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The soldiers' Home, Richmond, Virginia. The origin and history of this noble institution. The roll of inmates.

Some of its Benefactors—its several Buildings—The Management—Legis— lative appropriations.

[From the Richmond Dispatch, November 27, 1892.]

In none of her monuments erected since the war, more than in Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, does Virginia teach the reverence she bears those who stood by her in her hour of sorest trial. None of her monuments speak more eloquently of the cause for which so many of the flower of the South laid down their lives; none of them appeal more powerfully to the generation now upon the stage to cherish the memory of the deeds and sacrifices of their fathers.

The Home is now in better condition financially and in respect of accommodations than it has been since its establishment, and to-day is fulfilling its noble mission more thoroughly than it has ever done. But that is not saying that it is compassing its sphere of possible usefulness. The calculation is that within the next quarter of a century most of the youngest of those who served in the Confederate army will have answered the last roll-call and grounded their arms in the citadel of graves. Yet within the next ten or twelve years the numbers whom exposure and wounds will have incapacitated for work will materially increase, and it follows that any further donations to, or enlargement of the facilities of the Home would be in the line of patriotic duty.

History of the Home.

The inception of the Home and the inception of Lee Camp Confederate Veterans are coeval and their histories run parallel. In March, 1883, seven gentlemen met in this city and informally talked over the matter of raising funds to support a few disabled Confederate veterans whose condition had been brought to their attention. [316] They decided to put an advertisement in the city papers calling upon all Confederate veterans who felt an interest in the matter to assemble on April the 18th following. To this call thirty-eight men responded, and then and there organized Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans. The purpose for which the camp was organized was to take care of needy ex-Confederate soldiers, and no time was lost in giving this purpose practical shape. Captain Charles U. Williams was elected first commander of the camp.

In May, 1883, a bazaar was held in the armory with Mrs. Lewis N. Webb as manager, assisted by about one hundred other ladies, and Colonel H. C. Jones, N. V. Randolph and Colonel J. B. Purcell as a committee from the camp. This enterprise was kept open for nineteen nights and netted $24,000.

The Home opened.

On the 12th of November, 1884, the Home property, consisting of thirty-six acres and an old house, was purchased for $14,000, and on January 1, 1885, the institution was opened, the first inmate being a Mississippi man.

Soon thereafter Mr. Robert I. Fleming, of Washington, at a cost of $2,500, enlarged, improved and remodelled the building on the grounds, and gradually handsome and commodious cottages were built and donated to the Home by Major Lewis Ginter, Hon. W. W. Corcoran, of Washington, Captain A. G. Babcock, Mr. Mark Downey, Mr. James B. Pace, Mr. W. H. Appleton, of New York, and the children of ex-Governor William Smith. In 1888 the board raised by private subscription from the people of Richmond about $5,000, with which they built and furnished the picturesque and and handsome Home chapel. The additional buildings erected by the board, including the mess hall, stable, &c., and the hospital, which last-named was completed this year, cost $35,000.

Situation and surroundings.

The Soldiers' Home is one of the most attractive places about Richmond, and in the summer it is a favorite drive. Located in a grove of original growth, it is, from the road, the picture of restfulness and peace. The cottages and chapel are to the left of the main building as one approaches, and the new hospital to the right, and everything is as neat as a pin. On a nearer inspection, however, the [317] frowning guns upon the lawn and the maimed and battle-scarred veterans carry one back to anything but a scene of peace. Many of the inmates are totally disabled for work of any sort, and all they can do is to fight their battles over. They staked all on the South's great issue and lost all save life. Those who are able to perform physical labor police the grounds and wait upon the sick in the hospital. The entire premises are regularly inspected twice a week.

Since the establishment of the Home it has cared for 484 veterans. In addition to Virginians there have been on the rolls: From New Jersey, 1; South Carolina, 7; Georgia, 2; West Virginia, 5; District of Columbia, 2; Maryland, 3; North Carolina, 5; Florida, 1; Alabama, I; Tennessee, 1; Texas, 1, and Mississippi, 1. As may well be imagined, the number of deaths in proportion to the inmates has been very large.

The present roll.

The present roll embraces one hundred and sixty-six men, and the dates of their admission, their names, and their commands are as follows:

November 22, 1887, William Aldridge, E, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

March 22, 1890, William J. Atkinson, Second Houston. July 26, 1890, R. A. Atkinson, A, Home Guards.

October 2, 1890, Luther R. Ashby, A, Seventeenth Virginia Cavalry.

May 13, 1886, Charles W. Bingley, K, Sixth South Carolina Infantry.

August 3, 1886, George Berry, Courtney Battery.

November 10, 1887, Adam Bodell, G, Thirty-third Virginia Infantry.

June 19, 1888, J. G. Baker, I, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

August 11, 1888, Ignatz Brecheisin, Johnson Battery.

August 15, 1888, Quinfree Bradley, E, Eleventh Virginia Infantry.

August 29, 1888, John M. Brumfield, Fayette Artillery.

August 10, 1889, R. S. Baldwin, Hospital service.

July 29, 1892, R. H. Buchanan, C, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

August 19, 1892, Robert Banks, D, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

June 22, 1885, John H. Conley, G, Eleventh Virginia Infantry. [318]

August 8, 1885, Thomas V. Carr, C, First Virginia Infantry.

May 25, 1886, Frank Carr, Confederates States steamer Patrick Henry.

March 3, 1887, P. R. Cunningham, H, Fifty-eight Virginia Infantry.

November 24, 1887, Robert G. Carrington, A, Fourth Virginia Infantry.

October 28, 1888, Charles W. Cooper, S, Fifth Virginia Infantry.

January 8, 1889, Z. T. Curlew, B. Sixty-first Virginia Infantry.

August 7, 1889, I. G. Crews, F, Eleventh Virginia Infantry.

March 14, 1890, John Carhoni, A, Eighteenth Virginia Infantry.

April 29, 1890, W. W. Caldwell, C, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

August 15, 1892, George B. Carrington, D, Nineteenth Virginia Infantry.

May 25, 1886, Andrew J. Dobbs, H, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

March 16, 1887, Charles C. Been, C, Second Virginia Infantry.

February 17, 1888, Andrew Donnally, Greenbrier Cavalry.

December I, 1891, Thomas Dunn, D, First Virginia Battalion of Infantry.

July 5, 1891, Nat. G. Dickinson, D, Fourteenth Virginia Infantry.

August 27, 1891, C. A. Dupriest, Lunenburg Artillery.

July 18, 1885, W. F. Eads, G, Forty-ninth Virginia Infantry.

July 6, 1888, Joseph Edelin, H, Seventh Virginia Infantry.

August 13, 1889, B. F. Eckles, A, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

March 30, 1892, Luc. W. Edloe, Selden's Battery.

November 3, 1889, W. S. Forester, K, Fifty-fifth Virginia Infantry.

August 9, 1892, J. Ferneyhough, F, Thirteenth Virginia Infantry.

September 24, 1888, Harrison Groves, I, Twenty-seventh Virginia Infantry.

July 28, 1890, D. S. Godsey, D, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry. October 26, 1890, James M. Guest, D, Fifteenth Virginia Infantry.

November 22, 1890, William J. Goodwin, B, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

July 16, 1891, Hobson C. Goodman, Stuart Horse Artillery.

March 16, 1892, L. J. B. Godwin, F, Ninth Virginia Infantry.

June 16, 1892, William P. Green, B, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

June 3, 1885, Charles A. Henry, C, Twenty-second Virginia Infantry.

December 19, 1888, Wash. S. Heath, Fayette Artillery. [319]

May 7, 1891, James E. Heath, F, Fourteenth Virginia Infantry.

July 28, 1891, Richard Harding, A, Thirty-fifth Virginia Cavalry.

March 14, 1892, Samuel L. Holden, C, First Virginia Cavalry.

July 21, 1892, Alpheus H. Hobbs, K, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

July 12, 1886, Alvin L. Jude, A, Fifteenth Virginia Infantry.

August 3, 1889, Henry Jones, Dance's Battery.

March 23, 1892, Stephen C. James, Purcell Battery.

August 10, 1892, Charles R. Jones, C, Fifteenth Virginia Infantry.

November 20, 1885, F. Miaskoski, Able's Florida Battery. July 5, 1886, L. S. King, H, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

October 29, 1891, John E. Kennedy, H, Fourteenth Virginia Infantry.

August 26, 1892, Dennis Kelley, D, Fourth Virginia Cavalry.

August 1, 1887, William M. Lawson, H, First Virginia Infantry.

March 7, 1889, William A. Lewis, Grimes's Battery.

August 3, 1889, William T. Lewis, First Company Howitzers.

January 11, 1890, Joseph Landrum, G, Twenty-sixth Virginia Infantry.

January 20, 1890, Robert H. Leadbetter, Rantaub's Battery.

October 14, 1890, Reuben W. Long, Johnson's Battery.

May 11, 1891, Lem. R. Lansford, F, Sixteenth Virginia Infantry.

October 27, 1891, W. S. Sayard, G, First Virginia Infantry.

March 14, 1892, Joseph W. Little, I, Eighteenth Mississippi Infantry.

March 14, 1892, John F. Lay, Confederate Cavalry.

March 16, 1892, John H. Lentz, E, First Virginia Battalion Infantry.

March 18, 1892, J. W. Lawson, B, Second Virginia Cavalry.

August 15, 1892, Austin C. Lipscombe, Fayette Artillery.

August 19, 1892, Robert R. Lewis, Heavy Artillery.

August 24, 1892, Henry D. Logan, Moorman's Horse Artillery.

August 30, 1892, A. B. Lewis, B, Twenty-fourth Virginia Cavalry.

October 1, 1892, W. H. Lewis, C, Thirty-eighth Virginia Infantry.

October 27, 1892, Robert W. Lilleston, C, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

November 18, 1892, Charles Layton, Confederate States Navy.

August 1, 1886, George T. Mears, H, Sixty-first Virginia Infantry.

December 30, 1887, James McLaren, E, Fifty-sixth Virginia Infantry. [320]

April 3, 1889, Daniel Martin, C, Forty-fourth Virginia Infantry.

July 20, 1889, W. A. Meanley, A, Archer's Battalion of Infantry.

July 20, 1890, John A. McLean, E, Sixty-first Virginia Infantry.

October 1, 1891, S. P. Moseley, E, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry.

November 20, 1891, J. W. Mitchell, I, Forty-eighth Virginia Infantry.

March 9, 1892, George S. Millan, D, Seventeenth Virginia Infantry.

July 16, 1892, John McGowan, C, First Virginia Infantry.

July 20, 1892, Jesse McLain, I, Fifty-eighth Virginia Infantry.

August 5, 1892, Robert McIntire, Pegram's Battery.

September 28, 1892, Jesse S. Markham, Botetourt Battery.

September 28, 1892, J, M. P. Marable, Twentieth Virginia Infantry.

May 23, 1887, S. S. Neale, I, First Virginia Infantry.

June 19, 1887, R. F. Noel, C, Forty-fourth Virginia Infantry.

December 25, 1891, Thomas R. Neale, D, Thirty-sixth Virginia Battalion of Cavalry.

August 1, 1892, Ludwig Noswitz, K, Fifteenth Virginia Infantry.

August 25, 1892, Thomas B. Nolan, E, Third Virginia Infantry.

August 19, 1886, William O'Brien, Carter's Battery.

August 27, 1888, J. J. O'Neil, G, Eighteenth Virginia Infantry.

July 18, 1889, W. C. Orbison, A, Sixth Louisiana Infantry.

July 2, 1890, C. W. Ottman, A, Fifth Louisiana Infantry.

June 27, 1892, Walton Obenshain, I, Eleventh Virginia Infantry.

November 11, 1892, Dannis O'Hare, A, Tenth Virginia Battalion of Infantry.

November 23, 1892, John O'Roark, Rice's Battery.

September 22, 1886, James F. Padgett, A, Twenty-fourth Virginia Cavalry.

November 29, 1888, Charles W. Perkins, Parker's Battery.

July 24, 1889, Patrick Perry, C, Heavy Artillery.

January 30, 1890, E. F. Partram, I, Fourteenth Virginia Infantry.

November 13, 1890, John T. Pegram, Eppes's Company.

November 2, 1891, Thomas W. Pinchback, B, First Virginia Infantry.

November 23, 1892, William E. Perley, A, Nineteenth Virginia Infantry.

November 12, 1891, Patrick Powers, C, First Virginia Battalion of Infantry.

December 10, 1891, M. B. Portiaux, Assistant-Quartermaster. [321]

June 15, 1892, A. J. Perdue, Fayette Artillery.

November 20, 1892, Joel L. Preston, A, Fifty-eighth Virginia Infantry.

September 19, 1889, William H. Quinn, E, Second Virginia Cavalry.

April 10, 1885, C. Roach, Lee Battery.

April 27, 1886, L. D. Robinson, F, Fifth Virginia Cavalry.

May 11, 1886, William Rowles, Johnson's Battery.

September 21, 1886, John Raines, I, Thirtieth Virginia Infantry.

June 24, 1889, Albert G. Robertson, Heavy Artillery.

May 15, 1891, John L. Reid, surgeon Confederate States Army.

December 19, 1891, Samuel Rutherford, B, Thirty-sixth Virginia Infantry.

October 21, 1891, Thomas Rudd, E, Thirty-second Virginia Infantry.

July 29, 1892, John A. Rossen, A, Forty-third Virginia Battalion Cavalry.

July 18, 1885, John Shelton, Pegram's Artillery.

August 25, 1885, Edward Sweeney, D, Fourteenth Tennessee Infantry.

September 15, 1885, F. C. Stainback, A, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

December 9, 1885, Elijah Smith, I, Third Virginia Cavalry.

June 5, 1886, Samuel Stott, A, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

June 27, 1886, F. W. Simmons, F, Thirteenth Virginia Cavalry.

December 21, 1886, Samuel G. Street, C, Tenth Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery.

December 21, 1888, A. E. Sergeant, D, Twenty-third Virginia Infantry.

November 23, 1889, T. A. St. Clair, E, Third Virginia Battallion Infantry.

January 18, 1890, Emil Scholl, Letcher Battery.

July 28, 1890, D. W. Stratton, B, Fourth Virginia Cavalry.

October 20, 1890, H. A. Shifflett, Dance's Battery.

November 15, 1890, John W. Satchfield, Pegram's Battery.

October 30, 1891, Nathan L. Smith, A, Fifty-seventh Virginia Infantry.

April 30, 1892, John C. Sutton, Fayette Artillery.

May 26, 1892, P. P. Slaughter, fourth colonel Fifty-sixth Virginia Infantry. [322]

July 16, 1892, W. Brooke Smith, Assistant-Quartermaster.

November 11, 1892, Edward E. Savage, Carter's Battery.

September 21, 1885, W. M. Taliaferro, E, Second Virginia Cavalry.

November 2, 1887, W. B. Taliaferro, H, Fifth Virginia Infantry.

October 15, 1887, Peter Taft, Confederate States Navy.

July 26, 1888, James M. Taylor, D, Sixth Virginia Infantry.

July 25, 1891, Thomas Taylor, E, Forty-seventh Virginia.

June 25, 1882, George N. Trimyer, G, Fifty-fifth Virginia Infantry.

August 19, 1892, E. B. Tucker, D, Fifty-third Virginia Infantry.

January 18, 1888, Joseph M. White, Morris's Artillery.

April 26, 1886, George W. Wynne, C, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

May 18, 1886, H. C. Willis, B, Twenty-fifth North Carolina Infantry.

May 27, 1887, John E. Warthen, D, Fifty-ninth Virginia Infantry.

December 20, 1887, W. R. Williams, C, Twelfth Virginia Infantry.

December 29, 1888, T. P. Walden, F, Twenty-fifth Virginia Battalion Cavalry.

September 13, 1889, Edward Williams, Confederate States Navy.

October 25, 1890, E. G. Wall, D, Eighteenth Virginia Infantry.

November 9, 1891, Wilson White, F, Third Virginia Infantry.

November 17, 1891, James W. Wall, C, Thirty-sixth Virginia Infantry.

December 6, 1891, A. W. Winston, C, Seventh Virginia Infantry.

May 28, 1892, W. E. Wilbourne, C, Fifty-third Virginia Infantry.

At the last meeting of the board seven applications were approved, thus filling up all the present available space in the Home. The board, however, hopes in a few months to have accommodations for two hundred and fifty inmates.

The Management.

The affairs of the Home are administered by a Board of Visitors elected by Lee Camp, to which are added the Governor, the State Treasurer, the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Judge of the Circuit Court of Richmond. The first president of the board was Captain Charles U. Williams, and the first Executive Committee consisted of N. V. Randolph, Colonel J. B. Purcell, and Colonel Henry C. Jones. Captain Williams resigned after serving about a [323] year, and General Fitzhugh Lee succeeded him. General Lee retired about a year before his term as Governor expired, was succeeded by General John R. Cooke, who served until the time of his death, and the next president was Mr. N. V. Randolph, the incumbent.

The present board is as follows: Major N. V. Randolph, president; Lieutenant-Colonel A. L. Phillips, first vice-president; Major T. A. Brander, second vice-president; James B. Pace (president Planters National Bank), treasurer; Captain J. W. Pegram, secretary; Governor P. W. McKinney, A. W. Harman, Colonel Morton Marye, Judge Beverley R. Wellford, Colonel H. C. Jones, General W. H. Payne, Joseph W. Thomas, Colonel Archer Anderson, Major Lewis Ginter, Captain John Maxwell, Joseph B. McKenney, Judge E. C. Minor, Colonel John Murphy, Colonel J. W. White, James T. Gray, Colonel E. P. Reeve, Colonel Hugh R. Smith, Major W. A. Smoot, Captain Washington Taylor, Colonel J. H. Hume, Portsmouth; Colonel D. M. Lee, Fredericksburg; Captain R. M. Booker, Hampton, Virginia; Colonel Alexander W. Archer.

Executive Committee: Major T. A. Brander, Colonel John Murphy, Joseph W. Thomas.

General W. R. Terry.

For some months after the opening of the Home the direct executive officer was Captain James Pollard, the present adjutant. In the latter part of 1885 General William R. Terry was elected superintendent, and has held that position ever since, but on the 8th of November, 1892, owing to physical infirmities resulting from wounds received during the war, tendered his resignation, to take effect January 1st next. General Terry was one of the most gallant officers in the Confederate army. He was born in Liberty, Virginia, in 1827 and educated at the Virginia Military Institute. At the breaking out of the war he entered the service as captain of cavalry, but was soon thereafter promoted to the colonelcy of the Twenty-fourth Virginia regiment. In May, 1864, he was made a brigadier-general and was assigned to the command of Kemper's brigade, the former commander having been desperately and permanently disabled at Gettysburg.


A great sufferer.

After the war General Terry served several terms in the State Senate. He also held the position of the Superintendent of the Penitentiary for some time. He is in the truest sense of the term a battle-scarred veteran, and there is hardly a day of his life that he does not suffer from the effects of his wounds.

The board accepted General Terry's resignation with reluctance, and elected as his successor Captain Charles P. Bigger. This choice is regarded as most fortunate. Captain Bigger was born in this city. and is about fifty-two years of age. He entered the Confederate army at the breaking out of the war, and served gallantly until June, 1864, when, while he was in command of the Richmond Blues, his arm was shattered in an engagement in front of Petersburg and he was relieved. After the war he held for a long time the position of Superintendent of the City Almshouse, in which capacity he displayed great executive ability.

State appropriations.

For the first two years of its existence the Home was supported entirely by voluntary contributions and such funds as the board could beg. Then the State came to the relief of the institution, and up to February 12, 1892, the board had received from that source $60,000.

In March last the Legislature passed a bill, the conditions of which were that the State would appropriate to the Home $150 a year for each inmate for a period not exceeding twenty-two years, no annual appropriation to exceed $30,000, and that at the end of the twenty-two years the State was to take possession of the property under a deed from Lee Camp. This arrangement afforded greatly-needed financial relief, and enabled the Home to increase the number of its inmates. Yet, as above stated, there is still a wider field before it if the hands of the board are upheld by further substantial aid.

The labor of those who have managed its affairs has been truly a labor of love and of patriotism, in which, in season and out of season, they have made sacrifices of time and money. Owing to a mistake in the bill above referred to the Home was entirely without revenue for three months and had to incur a debt of $4,000.

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November 17th, 1891 AD (1)
November 12th, 1891 AD (1)
November 9th, 1891 AD (1)
November 2nd, 1891 AD (1)
October 30th, 1891 AD (1)
October 29th, 1891 AD (1)
October 27th, 1891 AD (1)
October 21st, 1891 AD (1)
October 1st, 1891 AD (1)
August 27th, 1891 AD (1)
July 28th, 1891 AD (1)
July 25th, 1891 AD (1)
July 16th, 1891 AD (1)
July 5th, 1891 AD (1)
May 15th, 1891 AD (1)
May 11th, 1891 AD (1)
May 7th, 1891 AD (1)
1891 AD (1)
November 22nd, 1890 AD (1)
November 15th, 1890 AD (1)
November 13th, 1890 AD (1)
October 26th, 1890 AD (1)
October 25th, 1890 AD (1)
October 20th, 1890 AD (1)
October 14th, 1890 AD (1)
October 2nd, 1890 AD (1)
July 26th, 1890 AD (1)
July 20th, 1890 AD (1)
July 2nd, 1890 AD (1)
April 29th, 1890 AD (1)
March 22nd, 1890 AD (1)
March 14th, 1890 AD (1)
January 30th, 1890 AD (1)
January 20th, 1890 AD (1)
January 18th, 1890 AD (1)
January 11th, 1890 AD (1)
November 23rd, 1889 AD (1)
November 3rd, 1889 AD (1)
September 19th, 1889 AD (1)
September 13th, 1889 AD (1)
August 13th, 1889 AD (1)
August 10th, 1889 AD (1)
August 7th, 1889 AD (1)
July 24th, 1889 AD (1)
July 20th, 1889 AD (1)
July 18th, 1889 AD (1)
June 24th, 1889 AD (1)
April 3rd, 1889 AD (1)
March 7th, 1889 AD (1)
January 8th, 1889 AD (1)
December 29th, 1888 AD (1)
December 21st, 1888 AD (1)
December 19th, 1888 AD (1)
November 29th, 1888 AD (1)
October 28th, 1888 AD (1)
September 24th, 1888 AD (1)
August 29th, 1888 AD (1)
August 27th, 1888 AD (1)
August 15th, 1888 AD (1)
August 11th, 1888 AD (1)
July 26th, 1888 AD (1)
July 6th, 1888 AD (1)
June 19th, 1888 AD (1)
February 17th, 1888 AD (1)
January 18th, 1888 AD (1)
1888 AD (1)
December 30th, 1887 AD (1)
December 20th, 1887 AD (1)
November 24th, 1887 AD (1)
November 22nd, 1887 AD (1)
November 10th, 1887 AD (1)
November 2nd, 1887 AD (1)
October 15th, 1887 AD (1)
August 1st, 1887 AD (1)
June 19th, 1887 AD (1)
May 27th, 1887 AD (1)
May 23rd, 1887 AD (1)
March 16th, 1887 AD (1)
March 3rd, 1887 AD (1)
December 21st, 1886 AD (1)
September 22nd, 1886 AD (1)
September 21st, 1886 AD (1)
August 19th, 1886 AD (1)
August 3rd, 1886 AD (1)
August 1st, 1886 AD (1)
July 12th, 1886 AD (1)
July 5th, 1886 AD (1)
June 27th, 1886 AD (1)
June 5th, 1886 AD (1)
May 18th, 1886 AD (1)
May 13th, 1886 AD (1)
May 11th, 1886 AD (1)
April 27th, 1886 AD (1)
April 26th, 1886 AD (1)
December 9th, 1885 AD (1)
November 20th, 1885 AD (1)
September 21st, 1885 AD (1)
September 15th, 1885 AD (1)
August 25th, 1885 AD (1)
August 8th, 1885 AD (1)
June 22nd, 1885 AD (1)
June 3rd, 1885 AD (1)
April 10th, 1885 AD (1)
January 1st, 1885 AD (1)
1885 AD (1)
November 12th, 1884 AD (1)
May, 1883 AD (1)
March, 1883 AD (1)
June 25th, 1882 AD (1)
June, 1864 AD (1)
May, 1864 AD (1)
1827 AD (1)
December (1)
April 18th (1)
March (1)
January 1st (1)
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