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Somerville Directory


Abbreviations—b. stands for ‘business in Boston,’ h. for ‘house,’ n. for ‘near,’ cor. for ‘corner of,’ op. for ‘opposite.’ The word street will be omitted as superfluous.


Booth, Dr. Chauncey, McLean Asylum.

Bowman, Francis, h. Beacon.

Boles, John, takes charge of real estate, h. Broadway.

Bowers, H. F., b. merchant, h. Spring.

Boynton, Samuel, laborer, h. Franklin.

Blodgett, Alfred, laborer, h. Franklin.

Blodgett, Nathan, brickmaker, h. Cambridge.

Bradbury, Charles, h. Medford turnpike.

Bradbury, George, carpenter, h. Medford turnpike.

Bradshaw, Samuel C., h. Joy.

Bradshaw, Samuel C., Jr., h. corner of Cambridge and Linwood.

Bradshaw, Henry, b. refreshments F. H. market, h. Joy.

Brackett, Thomas O.; b. bank messenger, h. Summer.

Brackett, Samuel E., b. merchant, h. Chestnut.

Brackett, Charles, b. cabinet maker, h. Mt. Pleasant.

Brackett, John, cellar stone layer, h. Garden court.

Brackett, George, ox teamster, h. Garden court.

Brastow, George O., dealer in real estate, h. Central.

Brown, Jonathan, Jr., cashier Market Bank, h. Broadway.

Brown, Edward, laborer, h. Medford.

Brigham. Joseph B., b. merchant, h. Beach.

Bruce, Joseph A., b. trader, h. Cherry.

Burke, Edward, h. on lane from Porter's to Broadway.

Burbank, Lorenzo, teamster, h. Cambridge street.

Burroughs, William, teamster, h. Medford turnpike.

Burns, Peter, charcoal dealer, h. Joy. [32]

Buttrick, Mrs. M. E., widow, h. Mt. Pleasant.

Buckingham, Joseph H., U. S. commissioner, h. Beacon.

Bucknam, Caleb, mason, h. Milk.

Buddrow, Joseph, Somerville Omnibus Agent, Franklin.

Cades, W. H., b. apothecary, h. Franklin.

Casey, Michael, mason, h. Garden court.

Calahan, John, yeoman, h. Milk.

Carlin, John, laborer, h. Cambridge.

Casey, Michael, bleachery, h. Garden court.

Castellow, Michael, McLean Asylum.

Campbell, Owen, laborer, h. Medford.

Carter, L. D., dealer in brushes, etc., h. Summer.

Chaffee, Knowlton S., charcoal dealer, h. near Asylum.

Choat, George, McLean Asylum.

Clark, Joseph, brickmaker, h. Cambridge.

Clark, Ambrose, accountant, bds. with Joseph Clark.

Clark, Ramsay, painter, h. Milk.

Clapp, Isaac, yeoman, h. Broadway.

Clark, Michael, McLean Asylum.

Clark, Michael, laborer, rear Cambridgeport.

Cleaves, Edwin, h. Church.

Cole, Erastus E., bridge builder, h. Perkins.

Coles, physician, h. Mount Vernon.

Cook, Arnold, yeoman, h. Cook Lane.

Converse, Christopher C., b. grain dealer, h. Broadway.

Connoly, Owen, laborer, h. Medford.

Cook, Mrs. Catharine, h. Cambridge.

Cook, Samuel, b. accountant, h. Cambridge.

Cobb, Bailey, h. Chestnut.

Covell, Reuben, b. fish dealer, F. H. market.

Collins, Thomas G., carpenter, h. near Beech.

Conant, Leonard, b. F. H. market, h. near Central.

Corrigen, Henry, gardener, h. Beech.

Conant, George F., Spring hill.

Crane, Luther, b. paper manufacturer, h. Perkins. [33]

Critchett, Thomas, b. inspector, h. Broadway.

Crimmins, Thomas, laborer, h. Medford.

Crombie, William C., b. pianoforte maker, h. Dane.

Crosby, Josiah L., b. bonnets, h. Elm.

Crowe, William B., carpenter, h. Joy.

Cummings, Aaron, b. plane maker, h. Joy.

Cutter, Edward, yeoman, h. Broadway.

Cutter, Fitch, yeoman, h. Broadway.

Cutter, Ebenezer F., h. Broadway.

Cutter, Edward F., merchant, h. Walnut.

Cutter, Edmund F., b. accountant, h. Mt. Vernon.

Cutter, Samuel H., h. Broadway.

Cutter, Henry, h. Broadway.

Daley, James, gardener, h. Medford.

Dane, Osgood B., stone dealer, h. Beacon.

Dane, Osgood, stone dealer, h. Milk.

Danforth, Willard, brickmaker, h. Broadway.

Danforth. David, grocer, h. Milk.

Darling, B. F., b. jeweller, h. Tufts.

Darling, Thomas, h. Chestnut.

Davis, David C., h. Church.

Davis, Merrill, brickmaker, h. Cambridge.

Davidson, John, carpenter, h. Beech.

Davis, B. H., McLean Asylum.

Delay, William, laborer, h. Vine.

Delano, Thomas I., jeweller, h. Myrtle.

Demmon, Reuben E., b. provision dealer, h. Elm.

Denton, Jonathan, carpenter, h. Church.

Denton, William H., h. Church.

Devenny, John, teamster, h. Mt. Benedict.

Denaho, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Milk.

Dickson, Shadrach, carpenter, h. Church.

Dingey, Peter, blacksmith, Broadway.

Dodge, Charles H., b. trader, h. Prospect.

Dodge, Seward, h. Cambridge. [34]

Donnell, Samuel T., ship-master, Bow.

Dorety, Charles, yeoman, h. Medford.

Dow, Lorenzo W., yeoman, h. Broadway.

Draper, Martin, Jr., teacher, h. Broadway.

Draper, Lucius D., Cherry.

Driscoll, Daniel, laborer, h. near railroad.

Duffee, Patrick, laborer, h. Prospect.

Dugan, William, b. machinist, h. Cambridge.

Dugan, John, h. Cambridge.

Duross, James, h. Medford Turnpike.

Edgerly, John S., b. grain dealer, h. Broadway.

Edgerly, Lewis C., carpenter, h. Medford.

Edmands, Horace F., b. accountant, h. Spring.

Elliot, Joseph, Prospect depot.

Emerson, Enoch, b. blacksmith, h. Porter.

Emerson, Thomas, yeoman, h. Broadway.

English, Jerome A., b. blacksmith, h. Milk.

English, Mrs., h. Medford.

Evans, Benjamin, b. baggage wagon, Franklin.

Everett, Erastus D., b. dry goods, h. Beech.

Farmelow, John, laborer, h. Church.

Farmelow, George, laborer, h. Church.

Fairbanks, Franklin, b. merchant, h. Elm.

Farnsworth, John C., b. jeweller, h. Mt. Pleasant.

Fisk, James, brickmaker, h. Derby.

Fitz, Robert B., b. editor, h. Cambridge.

Field, Nathan, yeoman, Milk.

Fisk, Asa, b. merchant tailor, h. Mount Vernon.

Fitz, Abel, h. Mount Vernon.

Fisher, Mrs., widow, h. Porter.

Flemmin, Nicholas, laborer, Beacon.

Flanagan, Edward, laborer, h. Milk.

Flanagan, John, laborer, h. Spring hill.

Foley, William, laborer, h. Medford.

Fogg, George S., b. clerk, h. Cross. [35]

Forbes, John, h. Joy.

Foy, Oliver, brickmaker, h. Linwood.

Fox, Joseph, engineer, h. Beacon.

Fox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby.

Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow.

Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway.

Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery.

Freeman, Moses H., b. machinist, h. Spring.

French, George, brickmaker, h. Medford.

Frost, Samuel T., yeoman, h. Milk.

Fultz, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Elm.

Fulsom, Benjamin W., furniture dealer, Lime.

Fullick, G. K., painter, h. Bow.

Garrett, Robert, h. Beacon.

Galletly, James, twine manufacturer, h. Cambridge.

Gates, William, provision dealer, h. cor. Cambridge and Dane.

Gay, Francis C., milk dealer, h. Walnut.

Gay, John, blacksmith, h. Linden.

Garven, Thomas, rope-maker, h. Milk.

Garven, Edward. laborer, h. Milk.

Gerrish, Samuel, blacksmith, h. Porter.

Gerry, John W., b. blacksmith, Linden.

Gerrish, Samuel, b. clothing, h. Porter.

Gill, Samuel W., b. letter cutter, h. Garden court.

Gilbert, Henry, b. merchant, h. Summer.

Giles, John B., marble worker, h. Cambridge.

Gilman, Charles E., town clerk, h. Walnut.

Glines, Jacob T., brickmaker, Derby.

Goodhue, Homer, supervisor, McLean Asylum.

Goodnow, John, b. merchant at E. F. Cutter's.

Goodhue, Thomas F. H., market, h. Bow.

Gooding, Samuel H., b. brass founder, h. Joy.

Gray, John, carpenter, h. Broadway.

Gray, George W., b. architect, boards with John Gray.

Graves, William E., teacher, Court from Elm. [36]

Griggs, Charles, b. liquor dealer, h. Laurel.

Griffin, Ebenezer K., teamster, h. Cambridge.

Griffin, Theophilus, teamster, h. Bow.

Griffin, Gilman, carpenter, h. Broadway.

Guild, Chester, b. tanner and leather dealer, h. Perkins.

Guild, Chester, Jr., accountant, h. Perkins.

Guild, George A., accountant h. Perkins.

Hadley, George W., wharfinger, h. Hamlet.

Hadley, Benjamin, teamster, h. Cambridge.

Hadley, Mrs. Martha, widow, h. Cambridge.

Haines, D. J., grocer, h. Broadway.

Hall, John K., bank officer, h. Mount Pleasant.

Hall, Isaac, pedlar, h. Cambridge.

Hall, Ann, widow, h. Bow.

Hamblin, Samuel, pump maker, h. Cambridge.

Ham, William, blacksmith, h. Franklin.

Hall, John G., merchant, h. Summer.

Hall, John, b. sash and door dealer, h. 2 Chestnut.

Hall, Mrs. Lydia, widow, h. Elm.

Hammond, George, b. brass founder, h. Spring.

Hammond, William, b. iron dealer, h. No. 1 Chestnut.

Hammond, Artemas, h. Spring.

Hanson, Joseph, h. Dane.

Harding, Nathan, b. shipping master, h. Mount Vernon.

Harrison, Alfred, b. spike maker, h. near L. R. Road.

Harvey, James, machinst, h. Cambridge.

Hastings, James, b. bank teller, h. Cambridge.

Hawkins, Nathaniel, boards with Henry Adams, h. Bow.

Hawkins, Nathaniel Carlton, clothing dealer, h. Bow.

Hanley, Michael, teamster, h. Milk.

Hannaford, Fred W., b. harness maker, h. Prospect hill.

Hayes, George W., yeoman, h. rear of Broadway.

Hazletine, Moses, brickmaker, h. leading from Broadway to Elm.

Hewes, Patrick, h. Milk.


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Abel Fitz (2)
Benjamin Fisk (2)
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John S. Emerson (2)
John S. Edgerly (2)
Dugan (2)
Draper (2)
Dodge (2)
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Danforth (2)
Conant (2)
Chester (2)
Cherry (2)
Casey (2)
Abram English Brown (2)
Charles Bradbury (2)
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Willard (1)
Aaron Tufts (1)
Theophilus (1)
Seward (1)
L. R. Road (1)
Ramsay (1)
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Nicholas (1)
Merrill (1)
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Martha (1)
Lydia (1)
Luther (1)
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Knowlton (1)
Homer (1)
Hewes (1)
Hazletine (1)
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Harvey (1)
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E. P. Hannaford (1)
Hanley (1)
Hamblin (1)
Ham (1)
Haines (1)
Griggs (1)
Graves (1)
John Goodnow (1)
Edmund H. Gooding (1)
Glines (1)
Gill (1)
Joseph J. Giles (1)
Gilbert (1)
Gerry (1)
Gates (1)
Garrett (1)
James Galletly (1)
Fultz (1)
Fulsom (1)
Fullick (1)
Samuel T. Frost (1)
French (1)
Freeman (1)
Foy (1)
George Foster (1)
Fosdick (1)
Charles Forster (1)
Forbes (1)
Foley (1)
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Edward Everett (1)
Evans (1)
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Duffee (1)
Driscoll (1)
L. W. Dow (1)
Donnell (1)
Dickson (1)
Demmon (1)
Delano (1)
Davidson (1)
Daley (1)
Ebenezer F. Cutter (1)
Cummings (1)
Crowe (1)
Crosby (1)
Crombie (1)
Critchett (1)
Crane (1)
Covell (1)
Cook (1)
Converse (1)
Collins (1)
Coles (1)
Cole (1)
Cobb (1)
Cleaves (1)
Clapp (1)
Choat (1)
Chauncey (1)
Chaffee (1)
Catharine (1)
Carter (1)
Nathaniel Carlton (1)
Carlin (1)
Campbell (1)
Calahan (1)
Buttrick (1)
Burroughs (1)
Burns (1)
Burke (1)
Burbank (1)
Bucknam (1)
Buckingham (1)
Bruce (1)
Brigham (1)
George O. Brastow (1)
Boynton (1)
S. Z. Bowman (1)
Bowers (1)
Edward C. Booth (1)
Boles (1)
Walter C. Bailey (1)
Leonard Arnold (1)
Henry Adams (1)
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