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Births, Deaths and Marriages from early records.

Births in the year 1718

Susanna Daughter of John and Abigail Richardson born May ye 2d 1718

Ruth daughter of John and Elizebeth Albery born May the 4th 1718

Hannah Daughter of Joseph and Hannah Sargeant born June 28th 1718

Lydia Daughter of William and Lydia Manser born July 29 1718

Mary the Daughter of John and Sarah Greatton born September the ninth 1718

Samuel Son of Joseph and Mary Ballard born December the 27 1718

Sarah Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Tompfon born December 21 1718

Susanna Daughter of John and Susanna Giles born January 26th 171 8/9

John Son of John and Mercy Bradshaw born February the 13th 171 8/9

Elizebeth Daughter of Benjn & Sarah Peirce born February ye 21st. 171 8/9

Thomas Son of William and Abigail Patten born February 20th 171 8/9

Martha Daughter of John & Mary Whitmore Born ffebrewery ye 23-171 8/9 [p. 72]

Ruben Neagro: Son of mr Jona Tuftes Servant Kuffe and Pheliaf Servnt to ye Revrnd. mr porter. Waf Born february 27——1718

1718 Deaths

Stephen Willis died March 15th. 1718.

Deborah Willis died July 15th 1718.

Leiut Stephen Willis died July 29 1718.

Mary Tufts the Wife of Thos Tufts Esqr died Sepbr ye 3. 1718

Sarah Ward Widow. Died November ye 18 1718

Betts Attwood Son of Oliver and Anna Attwood died Novr ye 28th 1718

Bartholomew Semer Died January 20 171 8/9

Gershom Son of Jonathn & Lydia Hall died Decemr 9, 1718

Mary Willis Daughter of John & Mary Willis died Feb 2d 1718


John Bradshaw and Mercy Tufts were married March ye 14 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter

John Giles and Susanna Hall were married March ye 27 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter

Peter Wait of Medford and Abigail Peirce of Woborn were married May 22 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter.

Ebenezer Hills and Margarett Hayes were maried July 29 1718. By Thomas Tufts Esqr

Ebenezer Burgifs and Mary Fowle both of Cambridge were married Octr ye 22d 1718 By Thomas Tufts Esqr

Joseph Frost and Rebecca Frost both of Bilreca were married Decr. 8 1718 By Thomas Tufts Esqr

Joseph Blogget and Elizebeth Sawyer both of Woborn were married Decr 16 1718 By Thos Tufts Esqr

Joseph Thompfon and Sarah Bradshaw were married Decembr 30 1718. By Thos Tufts Esqr a

Births Deaths & Mariages 1719

Mr Nathaniel Peirce Died Aprill ye 4th 1719

Willis Son of Percival Hall & Jane his Wife Borne March ye 7th 171 8/9

Samuel Son of Joseph and Mary Ballerd Died Aprill the 6th 1719

Samll Cuttler & Hannah Green Both of Malding wear maried by Mr: Thos Tuffts Efqr May ye:

Danill Hutson of Bridgwater & Mary Peirce of Obron Wear maried may ye 19 1719 by Mr Thos Tuffts Efqr

Isaac Hill of Woodstock & Sarah Wright of Obron wear married may ye. 20th 1719 By Mr Thos Tuffts Efqr [p. 73]

Samll Page of Corrolina & Susanah Lawrance of Charlstown wear married may ye 20th 1719 By Mr Thos Tuffts Efqr

Samll Hafting of wattertown and Bethia Halloway of Malding were maried may ye 27 1719 By Mr Thos Tuffts Efqr

Mary Daughter of Stephen and Elizebeth Hall Born Aprill ye 17: 1719

Elizebeth Daughter of Ichabod Peirce and Sarah his Wife Born Aprill ye 30th 1719

Nathaniel Son of Nathaniel Peirce Deceased and Ledia his Wife Born June ye 29:=1719

Joseph Converce and Isabell Forbufh both of Obron were maried July 14 1719 by Mr Thos. Tuffts Esqr

John Perrey & Deborah Willson both of Cambridge maried Octobr. 28 1719 Mr Thos Tuffts Efqr

Katharine Daughtr. To Thos Tuffts Efqr. & Emme his Wife Borne Novemr 4th 1719

Sarah Daughter of Aaron Blanchard and Sarah his Wife Dyed Novembr ye 16: 1719.

Sarah Daughter of Aaron Blanchard & Sarah his Wife Born December 14: 1719

John Son of Samll & Elizebeth Polley Born Augoft ye. 6th 1719

Jonathan Son of Jona Thomson & Abigail his Wife Born Aprll 10th 1720

Nathll. Wade Son of Mr Samuel Wade & Mrs Ledia his wife Born [Aprill]* Febrewary 20th 171 9/20

Peter Son of Peter Wait & Abigal his Wife Born Aprill 21 1720

Joanna Porter Daughtr. of ye Revernd Mr. Aaron Porter & Mrs Susanah his Wife Born March 21st 1719

Jona Polley & Ledia Nutting wr. Maried by ye Revernd Mr Aaron Porter Febr 25/171920

John Hall & Elizebeth Walker Maried by ye Revernd Mr Aaron Porter Aprll 27/1720

Jane Porter Daughtr. of ye Revernd Mr. Aaron Porter Mr. Susanah his Wife Born November 9th/1720

Mr. Thomas Oaks and Abigail Brooks maried by ye Revernd: Mr: Aaron Porter Octr: 27/1720 Ruth Daughter of Richard & Elizebeth Wait was Born Decemr: I: 1720

John Hall Dyed Novemr 14th 1720

John Son of John & Elizbeth Hall Born Novr: 24th 1720

Ledia Daughter of Jonathan Polley and Ledia his Wife Born Decembr. 12 1720

Ruth Daughter of Thomas Hall and Abigail his Wife Born Augoft ye 30 1719

Ledia Daughter of Ebenezr. Nutting & Ledia his Wife Born Novr. 5th 1692

[p. 74]


Jonathan Son of Ebenezr: Nutting & Ledia his Wife Born Janu: 31: 1694/5

Sarah Daughtr: of Ebenezr: Nutting & Ledia his Wife Born 11th of Augoft 1698

Ebenezr: Son of Ebenezr: Nutting and Ledia his Wife Born Augoft 9th 1700

James Son of Ebenezr: Nutting and Ledia his Wife Born Januar: 31-170 3/4


Samull. ye Son of Thomas: Tuft & Emme his Wife was Born December: 31-1720

William Hall Son of Thomas Hall and abigal his wife was Born June ye 11-1721

John Ricardfon Son of John Ricardfon & abigal his wife was born May ye . 29-1721

Jofiah Waters fon of Jofiah Waters and Mary his wife was Born July ye . 26—1721

Samuell fon of Jofeph and Mary Ballerd born [Dyed]1 July ye 6:—1721

Stephen Son of Stephen Hall and Ellefebath his wife Born august ye 10—172—

Marcy Bradfhow Daughtr of John Bradfhow and marcy his wife Born December 27—1721— Abigal Daughter Thomas Oaks and abigal his wife Born September ye . 2-1721—

Hanah Daughter William Hodmon and martha his wife Born november ye.—19th-1721—

Sufanah Daughter of Samull Polly & Elefebath his wife Born


Elefebath Wade Daugter of Elefebath Thomas widow Dyed august 1721

Ellefebath gardner Daugter of Thomas gardner Decd and mary his wife Dyed August ye 13th:—1721—

Samull Son of Jofeph and Mary Ballard Dyed August ye. 10—— 1721

Capt Peter tufts Died September ye . 19th 1721

Peter Wait Dyed December ye Eight—1721

Mofes tufts Son of peter tufts & Deaberah his his wife Dyed May ye. 8th.—1721

Janury ye . 15 1721/ Samull porter Son of ye Revrnd Mr. Aron porter and Sufanah his wife was Born

January ye 24 1721/ ye. Revernd Mr. Aron porter Dyed

Janury 13th. 1721 Ecobod peirc Dyed of ye Small pox [p. 75]

Janry ye 16th 1721 Jonathan peirc Son of Ecobode peirc and Sary his wife Dyed of ye Small pox

Janry ye 21—1721 Elesebath peirc Daughter of ye Sd Ecobode & Sary peirc Dyed of Small pox

[Auguft ye]2 Sary Hall Daugter of Stephen Hall and Elefebath his wife Dyed

Sufanna Allbree Daugter of John Allbree and Elefebath his Wife Dyed March ye. 14th-1725

Benjamin Peirce Son of Benja: Peirce and Sary his Wife Dyed May ye 31-1725

Nathan Bradfhaw Son of John & Marcy Bradfhaw Dyed Janury ye 8th 1724


Samuell Williams of Charlstown and Sufanah of Malden maryed by Thos. Tuffts Esqr. Decmbr 19th 1719

Jofhuay Wheat & Elefebath Edey both of Watertown wer maried febry: 5th 1719 by Thos. Tufts Esqr

Jofhuay Nickols and Ruth grean both of Malden Maried Aprill 12 —1720—by Thoms Tufts Esqr

Thomas Ingerfol of springfeild & Ruth Child of Watertown Maried May: 17-1720 by Thos. Tufts Esqr

Jonathan Barrett and Mehittbll lynde both of Malden Maried July 19-1720 by Thoms. Tufts Esqr.

John King and Rachall Barron both of Watetown wer Married feptembr. ye . 28—1720—by Thomr. tufts Esq

Jack negro & peg maried october 4th. 1720

William osborn and Sarah perry both of Cambridge wer maryed octobr ye 7th.—1720 by thoms. tufts Esqr

Samuell Evens and hanah franklins both of Malden Married Decembr. 2—1720—by Thoms. Tufts Esqr

Obadiah Jenkins and mary Grover both of Malden wer maryed Janry 5th.—1720/1 by thoms tufts Esqr

Ebenefer Desper and Sary Right both of Malden wer Marryd Decmbr 24—1720—By thoms. Tufts Esqr

John Sargant of Charlstown and Sary Dextor of Malden Were maryed May ye. 25—1721—By Thomas tufts Esqr.

Jacob Gaskin of Boftown and Hanah Clark of Concord were maryed Maryed June ye 27—1721

Jabez H. Wait and Judith Hill both of malden Maryed Janry ye 4th 1722 By Thomr. Tufts Esqr.

1 Cancelled.

2 Cancelled

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