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The battles near Richmond.
list of killed and wounded.

From such returns as have come into our possession, we make up the following additional list of casualties among our troops engaged in the battles of Saturday and Sunday last, near this city:

Second South Carolina brigade in Saturday's battle.

Col. Jenkins, commanding brigade, led in person his own regiment (the Palmetto Sharpshooters) and the 6th South Carolina regiment, and having flanked the enemy on their right, changed front and drove down their lines, meeting and routing five lines of fresh troops, consisting of the following regiments; 104th Pennsylvania, old Pennsylvania, 10th Massachusetts, 16th New York, 100th New York, 11th Maine, and 1st Kentucky, as was ascertained from their wounded and prisoners. The advance was begun about 2½ P. M., and the last fire given at 20 minutes to 8 P. M., driving through four camps, over three abattis of fallen timber, over two batteries, to six hundred yards across the Williamsburg road, routing in every case the enemy. These being advanced upon down the Williamsburg road, front was changed, and after receiving the fire at seventy-five yards a charge was made, routing the last line. This was after dark. At this last charge the Palmetto Sharp-shooters and 6th regiment were reinforced by the 28th Georgia and 5th South Carolina, who had been gallantly fighting on the right, and night having closed upon the scene they slept in the enemy's camp at least one mile further down the Williamsburg road than our next troops had advanced in the fight. Our exhausted men refreshed themselves with the fine brandy and honey left in the camps of the flying foe, and the slumbers of the South Carolinians were not disturbed by the fact that they found shelter for the night in the tents of the 10th Massachusetts. The advance was so steady that the only pauses were for two or three minutes to dress the line and change front to the next line. Of eleven in the color guard of the Palmetto Sharp-shooters ten were shot down, and of eighty in the color companies forty were killed and wounded.

The three South Carolina regiments lost over seventy-three of their number in killed and wounded, and the enemy's dead was at least five to one. We will publish to-morrow a list of the casualties in Jenkine's Palmetto Sharp-shooters.

The Sixth South Carolina regiment.

We have not been able to procure a list of the casualties in the South Carolina regiment, but learn that Col. John Bratton was seriously wounded, Capt. Finney, Capt. Gaston, Capt. Lyle and Capt. Walker were killed, besides many others whose names we could not learn. We understand, however, that out of 425 men in the fight, there were 168 killed and wounded. This regiment fought gallantly, and did their best to sustain the confidence so often reposed in them by their greatly beloved Gen. R. H. Anderson.

List of wounded received at Chimboads Hospital, May 31st, and June 1st and 2d, 1862.--J. B. McCaw, Surgeon in Chief.

  • Adkins, C. C. co K, 14th Tenn, arm, contused.
  • Adkins, J. G, co A, 24th Va, finger.
  • Adkins, J. O, co E, 38th Va, hand.
  • Armstrong, J. W, co C, 1st Texas.
  • Blanks, T. B, co I, 38th Va, shell wound.
  • Benson, W. E, co C, 14th Tenn, thigh.
  • Bates, N. co G. 38th Va, hand.
  • Boggs, G. W, co G, 6th S C V, arm.
  • Brake, Thos, co F, 14th Tenn, chest.
  • Bland, M L, co F, 7th Tenn, hip.
  • Browne, A J, co K, 6th Ala., leg (flesh.)
  • Boil, F, co K, 1st Tenn, shoulder.
  • Bowars, A, co D, 1st Tenn, hand.
  • Benson, W. E, co C. 14th Tenn, thigh.
  • Beard, W S, co C, 4th N. C, head.
  • Brown, T. M, 1st Lieut, co A, 2d Fla, arm.
  • Boyd, C C, co G, 11th Miss, arm and thigh.
  • Barney, A G, co G, 11th Miss, side and thigh.
  • Barker, J J, co I, 11th Miss, thigh.
  • Blackwell, H C, co I, 7th Va, hand.
  • Boon, J, co A, 6th N. C, back.
  • Bell, D, co F, 11th Miss, wrist.
  • Beckam.--, co A, 11th Miss, both ankles.
  • Bryan, J S, Lieut, co K, 5th S C, side.
  • Blackwell,--, Lieut, Jenkins's, S C S S, arm.
  • Buro, D S, Jenkins's S C S S, head.
  • Burdrant, W, co B, 5th Va, thigh.
  • Brooks, M P C, co L, 2d Fla, shoulder.
  • Brow, S W, co A. 2d Fla, knee.
  • Butler, A, co E, 2d Fla, thorax and abdomen.
  • Brown, B W, co E, 7th Va, arm.
  • Compton, Robert, co A. 49th Va, arm.
  • Carley, B F, co G, 7th Tenn, shoulder.
  • Cowan, N V, co B, 4th N C, shoulder.
  • Cutler, W A, co E, 4th N C, chest.
  • Charles, W B, Lieut co F, Hampton's Legion, paralysis from explosion of shell.
  • Carlile, A M, Lieut, co H, 2d Fla, leg.
  • Coon, R A, co D, 6th N C, leg.
  • Cotton, J, co B, 2d Miss, abdomen
  • Carothers, J C, co H, 11th Miss, arm and hip.
  • Cunningham,--, co K, 1st Tenn, thigh.
  • Coggin, J, Lieut, co C, 23d N C, foot.
  • Clemens, W C, co I, 6th N C, hand.
  • Crover, W A, Lieut, co I, 22d N C, back.
  • Coffee, W, Lieut, co K, 6th N C, arm.
  • Cox, Wm, co I, 28th Va, back.
  • Chandler, R W, 47th Va, arm.
  • Cochran, S, co A, 8th Ala, forearm.
  • Cabinist Wm S, Lieut, co K, 28th Va, forearm.
  • Denham, M S, co C, 7th Tenn, knee.
  • Dement, J B, co A, 7th Tenn, contused.
  • Dobson, P O, co A, 24th Va, hand.
  • Davis, J W, co A, 7th Va, hand.
  • Dillard, J G, co F, Hampton's Legion, hand.
  • Dobley, J, co C, 38th Va, shoulder.
  • Dillard, N H, co I, 6th N C, thigh.
  • Dupree, J L, co F, 11th Miss hand.
  • Davis, J F, co F, 11th Miss, arm.
  • Dulin, Jas W, co D, 4th Va, shoulder and face.
  • Depriest, J R, co B, 5th Va, head.
  • Davis, W H, co G, 7th Tenn, shoulder.
  • Duke, H, co E, 23d N C, hand.
  • Easton, G, co E, 19th, Va, hand.
  • Estes, J R, co A, 11th Miss, both legs.
  • Ferthing, J C, Corporal, co H, 38th Va, scalp.
  • Forelines, J R, co I, 38th Va., shell wound.
  • Frexter, A, Corporal, co B, Lee's N C Battalion, thigh.
  • Ford, Wm, co A, 49th Va, arm.
  • Flint, J T, co E, 19th Va, hand.
  • Farmer, N J, co E, 12th Ala, wrist.
  • Farmer, D, co D, 12th Miss, arm.
  • Feemster, J D, co F, 11th Miss, face.
  • Fox, P, co F, 14th La, hand.
  • Foster, Wm, Major, 5th S C, thigh.
  • Freemah, G T, Lieut, co D, 4th Va, thigh.
  • Fitchett,--, co F, 46th Va, thigh and leg.
  • French, W J, Sergt, co I, 6th N C, thigh.
  • Garrett, Lt, co K, 1st Tenn, contused.
  • Garrison, D, co F, Hampton's Leg and finger.
  • Gabrier, A A, co K, 23d N C, upper lip.
  • Goldsmith, D, co D, 2d Miss, thigh.
  • Golson, J A, co B, 14th Tenn, side.
  • Godwin, Lucian, co F, 9th Va, chest.
  • Gibson, J W, co F, 6th N C, hand.
  • Glasgow, Thos, co F, 53d Va, arm.
  • Gill, W R, co F, 4th Ala, buttock.
  • Grison, J A, co G, 7th Tenn, contused.
  • Green, W A, co K, 22d Ga, leg.
  • Hall, Scott, co I, 2d Fla, leg, flesh.
  • Hennesy, P, 2d Miss Bat, face, severely.
  • Hogen, W. C, co G, 14th Tenn, arm.
  • Holmes, J A, co F, 14th Tenn, neck.
  • Harper, Thos, co A, 1st Tenn, contused.
  • Hunt, J A, co A, 1st Tenn, contused.
  • Hollyman, G C, co G, 2d Florida, chest.
  • Hood, M, co D, 12th Miss, arm.
  • Harrison, J E, co B, 24th Va, hand
  • Hobbs, W C, co A, 4th N C, arm.
  • Houston, E, Serg't Maj, co K, 2d Fla, shell wound.
  • Holman, O C, co B, 23d N C, shoulder.
  • Hardy, R J, co C. 38th Va, hand.
  • Hurt, N W, co K 7th Va, elbow.
  • Hamilton, N F, co K, 11th Miss, left hand amputated.
  • Hoover, F M, co K, 11th Miss, hand.
  • Howison,--, co A, 41st Va, thigh.
  • Hollingsworth, C M, co F, 7th Tenn, foot.
  • Hall, R F, co F, 12th Ala, foot.
  • Howell, E, co C, 5th N C, thigh.
  • Hester, N W, Corp'l. co H, 6th N C, thigh.
  • Hubbard, A J, co A, 6th Ala, shoulder.
  • Ingram, F N, co C, 14th Tenn, arm.
  • Irvin, J S, co B, 22d N C, thigh.
  • Ighms, H H, Lieut, co G, 4th N C, head.
  • Jackson, H M J, Corp'l, co F, 1st S C S S, wrist and shoulder.
  • Jones, R L, co A, 49th Va, arm, slight.
  • Jones, W G, co F, Hampton's Legion, arm.
  • Kidd, G, co C, 11th Miss, side and arm.
  • Kings, G W, Corp'l, Jenkins's S C S S, thigh.
  • Kines, G. W, co D, 4th Va, arm and head.
  • Keefe, Jno, Lieut, co A, 6th N C, leg.
  • Kerr, J S, co E, 13th Ala, hand.
  • Kelly, J M, Lieut, co D, 11th Miss, arm and back.
  • Locke, J F, co D, 14th Tenn, head.
  • Lamb, J T, co G, 5th N C, hand.
  • Lomax, Lieut J H, co I, 12th Miss, arm.
  • Long, I J, co K, 11th Miss, eye and face.
  • Larrance, J M, co M, 22d N C, hip.
  • Lewis, J, co C, 38th Va, arm.
  • Lewis, J, co C, 7th Tenn, hand.
  • Lewis, A A, co I, 6th N C, thigh.
  • Lucas, A, co K, 2d Miss.
  • Martin, J W, co H, 5th N C, thorax.
  • Martin, S H, co K, 19th Va, contusion.
  • Massie, Jas, co K, 1st Tenn, shoulder.
  • Montroy, H C, co B, 11th Miss, foot.
  • Morrison, J B, co G, 18th N C, shoulder.
  • Milan, James, co E, 38th Va, hand.
  • Millsop, G, co D, 12th Miss, face and neck.
  • Mickle, J B, co B, 14th Tenn, leg.
  • Mills, R A, co B, 4th N C, arm.
  • Mime, Lt T P, co E, 11th Miss.
  • Metcall, J A, co K, 11th Miss, leg.
  • Morgan, S N, co I, 11th Miss, shoulder.
  • Morrett, B, co B, 6th S C, leg.
  • Mitchell, R S, co G, 11th Miss, hip.
  • Miller, R J, co A, 1st Tenn, leg.
  • Mouldin, R, Jenkins's S C S S, thigh.
  • Moody,--, co R, 41st Va, side and wrist.
  • Moore, L B, co I, 11th Miss, left arm amputated.
  • Matthews, A P, co B, 11th Miss, shoulder.
  • Murriy, T H, co E, 4th N C, thigh.
  • Myrick, N W, co A, 24th Geo, thigh (slight.)
  • McCenn, J, co K, 14th Va, leg.
  • McCoy, J T, co I, 11th Miss, knee.
  • McDaniel, Wm, co C, 1st Tenn, leg.
  • McDonald, L J, co D, 2d Miss, shoulder.
  • McGhee, Isaac. co E, 6th N C, leg.
  • McKenney, D G, co D, 14th Tenn, knee, slight.
  • McKenney, J M. co G, 6th N C, thigh.
  • McKnight, J E, 6th S C, thigh.
  • McNally, J, co G, 11th Miss, foot.
  • McWilliams, Jno, co K, 9th Ala, hand.
  • Nall, A P, Lieut, co A, 6th S C, leg and body.
  • Newman, T J. co D, 2d Miss, thigh.
  • Nicholson, J R, Lieut, co C, 23d N C, head.
  • Nichols, A W, co H, 4th Texas, arm.
  • Notten, S, co B, 14th Tenn, scalp.
  • Null, D R, co C, 1st Texas.
  • Oakes, John, co A, 8th Ala, back.
  • Perdue, W T, co D, 14th Va, elbow.
  • Pendier, Wm. co F, 6th N C, heel.
  • Pritchard, J H, co D, 53rd Va, hand.
  • Pair, P, co F, 24th Va, head.
  • Peden, Joseph, co F, 6th S C V, arm, slight.
  • Powell, Phillips, La, Zouaves, leg, flesh.
  • Poe, Winterton, co A, 49th Va, finger.
  • Pritchett, C B, co K, 28th Ga, shoulder, severely.
  • Price, C R, co F, 24th Va, arm.
  • Plumer, W S, co B, 4th N C, arm.
  • Ponder, J T, co C, 14th Miss, shoulder.
  • Peal, C, co H, 11th Miss, thigh.
  • Pierce, J. co K, 11th Miss, back.
  • Pitman, J L, co F, 2d Miss, elbow.
  • Ramey, John, co A, 49th Va, arm, slight.
  • Ross, A G, co F, 14th Tenn, ankle.
  • Roberson, J M, co E, 14th Tenn, contused.
  • Rutland, J B, co A, 7th Tenn, contused.
  • Rawis, C D, co B, 2d Florida, arm.
  • Runman, A M, Hampton's Legion, finger.
  • Robison, R D, co H, 12th Miss, chest.
  • Rives, Jno, Lieut, co H, 7th Tenn. leg and arm.
  • Robert, Wilson, co A, 2d Fla, thigh.
  • Saunders, J T, co F. 7th Tenn, head.
  • Stroud, L D. co F, 7th Tenn, arm.
  • Sulivan, B F, co G, 7th Tenn, groin.
  • Spergen, Samuel, co F, 14th Tenn, eye.
  • Stokes, H E, co C, 2d Florida, hand.
  • Stimson, N B, co A, 24th Va, hand.
  • Scarver, S, co K, 28th Ga, hand.
  • Stackleather, N M, co B, 23d N C, shoulder.
  • Sumner, S M L, co K 28th Ga, forehead.
  • Sparks, J T, co E, 6th S C, hip.
  • Simms, N J, co I, 2d Miss, hip and abdomen.
  • Standley, Lieut J S, co K, 11th Miss.
  • Sims, J B, co I, 11th Miss, face.
  • Sinclair, F, co C, 11th Miss, leg.
  • Smith, N, co H, 11th Miss, side.
  • Seay, R B, Capt, co K, 5th S C, fore arm.
  • Smiles, W, La Foot Rifles, thigh.
  • Sawney, A T, co C, 14th Tenn, valuns conturum.
  • Stokes, C H, co A, 22d N C.
  • Sozars, W A, co D, 88th Va, leg.
  • Soulder, J H, co D, 38th Va, leg.
  • Shelton, J H, co F, 38th Va, shoulder.
  • Singleton, J, co G, 38th Va, leg
  • Scales, Wm, co K, 1st S O S S, thigh.
  • Suttrell, R D, co D, 4th Va, thigh.
  • Scott, J L. Capt, co B, 5th Va, leg.
  • Smith, Patrick, co A, 14th La, leg.
  • Scott, Sam, Lieut, co K, 18th Ga, thigh.
  • Somers, J B, co I, 7th Ala, hand.
  • Starlett, G M, co G, 6th N C, face.
  • Sasser, S H, co C, 5th N C, shoulder.
  • Steadman, N B, co F, 1st S C S S, thigh.
  • Scott, T J, co K, 29th N C, shoulder.
  • Span, James, co F, 11th Miss, abdomen and skull.
  • Turner, H J, co H, 19th Ga, hand.
  • Toutin, W R, co B, 2d Fla, chest.
  • Thomas, Mullen, Sergt Major, 11th Miss, thigh.
  • Turnage, G W, co C, 7th Tenn, thigh.
  • Thompson, G A, co H, 7th Tenn.
  • Turner, J M, co B, 4th N C, arm.
  • Thomas, W O, co D, 8th Va, thigh.
  • Tripp, Jas A, co H, 1st Tenn, arm and leg.
  • Wright, G H, co A, 49th Va, wrist and back.
  • Wetson, W B, Lieut, 2d Fla, leg, flesh.
  • Wind, R M, co K, 14th Tenn, arm, flesh.
  • Watson, J W, co F, 14th Tenn, chest, slight.
  • Warford, C W, co D, 14th Tenn, shocked.
  • Wimberly, John, co E, 14th Tenn, contused.
  • Wynne, E A, co B, 14th Tenn, head.
  • Wall, J B, co B, 14th Tenn, leg.
  • Wyatt, J L, co A, 14th Tenn, wrist.
  • Willroy, J W, co B, 4th Va Bat, head.
  • Wright, C, Lieut, co A, 2d Florida, arm.
  • Williams, J J, serg't, co B, 2d Fla, shoulder.
  • Widrick, W A, co B, 5th N C, head.
  • Wilkerson, J W, co B, 4th N C, arm.
  • Wallpool, J J, co I, 7th Tenn, instep.
  • Williams, J W, co D, 2d Miss, scalp.
  • Watson, J F, co F, Hampton's Legion, shoulder.
  • Williams, Lieut E, co E, 2d Fla, neck.
  • Wyatt, Sergt B H, co G, 11th Miss.
  • Watkins, M, co E, 13th Miss, hand.
  • Word, C, co I, 11th Miss, thigh.
  • White, D, co G, 8th Ala, thigh.
  • Whitchead, G W, co G, 49th Ga, vulner canterum.
  • Woodyard, M D, co D, 4th Va, face.
  • Willie, F M, Lieut, co B, 6th S C, thigh.
  • Wright, W, Lieut, co G, 47th Va, leg.
  • Weaver, D M, co D, 1st Tenn, knee.
  • Wibb, Wm, co C, 27th Ga, forearm.
  • Young, E P, co B, 14th Tenn, leg.
  • Total--233.

Eleventh Mississippi regiment.

To the Editors of Dispatch: Below is a list of the killed, wounded and missing of the 11th Mississippi regiment, (3d brigade,) Col. Liddell commanding. Among the missing it is feared some have been killed, as they are still (June 3d ) unaccounted for. The battle was that of Saturday, on theNine-mile road:

Major T S Evans.

  1. Company A--Killed: Silas Turner. Wounded: Capt. Lowry, 1st Lt Marso, 1st Sergt McLemore, Sergt Bickham, Corp'l Heslip; privates Bridges, J R Estis, B F Griffin, H Handy, Wm Hicks, McKenny Nesbit, L D Ward, W L Young, James Hale. Total killed 1; wounded 14.
  2. Company B--Killed: None. Wounded: 2d Lt T F Nealy, 3d Lt G W Moton, 1st Sergt J R Garner, 1st Corp'l B A Sims; privates Thomas Curry, R Cravens, Hickoby, Clark Johnson, H C Mon- A P Matthews, A McHenry, H McMullin, J T Sykes, W T Wells, G W Hirst, Missing: J N Legg, B F Porter. Total killed 0; wounded 15; missing 2.
  3. Company C--Killed: None. Wounded: 1st Serg Peale, Corp'l Hudiburg; privates J R Davenport, Ponder, Roston, S S Thornton, Geo Kidd, Bond, Spray, Sinclair. Missing: Private Laprade, J H Robinson. Total killed 0; wounded 10; missing 2.
  4. Company D--Killed: Sergt J G Perry, Thos Robinson, John Ernest, William McDonald. Wounded: 2d Lt J M Kelly; privates J W Ham. John House, H Mardis, B R Ham, J Riley, J Dumas, Thos Rawls, R Mayo, J McLean, H A Morehead, E J Long, H Herrington, H Ham. Total killed 4; wounded 14.
  5. Company E--Killed: Private A W Beckham, John Kirksey. Wounded: 2d Lieut T P Mims, Serg't A J Helbert, Corp'l J D Love; privates H B Crouch, J L Edmunds, G W Edmunds, J Malone, J C Morehead, W H. Pope, B Quinn, N Howard, J T Jones, J R Mims. Wounded and Missing: Privates W G Broadtoote, Smith Lee. Total killed, 2. Total wounded, 18. Total wounded and missing, 2.
  6. Company F.--Killed: First Sgt J W Fant; Private G W Hopkins. Wounded: Sgt J F Tarrant; Corporals J D Funster, D C Farmer. Privates J R Spann, J L Deuprec, R Mahorner, H Mahorner, W H Tate, W Freeman, J Davis, M Bell, D Bell, J T Jones, T F Glass, S M Bowen, E J Carter. Missing and Supposed Killed: Privates W A Price, W J Fant, F M Hill. Total killed, 2. Total wounded, 16.--Total wounded and missing, 3.
  7. Company G.--Killed: Capt Beanland: Privates Beard and Doak. Wounded: Lieut W G Nelms; Sgts J G Goodwin and Wyatt; Privates G W Delbridge, W B Delbridge, W B Cullen, F L Hope, J Doak, A G Burney, C C Boyd, R W. Black, J Listenby, R N Mitchel, Pat Nagle, W J Stowers, Jno White, J E Talbert, Rigger, J B Orr, T Burney, A J Raglan, S W Dooley. Missing: Privates Market. B A Shaw, G Smither, Hartgrove. Total killed, 3. Total wounded 22. Total missing, 4.
  8. Company H.--Wounded: Lieut Reld; Sgt R T Hobson; Corporals R G Steele, R N Lyon, Geo Shaw; Privates J N Carothers, J C Carothers, J B Freeman, W R Holland J H Jackson, F P Knox, J G Marable, W H Marable, W M McBee, B F Owen, G M Mathis, W P Moffit, A E Robinson, P W Roland. Wounded and Missing: Privates D N Smith, J G Loften, S F Paden, S A Gater. Total wounded, 23 Killed none.
  9. Company I.--Killed: 1st Serg't L J Morgan, Serg't R A Shell, Privates J J Gillespie, J J Blanchard. Wounded: 2d Lieut W B Word, Corp'l J B McAlltater, W H Meeks; Privates I JBarker, L B Moore, J B Simms, M M Cummings, B F Headden, L W Morgan, N T McKay, T C Mann, C Word. Total--Killed 4, wounded 12.
  10. Company K.--Killed: Corp'l S A Nelson; Privates W H Askew, J Glass. Wounded: 1st Lieut J S Standley. Corp'l N A Bobbitt, Privates J Buchanan, J M Durham, W F Hamilton, F M Hoover, W R Hughes, J P Hughes, J W Jennings, J J Lang, J A Metcalfe, Jas Pearce, Robert Ray, Jas Stanford, H Stedman, T B Weed, A J Wolfe, B P Payne, W C Persons. Missing: W M Barrett, Wm Browning. Total--Killed 3, wounded 19, missing 2.
Total — Killed, wounded, and missing, 192.

T. H. Holliday,

Adj't 11th Miss. Vols.

List of killed and wounded of the first regiment Tennessee Volunteers.

  1. Company A.--Lieut J K Warren, back; Privates T B Finley, knee; H P Philipps, leg; Jesse Clark, killed; Mat Sanders, killed.
  2. Company B--Lt Robert Reagan, abdomen; M C West, hip; M W Henry, shoulder; H L Thornsbury, hand; Marion Scruggs, breast and head; Wm Sunderland, shoulder.
  3. Company C--Wm McDaniel, gun shot in leg; S A Denson, gun shot in side; Acle Jackson, gun shot in hand; Henry Fukeway, killed; Lewis Robins, killed; Wm Morrie, killed; John Bright, gun shot in head.
  4. Company D--Privates Thos Hudy, ankle; Alex Rudy, mouth; John M Clark, leg; Arch Bowers, hand; Wilkes Weaver, leg; C D Hill, killed.
  5. Company E.--S W Edens, gun shot in thigh; Thos Spencer, gun shot in thigh; Alex Bailey, gun shot in chest, slight; Rufus Crawford, gun shot in chest; J T Gunter, killed; J P Metcalf, killed; C M Wade, killed.
  6. Company F.--Privates R Mason, thigh; C M Sargeant, killed; Avery Reeves, leg; G W. Gilford, head; A Lee, arm; Thos Lipscomb, leg; M R Mann, arm.
  7. Company G--Richard Petty, chest; Lieut P W Halbert, chest; J G Willard, face; Lieut D W Clark, legs; J C. Kelso, arm; J T Cathey, shoulder; A J McLeeroy, back; John V McKinney, hand; John Kelso, thigh; F M Ruce, leg.
  8. Company H.--A Bennett, gun shot in thigh; J A Hunt, gun shot in shoulder; Thos Harper, contused shoulder; M Tripp, gun shot in thigh; Lt T P Arnold gun shot in arm.
  9. Company I.--Lieut Bowers, head; Privates R H Barnes, shoulder; David Champion, arm; James Hill, shoulder; Samuel Jackson, head; Sidney Howell, killed.
  10. Company K.--M S Denham, gun shot in thigh; Nell Hedgepeth, gun shot in thigh; Felix Bowles, gun shot in shoulder; Arthur Cunningham, gun shot in thigh; Ja'b Wright, gun shot is foot; Lt Geo Garrett, gun shot in foot; C A Moore, gun shot in hand; Henry Turner, killed.
The above is a correct list so far as I have been able to gather. Many others were struck by spent balls, and many had their clothes riddled and skin grazed, but they fought on, and fought gallantly.

S. E. H. Dance,

Assistant Surgeon, 1st Tenn.

List of casualties of the 22d regiment North Carolina troops.

  1. Company A--Captain T D Jones, killed; Lt J W Sudderth, seriously wounded; Privates Samuel Estes, J M Powell, G W Justice. Jacob Tridd, D A Mull, killed; Sergt L H Oxford, Corp'l E P Miller; Privates M Crager, M Deal, R Deal, Monroe Kaler, J G Cloyed, W A Todd, Sidney Coffee, S F Harper, S G Powell, Joseph Hartley, Pickens Barlow, E L Anderson, John McMillon, J H Stallings, John G Simmons, A M Single, M Hilan, Jacob Hilton, M P Bryan, and Sergeant W S Sudderth, wounded. Total--6 killed, 25 wounded.
  2. Company B--1st Lieut S H Adams, killed; 3d Lieut A L Finley, supposed killed; Corp'l W L Bird, Privates G W Stokes, Martin -fford, killed; Sergt J P Tate, Privates W A Holyfield, W A Buckhannon, W F Gibbs, Jno Martin, John Gwin, J G Poget, Martin Cartis, P F Sigley, Thos Odear. Alfred Clayton, wounded; Hamton Comer, J J.--, missing. Total--5 killed, 11 wounded, 2 missing.
  3. Company E--Lieut J A Hooper, wounded; Private J P Maxwell, killed; Privates Henry Long, J A May, W C May, V G Oliver, J P Start, L W Ward, wounded.
  4. Company F--Privates E Anderson, A J Caudill, L A Stomper, A T Holiway, killed; Privates John Baldwin, N Reynolds, James Crance, H D Mains, John Mains, Calvin Conier, S B Dennis, R Huchinson, D A Fox, C M Crouse, Alexander Toliver, H G Stomper, wounded; Sergts David Edwards, M S Alexander, and Privates H R Wagoner, M W Yates, E J Ham, Levi Collins, missing. Total--4 killed 12 wounded, 6 missing.
  5. Company G--Sergt C H Stokes, and Privates J A Elliott, Joseph Loveless, A J Smith, Thomas E Robinson, W F Saunders, Henry Snow, wounded. Total--7 wounded.
  6. Company H--Lt Zikler, mortally wounded; Sergeant Mitchell, and Privates Samuel Doteson, wounded; Corp'l Henderson Martin and Privates Forester and John Carter, missing. Total--3 wounded and 3 missing.
  7. Company I--Privates E J Hemphill, W A Cravin, H H Reins, killed; Privates Wm McSmith, Robert Lonnidus, W A Todd, Robert Thompson, Jonathan Hiebig, wounded; Privates D Faulkner, Kelley, Latham, Wm Rowlin, Steadman Williams, R F Redding, A F Hollis, William Mitchell, missing; also, Sidney Alford and John Latham, wounded. Total--3 killed, 7 wounded, and 7 missing.
  8. Company K--Sergt W G Birly, S J Linden. and Privates S W L Brady, R J Bird, S J Scott, (formerly of co E,) T J Hooper, (probably not hurt,) J P Greenlie, wounded; Privates W G Curtise, A Bayley, missing — Total--7 wounded and 2 missing.
  9. Company L--Private A Wilborn, killed; Capt J F Stow, Privates J B Russell, Dobson Burrow, John E Thornborough; B B Brady, H Steed, Henry Lassiter, wounded; Serg M D Bishop, Private George Patterson, missing. Total--1 killed, 7 wounded, 2 missing.
  10. Company M--Private Emsley Alread, killed; Lieut M B Kivet, Serg J W Lawrence, Privates H E Smith, David York, A A Steel L F Holden, J W Race, wounded; Lieut L F McMasters, Privates H C Sugler, Alphers Pugh, L C York, missing. Total--1 killed, 7 wounded, 4 missing.
Total in regiment--25 killed, 95 wounded, and 24 missing.

In addition, I add the loss of Col C E Lightfoot and Lieut-Col J O Long killed, and Maj. T S Golloway wounded making an aggregate of 137 killed, wounded, and missing.

P E Charles, Adjutant.

The Fifth Alabama regiment.

Editors Dispatch: Observing a request in a late issue of your paper that Adjutants of regiments would forward a detailed account of the movements of their respective corps, I herewith submit a report of the movements of the 5th Alabama regiment, Rods's brigade, during the memorable battle of Barker's Farm.

This regiment, with the rest of the brigade, approached the enemy's works through a dense swamp, on the right of the Williamsburg road, knee deep in water, and emerging in line at the edge of the abattis formed by felled timber, encountered a heavy fire of grape, canister, and musketry. While passing over these obstructions, an order was received to move by the right flank, so as to charge more in the rear. This order was not received by the six left companies, which, under the command of Maj. Hobson, moved forward on the redoubt. The others, under Col. Pegues, moved by the right flank, and charged the works more in the rear; fortunately, however, just before the final charge of the brigade upon the batteries, the left wing came up, and the charge was made together with great enthusiasm. The colors were borne by Color-Sergt. A. H. Moore, who fell dead, shot in the breast and all dabbled in his life's blood; they were instantly seized by a corporal of the guard, and by him borne forward into the redoubt. After a short respite there, we again moved forward in the charge, driving the enemy back into cover, and passing through his camp. When within thirty yards of the brushwood we lay down, and here it was that we suffered so terribly — for pen cannot describe the terrific intensity of the storm. Finally, an order came to fall back to the cover of a wood-pile in our rear, which we did, leaving 100 of our number killed and wounded where we had lain. Our colors were shot down three times, and were finally borne off by a fourth party. In the fight of Sunday, this regiment was under fire, but sustained no loss. The officers and men behaved throughout with the utmost coolness and gallantry, and suffered severely, as will be shown by our official report.

Carried in action.575
Killed and wounded2-7
Brought out808

Lt. Col. Hall was wounded in the hand and retired from the field early in the action.

R. J. Smith, Adjt.

5th Ala. Regt. 1st Lt. C. S. Infantry.

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Wright (4)
Steadman Williams (4)
Thos Robinson (4)
Ham (4)
Jefferson Davis (4)
Wyatt (3)
Thos (3)
Thomas (3)
Jordan Stokes (3)
Powell (3)
Morgan (3)
William Mitchell (3)
S. Taylor Martin (3)
Price Lewis (3)
Jno (3)
JAs (3)
Thos Harper (3)
Allen A. Hall (3)
Jesse Clark (3)
Carothers (3)
Bell (3)
R. H. Anderson (3)
Adkins (3)
David York (2)
Jno White (2)
Wilkes Weaver (2)
Watson (2)
Ward (2)
C. R. Turner (2)
Tripp (2)
Robert Thompson (2)
James Tate (2)
Sudderth (2)
Standley (2)
Sinclair (2)
Simms (2)
Serg (2)
Saunders (2)
Ponder (2)
W. H. Moore (2)
Mims (2)
Madison Miller (2)
McKenney (2)
William McDonald (2)
Wm McDaniel (2)
Matthews (2)
Marable (2)
Mann (2)
John Latham (2)
Geo Kidd (2)
Kelly (2)
James (2)
Acle Jackson (2)
Hughes (2)
Sidney Howell (2)
Hoover (2)
Hobson (2)
Hill (2)
Hamilton (2)
Lt Geo Garrett (2)
Freeman (2)
Finley (2)
Fant (2)
Samuel Estes (2)
Edmunds (2)
Doak (2)
Dillard (2)
Denham (2)
Delbridge (2)
Arthur Cunningham (2)
John Carter (2)
Burney (2)
Bryan (2)
Brown (2)
Brady (2)
Boyd (2)
Bowers (2)
Blackwell (2)
Bird (2)
Benson (2)
Beard (2)
Yates (1)
Wynne (1)
Woodyard (1)
Wolfe (1)
Wimberly (1)
Wilson (1)
Willard (1)
Wilkerson (1)
Wetson (1)
Wells (1)
Weed (1)
Watkins (1)
Warren (1)
Warford (1)
Walker (1)
Wagoner (1)
Wade (1)
Silas Turner (1)
Henry Turner (1)
Jacob Tridd (1)
Alexander Toliver (1)
Thornton (1)
Thornsbury (1)
Tarrant (1)
Talbert (1)
Sykes (1)
Wm Sunderland (1)
Sumner (1)
Sulivan (1)
Stroud (1)
Stowers (1)
Stow (1)
William B. Stokes (1)
Stimson (1)
Steele (1)
Stedman (1)
Jas Stanford (1)
Stallings (1)
Thos Spencer (1)
Sparks (1)
Spann (1)
Somers (1)
Smither (1)
R. J. Smith (1)
Singleton (1)
Sims (1)
Simmons (1)
Shelton (1)
Geo Shaw (1)
Seay (1)
Marion Scruggs (1)
Scales (1)
Sasser (1)
Sargeant (1)
Sanders (1)
Russell (1)
Alex Rudy (1)
Ruce (1)
W. Ross (1)
Roland (1)
Rods (1)
Robison (1)
Lewis Robins (1)
Roberson (1)
Rives (1)
Riley (1)
Rigger (1)
William Reynolds (1)
Reld (1)
Avery Reeves (1)
Redding (1)
Lt Robert Reagan (1)
Robert Ray (1)
Thos Rawls (1)
Ramey (1)
Raglan (1)
Quinn (1)
Alphers Pugh (1)
Pritchett (1)
Pritchard (1)
Price (1)
Porter (1)
H. Pope (1)
Poe (1)
Plumer (1)
Pitman (1)
Pierce (1)
Phillips (1)
Philipps (1)
Perry (1)
Perdue (1)
Pegues (1)
Peden (1)
Jas Pearce (1)
Serg Peale (1)
Payne (1)
George Patterson (1)
Patrick (1)
Paden (1)
Oxford (1)
Owen (1)
Orr (1)
Richard Oliver (1)
Thos Odear (1)
Nicholson (1)
Nichols (1)
Newman (1)
McKenny Nesbit (1)
Nelms (1)
Nealy (1)
Nall (1)
Pat Nagle (1)
Myrick (1)
Mullen (1)
Mouldin (1)
Morrison (1)
Morehead (1)
A. H. Moore (1)
Moody (1)
Moffit (1)
Mitchel (1)
Mills (1)
Mickle (1)
Metcalf (1)
Meeks (1)
McWilliams (1)
Wm McSmith (1)
McNally (1)
McMullin (1)
John McMillon (1)
McMasters (1)
McLemore (1)
McLean (1)
McKnight (1)
McKinney (1)
McKay (1)
McGhee (1)
McCoy (1)
J. B. McCaw (1)
McBee (1)
Mayo (1)
Maxwell (1)
Mathis (1)
Massie (1)
Mason (1)
Jno Martin (1)
Henderson Martin (1)
Market (1)
Mardis (1)
Malone (1)
Lyon (1)
Lyle (1)
Lucas (1)
George W. Lowry (1)
Joseph Loveless (1)
Robert Lonnidus (1)
Henry Long (1)
Lomax (1)
Loften (1)
Locke (1)
Thos Lipscomb (1)
Linden (1)
Lightfoot (1)
Liddell (1)
Legg (1)
Squire Lee (1)
Smith Lee (1)
Lawrence (1)
Henry Lassiter (1)
Larrance (1)
Laprade (1)
Lang (1)
Lamb (1)
Knox (1)
John Kirksey (1)
Kerr (1)
John Kelso (1)
C. Kelso (1)
Kelley (1)
Keefe (1)
Monroe Kaler (1)
Clark Johnson (1)
L. J. Jennings (1)
William A. Jackson (1)
Samuel Jackson (1)
Irvin (1)
Ingram (1)
Hunt (1)
Thos Hudy (1)
Hubbard (1)
Howison (1)
Howard (1)
Russell Houston (1)
Hopkins (1)
Hooper (1)
Hood (1)
Holmes (1)
Holman (1)
Hollyman (1)
Hollis (1)
Hollingsworth (1)
T. H. Holliday (1)
Holland (1)
Holden (1)
Hobbs (1)
Hirst (1)
Jacob Hilton (1)
Jonathan Hiebig (1)
Wm Hicks (1)
Hester (1)
Heslip (1)
Herrington (1)
Hennesy (1)
Hemphill (1)
Nell Hedgepeth (1)
Joseph Hartley (1)
Harrison (1)
Hardy (1)
Handy (1)
James Hale (1)
Halbert (1)
John Gwin (1)
Gunter (1)
Grison (1)
Griffin (1)
Green (1)
Goodwin (1)
Goldsmith (1)
Godwin (1)
Gillespie (1)
Gill (1)
W. Gilford (1)
George Gibson (1)
Gibbs (1)
Geo (1)
Gaston (1)
Garrison (1)
Garner (1)
Henry Fukeway (1)
French (1)
Fox (1)
Foster (1)
Forester (1)
Ford (1)
Flint (1)
Fitchett (1)
Finney (1)
Faulkner (1)
Evans (1)
Estis (1)
John Ernest (1)
Sergts David Edwards (1)
Edens (1)
Easton (1)
Durham (1)
Dupree (1)
Dumas (1)
Dulin (1)
Duke (1)
Samuel Doteson (1)
Dooley (1)
Dobson (1)
Depriest (1)
Dennis (1)
Dement (1)
Davenport (1)
S. E. H. Dance (1)
Cutler (1)
Thomas Curry (1)
Cummings (1)
Cullen (1)
Crover (1)
Crouse (1)
Crouch (1)
Rufus Crawford (1)
Cravens (1)
James Crance (1)
Cox (1)
Cowan (1)
Coon (1)
Calvin Conier (1)
Compton (1)
Hamton Comer (1)
Levi Collins (1)
Coggin (1)
Cochran (1)
Clemens (1)
Alfred Clayton (1)
Chandler (1)
Caudill (1)
Cathey (1)
Martin Cartis (1)
Carlile (1)
Carley (1)
L. Capt (1)
Butler (1)
Dobson Burrow (1)
Buchanan (1)
Wm Browning (1)
Browne (1)
Brooks (1)
F. J. Bridges (1)
John Bratton (1)
Felix Bowles (1)
Bowen (1)
Boon (1)
Bond (1)
Boggs (1)
Bland (1)
Blanchard (1)
W. Black (1)
Bickham (1)
Beckham (1)
Beanland (1)
Bates (1)
Barrett (1)
Barney (1)
Barnes (1)
Pickens Barlow (1)
Barker (1)
John Baldwin (1)
Alex Bailey (1)
Askew (1)
Arnold (1)
Armstrong (1)
Emsley Alread (1)
Sidney Alford (1)
Alexander (1)
Adams (1)
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