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Guy C. Hawkins papers—number I

In 1905 the Somerville Historical Society received through Mrs. Alice E. Lake, one of its loyal members, a package of papers that formerly belonged to her father, the late Guy C. Hawkins, of Somerville. They were all penned with his own hand. Several of these documents relate to the separation of Somerville from Charlestown, and possess much general interest. They give us some idea of the feeling which prevailed in this section before the decisive step was taken. It is the purpose of the editor to give to the public some of these manuscripts from time to time. The one selected for this number of ‘Historic Leaves’ bears no date, but from another, which appears to be a rough draft from the one in question, we infer that it was written in 1824 or 1825, and that the statistics were taken from the town records for the fiscal year 1823-4. It will be noticed that Mr. Hawkins classes himself among ‘the young men.’

(The orthography is that of the original.)

Petitioners for a Seperation of the Town of Charlestown.

Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax
Samuel TuftsHouse, Barn & out B.93107.06
John IrelandHouse, Barn & out B.31 1/229.18
Simeon CoppsHouse, Barn & out B.47 1/245.17
Samuel KentHouse, Barn & out B.5729.50
Thomas Rand jrHouse, Barn & out B.711.25
Jonathan KentHouse, Barn & out B.3.15
Hall J. KellyHouse Barn & out B.2441.70
Isaac TuftsHouse Barn & out B.10262.11
Bernard TuftsHouse, Barn & out B.8691.81
Joseph AdamsHouse, Barn & out B.10086.20
Asa TuftsHouse, Barn & out B.7471.85
John TuftsHouse, Barn & out B.6252.83
Amos HazletonHouse, Barn & out B.13 3/419.67


Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax
Christopher HawkinsHouses &c7
David A. Sanborn1/2 Houses &c4227.12
Robert SanbornHouses &c610.71
Nathan TuftsHouse Barn &c2033.82
Alex. GeddesHouse & Factory20.46
William MunroeHouse & Shop12.12
Robert VinalHouse & Barns &c15.89
Phillip BonnerHouse & Barns &c4
C HarringtonHouse Barn &c1719.15
Edwin MunroeHouse & Barns &c4 1/210.60
Joshua LittlefieldHouse & Barns &c13.74
Charles TuftsHouse Barn &c6 1/225.72
Benj. HadleyHouse Barn &c1525.70
Joel TuftsHouse Barn &c5039.12
Nath. H HenchmanHouse Barn &c843.55
William DicksonHouse Barn &c10
Wm. WhitemoreHouse Barn &c3636.96
John, SwanHouse Barn &c35 1/218.16
Henry GardnerHouse Barn &c3215.36
Thomas HutchinsonHouse Barn &c5234.16
Daniel TuftsHouse Barn &c16 1/238.89
John OdinHouse Barn &c450.29
A SpaldingHouse5.74
John Runey jrHouse Barns &c18 1/228.85
Thomas Rand (38 Resident Landholders)House Barns &c4836.17
Young men
William Rand2.50
G C Hawkins9.41
Samuel Adams2.50
J C Magoon2.50
Asa Tufts 2d2.50
Oliver Tufts2.50
Daniel Stone2.50
(7 young men)(total) 1130 Acres$1236.17


Names of TenantsHouses &cAcresTax
A Newhall2.50
John Tufts jrHouse Barn &c3030.81
Benj Tuftsdo51 1/236.52
David Wait11.68
A Barnard2.50
S Gerrald2.50
Joseph Miller11.47
Joseph Miller jr6.94
E Gaffield2. (torn)
Samuel Shed(torn)
Samuel Frost(torn)
Luke WymanHouse Barns14866.22
A PierceHouse Barn &c27
Zeba Thayer2.50
J Barker2.50
S Saunderson11.57
E CobbetHouse Barns &c235190.21
M Griffin1/2 House & Brickyard10.93
J Clark6.39
J ward4.44
J Kidder8.33
J SowdenHouse Barn &c3336.94
A Stone1/2 House5.74
S Perry2.50
H Shapley2.50
A Richardson2.50
D Angier2.50
J Lovett2.50
J Taylor1/2 House & Brickyard11.57
J Blanchard11.23
D Davis2.50
J H Hill2.50
32 Tenants)
Non-resident Landholders
Benjamin JoyHouse Barn140113.20
Wm Buckley
Jotham Johnson


Non-resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax
A Davenport6924.08
N Goddard86.59
S. Watson62.38
T. Foster3344.17
Benj. Rand5
A. Cutter3 1/22.27
Wm Hunnewell1
T. Goddard
W. C. Phipps
J Phipps
N. Austin
A. Ward1019.44
Wm Frost22 1/28.54
F. Sawyer42.59
L. TappanBleachery & Printing64.80
(18 N. R. Landholders829$792.86
Swan, Reed & Wyman20080.
Acres 2159$2109.03

Remonstrants against a Seperation of the Town of Charlestown.

Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax
A BabcockHouse & Store18 1/257.36
Edward CutterHouse & Store4341.47
Fitch CutterHouse & Store814.27
Timothy TuftsHouse & Store3 1/219.89
T SargentHouse & Store52.50
(torn)nnyHouse & Store525.51
(torn) TorryHouse & Store5853.80
(torn) eph Adams jrHouse Barn &c2527.44
James RussellHouse Barn &c4141.70
P. R. RussellHouse Barn &c7054.14
S P TeelHouse Barn &c2218.91


Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax
Eb. Cutter610.18
T Gould2-3 do 1-3 Brewery39.22
J HagerHouse & Store15.13
E Lampson
L Stanton65.63
Samuel GardnerHouse Barn &c5527.02
Jonathan Teel jrHouse Barn &c3616.92
Jonathan Teel71 1/241.40
(18 Resident Landholders)
N. R. Landholders
C Thomson
Wm. Wyman
N. Wyman
W Dale
C Wright166.16
(5 N. R. Landholders
Charles BradburyHouse & Brickyard16.11
Jacob Page2.50
S Childs10.93
I Thorning8.33
Benj Parker8.10
A Cook1119.34
A Larkin64.12
A Dickson
9 Tenants
Young men
C Bradbury jr2.50
J. Hager jr2.50
Wm A Russell9.74
T Teel3.15
N. Lampson4.77
S Lampson2.50
S Gardner jr2.50
(7 young men)507$522.30


Names of Common LaborersHouses &cAcresTax
E Whitney
N J Varnum
S SawyerTenant15.20
R Judkinsat Sawyers2.50
A. Thurstondo2.50
A. S. Tandydo2.50
E. Chillisat Greenleafs2.50
J Cooper6.75
W Walsh26.10
T GreenleafTenant14.75
W Wilcolm11.25
W HoveyTenant7.25
J Barry
S Glillen
C Knight
J Green
P Greenleafat Brew house2.50
J W Loringat Childs2.50
A WheelerTenant5.73
D Titusat Torrys2.50
E Pearsonat Cutters2.50
D AmesTenant6.42
B Parker8.03
H Hutchinsonat Parkers2.50
W Butlerat Bradburys2.50
J Mearsat Bradburys2.50
L Stevensat Cutters2.50
G Knowltonat Cutters2.50
L Hathernat Cutters2.50
J Jeemes (?)
L Blodget
C Fordat Torrys2.50
32 Common Laborers139.18
Tax paid 761.48

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Samuel Gardner (2)
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Samuel Adams (2)
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William Whitemore (1)
S. Watson (1)
A. Ward (1)
W. Walsh (1)
Robert Vinal (1)
Varnum (1)
Timothy Tufts (1)
Samuel Tufts (1)
Oliver Tufts (1)
Nathan Tufts (1)
Joel Tufts (1)
Isaac Tufts (1)
Daniel Tufts (1)
Charles Tufts (1)
Bernard Tufts (1)
Benj Tufts (1)
Torry (1)
Anson Titus (1)
A. Thurston (1)
I. Thorning (1)
C. Thomson (1)
Zeba Thayer (1)
J. Taylor (1)
L. Tappan (1)
A. S. Tandy (1)
Daniel Stone (1)
Rachel T. Stevens (1)
L. W. Stanton (1)
J. Sowden (1)
H. Shapley (1)
S. Saunderson (1)
Aaron Sargent (1)
Robert Sanborn (1)
David A. Sanborn (1)
Philemon R. Russell (1)
James Russell (1)
John Runey (1)
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John C. Magoon (1)
J. Lovett (1)
J. W. Loring (1)
Joshua Littlefield (1)
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Alice E. Lake (1)
G. Knowlton (1)
Hersina Knight (1)
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Benjamin Hadley (1)
M. Griffin (1)
J. Green (1)
T. Gould (1)
S. Glillen (1)
Alexander Geddes (1)
Henry Gardner (1)
E. Gaffield (1)
Wm Frost (1)
Samuel Frost (1)
T. Foster (1)
C. Ford (1)
William Dickson (1)
Mary J. Davis (1)
W. Dale (1)
Edward Cutter (1)
A. Cutter (1)
Simeon Copps (1)
J. Cooper (1)
E. Cobbet (1)
E. Chillis (1)
W. Butler (1)
Wm Buckley (1)
Phillip Bonner (1)
L. Blodget (1)
Catherine Blanchard (1)
J. Barry (1)
Amos Barker (1)
N. Austin (1)
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