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The Warren Blues—Extra Billy's men: Roll of officers and men of a famous band of Veterans.

Company roll of the officers and men of the Warren Blues, Company E, and afterwards Company D, of the 49th Virginia Infantry, Extra Billy Smith's Regiment, Pegram's Brigade, Early's Division, Stonewall Jackson Corps, Army of Northern Virginia:

This company was mustered into service at Front Royal, Va., on the 17th day of June, 1861, with the four first commissioned officers, to-wit:

Wheatley, Manley T., captain and promoted to major in October; died in December, 1861.

Jacobs, Bayley S., first lieutenant and captain; was killed at Gettysburg.

Updike, John B., second lieutenant and first lieutenant, captain; wounded at Spotsylvania, 12th of May, 1864, and retired.

Funkhouser, Robert D., Jr., second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and acting lieutenant-colonel; wounded at Winchester, 19th of September, 1864, and captured at Fort Steadman, near Petersburg, 25th of March, 1865.

Boyd, Emory V., orderly sergeant and second lieutenant; killed below Richmond, 25th of June, 1862.

Brown, John G., color sergeant and second lieutenant; captured at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864; was sent with the famous 600 Confederate officers to Morris Island, off South Carolina, under the so-called retaliation act; living.

Updike, Abraham, elected second lieutenant in October, 1864; was captured at Fort Steadman, 25th of March, 1865; dead.

Atwood, Luther, private, killed at Seven Pines, May 31, 1862. Atwood, Samuel, private, died in hospital, Richmond.

Allen, John, private, wounded September 17, 1862, Sharpsburg (dead).

Allen, Arch, private, wounded. [299]

Barbee, Joseph T., private, died in Richmond hospital, 1862.

Barber, John S., private, wounded at Seven Pines.

Baker, Lewis D., orderly sergeant, wounded (living).

Bennett, John, private, killed at first battle of Manassas.

Bennett, Henry, sharpshooter, captured at Fort Steadman (living).

Bolen, Newton, private, wounded (living).

Bolen, Franklin H., sergeant, wounded and captured.

Beatty, W. A., private, captured.

Brown, Henry J., private, wounded (living).

Brown, Benjamin, private, wounded at Seven Pines (dead).

Burner, James, private, wounded at Seven Pines (dead).

Blackwood, Robert, nurse in hospital and died on duty.

Cornwell, Alpheus, private, wounded at Seven Pines (dead).

Cornwell, Inmann, private, wounded at Seven Pines (dead).

Coulter, William, private, supposed to be killed in battle.

Compton, James B., sergeant, transferred to cavalry.

Compton, William A., corporal, the man who led General Lee's horse to the rear at Spotsylvania.

Claig, John T., private, wounded (dead).

Claig, Parkinson, private, wounded.

Cave, Elijah N., private, died in battle of Spotsylvania.

Cook, James, private, lost both feet by exposure.

Corder, Simeon, private, killed at second battle of Manassas.

Darnell, Jameson, private, wounded at second battle of Fredericksburg.

Day, Samuel, private, captured at Sharpsburg.

Darr, Scott, private, wounded at second battle of Fredericksburg.

Davis, Alman, private (dead).

Easthman, John J., private, honoraby discharged September 3rd (dead).

Eshleman, Samuel P., detailed on special service, and was faithful to the end.

Funk, Jesse T., private, wounded at the Wilderness and went to the cavalry.

Fox, John, private, killed at first battle of Manassas.

Fox, George W., was a corporal; lost a leg at Seven Pines (dead). [300]

Fox, Thomas L., private, wounded.

Fox, Anthony, private, captured.

Fletcher, Addison, private, wounded and missing.

Fish, James W., private, died at Manassas, December, 1861.

Fristoe, Thomas M., private, killed at Seven Pines.

Foster, John R., private, wounded (dead).

Foaley, Noah, private, missing (dead).

Grove, William, private, killed at first battle of Manassas.

Garrett, Newman, private, wounded (living).

Gore, Dewitt C., private, wounded (living).

Green, Bushrod R., private, deserted to the enemy.

Gordon, Oliver R., private, killed at Seven Pines.

Garmong, Theophilus H., private, killed at Cold Harbor, June 3rd.

Hoskins, Daniel H., private, killed at the Wilderness.

Hough, Alpheus, private, wounded (dead).

Hall, John, corporal, died at Manassas, 1861.

Hall, George W., private, killed at Fisher's Hill.

Henry, John J., private, wounded.

Henry, Marcus, private, wounded at the Wilderness (dead).

Henry, John W., private, wounded at Winchester, 1864.

Henry, Gibson E., private, killed at first battle of Fredericksburg.

Henry, Moses, private, wounded (dead).

Henry, George W., killed.

Hoffman, John W., private, killed.

Hoffman, George, private, died at Manassas in 1861.

Holder, William, private, wounded and missing.

Holder, Richard, private, captured at Seven Pines.

Jett, Luther, private, wounded at the Wilderness (dead).

Johnson, John J., private, captured at Belle Grove (living).

Jones, William, private (dead).

Leach, William, sergeant, killed at Cold Harbor.

Loveless, Richard, private, wounded and captured at Sharpsburg (dead).

Lewis, William O., private, wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run (living).

Mauck, Wiliam F., private, wounded and disabled, Gettysburg (dead). [301]

Mills, Marcus, private, surrendered at Appomattox (dead).

Mills, James W., private, missing.

Mills, Alexander, private, missing.

Mills, Charles, private, missing.

Mills, Henry, private, wounded (living).

Manks, Horace, private, killed at second Fredericksburg.

Martin, William S., private (living).

Martin, George S., corporal; the only man out of seventeen who came out safe at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864 (living).

Mathews, James M., private, wounded at Seven Pines, badly (dead).

Mathews, Robert, private, wounded desperately, May 6, 1864 (dead).

Maddox, James.

McFarland, William A., sergeant, wounded and captured June 3, 1864 (living).

McFarland, Robert M., private, wounded at Spotsylvania (dead).

Pomeroy, Thomas M., private, killed at Spotsylvania.

Rinker, John W., private, wounded June 3, 1864, and died.

Ridenour, John W., private, wounded and captured (dead).

Ridgeway, William H., private, killed at Spotsylvania.

Robertson, Daniel, private, wounded and never returned.

Rudacelle, Isaac, private, wounded June 3, 1864, captured (living).

Rudacelle, George W., private, killed at Gettysburg.

Rudacelle, John W., private, went to the cavalry after the

Rudasill, Philip, private, went to the cavalry.

Santmyers, John B., private, wounded (living).

Snapp, Morgan, private, wounded (dead).

Santmyers, Isaac, private, wounded (living).

Stokes, James W., private, captured (dead).

Stokes, Richard, private, wounded and captured.

Stokes, John W., private, killed at Sharpsburg.

Sumntion, John, private lost an arm at Seven Pines (dead).

Sealock, C., private, captured (dead).

Sealock, James, private, captured (dead).

Vaught, George, private (dead).

Vincent, William M., private, killed at the Wilderness. [302]

Vincent, Richard, private, wounded at Spotsylvania (dead).

Walker, James H., private, wounded and disabled at first and September 19, 1864 (living). Manassas; then a minister of the gospel (dead).

Wharton, Walton G., sergeant, a Mexican War veteran; went to artillery (dead).

Williams, David R.

Walters, John W., orderly sergeant, wounded May 6, 1864.

James Dickerson (colored), the officers' cook (living).

The following soldiers were from Albemarle County, Va., who joined Company D, 49th Virginia Regiment, at Harrisonburg, Va., October 25, 1864, and were brave and dutiful men, and fought February 6th at Hatcher's Run and the 25th of March, 1865, at Fort Steadman, in front of Petersburg, Va.

Abell, Caleb, private, captured on retreat to Appomattox (dead).

Burnley, Horace B., private, captured at Fort Steadman (dead).

Brown, J. Mannis, private, surrendered at Appomattox (dead).

Bailey, John, private, captured (dead).

Coleman, James T., private, killed at Hatcher's Run, 1864.

Catterton, George Newton, orderly sergeant, wounded and captured at Fort Steadman.

Catterton, Elijah N., captured at Fort Steadman (dead).

Chapman, N. T. (Bose).

Carr, James, captured on retreat.

Coles, Thomas S., sick and died in a Petersburg hospital.

Earley, Jerry A.

Elliott, M. D., captured at Fort Steadman (living).

Fry, J. N.

Harris, James O., sergeant, surrendered at Appomattox (dead).

Harris, Henry, captured at Fort Steadman.

Hurt, Morris, captured on retreat to Appomattox (dead).

Hill, Joseph, captured (dead).

Jarman, J. L. (living).

Kirby, J. S., wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Kirby, Edward, captured.

Maupin, Gabriel, captured.

Mayo, William P., captured.

Moore, Shepherd, captured. [303]

Maddox, James, captured.

Michie, Lucien A., captured at Fort Steadman.

Mayo, J. R., wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Munday, Castello, captured.

Owens, Crede, captured.

Powell, William, captured at Fort Steadman.

Shelton, Austin.

Shackleford, John.

Snead, N. S.

Shifflett, George M., surrendered at Appomattox.

Tillman, Overton, captured.

Woodson, Benjamin, wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Wood, Ira G., wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Wood, John W., wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Walton, Rice, wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Ward, Samuel, wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Lieutenant John G. Brown and Sergeant William A. Compton, of Front Royal, Va., and John L. Jarman, Lucien A. Michie, of Albemarle County, Va., and myself, have made out the foregoing roll as accuate as possible, as no roll of the last recruits is in our possession, but one made out November 1, 1864, is in Washington, D. C., I am General Ainsworth, of which I failed to get a copy.

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