peck.


Gordon's brigade.7

Thirteenth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Baker.

Twenty-sixth Georgia, Colonel E. N. Atkinson.

Thirty-first Georgia, Colonel C. A. Evans.

Thirty-eighth Georgia, Colonel J. D. Mathews.

Sixtieth Georgia, Colonel W. H. Stiles.

Sixty-first Georgia, Colonel J. H. Lamar.

Pegrarm's brigade.8

Brigadier-General John Pegram.

Thirteenth Virginia, Colonel J. E. B. Terrill.

Thirty-first Virginia, Colonel J. S. Hoffman.

Forty-ninth Virginia, Colonel J. C. Gibson.

Fifty-second Virginia, Colonel James H. Skinner.

Fifty-eighth Virginia, Colonel F. H. Board.

Hoke's brigade.9

Sixth North Carolina, Colonel R. F. Webb.

Twenty-first North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel W. S. Rankin.

Fifty-fourth North Carolina, Colonel K M. Murchison.

Fifty-seventh North Carolina, Colonel A. C. Godwin.

First North Carolina Battalion, Major [R. W.] Wharton.

Johnson's division.

Stonewall brigade.10

Second Virginia, Colonel J. Q. A. Nadenbousch.

Fourth Virginia, Colonel William Terry.

Fifth Virginia, Colonel J. H. S. Funk.

Twenty-seventh Virginia, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles [L.]


Thirty-third Virginia, Colonel F. W. M. Holliday.

Steuart's brigade.11

Tenth Virginia, Colonel E. T. H. Warren.

Twenty-third Virginia, Colonel A. G. Taliaferro.

Thirty-seventh Virginia, Colonel T. V. Williams. [12]

First North Carolina, Colonel H. A. Brown.

Third North Carolina, Colonel S. D. Thruston.

Jones's brigade.12

Twenty-first Virginia, Colonel W. A. Witcher.

Twenty-fifth Virginia, Colonel J. C. Higginbotham.

Forty-second Virginia, Colonel R. W. Withers.

Forty-fourth Virginia, Colonel Norvell Cobb.

Forty-eighth Virginia, Colonel R. A Dungan.

Fiftieth Virginia, Colonel A. S. Vanderventer.

Stafford's brigade.13

First Louisiana, Colonel W. R. Shivers.

Second Louisiana, Colonel J. M. Williams.

Tenth Louisiana, Colonel E. Waggaman.

Fourteenth Louisiana, Colonel Z. York.

Fifteenth Louisiana, Colonel E. Pendleton.

Rodes's division.

Major-General R. E. Rodes.

Daniel's brigade.14

Thirty-second North Carolina, Colonel E. C. Brabble.

Forty-third North Carolina, Colonel Thomas S. Kenan.

Forty-fifth North Carolina, Colonel Samuel H. Boyd.

Fifty-third North Carolina, Colonel Wm. A. Owens.

Second North Carolina Battalion, Major John M. Hancock.

Ramseur's brigade.15

Second North Carolina, Colonel W. R. Cox.

Fourth North Carolina, Colonel Bryan Grimes.

Fourteenth North Carolina, Colonel R. T. Bennett.

Thirtieth North Carolina, Colonel F. M. Parker.

Doles's brigade.16

Fourth Georgia, Colonel Philip Cook.

Twelfth Georgia, Colonel Edward Willis.

Twenty-first Georgia, Colonel John T. Mercer.

Forty-fourth Georgia, Colonel W. H. Peebles.


Battle's brigade.

Brigadier-General C. A. Battle.

Third Alabama, Colonel Charles Forsyth.

Fifth Alabama, Colonel J. M. Hall.

Sixth Alabama, Colonel J. N. Lightfoot.

Twelfth Alabama, Colonel S. B. Pickens.

Sixty-first Alabama, Major [Lieutenant-Colonel] L. H. Hill.

Johnston's brigade.17

Fifth North Carolina, Colonel T. M. Garrett.

Twelfth North Carolina, Colonel H. E. Coleman.

Twentieth North Carolina, Colonel T. F. Toon.

Twenty-third North Carolina, Major C. C. Blacknall.

Third army corps.

Lieutenant-General A. P. Hill Commanding.

Mahone's division.18

Sanders's brigade.

Eighth Alabama, Colonel Y. L. Royston.

Ninth Alabama, Colonel J. H. King.

Tenth Alabama, Colonel W. H. Forney.

Eleventh Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel G. E. Tayloe.

Fourteenth Alabama, Colonel L. Pinckard.

Harris's brigade.19

Colonel Joseph M. Jayne.

Twelfth Mississippi, Captain S. Botters.

Sixteenth Mississippi, Captain John S. Lewis.

Nineteenth Mississippi, Colonel R. W. Phipps.

Forty-eighth Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas B. Manlove.

Mahone's brigade.

Sixth Virginia, Colonel G. T. Rogers.

Twelfth Virginia, Colonel D. A. Weisiger.

Sixteenth Virginia, Colonel Joseph H. Ham. [14]

Forty-first Virginia, Colonel W. A. Parham.

Sixty first Virginia, Colonel V. D. Groner.

Wright's brigade.

Second Georgia Battalion, Major C. J. Moffett.

Tenth Georgia Battalion, Captain J. D. Frederick.

Third Georgia, Colonel E. J. Walker.

Twenty-second Georgia, Colonel G. H. Jones.

Forty-eighth Georgia, Colonel William Gibson.

Sixty-fourth Georgia, Major W. H. Weems.

Finegan's brigade.

Second Florida, Major W. [R.] Moore.

Fifth Florida, Colonel T. B. Lamar.

Eighth Florida, Colonel D. Lang.

Ninth Florida, Colonel J. M. Martin.

Tenth Florida, Colonel C. [F.] Hopkins.

Eleventh Florida, Colonel T. W. Brevard.

Wilcox's division.

Major-General C. M. Wilcox.

Thomas's brigade.20

Colonel Thomas J. Simmons.

Fourteenth Georgia, Major W. L. Goldsmith.

Thirty-fifth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. McCullohs.

Forty-fifth Georgia, Captain A. W. Gibson.

Forty-ninth Georgia, Colonel John T. Jordan.

McGowan's brigade.21

Brigadier-General Samuel McGowan.

First South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel A. P. Butler.

Twelfth South Carolina, Captain R. M. Kerr.

Thirteenth South Carolina, Captain D. R. Duncan.

Fourteenth South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Croft.

Orr's Rifles, Major J. T. Robertson.

Lane's brigade.22

Brigadier-General James H. Lane.

Seventh North Carolina, Captain J. G. Harris.

Eighteenth North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. McGill.

Twenty-eighth North Carolina, Major S. N. Stowe. [15]

Thirty-third North Carolina, Captain W. J. Callais.

Thirty-seventh North Carolina, Colonel W. M. Barbour.

Scales's brigade.

Brigadier-General Alfred M. Scales.

Thirteenth North Carolina, Colonel J. H. Hyman.

Sixteenth North Carolina, Colonel W. A. Stowe.

Twenty-second North Carolina, T. S. Gallaway.

Thirty-fourth North Carolina, Colonel W. L. J. Lowrance.

Thirty-eighth, North Carolina, Colonel John Ashford.

Heth's division.23

Major-General H. Heth.

Davis's brigade.

Second Mississippi, Colonel J. M. Stone.

Eleventh Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel W. B. Lowry.

Twenty-sixth Mississippi, Colonel A. E. Reynolds.

Forty-second Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel A. M. Nelson.

First Confederate Battalion,—— ——

Cook's brigade.

Fifteenth North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Yarbrough.

Twenty-seventh North Carolina, Colonel J. A. Gilmer, Jr.

Forty-sixth North Carolina, Colonel W. L. Saunders.

Forty-eighth North Carolina, Colonel S. H. Walkup.

McRae's brigade.

Eleventh North Carolina, Colonel W. J. Martin.

Twenty sixth North Carolina, Colonel J. R. Lane.

Forty-fourth North Carolina, Colonel T. C. Singeltary.

Forty-seventh North Carolina, Colonel G. H. Faribault.

Fifty-second North Carolina, Colonel M. A. Parks.

Archer's brigade.

First Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel N. J. George.

Seventh Tennessee, Colonel J. A. Fite.

Fourteenth Tennessee, Colonel W. McComb.

Thirteenth Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel James Aiken.


Walker's brigade.

Twenty-second Virginia Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel E. P,


Fortieth Virginia, Lieutenant-Colonel A. S. Cunningham.

Forty-seventh Virginia, Colonel R. M. Mayo.

Fifty-fifth Virginia, Colonel W. S. Christian.

Second Maryland Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel James R.



Fifth Alabama Battalion.

Cavalry corps.24

Major-General Wade Hampton, Commanding.

Lee's division.25

Major-General Fitzhugh Lee.

Wickham's brigade.

Brigadier-General W. C. Wickham.

First Virginia, Colonel R. W. Carter.

Second Virginia, Colonel T. T. Munford,

Third Virginia, Colonel T. H. Owen.

Fourth Virginia, Colonel W. H. Payne.

Lomax's brigade.

Brigadier General L. L. Lomax.

Fifth Virginia, Colonel H. Clay Pate.

Sixth Virginia, Colonel Julian Harrison.

Fifteenth Virginia, Colonel C. R. Collins.

Butler's division.

Major-General M. C. Butler.

Dunovants brigade.

Brigadier-General John Dunovant.

Third South Carolina, [Colonel C. J. Colcock.]

Fourth South Carolina, [Colonel B. H. Rutledge.]

Fifth [Sixth] South Carolina, Colonel [H. K.] Aiken.


Young's brigade.

Brigadier-General P. M. B. Young.

Cobb's Georgia Legion, Colonel G J. Wright,

Phillips' Legion, Lieutenant-Colonel W. W. Rich.

Jeff. Davis Legion, Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. Waring.

Miller's Legion,—— ——

Love's Legion,—— ——.

Seventh Georgia, Major [E. C.] Anderson.

Rosser's brigade.

Brigadier-General Thomas L. Rosser.

Seventh Virginia, Colonel R. H. Dulany.

Eleventh Virginia, Colonel O. R. Funsten.

Twelfth Virginia, Colonel A. W. Harman.

Thirty-fifth Virginia Battalion, Lieut.-Colonel E. V. White.

Lee's division.

Major-General W. H. F. Lee.

Barringer's brigade.

Brigadier-General Rufus Barringer.

First North Carolina, Colonel W. H. Cheek.

Second N. C., Col. C. M. Andrews26) [Col. W. P. Roberts].

Fourth North Carolina, Colonel D. D. Ferebee.

Fifth North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel S. B. Evans.

Chambliss's brigade.

Brigadier-General J. R. Chambliss, Jr.

Ninth Virginia, Colonel R. L. T. Beale.

Tenth Virginia, Colonel J. Lucius Davis.

Thirteenth Virginia, Colonel J. C. Phillips.


Brigadier-General W. N. Pendleton Commanding.

First corps Artillery.

Brigadier-General E. P. Alexander.(28

Cabell's Battalion.

Colonel H. C. Cabell.

Manly's Battery, Captain B. C. Manly. [18]

First Company Richmond Howitzers, Capt. R. M. Anderson.

Carlton's Battery, Captain H. H. Carlton.

Callaway's Battery, First Lieutenant M. Callaway.

Haskell's Battalion.

Major J. C. Haskell.

Branch's Battery, Captain [H. G.] Flanner.

Nelson's Battery, Lieutenant [W. B.] Stanfield.

Garden's Battery, Captain [H. R.] Garden.

Rowan Battery, Lieutenant [Ezekiel] Myers.

Huger's Battalion.

Major F. Huger.

Smith's Battery, Captain [John D.] Smith.

Moody's Battery, Lieutenant [G.] Poindexter.

Woolfolk's Battery, Lieutenant [James] Woolfolk.

Parker's Battery, Captain [W. W.] Parker.

Taylor's Battery, Captain [O. B.] Taylor.

Fickling's Battery, Captain [W. W.] Fickling.

Martin's Battery, Captain —— Martin.

Gibbes's Battalion.

[Major Wade H.] Gibbes.

Davidson's Battery, Lieutenant [J. H.] Chamberlayne.

Dickenson's Battery, Captain [C.] Dickenson.

Otey's Battery, Captain [D. N.] Walker.

Second corps Artillery.

Brigadier-General A. L. Long.

Braxton's Battalion.

Major Carter M. Braxton.

Lee Battery, Lieutenant W. W. Hardwicke.

First Maryland Artillery, Captain W. F. Dement.

Stafford Artillery, Captain W. T. Cooper.

Alleghany Artillery, Captain J. C Carpenter.

Carter's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas H. Carter.

Morris Artillery, Captain S. H. Pendleton.

Orange Artillery, Captain C. W. Fry. [19]

King William Artillery, Captain William P. Carter.

Jeff. Davis Artillery, Captain W. J. Reese.

Cutshaw's Battalion.

Major [W. E.] Cutshaw.

Charlottesville Artillery, Captain J. McD. Carrington.

Staunton Artillery, Captain A. W. Garber.

Courtney Artillery, Captain W. A. Tanner.

Nelson's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel [William] Nelson.

Amherst Artillery, Captain T. J. Kirkpatrick.

Milledge Artillery, Captain John Milledge.

Fluvanna Artillery, Captain J. L. Massie.

Brown's Battalion.

Colonel J T. Brown.

Powhatan Artillery, Captain W. J. Dance.

Second Company Richmond Howitzers, Captain L. F. Jones.

Third Company Richmond Howitzers, Captain B. H. Smith, Jr.

Rockbridge Artillery, Captain A. Graham.

Salem Flying Artillery, Captain C. B. Griffin.

Third corps Artillery.

Colonel R. L. Walker.

Cutts's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel A. S. Cutts.

Ross's Battery, Captain H. M. Ross.

Patterson's Battery, Captain G. M. Patterson.

Irwin Artillery, Captain J. T. Wingfield.

McIntosh's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel D. G. McIntosh.

Johnson's Battery, Captain [V. J. Clutter.]

Hardaway Artillery, Captain W. B. Hurt.

Danville Artillery, Captain R. S. Rice.

Second Rockbridge Artillery, Captain L. Donald.


Richardson's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel C. Richardson.

Lewis Artillery, Captain N. Penick.

Donaldsonville Artillery, Captain V. Maurin.

Norfolk Light Artillery, Captain C. R. Grandy.

Huger Artillery, Captain J. D. Moore.

Pegram's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. Pegram.

Pee Dee Artillery, [Captain E. B. Brunson].

Fredericksburg Artillery, Captain E. A. Marye.

Letcher Artillery, Captain T. A. Brander.

Purcell Battery, [Captain Geo. M. Cayce].

Crenshaw's Battery, Captain T. Ellett.

Poague's Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. T. Poague.

Madison Artillery, [Captain T. J. Richards].

Albemarle Artillery, Captain J. W. Wyatt.

Brooke Artillery, Captain A. W. Utterback.

Charlotte Artillery, Captain —– Williams.

1 from monthly return when not otherwise indicated. The original return does not always indicate actual commanders.

2 Colonel W. R. Aylett was in command August 29th, and probably at above date.

3 inspection report of this division for August 30, 1864, shows that it also contained Benning's and Gregg's brigades. The return shows but two Brigadier-Generals present for duty; names not indicated.

4 only two Brigadier-Generals reported present for duty; names not indicated.

5 see organization of the army of the Valley District August 20th and 31st, as shown by inspection reports. Notes(b) to (i) refer to that organization.

6 constituting York's brigade.

7 Evans's brigade, Colonel E. N. Atkinson commanding, and containing Twelfth Georgie Battalion.

8 in Ramseur's division.

9 Godwin's brigade, Ramseur's division.

10 the Virginia regiments constituted Terry's brigade, Gordon's division.

11 the Virginia regiments constituted Terry's brigade, Gordon's division.

12 the Virginia regiments constituted Terry's brigade, Gordon's division.

13 constituting York's brigade.

14 Grimes's brigade.

15 with North Carolina regiments from Steuart's brigade was Cox's brigade.

16 Cook's brigade.

17 in Ramseur's division.

18 return reports but one General officer present for duty; name not indicated.

19 actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.

20 actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.

21 actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.

22 actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.

23 four Brigadier-Generals reported present for duty; names not indicated.

24 on face of return appears to have consisted of Hampton's, Fitz. Lee's and W. H. F. Lee's divisions and Dearing's brigade.

25 reported as detached.

26 On the original of this; was killed June 23, 1864.

27 but one General officer reported for duty in the Artillery, and Alexander's name not on original.

28 On the original of this; was killed June 23, 1864.

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J. G. Harris (2)
Bryan Grimes (2)
A. C. Godwin (2)
Gibbes (2)
C. W. Field (2)
Fickling (2)
C. A. Evans (2)
Dickenson (2)
J. B. Davis (2)
A. S. Cutts (2)
Cutshaw (2)
W. R. Cox (2)
M. D. Corse (2)
J. R. Chambliss (2)
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Carter M. Braxton (2)
John Bratton (2)
P. D. Bowles (2)
C. A. Battle (2)
Seth M. Barton (2)
Rufus Barringer (2)
W. R. Aylett (2)
E. N. Atkinson (2)
R. H. Anderson (2)
James Aiken (2)
Zebulon York (1)
W. H. Yarbrough (1)
J. W. Wyatt (1)
W. T. Wofford (1)
R. W. Withers (1)
W. A. Witcher (1)
J. T. Wingfield (1)
Edward Willis (1)
T. V. Williams (1)
William White (1)
E. V. White (1)
John A. Wharton (1)
D. A. Weisiger (1)
W. H. Weems (1)
R. F. Webb (1)
William Watts (1)
E. T. H. Warren (1)
J. F. Waring (1)
S. H. Walkup (1)
R. L. Walker (1)
Joseph Walker (1)
Eugene Waggaman (1)
W. B. Wade (1)
A. S. Vanderventer (1)
A. W. Utterback (1)
J. R. Towers (1)
T. F. Toon (1)
S. D. Thruston (1)
George H. Thomas (1)
J. E. B. Terrill (1)
W. A. Tanner (1)
A. G. Taliaferro (1)
W. A. Stowe (1)
S. N. Stowe (1)
J. M. Stone (1)
W. H. Stiles (1)
J. M. Steedman (1)
Stanfield (1)
Stafford (1)
P. P. Slaughter (1)
James H. Skinner (1)
F. G. Skinner (1)
T. C. Singeltary (1)
James P. Simms (1)
Thomas J. Simmons (1)
W. R. Shivers (1)
W. L. Saunders (1)
B. H. Rutledge (1)
W. D. Rutherford (1)
Y. L. Royston (1)
G. T. Rogers (1)
J. T. Robertson (1)
W. P. Roberts (1)
T. J. Richards (1)
W. W. Rich (1)
A. E. Reynolds (1)
W. J. Reese (1)
W. S. Rankin (1)
Poindexter (1)
L. Pinckard (1)
S. B. Pickens (1)
R. W. Phipps (1)
J. C. Phillips (1)
W. F. Perry (1)
N. Penick (1)
W. N. Pendleton (1)
S. H. Pendleton (1)
E. Pendleton (1)
Pegrarm (1)
W. J. Pegram (1)
W. H. Peebles (1)
William R. Peck (1)
William H. Payne (1)
H. Clay Pate (1)
Colonel M. A. Parks (1)
W. A. Parham (1)
William A. Owens (1)
Thomas H. Owen (1)
James L. Orr (1)
A. G. O'Brien (1)
J. Q. A. Nadenbousch (1)
J. J. Myers (1)
M. Murchison (1)
T. T. Munford (1)
James Moore (1)
J. D. Moore (1)
E. B. Montague (1)
William Monaghan (1)
C. J. Moffett (1)
R. G. Miller (1)
John Milledge (1)
John T. Mercer (1)
Colin McRae (1)
P. McGlashan (1)
J. W. McGill (1)
J. McD (1)
W. H. McCullohs (1)
W. McComb (1)
R. L. Maury (1)
V. Maurin (1)
J. D. Mathews (1)
J. L. Massie (1)
E. A. Marye (1)
J. M. Martin (1)
Thomas B. Manlove (1)
A. A. Lowther (1)
W. B. Lowry (1)
W. L. J. Lowrance (1)
Love (1)
A. L. Long (1)
F. H. Little (1)
J. N. Lightfoot (1)
John S. Lewis (1)
W. H. F. Lee (1)
J. G. Law (1)
M. S. Langhorne (1)
D. Lang (1)
J. R. Lane (1)
T. B. Lamar (1)
J. H. Lamar (1)
T. J. Kirkpatrick (1)
J. H. King (1)
R. M. Kerr (1)
J. D. Kennedy (1)
Thomas S. Kenan (1)
Joseph (1)
John T. Jordan (1)
L. F. Jones (1)
Iredell Jones (1)
G. H. Jones (1)
Joseph E. Johnston (1)
Joseph M. Jayne (1)
James (1)
J. H. Hyman (1)
N. L. Hutchins (1)
W. B. Hurt (1)
Humphrey (1)
Hopkins (1)
W. C. Holt (1)
F. W. M. Holliday (1)
R. F. Hoke (1)
E. F. Hoge (1)
J. S. Hoffman (1)
L. H. Hill (1)
A. P. Hill (1)
J. C. Higginbotham (1)
J. W. Henagan (1)
Hays (1)
Haynes (1)
Julian Harrison (1)
A. T. Harrison (1)
A. W. Harman (1)
W. W. Hardwicke (1)
W. M. Hardwick (1)
John M. Hancock (1)
Wade Hampton (1)
Joseph Hamilton (1)
Joseph H. Ham (1)
J. M. Hall (1)
J. R. Hagood (1)
V. D. Groner (1)
George K. Griggs (1)
T. M. Griffin (1)
C. B. Griffin (1)
Irvin Gregg (1)
C. R. Grandy (1)
A. Graham (1)
W. L. Goldsmith (1)
E. J. Goggans (1)
L. J. Glenn (1)
J. A. Gilmer (1)
James Giles (1)
William Gibson (1)
J. C. Gibson (1)
A. W. Gibson (1)
James S. Gholston (1)
N. J. George (1)
T. M. Garrett (1)
Garden (1)
A. W. Garber (1)
Henry Gantt (1)
T. S. Gallaway (1)
O. R. Funsten (1)
J. H. S. Funk (1)
C. W. Fry (1)
J. D. Frederick (1)
Charles Forsyth (1)
Henry Forno (1)
W. H. Forney (1)
C. R. Fontaine (1)
C. C. Flowerree (1)
Flanner (1)
J. A. Fite (1)
Finegan (1)
Colonel D. D. Ferebee (1)
G. H. Faribault (1)
S. B. Evans (1)
T. Ellett (1)
Jubal A. Early (1)
John Dunovant (1)
D. R. Duncan (1)
R. H. Dulany (1)
L. Donald (1)
Doles (1)
W. F. Dement (1)
A. DeBlanc (1)
Dearing (1)
Jefferson Davis (1)
J. Lucius Davis (1)
H. B. Davidson (1)
C. P. Daniel (1)
Willis J. Dance (1)
A. S. Cunningham (1)
Edward Croft (1)
A. Coward (1)
W. T. Cooper (1)
C. R. Collins (1)
H. E. Coleman (1)
C. J. Colcock (1)
J. C. Cochran (1)
V. J. Clutter (1)
W. S. Christian (1)
W. H. Cheek (1)
Charles (1)
Chamberlayne (1)
George M. Cayce (1)
William P. Carter (1)
Thomas H. Carter (1)
Carpenter (1)
G. H. Carmical (1)
M. Callaway (1)
W. J. Callais (1)
M. C. Butler (1)
M. J. Bulger (1)
Goode Bryan (1)
E. B. Brunson (1)
T. Brown (1)
Jack Brown (1)
T. W. Brevard (1)
T. A. Brander (1)
Branch (1)
E. C. Brabble (1)
S. M. Boykin (1)
Samuel H. Boyd (1)
R. E. Bowen (1)
S. Botters (1)
C. C. Blacknall (1)
N. Berkeley (1)
H. L. Benning (1)
R. T. Bennett (1)
R. L. T. Beale (1)
William M. Barbour (1)
E. Ball (1)
John H. Baker (1)
T. P. August (1)
John Ashford (1)
Joseph Armstrong (1)
Archer (1)
C. M. Andrews (1)
R. M. Anderson (1)
George T. Anderson (1)
G. T. Anderson (1)
E. Porter Alexander (1)
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June 23rd, 1864 AD (2)
August 31st, 1864 AD (1)
August 30th, 1864 AD (1)
August 31st (1)
August 29th (1)
August 20th (1)
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