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Roster of the companies.

Company A.

John Henry Jackson was largely instrumental in recruiting this, the first company raised for Chenault's Regiment. It was recruited in Clark County, at a meeting and barbecue given on the farm of Mr. Jackson's mother, at Jackson's Ferry, on Friday, September 2, 1862, where Colonel Tucker and Major McCreary made speeches. An eye witness of the scene writes: ‘When Colonel Tucker and Major McCreary spoke at Jackson's Ferry, they stood on the balcony of the residence of the venerable Mrs. Anna Jackson. A beautiful daughter of this historic family, Miss Mary Virginia Jackson, waved over their heads a Confederate flag. Full of life, beauty and enthusiasm, her cheering voice would ring out “Fall in boys, the South needs you,” and the boys fell in. Mrs. Jackson and her lovely daughter were afterwards arrested for giving aid and comfort to the Rebellion, and were incarcerated in a military prison. On their release they were put under heavy bonds.’ Miss Mary Virginia Jackson married the late William H. Eaton, of Winchester, where she now lives. It is said that she practically raised Company A.

John Henry Jackson had good reason to expect to be elected Captain. He was made sergeant major of the regiment, which he soon resigned to serve in the ranks.

There is only one known roll of this company in existence, and it covers the period from September 10, 1862, to December 31, 1862. Information given below of a later date than December 31, 1862, has been gathered from various sources. The folowing is the roll:

Captain Gordon C. Mullins. Froze to death in the Ohio penitentiary, January 1, 1864, the coldest night of the war.

First lieutenant, Allen Armstrong Rankins; second lieutenants, Sidney P. Cunningham (afterwards Adjutant of the Second Brigade), Rodney Haggard, Wm. W. Baldwin, killed at the battle of Green River Bridge, July 4, 1863.

Sergeants—First, Joel Tandy Quisenberry; second, John David Reid; third, John Doyle, died of camp fever, November 25, 1863. [281]

Corporals—First, Wm. A. Tolliver; second, Josephus Oliver; third, Robert Quisenberry; fourth, Ellis G. Baxter.

Teamster—Joe R. Ackerson.

PrivatesRichard Ackerson, Thos. Baber, died of camp fever, October 10, 1862; Pleasant Baber, Stanley Baber, Allen Brock, Wm. Brock, Clifton Busch, John W. Baldwin, W. W. Baldwin, Sr., Samuel Baldwin, Henry Brown, Hardin Brown, Luke Baxter, Thomas Callicutt, died in Camp Douglas, November 15, 1863, of smallpox; E. Waller Combs, John Cooper, died in Camp Douglas, March 6, 1864, of smallpox; Wm. Chisholm, Edward Collins, McGowan Cooper, John Collins, Dr. Cummins, Wm. Dixon (or Dickson), Thomas Eads, Wm. Eads, James Freeman, died in Camp Douglas, February 25, 1864, of smallpox; John Glover, David N. Gordon, Ezekiel Hampton, Jesse Hampton, died in Camp Douglas, December 19, 1864, of smallpox; Joseph Hampton, wounded November 17, and died November 30, 1862; W. L. Haggard, Edward Haggard (‘Hunker’), James P. Haggard, Sanford Haggard,——Haybrook, John Henry Jackson, promoted to sergeant major; James Johnson, Robt. D. King, Jeff C. King, James Kelley, wounded and prisoner at Hartsville, Tenn., December 9, 1862, lost leg; Wm. C. Kearney, J. Braxton Lyle, Joseph C. Lyle, James Henry Mullins, died in Camp Douglas, September 18, 1864, heart disease; Henry S. Meredith, James Oliver, died in Camp Douglas, November 17, 1864, chronic diarrhoea; Minor Perkins, Colby Pardo, John Pardo, died in Camp Douglas, August 26, 1864, dysentery; Wm. J. Quisenberry, Elkanah Ragland, Nathanial Ragland, died in Tennessee, of brain fever; Thomas Ragland, Milton Ragland, Harry Ragland, A. Clay Rash, David Railsback, promoted to sergeant; Edward Railsback, James Rutlidge, Andrew Rogers, Richard Simpson, Solomon Stevens, Benj. Stevens, Michael Berry Stevens, Edward Stokely, John Schooler (or Schuyler), Hiter Shockley, Rizen Sympson, Nep. Thomas, died January 11, 1863, of brain fever; Lewis Trussell, Dr. G. Wash. Taylor, promoted as assistant surgeon; Wm. Waller, Lewis Woolsey, Wm. Wickerson.—92 officers and enlisted men. [282]

Company B.

Company B was recruited in Madison County. There are two known rolls of this company, covering the period from September 10, 1862, to April 30, 1863, as follows:

CaptainsJoseph Chenault, killed at battle of Grassy Creek, Ky., May 8, 1863; Alexander H. Tribble, killed at Green River Bridge, July 4, 1863.

First lieutenant, Isham A. Fox; second lieutenants, Charles Stone, Dudley Tribble, Jr.

Sergeants—First, Ja.mes P. White; second, Robert Samuells; third, Andrew McCord; fourth, Squire Turner Trevis, escaped from Camp Douglas and went to Canada, where he was in the St. Albans, Vt., ‘Bank Raid.’

Corporals-First, Michael Hennessee; second, T. B. Shearer; third, James Davis; fourth, John Jones.

Forage Masters—Robert Rice, William Berry. Company Farriers—Edward Baxter, Alexander Pence.

PrivatesH. K. Anderson, died in Camp Douglas, March 24, 1864, of smallpox; John Azbill, died in Camp Douglas, November 25, 1864, of consumption; Samuel Berry, died in Camp Douglas, August 18, 1864, of dropsy; Wm. Biggerstaff, Wm. Berry, Charles Coley, James Cosby, John Cosby, killed at Green River Bridge, July 4. 1863; Oliver W. Cosby, killed at Green River Bridge, July 4, 1863; A. S. Cosby, killed at Green River Bridge, July 4, 1863; Weston Deboe, Nathan Deatherage, James Davis, Wm. Dickerson, Thompson Duerson, Peter Dozier, Thomas Fowler, Zack Ferrell, John Ferrell, captured at Springfield, Ky., December 30, 1862; Anderson Ferrell, Wm. Fox, John Fox, Wm. Farris, Chas. Garrett, Dan Griffith, Wishfred Goodman, Leroy G. Haden, James Hugeley, Squire Hugeley, David Hill (‘Old Pap’), died at Camp Douglas, February 18, 1864, of smallpox; Anderson Jones, Andrew Jones, James Jones, Wm. Jones, G. R. Kester, Benj. Lear, Newton Later, G. E. Musselman, W. E. Mattinkly, John Newby, Cyrus Newkirk, Meredith Perkins, J. W. Parmetier, Alexander Rossell, John Rice, died in Camp Douglas, April 12, 1864, of smallpox; Thomas Rice, Dr. Aylett Raines, promoted to assistant surgeon, 1862; Tillman Shanks, Wesley Smithheart, John Shearer, Joseph P. Simmons, [283] orderly to Colonel Chenault; Ira W. Scudder, commissary sergeant; Sidney Shaw, Harrison Shaw, James Shearer, Anderson Terrill, died in Camp Douglas, March 10, 1864, of smallpox; Reuben Turner, Robert Turner, James Turner, Wm. Turner, John Turner, James Trimble, Robert Trevis, Valentine Tillett, Jacob White, James Wade, Richard Williams, Hiram Wood, Ezekiel Walcott, James Wilson, died in Camp Douglas, February 18, 1864, of old sores.—91 officers and enlisted men.

Company C.

Company C was recruited in Clark County, and most of its members enlisted in one day—Saturday, September 6, 1862. The following is a copy of the only official roll of the company known to be in existence, and this is supposed to be 15 or 20 names short:

CaptainAndrew Jackson Bruner, wounded at the foot of Greasy Creek, Ky., May 8, 1863. Some weeks later, when the command started on the Ohio raid, his wound was unhealed, and he unable to ride astride on account of it, but unwilling to be left behind, he went with his men anyhow, and rode more than 600 miles (going day and night) on a side saddle, carrying his crutches.

First lieutenantJames Levi Wheeler. He took an active part in recruiting the company and came within a few votes of being elected its captain, and was captain before the close of the war. General Kirby Smith placed him in command of Clark County, with orders to suppress bushwhacking, etc., and to disarm and parole the Home Guards. Died in Winchester, April 2, 1894.

Second lieutenantsThomas Birch, died February 6, 1863, near Monticello, Ky.; Thomas Jefferson Haggard, Taylor Tracy, transferred from General Humphry Marshall's Army, November 5, 1862, wounded at Bull's Gap, November 13, 1862; James Royall Price, promoted from sergeant major.

Sergeants—First, John W. Gordon; second, W. S. Hogan; third, John A. Kelly; fourth, John Flynn, died in Camp Douglas, January 8, 1864, of congestive chills; fifth, Milton Vivion.

Corporals—First, J. S. Gamboe; second, Wm. B. Willis; second, J. H. Carter, died February 24, 1863, near Monticello, Ky., [284] of brain fever; third, Benj. H. Jones; fourth, F. M. Cottman.

PrivatesJ. H. Adams, discharged December 1, 1862, disability; J. N. Aldridge, died in Camp Douglas, October 21, 1864, of typhoid fever; Lewis Ballard, George Birch, Aaron Blythe, Henry Charles, R. H. Chisholm, David Clark, D. W. Clark, Wildie Clark, Wm. Clem, William Craig, John Daniel, F. M. Dority, John Dority, Samuel Dority, Wm. Dority, John Dougherty, died in Camp Douglas, October 2, 1864, of pneumonia; Charles B. Ecton, now a member of the Kentucky Senate; Casswell Epperson, John Fields, Wm. French, John Goode, John Gruelle, deserted October, 1862, and joined the Federal Army; Michael Haggard, Robert Hogan, Joe S. Hood, Henry Hugeley, James Hugeley, John Jones, Robert Knox, died in Camp Douglas, October 21, 1864, of chronic diarrhoea; David Larison, Robert Lawrence, George Leslie, James Logan, Alfred Martin, Elisha Ogden, Thomas Parris, Archie Piersall, J. H. Reed, promoted to assistant quartermaster sergeant; John Shay, Willis F. Spahr, promoted to quartermaster sergeant; John Stivers, F. M. Stone, Raleigh Sutherland, regimental farrier; T. B. Stuart, John Tate, Wm. Tate, Wm. Taylor, Obadiah B. Tracy, died in Camp Douglas, February 17, 1864, of chronic diarrhoea; Henry Turner, Wm. Taylor, Howard Watts, J. A. Watts.—seventy officers and enlisted men.

Company D.

Company D was recruited in Estill County. There are no known rolls of it in existence. It was one of the largest companies in the regiment.

The following are the names of the officers and eleven men who died in Camp Douglas:

Captain, J. N. L. Dickens; first lieutenant, W. Wiseman; second lieutenants, J. M. Riddle, W. Winburn.

Enlisted men who died in Camp DouglasJohn Allen, February 24, 1864, of smallpox; Joseph Clowers, October 7, 1863, of brain fever; N. P. Bell, November 10, 1863, of measles; Wm. R. Barton, November 10, 1864, of typhoid fever; John Franklin, December 29, 1864, of smallpox; S. W. Frost, March 26, 1864, of general debility; Henry Rigner, December 24, 1864, of chronic diarrhoea; George Tiviford, March 27, 1864, of smallpox; Emerson [285] Turpin, March 27, 1864, of smallpox; John Wade, November 12, 1863.

Company E.

This company was recruited in Madison County and there are no known rolls of it in existence. It was a large company. The following list of its officers and a few of its men was gathered from several sources:

Captain, Robert B. Terrill, severely wounded at Mt. Sterling, Ky., March 21, 1863; first lieutenant, G. W. Ranson, supposed to have been killed at the battle of Mission Ridge; second lieutenants, G. W. Maupin, Seth Maupin, severely wounded at Mt. Sterling, Ky., March 21, 1863.

Enlisted men—Ive Adair, died in Camp Douglas, November 4, 1863, of measles; Anderson Chenault, escaped from Camp Douglas, recaptured, and tried by General Burbridge as a spy, but acquitted; Cabell Chenault, died at Monticello, Ky., 1862; David Chenault, escaped from Camp Douglas, but recaptured; Robert Chenault, T. J. Filmore, died in Camp Douglas, January 2, 1865, of smallpox; Wm. Huse, died in Camp Douglas, October 20, 1863, of measles; George McDaniel, died in Camp Douglas, October 7, 1863, of measles; George Vaughn, died in Camp Douglas, November 20, 1863, of smallpox.

Company F.

Company F was recruited in Madison County. There are two known rolls of it in existance, covering the period from September 10, 1862, to February 28, 1863. The following roster of its officers and men is believed to be some fifteen or twenty names short:

CaptainThomas Bronston Collins, wounded at Greasy Creek, Ky., May 9, 1863, escaped with Colonel A. R. Johnson at Buffington Island, Ohio, by swimming the Ohio river, afterwards went to Canada in the secret service of the Confederacy, and was one of the twenty Confederate soldiers who made the celebrated ‘Bank Raid’ at St. Albans, Vt.

First Lieutenant, J. F. Oldham; second lieutenants, R. J. Parks, C. H. Covington, died of brain fever at Albany, Ky., April 1, 1863; James H. Trevis. [286]

Sergeants—Ordnance, Joseph Collins; first, James Trevis, second, James Caldwell; third, Thomas Dejarnett; fourth, W. B. Benton; fifth, J. K. Sams.

Corporals—First, J. T. Jones; second, R. Caldwell; third, A. G. Fife; fourth, Robert Miller.

Farriers—James Miller, Thomas Oldham.

PrivatesJohn Asbell, John Benton, died at Monticello, Ky., March 25, 1863, of brain fever; Van Buren Benton, died in Camp Douglas, March 14, 1864, of smallpox; T. C. Broaddus, George Butler, Peter Beck, Jacob Creath Bronston, W. B. Benton, James Cosby, James W. Coulter, Chas. Covington, James G. Cochran, H. W. Coldiron, Joseph Collins, Joel Embry, Wm. Grubb, David Giltner, John Hutchinson, Elisha Hall, Wiley Horn, Anderson Harris, Thos. Hamilton, died in Camp Douglas, September 27, 1863, of fever; Joseph Jones, Meredith Jones, M. B. Judy, Jacob Kurtz, Arch. Kavenaugh, J. B. Mize, Owen McKee, Travis Million, Samuel Meeks, James P. Norman, died in Camp Douglas, October 26, 1864, of pneumonia; J. R. Oldham, Preston Oldham, Richard Oldham, James Oldham, Q. R. Oldham, J. P. Oldham, Thomas Portwood, Benjamin Price, Silas Pearce, Robert Rowan, J. K. Sams, John Semonis, Andrew Turpin, Samuel Turpin, died in Camp Douglas, November 26, 1864, of smallpox; Harris Thorp, Granville Troxwell, Durrett White, Daniel White, Joel W. Watts, died in Camp Douglas, February 25, 1864, of pneumonia; Wm. Wilder, Alex. Woods, died in Knoxville, Tenn., November 13, 1862; C. F. Wright—72 officers and enlisted men.

Company G.

This company was recruited in Bourbon County. There is only one known roll in existence, covering the period from September 10, 1862, to December 31, 1862, and it is supposed to be very incomplete. It is as follows:

CaptainsJames Mitchel, Thomas Wells. First LieutenantsG. W. Bowen, Alfred Williams. Second LieutenantsThomas J. Current, W. A. Bedford, D. H. Clowers, Milo Wells, killed November 13, 1864, at Bull's Gap, Tenn. [287]

Sergeants—First, Charles C. Rule; second, Charles R. Shawhan; third, Wm. Kendall; fourth, Wm. C. Current.

Corporals—First, Thomas J. Howard; second, Gano Leer; third, Wm. H. Current; fourth, L. Lair.

PrivatesThomas Bedford, A. W. Bedford, John Bowman, James Batterson, F. M. Breedon, J. C. Clay, N. Current, Jesse Current, John Davis, J. H. Demmitt, J. W. Demmitt, L. J. Fretwell, R. F. Goodman, George Gregory, B. Hanly, R. J. Hoover, Jesse Haney, Joseph Hinton, Sam Hamilton, James Kelley, Emerson Neal, John Penn, Wm. Phillips, William Ross, P. C. Sullivan, Sam Smizer, George Shawhan, N. D. Smith, James Tate, Cyrus Turner, Charles Talbott, David Wilson, James Wilson, R. Wilson—50 officers and enlisted men.

Company H.

Company H was made up of men from Madison, Montgomery and Estill Counties, and perhaps had scattered members from other counties. It was in service under General Humphry Marshal for a year before Bragg's and Kirby Smith's invasion of Kentucky, about which time the term of the men's enlistment with Marshal expired, and they re-enlisted in Chenault's Regiment. There were also some new recruits in the company. There is only one known roll of it in existence (supposed to be 25 or 30 names short), covering the period from September 10 to December 31, 1862, viz.:

Captain Augustus H. McGaee was one of the six officers who escaped from the Ohio penitentiary with General John H. Morgan. He was killed in battle November 13, 1864.

First LieutenantFrank A. West, killed at Green River Bridge, Ky., July 4, 1863. Second LieutenantsF. M. Louderback, captured at Springfield, Ky., December 30, 1862; Cassius M. Taylor, died in prison, 1863.

Sergeants—First, E. C. Elliott; second, W. M. Newby; third, Sidney Knatzer; fourth, Milford Jackson.

Corporals—First, John McClay, killed at Greasy Creek, Ky., May 8, 1863; third, Thomas Smarr; fourth, Reuben Munday, captured at Springfield, Ky., December 30, 1862. [288]

PrivatesLewis Ashcraft, Jacob Alexander, Philip Breakhill, James Browning, John Browning, Benjamin Browning, John Benson, E. C. Claypoole, Thos. Chisholm, Amos Coats, Isaiah Coates, Robert Cusik, Robin Cocks, W. H. Coldiron, John Fitch, died in Camp Douglas, December 13, 1864, of chronic diarrhoea; John Fraley, Pat Hamilton, Adolphus Hamilton, George,Hayes, William Hunt, Jacob Hurst, died in Camp Douglas, March 9, 1864, of smallpox; Thomas Kelley, John Judd, Charles Jenkins, William Lewis, Wm. Louderback, V. B. McCoy, Wesley Meadows, captured at Springfield, Ky., December 30, 1862; Henry McMahon, George Maddox, William Maden, died in Camp Douglas, January 31, 1865, of heart disease; Josiah Maddox, William Maden, Jesse Newby, James K. Newby, died in Camp Douglas, March 27, 1864, of smallpox; Daniel Rice, Marion Rice John Ryan, Merritt Roberts, Mack Roberts, Squire Roberts, George Sims, John Simons, Shelby Taylor, Pope Wade, James Webb, Augustus Wood, J. M. Wood, Sam Wood, Vince Wood, James W. Woods, died in Camp Douglas, October 31, 1864, of inflammation of the bowels; John Woods, died in Camp Douglas, December 15, 1864, of chronic diarrhoea—64 officers and enlisted men.

Company I.

I have been unable to learn where Company I was recruited, though it was probably in Estill County. There are no known rolls of this company in existence. Its officers were:

CaptainJack May, shot and killed while a prisoner of war. First LieutenantT. Corbin. Second LieutenantM. Rein.

Company K.

Company K it is believed was recruited in Clinton and Wayne Counties, during the time the regiment was doing scouting and picketing duty in that section. There is no known roll of the company in existence. Its officers were:

CaptainB. S. Barton. First Lieutenant—Harrison Moles, killed in September, 1863. Second LieutenantT. B. Corbett.

The following roster of the 11th Kentucky Cavalry does not [289] by any means give a full statement of the casualties of the regiment, it merely gives the few that I have been able to ascertain so far.

It has been my intention to write a full history of this regiment and publish it in book form, but so far the survivors of the regiment have not responded to my appeals to furnish me full statements of their own experiences in the war, and such other matters concerning the regiment that are of historical interest. Should they do so I believe I might get up a fairly good and extensive history of the 11th Kentucky Cavalry, and I should like to do that, since its commanding officer, Colonel D. W. Chenault was my uncle.

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Thomas Dejarnett (1)
Weston Deboe (1)
Nathan Deatherage (1)
John Davis (1)
John Daniel (1)
Robert Cusik (1)
William H. Current (1)
William C. Current (1)
Thomas J. Current (1)
N. Current (1)
Sidney P. Cunningham (1)
Cummins (1)
William Craig (1)
Charles H. Covington (1)
Charles Covington (1)
James W. Coulter (1)
F. M. Cottman (1)
Oliver W. Cosby (1)
John Cosby (1)
A. S. Cosby (1)
T. Corbin (1)
T. B. Corbett (1)
McGowan Cooper (1)
John Cooper (1)
E. Waller Combs (1)
Thomas Bronston Collins (1)
John Collins (1)
Charles Coley (1)
W. H. Coldiron (1)
H. W. Coldiron (1)
James G. Cochran (1)
Isaiah Coates (1)
Joseph Clowers (1)
D. H. Clowers (1)
William Clem (1)
E. C. Claypoole (1)
J. C. Clay (1)
Wildie Clark (1)
David Clark (1)
D. W. Clark (1)
William Chisholm (1)
Thomas Chisholm (1)
R. H. Chisholm (1)
R. C. Chenault (1)
David Waller Chenault (1)
David Chenault (1)
Cabell Chenault (1)
Anderson Chenault (1)
Henry Charles (1)
J. H. Carter (1)
Thomas Callicutt (1)
R. Caldwell (1)
James Caldwell (1)
George Butler (1)
Clifton Busch (1)
Burbridge (1)
Andrew Jackson Bruner (1)
John Browning (1)
James Browning (1)
Benjamin Browning (1)
Henry Brown (1)
Hardin Brown (1)
Jacob Creath Bronston (1)
William Brock (1)
Allen Brock (1)
T. C. Broaddus (1)
F. M. Breedon (1)
Philip Breakhill (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
John Bowman (1)
G. W. Bowen (1)
Aaron Blythe (1)
Thomas Birch (1)
George Birch (1)
William Biggerstaff (1)
Samuel Berry (1)
John Benton (1)
Buren Benton (1)
John Benson (1)
N. P. Bell (1)
W. A. Bedford (1)
Thomas Bedford (1)
A. W. Bedford (1)
Peter Beck (1)
Luke Baxter (1)
Ellis G. Baxter (1)
Edward Baxter (1)
James Batterson (1)
William R. Barton (1)
B. S. Barton (1)
Lewis Ballard (1)
Samuel Baldwin (1)
John W. Baldwin (1)
Stanley Baber (1)
John Azbill (1)
Lewis Ashcraft (1)
John Asbell (1)
H. K. Anderson (1)
John Allen (1)
Jacob Alexander (1)
J. N. Aldridge (1)
J. H. Adams (1)
Adair (1)
Richard Ackerson (1)
Joe R. Ackerson (1)
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July 4th, 1863 AD (6)
December 31st, 1862 AD (4)
December 30th, 1862 AD (4)
September 10th, 1862 AD (4)
March 27th, 1864 AD (3)
May 8th, 1863 AD (3)
November 13th, 1864 AD (2)
October 21st, 1864 AD (2)
February 25th, 1864 AD (2)
February 18th, 1864 AD (2)
October 7th, 1863 AD (2)
March 21st, 1863 AD (2)
November 13th, 1862 AD (2)
1862 AD (2)
April 2nd, 1894 AD (1)
January 31st, 1865 AD (1)
January 2nd, 1865 AD (1)
December 29th, 1864 AD (1)
December 24th, 1864 AD (1)
December 19th, 1864 AD (1)
December 15th, 1864 AD (1)
December 13th, 1864 AD (1)
November 26th, 1864 AD (1)
November 25th, 1864 AD (1)
November 17th, 1864 AD (1)
November 10th, 1864 AD (1)
October 31st, 1864 AD (1)
October 26th, 1864 AD (1)
October 2nd, 1864 AD (1)
September 18th, 1864 AD (1)
August 26th, 1864 AD (1)
August 18th, 1864 AD (1)
April 12th, 1864 AD (1)
March 26th, 1864 AD (1)
March 24th, 1864 AD (1)
March 14th, 1864 AD (1)
March 10th, 1864 AD (1)
March 9th, 1864 AD (1)
March 6th, 1864 AD (1)
February 24th, 1864 AD (1)
February 17th, 1864 AD (1)
January 8th, 1864 AD (1)
January 1st, 1864 AD (1)
November 25th, 1863 AD (1)
November 20th, 1863 AD (1)
November 15th, 1863 AD (1)
November 12th, 1863 AD (1)
November 10th, 1863 AD (1)
November 4th, 1863 AD (1)
October 20th, 1863 AD (1)
September 27th, 1863 AD (1)
September, 1863 AD (1)
May 9th, 1863 AD (1)
April 30th, 1863 AD (1)
April 1st, 1863 AD (1)
March 25th, 1863 AD (1)
February 28th, 1863 AD (1)
February 24th, 1863 AD (1)
February 6th, 1863 AD (1)
January 11th, 1863 AD (1)
1863 AD (1)
December 9th, 1862 AD (1)
December 1st, 1862 AD (1)
November 30th, 1862 AD (1)
November 5th, 1862 AD (1)
October 10th, 1862 AD (1)
October, 1862 AD (1)
September 6th, 1862 AD (1)
September 2nd, 1862 AD (1)
November 17th (1)
September 10th (1)
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