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General Hospitals and Medical officers in charge, attached to the Army of Tennessee, July, 1864.

During my inspection of the Field and General Hospitals of the Army of Tennessee in July, August and September, 1864, I examined the records of the following:

Zzzatlanta, Georgia.

Medical College Hospital, Surgeon W. F. Westmoreland.

Fair Ground Hospital, No. 1, Surgeons R. C. Divine and H. W. Broun.

Fair Ground Hospital, No. 2, Surgeon George G. Crawford.

Polk Hospital, Surgeon Robert Battey.

Gate City Hospital, Surgeon Paul F. Eve.

Institute Hospital, Surgeon D. C. O'Keefe.

Prison Hospital for Federals, Sr. Surgeon G. G. Roy.

Roy Hospital, Assistant Surgeon G. G. Roy.

Roy Hospital, Surgeon D. C. O'Keefe.

Roy Hospital, Surgeon William Welsh.

Roy Hospital, Surgeon Paul F. Eve.

Receiving and Distributing Hospital, Assistant Surgeon Meeking, and Surgeon G. T. Pursley.

General Hospital, Surgeon J. P. Logan. Empire Hospital, Surgeon Wm. P. Harden.

Winship and Blackie Hospital, Surgeons G. G. Roy and J. G. Bratwitt.

Grant Hospital, Surgeon J. C. Mullers.

Prison Hospital (Confederate), Surgeon G. G. Roy.

Zzzwest Point, Georgia.

Reid Hospital, Surgeon J. W. Osten.

Zzzcolumbus, Georgia.

Walker Hospital, Surgeon Carlisle Terry.


Zzzgreensboro, Georgia.

Dawson Hospital, Surgeon J. D. Smith.

Zzzmilledgeville, Georgia.

Brown Hospital, Surgeon Robert J. Massey.

Zzzeufaula, Alabama.

General Hospital, Surgeon Paul De Lacy Baker.

Zzzbarnesville, Georgia.

Kingston Hospital, Surgeon George W. McDade.

Zzzfort Gaines, Georgia.

Hardie Hospital, Surgeon J. McF. Gaston.

Zzzmacon, Georgia.

City Hall Hospital, Surgeons L. L. Saunders and Albert H. Snead.

Floyd Home Hospital, Surgeon Dabney Herndon.

Blind School Hospital, Surgeons Paul C. Lee and George P. Cooper.

Stout Hospital, Surgeon Theodore Parker.

Ocmulga Hospital, Surgeon S. E. Chaille and Assistant Surgeon C. H. Tebault.

Zzzsimsville, Georgia.

Polk Hospital, Surgeon Robert Battey.

Zzzaugusta, Georgia.

Asylum Hospital, Surgeon H. H. Clayton.

Zzzforsythe, Georgia.

Gilmer Hospital, Surgeon Charles E. Michel.

Zzzauburn, Alabama.

Texas Hospital, Acting Surgeon L. A. Bryan.

Zzzaugusta, Georgia

J. P. Logan, Senior Surgeon.

Second Georgia Hospital, Surgeon Wm. H. Doughty.

Federal Prisoners, Surgeon J. P. Logan. [276]

Third Georgia Hospital, Surgeons J. F. M. Giddings and J. B. Baxley.

Asylum Hospital, Surgeon H. H. Clayton.

Blackie Hospital, Surgeon J. G. Boatwright.

Officers' Hospital, Surgeon Paul F. Eve. Assistant Surgeon Shilery C. Eve.

Second Georgia Hospital, Surgeon W. H. Doughty.

Augusta Arsenal, Acting Surgeon John S. Coleman.

Zzzandersonville. Georgia.

Confederate States Military Prison, P. F. Whitehead, Chief Surgeon.

Zzzatlanta, Georgia.

John T. Lowe, Senior Surgeon Adams' Brigade.

Remaining 2d District Hospital, Army of Tennessee, Surgeon R. P. Bateman.

Sick and Wounded, Surgeon J. F. Moore.

Zzzamericus, Georgia.

Bragg Hospital, Surgeon Joshua Gore.

Butt Hospital, E. N. Hughes, Surgeon.

Zzzathens, Georgia.

Ophthalmic Hospital, Surgeon Bolling A. Pope.

Zzzauburn, Alabama.

Texas Hospital, Acting Surgeon Lewis A. Bryan.

Zzzbarnesville, Georgia.

Kingsville Hospital, Surgeon B. N. Avent.

Kingston Hospital, Surgeon George W. McWade, Assistant Surgeon V. S. Hopping.

Medical College Hospital, W. P. Westmoreland, Surgeon.

Flewellen Hospital, Surgeon Miles H. Nash.

Erwin Hospital, Surgeons Joseph A. Groves and B. N. Avent.

Zzzcuthbert, Georgia.

Hood Hospital, Surgeon V. H. Morrison.

Hill Hospital, Surgeon William H. Robertson.

Templar Hospital, Surgeon Edward Lea.


Zzzcolumbus, Georgia

Carlisle Terry, Senior Surgeon.

General Hospital, Carlisle Terry, Surgeon.

Lee Hospital, W. A. Robertson, Surgeon.

Marshall Hospital, T. A. Weams, Surgeon.

Walker Hospital.

Zzzcovington, Georgia.

Lumpkin's Hospital, Edward Lea, Surgeon.

General Hospital, F. E. Daniel, Surgeon.

Zzzeufaula, Alabama.

General Hospital, Paul De Lacy Baker, Surgeon.

Zzzedonton, Georgia

John W. Henson in charge.

Oliver Hospital, Surgeon Ira Williams.

Law Hospital, Surgeon Alexander Erskine.

Zzzfort Gaines, Georgia.

First Arkansas Hospital, Assistant Surgeons E. W. McCrary and John O'Connor.

First Florida Hospital, J. McF. Gaston, Surgeon.

Hardee Hospital.

Zzzforsythe, Georgia

D. D. Saunders, Chief Surgeon.

Fount Hospital, J. B. Barnett, J. W. Singleton, Surgeons.

Johnston Hospital, G. T. Purseley, Surgeon.

Clayton Hospital, John Patterson, Surgeon.

Academy Hospital, Frank Hawthorn, Surgeon.

Hardee Hospital, William Webb, Surgeon.

Gilmer Hospital, Charles E. Michel, Surgeon.

McFerrin Hospital, Robert S. Wendel, Surgeon.

Zzzfort Folly, Georgia.

Buckson Hospital, William F. McAllister.

Gamble Hospital, K. C. Devine, Surgeon, George V. Meller, Assistant Surgeon.

Zzzgreensboro, Georgia

H. V. Miller, Senior Surgeon in charge.

Dawson Hospital, Surgeon J. D. Smith.

Bell Hospital, H. V. Miller Surgeon.


Zzzgriffin, Georgia

Robert C. Foster, Senior Surgeon in charge.

Catoosa Hospital, Surgeon C. L. Herbert.

S. P. Moore Hospital, Surgeon Benjamin Franklin.

Direction Hospital, Surgeon Randal M. Lytle.

Price Hospital, Surgeon Lewis C. Pynchon.

Quintard Hospital, Surgeon S. V. D. Hill.

Zzzla Grange, Georgia

G. H. Evans, Senior Surgeon in charge.

Cannon Hospital, Surgeon L. W. Tuttle.

Shillary Hospital.

Olin Hospital, Surgeon Ira Willaims.

Law Hospital, Surgeon Alexander Erskine.

St. Mary's Hospital, Surgeon J. M. Henson, Senior Surgeon G. H. Evans.

Zzzmacon, Georgia

James Mercer Green, Surgeon in charge.

Floyd Home Hospital, Surgeon E. J. Roch.

Blind School Hospital, Surgeons George F. Cooper and Paine Lee.

City Hall Hospital, Surgeons L. L. Saunders and A. H. Lecaud.

Stout Hospital, Theodore Parker, Surgeon.

Ocmulgu Hospital, Surgeon Stanford E. Chaille.

Depot Hospital, Senior Surgeon M. W. King.

Convalescent Camp, C. Lewellyn Hunter, Jr., Acting Assistant Surgeon.

Institute Hospital, D. C. O'Keefe.

Zzzmadison, Georgia

J. R. Bratton, Senior Surgeon.

Stout Hospital, Surgeon John W. Glenn.

Zzzmilledgeville, Georgia

J. R. Bratton, Senior Surgeon.

Broun Hospital Surgeon Robert J. Massey. Convalescent Camp.

Stout Hospital, John W. Glenn, Surgeon.

Zzzmilner, Georgia.

Medical College Hospital, Surgeon Willis F. Westmoreland.

Zzzmontgomery, Alabama

T. F. Duncan, Senior Surgeon.

Stonewall Hospital, T. J. Taliaferro, Surgeon, C. S. A. [279]

St. Mary's Hospital, Surgeon J. H. Watters. Wm. Gentry, Surgeon.

Ladies Hospital, T. F. Duncan, Surgeon, C. S. A.

Madison Hospital, C. J. Clarke, Surgeon.

Watts Hospital, Surgeon F. Munson Hereford.

Avent Hospital.

Emory Hospital, Surgeon Wm. J. Holt.

Zzznewman, Georgia

W. T. Mcallister, in charge.

Buckner Hospital, W. T. McAllister, Surgeon.

Bragg Hospital.

Foard Hospital, J. N. Hughes, Surgeon, C. S. A.

Zzznotasulga, Alabama.

General Hospital, Surgeon U. R. Jones.

Zzznewman, Georgia.

Foard Hospital, J. N. Hughes.

Buckner Hospital, W. J. McAllister.

Gamble Hospital, K. C. Devine, Surgeon.

Zzzthomaston, Georgia.

Newsom Hospital, Surgeon A. Hunter.

Frank Ramsey Hospital, J. Cecil Legare.

Zzzpineville, Georgia.

Empire Hospital, Surgeon Wm. P. Harden.

Fair Ground Hospital, No. I, Surgeon Henry W. Broun.

Fair Ground Hospital, No. 2, George G. Crawford, Surgeon.

Polk Hospital, Robert Battey, Surgeon.

Grant Hospital, Surgeon James C. Mullins.

Institute Hospital, D. C. O'Keefe, Surgeon.

Zzzunion Springs, Alabama

F. H. Evans, Senior Surgeon in charge.

St. Mary's Hospital, Surgeon E. M. Vasser.

Cannon Hospital, Surgeon L. W. Fulton.

Zzzwest Point, Georgia.

Reid Hospital, J. W. Oslin, Surgeon.

Surgeon A. J. Foard, assigned to duty April, 1861, at Pensacola, [280] Florida, as Medical-Director of Bragg's Command; March, 1862, assigned Medical-Director of Army at Corinth, Mississippi. Continued as Director of Army of Mississippi under General J. E. Johnston. Was assigned to command of Western Department in December, 1862, when he was made Medical-Director of Johnston's Command, embracing East Tennessee and Bragg's and Pemberton's Departments. Was ordered back to Army of Tennessee, at Dalton, January, 1864, when General J. E. Johnston took the command. June 30, 1864, Medical-Director of Army of Tennessee. Continued to act as such during Hood's Campaign; followed all the events of the closing disasters of the war, until the final surrender of the Confederate forces at Greensboro, N. C., May, 1865.

Surgeon A. J. Foard was a gallant man, active, efficient and intelligent Medical-Director. He died shortly after the close of the Civil War in Charleston, S. C., after a brief sojourn in Baltimore, Md.

Surgeon E. A. Flewellen, appears in the preceding roster as Surgeon of the 5th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, and the date of his appointment given as May 17th, 1861.

We extract the following from the Roster of the Medical Officers of the Army of Tennessee:

Surgeon Edward Archelaus Flewellen, appointed by Secretary of War to rank from May 16, 1861. Assigned to duty as Assistant Medical-Director, S. O. No. 97, June 28th, 1862. December 23d, 1863, appointed Medical-Director, Department No. 2; May 24th, 1863, granted leave, 40 days, S. O. No. 138, Headquarters Department No. 2; May 29th, 1863, G. O. No. 16, announced Medical-Director, Medical-Director's Office, A. & I. G. O. Richmond; March 11th, 1864, S. O., 59, ordered to report to Surgeon A. J. Foard, April 30th, 1864. Assigned as Inspector of Hospitals of Army of Tennessee, August 8th, 1864, and so continued until paroled, May 18th, 1865.’ [281] [From the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, Dec, 14, 1894.]

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E. N. Hughes (1)
G. Hospital (1)
V. S. Hopping (1)
Hood (1)
William J. Holt (1)
S. V. D. Hill (1)
Dabney Herndon (1)
F. Munson Hereford (1)
C. L. Herbert (1)
John W. Henson (1)
J. M. Henson (1)
Frank Hawthorn (1)
Joseph A. Groves (1)
James Mercer Green (1)
Zzzla Grange (1)
Joshua Gore (1)
J. F. M. Giddings (1)
William Gentry (1)
L. W. Fulton (1)
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