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Book II:—--the Mississippi.

Chapter 1:

The bayous.

IN the preceding volume we described the fruitless attempt made by Sherman against Vicksburg. Since that time the capture/of this citadel has become the main object of all the efforts made by the Federal armies of the West. Every one feels that in losing the Mississippi and its communications with the States of the extreme West the Confederacy will be deprived of the conditions indispensable to its existence. Jefferson Davis, on visiting his native State, talks loudly of the necessity of defending Vicksburg at any cost, and the Union generals freely accept the challenge which he hurls at them.

Since the 17th of January, the day when Grant joined the army of McClernand on his return from Arkansas, until the capture of Vicksburg, the military and naval operations were so closely connected that we have not deemed it practicable to divide their recital. We shall continue it here as far as the memorable July 4, 1863; after which we will resume the narrative of the struggle between Lee and the Army of the Potomac, which was interrupted after the battle of Chancellorsville.

The four chapters composing this portion of the volume will comprise, first, all the efforts made by Grant in the course of three months and a half along the left and right banks of the Mississippi for the purpose of surmounting the obstacles which prevented him from approaching Vicksburg; then the operation which enabled the Union general to overcome these obstacles by crossing the Mississippi below the enemy's defences; afterward the aggressive campaign which terminated in the investment of the place; finally, the siege and the capitulation.

We shall be obliged to interrupt this recital from time to time [179] in order to speak of the operations of Banks and Farragut along the Lower Mississippi: we will show the efforts they made to assist Grant and Porter, so as to bring about that junction of the two fleets which was the crowning glory of their triumphant achievement. We shall also have to give a rapid sketch of the minor operations which marked the first six months of the year 1863 both east and west of the Mississippi. Blunt and Holmes on the one hand, Rosecrans and Bragg on the other, after the bloody encounters of Prairie Grove and Murfreesborough which have signalized the close of the year 1862, appear to be resting and calmly waiting for the result of the great conflict of which Vicksburg is the prize; consequently, in the States in which they are contending for supremacy, in Missouri and Arkansas, as well as in Kentucky and Tennessee, we have nothing to record during this period but trifling feats of arms utterly unconnected with each other.

The opportunity offered to the Federals for destroying the unfinished works, mounting but a few guns, which alone commanded the Mississippi during the summer of 1862, had passed. Sherman's campaigns at Chickasaw Bayou and those of Grant along the Yallabusha had just taught them, through hard experience, that henceforth it would be as difficult to turn Vicksburg as to approach it from the front. These obstacles only afforded them a fresh stimulus. Public opinion, which was in perfect accord with the sentiments of army men, demanded that there should be no drawing back before any sacrifice in order to accomplish the object in view. Thanks to the reinforcements he had received, Grant found himself at the end of January with one hundred and thirty thousand men under his command.1 In order to be able to bring as many as possible before Vicksburg, he limited the occupation of the reconquered districts which he left behind him to such places as Iuka, Corinth, Memphis, and the stations located along the railroad connecting them. The village of Mound City, almost in front of Memphis, which served as a rendezvous for Southern partisans, was destroyed; General Dodge, with a division of infantry and the cavalry brigade of Colonel Cornyn, stationed himself at Corinth; Colonel Grierson [180] and his mounted men had charge of guarding the railway-line. Grant caused all the garrisons stationed above Memphis to occupy the eastern shore of the Mississippi, being well aware that the Confederates would not be able to obtain a footing in that section of country, and that small detachments could not protect it against any new raid on the part of Forrest or Morgan. Henceforth, all his supplies followed the course of the river, the guarding of which was exclusively entrusted to the gunboats. General Washburne, who occupied Helena, and had led a successful expedition in the direction of Lagrange on the 3d of January in order to free its approaches, was charged with the defence of this important point, which occupied a portion of the territory of the State of Arkansas, and he kept an advance post at Clarendon on the White River.

McPherson, who still occupied Holly Springs, and whose cavalry kept watch over the banks of the Tallahatchie, started again by the Memphis road on the 21st, and everything was ready for transporting a considerable portion of the army by water as far as Vicksburg. Grant reserved for himself the right of directing this great expedition in person. By this arrangement McClernand was reduced to the command of his single army corps, as Sherman, under him, had been a few weeks previously. He remonstrated, stating that the President had granted him the exclusive right of leading any expedition along the Mississippi; but in vain. More fortunate than McClellan, Grant was sustained by the government at Washington; his relations with his subordinate, however, were always of a very delicate nature. The two other corps, the Sixteenth and the Seventeenth, which constituted the bulk of his army, were, as we have above stated, commanded by Hurlbut and McPherson.

The hills extending from Haines' Bluff to Vicksburg stretch out beyond the city, following close the course of the Mississippi as far as Warrenton; then, standing apart in order to leave a passage for the Big Black River, and returning to hug the shore a short distance beyond this point, terminate at last in an acclivity upon which stands the village of Grand Gulf. The Yazoo first, then the Mississippi (which waters the base of these hills), form a natural moat which no army could cross without the aid of a numerous [181] and powerful fleet. This moat is not separated from the heights except in the lower part of the Yazoo: the Federals, having control of the pass at this point, had learned to their cost that the obstacle of Chickasaw Bayou and the neighboring swamps rendered this control useless to them. It was impossible to make an attack from the front, between Haines' Bluff and Warrenton, upon this range of cliffs bristling with redoubts and cannon: it was therefore necessary to turn it at either extremity; but this operation, which was to be initiated by the crossing of the Yazoo above Haines' Bluff, or the Mississippi below Vicksburg, could only be accomplished by the aid of naval vessels, and the latter were not in a condition to penetrate into those parts of these two rivers where their co-operation would have been necessary. On one side rafts of timber and torpedoes obstructed the navigation of the Yazoo in the vicinity of Haines' Bluff even more effectively than at the end of December, and on the other Pemberton was completing the armament of the earthworks, which threatened any vessel attempting to force the passage of Vicksburg with almost certain destruction. Instead of erecting batteries at the water's edge, which would have been exposed to the converging fire of the men-of-war, he had placed his guns on the summit of the cliff, so as to give them a plunging fire and protect them from the naval guns, which could not attain sufficient elevation to reach them. In short, he had spaced and isolated them in such a manner that they scarcely presented a mark in case of bombardment. It is true that this arrangement had been strongly condemned by

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Jackson (Mississippi, United States) (83)
Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) (71)
Murfreesboro (Tennessee, United States) (33)
Raymond (Mississippi, United States) (29)
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (27)
Edgefield (Tennessee, United States) (26)
Warrenton (Virginia, United States) (20)
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) (19)
Port Gibson (Mississippi, United States) (19)
Clinton (Mississippi, United States) (19)
Yazoo City (Mississippi, United States) (17)
Bakers Creek (Mississippi, United States) (17)
Missouri (Missouri, United States) (15)
Spring Hill (Tennessee, United States) (14)
Deer Creek (Mississippi, United States) (13)
Brashear City (Louisiana, United States) (13)
Tullahoma (Tennessee, United States) (12)
Triune (Tennessee, United States) (12)
Milliken's Bend (Louisiana, United States) (12)
Duck River (Tennessee, United States) (12)
Bruinsburg (Mississippi, United States) (12)
Bolton's Depot (Mississippi, United States) (12)
Louisville (Kentucky, United States) (11)
Hartford (Connecticut, United States) (11)
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (10)
Thompson's Station (Tennessee, United States) (9)
Monticello (Kentucky, United States) (9)
Lake Providence (Louisiana, United States) (9)
Eagleville (Tennessee, United States) (9)
Chickasaw Bayou (Mississippi, United States) (9)
Steele's Bayou (Mississippi, United States) (8)
Springfield, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (8)
Mississippi (Mississippi, United States) (8)
Indianola (Texas, United States) (8)
Harpeth River (Tennessee, United States) (8)
Opelousas (Louisiana, United States) (7)
McMinnville (Tennessee, United States) (7)
Hartville (Missouri, United States) (7)
Columbia, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (7)
Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States) (7)
Blountsville (Alabama, United States) (7)
Atchafalaya River (Louisiana, United States) (7)
Thompsons Point (Vermont, United States) (6)
Shelbyville, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (6)
Mound City (Illinois, United States) (6)
Meridian (Mississippi, United States) (6)
Holly Springs (Mississippi, United States) (6)
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (6)
Dover, Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) (6)
Brentwood, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (6)
Bovina (Mississippi, United States) (6)
Bayou Pierre Lake (Louisiana, United States) (6)
Somerset, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (5)
Rutherford Creek (Tennessee, United States) (5)
Moon Lake (Mississippi, United States) (5)
Gulf of Mexico (5)
Greenwood (Mississippi, United States) (5)
Gadsden (Alabama, United States) (5)
Yazoo River (United States) (4)
Rocky Springs (Mississippi, United States) (4)
Newsome Springs (Alabama, United States) (4)
Mount Sterling, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (4)
Moulton (Alabama, United States) (4)
Jonesborough (Alabama, United States) (4)
Fredericktown (Missouri, United States) (4)
Fort Donelson (Tennessee, United States) (4)
Donaldsonville (Louisiana, United States) (4)
Decatur (Illinois, United States) (4)
Day's Gap (Alabama, United States) (4)
Danville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (4)
Clarendon, Ark. (Arkansas, United States) (4)
Brownsville (Mississippi, United States) (4)
Auburn, N. Y. (New York, United States) (4)
Auburn, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (4)
Alleghany Mountains (United States) (4)
Walnut Hills (Mississippi, United States) (3)
Utica (New York, United States) (3)
Unionville, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Tennessee River (United States) (3)
Stout's Bayou (Mississippi, United States) (3)
Starkville (Mississippi, United States) (3)
Rover, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Prairie Grove (Arkansas, United States) (3)
Pittsburg Landing (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Lookout Mountain, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Little Rock (Arkansas, United States) (3)
Lewisburg (Tennessee, United States) (3)
La Grange (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Knoxville (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Jackson (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Indiana (Indiana, United States) (3)
Eastport (Mississippi, United States) (3)
Congo Island (Louisiana, United States) (3)
Caney Fork, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Buena Vista (Illinois, United States) (3)
Bradyville (Tennessee, United States) (3)
Thibodeaux (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Terrebonne (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Tallahatchie River (Mississippi, United States) (2)
Switzerland (Switzerland) (2)
Stone River (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Snow Hill, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Rossville (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Rodney (Mississippi, United States) (2)
Priddy (Mississippi, United States) (2)
Portersville (Alabama, United States) (2)
Pattersonville (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Ozark, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (2)
Okolona (Mississippi, United States) (2)
Mingo Swamp (Missouri, United States) (2)
Milton, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Mill Springs (Kentucky, United States) (2)
Manchester, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Kentucky River (Kentucky, United States) (2)
Jamestown, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (2)
Iuka (Mississippi, United States) (2)
Hazelhurst (Alabama, United States) (2)
Hazel Green (Kentucky, United States) (2)
Genesee River (United States) (2)
Fort De Russy (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Florence, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (2)
Edward's station (Ohio, United States) (2)
Danville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Dallas, Ga. (Georgia, United States) (2)
Covington (Kentucky, United States) (2)
Courtland, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (2)
Chillicothe (Ohio, United States) (2)
Chattooga River (United States) (2)
Chapel Hill, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Chancellorsville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Butte (Utah, United States) (2)
Berwick City (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Bayou Lafourche (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Arizona (Arizona, United States) (2)
Amite River (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Alabama (Alabama, United States) (2)
Yorktown (Virginia, United States) (1)
Wood's Fork, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Wittsburg (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Wilsonville (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Willows (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Whitewater (United States) (1)
West Point (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Vicksburg (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Versailles, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Vera Cruz, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Utica (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Tensas River (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Suffolk, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Sterling, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Springfield, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Smith Fork Creek (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Simsport (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Shreveport (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Sebastapol (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Satartia (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Sand Mountain (Alabama, United States) (1)
Salem (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Saint Francis (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Russellville (Alabama, United States) (1)
Rolla, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Rocky Crossing (Wyoming, United States) (1)
Ripley (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Ripley (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Richmond (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Prestonburg (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Port Royal (South Carolina, United States) (1)
Plaquemine (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Perkins Landing (Alabama, United States) (1)
Paoli (Indiana, United States) (1)
Paducah (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Ouachita (United States) (1)
Newburg, N. Y. (New York, United States) (1)
New Carthage (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Nassau River (Florida, United States) (1)
Napoleon (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Muscle Shoals (Alabama, United States) (1)
Mount Vernon (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Mossy Creek (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Middleton, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Maysville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Marysville (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Martinsburg (West Virginia, United States) (1)
Marshfield (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Livingston (Alabama, United States) (1)
Little Sunflower River (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Little Harpeth River (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Lewisburg (West Virginia, United States) (1)
Lewisburg (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana, United States) (1)
LaFourche Crossing (Louisiana, United States) (1)
La Grange (Indiana, United States) (1)
La Fayette (Georgia, United States) (1)
L'Anguille River (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Kings Hill (Texas, United States) (1)
Kentucky (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Jamestown (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Island Number Ten (Missouri, United States) (1)
Irish Bend (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Imboden (Virginia, United States) (1)
Huntersville (West Virginia, United States) (1)
Hovey (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Houston, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Harper's Ferry (West Virginia, United States) (1)
Harding (Georgia, United States) (1)
Guntersville (Alabama, United States) (1)
Green Hill, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Great River (United States) (1)
Grand Junction (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Galveston (Texas, United States) (1)
Gallatin, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Fredericksburg, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Fosterville (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Fort Pillow (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Fort Heiman (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Fort Gibson (Oklahoma, United States) (1)
Forsyth, Ga. (Georgia, United States) (1)
Florence, S. C. (South Carolina, United States) (1)
Flemingsburg (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Fishing Creek (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Fayette (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Enterprise (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Eagle Bend (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Duckport (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Demopolis (Alabama, United States) (1)
Cumberland Valley (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Cumberland Mountains (United States) (1)
Coosa River (Alabama, United States) (1)
Comite River, La. (Louisiana, United States) (1)
College Grove (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Clinton, La. (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Clifton, Arizona (Arizona, United States) (1)
China (China) (1)
Charlotte (North Carolina, United States) (1)
Cedar Bluff, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (1)
Carter's Creek, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Carrollton (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Capitol (Utah, United States) (1)
Camp Dick Robinson (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Calhoun, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Calhoun Station (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Cairo, Ill. (Illinois, United States) (1)
Byron (Missouri, United States) (1)
Bull Run, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Boonsborough (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Black Warrior river (Alabama, United States) (1)
Black Bayou (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Big Cabin Creek (Oklahoma, United States) (1)
Baltimore, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Austin (Mississippi, United States) (1)
Auburn, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Atlanta (Georgia, United States) (1)
Acorn Ridge (Missouri, United States) (1)
, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)

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Ulysses S. Grant (218)
Pemberton (158)
Joseph E. Johnston (89)
William T. Sherman (81)
Forrest (78)
A. N. Porter (66)
McClernand (64)
McPherson (63)
Banks (63)
Streight (39)
Bowen (39)
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Dorn (35)
Braxton Bragg (35)
Loring (32)
Grierson (30)
Farragut (30)
Coburn (29)
Thomas J. Jackson (27)
Alvin P. Hovey (27)
Peter J. Osterhaus (23)
Marmaduke (23)
John A. Logan (23)
Frank P. Blair (23)
Samuel A. Holmes (20)
Gordon Granger (20)
Eugene A. Carr (20)
Morgan (19)
Constantine Taylor (18)
Roddy (18)
Andrew J. Smith (17)
John D. Stevenson (16)
Starnes (16)
Charles R. Ellet (15)
D. H. Carter (15)
Wheeler (14)
Milliken (14)
Gardner (14)
Armstrong (14)
Dodge (13)
Raymond (12)
W. J. Pegram (12)
Grover (12)
Emlen Franklin (12)
Jefferson Davis (12)
Richard Taylor (11)
Frederick Steele (11)
Steedman (11)
M. M. Crocker (11)
George W. Ross (10)
Francis J. Herron (10)
J. M. Williams (9)
Thomas E. G. Ransom (9)
Price (9)
Albert S. Hall (9)
Cluke (9)
Stanley (8)
Sheridan (8)
Isaac F. Quinby (8)
Jacob G. Lauman (8)
Wirt Adams (8)
Weitzel (7)
W. T. Sherman (7)
Minty (7)
McNeil (7)
John McArthur (7)
Jordan (7)
Hindman (7)
Halleck (7)
Green (7)
J. H. Forney (7)
Henry Dillon (7)
G. Walker (6)
John M. Tuttle (6)
Tilghman (6)
J. E. B. Stuart (6)
Samuel Merrill (6)
Fitzhugh Lee (6)
Hurlbut (6)
J. I. Gregg (6)
Gilbert (6)
William P. Benton (6)
Wharton (5)
Sooy Smith (5)
Giles A. Smith (5)
A. J. Smith (5)
Morrison (5)
Abner C. Harding (5)
Fagan (5)
Jefferson C. Davis (5)
Cornyn (5)
Chalmers (5)
Carondelet (5)
Burnside (5)
Augur (5)
James G. Wilson (4)
Whitfield (4)
Vaughn (4)
Thomas Kilby Smith (4)
G. C. Smith (4)
Phillips (4)
Parsons (4)
John G. Parke (4)
Monongahela (4)
McRae (4)
McClellan (4)
Maxey (4)
Mortimer D. Leggett (4)
King (4)
Nathan Kimball (4)
Kautz (4)
Joseph H. Gist (4)
Gillmore (4)
Hugh Ewing (4)
Dwight (4)
Diana (4)
Clinton (4)
Henry Clay (4)
Chenault (4)
Breckinridge (4)
Bloodgood (4)
Baird (4)
Albatross (4)
A. S. Webb (3)
W. H. Walker (3)
Stickney (3)
Green Clay Smith (3)
Thomas A. Scott (3)
Schofield (3)
J. C. C. Sanders (3)
John F. Reynolds (3)
L. J. Perkins (3)
Palmer (3)
Joseph A. Mower (3)
McNair (3)
A. Lincoln (3)
Michael K. Lawler (3)
Kinsman (3)
Houston (3)
Forbes (3)
Emory (3)
Ector (3)
Elias S. Dennis (3)
Curtis (3)
Cockerell (3)
H. C. Cabell (3)
John Buford (3)
H. A. Brown (3)
Beauregard (3)
Baldwin (3)
George Wood (2)
Patrick H. White (2)
Silver Wave (2)
Washburne (2)
William Vandever (2)
Tracy (2)
E. L. Thomas (2)
George Stoneman (2)
Watson Smith (2)
John E. Smith (2)
J. E. Smith (2)
John B. Sanborn (2)
David A. Russell (2)
Ruggles (2)
Paine (2)
E. K. Owen (2)
Edward O. C. Ord (2)
Mitchell (2)
S. D. Lowe (2)
Lancaster (2)
Heg (2)
W. Harrison (2)
Joseph E. Griffith (2)
R. S. Granger (2)
Evans (2)
Estella (2)
Cummings (2)
Crittenden (2)
Clayton (2)
George B. Boomer (2)
Blunt (2)
Beall (2)
Barton (2)
Auton (2)
Aleshire (2)
Zollicoffer (1)
Charles R. Woods (1)
Woodbury (1)
John T. Wilder (1)
Waul (1)
Watkins (1)
Washington (1)
F. H. Warren (1)
Waitie (1)
Vernon (1)
Turchin (1)
Stout (1)
Stanton (1)
Stanford (1)
Kirby Smith (1)
Slidell (1)
Shoup (1)
T. W. Sherman (1)
Rust (1)
Runkle (1)
Forest Rose (1)
Charles Richardson (1)
George E. Randolph (1)
Prentiss (1)
Patterson (1)
Mouton (1)
Mizner (1)
Miles (1)
Middleton (1)
McNairy (1)
McCown (1)
McCook (1)
James Longstreet (1)
Livingston (1)
William J. Landram (1)
Kingston (1)
Kineo (1)
Judson Kilpatrick (1)
J. William Jones (1)
John (1)
A. G. Jenkins (1)
Stonewall Jackson (1)
Indians (1)
Holland (1)
Hodgson (1)
M. W. Henry (1)
Heiman (1)
Hazen (1)
Hathaway (1)
Hatch (1)
Hart (1)
Hankinson (1)
Cyrus Hall (1)
Greenwood (1)
Gates (1)
Garvey (1)
Garfield (1)
Fulton (1)
William H. French (1)
Freeman (1)
Essex (1)
Ellets (1)
Dunlap (1)
Dickson (1)
L. Davidson (1)
Cruft (1)
Crook (1)
Courcy (1)
Cooper (1)
Coehorn (1)
Choctaw (1)
Campbell (1)
Calhoun (1)
Stephen G. Burbridge (1)
Bullen (1)
George E. Bryant (1)
L. S. Baker (1)
Bainbridge (1)
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10th (6)
9th (6)
December, 1862 AD (5)
29th (5)
26th (5)
18th (5)
17th (5)
3rd (5)
1863 AD (4)
June 11th (4)
May 27th (4)
May 24th (4)
May 3rd (4)
May 2nd (4)
April 20th (4)
25th (4)
21st (4)
16th (4)
July 4th, 1863 AD (3)
January, 1863 AD (3)
July 4th (3)
July 1st (3)
June 22nd (3)
June 7th (3)
June 3rd (3)
May 23rd (3)
May 22nd (3)
May 20th (3)
May 10th (3)
April 30th (3)
April 28th (3)
April 18th (3)
April 16th (3)
April 11th (3)
March 14th (3)
March 10th (3)
February 23rd (3)
February 2nd (3)
February (3)
24th (3)
23rd (3)
22nd (3)
14th (3)
8th (3)
6th (3)
4th (3)
2nd (3)
1870 AD (2)
July 12th (2)
July 6th (2)
July 3rd (2)
June 25th (2)
June 16th (2)
June 8th (2)
June (2)
May 26th (2)
May 25th (2)
May 18th (2)
May 12th (2)
May 11th (2)
May 7th (2)
May 6th (2)
April 29th (2)
April 22nd (2)
April 17th (2)
April 10th (2)
April 9th (2)
April 6th (2)
April 1st (2)
March 24th (2)
March 20th (2)
March 19th (2)
March 18th (2)
March 11th (2)
March 2nd (2)
March 1st (2)
February 4th (2)
February 3rd (2)
January 25th (2)
27th (2)
12th (2)
11th (2)
7th (2)
July 30th, 1881 AD (1)
1881 AD (1)
1868 AD (1)
June 17th, 1867 AD (1)
November 1st, 1863 AD (1)
July 3rd, 1863 AD (1)
June 12th, 1863 AD (1)
May 22nd, 1863 AD (1)
February 21st, 1863 AD (1)
February 6th, 1863 AD (1)
February 2nd, 1863 AD (1)
January 9th, 1863 AD (1)
November 24th, 1862 AD (1)
September 25th, 1862 AD (1)
July, 1862 AD (1)
July 29th, 1861 AD (1)
1750 AD (1)
1636 AD (1)
1466 AD (1)
1227 AD (1)
1083 AD (1)
December 20th (1)
December (1)
November (1)
September 25th (1)
August (1)
July 25th (1)
July 22nd (1)
July 16th (1)
July 13th (1)
July 11th (1)
July 5th (1)
July 2nd (1)
June 30th (1)
June 29th (1)
June 23rd (1)
June 20th (1)
June 18th (1)
June 13th (1)
June 10th (1)
June 1st (1)
May 28th (1)
May 21st (1)
May 19th (1)
May 17th (1)
May 16th (1)
May 15th (1)
May 14th (1)
May 13th (1)
May 8th (1)
May 5th (1)
April 12th (1)
April 8th (1)
April 2nd (1)
March 30th (1)
March 29th (1)
March 27th (1)
March 13th (1)
March 8th (1)
March 6th (1)
March 5th (1)
March 4th (1)
February 26th (1)
February 18th (1)
February 15th (1)
February 14th (1)
February 13th (1)
February 12th (1)
February 5th (1)
February 1st (1)
January 31st (1)
January 29th (1)
January 27th (1)
January 26th (1)
January 17th (1)
January 13th (1)
January 8th (1)
January 7th (1)
January 6th (1)
January 3rd (1)
January 1st (1)
31st (1)
28th (1)
5th (1)
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