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Roster of Goochland county Troop. [from the Richmond, Va., dispatch, December 29, 1901.1

The following roster of the Goochland Troop, after much ‘agony and bloody sweat,’ has been at last made up, and it is thought to be correct as possible by those who are likely to know. It was prepared in collaboration. This list of gallant comrades would never have crystalized but for the energy of Comrade Charles H. Powell. After the elapse of more than a quarter of a century, it looks out from behind the veil of intercepting years that are fraught with anguish, patience and pathos.

Among the members of this company was the heroic ‘Jim’ Pleasants, the man without a model, of high-erected thought and patriotic purpose, who had rather agonize in Hades rightly than enjoy bliss beyond the cerulean improperly. Napoleon I said that Tom Paine, by virtue of his patriotic deeds in behalf of the American patriots during the revolution, was entitled to a monument of brass. So say we of the gallant James Pleasants, who was complimented by Fitzhugh Lee in General Orders, No. 1, to the Army of Northern Virginia, Lee's division, April 4, 1864.

Resolutions to the honor and memory of James Pleasants may also be found among the records of the Southern Historical Society, at Richmond, Va.

The original Roll.


Julian Harrison, captain; dead.

G. F. Harrison, first lieutenant.

A. M. Hobson, second lieutenant; dead.

John D. Hobson, third lieutenant.

W. R. Fleming, first sergeant; dead.

John A. Picket, second sergeant; dead.

C. B. Trevillian, third sergeant.

W. W. Wright, fourth sergeant; dead.

James M. Trice, first corporal.

J. G. Ragland, second corporal.

J. C. James, third corporal.

T. M. Fleming, fourth corporal.



Garland Anderson.

M. L. Anderson; dead.

R. H. Anderson.

T. C. Anderson.

T. R. Argyle; dead.

Richard Bolling.

Walter Branch; dead.

George T. Britt.

W. B. M. Brooking.

J. J. Cheatwood.

C. D. Fleming.

W. L. Fleming.

F. N. Fleming; dead.

Reuben Ford.

T. C. Galt; dead.

Robert Galt; dead.

D. L. Hall.

W. R. Hall.

J. H. Heath.

T. M. Harris; killed.

D. A. Hatcher.

T. J. Holman; killed.

John D. James.

Robert James; dead.

G. R. Johnson.

George Lawrence; dead.

Thomas Massie; dead.

Silas M. Hart; dead.

James P. Morris; dead.

B. F. Parrish.

Isaac Curd.

E. S. Pendleton.

C. R. Pendleton.

Thomas Pemberton; dead.

Richard Pemberton; dead.

Charles H. Powell.

Thomas J. Rutherford; dead.

S. D. Ragland.

W. R. Rock. [225]

J. S. Swift; dead.

Oscar Shultice; dead.

John M. Toler; dead.

A. V. Taylor.

H. T. Wight; dead.

P. D. Woodson.

James Walden.

James Pleasants; dead.

T. J. Perkins; dead.

R. A. Trice.

R. F. Vaughan.

The following were the members and those who subsequently joined the company:

Samuel R. Guy; recruit.

Hancock Hamilton; recruit.

Edward Haden; killed.

Douglass Haden; killed.

Julien Henderson; wounded.

Tommie Herndon; dead.

E. T. Hughes; recruit.

Samuel Mosby; recruit.

Branch Bell; recruit.

James Argyle; transferred to.

E. H. Argyle; transferred to.

R. H. Trice; recruit.

T. A. Curd; transferred from.

William Morris; recruit.

James Houchins; recruit.

Thomas Houchins, recruit.

John Baugh; substitute.

B. S. Dandridge; substitute.

Mat. G. Anderson; recruit.

A. C. Brooking; recruit.

R. L. Brooking; recruit.

William Pleasants; substitute.

John C. Ragland; recruit.

John S. Garthright; transferred from.

John R. Garthright; transferred from.

S. H. Garthright.

John Ladden (Shepherdstown); killed. [226]

Marcellus Shelton; killed.

James Foster; substitute.

Richard Missenger; transferred from.

——Terrell; transferred from.

P. O. Nichol; transferred from.

——Webster; substitute.

——Scott; transferred from.

Julien Armstrong; recruit.

Philip Taylor; recruit.

Powhatan Ayres; transferred.

John Talley; transferred from Guy's Battery.

John Palmore; transferred from Leak's Battery.

John W. Randolph.

Nat Ragland; recruit (dead).

R. J. Loving; recruit.

Hiter Loving; recruit (dead).

John Quigley; substitute (dead).

Mike McPhalin; substitute (‘Tiger’).

John Pleasants; transferred from Guy's Battery.

Mathew Lloyd, Jr.; recruit.

Pat Brannon; substitute (killed Cedar Run in Valley).

W. H. Jennings; transferred from Leak's Battery.

Obadiah Johnson; recruit.

Reverdy Johnson; recruit.

Carter Johnson; recruit.

Charles Lacy; recruit.

John Eades; recruit.

John Black; recruit.

W. H. Parrish.

Richard Trice (Pottsville).

George W. Fleming.

Napoleon Perkins; recruit.

Isaac Williams.

George Logan.

Richard A. Wise; died December 21, 1900, 2:40 A. M., at Williamsburg, Va.; congressman from the Norfolk and Williamsburg District.

Deaths indicated far as known to date. Respectfully submitted, with high regards, for all concerned.

E. H. Lively. Spokane, Washington, 14th of December, A. D. , 1901.

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James Pleasants (6)
Samuel R. Guy (6)
Charles H. Powell (4)
Fitzhugh Lee (4)
Leak (4)
Garland Anderson (4)
W. W. Wright (2)
P. D. Woodson (2)
Richard A. Wise (2)
Isaac Williams (2)
H. T. Wight (2)
James Walden (2)
R. F. Vaughan (2)
Richard Trice (2)
R. H. Trice (2)
R. A. Trice (2)
James M. Trice (2)
C. B. Trevillian (2)
John M. Toler (2)
Philip Taylor (2)
A. V. Taylor (2)
John Talley (2)
J. S. Swift (2)
Oscar Shultice (2)
Marcellus Shelton (2)
Thomas J. Rutherford (2)
W. R. Rock (2)
John W. Randolph (2)
S. D. Ragland (2)
Nat Ragland (2)
John C. Ragland (2)
J. G. Ragland (2)
John Quigley (2)
William Pleasants (2)
John Pleasants (2)
John A. Picket (2)
T. J. Perkins (2)
Napoleon Perkins (2)
E. S. Pendleton (2)
C. R. Pendleton (2)
Thomas Pemberton (2)
Richard Pemberton (2)
W. H. Parrish (2)
B. F. Parrish (2)
John Palmore (2)
Tom Paine (2)
P. O. Nichol (2)
Samuel Mosby (2)
William Morris (2)
James P. Morris (2)
Richard Missenger (2)
Mike McPhalin (2)
Thomas Massie (2)
R. J. Loving (2)
George Logan (2)
Mathew Lloyd (2)
E. H. Lively (2)
George Lawrence (2)
John Ladden (2)
Charles Lacy (2)
Reverdy Johnson (2)
Obadiah Johnson (2)
G. R. Johnson (2)
Carter Johnson (2)
W. H. Jennings (2)
Robert James (2)
John D. James (2)
J. C. James (2)
E. T. Hughes (2)
Thomas Houchins (2)
James Houchins (2)
T. J. Holman (2)
John D. Hobson (2)
A. M. Hobson (2)
Tommie Herndon (2)
Julien Henderson (2)
J. H. Heath (2)
D. A. Hatcher (2)
Silas M. Hart (2)
Julian Harrison (2)
G. F. Harrison (2)
T. M. Harris (2)
Hancock Hamilton (2)
W. R. Hall (2)
D. L. Hall (2)
Hades (2)
Edward Haden (2)
Douglass Haden (2)
S. H. Garthright (2)
John S. Garthright (2)
John R. Garthright (2)
T. C. Galt (2)
Robert Galt (2)
James Foster (2)
W. R. Fleming (2)
W. L. Fleming (2)
T. M. Fleming (2)
George W. Fleming (2)
F. N. Fleming (2)
C. D. Fleming (2)
John Eades (2)
B. S. Dandridge (2)
T. A. Curd (2)
Isaac Curd (2)
J. J. Cheatwood (2)
W. B. M. Brooking (2)
R. L. Brooking (2)
A. C. Brooking (2)
George T. Britt (2)
Pat Brannon (2)
Richard Bolling (2)
Branch Bell (2)
John Baugh (2)
Powhatan Ayres (2)
Julien Armstrong (2)
T. R. Argyle (2)
James Argyle (2)
E. H. Argyle (2)
T. C. Anderson (2)
R. H. Anderson (2)
M. L. Anderson (2)
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1901 AD (2)
December 21st, 1900 AD (2)
April 4th, 1864 AD (2)
December 29th (2)
December 14th (2)
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