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Organization of the army of Tennessee, General Braxton Bragg, Confederate States army, Commanding, at the battle of Chickamauga. 1

Compiled by the War-Records Office.

[Corrections earnestly solicited.]

Right wing.

Lieutenant-General Leonidas Polk.

Cheatham's division.2

Major-General B. F. Cheatham.


Second Georgia cavalry, Company G

Captain T. M. Merritt.


Jackson's brigade.

Brigadier-General John K. Jackson.

First Georgia (Confed.), Second Georgia battalion, Major J. C. Gordon.

Fifth Georgia, Colonel C. P. Daniel.

Second Georgia Battalion (S. S.), Major R. H. Whiteley.

Fifth Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel W. L. Sykes and Major J. B. Herring.

Eighth Mississippi, Colonel J. C. Wilkinson.

Maney's brigade.

Brigadier-General George Maney.

First and Twenty-seventh Tennessee, Colonel H. R. Feild.

Fourth Tennessee (Prov. Army), Colonel J. A. McMurry, Lieutenant-

Colonel R. N. Lewis, Major O. A. Bradshaw, and Captain J. Bostick.

Sixth and Ninth Tennessee, Colonel George C. Porter.

Twenty-fourth Tennessee battalion, (S. S.), Major Frank Maney.

Smith's brigade.

Brigadier-General Preston Smith-Colonel A. J. Vaughan, Jr.

Eleventh Tennessee, Colonel G. W. Gordor.

Twelfth and Forty-seventh Tennessee, Colonel W. M. Watkins.

Thirteenth and Fifteenth Tennessee, Colonel A. J. Vaughan, Jr., and Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Pitman.

Twenty-ninth Tennessee, Colonel Horace Rice.

Dawson's Battalion (3) Sharpshooters, Major J. W. Dawson and Major William Green.

Wright's brigade.

Brigadier General Marcus J. Wright.

Eighth Tennessee, Colonel John H. Anderson.

Sixteenth Tennessee, Colonel D. M. Donnell.

Twenty-eighth Tennessee, Colonel S. S. Stanton.

Thirty-eighth Tennessee and Murry's (Tenn.) Battalion, Colonel J. C. Carter.

Fifty-first and Fifty-second Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel John G. Hall.


Strahl's brigade.

Brigadier-General O. F. Strahl.

Fourth and Fifth Tennessee, Colonel J. J. Lamb.

Nineteenth Tennessee, Colonel F. M. Walker.

Twenty-fourth Tennessee, Colonel J. A. Wilson.

Thirty-first Tennessee, Colonel E. E. Tansil.

Thirty-third Tennessee,—— ——


Major Malanchton Smith.

Carnes's (Tennessee) Battery, Captain W. W. Carnes.

Scogin's (Georgia) Battery, Captain John Scogin.

Scott's (Tennessee) Battery, Lieutenants J. H. Marsh and A. T. Watson.

Smith's (Mississippi) Battery, Lieutenant William B. Turner.

Stanford's Battery, Captain T. J. Stanford.

Hill's corps.

Lieutenant-General Daniel H. Hill.

Cleburnes's division.

Major-General P. R. Cleburne.

Wood's brigade.

Brigadier-General S. A. M. Wood.

Sixteenth Alabama, Major J. H. McGaughy and Captain F. A. Ashford.

Thirty-third Alabama, Colonel Samuel Adams.

Forty-fifth Alabama, Colonel E. B. Breedlove.

Eighteenth Alabama Battalion, Major J. H. Gibson and Colonel Samuel Adams.(4

Thirty-second and Forty-fifth Mississippi, Colonel M. P. Lowrey.

Sharpshooters, Major A. T. Hawkins and Captain Daniel Coleman.

Polk's brigade.

Brigadier-General L. E. Polk.

First Arkansas, Colonel J. W. Colquitt.

Third and Fifth Confederate, Colonel J. A. Smith.

Second Tennessee, Colonel W. D. Robison.

Thirty-fifth Tennessee, Colonel B. J. Hill.

Forty-eighth Tennessee, Colonel G. H. Nixon.


Deshler's brigade.

Brigadier-General James Deshler-Colonel R. Q. Mills.

Nineteenth and Twenty-fourth Arkansas, Lieutenant-Colonel A. S. Hutchinson.

Sixth, Tenth, and Fifteenth(5) Texas, Colonel R. Q. Mills and Lieutenant-Colonel T. Scott Anderson. Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Twenty-fourth, and Twenty-fifth Texas,(6) Colonel F. C. Wilkes, Lieutenant. Colonel John T. Coit, and Major W. A. Taylor.


Major T. R. Hotchkiss-Captain H. C. Semple.

Calvert's Battery, Lieutenant Thomas J. Key.

Douglas's Battery, Captain J. P. Douglas.

Semple's Battery, Captain H. C. Semple and Lieutenant R. W. Goldthwaite.

Breckinridges division.

Major-General John C. Breckinridge.

Helm's brigade.

Brigadier-General Benjamin Hardin HelmColonel J. H. Lewis.

Forty-first Alabama, Colonel M. L. Stansel.

Second Kentucky, Colonel J. W. Hewitt and Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Moss.

Fourth Kentucky, Colonel Joseph P. Nuckols, Jr., and Major T. W. Thompson.

Sixth Kentucky, Colonel J. H. Lewis and Lieutenant-Colonel M. H. Cofer.

Ninth Kentucky, Colonel J. W. Caldwell and Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Wickliffe.

Adams's brigade.

Brigadier-General Daniel W. Adams-Colonel R. L. Gibson.

Thirty-second Alabama, Major J. C. Kimbell.

Thirteenth and Twentieth Louisiana, Colonels R. L. Gibson and Leon von Zinken and Captain E. M. Dubroca.

Sixteenth and Twenty-fifth Louisiana, Colonel D. Gober.

Nineteenth Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Turner, Major L. Butler, and Captain H. A. Kennedy.

Fourteenth Louisiana Battalion, Major J. E. Austin.


Stovall's brigade.

Brigadier-General M. A. Stovall.

First and Third Florida, Colonel W. S. Dilworth.

Fourth Florida, Colonel W. L. L. Bowen.

Forty-seventh Georgia, Captains William S. Phillips and Joseph S. Cone.

Sixtieth North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Ray and Captain J. T. Weaver.


Major R. E. Graves.

Cobb's Battery, Captain Robert Cobb.

Mebane's Battery, Captain John W. Mebane.

Slocomb's Battery, Captain C. H. Slocomb.

Reserve corps.

Major-General W. H. T. Walker.

Walker's division.

Brigadier-General S. R. Gist.

Gist's brigade.

Brigadier-General S. R. Gist.

Colonel P. H. Colquitt.

Lieutenant-Colonel L. Napier.

Forty-sixth Georgia, Colonel P. H. Colquitt and Major A. M. Speer.

Eighth Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel L. Napier.

Sixteenth South Carolina,(7) Colonel J. McCullough.

Twenty-fourth South Carolina, Colonel C. H. Stevens and Lieutenant-Colonel E. Capers.

Wilsan's brigade.

Colonel C. C. Wilson.

Twenty-fifth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel A. J. Williams.

Twenty-ninth Georgia, Lieutenant G. R. McRae.

Thirtieth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel J. S. Boynton.

First Georgia Battalion (S. S.),—— ——

Fourth Louisiana Battalion,—— ——


Ector's brigade.

Brigadier-General M. D. Ector.

Stone's Alabama Battalion.

Pound's Mississippi Battalion.

Twenty-ninth North Carolina.

Ninth Texas.

Tenth, Fourteenth and Thirty-Second Texas Cavalry. (8


Ferguson's Battalion, (9) Lieutenant R. T. Beauregard.

Martin's Battery,—— ——

Liddell's division.

Brigadier-General St. John R. Liddell.

Liddell's brigade.

Colonel D. C. Govan.

Second and Fifteenth Arkansas, Lieutenant-Colonel R. T. Harvey and Captain A. T. Meek.

Fifth and Thirteenth Arkansas, Colonel L. Featherston and Lieutenant-Colonel John E. Murray.

Sixth and Seventh Arkansas, Colonel D. A. Gillespie and Lieutenant-Colonel P. Snyder.

Eighth Arkansas, Lieutenant-Colonel G. F. Baucum and Major A. Watkins.

First Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel G. F. Baucum and Major A. Watkins.

Wallhall's brigade.

Brigadier-General E. C. Walthall.

Twenty-fourth Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel R. P. McKelvaine, Major W. C. Staples, and Captains B. F. Toomer and J. D. Smith.

Twenty-seventh Mississippi, Colonel James A. Campbell.

Twenty-ninth Mississippi, Colonel W. F. Brantly.

Thirtieth Mississippi, Colonel J. I. Scales, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh A. Reynolds, and Major J. M. Johnson.

Thirty-fourth Mississippi,(10) Major W. G. Pegram, Captain H. J. [151]

Bowen, Lieutenant-Colonel H. A. Reynolds,(11) and —— ——(?)


Captain Charles Swett.

Fowler's Battery, Captain W. H. Fowler.

Warren Light Artillery, Lieutenant H. Shannon.

Left wing.

Lieutenant-General James Longstreet.

Hindman's division. 12

Major-General T. C. Hindman.

Brigadier-General J. Patton Anderson.

Anderson's brigade.

Brigadier-General 1. Patton Anderson.

Colonel J. H. Sharp.

Seventh Mississippi, Colonel W. H. Bishop.

Ninth Mississippi, Major T. H. Lynam.

Tenth Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel James Barr.

Forty-first Mississippi, Colonel W. F. Tucker.

Forty-fourth Mississippi, Colonel J. H. Sharp and Lieutenant-Colonel R. G. Kelsey.

Ninth Mississippi Battalion (S. S.), Major W. C. Richards.

Garrity's Battery, Captain J. Garrity.

Deas's brigade.

Brigadier-General Z. C. Deas.

Nineteenth Alabama, Colonel S. K. McSpadden.

Twenty-second Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel John Weedon and Captain H. T. Toulmin.

Twenty-fifth Alabama, Colonel George D. Johnston.

Thirty-ninth Alabama, Colonel W. Clark.

Fiftieth Alabama, Colonel J. G. Coltart.

Seventeenth Alabama Battalion (S. S.), Captain James F. Nabers.

Robertson's Battery, Lieutenant S. H. Dent.


Manigault's brigade.

Brigadier-General A. M. Manigault.

Twenty-fourth Alabama, Colonel N. N. Davis.

Twenty-eighth Alabama, Colonel John C. Reid.

Thirty-fourth Alabama, Major J. N. Slaughter.

Tenth and Nineteenth South Carolina, Colonel James F. Pressley.

Waters's Battery, Lieutenants Charles W. Watkins and George D. Turner.

Buckner's corps.

Major-General Simon B. Buckner.

Stewarts division.

Major-General Alexander P. Stewart.

Johnson's brigade.13

Brigadier-General B. R. Johnson.

Colonel J. S. Fulton.

Seventeenth Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel Watt W. Floyd.

Twenty-third Tennessee, Colonel R. H. Keeble.

Twenty-fifth Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel R. B. Snowden. Forty-Fourth Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. McEwen, Jr., and Major G. M. Crawford.

Bale's brigade.

Brigadier-General W. B. Bate.

Fifty-eighth Alabama, Colonel Bushrod Jones.

Thirty-seventh Georgia, Colonel A. F. Rudler and Lieutenant-Colonel J. T. Smith.

Fourth Georgia Battalion (sharpshooters), Major T. D. Caswell, Captain B. M. Turner, and Lieutenant Joel Towers.

Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee, Colonel R. C. Tyler, Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. Frayser, and Captain R. M. Tankesley.

Twentieth Tennessee, Colonel T. B. Smith and Major W. M. Shy.

Brown's brigade.

Brigadier-General J. C. Brown.

Colonel Edmund C. Cook.

Eighteenth Tennessee, Colonel J. B. Palmer, Lieutenant-Colonel W. R. Butler, and Captain Gideon H. Lowe. [153]

Twenty-sixth Tennessee, Colonel J. M. Lillard and Major R. M. Saffell.

Thirty-second Tennessee, Colonel E. C. Cook and Captain C. G. Tucker.

Forty-fifth Tennessee, Colonel A. Searcy.

Twenty-third Tennessee Battalion, Major T. W. Newman and Captain W. P. Simpson.

Clayton's brigade.

Brigadier-General H. D. Clayton.

Eighteenth Alabama, Colonel J. T. Holtzclaw, Lieutenant-Colonel R. F. Inge, and Major P. F. Hunley.

Thirty-sixth Alabama, Colonel L. T. Woodruff.

Thirty-eighth Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel A. R. Lankford.


Major J. W. Eldridge.

First Arkansas Battery, Captain J. T. Humphreys.

T. H. Dawson's Battery, Lieutenant R. W. Anderson.

Eufaula Artillery, Captain McD. Oliver.

Ninth Georgia Artillery Battalion, Company E, Lieutenant W. S. Everett.

Preston's division.

Brigadier-General William Preston.

Gracie's brigade.

Brigadier General A. Gracie, Jr.

Forty-third Alabama, Colonel Y. M. Moody.

First Alabama Battalion,(14) Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Holt and Captain G. W. Huguley.

Second Alabama Battallion,(15) Lieutenant-Colonel B. Hall, Jr., and Captain W. D. Walden.

Third Alabama Battalion,(16) Major J W. A. Sanford.

Fourth Alabama Battalion,(17) Major J. D. McLennan.

Sixty-third Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel A. Fulkerson and Major John A. Aiken.


Trigg's brigade.

Colonel R. C. Trigg.

First Florida Cavalry,(18) Colonel G. T. Maxwell.

Sixth Florida, Colonel J. J. Finley.

Seventh Florida, Colonel R. Bullock.

Fifty-fourth Virginia, Lieutenant-Colonel John J. Wade.

Third brigade.

Colonel J. H. Kelly.

Sixty-fifty Georgia, Colonel R. H. Moore.

Fifth Kentucky, Colonel H. Hawkins.

Fifty-eighth North Carolina, Colonel J. B. Palmer.

Sixty-third Virginia, Major J. M. French

Artillery Battalion.

Major A. Leyden.

Jeffress's Battery.

Peeples's Battery.

Wolihin's Battery.

York's Battery.

Reserve corps Artillery.

Major S. C. Williams.

Baxter's Battery.

Darden's Battery.

Kolb's Battery.

McCants's Battery.

Johnson's division. 19

Brigadier-General Bushrod R. Johnson.

Gregg's brigade.

Brigadier-General John Gregg.

Colonel C. A. Sugg.

Third Tennessee, Colonel C. H. Walker.

Tenth Tennessee, Colonel William Grace.

Thirtieth Tennessee,—— —— [155]

Forty-first Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel J. D. Tillman.

Fiftieth Tennessee, Colonel C. A. Sugg, Lieutenant-Colonel T. W. Beaumont, Major C. W. Robertson, and Colonel C. H. Walker.(20

First Tennessee Battalion, Majors S. H. Colms and C. W. Robertson.(21

Seventh Texas, Major K. M. Vanzandt.

Bledsoe's (Mo.) Battery, Lieutenant R. L. Wood.

McNair's brigade.

Brigadier-General E. McNair.

Colonel D. Coleman.

First Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Colonel Robert W. Harper.

Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Colonel James A. Williamson.

Twenty-fifth Arkansas, Lieutenant-Colonel Eli Hufstedler.

Fourth and Thirty-first Arkansas Infantry and Fourth Arkansas Battalion (consolidated), Major J. A. Ross.

Thirty-ninth North Carolina, Colonel D. Coleman.

Culpeper's (S. C.) Battalion, Captain J. F. Culpeper.

Longstreet's corps.22

Major-General John B. Hood.

McLaws' division.

Brigadier-General J. B. Kershaw.

Major-General Lafayette McLaws.

Kershaw's brigade.

Brigadier-General J. B. Kershaw.

Second South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel F. Gaillard.

Third South Carolina, Colonel J. D. Nance.

Seventh South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel Elbert Bland, Major J. S. Hard, and Captain E. J. Goggans.

Eighth South Carolina, Colonel J. W. Henagan.

Fifteenth South Carolina, Colonel Joseph F. Gist.

Third South Carolina Battalion, Captain J. M. Townsend.


Wofford's brigade.23

Brigadier-General W. T. Wofford.

Sixteenth Georgia.

Eighteenth Georgia.

Twenty-fourth Georgia.

Third Georgia Battalion (sharpshooters).

Cobb's (Georgia) Legion.

Phillips's (Georgia) Legion.

Humphreys's brigade.

Brigadier-General B. G. Humphreys.

Thirteenth Mississippi.

Seventeenth Mississippi.

Eighteenth Mississippi.

Twenty-first Mississippi.

Bryan's brigade.24

Brigadier-General Goode Bryan.

Tenth Georgia.

Fiftieth Georgia.

Fifty-first Georgia.

Fifty-third Georgia.

Hood's division.

Major-General John B. Hood.

Brigadier-General E. M. Law.

Jenkins's brigade.25

Brigadier-General M. Jenkins.

First South Carolina.

Second South Carolina Rifles.

Fifth South Carolina.

Sixth South Carolina.

Hampton Legion.

Palmetto Sharpshooters.


Law's brigade.

Brigadier-General E. M. LawColonel J. L. Sheffield.

Fourth Alabama.

Fifteenth Alabama, Colonel W. C. Oates.

Forty-fourth Alabama.

Forty-seventh Alabama.

Forty-eighth Alabama.

Robertson's brigade.26

Brigadier-General J. B. Robertson-Colonel Van H. Manning.

Third Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning.

First Texas, Captain R. J. Harding.

Fourth Texas, Colonel John P. Bane and Captain R. H. Bassett.

Fifth Texas, Major J. C. Rogers and Captains J. S. Cleveland and T. T. Clay.

Anderson's brigade.27

Brigadier-General George T. Anderson.

Seventh Georgia.

Eighth Georgia.

Ninth Georgia.

Eleventh Georgia.

Fifty-ninth Georgia.

Benning's brigade.

Brigadier-General H. L. Benning.

Second Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel William S. Shepherd and Major W. W. Charlton.

Fifteenth Georgia, Colonel D. M. DuBose and Major P. J. Shannon.

Seventeenth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles W. Matthews.

Twentieth Georgia, Colonel J. D. Waddell.

Corps Artillery.28

Colonel E. Porter Alexander.

Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery.

Jordan's (Virginia) Battery.

Moody's (Louisiana) Battery.

Parker's (Virginia) Battery.

Taylor's (Virginia) Battery.

Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery.


Reserve Artillery army of Tennessee.

Major Felix H. Robertson.

Barret's (Missouri) Battery.

Le Gardeur's (Louisiana) Battery.(29

Havis's (Alabama) Battery.

Lumsden's (Alabama) Battery.

Massenburg's (Georgia) Battery.


Major-General Joseph Wheeler.

Wharton's division.

Brigadier-General John A. Wharton.

First brigade.

Colonel C. C. Crews.

Seventh Alabama.

Second Georgia.

Third Georgia.

Fourth Georgia, Colonel I. W. Avery.

Second brigade.

Colonel T. Harrison.

Third Confederate, Colonel W. N. Estes.

First Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Griffith.

Fourth Tennessee, Colonel Paul F. Anderson.

Eighth Texas.

Eleventh Texas.

White's (Georgia) Battery.

Martin's division.

Brigadier-General W. T. Martin.

First brigade.

Colonel J. T. Morgan.

First Alabama.

Third Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel T. H. Mauldin. [159]

Fifty-First Alabama.

Eighth Confederate.

Second brigade.

Colonel A. A. Russell.

Fourth Alabama.(31

First Confederate, Colonel W. B. Wade.

Wiggins's (Arkansas) Battery.

Roddey's brigade.

Brigadier-General P. D. Roddey.

Fourth Alabama,(32) Lieutenant-Colonel William A. Johnson.

Fifth Alabama.

Fifty-Third Alabama.

Forrest's (Tennessee) Regiment.

Ferrell's (Georgia) Battery.

Forrest's corps.

Brigadier-General N. B. Forrest.

Armstrong's division.33

Brigadier-General F. C. Armstrong.

Armstrong's brigade.

Colonel J. T. Wheeler.

Third Arkansas.

First Tennessee.

Eighteenth Tennessee Battalion, Major Charles McDonald.

Forrest's brigade.

Colonel G. G. Dibrell.

Fourth Tennessee, Colonel W. S. McLemore.

Eighth Tennessee, Captain Hamilton McGinnis.

Ninth Tennessee, Colonel J. B. Biffle.

Tenth Tennessee, Colonel N. N. Cox.

Eleventh Tennessee, Colonel D. W. Holman.

Shaw's (or Hamilton's) Battalion(?), Major J. Shaw. [160]

Freeman's (Tennessee) Battery, Captain A. L. Huggins.

Morton's (Tennessee) Battery, Captain John W. Morton.

Pegram's division.34

Brigadier-General John Pegram.

Davidson's brigade.

Brigadier-General H. B. Davidson.

First Georgia.

Sixth Georgia, Colonel John R. Hart.

Sixth North Carolina.

Rucker's Legion.

Huwald's (Tennessee) Battery.

Scott's brigade.

Colonel J. S. Scott.

Tenth Confederate, Colonel C. T. Goode.

Detachment of Morgan's command, Lieutenant-Colonel R. M. Martin.

First Louisiana.

Second Tennessee.

Fifth Tennessee.

Twelfth Tennessee Battalion.

Sixteenth Tennessee Battalion, Captain J. Q. Arnold.

Louisiana Battery, (one section.)

1 compiled from the reports when not otherwise indicated.

2 of Polk's corps.

3 Composed of two companies from the Eleventh Tennessee, two from the Twelfth and Forty-seventh (consolidated), and one from the One Hundredth and Fifty-fourth Senior Tennessee.

4 Thirty third Alabama.

5 Thirty-third Alabama.

6 Thirty-third Alabama.

7 Not engaged; at Rome.

8 Serving as infantry.

9 Not engaged; at Rome.

10 Thirty-fourth Mississippi had four commanders at Chickamauga.

11 Thirtieth Mississippi.

12 of Polk's corps.

13 part of Johnson's provisional division.

14 Hilliard's Legion.

15 Hilliard's Legion.

16 Hilliard's Legion.

17 Artillery Battalion, Hilliard's Legion.

18 Dismounted.

19 a provisional organization, embracing Johnson's and part of the time Robertson's brigades, as well as Gregg's and McNair's. September 19th attached to Longstreet's corps, under Major-General Hood.

20 Third Tennessee.

21 Fiftieth Tennessee.

22 army of Northern Virginia. Organization taken from return of that army for August 31, 1863. Pickett's division was left in Virginia.

23 Longstreet's report indicates that these brigades did not arrive in time to take part in the battle.

24 did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Jenkins's brigade assigned to the division September 11th, 1863.

25 did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Jenkins's brigade assigned to the division September 11th, 1863.

26 served part of the time in Johnson's provisional division.

27 did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Jenkins's brigade assigned to the division September 11, 1863.

28 did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Jenkins's brigade assigned to the division September 11, 1863.

29 Not mentioned in the reports, but in Reserve Artillery August 31st, and Captain Le Gardeur, &c., relieved from duty in Army of Tennessee November 1st, 1863.

30 from return of August 31st, 1863, and reports.

31 Two regiments of the same designation. Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson commanded that in Roddey's brigade.

32 Two regiments of the same designation. Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson commanded that in Roddey's brigade.

33 from return for August 31st, 1863, and reports.

34 taken from Pegram's and Scott's reports and assignments, but the composition of this division is uncertain.

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Y. M. Moody (2)
R. Q. Mills (2)
John W. Mebane (2)
Lafayette McLaws (2)
W. T. Martin (2)
R. M. Martin (2)
Van H. Manning (2)
A. M. Manigault (2)
George Maney (2)
J. H. Lewis (2)
B. R. Johnson (2)
J. T. Humphreys (2)
T. C. Hindman (2)
Daniel H. Hill (2)
Benjamin Hardin Helm (2)
A. Gracie (2)
R. L. Gibson (2)
J. Garrity (2)
Le Gardeur (2)
W. H. Fowler (2)
M. D. Ector (2)
James Deshler (2)
Z. C. Deas (2)
J. W. Dawson (2)
H. B. Davidson (2)
Edmund C. Cook (2)
P. H. Colquitt (2)
H. D. Clayton (2)
B. F. Cheatham (2)
W. W. Carnes (2)
Simon B. Buckner (2)
Goode Bryan (2)
W. L. L. Bowen (2)
H. L. Benning (2)
G. F. Baucum (2)
R. W. Anderson (2)
J. Patton Anderson (2)
Von Zinken (1)
Woolfolk (1)
L. T. Woodruff (1)
R. L. Wood (1)
Wolihin (1)
John A. Wilson (1)
C. C. Wilson (1)
Wilsan (1)
James A. Williamson (1)
S. C. Williams (1)
A. J. Williams (1)
J. C. Wilkinson (1)
F. C. Wilkes (1)
Wiggins (1)
J. C. Wickliffe (1)
R. H. Whiteley (1)
Jack White (1)
Joseph Wheeler (1)
J. T. Wheeler (1)
John Weedon (1)
J. T. Weaver (1)
A. T. Watson (1)
W. M. Watkins (1)
Charles W. Watkins (1)
Waters (1)
E. T. H. Warren (1)
E. C. Walthall (1)
Wallhall (1)
F. M. Walker (1)
W. D. Walden (1)
W. B. Wade (1)
John J. Wade (1)
J. D. Waddell (1)
K. M. Vanzandt (1)
R. C. Tyler (1)
William B. Turner (1)
R. W. Turner (1)
George D. Turner (1)
B. M. Turner (1)
W. F. Tucker (1)
C. G. Tucker (1)
J. M. Townsend (1)
Joel Towers (1)
H. T. Toulmin (1)
B. F. Toomer (1)
J. D. Tillman (1)
T. W. Thompson (1)
E. E. Tansil (1)
R. M. Tankesley (1)
W. L. Sykes (1)
Charles Swett (1)
J. M. Stone (1)
Stewarts (1)
Alexander P. Stewart (1)
Henry K. Stevens (1)
W. C. Staples (1)
S. S. Stanton (1)
M. L. Stansel (1)
T. J. Stanford (1)
Major A. M. Speer (1)
P. Snyder (1)
R. B. Snowden (1)
T. B. Smith (1)
Preston Smith (1)
N. H. Smith (1)
J. T. Smith (1)
J. D. Smith (1)
J. A. Smith (1)
J. N. Slaughter (1)
W. P. Simpson (1)
W. M. Shy (1)
William S. Shepherd (1)
J. L. Sheffield (1)
P. J. Shannon (1)
H. Shannon (1)
A. Searcy (1)
J. I. Scales (1)
W. A. Sanford (1)
R. M. Saffell (1)
A. A. Russell (1)
A. F. Rudler (1)
Rucker (1)
J. A. Ross (1)
J. C. Rogers (1)
W. D. Robison (1)
J. B. Robertson (1)
Felix H. Robertson (1)
W. C. Richards (1)
Horace Rice (1)
John C. Reid (1)
J. M. Ray (1)
James F. Pressley (1)
Pound (1)
George C. Porter (1)
R. W. Pitman (1)
C. Pickett (1)
John Pegram (1)
Peeples (1)
Niles G. Parker (1)
Oliver (1)
W. C. Oates (1)
Joseph P. Nuckols (1)
G. H. Nixon (1)
T. W. Newman (1)
J. D. Nance (1)
James F. Nabers (1)
Murry (1)
John E. Murray (1)
J. W. Moss (1)
R. H. Moore (1)
T. M. Merritt (1)
A. T. Meek (1)
S. K. McSpadden (1)
G. R. McRae (1)
J. A. McMurry (1)
J. D. McLennan (1)
W. S. McLemore (1)
R. P. McKelvaine (1)
Hamilton McGinnis (1)
J. H. McGaughy (1)
J. L. McEwen (1)
Charles McDonald (1)
J. McD (1)
J. McCullough (1)
McCants (1)
G. T. Maxwell (1)
T. H. Mauldin (1)
Charles W. Matthews (1)
J. H. Marsh (1)
Frank Maney (1)
T. H. Lynam (1)
Lumsden (1)
M. P. Lowrey (1)
Gideon H. Lowe (1)
J. M. Lillard (1)
A. Leyden (1)
R. N. Lewis (1)
Leon (1)
A. R. Lankford (1)
J. J. Lamb (1)
Kolb (1)
J. C. Kimbell (1)
Thomas J. Key (1)
H. A. Kennedy (1)
R. G. Kelsey (1)
J. H. Kelly (1)
R. H. Keeble (1)
John T. Jordan (1)
Bushrod Jones (1)
George D. Johnston (1)
William A. Johnson (1)
Jeffress (1)
John K. Jackson (1)
R. F. Inge (1)
Huwald (1)
A. S. Hutchinson (1)
P. F. Hunley (1)
B. G. Humphreys (1)
G. W. Huguley (1)
A. L. Huggins (1)
Eli Hufstedler (1)
T. R. Hotchkiss (1)
J. T. Holtzclaw (1)
J. H. Holt (1)
D. W. Holman (1)
B. J. Hill (1)
J. W. Hewitt (1)
J. B. Herring (1)
J. W. Henagan (1)
H. Hawkins (1)
A. T. Hawkins (1)
Havis (1)
R. T. Harvey (1)
John R. Hart (1)
T. Harrison (1)
Robert W. Harper (1)
R. J. Harding (1)
J. S. Hard (1)
John G. Hall (1)
B. Hall (1)
J. W. Griffith (1)
William Green (1)
R. E. Graves (1)
William Grace (1)
D. C. Govan (1)
G. W. Gordor (1)
J. C. Gordon (1)
C. T. Goode (1)
R. W. Goldthwaite (1)
E. J. Goggans (1)
D. Gober (1)
Joseph F. Gist (1)
D. A. Gillespie (1)
J. H. Gibson (1)
F. Gaillard (1)
J. S. Fulton (1)
A. Fulkerson (1)
J. M. French (1)
Freeman (1)
R. D. Frayser (1)
Watt W. Floyd (1)
J. J. Finley (1)
Fickling (1)
Ferrell (1)
Ferguson (1)
H. R. Feild (1)
L. Featherston (1)
W. S. Everett (1)
W. N. Estes (1)
J. W. Eldridge (1)
E. M. Dubroca (1)
D. M. DuBose (1)
J. P. Douglas (1)
D. M. Donnell (1)
W. S. Dilworth (1)
G. G. Dibrell (1)
S. H. Dent (1)
T. H. Dawson (1)
N. N. Davis (1)
Darden (1)
C. P. Daniel (1)
J. F. Culpeper (1)
C. C. Crews (1)
G. M. Crawford (1)
N. N. Cox (1)
Joseph S. Cone (1)
J. G. Coltart (1)
J. W. Colquitt (1)
S. H. Colms (1)
John T. Coit (1)
M. H. Cofer (1)
J. S. Cleveland (1)
Cleburnes (1)
P. R. Cleburne (1)
T. T. Clay (1)
W. Clark (1)
W. W. Charlton (1)
T. D. Caswell (1)
J. C. Carter (1)
Ellison Capers (1)
James A. Campbell (1)
J. W. Caldwell (1)
W. R. Butler (1)
L. Butler (1)
R. Bullock (1)
John C. Brown (1)
J. C. Brown (1)
E. B. Breedlove (1)
Breckinridges (1)
John C. Breckinridge (1)
W. F. Brantly (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
O. A. Bradshaw (1)
J. S. Boynton (1)
J. Bostick (1)
Bledsoe (1)
Elbert Bland (1)
W. H. Bishop (1)
J. B. Biffle (1)
R. T. Beauregard (1)
T. W. Beaumont (1)
W. B. Bate (1)
R. H. Bassett (1)
Barret (1)
James Barr (1)
John P. Bane (1)
Bale (1)
I. W. Avery (1)
J. E. Austin (1)
F. A. Ashford (1)
J. Q. Arnold (1)
T. Scott Anderson (1)
Paul F. Anderson (1)
Patton Anderson (1)
John H. Anderson (1)
George T. Anderson (1)
E. Porter Alexander (1)
John A. Aiken (1)
Daniel W. Adams (1)
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