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Sketch of Company I, 61st Virginia Infantry, Mahone's Brigade, C. S. A.

[Furnished for publication by the son of Major Charles R. McAlpine, Mr. Newton McAlpine, Portsmouth, Va.—Ed.]

The Rebel Grays were organized June 16, 1861, at the Glebe School-house, Norfolk county, Virginia. Number of men, 63.

In August the company was, as Company G, assigned to the 41st Regiment of Virginia Infantry, under the command of Colonel John R. Chambliss, stationed at Ferry Point (now Berkeley). In September, 1861, it was ordered with the regiment to Sewell's Point.

In April, 1862, the army was reorganized, and at that and other times there was assigned to this company 39 members, increasing the number to 102. Volunteers, 76; conscripts, 22, and substitutes, 4. From Norfolk county, 68; Portsmouth city, 23; Norfolk city, 2; Suffolk, 3; unknown, 3; Petersburg, I; Greensville county, i, and Gates county, N. C., 1. Total number of deserters, 35. Deserted at the evacuation of Norfolk in May, 1862, 25; died in hospital, 3; discharged, 3; transferred, I; dropped at reorganization, I; left in hospital, 2; who offered substitutes, 4—40; which left for the field in May, 1862, an effective force of 62 men.

On April 29, 1862, the company was detached from the 41st Regiment of Virginia Infantry, and ordered to report to Lieutenant-Colonel Archer, at Boykin's, near Smithfield, and guard the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad. There it remained until May 27, 1862. [99]

May 27, 1862, it was ordered to report to Major Jones' Battery, No. 3, near Richmond, Va., as a reserve to sustain our forces in the event of need at the battle of Seven Pines, &c.

June 14th, it was ordered to Battery 10, near Richmond.

July 15th, it was ordered to report to Brigadier-General John H. Winder, to do guard duty at Libby Prison, Richmond, Va.

July 14th, it was assigned to the 61st Regiment of Virginia Infantry, under command of Colonel Samuel M. Wilson.

July 20th, it was ordered by Lieutenant-Colonel W. F. Neimeyer, 61st Virginia Infantry, to report to the headquarters at Dunn's Hill, and was designated Company I in the regiment. About this time Cohoon's Battalion of Virginia Volunteers was disbanded, and the men of conscript age in Captain Max Herbert's command were assigned to the company.

By command of Brigadier-General S. G. French, dated August 28, 1862, all men in Captain McAlpine's Company, formerly of Captain Herbert's Company, Lieutenant-Colonel Cohoon's Battalion, will be promptly returned to Captain Herbert.

The last of August, 1862, the company was ordered to Brook Turnpike, near Richmond, and in September to Rapidan River, Orange and Alexander Railroad, and there performed fatigue duty at Bristoe Station, some distance up the road, in the removal of burnt cars, &c. It thus saved an immense amount of property.

On September 29, 1862, the enemy advanced, and a part of our regiment, comprising about 200 men, gave them battle and repulsed them. This was at Catlett Station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. The strength of the company was 59; present for duty, 47; absent, sick, 7; absent on leave, I; absent on detail, 4; total 59.

Lieutenant-Colonel William F. Neimeyer at this time ordered the sick from Washington Hospital, about 1,500 in number, to Richmond. Also about this time Colonel V. D. Groner took command as Colonel of the 61st Virginia Infantry, Colonel Samuel M. Wilson having resigned. The regiment proceeded to Fredericksburg as the advance guard of General Lee's army, previous to the battle of Fredericksburg. We were there assigned to General William Mahone's Brigade, and became identified with that command thereafter.

At the battle of Fredericksburg, December 11, 12 and 13, 1862, the strength of the company was 58; present, 44; absent, sick, 10; absent on detail, 4.

Immediately after the battle of Fredericksburg we were encamped [100] near Salem Church (three and a half miles from Fredericksburg) on the Plank Road, and there remained until January, 1863, when the brigade was ordered to protect the fords on the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers, near Chancellorsville.

April 28th, the enemy advanced and crossed the upper ford on the Rappahannock, and we were ordered to fall back, and were placed in line of battle at Zoah Church on the Plank Road. At the battle of Zoah Church, near Chancellorsville, April 30, 1863, the strength of company was 58; present, 47; absent, sick, 4; absent on leave, I; absent on detail, 6.

We advanced, and on May 1, 1863, were placed in line of battle at McCarthy's farm. Strength of company, 58; present, 46; absent on leave, 1; absent, sick, 4; absent on detail, 7; conspicuous for gallantry, 5. Advanced, and on May 2d and 3d were engaged in the battle of Chancellorsville. Strength of company, 58; present, 45; absent, sick, 5; absent on detail, 7; absent on leave, 1.

After the retreat of Hooker's forces, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville, we returned toward Fredericksburg, and encountered Sedgewick's Corps near Salem Church. Our regiment acted as the skirmish line for our brigade, our company being held in reserve. In the meantime our brigade was moved to the left of the line, and Sims' Georgia Brigade placed in the position of Mahone's men. The enemy advancing, we were ordered to fall back to our line. Sims' men not being apprised that we were on the skirmish line, opened fire on us, and we were thus between two lines of battle. Strength of company at Salem Church, 58; present, 45; absent, sick, 6; absent on detail, 7; wounded, 2; conspicuous for gallantry, 2. Lieutenant C. W. Murdaugh was seriously wounded, and too much cannot be said of his gallantry on this occasion in encouraging the men and urging them to perform their duty. Lieutenant Murdaugh was ever after unfit for duty. (See Order 283, Adjutant and Inspector-General's office.) Sergeant Charles Evans, a gallant soldier, was also wounded. We can never forget the kind treatment we received at the hands of the ladies of Martinsburg.

Battle of Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Strength of company, 57; present, 42; absent on detail, 6; absent, sick, 8; absent, wounded, i.

In the memorable charge at Gettysburg, July 4, 1863. Strength of company, 55; present, 40; absent, sick, 8; absent, wounded, 1; absent on detail, 6; wounded, 3; killed, 1; captured, 2; deserted, 5; conspicuous for gallantry, 6. [101]

In September we were ordered to encamp near Clark's Mountain, and remained there until October 8th.

At Bristoe Station, Orange and Alexander Railroad, October 14, 1863. Strength of company, 45; present, 31; absent, sick, 3; absent on detail, 7; absent on leave, 1; captured, 2.

Returned to Clark's Mountain, and remained there until we advanced towards the Wilderness and engaged the enemy at Mine Run December 2, 1863. Strength of company, 45; present, 32; absent, sick, 2; absent, wounded, 1; absent on detail, 8; captured, 2. Returned to camp on Bell's farm, Orange county, and there remained until January, 1864. January 5th, advanced towards the Wilderness. On 6th May, 1864, we were placed in line of battle, and advanced on the enemy. The Yankee General Wardsworth was killed in front of our line. Lieutenant-General Longstreet was wounded, and General Jenkins, of South Carolina, was killed, both in front of our line by our troops. So much for bad generalship.

Battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864. Strength of company, 45; present, 36; absent, sick, 2; wounded, 1; detailed, 7; captured, i; on leave, 1; conspicuous for gallantry, 3; wounded, 1. It was in this battle that the gallant and faithful soldier, Elvin K. Casey, lost his arm.

On our march towards Spotsylvania Courthouse, Sunday, May 8th, we were assailed near a place called Shady Grove, and after a brief delay, repulsed the enemy. We moved on, and bivouacked only a short distance in advance of the scene of that conflict.

Battle of Shady Grove, Sunday, May 8, 1864. Strength of company, 45; present, 33; absent, sick, 2; absent, wounded, I; detailed, 1; captured, I; on leave, 1; wounded, 1; conspicuous for gallantry, 1.

On the morning of May 9th we reached the field of the approaching battle, and being placed in line, proceeded rapidly to cover our front with a line of field works. On the 12th we engaged the enemy at Spotsylvania Courthouse.

Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse. Strength of company, 44; present, 31; sick, 2; wounded, 1; detailed, 7; captured, 1; on leave, 1; wounded, 2; mortally wounded, 1; conspicuous for gallantry, 5. William F. Butt, a good man and reliable soldier, was mortally wounded. Lieutenant-Colonel William F. Neimeyer was killed, which promoted Captain McAlpine and Lieutenant John Hobday, the one as major and the other as captain. The conspicuous gallantry of private Albert Powell deserves much praise. Our regiment in this battle charged three lines of field works and captured each. [102]

We remained at Spotsylvania Courthouse until the 22d of May, when we took up our line of march, and on 23d crossed the North Anna river; taking our place in line, we rapidly covered our front with field works. May 27th, crossed the South Anna and entered Hanover county.

May 28 and 29, 1864, battle of Hanover county. Strength of company, 43; present, 28; sick, 3; wounded, 3; detailed, 7; captured, 2.

June 2nd and 3rd, battle of Cold Harbor. Strength of company, 43; present, 28; sick, 3; wounded, 3; detail, 7; captured, 2; wounded, 2.

June 13, 1864; left Turkey Ridge, crossed the Chickahominy and were placed in line on Frazier's farm. Battle of Frazier's Farm, June 13, 1864. Strength of company, 43; present, 26; sick, 3, wounded, 5; detail, 7; captured, 2; wounded, 1. Remained on Frazier's farm untill the 18th, when we crossed the James on pontoons, and bivouacked near Petersburg.

June 22, 1864; we engaged the enemy near Wilcox's farm, and our Brigade captured 2,000 prisoners, 1,500 stand of arms, 4 Blakley guns and 8 stands of colors. Strength of company, 43; present, 21; sick, 7; wounded, 5; detail, 7; on leave, I; captured, 2; conspicious for gallantry, 5.

The gallantry of Captain John Hobday on this occasion was conspicuous, and although his services were not duly appreciated, yet, it was through his sagacity that the enemy were flanked and defeated. With his small command of 21 men, he passed down the enemy's line, a distance of 200 yards, and demanded their surrender. Yet notwithstanding the neglect of his merit, never did his zeal falter, his love cool, nor the feverish impatience of his fiery spirit rebel. In his darkest hour it was his pride to know, that he merited honor if he did not receive it.

It was through the courage and gallantry of Charles N. Collins, that Major Charles R.. McAlpines life was saved, by killing the Federal officer who would have shot the Major.

That night we were ordered to return to camp near Petersburg, and there remain untill the next day.

June 23, 1864; Battle of Gurley house. Strength of company, 43; present, 18; sick, 8; wounded, 5; detail, 7; on leave, 1; captured, 2; under arrest, 2. Two men had deserted, leaving the strength of company 41. Returned to camp near Wilcox farm and remained there until July 30, 1864. [103]

Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864. Strength of company, 41; present, 22; sick, 6; wounded, 4; detail, 6; captured, 1; under arrest, 2; killed, 2; wounded, 3, conspicuous for gallantry, 2. Returned to company by the Medical Examining Board, 1 Returned to camp and remained there untill August 19th, when we were ordered to advance and engage the enemy near Johnson's farm, three miles from Petersburg. The 61st Regiment had engaged 150 muskets, 15 ambulance men and 19 officers. The Regiment had killed, 7; wounded, 55; missing, 14; total 76. Strength of company, 38; present, 17; sick, 7,; wounded, 5; detail, 6; captured, 1; under arrest; 2. Killed, 1; wounded, 1; captured, 5; conspicuous for gallantry, 1.

August 21, 1864. All the ambulance men, quarter-master's men, sick, wounded, cooks, &c., of the Regiment, were armed and placed in the trenches to protect Petersburg from an attack.

August 24, 1864, took up line of march and proceeded to the rail road, and bivouacked on Armstrong's farm. August 25, engaged the enemy near Reams' Station, on the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad.

Battle Reams' Station, August 25. Strength of company, 37; present, 13; sick, 6; wounded, 4; captured, 6; detail, 6; under arrest, 2.

August, 26, 1864, returned to camp and remained untill October 26, 1864, when we took up the line of march and proceeded to the Plank Road to Buggles mill, and engaged the enemy on the 27th instant.

Battle Burgess' Mill, strength of company, 38; present, 20; sick, 4; wounded, 1; captured, 6; detail, 4; on leave, 2; under arrest, 1; conspicuous for gallantry, 1; killed, 1; wounded, 1; captured, 3; deserted, I; returned by Medical Examining Board, 1. Captain John Hobday was killed, which promoted Lt. C. W. Murdaugh to Captain.

After a five days tramp on a total ration of 22 pounds of meal, we arrived in camp 1st November, 1864. Went into winter quarters December 7, 1864, and remained inactive untill February 5, 1865.

February 6, 1865, Battle of Hatcher's Run. Strength of company, 35; present, 14; absent, sick, 6; captured, 10; detail, 3; on leave, 2.

The fight between Petersburg and Appomattox.


Roster of Company I, 61st Regiment of Virginia Voluteers.1

Captain Charles R. McAlpine, promoted major, wounded. First Lieutenant F. W, Armistead, dropped at reorganization, May 1862, joined 13th Virginia Cavalry.

Second Lieutenant John Hobday, Jr., promoted Captain May 12, 1864, wounded July 30, 1864, Crater, and killed October 27, 1864, at Burgess' Mill.

Third Lieutenant C. W. Murdaugh, promoted Captain, October 27th, 1864, wounded May 3, 1863, at Salem Church, (Chancellorsville.)

First Sergeant Johm M. Sherwood, surrendered at Appomattox.

Second Sergeant Edward C. Shepherd, disabled, detailed for hospital duty.

Third Sergeant David W. Thornton, detailed to work in Government shops.

Corporal George Oglevie, discharged October, 1861, disability.

Corporal Calvin L. Peek, promoted sergeant, captured October 27, 1864, and not exchanged.

Corporal Charles Evans, wounded May 3, 1863, Chacellorsville, captured August 19, 1864, and not exchanged.

Musician Joseph J. Smith, drummer.


Beaton, Joseph, surrendered at Appomattox.

Bateman, Jonathan.

Barcroft, George W., left in hospital in Norfolk, sick, May 10, 1862, and never heard from.

Butt, William T., mortally wounded May 12, 1864, Spotsylvania Court House, and May 24th in Camp Winder hospital, Richmond.

Berkley, Lycurgus, furnished substitute May 6, 1862, substitute deserted May 10th.

Cooper, Arthur, died in hospital.

Casey, Elvin K., lost an arm May 6, 1864, Wilderness.

Casey, James A.

Cherry, Elias W., captured July 4, 1863, Gettysburg, and died in prison.

Collins, Charles W., killed August 19, 1864, Davis' Farm. [105]

Collins, Thomas, promoted corporal.

Curtis, Revel W., killed July 3, 1863, Gettysburg.

Dollett, William W.

Duke, Robert.

Duke, Parker, wounded July 30, 1864,. Crater.

Eure, Hilary.

Eure, Henry.

Eure, Augustus, over age, furnished substitute October 23, 1861.

Ferrell, John, died June 1862, Battery No, 10, Richmond.

Fowler, A. J.,

Godwin, Laban T., promoted sergeant, captured August 19, 1864, not exchanged.

Hyslop, Denwood, captured August 19, 1864 and not exchanged.

Halloway, Joseph.

Hewlett, Joseph F., captured July 4, 1863, and not exchanged.

Heckrotte, Oliver, sent to hospital in Richmond 1863, and never heard from.

Herbert, Joseph T., transferred to 15th Virginia Cavalry.

Horton, Daniel W., sent to hospital September 26, 1862, and supposed to have died.

Jones, Walter J., promoted Lieutenant 41st Virginia Regiment, and killed May 6, 1864, Wilderness.

Jackson, William A., furnished substitute April 24, 1862.

King, Joseph.

King, George, captured August 9, 1864 and not exchanged.

King, Edward.

Kilgore, M. P., promoted sergeant October 11, 1862, killed July 30, 1864, Crater.

Mason, William, killed Cumberland Church, April 7, 1865.

Miller, John C.

Manning, S. D., died in hospital, September 1862, Petersburg.

Marchant, Frank M., promoted Third Lieutenant, July 29, 1862, promoted First Lieutenant, October 27, 1864.

Mears, James E., discharged for disabilities from wounds. Mears, Thomas F., captured May 29, 1864, not exchanged.

Nottingham, B. F., died in field hospital, October, 1863, Brandy Station.

Porter, Thomas.

Powell, Albert, name published for distinguished gallantry at Spotsylvania Court House, May 12, 1864. [106]

Pell, Thomas, captured August 19, 1864, and not exchanged.

Peek, Ammon, captured October 27, 1864, and not exchanged.

Ribble, Joseph, furnished substitute May 6, 1862, substitute deserted May 10th.

Rodman, Pierce, discharged September 1861, disability.

Sibley, William, captured July 1863, in Pennsylvania, and never heard from.

St. George, William E., captured July 2, 1863, Gettysburg, not exchanged.

Smith, W. J., died in Richmond May 20, 1863.

Tompkins, Joseph.

Toppin, Smith, promoted Sergeant, killed July 30, 1864, Crater.

White, John D., woundeed July 30, 1864, Crater, and discharged December 23, 1864, disabled.

White, Richard, wounded seriously, July 30, 1864, at the Crater, discharged January 9, 1865, disabled.

Ward, Julius, killed July 2, 1863, Gettysburg.

Whitson, William, discharged September, 1861, disabled.

Wise, Stephen, died in hospital, 1863.

Youre, Stephen.


We were in twenty-five battles, in which the killed were 8; Captain John Hobday, October 27, 1864, at Burgess Mill. Private Wm. F. Butt, May 12, 1864, Spotsylvania C. H.; Private Revil W. Custis, July 4, 1863, Gettysburg. Sergeant M. P. Kilgore, July 30, 1864, Crater. Private Charles W. Collins, August 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm. Johnson Ward, July 4, 1864, Gettysburg. Wm. Mason, Appomattox C. H., 1865. Sergeant Smith Toppin, July 30, 1864, Crater.

Died in Hospital: Privates John Ferrell, Richmond Battery, June 10, 1862; S. D. Manning, Petersburg, September, 1862; B. F. Nottingham, Brandy Station, Orange and Alexandria R. R., October, 1862; Wm. J. Smith, Richmond, May 21, 1863.

Died in Prison: Elias W. Cherry, 1864, sent to hospital at the evacuation of Norfolk, Va.; George W. Barcroft and D. W. Horton.

Who offered Substitutes: L. Berkley, Wm. A. Jackson, Augustus Evans, and Joseph Ribble.

Discharged from service previous to evacuation Norfolk: Privates Peirce Rodman and Wm. Whitson, and Corporal Geo. Ogelvie. [107]

Dropped at the reorganization of the Army: Lieutenant F. N. Armstead.

Transferred: Privates Walter S. Jones and Joseph Herbert.

Deserted at the evacuation: 25.

Number entered at organization: 63:

Number that left Norfolk and were afterwards assigned: 62.

Conspicuous for gallantry.

At McCarthy's Farm: Captain Charles R. McAlpine, privates Elvin K. Casey, Wm. E. St. George, and Julius Ward and one who deserted.

Salem Church: Captain C. R. McAlpine and lieutenant C. W. Murdaugh.

Gettysburg: private Elvin K. Casey.

Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg: Captain Charles R. McAlpine, Elvin K. Casey, Wm. Mason, Edward King, John D. White, and Julius Ward.

Wilderness: Captain Charles R. McAlpine, lieutenant John Hobday, and private Elvin K. Casey.

Shady Grove: Private Charles N. Collins.

Spotsylvania C. H.: Captain Charles R. McAlpine, lieutenant John Hobday, privates Charles N. Collins, Albert Powell, and John D. White.

Wilcox Farm: Captain C. R. McAlpine, lieutenant John Hobday, privates Charles N. Collins, John C. Miller, and Richard White.


Salem Church: Lieutenant C. W. Murdaugh and sergeant Chas. Evans.

Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg: Revil W. Custis, James E. Mears, and one who deserted.

Wilderness: Elvin K. Casey.

Shady Grove: Wm. Mason.

Spotsylvania: Joseph King and Thomas Butt, who was mortally wounded.

Turkey Ridge: George King and Ammon Peek.

Frazier's Farm: Captain C. R. McAlpine.

Crater: Lieutenant John Hobday, J. D. White, sergeant Richard White.

Johnson's Farm: John C. Miller.


Roll of honor.

Major Charles R. McAlpine, Captain John Hobday, sergeant M. P. Kilgore, privates Elvin K. Casey, Charles N. Collins, John C. Miller, John D. White, Richard White, and Julius Ward.


Sergeant Calvin Peek, October 27, 1864, Burgess' Mill.

Sergeant Ammon Peek, October 27, 1864, Burgess' Mill.

Sergeant Charles Evans, October 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm.

Sergeant Laban T. Godwin, October 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm..

Private Denward Hyslop, October 19, 1s864, Johnson's Farm.

Private George King, October 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm.

Private Thomas Peel, October 19, 1864, Johnson's Farm.

Private Elias W. Cherry, July 4, 1863, Gettysburg.

Private Joseph F. Hewlett, July 4, 1863, Gettysburg.

Private Joseph F. Mears, May 29, 1864, Hanover county.

1 the names of deserters are omitted.

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