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‘Smyth Blues.’ from the Times-dispatch, June 4, 1905.

Muster roll Company D, Fourth Virginia Infantry.

Editor of the Times-Dispatch.
Sir,—No part of your excellent paper is more interesting to the remnant of old Confederate soldiers now living than that portion you have so kindly dedicated to them and the stories they tell; for after all, it is the man behind the guns who knew best the fierceness of the conflict while it raged around him, and the story he tells brings us nearer the scene of action and impresses it in detail upon our minds more effectually than general history will ever do.

Since arranging and sending to Major Robert W. Hunter a duplicate of the enclosed list of members of Company ‘D,’ Fourth Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade), it has occurred to me to send it to you and ask you to, some time or another, give it a place in the Confederate column of your paper. Its publication is desired not alone because it gives the names enrolled on Orderly Sergeant's book, but because it embraces information of some who are dead and others living, which will be intensely interesting to many widely scattered since the parting at Appomattox in 1865.

Most respectfully,

A. G. Pendleton, captain; major 1862; resigned; died in Roanoke, Va., 1902.

James W. Kennedy, first lieutenant; retired 1862; died in Tennessee after the war.

A. E. Gibson, second lieutenant; captain 1862; killed near Groveton, Second Manassas.

J. J. Bishop, first sergeant; died from wounds Second Manassas.

J. M. Fuller, second sergeant; wounded Gettysburg.

F. W. Rider, third sergeant; died after war.

J. M. Thomas, fourth sergeant; promoted captain.

D. B. Kootz, first corporal; wounded Kernstown.

I. M. Lampie, second corporal; wounded Spotsylvania Courthouse; died since war.

H. T. Killinger, third corporal.

T. A. Oury, fourth corporal; wounded First Manassas; dead.

Adam Allen, killed Chancellorsville. [360]

Benjamin Allen, wounded Winchester; lost an eye; dead.

David Allison.

I. G. Anderson, lost leg, Sharpsburg; dead.

John S. Apperson, commissioned hospital steward 1862; assigned duty with Field Infirmary, Second Corps, A. N. V. (Surgeon Black).

B. F. Bates.

William Barbour; dead.

Alex Bear, promoted lieutenant 1862.

W. P. Bell, died from wounds, Second Manassas.

Randolph Bradley, killed below Richmond.

Isaac Brown, killed Sharpsburg.

W. H. Bolton.

Cleophas——, wounded.

John A. Buchanan, Judge Court of Appeals, Virginia.

George C. Bridgeman.

Samuel A. Byars, wounded Chancellorsville; lame for life.

J. S. Campbell.

Thomas P. Campbell, promoted lieutenant; wounded Wilderness, 1864.

W. B. Carder, promoted lieutenant; died since war.

W. H. Cleaver, killed Cedar Creek, 1864.

John Cox.

George W. Cullop, lost leg at Chancellorsville; died since war.

J. R. Cullop.

John J. Dix, died from wounds received, Chancellorsville.

Adam Dutton, died after war.

James A. Dutton.

G. M. Dudley.

C. O. Davis.

James W. Duncan.

W. P. Francis.

G. H. Fudge, lieutenant; wounded, Fredericksburg; Judge of County Court, Smyth.

John W. Fudge.

Robert Fulwiler.

Edward Falkie, wounded.

Robert Green, wounded First Manassas.

Henry Goodman, killed, May 12th, Spotsylvania.

Ambrose Griffith, color-bearer; wounded at Chancellorsville and before Petersburg. [361]

Moses Gibson.

James J. Gill, lost leg at Gettysburg.


J. F. Harris, died since war.

William Henegar, killed, Cedar Creek, 1864.

W. R. Henegar.

Henry Henderlite; died since war.

Ephriam, died from wounds received at Chancellorsville.

John Hogsdon.

John N. Hull.

Abram Hutton, died after war.

John Hutton, died from wounds at Chancellorsville.

A. J. Isenhower, killed, Sharpsburg.

M. T. James, died in prison.

S. E. James, killed in battle.

E. M. James.

B. F. Jones, died from wounds, Second Manassas.

H. B. Jones, died in hospital.

T. L. Jones, died in hospital.

B. F. Leonard, wounded First Manassas; died after war.

Joseph H. Lampie, killed battle Kernstown.

Albert Lambert, dead.

W. A. Mays, wounded on picket duty.

W. H. Magruder.

F. B. Magruder, wounded at Chancellorsville.

B. F. Maiden.

Edward McCready, killed First Manassas.

H. H. McCready, lieutenant; wounded at Chancellorsville; killed Payne's farm.

Robert McCready; died from wounds Wilderness, 1864.

W. F. Moore, killed Spotsylvania, 1864.

J. M. Morris; dead;

Samuel Neff, killed Kernstown.

T. C. Oaks.

Bedford Overbay.

John Parrish, killed at Payne's farm.

J. T. Palmer; dead.

Matthew Prater; dead.

Martin Roane, lost two fingers at Chancellorsville; dead.

James Roark; dead. [362]

J. H. Romans, killed First Manassas.

Samuel Reedy.

A. O. Sanders, wounded below Richmond.

A. T. Sanders; died since the war.

William Sanders, died during the war.

Jesse Seay.

Benjamin Sexton, died from wounds, Second Manassas.

F. H. Sexton, died in prison.

M. Sexton, killed Gettysburg.

Sexton, wounded.

C. C. Snider, died from wounds.

T. C. Sexton.

A. J. Staley.

R. S. Stephens, died since war.

J. H. Sayers.

T. E. Schwartz.

W. B. Skeffey, died at Elmira prison.

Willoughby Savage.

Henry Tibbs, died during the war.

J. B. Umbarger, lost arm at Gettysburg.

A. N. Umbarger.

William Umbarger, wounded Chancellorsville; died since the war.

Ephriam Umbarger, died since the war.

D. W. Venable.

R. C. Vaughan, promoted captain; died after war.

W. D. Willmore, wounded in front of Richmond, 1864.

Thomas J. Wolf, died from wounds received at Chancellorsville.

Sampson H. Wolf, killed First Manassas.

Joseph Wolf; dead.

Lafayette Wolf.

A. I. Wygal.

T. J. Wygal; dead.

S. J. Wolf, died after war.

Theodore Wallace, died after war.

Henry Webb, died from wounds received at Chancellorsville.

John M. Williams, promoted captain; wounded at Sharpsburg.

John Williams.

B. P. Walker, wounded Kernstown.

J. M. Wilburn, killed in skirmish near Shepherdstown.

Edward Harrison, died from wounds received at Chancellorsville.

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A. J. Staley (1)
C. C. Snider (1)
Smyth (1)
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Benjamin Sexton (1)
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Samuel Neff (1)
J. M. Morris (1)
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B. F. Maiden (1)
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B. F. Leonard (1)
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I. M. Lampie (1)
Albert Lambert (1)
D. B. Kootz (1)
H. T. Killinger (1)
James W. Kennedy (1)
T. L. Jones (1)
H. B. Jones (1)
B. F. Jones (1)
S. E. James (1)
M. T. James (1)
E. M. James (1)
A. J. Isenhower (1)
John Hutton (1)
Abram Hutton (1)
Robert W. Hunter (1)
John N. Hull (1)
John Hogsdon (1)
William Henegar (1)
W. R. Henegar (1)
Henry Henderlite (1)
Edward Harrison (1)
Ambrose Griffith (1)
Robert Green (1)
Henry Goodman (1)
James J. Gill (1)
Moses Gibson (1)
A. E. Gibson (1)
Robert Fulwiler (1)
J. M. Fuller (1)
John W. Fudge (1)
G. H. Fudge (1)
W. P. Francis (1)
Edward Falkie (1)
James A. Dutton (1)
Adam Dutton (1)
James W. Duncan (1)
G. M. Dudley (1)
John J. Dix (1)
C. O. Davis (1)
J. R. Cullop (1)
George W. Cullop (1)
John Cox (1)
W. H. Cleaver (1)
W. B. Carder (1)
Thomas P. Campbell (1)
J. S. Campbell (1)
Samuel A. Byars (1)
John A. Buchanan (1)
Isaac Brown (1)
George C. Bridgeman (1)
Randolph Bradley (1)
W. H. Bolton (1)
Black (1)
J. J. Bishop (1)
W. P. Bell (1)
B. F. Bates (1)
William Barbour (1)
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John S. Apperson (1)
I. G. Anderson (1)
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