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Company a, Fifteenth Virginia Infantry, Confederate States Army.

A valuable Annotated roll of that organization from Richmond, Virginia.

The subjoined very complete roll of Company A, Fifteenth Virginia Regiment, was prepared by Captain M. W. Hazlewood, who would be glad to be advised of any mistakes in it. It will be observed that Captain Hazlewood accounts for nearly all the men who enlisted in his company, and his work furnishes valuable suggestions to others who may be preparing material in aid of the movement to secure a complete roster of the Virginia troops in the Confederate army. When copies of the rolls in the War Records Office at Washington shall have been secured, such private rolls as Captain Hazlewood has made will prove very valuable in revising and annotating them.

The company was mustered into service April 23, 1861, by Inspector-General John B. Baldwin. It was recruited on Church Hill, and assigned by Colonel Baldwin to the ‘Thirty-third Regiment of Light Infantry.’ [49]

The company volunteered in response to the call of Governor Letcher, for one year, at the expiration of which it enlisted for the war. On the 24th of May, 1861, the company left for the Peninsula, as a part of the Third Virginia, commanded by Colonel Thomas P. August. After the battle of Big Bethel the regiment was known as the Fifteenth.

The figures opposite the names stand for the ages of the men:

Zzzcompany a, Fifteenth Virginia, C. S. A.

John Wilder Atkinson, captain; 31. Served till reorganization in 1862; promoted colonel in heavy artillery.

Benjamin F. Cocke, first lieutenant; 32. Resigned in 1861.

John E. Bradley, second lieutenant; 32. Served till reorganization in 1862.

William O. Acree, second lieutenant; 27. Died in 1861.

James C. Atkinson, first sergeant; 24. Promoted lieutenant in 1861; served till reorganization.

Samuel Michaels, second sergeant; 20. Discharged in 1861.

James Walker Dabney, third sergeant; 21. Promoted first sergeant; promoted lieutenant; and served till reorganization.

Gideon W. Morris, fourth sergeant; 25. Prisoner at Sharpsburg; wounded May 14, 1864; prisoner April 1, 1865.

James Fox, first corporal; 22. Wounded at Sharpsburg; second sergeant.

James H. Burch, second corporal; 38. Discharged in 1862.

William Booker Robinson, third corporal; 22. Discharged in 1862.

William L. Smith, fourth corporal; 21. Elected second lieutenant in 1862; promoted first lieutenant, May 16, 1864.


Charles W. Alvis; 22. Shot accidentally, May, 1861; never reported afterwards.

Henry C. Atkins; 18. Discharged. A. M. Atkinson; 18. William R. Atkinson; 21

John C. Bethel; 25. Wounded at Cold Harbor, June 5, 1864, and died in hospital.

William J. Baker; 18. James Boswell; 19. Accidentally killed in 1861. 4 [50]

William A. Brown; 21.

William J. Brown; 20. Discharged.

James R. Bush; 23.

John W. Bush; 21.

Christopher C. Brooke; 23.

Wiley A. Blankinship; 18. Appointed sergeant; wounded at Drewry's Bluff, May 16, 1864.

Parker D. Bailey; 18. Discharged.

Thomas G. Blunt; 21. Transferred to navy.

John W. Bradley; 32. Discharged.

John R. Bradley; 22. Elected second lieutenant in 1862; promoted first lieutenant, February 10, 1864; killed at Drewry's Bluff.

James M. Barlow; 23. Died in 1861.

George W. Brooke; 21. Killed at Sharpsburg.

Arthur P. Chalk; 17. Detached on signal corps.

Christopher C. Cherry; 22. Wounded at Sharpsburg, and died of wounds in Maryland; first sergeant.

Stephen J. Childrey; 21.

George T. Catlett; 23.

Robert H. Clayton; 21. Transferred to navy.

Thomas J. Crabbin; 31. Supposed to have died in hospital near

Winchester, in 1862.

Thomas B. Chamberlayne; 18. Detached as teamster. Not accounted for.

Richard S. Denny; 17. Did not serve.

John B. Dodd; 19. Sergeant; killed at Drewry's Bluff.

Thomas Duke; 19. Discharged.

Alonzo M. Duke; 22. Led charge on Howlett line, June 16, 1864; made corporal July 1, 1864.

Robert A. Day; 17. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

Foster P. Galley; 33. First sergeant; wounded at Dinwiddie Court House, March 31, 1865.

Theophilus P. Gill; 21. Not accounted for.

Joseph B. Garthright; 19. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

Joseph A. Gill; 18. Died in 1861.

John Henry Gill; 31. Wounded at Dinwiddie Court House, March 31, 1865.

John T. Grubbs; 22. Died at Chimborazo Hospital, March, 1863.

George E. Goddin; 18. Wounded May 16, 1864; died at Winder Hospital, May 17, 1864. [51]

James T. Gentry; 19. Wounded May 16, 1864.

Francis Garnier; 19. Accidently wounded in 1861; discharged.

Thomas N. Goodman; 25. Discharged.

William J. Gregory; 21. Did not serve.

Martin W. Hazlewood; 28. Appointed first sergeant in 1861; elected first lieutenant, April 23, 1862; promoted captain, February 10, 1864.

Joseph P. Heath; 34. Discharged.

Christopher A. Hibble; 32. Discharged.

George H. Howard; 39. Not accounted for.

Joseph A. Howard; 17. Not accounted for.

James A. Hardie; 34.

Thomas Hardin; 18.

Patrick H. Hall; 19. Wounded at Sharpsburg; appointed first sergeant; promoted second lieutenant, May 16, 1864.

Julius W. Herbert; 22. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

John W. Johnson; 22. Not accounted for.

Charles Keppler; 19. Killed at Sharpsburg.

John Kane; 18.

Charles Thomas Lockett; 21. Wounded at Sharpsburg, and died in Staunton.

Hugh Michaels; 18. Discharged.

George W. Manning; 19. Wounded at Suffolk, and leg amputated.

William H. H. Mason; 19. Wounded at Drewry's Bluff.

Newton M. Meredith; 21. Killed at Dinwiddie Court House, March 31, 1865.

Anderson L. Morris; 19.

Andrew H. Mountcastle; 21.

Albert W. Mountcastle; 27. Died in 1862.

William H. Manning; 20. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

Stephen B. Mays; 27. Not accounted for.

William M. Miller; 22. Not accounted for.

Albert W. Pearman; 20. Not accounted for.

William F. Pearman; 21. Died in 1862.

George W. Richardson; 18.

Henry Schwalmeyer; 19.

Henry T. Scherer; 21. Captured at Sailor's Creek, and carried to Point Lookout.

Robert R. Smith; 18. Corporal; wounded at Sharpsburg; killed at Drewry's Bluff. [52]

Richard N. Spraggins; 21. Transferred to navy.

Jacob F. Seigle; 18.

William S. Taylor; 18. Killed at Drewry's Bluff.

James L. Taliaferro; 21. Discharged.

Thomas M. Tiller; 26. Died May 14, 1863.

Edward C. Trainham; 38. Discharged.

Thomas E. Valentine; 21. Wounded at Cold Harbor.

John V. Willis; 17.

Patrick H. Woodward; 19. Not accounted for.

Charles B. Watkins; 18. Transferred to artillery.

William H. Wise; 19. Detached as teamster.

William Withey; 20. Not accounted for; supposed to have joined cavalry.

John R. Wyatt; 22. Detached as scout.

John W. Waters; 24.

Zzznames Omitted by Inspector-General, but reported April 23, 1861.

William D. Brown; 18. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

John H. Hagan; 19. Sergeant. Captured at Sharpsburg, and exchanged. Not accounted for.

Zzzvolunteer recruits in 1861-1861.

Thomas Lipscomb (musician); 17. Not accounted for.

John E. Parrish; 20. Wounded at Sharpsburg; appointed sergeant; promoted ensign of regiment.

Thomas F. Hall; 19. Last reported as prisoner.

J. H. Trueheart; 18. Assigned from Camp Lee, June 4, 1864; not accounted for.

Reuben O. Burch; 17. Enlisted March 31, 1862.

J. W. Birchett; 18. Enlisted March 14, 1862. Not accounted for.

A. C. Ellington; 17. Enlisted March 21, 1862. Appointed corporal.

John T. Schwalmeyer; 17. Enlisted March 14, 1862. Wounded at Sharpsburg.

Eugene H. Willis; 20. Enlisted April 16, 1862. Transferred to Sixth Virginia Cavalry, September 7, 1863. [53]

Patrick H. Wright; 16. Enlisted March 21, 1862. Captured at Five Forks; died at Point Lookout.

Thomas B. Jackson; 17. Enlisted March 14, 1862. Killed at Drewry's Bluff.

Edward B. Willis; 21. Enlisted March 14, 1862. Discharged May 3, 1863.

Benjamin F. Richardson; 20. Enlisted March 14, 1862. Died in Petersburg April 29, 1863.

James S. Willis; 22. Enlisted April 6, 1862. Sergeant.

Alonzo M. Simons; 20. Enlisted 1862. Discharged.

James L. Bradley. Enlisted 1862. Transferred to city battery.

James A. Otey; 16. Enlisted 1862. Captured at Sharpsburg; discharged in 1862.

George W. Otey; 20. Enlisted 1862. Killed at Sharpsburg.

Bernard A. Wilson. Enlisted 1862. Died in 1862.

Christopher C. Hobson; 20. Enlisted 1862. Exchanged with Ed. B. Willis.

George W. Smithers (musician). Transferred.

W. R. Smith; 17. Enlisted April 1, 1864.

Andrew J. Dugar. Sent from Camp Lee, August 16, 1862.

Daniel H. Alley. Sent from Camp Lee, September 3, 1862.

James Burley. Sent from Camp Lee a short time before close of war.

Alvin Jude. Sent from Camp Lee a short time before close of war.

G. G. Hedgeman. Transferred from Sixth Virginia Cavalry, September 7, 1863. and left same day.

George Savage. Sent from Richmond in 1865; captured at Five Forks.

Edward C. Warriner. Not accounted for.

L. L. Hudson. Not accounted for.

Gus Jude. Not accounted for.

George B. Smith. Transferred from a Georgia regiment, in exchange for George

Savage, but never reported.

——Armstrong. Not accounted for.

——Nance. Died a few days after assignment.

Zzzserved to the close.

Those accounted for as having served to the close of the war are as follows: [54]

G. W. Morris, James Fox, William L. Smith, A. M. Atkinson,1 William R. Atkinson, William J. Baker, William A. Brown, James R. Bush, John W. Bush, C. C. Brooke, W. A. Blankinship, A. P. Chalk,2 S. J. Childrey, G. T. Catlett,3 A. M. Duke,4 R. A. Day,5 F. P. Galley, J. B. Gathright.6 J. H. Gill, J. T. Gentry,7 M. W. Hazelwood, J. A. Hardie,8 Thomas Hardin,9 P. H. Hall, J. W. Herbert, John Kane, G. W. Manning, W. H. H. Mason, A. L. Morris, A. H. Mountcastle, W. H. Manning, G. W. Richardson, H. Schwalmeyer, H. T. Scherer, J. F. Seigle, T. E. Valentine,10 J. V. Willis, W. H. Wise, John R. Wyatt, John W. Waters, W. D. Brown, John E. Parrish, R. O. Burch, A. C. Ellington, J. T. Schwalmeyer, P. H. Wright, J. S. Willis, W. R. Smith, A. J. Dugar, D. H. Alley, James Burley, Alvin Jude.

1 Died since the war.

2 Died since the war.

3 Died since the war.

4 Died since the war.

5 Died since the war.

6 Died since the war.

7 Died since the war.

8 Died since the war.

9 Died since the war.

10 Died since the war.

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William M. Miller (1)
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Newton M. Meredith (1)
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Thomas F. Hall (1)
John H. Hagan (1)
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William J. Gregory (1)
Thomas N. Goodman (1)
George E. Goddin (1)
Theophilus P. Gill (1)
Joseph A. Gill (1)
J. B. Gathright (1)
Joseph B. Garthright (1)
Francis Garnier (1)
Thomas Duke (1)
John B. Dodd (1)
Richard S. Denny (1)
James Walker Dabney (1)
Thomas J. Crabbin (1)
Benjamin F. Cocke (1)
Robert H. Clayton (1)
Christopher C. Cherry (1)
Thomas B. Chamberlayne (1)
James H. Burch (1)
William J. Brown (1)
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John W. Bradley (1)
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Thomas G. Blunt (1)
J. W. Birchett (1)
John C. Bethel (1)
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Parker D. Bailey (1)
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John Wilder Atkinson (1)
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