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General Assembly of Virginia.
[Extra session.]


Thursday,Jan. 31, 1861.
Called to order at 12 o'clock M., Lt. Gov. Montague in the chair.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Taylor.

Messrs. B. B. Douglass, A. D. Dickinson and Ro. A. Coghill appeared in their seats after a temporary absence.

A message from Gov. Letcher, in regard to the Banks, was received, laid on the table and ordered to be printed.

On motion of Mr. McKenney, it was--

Resolved, That a special committee be appointed to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill releasing the schooner Pauline, from Newbern, N. C., from the payment of the fine imposed for an alleged violation of the inspection laws.

Messrs. McKenney, Douglass and H. W. Thomas were appointed a committee to act under the above resolution.

Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported from appropriate committees: A bill to amend the act incorporating the York River Railroad Company; a House bill to change the eastern terminus of the Sclavin's Cabin and Summersville Turnpike; a bill to increases the capital stock of the Richmond and York River Railroad Company; a bill for the relief of Sarah Shepherd; a bill appropriating a sum for the publication of the second edition of the Code; a bill authorizing the issue of registered certificates of State stock to Frank Torrey, in lieu of two lost bonds; a bill authorizing payment of a sum of money to Scott and Adams; a bill for the relief of Thos. W. Scott; a bill to incorporate the American Agency; a bill to incorporate the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Alexandria; a bill for the voluntary enslavement of Jane Horton, of Fairfax county, without compensation to the State; a bill authorizing the payment to Scott and Adams of a sum of money for work done on the Southwestern Turnpike.

Relief of Banks.--Mr. Isbell, from the Committee on Banks, to whom the House bill for the relief of the Banks of the Commonwealth was committed yesterday, reported the bill with an amendment.

Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted and appropriately referred: By Mr. Newman, of relieving the securities of Joshua H. Staats, dec'd, late Sheriff of Jackson county; by Mr French, of incorporating a Joint Stock Company to build a bridge across Walker's Creek, near Staffordsville; by Mr. Pate, of giving the securities of Ro. Chambers until 1st May, 1861, to pay the balance due the State; by Mr. French, of changing the times of holding the Courts in the 13th, 16th and 17th Circuits.

Executions Stayed.--The bill staying the proceedings on executions, trust deeds, and other demands, in cases of refusal to receive Bank notes, was taken up on its passage.

The bill was discussed by Messrs. Day, Coghill, Christian, Thomas of Henry, and finally passed by the following vote:

Yeas.--Messrs. Brannon Carson, Carraway, jr., Christian, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, Dickinson of Pr. Edward, Douglass, Early, Finney, French, Gatewood, Greever, Isbell, McKenney, Nash, Newlon, Newman, Paxton, Quesenberry, Richmond, Rives, Smith, Thomas of Fairfax, Townes, and Wickham.--27.

Nays.--Mr. Thomas of Henry--1.

The bill authorizing the pardon of the slave Tom, and to restore him to his owner, was also passed.

The Senate then proceeded to the execution of the order of the day, the bill to amend the charter of the Winchester and Potomac Railroad.

Mr. Carson, of Frederick, addressed the Senate in favor of the bill.

Mr. Wickham moved to indefinitely postpone its further consideration, and upon this question the ayes and noes were demanded.

Mr. Isbell then took the floor and argued in support of the proposition. When Mr. Isbell had concluded his remarks.

On motion of Mr. Dickinson, the Senate adjourned.

House of delegates.

Thursday, Jan. 31, 1861.
The House was called to order at 12 o'clock M., by the Speaker and opened with prayer by Rev. M. D. Hoge, of the Presbyterian Church.

Senate Bills Passed.--The House took up and passed the following Senate bills: Providing more efficient police regulations at the poor-houses of this Commonwealth; incorporating the Hughes' Creek Oil and Coal Company; incorporating the Ambler Oil and Coal Company; incorporating the Fayette Oil and Coal Company; authorizing the Virginia Central Railroad to construct a branch of their road to Lexington, in Rockbridge county, by subscription of parties interested, to the amount of half million of dollars, in sums of $100 each.

Adverse Report.--The Committee on Military Affairs reported adversely to the petition of the Scottsville Home Guard, asking for arms.

Petitions.--Mr. Montgomery presented a petition for a new county out of parts of Monroe, Greenbrier and Fayette — referred to the Committee on Propositions and Grievances; Mr. Robertson, of R., presented the petition of J. H. Pecor, Benj. Bragg, and others, members of the "Metropolitan Guard," asking to be exempted from military duty, except in defence of Richmond and its vicinity — referred to the Committee on Military Affairs; Mr. Carpenter presented the petition of R. F. & D. G. Bibb & Co., praying that the State will receive as payment for the hire of convicts the bonds of the State at par — referred to the Finance Committee.

Resolutions of Inquiry into Expediency.--By Mr. Lucas, of incorporating a company to construct a bridge across Walker's Creek, near Staffordsville, in Giles county; by Mr. Booker, of refunding to A. W. Deshazer a portion of license tax improperly paid by him; by Mr. Pritchard, of granting a charter for the construction of a Turnpike Road from the mouth of Flat Run, in Marion county, to Burton, in Wetzel county; by Mr. Walker, of allowing the Militia fines in the county of Rockingham, after defraying the expenses of the Militia in that county, to be appropriated for the benefit of the Volunteer Regiment of that county; by Mr. Richardson, of incorporating the Wheeling Gymnasium Association; by Mr. Seddon, of refunding license tax paid by Harry Purkins; by Mr. Myers, of giving Justices of the Peace jurisdiction in the cases of garnished summons; by Mr. Boreman, of requiring the Clerk to prepare weekly a calendar of House proceedings; by Mr. Miller, of amending chapter 61 of the new Code, with regard to the transfer of turnpikes heretofore transferred under the provisions of the same laws as turnpikes transferred hereafter; by Mr. Grattan; of creating a Board of Examination of candidates for the place of Surgeon of the regiments of militia; by Mr. McKenzie, of providing by law proper penalties for the transmission of false intelligence by telegraph; by Mr. Kean, of repealing the 9th section chapter 144 of the Code of Virginia; by Mr. J. Gilmer, of so amending the existing law prescribing the time within which writs of fieri facias and other final process shall be returned, as to increase that time; by Mr. Bisbie, of raising the pay of members of the General Assembly to six dollars per day.

Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported from committees: To take the sense of the voters of Elizabeth City county on the repeal of the act passed March 15th, 1858, authorizing a payment out of the funds of the Hampton Academy to certain persons therein named, for a claim against said Academy; for the payment of a sum of money to James W. Jones, Jailor of Frederick county; for the better government of the town of Danville; incorporating the Newport and Gap Mills Turnpike Company; amending the 1st section of an act passed March 5th, 1856, entitled an act to incorporate the Glen Section Turnpike Company, in the county of Marshall; incorporating a company to repair and Macadamize the Beverley and Morgantown road; amending an act incorporating the Virginia Life Insurance Company; Senate bill authorizing the Board of Public Works to confirm the sale of the Marysville Plank-Road to the county of Charlotte.

The State Banks.--The Speaker laid before the House a message from the Governor in reference to the specie circulation of the different State Banks, and the amount of the same, required to be contributed by each of said Banks in order to pay the interest on the public debt due in July, and at other times hereafter. The communication of the Governor contained his reflections in respect to the refusal of certain Banks to contribute rateably in specie sufficient to meet the engagements of the Commonwealth on the 1st day of January, 1861, and suggested, for the consideration of the General Assembly, certain modifications in the banking law, necessary, in his opinion, to meet the requirements of the times.

The reading of the message was the cause of an extended discussion for and against the propositions contained therein. Finally, a motion prevailed that is be laid on the table, printed, and referred to the appropriate committee.

From the statement accompanying the message, compiled by the Treasurer, it appears that the amount of circulation of each Bank in the State is as follows:

Bank of Virginia$1,648,470
Farmers' Bank of Virginia1,454,604
Exchange Bank of Virginia1,256,023
Northwestern Bank of Virginia680,000
Bank of the Valley1,176,286
Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank1,471,234
Bank of the Commonwealth113,405
Southwestern Bank of Virginia121,000
Merchants' Bank191,187
Bank of Philippi71,019
Bank of Rockbridge91,450
Farmers' Bank of Fincastle153,984
Bank of Howardsville122,700
Monticello Bank225,724
Fairmont Bank100,580
Bank of Rockingham160,725
Bank of the Old Dominion244,035
Bank of Berkeley83,450
Central Bank of Virginia130,000
Bank of Commerce83,150
Bank of Scottsville85,344
Bank of Winchester75,000
Bank of Charleston135,587
Bank of Danville222,105
Traders' Bank33,765
Total circulation$9,476,255

On motion, the House adjourned.

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