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Brady, Major A. G., 117.

Branch House, The, 4.

Broadbent, Capt., Wallace, 8, 37.

Brown, Major, Thos. L., 388.

Butts, Emmet, Death of, 9.

Cabell, Major J. R.. 65.

Camp Morton, Horrors of, 327.

Carpenter. Lt. J. H., on Johnson's Island, 429.

Cedar Creek, Battle of, 252.

Chancellorsville Campaign, Report of Gen. S. D. Ramseur, 231.

Chandler, Lt., Death of, 20.

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Chickamauga, Battle of, 263.

Christmas, 1864-65, A soldier's, 283

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C. H., 120; Helena, Ark., 260; at Jackson, Miss., 293; at Fredericksburg, Va., 397; Distinguished in 1890-91, 92.

Confederate Soldier, Tribute to the, 251, 272; as a citizen, 308; Devotion of, 413.

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Confederate Veterans, United, 2d Anniversary of organization of, 289;

Committee of to aid the indigent, 291.

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Fry, Col., Joshua, 287.

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Gregg, Fort, Real Defenders of, 71.

Hale, Jr., Capt. E. J.. 410.

Hamlin. Lt., Death of, 20.

Hammond, Capt., Wm.. 342.

Hampton, Gen., Wade, commends the purchase of the Townsend Library, 384.

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Hayes, Mrs., Margaret, 297.

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Henderson, Gen. R. J., Death of, 94.

Hinton. Capt. Drury A., 8.

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Holcombe, Lt., 387

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Indians as Soldiers, 18.

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Jones' Farm, Battle of. 411.

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McMaster, Col. F. W., 36

McRae. Gen. Wm., 325.

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McClellan, 65; Gen. Couch, 66; Gen. Early, 69.

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Maryland. Invasion of, 83.

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President of the Southern Historical Society, 352.

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Patton, Gov. John M., 327.

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Pegram's Battalion of Artillery, 35.

Pegram. Col. Wm., his ardor and courage, 72.

Petersburg, Va., Battles Around, in 1864, 41.

Picheret, Rev. Father H. A., Impressive

Prayer by, 295.

Pike, Gen., Albert, Death of, 94. [439]

Pitcher, Gen. James A., 48.

Pleasants. Lt.-Col. Henry 23.

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Rebel The first, in North America, 262; an honorable name, 402.

Richmond Grays, 16.

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Robins, Lt. Logan S., 431.

Robinson, Capt. C C., 430.

Rogers, Col., Geo. T., 7.

Sacry Joe, 6.

Saunders' Alabama Brigade, 18.

Saunders, Col. Wm. L , Death of, 94.

Schiebert, Major J., his vindication of the

South, review of articles and works of, 422.

Scurry, Col. W. R., Report of. 318

Sentinel Song, by Mrs. Luther Manship, 312 Seven Pines, Gen. J. E. Johnston's report of battle of, 182.

Sheridan's devastation of the Valley of Virginia. 90.

Showell Mrs. Margaret Letcher, 393

Slave trade, Interest of New England in the, 219.

Smith, Adjutant Hugh R , 9.

Smith, Hon. J. M., Death of, 94.

Smith, D. D., Rev. James P., Remarks of, 146

Sons of Confederate Veterans, an address by Col. C. C. Jones, Jr.. 92.

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South, The, vindicated, eloquent characterization of her people by Hon. E. C. Walthall, 304; disparity of her armies with those of the North. 306.

Southern Historical Society, Origin and history of, 349; seal of the. 365.

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Tayleure, Sergeant W. W., 13.

Taylor, Lieut. W. A. A.. 7

Temperance tempest, The, 41.

‘The Truth of History,’ by Gen. James H. Lane, 71, 78.

Thomas, Col. H. G., his article ‘The colored Troops at Petersburg,’ 26.

Thompson, Major, James. Death of. 283.

Townsend Library, The, formed by Thomas

T. Townsend, its purchase by Congress recommended. 382.

Turner, Adjutant John R., 12.

Tyler, Hon. Lyon G., 364.

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United States Naval Records office, 364.

United States War Records office, 364.

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Walker's Nicaragua Expedition, 287.

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Walker, Dr., Thomas, The Kentucky pioneer, 288.

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War for Southern Independence, Causes of the, 221; History of the, 382.

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Weisiger. Gen D. A., 7 36.

Wilcox, Gen. C. M., Injustice to, 77: Mentioned, 417; Death of, 94.

Wilcox Farm, 4, 21.

Wilderness, Battle of the, 241.

Williams, Col., Sol, 344.

Williamsburg, Va., Junior Guard, Roll of 275.

Winchester, Battle of, 247.

Winston, Col. J. R., 430.

Wise. Henry A. 42.

Women of the South, Characterization of, by Joel Chandler Harris, 247.

Wooton, Major. 418.

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Wright's Battery, 17.

Wright, Gen. Marcus J., 364.

Young, Col. Casey, Address by on Gen. J. E. Johnston, 208.

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W. H. Powell (1)
Leonidas Polk (1)
Charles Poindexter (1)
Henry Pleasants (1)
Pitcher (1)
Albert Pike (1)
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Josiah Patterson (1)
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McClellan (1)
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Dabney H. Maury (1)
Thomas Francis Marshall (1)
Marcus (1)
William Mahone (1)
Lyon (1)
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Wm Lovenstein (1)
Armistead Lindsay Long (1)
George W. Logan (1)
Charles T. Loehr (1)
C. T. Loehr (1)
H. B. Littlepage (1)
Margaret Letcher (1)
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James K. Lee (1)
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Ledlie (1)
George L. Kilmer (1)
Robert Cobb Kennedy (1)
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Wm Hammond (1)
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George (1)
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Burkett Davenport Fry (1)
Daniel G. Fowle (1)
Henry W. Flournoy (1)
Luke W. Finlay (1)
T. E. Fell (1)
W. S. Featherstone (1)
Father (1)
Everard (1)
William H. Etheridge (1)
J. Taylor Ellyson (1)
D. D. Edwards (1)
E. C. Edmonds (1)
T. B. Edgington (1)
Jubal A. Early (1)
Drury (1)
Thos Drayton (1)
A. G. Dickinson (1)
Winnie Davis (1)
William H. Davis (1)
T. Herbert Davis (1)
John W. Daniel (1)
J. R. J. Daniel (1)
W. E. Cutshaw (1)
William Peter Crawford (1)
Thomas Corwin (1)
C. F. Collin (1)
Thomas R. R. Cobb (1)
Coaghenson (1)
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A. G. Brady (1)
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Ker Boyce (1)
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Elias Boudinot (1)
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Courier J. H. Blackmore (1)
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Bartlett (1)
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