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The Charlotte Rifles. [from the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, September 17, 1899.]

A list of the members of this Company.

Smithville, Va., September 7, 1899.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
Please publish the annexed roll of Company K. This gallant little company was the first from Charlotte county to volunteer its services in the late war. It was a part of the famous 18th Virginia Infantry, commanded by Colonel R. E. Withers until his disability at Gaines' Mill, and then by Colonel H. A. Carrington until the close of the war. It is proposed to record the roll as soon as the same can be as nearly perfected as possible. Any assistance from the survivors of the company in furtherance of this undertaking will be gladly received. Adress either William H. Smith, late captain of company, or J. C. Carrington, Smithville, Va.

The roll.

Roll of Company K, 18th Virginia Infantry, known as ‘The Charlotte Rifles:’

Ezekiel V. Adams;——Adkins.

William Dennis Bouldin, orderly, captured at Gettysburg; William H. Bailey; Dr. J. W. Brooks, G. W. Barksdale; W. G. Baldwin, lieutenant, died in service;——Brown; Jim Bailey; John Barksdale.

Wiltshire Cardwell, disabled in first battle of Manassas; George George Chappell; C. C. Chappell; John H. Cook, died in service; [263] M. L. Covington, second lieutenant and then captain, wounded at ——; James A. Calhoun; John Calhoun, wounded at Gettysburg; James T. Crawley, wounded at Gettysburg; J. J. Cook, wounded at Gaines' Mill; Thomas Carter; W. J. Chappell, killed at Drewry's Bluff; J. H. Cook; Thomas Cumby; Joseph Covington; George Covington, wounded at New Berne, N. C.; Shanghai Coleman, orderly (Louisiana Tiger); —— ——Childress, fifer of company.

E. B. Davis; Winslow Dennis; Patrick H. Deanor; James Dickerson, wounded at Gaines' Mill; Robert Davis; R. P. Davis; Temple Davis, killed at Gettysburg; Francis Dean; Joseph W. Dickerson; ——--—— Dougherty, killed at Five Forks (Louisiana Tiger). E. P. Evans; P. L. Evans; Thomas Elam.

A. T. Faris; Peyton R. Ford, wounded in arm at Frayser's Farm; Albert Foster, killed in battle of ——; John Foster, orderly sergeant; P. W. Fore; John J. Foster; James Ford; Phil. Ford; Sam Foster; John J. Franklin; E. W. Fore.

Walter L. Garden, wounded at Gaines' Mill; William E. Gaines; D. B. Garden; Thomas Garden; H. F. Gaines, killed in battle; Dr. John Garden; —— —— Guggenheimer.

Charles Harvey, third sergeant; Samuel M. Hailey, wounded at Gaines's Mill; John T. Hagerman, lost leg at Gettysburg; S. Baxter Harvey, wounded at Frayser's Farm; R. F. Hutcheson, transferred to cavalry; Rich. Hammersley; John Harvey, killed at Gaines' Mill; Ro. Hudson; Charles W. Harvey, discharged from service on account of ill health; —— ——Haynes.

William H. Jeffress, wounded at Williamsburg; E. M. Jackson, wounded at —— ; Theo. M. Jones, sergeant from 1861 to close of war, wounded at Williamsburg, Sharpsburg, and Second Cold Harbor; William H. Jones; James A. Jackson; —— ——Johnson, wounded at Hatcher's Run.

George Kesee, killed at Williamsburg.

John T. Lowry, wounded at Hatcher's Run; John Lawson; Thos. Lawson; George W. Lawson; Sandy Lyle, lost sight of after battle of Gaines's Mill; Mat. L. Lyle, second captain, killed at Gaines' Mill; Robert Lipscomb, killed at Gaines' Mill; John Ledbetter, wounded at Drewry's Bluff; W. J. Ledbetter; —— —— Lindsey.

Dennis McNamara; A. C. Middleton, wounded at——; Clem. Maloney, died at Point Lookout, Md., of wounds received at Gettysburg; David Morisette, died in service; Sam Morrison, killed in [264] battle around Richmond; John E. Moseley, killed at Seven Pines; Thomas Mack, orderly; Robert Moorefield; John Morrisette; William Morrison, died in service.

William Nowell. James T. Overby, transferred to cavalry.

Edward Preston, died in service; Fletcher Preston; John F. Powers; Joseph Pollard; Asa C. Pugh; Presley A. Pugh; William W. Palmer.

Edward H. Reams; Elijah T. Roach, wounded at Gettysburg; William S. Roach, wounded at Gaines's Mill; Henry C. Ransom, wounded at ——; Henry N. Read.

T. J. Spencer, first captain; William H. Smith, lieutenant and third captain, wounded at second battle of Manassas and Drewry's Bluff; Branch Spencer; Robert S. Spencer; James Spencer; W. H. Shorter; Thomas Spain; James Spencer, killed in battle —— Alexander Spencer, killed at Gettysburg; Daniel Spencer; Whitfield Spencer, wounded in battle ——--; Robert Shepperson, second lieutenant, died in service; William Stith, lieutenant, wounded, arm shot off at Drewry's Bluff and died from effects; John E. Smith, lieutenant killed at Five Forks; S. D. Spencer, color-bearer, wounded at Gaines's Mill and Gettysburg; William Spencer, sergeant, shot in battle of Five Forks; Charles Snead; Samuel Spencer, killed at Gettysburg; John Dug. Spencer.

John H. Thompson; George Tunstall; James T. Tharpe; Robert Taylor, wounded at Williamsburg; James Thomas, killed at first battle of Manassas—first man killed. —— —— Valentine, killed at Seven Pines.

Van Buren Watkins, badly wounded at Gettysburg; Luther C. Watkins; Samuel Weil, wounded three times; James Wilkes; Ham Wilkes, transferred to artillery; Thomas Wilkes; C. B. Wilkes; Joseph Wilkes, corporal; Calvin Wilkes; Charles Williams; Thos. C. Wilkerson, wounded in service; William C. Wilkerson, wounded in battle of Frayser's Farm.

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Samuel Spencer (2)
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William H. Smith (2)
L. Lyle (2)
John H. Cook (2)
R. E. Withers (1)
Charles Williams (1)
Thomas Wilkes (1)
Joseph Wilkes (1)
James Wilkes (1)
Ham Wilkes (1)
Calvin Wilkes (1)
C. B. Wilkes (1)
William C. Wilkerson (1)
Thomas C. Wilkerson (1)
Samuel Weil (1)
Luther C. Watkins (1)
Buren Watkins (1)
Valentine (1)
George Tunstall (1)
John H. Thompson (1)
James Thomas (1)
James T. Tharpe (1)
Robert Taylor (1)
William Stith (1)
William Spencer (1)
Whitfield Spencer (1)
T. J. Spencer (1)
S. D. Spencer (1)
Robert S. Spencer (1)
Daniel Spencer (1)
Branch Spencer (1)
Alexander Spencer (1)
Charles Snead (1)
John E. Smith (1)
W. H. Shorter (1)
Robert Shepperson (1)
William S. Roach (1)
Elijah T. Roach (1)
Edward H. Reams (1)
Henry N. Read (1)
Henry C. Ransom (1)
Presley A. Pugh (1)
Asa C. Pugh (1)
Fletcher Preston (1)
Edward Preston (1)
John F. Powers (1)
Joseph Pollard (1)
William W. Palmer (1)
James T. Overby (1)
William Nowell (1)
John E. Moseley (1)
William Morrison (1)
Sam Morrison (1)
John Morrisette (1)
David Morisette (1)
Robert Moorefield (1)
A. C. Middleton (1)
Dennis McNamara (1)
Maloney (1)
Thomas Mack (1)
John T. Lowry (1)
Robert Lipscomb (1)
Lindsey (1)
W. J. Ledbetter (1)
John Ledbetter (1)
Thomas Lawson (1)
John Lawson (1)
George W. Lawson (1)
George Kesee (1)
William H. Jones (1)
Theodore M. Jones (1)
William H. Jeffress (1)
James A. Jackson (1)
E. M. Jackson (1)
R. F. Hutcheson (1)
Robert Hudson (1)
S. Baxter Harvey (1)
John Harvey (1)
Charles W. Harvey (1)
Charles Harvey (1)
Richard Hammersley (1)
Samuel M. Hailey (1)
John T. Hagerman (1)
Guggenheimer (1)
Walter L. Garden (1)
John Garden (1)
D. B. Garden (1)
William E. Gaines (1)
H. F. Gaines (1)
John J. Franklin (1)
Sam Foster (1)
John J. Foster (1)
John Foster (1)
Albert Foster (1)
P. W. Fore (1)
E. W. Fore (1)
Philip Ford (1)
Peyton R. Ford (1)
A. T. Faris (1)
P. L. Evans (1)
E. P. Evans (1)
Thomas Elam (1)
Dougherty (1)
Joseph W. Dickerson (1)
James Dickerson (1)
Winslow Dennis (1)
Patrick H. Deanor (1)
Francis Dean (1)
Temple Davis (1)
Robert Davis (1)
R. P. Davis (1)
E. B. Davis (1)
Thomas Cumby (1)
James T. Crawley (1)
M. L. Covington (1)
Joseph Covington (1)
George Covington (1)
J. J. Cook (1)
Shanghai Coleman (1)
Clem (1)
W. J. Chappell (1)
George George Chappell (1)
C. C. Chappell (1)
Thomas Carter (1)
J. C. Carrington (1)
H. A. Carrington (1)
Wiltshire Cardwell (1)
John Calhoun (1)
James A. Calhoun (1)
J. W. Brooks (1)
William Dennis Bouldin (1)
John Barksdale (1)
G. W. Barksdale (1)
W. G. Baldwin (1)
William H. Bailey (1)
Jim Bailey (1)
Ezekiel V. Adams (1)
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