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1 نَبَزَهُ ذ , aor. نَبِزَ , inf. n. نَبْزٌ, He called him, or named him, by a by-name, surname, or nickname; he by-named him, surnamed him, or nicknamed him; syn. لَقَّبَهُ; (S, Msb, K;) mostly signifying he called him, or named him, by a nickname, a name of reproach, or an opprobrious appellation; (TA;) as also ↓ نبّزهُ : (K:) or the latter is with teshdeed to denote muchness, or frequency, or repetition, of the action, or its application to many objects: you say, بِالصَّبْيَانِفُلَانٌ يُنَبِّزُ Such a one by-names, surnames, or [rather] nicknames, the children; syn. يُلَقِّبْهُمْ. (S.) ― -b2- النَّبْزُ is also syn. with اللَّمْزُ; (K;) or is like the latter: (TA;) [i. e., نَبَزَهُ also signifies He upbraided, or reproached, him; or the like.] 2 نَبَّزَ see 1, in two places. 6 تنابزوا ذ , (Msb, K, *) or تنابزوا بِا@لْأَلْقَابِ, (S,) They called one another by by-names, surnames, or [rather] nicknames: (S, Msb, * K:) or they upbraided, reproached, or reviled, one another; (K, TA;) calling one another by names of reproach. (TA.) So in the Kur, xlix. 11; where the doing so is forbidden. (TA.) نَبَزٌ ذ , [or, accord. to the Msb, it seems to be نَبْزٌ, for it is there said to be an inf. n. used as a subst., but this form I have never met with elsewhere,] A by-name; or surname; or nickname; syn. لَقَبٌ; (S, Msb, K;) mostly, the latter; i. e., a name of reproach; an opprobrious appellation: (TA:) but Kh, [makes it, contr. to common usage, to signify a proper name; for he] says, that names are of two kinds; أَسْمَآءُ نَبَزٍ, such as زَيْدٌ and عَمْرُو; and أَسْمَآءُ عَامٍّ, such as فَرَسٌ and رَجُلٌ and the like: (TA:) pl. أَنْبَازٌ. (S.) نَبِزٌ ذ Ignoble, or mean, (Sgh, K,) in his grounds of pretension to respect, or his rank or quality, and in his natural disposition. (K.) رَجُلٌ نُبَزَةٌ ذ A man who is much accustomed to call others by by-names, surnames, or [rather] nicknames. (K.)

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