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Addenda by the editor

Organization of the army of the Potomac, commanded by Major-General Joseph Hooker, in the Chancellorsville campaign, May 1-5, 1863.

General Headquarters.

Provost guard.

Colonel William F. Rogers.

1st Maryland Light Artillery, Battery B.

21st New York.

23d New York.

35th New York.

80th New York.

Ohio Light Artillery, 12th Battery.

8th U. S. Infantry, Company G.

Headquarters guard.

Colonel John S. Crocker.

93d New York.

Engineer brigade.

Brigadier-general Henry W. Benham.

15th New York.

50th New York.

Battalion United States.

Signal corps.

Captain S. T. Cushing.

Guards and Orderlies.

Lieutenant-colonel Rufus Ingalls.

Independent Company Oneida (N. Y.) Cavalry.


Brigadier-general Henry J. Hunt.

Artillery reserve.

Captain William M. Graham.

1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Bat. B.

1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Bat. M.

New York Light Artillery, 5th Battery.

New York Light Artillery, 15th Battery.

New York Light Artillery, 29th Battery.

New York Light Artillery, 30th Battery.

New York Light Artillery, 32d Bat.

1st U. S. Artillery, Battery K.

3d U. S. Artillery, Battery C.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery G.

5th U. S. Artillery, Battery K.

32d Massachusetts Infantry, Co. C.


First army corps.

Major-General John F. Reynolds.


Captain Constantine Taylor.

1st Maine Cavalry, Company L.

First division.

Brigadier-general James S. Wadsworth.

First brigade.

Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr.

22d New York.

24th New York.

30th New York.

84th New York (14th Militia)

Second brigade.

Brig.-gen. Lysander Cutler.

7th Indiana.

76th New York.

95th New York.

147th New York.

56th Pennsylvania.

Third brigade.

Brig.-gen. Gabriel R. Paul.

22d New Jersey.

29th New Jersey.

30th New Jersey.

31st New Jersey.

137th Pennsylvania.

Fourth brigade.

Brig.-gen. Solomon Meredith.

19th Indiana.

24th Michigan.

2d Wisconsin.

6th Wisconsin.

7th Wisconsin.


Captain John A. Reynolds.

New Hampshire Lt. Art'y., 1st Bat.

1st New York Lt. Artillery, Bat. L.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery B.

Second division.

Brigadier-general John C. Robinson.

First brigade.

Colonel Adrian R. Root.

16th Maine.

94th New York.

104th New York.

107th Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

Brig.-gen. Henry Baxter.

12th Massachusetts.

26th New York.

90th Pennsylvania.

136th Pennsylvania.

Third brigade.

Colonel Samuel H. Leonard.

13th Massachusetts.

83d New York.

97th New York.

11th Pennsylvania.

88th Pennsylvania.


Captain Dunbar R. Ransom.

Maine Light Artillery, 2d Battery.

Maine Light Artillery, 5th Battery.

5th U. S. Artillery, Battery C.

Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Bat. C.

Third division.

Major-general Abner Doubleday.

First brigade.

Brig.-gen. Thomas A. Rowley.

121st Pennsylvania.

135th Pennsylvania.

142d Pennsylvania.

151st Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

Colonel Roy Stone.

143d Pennsylvania.

149th Pennsylvania.

150th Pennsylvania.


Major Ezra W. Matthews.

1st Pa. Lt. Art., Bat. B.

1st Pa. Lt. Art., Bat. F.

1st Pa. Lt. Art., Bat. G.


Second army corps.

Major-General Darius N. Couch.


Captain Riley Johnson.

6th New York Cavalry, Companies D and K.

First division.

Major-general Winfield S. Hancock.

First brigade

Brig.-gen. John C. Caldwell.

5th New Hampshire.

61st New York

81st Pennsylvania

148th Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

Brig.-gen. Thomas F. Meagher.

28th Massachusetts.

63d New York.

69th New York.

88th New York.

116th Pennsylvania. (Battln.)

Third brigade.

Brig.-gen. Samuel K. Zook.

52d New York.

57th New York.

66th New York.

140th Pennsylvania.

Fourth brigade.

Colonel John R. Brooke.

27th Connecticut.

2d Delaware.

64th New York.

53d Pennsylvania.

145th Pennsylvania.


Captain Rufus D. Pettit.

1st New York Light Artillery, Battery B.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery C.

Second division.

Brigadier-general John Gibbon.

First brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Alfred Sully.

(2) Colonel Byron Laflin.

19th Maine.

15th Massachusetts.

1st Minnesota.

34th New York.

82d New York.

Second brigade.

Brig.-gen. Joshua T. Owen.

69th Pennsylvania.

71st Pennsylvania.

72d Pennsylvania.

106th Pennsylvania

Third brigade.

Colonel Norman J. Hall.

19th Massachusetts.

20th Massachusetts.

7th Michigan.

42d New York.

59th New York.

127th Pennsylvania.


1st Rhode Island Light Art., Bat. A.

1st Rhode Island Light Art., Bat. B.

Not Brigaded.

1st Co. Massachusetts Sharpshooters.

Third division.

Major-general William H. French.

First brigade.

Colonel Samuel S. Carroll

14th Indiana.

24th New Jersey.

28th New Jersey.

4th Ohio.

8th Ohio.

7th West Virginia.

Second brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Wm. Hays.1

(2) Col. Chas. J. Powers.

14th Connecticut.

12th New Jersey.

108th New York.

130th Pennsylvania.

Third brigade.

Colonel John D. MacGregor.

1st Delaware.

4th New York.

10th New York (Battln.).

132d Pennsylvania.


1st New York Light Art., Bat. G.

1st Rhode Island Light Art., Bat. G.


Third army corps.

Major-General Daniel E. Sickles.

First division.

Brigadier-general David B. Birney.

First brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Chas. K. Graham.2

(2) Colonel Thomas W. Egan.

57th Pennsylvania.

63d Pennsylvania.

68th Pennsylvania.

105th Pennsylvania.

114th Pennsylvania.

141st Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

Brig.-gen. J. H. H. Ward.

20th Indiana.

3d Maine.

4th Maine.

38th New York.

40th New York.

99th Pennsylvania.

Third brigade.

Colonel Samuel B. Hayman

17th Maine.

3d Michigan.

5th Michigan.

1st New York.

37th New York.


Captain A. Judson Clark.

New Jersey Light Artillery, Bat. B.

1st Rhode Island Light Art., Bat. E.

3d U. S. Artillery, Batteries F and K.

Second division.

(1) Major-general Hiram G. Berry.3

(2) Brigadier-general Joseph B. Carr.

First brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Joseph B.

(2) Colonel William Blaisdell.

1st Massachusetts.

11th Massachusetts.

16th Massachusetts.

11th New Jersey.

26th Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Joseph W. Revere.

(2) Colonel J. Egbert Farnum.4

70th New York.

71st New York.

72d New York.

73d New York.

74th New York.

120th New York.

Third brigade.

(1) Brig.-gen. Gershom Mott.5

(2) Colonel Wm. J. Sewell.

5th New Jersey.

6th New Jersey.

7th New Jersey.

8th New Jersey.

2d New York.

115th Pennsylvania.


Captain Thomas W. Osborn.

1st New York Light Art., Battery D.

New York Light Art., 4th Battery.

1st U. S. Artillery, Battery H.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery K.

Third division.

(1) Brigadier-general Amiel W. Whipple.6

(2) Brigadier-general Charles K. Graham.

First brigade

Colonel Emlen Franklin.

86th New York.

124th New York.

122d Pennsylvania.

Second brigade.

Colonel Samuel M. Bowman.

12th New Hampshire.

84th Pennsylvania.

110th Pennsylvania.

Third brigade.

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Harper's Ferry (West Virginia, United States) (14)
Mary (Alabama, United States) (11)
Hagerstown (Maryland, United States) (11)
Taneytown (Maryland, United States) (9)
Purcellville (Virginia, United States) (9)
Aldie (Virginia, United States) (9)
Upperville (Virginia, United States) (8)
Maryland Heights (Maryland, United States) (8)
Funkstown (Maryland, United States) (8)
White Plains (Virginia, United States) (7)
Westminster (Maryland, United States) (7)
Middleburg (Virginia, United States) (7)
Sandy Hook, Md. (Maryland, United States) (6)
Rohrersville (Maryland, United States) (6)
Rectortown (Virginia, United States) (6)
Manchester, Maryland (Maryland, United States) (6)
Littlestown (Pennsylvania, United States) (6)
Gum Springs (Virginia, United States) (6)
Goose Creek (Virginia, United States) (6)
Germantown (Tennessee, United States) (6)
Dumfries, Va. (Virginia, United States) (6)
Dranesville (Virginia, United States) (6)
Snickersville (Virginia, United States) (5)
Piedmont, Va. (Virginia, United States) (5)
Linden, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (5)
Chambersburg, Pa. (Pennsylvania, United States) (5)
Beaver Creek, Md. (Maryland, United States) (5)
Thumb Run (Virginia, United States) (4)
Salem (Massachusetts, United States) (4)
McAllister (Pennsylvania, United States) (4)
Leitersburg (Maryland, United States) (4)
Leesburg (Virginia, United States) (4)
Hamburg (Pennsylvania, United States) (4)
Gainesville (Virginia, United States) (4)
Falmouth, Va. (Virginia, United States) (4)
Fairview, Ill. (Illinois, United States) (4)
Fairfield, Pa. (Pennsylvania, United States) (4)
Cherry Run, W. Va. (West Virginia, United States) (4)
Bull Run, Va. (Virginia, United States) (4)
Bealeton (Virginia, United States) (4)
Bakersville (Maryland, United States) (4)
Amissville (Virginia, United States) (4)
Two Taverns (Pennsylvania, United States) (3)
Rocky Hook (Maryland, United States) (3)
Ridgeville (South Carolina, United States) (3)
Poolesville (Maryland, United States) (3)
Pleasant Valley (Maryland, United States) (3)
Philomont (Virginia, United States) (3)
Petersville (Maryland, United States) (3)
Morrisville (Virginia, United States) (3)
Monterey (Pennsylvania, United States) (3)
Mechanicstown (West Virginia, United States) (3)
Kane (Illinois, United States) (3)
Jefferson, Md. (Maryland, United States) (3)
Hedgesville (West Virginia, United States) (3)
Hamilton (Virginia, United States) (3)
Frederick Junction (Maryland, United States) (3)
Fairfield, Conn. (Connecticut, United States) (3)
Deep Run (Virginia, United States) (3)
Chicago (Illinois, United States) (3)
Cavetown (Maryland, United States) (3)
Barnesville (Maryland, United States) (3)
Waterford (Virginia, United States) (2)
Washington (La.) (Louisiana, United States) (2)
Walkersville (Missouri, United States) (2)
Virginia (Virginia, United States) (2)
Vienna (Virginia, United States) (2)
Utica (New York, United States) (2)
United States (United States) (2)
Tennallytown (United States) (2)
Shenandoah (United States) (2)
Rock Creek, Menard County, Illinois (Illinois, United States) (2)
Potomac Creek (Virginia, United States) (2)
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) (2)
Paris (Virginia, United States) (2)
Panther Skin Creek (Virginia, United States) (2)
Orleans, Ma. (Massachusetts, United States) (2)
Mountville (South Carolina, United States) (2)
Maryland (Maryland, United States) (2)
Martinsburg (West Virginia, United States) (2)
Johnsonville, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Jefferson (West Virginia, United States) (2)
Hyattstown (Maryland, United States) (2)
Hunterstown (Pennsylvania, United States) (2)
Haymarket (Virginia, United States) (2)
Hancock, Md. (Maryland, United States) (2)
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (2)
Fredericksburg, Va. (Virginia, United States) (2)
De Forest (Wisconsin, United States) (2)
Crenshaw (Tennessee, United States) (2)
Burkittsville (Maryland, United States) (2)
Broad Run (Virginia, United States) (2)
Boscobel (Wisconsin, United States) (2)
Beaver Dam (Wisconsin, United States) (2)
Aquia Creek (Virginia, United States) (2)
Youngs Island (Georgia, United States) (1)
Wisconsin (Wisconsin, United States) (1)
Wheatland (Iowa, United States) (1)
Waterloo, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Washington (United States) (1)
Union Bridge (Maryland, United States) (1)
Sumter (Ga.) (Georgia, United States) (1)
Stevensburg (Virginia, United States) (1)
South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) (1)
Smithsburg (Maryland, United States) (1)
Shippensburg (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Roxbury Mills (Maryland, United States) (1)
Rappahannock (Virginia, United States) (1)
Palmetto (Florida, United States) (1)
Oneida (N. Y.) (New York, United States) (1)
Occoquan River (Virginia, United States) (1)
North Mountain (West Virginia, United States) (1)
Norfolk (Virginia, United States) (1)
Mountain Pass (California, United States) (1)
Mount Pleasant (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Mount Holly, N. J. (New Jersey, United States) (1)
Montgomery (Alabama, United States) (1)
Milliken's Bend (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (1)
Knoxville, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Knoxville (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Illinois (Illinois, United States) (1)
Hampton (Virginia, United States) (1)
Greenwich (Virginia, United States) (1)
Greencastle (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Gilead (Ohio, United States) (1)
Frederick (Virginia, United States) (1)
Chester Gap (Virginia, United States) (1)
Carter's Mill (Virginia, United States) (1)
Carlisle, Pa. (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Brandy Station (Virginia, United States) (1)
Barnesville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Baltimore, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)

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Charles Richardson (4)
Carnot Posey (4)
Alfred Pleasonton (4)
J. J. Pettigrew (4)
E. A. Perry (4)
William D. Pender (4)
F. M. Parker (4)
E. A. O'Neal (4)
William Nelson (4)
Morris (4)
Lafayette McLaws (4)
Charles L. Matthies (4)
William Mahone (4)
Mortimer D. Leggett (4)
Alfred Iverson (4)
Ambrose P. Hill (4)
Charles K. Graham (4)
Jubal A. Early (4)
Abner Doubleday (4)
George Doles (4)
J. Thompson Brown (4)
John R. Brooke (4)
James Barnes (4)
William W. Averell (4)
E. P. Alexander (4)
Charles R. Woods (3)
William Tweeddale (3)
John M. Tuttle (3)
Trimble (3)
Thielemann (3)
John M. Thayer (3)
George Sykes (3)
J. E. B. Stuart (3)
Charles J. Stolbrand (3)
John D. Stevenson (3)
Frederick Steele (3)
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Hugh T. Reid (3)
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George E. Pickett (3)
Phillips (3)
A. Perrin (3)
Peter J. Osterhaus (3)
E. D. Osband (3)
Joseph A. Mower (3)
James B. McPherson (3)
John B. McIntosh (3)
S. McGowan (3)
George F. McGinnis (3)
Jeremiah McCarthy (3)
John McArthur (3)
Thomas D. Maurice (3)
John A. Logan (3)
Daniel W. Lindsey (3)
J. A. J. Lightburn (3)
Fitzhugh Lee (3)
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James Keigwin (3)
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Cobb (3)
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J. B. Walton (2)
S. T. Walker (2)
R. L. Walker (2)
James A. Walker (2)
H. H. Walker (2)
James S. Wadsworth (2)
A. S. Vanderventer (2)
R. O. Tyler (2)
John A. Tompkins (2)
S. D. Thruston (2)
S. B. Thomas (2)
E. L. Thomas (2)
Constantine Taylor (2)
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Roy Stone (2)
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Adolph Steinwehr (2)
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David Shunk (2)
Alexander Shaler (2)
Alexander Schimmelfennig (2)
Schenck (2)
A. M. Scales (2)
Frank C. Sands (2)
Thomas H. Ruger (2)
J. B. Robertson (2)
Evan Rice (2)
Rhett (2)
Green B. Raum (2)
Dunbar R. Ransom (2)
Raine (2)
Isaac F. Quinby (2)
Holden Putnam (2)
William H. Penrose (2)
W. J. Pegram (2)
E. F. Paxton (2)
Gabriel R. Paul (2)
Page (2)
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Edward O. C. Ord (2)
F. T. Nicholls (2)
Thomas Moore (2)
Moody (2)
Milroy (2)
Francis C. Miller (2)
Milledge (2)
Solomon Meredith (2)
William L. McMillen (2)
Nathaniel C. McLean (2)
McGraw (2)
John A. McClernand (2)
Maurin (2)
Massie (2)
Marye (2)
Augustus P. Martin (2)
Francis H. Manter (2)
Manly (2)
Madison (2)
Lusk (2)
James Longstreet (2)
H. H. Lockwood (2)
Lewis (2)
W. H. F. Lee (2)
Robert E. Lee (2)
E. M. Law (2)
Jacob G. Lauman (2)
W. Krzyzanowski (2)
Joseph M. Knap (2)
Kirkpatrick (2)
James D. Kershaw (2)
J. B. Kershaw (2)
J. L. Kemper (2)
Thomas L. Kane (2)
Jordan (2)
J. F. Jones (2)
J. Jones (2)
B. T. Johnson (2)
A. G. Jenkins (2)
Hurt (2)
Hupp (2)
James F. Huntington (2)
Andrew A. Humphreys (2)
O. O. Howard (2)
Joseph Hooker (2)
Samuel A. Holmes (2)
Francis J. Herron (2)
William Hays (2)
Harry T. Hays (2)
Alexander Hays (2)
William Harrow (2)
Norman J. Hall (2)
J. M. Hall (2)
Cyrus Hall (2)
George C. Gumbart (2)
Charles Griffin (2)
Greenwood (2)
George S. Greene (2)
Ulysses S. Grant (2)
Lewis A. Grant (2)
Grandy (2)
C. K. Graham (2)
Leopold Gilsa (2)
John W. Geary (2)
T. S. Garnett (2)
R. B. Garnett (2)
John J. Garnett (2)
Garber (2)
J. H. S. Funk (2)
Manning F. Force (2)
Robert H. Fitzhugh (2)
Bernard G. Farrar (2)
Henry L. Eustis (2)
Adolph Engelmann (2)
Henry Dillon (2)
Elias S. Dennis (2)
Dement (2)
James Dearing (2)
L. Davidson (2)
Julius Daniel (2)
Edmund L. Dana (2)
Lysander Cutler (2)
George A. Custer (2)
M. M. Crocker (2)
M. D. Corse (2)
R. E. Colston (2)
A. H. Colquitt (2)
William Cogswell (2)
Alexander Chambers (2)
Thomas H. Carter (2)
D. H. Carter (2)
Samuel S. Carroll (2)
Carrington (2)
Joseph B. Carr (2)
J. Edward Carpenter (2)
Carlton (2)
Charles Candy (2)
John C. Caldwell (2)
H. C. Cabell (2)
Sidney Burbank (2)
Ralph P. Buckland (2)
Henry W. Brown (2)
Hiram Berdan (2)
William P. Benton (2)
H. L. Benning (2)
Henry W. Benham (2)
Henry Baxter (2)
Joseph J. Bartlett (2)
Francis C. Barlow (2)
Romeyn B. Ayres (2)
L. A. Armistead (2)
R. S. Andrews (2)
C. H. Andrews (2)
C. T. Zachry (1)
Percy Wyndham (1)
Wyatt (1)
Wrights (1)
Wooding (1)
William F. Wood (1)
Wm (1)
R. W. Withers (1)
Langhorne Wister (1)
D. R. E. Winn (1)
R. C. Wilson (1)
Edward Willis (1)
R. L. Williams (1)
J. H. J. Williams (1)
Williams (1)
G. L. Willard (1)
Michael Wiedrich (1)
R. O. Whitehead (1)
W. W. White (1)
Oscar White (1)
Amiel W. Whipple (1)
Wheatland (1)
S. B. West (1)
Thomas Welsh (1)
A. S. Webb (1)
Washington (1)
Henry D. Washburn (1)
J. Warden (1)
E. J. Walker (1)
C. S. Wainwright (1)
Strong Vincent (1)
William Vandever (1)
Erastus B. Tyler (1)
P. R. Trobriand (1)
A. T. A. Torbert (1)
T. F. Toon (1)
A. H. Tippin (1)
W. S. Tilton (1)
John C. Tidball (1)
Thompson (1)
M. J. Taylor (1)
E. P. Tayloe (1)
E. D. Taft (1)
Alfred Sully (1)
Stribling (1)
William A. Stowe (1)
Joshua Stover (1)
George Stoneman (1)
William M. Stone (1)
T. B. W. Stockton (1)
S. D. Stewart (1)
Nelson T. Spoor (1)
Thomas A. Smyth (1)
W. Sooy Smith (1)
Thomas Kilby Smith (1)
N. Slough (1)
H. W. Slocum (1)
T. C. Singletree (1)
James P. Simms (1)
W. P. Shooter (1)
Eliakim Sherrill (1)
B. F. Sherman (1)
S. G. Shepard (1)
Isaac F. Shepard (1)
Lionel A. Sheldon (1)
James L. Sheffield (1)
Abram Sharra (1)
William J. Sewell (1)
P. J. Semmes (1)
Hiram Scofield (1)
Louis Schirmer (1)
A. Schimmelfennig (1)
Joseph H. Saunders (1)
A. D. Saunders (1)
Horace B. Sargent (1)
William W. Sanford (1)
J. C. C. Sanders (1)
Y. L. Royston (1)
D. P. Rowe (1)
Samuel Ross (1)
Adrian R. Root (1)
William F. Rogers (1)
George T. Rogers (1)
W. W. Robinson (1)
B. H. Robertson (1)
T. M. Riley (1)
H. W. Rider (1)
N. P. Richmond (1)
Jonathan Richmond (1)
W. G. Rice (1)
James C. Rice (1)
John A. Reynolds (1)
Joseph W. Revere (1)
W. T. Renfro (1)
Reilly (1)
Reg (1)
Reese (1)
George E. Randolph (1)
Alanson M. Randol (1)
Albert A. Puttkammer (1)
Purnell (1)
Thomas J. Purdie (1)
Isaac C. Pugh (1)
Isaac C. Pug (1)
Charles J. Powers (1)
Robert B. Potter (1)
A. N. Porter (1)
N. A. Pool (1)
William T. Poague (1)
S. T. Player (1)
L. Pinckard (1)
F. E. Pierce (1)
Samuel B. Pickins (1)
Walter Phelps (1)
J. Watts Peyster (1)
Rufus D. Pettit (1)
James M. Perrin (1)
L. J. Perkins (1)
William N. Pendleton (1)
W. D. Pender (1)
M. R. Patrick (1)
John G. Parke (1)
William Allen Parham (1)
Joshua T. Owen (1)
W. W. Orme (1)
Patrick H. O'Rorke (1)
Norco (1)
Nichol (1)
David I. Nevin (1)
Thomas T. Munford (1)
Mulligan (1)
Edward D. Muhlenberg (1)
Gershom Mott (1)
Moorman (1)
Milton Montgomery (1)
J. T. Mercer (1)
Thomas F. Meagher (1)
McReynolds (1)
James McQuade (1)
H. B. McKeen (1)
J. B. McIntosh (1)
McGregor (1)
F. McGilvery (1)
J. A. McDowell (1)
A. L. McDougall (1)
William McComb (1)
C. McCarty (1)
William McCandless (1)
John S. Mc-Ilroy (1)
David Mc (1)
Robert M. Mayo (1)
Joseph Mayo (1)
Ezra W. Matthews (1)
Mathews (1)
W. J. Martin (1)
J. K. Marshall (1)
D. P. Mann (1)
Francis Mallory (1)
R. C. Maffett (1)
John D. MacGregor (1)
S. D. Lowe (1)
Edward F. Lovell (1)
John M. Loomis (1)
John T. Lofton (1)
James N. Lightfoot (1)
Samuel H. Leonard (1)
John M. Legett (1)
A. L. Lee (1)
Daniel Leasure (1)
J. W. Lea (1)
W. Lee J. Lawrence (1)
Latimer (1)
Latham (1)
David Lang (1)
John Lane (1)
J. H. Lane (1)
Byron Laflin (1)
Joseph F. Knipe (1)
Joseph W. Kirkley (1)
Nathan Kimball (1)
John D. Kennedy (1)
Patrick Kelly (1)
Joseph (1)
William E. Jones (1)
John M. Jones (1)
J. R. Jones (1)
R. D. Johnston (1)
Edward Johnson (1)
Joseph M. Jayne (1)
Hugh H. Janeway (1)
Thomas J. Jackson (1)
Thomas E. Jackson (1)
A. Iverson (1)
Rufus Ingalls (1)
Imboden (1)
J. H. Hyman (1)
A. J. Hutchins (1)
Henry J. Hunt (1)
John R. Hotaling (1)
W. C. Holt (1)
W. D. Holder (1)
R. F. Hoke (1)
John S. Hoffman (1)
E. L. Hobson (1)
William J. Hill (1)
J. L. Hill (1)
D. H. Hill (1)
Stephen G. Hicks (1)
H. A. Herbert (1)
M. W. Henry (1)
John W. Henagan (1)
Heintzelman (1)
Francis E. Heath (1)
J. G. Hazard (1)
E. G. Haywood (1)
Samuel B. Hayman (1)
Hart (1)
F. E. Harrison (1)
N. H. Harris (1)
M. B. Harris (1)
A. L. Harris (1)
Wade Hampton (1)
S. P. Hamilton (1)
Wm Hall (1)
William Hall (1)
V. D. Groner (1)
Bryan Grimes (1)
Thomas M. Griffin (1)
Simon G. Griffin (1)
W. L. Grice (1)
Green (1)
Tully Graybill (1)
Ulyssus S. Grant (1)
Ulysses Grant (1)
William M. Graham (1)
J. B. Gordon (1)
Goodrich (1)
A. C. Godwin (1)
Joseph H. Gist (1)
William Gibson (1)
N. J. George (1)
F. George (1)
John S. Garvin (1)
Thomas H. Garrett (1)
Theophilus T. Garrard (1)
Kenner Garrard (1)
Garden (1)
J. C. Fuller (1)
Emlen Franklin (1)
J. H. Forney (1)
R. W. Folsom (1)
R. H. Fitzhugh (1)
John A. Fite (1)
J. W. Fisher (1)
E. M. Field (1)
Charles W. Field (1)
Edward Ferrero (1)
J. Egbert Farnum (1)
E. J. Farnsworth (1)
Charles Ewing (1)
Richard S. Ewell (1)
Eubank (1)
J. B. Estes (1)
Eshleman (1)
Thomas W. Egan (1)
J. K. Edmondson (1)
R. H. Duncan (1)
John Duke (1)
Richard C. Drum (1)
Julius Dieckmann (1)
Charles Devens (1)
Hannibal Day (1)
Joseph R. Davis (1)
Jefferson Davis (1)
Benjamin F. Davis (1)
A. S. Cutts (1)
S. T. Cushing (1)
S. Crutchfield (1)
E. E. Cross (1)
John S. Crocker (1)
S. W. Crawford (1)
William L. Craft (1)
W. R. Cox (1)
F. W. Cox (1)
Richard Coulter (1)
C. R. Coster (1)
Philip Cook (1)
Comdg (1)
S. Colgrove (1)
Christopher C. Cole (1)
Joseph R. Cockerill (1)
George A. Cobham (1)
A. Judson Clark (1)
D. H. Christie (1)
William S. Christian (1)
Benjamin C. Christ (1)
Chew (1)
J. R. Chambliss (1)
Caskie (1)
J. W. Carter (1)
R. W. Carswell (1)
Carlisle (1)
Campbell (1)
George C. Cabell (1)
Daniel Butterfield (1)
Adolphus Buschbeck (1)
Hiram Burnham (1)
George C. Burling (1)
James M. Bull (1)
Samuel L. Buck (1)
George E. Bryant (1)
Goode Bryan (1)
William H. Browne (1)
William T. H. Brooks (1)
B. T. Brockman (1)
William R. Brewster (1)
Breathed (1)
Brander (1)
Samuel M. Bowman (1)
Henry Bowman (1)
George B. Boomer (1)
M. F. Bonham (1)
Bondurant (1)
Blount (1)
Elbert Bland (1)
William Blaisdell (1)
Chapman Biddle (1)
T. E. Betts (1)
Cyrus Betsey (1)
Emory F. Best (1)
Hiram G. Berry (1)
R. T. Bennett (1)
R. F. Beckham (1)
Sumter Battln (1)
C. A. Battle (1)
Bat (1)
John D. Barry (1)
W. Barksdale (1)
W. M. Barbour (1)
Samuel E. Baker (1)
L. S. Baker (1)
Bachman (1)
W. R. Aylett (1)
Isaac E. Avery (1)
Clark M. Avery (1)
John Ashford (1)
J. J. Archer (1)
Andrew (1)
George Amsberg (1)
Peter H. Allabach (1)
Jesse I. Alexander (1)
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