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The battles near Richmond.
list of killed and wounded.

From such returns as have come into our possession, we make up the following additional list of casualties among our troops engaged in the battles of Saturday and Sunday last, near this city:

List of casualties of the First Virginia regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Skinner, in the engagement of May 31.

Company C.--Private Tim Purcell, killed, and buried on the field.

Company B.--Captain T H Davis, wounded in left arm; Lieutenant F M Mann, seriously in three places; Corporal Straum, killed, and buried on the field; Privates William Carter, ankle broken; -- Lohr; Richard Street, in thigh.

Company D.--Captain George Norton, in foot; Lieutenant W H Kenningham, in arm; Lieutenant A Blair, do; Corporal H W Furcron, head; Privates L R Smith, killed, and buried on the field; N F Wheat, wounded in hand; G W Mitchell, --.

Company G.--Lieutenant Shell, wounded, seriously; First Sergeant Ball, in foot; Fourth Sergeant Robert Tyree, killed, and brought off; Privates Charles Taliaferro, do; M Mahone, buried on the field; R D Jordan, wounded in thigh; Henry Brimmer, arm, slight, Thomas Gunn, --.

Company H.--Privates Charles New, killed, and buried on the field; -- Jackson, left leg broken.

Company I--First Lieutenant Benjamin F Howard, wounded seriously; First Sergeant White, --; Cadet-Lieutenant Tom Mercer, seriously; Privates -- Burgess, killed, and buried on the field; Robert Tabb, brought off.

Total killed9
Total wounded21
Total killed and wounded30

Commissioned officers wounded, 8; non commissioned officers and privates, 18.

This regiment was ordered by General Kemper to charge, with the rest of the First Brigade, through the enemy's camp, undergoing a galling fire whilst doing so, without being able to fire a shot. Nine men fell dead in the charge.

There are a few others wounded, but their names cannot be ascertained now.

H. M. Walthall,

Company D, First Virginia.

St. Paul's Battalion.

The following is a correct list of casualties in St. Paul's battalion, La. Foot Rifles, in the battle near Richmond, on the 31st of May, 1862:

Lieut.-Col. Copper and Capt. Coppen, seriously wounded.

Company A., Chasseurs a Pied.--Killed: Capt E Macoin, Lt Bourges. Wounded: Lieut Rene, sergt Petitpair; privates Aug. Bush, F Bourgeris, E Delupayne, P Garnel, J McReady, E Bagneris, W Smyles, P E Wiliz and G Boulet.

Company B., Catakoula Guerrillas.--Killed: T Shultz, C Smith, W H Barnum, A Harvey, A M Stone. Wounded: Capt S W Spencer; sergt W H Gillispie and J F Napier; corp'l Barlow; privates S Block, J N Brown, R L Brooks, N Calhoun) N Coleman, J Donley, J Gines, D Hogan, R B Hardesty, F Keysler, W Lucas, R S McCoy, W T McCoy, P Mulverhill, F Mirle, C Numan, J O'Hare, J G Penticost, F M Rollins, S E Roberts, J Shutzer, (T W Rawlings, killed in the battle of Williamsburg.)

Company C., Crescent Blues.--Killes: Privates J Baker and N Eager. Wounded: Capt M S Goodwyn, Lieut de Lisle; privates G R Cushing, T Donaho, P E Gunther, C Henry, C Mengis, R McHenry, D McCarthy J Norris, J H Robertson, M G Wade and H Zorn.

D. P. Gibson, Asst. Surg.

Jackson Mississippian will please copy.

List of killed and wounded in Capt. M'Neely's Company, K, 4th N. C. State troops.

Killed: Corp'l Robt G Kyle, James Bowers, privates A A Lowrance, D C Johnson, F M Mills, L M Rendieman, Samuel. Strayhorn, Jno Carter. Wounded: Capt McNeely, ruptured; Lieuts W C Coughenour, slightly; M Hofflin, slightly in face; H C Long, slightly in the leg; Corp'l Richard Williams, band; Privates S A Brown, foot and shoulder; J T Crowell, shoulder, badly; W W Cummings, --; N N Church, slightly in finger; J C Deaton, back; N A Eller, shoulder; A Frienhain, in head; P A Hellip; C L Miller, arm; D Moyer, thigh broken; J W Neely, face, mortally; E Patterson, side; J W Roberts, back; G D Scruggs, wrist; H C Seavers, thigh, slightly; W Smithdeal, hand; M J Weaut, arm slightly; H Wise, shoulder, severely; J Mouldin, thigh broken; Levi Turner, leg; J F Kenter, foot; Lewis Holshowser, arm; A M McQueen, leg.

List of killed and wounded in the 3d regiment Alabama volunteers.

Colonel Tennent Lomax killed.

Adjutant Johnston killed.

Company A.--Killed: Lt Jas H Brown and private T J Scott. Wounded: Lt T C Witherspoon, in arm and shoulder; corp'l Meeks, in shoulder; private Costar, in arm; John Bacon, slightly in neck; Brooks, in arm; Cavellero, in leg; W H Foy, in hand; Keller, in chin; Livingston, in foot; Lincoln, in cheek; McClellan, in leg; Davis, do.

Company B., Gult City Guards.--Killed: Lt H J Ellis, privates Jerome Deas, R P Jeffries, R D Monk. Wounded: Lt. Samuel Patridge, slightly; agt C O Bingham, badly; gt D W Langdon, slightly; private W T Anderson, badly; S B Brooks, do; Martin H Breruan, slightly; O C Cuthbert, badly; J J Hudson, do and missing; Lewis Langdon, badly; S J M Russell, do; E W Couch, slightly; S S Goddard, do; A P Hall, do; W L Knight, do, Geo H Rea, do; W F Somerville, do; Ed Toumer, do; W T Weaver, do; James B Hollingsworth, do; Wm Tarlton, do; John C Catlin, do. Went into action with 72 men.

Company C, Tuekegee Light Infantry--Killed: Capt R L Mays, Private W F Costar, Henry J Gilmer, Martin Mansfield. Severely wounded: Chas Droughty, Wm T Pride, T J Varner, H D Hodnett, B R McGerity, T J Roberts. Slightly wounded: R S McFarland, J W Campbell, J S Drakeford, John McBride, Wm H Mitchell, R A Peterson, J S Robinson, C W Tats F M Franum. Missing: B H Keisar, A S Keisar, W H Henifee, S H Pon.

Company D, Southern Rifles--Killed: Thos Stinson, E F McGowas. Wounded: Sergeant Beaumont, Serg't Vann, Private A C Bagby, A C Bond, J M Cameton, W T Clark, Dawson, Day McBride, Manning, Rabon, M T Smith, D D Smith, T M Thompson, W A Thornton, Wm Waught, Winser. Missing: H H Briers, J E Minners, S A Stenson, and Vaughn.

Company E, Wetumpka Light Infantry.--This company was not in the serious engagement, it having been sent as a guard in support of a section of artillery.

Company F, Metropolitan Guards--Killed: W H Abbott, A Sinhorn, W D Farley, James W Murphy, Frank Paine. Wounded: Capt Phelan, slightly; corp'l Babbett, in arm; W H Colwell, severely; Sol Cohn, badly; Peter Costello, do; Collin, do; M P De Lache, slightly; W S A Fox, James Gunnsis, Samuel Harvey, S B Hall, Mike Peacock, James Burre, M W Williams. Missing: B F Bock, W R Brown.

Company G., Lomax Sharpshooters--Killed: Thomas Kelley, J Shipman, Andrew Hall, Robt Walker, P Sprott. Wounded: J T Haggerty, severely; B Bledace, do; agt P A Townshend, do; J J Harrison, slightly; Geo Gibson, mortally; Lt John Ledyard, slightly. Missing: J B Garrett, J B Bowden.

Company I., Wetumka Light Infantry.--Killed: C C Tommy, E P Miller. Wounded: Capt Ready, Robert Bolling, L J Bryan, Chas Fagan, Moses Hyman, Geo Pascal, Ben Trice, John Bross, W E Bunt. Missing: Jas Fears, J L Dixon.

Company H.--(Lowndes Beauregard)--Wounded: Capt Robinson, slightly; A J Cocreban, do.; C Douglas, H B Whitman, W E Williams — all slight.

Company K--(Mobile Rifles.)--Killed: Coco Colburn, privates Baily, Campbell, Crowder, Garron, Jackson, McNulty, McDonald, Robinson, Roper, Swain, Secrell, Williams. wounded: Lieut Gardner, in leg; agt Duffle, severely; corp Smoot, slightly; private Atkins, do; Benton, severely; Bell, dangerously; D Bell, flesh wound; W L Fills, in leg; Gendran, in hip; Jordan, broken leg; Loper, broken arm; McKenell, dangerously; Milroy, slight; Moore, seriously; A McCambridge, do; Neville, arm broken; Powers, in leg and shoulder; Ryan, in shoulder; Singletary, bayonet wound in leg; Skinnes, dangerously; Ledbrew, in leg; La Var Thompson, dangerously; Williamson, do. Missing: Yeates. This company went into action with sixty-nine men.

List of casualties in the 16th N. C. Troops.

Col. Champ T N Davis, killed and left on the field.

Company A--Killed: Priv James Brooks. Wounded and left on the field: Priv Sylvanus Brooks and Robt T Conely. Wounded slightly: Lieuts James R Love and A W Boyan, Corp'l D M Raby and A J Patterson, Priv N Childers, F M Brown, John L Davis, W E Parris, and N H H Burns.

Company B--Wounded: Priv Thos Gregory, arm broke; Wilson Webb, slightly, in shoulder. Missing: E H Keith.

Company C--Wounded: Lieut R B Johnston, slightly; Priv W J Edney, slightly; Jacob Robinson, seriously, in the side; S T Wilson, hand shot off; Henry Allen, seriously, in thigh; J M Hall, Logan Thomason, and Mc McCurry, slightly. Missing: Wilson Hawkins.

Company D--Killed: Priv Jos T Womack. Wounded: Orderly Serg't Geo Keon, both thighs, broken, and left on the field; Privates J L Floyd, arm broke; J P Burges, slightly, in breast; W M Wall, seriously, in the side; Pink Martin, seriously, in the head; J C Webb, slightly, in the shoulder; K C Blanton, slightly, in shoulder; W H Cooper, slightly, hip; Riley Baley, extent of wounds not known. Missing and supposed to be killed: Priv Burton Downey, Elber Davis, and P L Mintz.

Company E.--Killed: Serg't W W Gibbs. Wounded: Privates Geo Wistnant, seriously and left on the field; W G Jarrat, slightly in the hand; W H Butler, seriously in the shoulder.

Company F.--Wounded: Privates F F Dover, Thos Dover, W H Kay and Lewis Parris, slightly. Missing: Private B R Lewis.

Company G.--Killed: Private H F Dorn- bush. Wounded: Lt John T McEutire, slightly on the head; orderly Serg't J G Sloan, very slight on the head, corp'l J C Alexander, in the vide; privates J H Bradley, severely in hip and foot; Jerry Atkinson, on head; W G Blanton, severely in the side; Z C Hardin, dangerously in loins and thigh; Thos Howser, severely in thigh, leg and mouth.; Jas Hoyle, slight in leg; Ellith Turner, slight in arm; E B Freeman, slight in head.

Company H.--Wounded: Captain Robinson, slight in arm; Lieut Bed, in the head; Privates W C Allman, J B Conely, and J S Moore, slightly. Missing: Privates G W Smith and A M Watkins.

Company I.--Wounded: Lieut L A Ward, slightly; Orderly Sergt J P Johnson, slightly; Sergt D L Miller, seriously; Privates G W Bell, seriously; M L Hensley, arm broke; J H Bryson, N Barnett, M D Burnett, J G Cockram, J E Cox, J H Fletcher, T C Hollingsworth, G J Condray, W H Jones, B Laughter, J G Lowry, W P Rosse, and M Sitton, and J C Erwin, slightly.

Company K.--Wounded: Lieut R H Mills, slightly in arm; Privates W C Calvert, slightly in neck; Thos Toney, seriously in thigh; Robt Dalton, severely in mouth; John Allison, slightly in thigh.

Company L--Killed: Private F M Moore. Wounded: Privates M A Kirkpatrick, dangerously; J R Mull, dangerously; G M Clark, W H Brown, G L Cunningham, and R N Grant, slightly.

Company M.--Wounded: Capt L W Stowe, slightly in shoulder; Serg H F White, slight in the leg; Privates J S Smith, slightly in thigh; James Kezec, in the side; J W Mauney, in the heel; Geo Anthony, --; Thos Elwood, slightly in the shoulder; D Reper, slightly in the breast. Missing and supposed to be killed: John Sahms, J F Cennar and Patrick Skidmore.

Attache Company--Capt. J W Kilpatrick, dangerously in the thigh, and missing. Killed: Drummer Jos G Price and Private A R Lynch. Wounded: John Camte, in shoulder; John Huntsiger, seriously in shoulder, hip, and foot; Geo Norton, slightly; John Melton, slightly in elbow; Geo Price, slightly in arm and side; Riley Wall, slightly in breast; S B Bolton, slightly in the head, George Spake, slightly in the back by a limb of a tree falling, being out off by a shot; John Grass, slightly. Missing: Wm M Brooks, Henry Serrells, and Craton Padgett.

Report of casualties of the Fourteenth Tennessee regiment.

Killed.--J D Martin, Assistant Surgeon.

Company A--Wounded: A Newell, T J Anderson. Missing: Corporal C S Donoho.

Company B.--Killed: Privates R J Keesee and W J Martin. Wounded: J A Gholson, W F Broom, J Hamlett, J B Wall, S Trotter, E A Winns, E P Young, J B Mickle.

Company C.--Killed: Sergeant C D Blackburn; Privates W C Draughon, J C Gambill, J M Jones. Wounded: Sergeant W E Benson; Privates M Bonac, R Burns, A S Samuel, A J Mondy, and F N Ingram.

Company D.--Wounded: Privates W H Andrews, D F. McKinney, J J Page, and J F Locke.

Company E.--Wounded: Captain N M Morris; Privates J L Wyatt, J B Stone, W H Weaver, J M Robertson, and J S P Wimberly.

Company F.--Killed: Private R Brooks.--Wounded: Sergeant J T Myers; Privates Thos Brake, A N Ross, S E Spurgeon, J W Watson, J H Shanwall. Missing: Privates B L Stavely, J A Holmes, and M E Spurgeon.

Company G.--Killed: J D Booth. Privates H Collier and T D Dickson, mortally; W C Hogan, H A Norfleet.

Company H.--Killed: C C Tilley. Wounded: Orderly Sergeant L S Eddins; Private B W Coleman. Missing: Corporal Pat Meade.

Company I.--Killed: E Wilson.

Company K.--Killed: J W Gunn. Wounded: Privates C L F Worley, C C Atkins, and Richard Winn. Missing: E T Stephens.

Company L.--Killed: Corporal J H Slaughter. Wounded: Sergeant Ed Martin; Privates C T Wilkinson, W H Hicks, and G M Smith.

W. A. Forbes, Col. Comd'g.

R. C. Bell, Adjutant.

Casualties in 19th Georgia on the 31st May.

Killed: Company A, none; company B. none; company C. none; Company D, none; company E, none; company F, Capt Aug. H Black, Privates W W H Bridges, W C Buise; company G, private Jonathan S Gray; company H, none; company I, none; company K, none. Total 4. Wounded: Corp'l J T Sherwood, J N Wooten, T B Harrolson, of company A, flesh wounds; W W Mitchell, company B, in the head, probably mortally; John Renfroe, F M Pierce, and T J King, company C, slight wounds; W J Alles, Lieut J W Neely, and John Yarbrough, company H, not serious; J F Russell, and H M Garrison, company D, slight; S P Barnett, company F, not serious; G A Johnson, J C Speer, Geo W Connaly, J T Tomunson, and Larkin Wilder, company G, not serious; Corp'l J F Haynes, seriously, N S Bates and A J Ayers, not seriously, company I; Thos C Cato, Jas Collins, and J D Allman, company E, not seriously; J F Dye, company K, knocked down by explosion of shell, and slightly disabled. Total 25. Missing: Company A, none; company B, privates Hugh Lynch and Patrick Martin; company C, none; company D, none; company E, private Ruffin Harrold; company F, Ord Sergt Wm F Garrison, Privates John R Weir, and Barnabes Thompson; company G, none; company H, none; company I, none; company K, none. Total 6. Jas. P. Perkins, Adj't.

Casualties in 38th Virginia.

Killed--20; seriously wounded, 80; slightly wounded, 88; missing, 14, of whom 4 are said to have been killed.

The regiment deeply regrets the loss of Lts. S. S. Swanson, Wm. Norman, and Charles Scott; and Capts. E. W. Carrington and S. S. Lucke. The loss of Capt Carrington is peculiarly affecting. He came to join us as a volunteer officer, and bravely and freely gave his life as an offering for his country.

Col. Edmonds was slightly wounded; his horse was shot. Lieut.-Colonel Whittle's horse was shot in three places. Maj Cabell's horse was killed just in front of a battery. The 88th has the colors of the 109th Pennsylvania regiment.

Casualties in Lynchburg Artillery.

Wounded: 1st Lieut James W Dickerson, in right leg; Corp'l George E Kendall, in side; badly; Acting Corporal James B Phelps; Acting Corp'l C N Wyatt, in leg; Private A D McCreary, both hands shot off and face badly hurt; Leon Fields, leg broken; Neal Shannon, in leg; Benj Pendletor, in head; W H Patterson, in head; Geo W Boby, in leg; Hugh Hughes, in wrist; Wm D Lindsay, in ankle; Thos H Goff, in head, slight; J H Brown, in side, slight; Wm May in leg; Wm Elmore, by wounded horses falling on and trampling him; M Thomas, in hand, slight; Geo Padgett, by wounded horse; John Callen, in side; Silas Spencer, by wounded horse falling on him, badly; Jas D Dalton, in leg; John W Mason, in ankle, slight. Thirty-three horses killed and disabled.

Casualties in Company B, 6th Alabama.

Company B, 6th Alabama regiment, on Saturday report the following losses:

Killed--First Lieut R A Atkinson, Privates James J Murphy, J O Barnes, Bennett Starling, Thomas Baxley, Jackson Downing, Jas M Moore, J R Sims, Thomas J Armstrong.

Wounded--Capt J N Lightfoot, Second Lieut J T R Lightfoot, Serg W P Thurman, Serg L Heurst, Corp'l C W Taylor, Privates A W Black, B Milton, E G Pitts, John L Kirkland, J R Purmamore, Chas L Messar, S S Curry, Martin V Kirkland, J T Lingo, Thos Alman, Thos Trawick, John Lammons, Wm H Tiller, Jas A Hutto, F M Camron, J F Sims, Irvin Jackson, F M Armstrong J F Jackson, Reuben Harris, J L Windsor.

J. N. Lightfoot,

Captain Co. B, 6th Alabama.

Fourth North Carolina regiment.

The following is a summary of the casualties in the 4th North Carolina regiment:

killed--Captains, 2; Lieutenants, 1; non-commissioned officers, 9; privates, 65. Wounded.--Captains, 3; Lieutenants, 10; non-commissioned officers, 24; privates, 245.

Adjutant J. L. Berry was wounded and afterwards died. Captain John Hyman was also among the wounded. Three color bearers were killed and four wounded.

Forty of the above wounds are mortal.

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Henry Brimmer (1)
Thos Brake (1)
Bradley (1)
James Bowers (1)
Bowden (1)
Booth (1)
Bond (1)
Bolton (1)
Robert Bolling (1)
Bock (1)
Blackburn (1)
Bingham (1)
J. L. Berry (1)
Benton (1)
Benson (1)
Benjamin (1)
Bed (1)
Lowndes Beauregard (1)
Beaumont (1)
Thomas Baxley (1)
Bates (1)
Barnum (1)
Barnes (1)
Barlow (1)
Ball (1)
Riley Baley (1)
Charles H. Baker (1)
Baily (1)
Bagby (1)
John Bacon (1)
Ayers (1)
Jerry Atkinson (1)
Geo Anthony (1)
Andrews (1)
Thos Alman (1)
John Allison (1)
Alles (1)
Henry Allen (1)
Alexander (1)
Abbott (1)
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May 31st, 1862 AD (1)
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