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The battles near Richmond.
Further reports of casualties.

We continue the publication of reports of casualties in the battles of Saturday and Sunday last, at the ‘"Seven Places,""’ below Richmond:

Twelfth Alabama Regiment

Headq'rs 12th Alabama regiment, June 5th, 1862.
About twelve o'clock on Saturday, May 31st, the 12th Alabama regiment, in company with the others of Gen. Rhodes's brigade, left its camp for the purpose of attacking the enemy. After penetrating a swamp we engaged the enemy with considerable loss in wounded, but none killed. We next charged upon his breastworks and camp, and, notwithstanding we were exposed to a galling cross fire, and our brave men were falling rapidly still they dashed over the works, through the camp, and followed the flying foe into thick cover of brush and felled timber. These barriers prevented a continuance of the charge so we halted on the margin of the woodstand commenced to fire. The enemy of course had great advantage, as he was well protected and we exposed. In this hazardous position we remained more than an hour, our men falling on every side. More deliberation and coolness was never displayed. This number of dead bodies in front of our lines. The next morning proved conclusively that, the 12th Alabama did excellent work.

The following figures will surprise many who read them:

Number carried into battle408
Number Killed85
Number wounded150

Thus making the aggregate killed and wounded more than half the number carried into battle.

The following is a list of the casualties:

B B Gayle, Lieut Col Commanding.

Col R F Jones, killed.

Company A--Killed; Sgt Charles Romenger, Privates James Ward, Clestin Saunie, David Pegan, David Barribas, Wounded: Corp'l Joseph Heller slightly; Privates McGaynor, slightly; W. Dickens, slightly; Jas. Ryan, slightly; Samuel Logue, mortally; Diorris Reynay, mortally; Jno Mandy, slightly; Louis Dondaro, slightly; Jno Maudy, slightly; Joseph Gamboni, slightly; Patrick Lanaman, slightly; Anioni Knorr, mortally; Robert Seville, slightly; Jno McDarmot, mortally; Geo Sanford, mortally; Joseph Gonzales, slightly; A. Henry Robertson, slightly; McShane, slightly; Mckiebs, slightly. Missing: Private MckKritz.

Company B.--Killed: Sergt R A Mitchell, Corp'l W H Blake, Privates J J Epperson, Jno D Findlayson, J S Massengale, J M Harman, Chas Lipsey. J O Thomas, Wm B Whitfield. wounded: Privates J S Bice, J M Corley, D L Erwin, mortally; A J German. Aaron Holingshead, Thomas M. Kanuaday, S. F G Little, F J Morgan, A T Marin, Wm. S Phillips. A G Smith E C. Smith. J J Smith, E C Thomas, W H Veazey, J B Wilkinson.

Company C--Killed: Privates Jas. Desont, Thos Peden. Timothy Hulliers, Henry C Keeter, Bernard Johnson. Wounded: Sergeant Aloysius Schenerman, Corp Albert Hensler, privates Matthew Werneth, Louis Kinnev, Henry Chapman, Edmond Harris, Leopold Siegel, Chas Zandel. John O'Brien,. Dav Barry, Michael Barry, Wm Yund, John Thompson, Daniel H Strickney.

Company D.--Killed: Privates J F Brogdon, W M Cardwall, R M Dyess, W, F Grimes, R W T Horn, A D Matheny, Thos Reades, W F Winslow. Wounded, mortally. Captain E Tucker, private James Matheny. Wounded, slightly: Sergt M J Horn, Corp'l E L Horn, T H Bryan, Henry Fowler; privates Henry Cook, G W Circy G W Dyess, W Dyess, A D Lowery, W J McNeal, W T Pi E L Rhodes W H Shields, John Strowd, lst Lieut J T Davis.

Company E.--Wounded: Serg'ts D' Cunningham, slightly; M Murphy, severely; Corp I F M Edwards, slightly; Privates W G Austin, severely; W C Brandon, slightly; John Learman, severely; J W Campbell, slightly; C E Drake, severely; L A Dobbs, severely; W Frelas, mortally; J B Frazier. W J Farmer, severely; J A Henderson, severely; C H Hunter, severely; J M Howard, slightly; J J Hammock, severely; T J Little, severely; F P Patterson, mortally: C C Porter, slightly; N B Rooks, severely; J Singleton, severely; R Word, severely; J S Windrow, slightly; J M Burnett, severely; Killed: Corp'l J C Cunningham, color guard; Private C O Barter, Joel Leffey, W H Cron, Joseph More, B F Merrill, A G Roberts.

Company F--Killed: Capt Robt H Keeling, Private John U Ingram. Wounded severely: M A Flournoy, W P Zichry, J R Flewelien Wounded slightly; Serg Robert F Hall, Privates Benj F Ingram, Wm B Ward, G P Ware, A Wilkinson, F S Zichry Total — killed, two; wounded, nine.

Company G--Killed: 3d Lieut Abner Hammonds, Privates H T Clifton, R C Bevil, G B Pockriss, W G Kirkland Wounded: 2d Lieut J M Hardcastle, 2d Corp'l T B Maples, Privates J J Ashley. R R Crawley, Jacob Derrick, Mike Houk, Jas B Isum, Wash Keys, Marion Maples J N Miller, E S Patton, T J Rodgers, Jeremiah Link, Wm Stuart, Isaac Perains, S S Renfro.

Company H.--Killed: Capt J H Damin, Lieut C F Ryan, Corpl S M Haney, Privates T Flankenthip, M F Dement, Thos Duon, W R Harris, J J McAnear, Z A Mabry, S D Priddy, A Smith. J Wads. Wounded: Corpl Hamilton, Privates E J Brown, J H Burt, J C Fowler, C Hisdon, J L Jenkins, W Kenner, J McCam, A J Reaves, O D Ryan, A Rafur, L. M. Woods.

Company I--Killed: E. Cary, J Tosh, W. Wootan. Wounded: Lieut. J J Nicholson, Capt. G M Shelton, Capt. G A Nelson; privates Jos Byrnes, D Fettche, R N Overstreet, W P Thomas, N O Thomas, F M Trice, H N Wootan, Wm Williams.

Company K--Killed: J M C Payne Wounded: 1st Lieut W C Townsend, slightly; 2nd Lieut T W Fitzgerald, slightly; 1st Sergeant W H Jones, mortally; 3rd Sergeant D S Taylor, mortally; 5th Sergeant J C Ethridge, slghtly; 1st Corporal W A Scott, slightly; privates C W Abererumble, slightly; S N Adams, mortally; W S Ford, slightly; W H Goslin, slightly; O H Herring, slightly; D T Jenkins, mortally; E H Rowell, slightly.

Casualties in the 12th Mississippi Regiment.

Lt-Col Harris, slight wound.

Adj't J H Capers,

Company a, ‘"Raymond Fencibles,"’ Capt Thomas--John Watson and F J Kelly, killed. Wounded: F B Barton. W H Dixor, A P Harris, Thos O Banner. Robt J Herrieg, G S Chevis, J M Downing, P M Mullen, M Burke, Robt N Hall.

Company B, ‘"Saterlia Rifles,"’ Capt Bell--Killed: Lt Samuel Luther, W A Gale, Daniel Curry. Wounded: Capt Bell, Jas Rowan, D C Carr, Roland Hambertin, F C Atwood, (since dead,) H Harbin J L Hutton, J M Lewis, J B Worrall. Jno Dilley, L Hyrnthal, Moses Ingraham, W P Pritchett, H S Brannin, Robt Dilley.

Company C. ‘"Lawrence Ruffles,"’ Captain Sheppard--Killed: T H Ham, C D Cooper. J J Golman, N J Robertson, C F Kistner, J H Perger. Wounded: Capt Sheppard, M Berwick, H Berwick, B R Jones, J W McMillan, N Roth. J M Williamson, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson, H Brigamon J Smith.

Company D ‘"Pettus Relief,"’ Capt Barlow. Killed: Capt Barlow, Wm Deering, T L Neal, J G Witherspoon, ring Berchain, J A T Lewis, S T Vaughn. Wounded: Lt W L Haley, L H Redus, J M Harris, W Panderson, Dan'l Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millsors, W H H Purser, T M Rea, N L Strong, J G Touchstone, T J White, James M Wilson.

Company E, ‘"Vicksburg Sharpshooters,"’ Capt Richardson.--Killed: R G Tower, S L George, A J Swords, Owen Carsher, Jack Haralson. Wounded: Lieut Henry Evans, Lieut W G Henegan, Geo Baker, John Carte; D Fitzpatrick J B Sortin, B F Backlam, Thos Fitzgerald, El Kinney, J McMurray — Missing: Wm Gillespie, Wm Whalin, S R Grabam.

Company F, ‘"Yardis Blues,"’ Capt Ward--Killed: J S Ross, J M Hall, W A Barnett.--Wounded: Capt Ward, S D Robertson, J N Adam, J T Botum. H. D Bishop, Ro Elliott, Chas Hatm, J H McGebee, R W Terry, J F Williams, J W Davis, J A Albritton, S R Slann, L C Balch, J L Casey, A Hay, J N Lowe, V A Simmons, Robt Young, A J Turrentine, D M Murray.

Company G, ‘"Natchez Fencibles,"’ Capt T A Wilson, commanding — Killed: 3d Lieut A L Butts; Privates T J Carter, J L Collier, D Mulvehill, G Mullen. Wounded: Thos Bradley, S House, M Higgins, C Marsh, T S Redd, Geo Underwood, Wm Conner, M Haley, T J V Lieaud, Thos Powell, W H Hite, 1st Lieut T Q Munce, Corp'l W H H Wilson, Corpl Ed Scadamore. Missing: George Mariner.

Company H, ‘"Charile Clarke Rifles,"’ Capt R R Applewhite — Killed: Lieut D F McComick; Privates A J Davis, B F Headwick, Paron Glover. Wounded: E Douglas, W W Newsom; John Turner, Dennis Brown, Samuel King, R B Thidford Corpl Applewhite, B Robertson, L Q Fairman, F Krauss, H Eweing, Frank McQueen.

Company I, ‘"Durant Rifles,"’ Capt Vawter. Killed: Sergt P O Wallace; Corpl R S Sproles, Privates Z Blackman, R M Robinson, W E Cheatham, Thos McDaugling W M Harlin, Wounded: S W Ellis, B F Roseman, J D Glasgow, J H Lomax, John T Fowlkes, W R Swain, J P McLilsann, M Tubos, J H Frizell, W R Moore, J A Montgomery, W W McLean.

Company K, ‘"Claiborne Guards,"’ Captain Hastings.--Killed: Captain Hastings, while bearing the colors. Wounded: John J Mitchell, M tephens, J T Parker, C R McCardle, J M Sudson, Jas H Dorrah, L B Harland, D M Girrard, J W Philips, John Ritchie.

Casualties in the 2d Mississippi Regiment, (Col. J. M. Stone

Company A. Capt Clayton.--Wounded: Private Thos A Butler, in arm, Missing: Private O C Key.

Company B, Capt Buchanan--Wounded: Corpl P G Braddock, in the leg, Privates J N Cotton, since died, T A Prince, severely in the side; J L Boyd, severely in the breast; Watt C Graham, leg broken; B F Thompson, leg broken: McDonald, in shoulder; J P Ticer, in mouth, neck, and shoulder; James Sutherland, in leg; Samuel Goldsmith, in thigh; R Roberts, arm, very slight; G T Eewel hand, slight.

Company C, Capt Scales: None.

Company D, Capt Brandon.--Wounded: R H W son, in the hand.

Company E, Capt Robinson: None.

Company F, Capt Powers--Klilled: Private Jas B Smith. Wounded: Privates Joel Prince, severely in hip; John L Pitman, arm. Missing: R C Pickens.

Company G, Capt Crawford--Killed: Privates James A Reed and R M Barksdale — Wounded: Sergt J M Barksdale, hand; Privates W M Combs, in foot; W E Monahan, severely in leg; Patrick McNally, in foot; P R Pickens, hand, shoulder and hip. Missing: Charles N Wheeler.

Company H, Capt Cunningham--Killed: Private F S McKinney. Wounded: Private G W Osborne, in arm, Missing: Private A P Bland.

Company I, Capt Leavel.--Wounded: Private W J Sim us, mortally.

Company K, Capt Latham.--Killed: Private T Garey. Wounded: Sergt W L Reman, severely in breast; Privates A W Allen, in side; G T Hamilton, thigh; T G Taylor, in leg, J H Horton, hand; Wm Atkins, slight; Wm Sutton, both hips.

Company L. Capt Story.--Wounded: Private John A McAlister, shoulder; Sergt E Jordan, slightly in face and nose. Missing: J P Dial.

Colonel Stone had his horse killed, but was not injured himself.


Samuel S Owen,

Adjutant 2d Mississippi Volunteers.

Casualties of the 26th Georgia Regiment.

Two companies of the regiment (companies Hand 1) were on detached service for the purpose of supporting a section of Hardaway's battery, which was not brought into action.

Company A--Killed: Lieut J A J Peacock, Corp'l M H Brantly, reported; M A Hodges, D C Sumner. Wounded Lt T A Simmons, left arm; Serg't W M Wood, on hand, slight; Corp'l J W Scoot, in thigh; John Bullard, in hand; G M Brantly, left leg, slight; J A Bedgood, in shoulder, mortally; C M Barge in breast, mortally; W F Wood, in leg; J J Wood, in leg; J W Hightower, in leg; S W Johnson in foot; Jesse Brantly, in the knee, slight; J G Joiner, in thigh.

Company --Killed: Corp'l O P Elkirs, T Miller, W Wyatt. Wounded: E J Edwards, left shoulder, seriously: J J Hale, right lung, mortally, since dead; Howell Jones, through the neck, seriously; E Webster, in thigh, R T Wood, in bowie's, seriously; K Northington, right side seriously; W R Hodges, in the arm; W F Reynolds, in head; A S Tennille, in arm; A Wood, in arm; Sergt J S Avant, in arm, slight; Corp'l G A Wiggins, in leg; C S Ashley, in leg; J R Avant, on the foot; D C Cumming, under left shoulder; J Lawrence, in leg, Solomon Tanner, on hip; Mac Watkinson, on hip, slight.

Company C--Killed: Sergt W E Finch, Jno Welch, James Price, W A Henderson, W Williamson. Wounded: Sergt J S Hilt, in breast; G G Beale, in leg, slight; C Blitchington, in leg; W B Cochran, in left arm; S Colly, arm broke; Tom Martin, both arms, slight; A G Morrison, neck, seriously; E Newman, right arm, slight; Tom Morris, in thigh, slight.

Company D--Killed: J H Linsey, J A Bryson. Wounded: E Millhouse, thigh and abdomen; Ira P Croft, in face and neck; W Dickerson, two fingers shot off left hand; J A Chapman, in right foot; J Thompson, in head; S W Millhouse, right thigh; W J Beavers, seriously, from grapeshot.

Company E--Killed: M J Murphy, color bearer; W Kalips. Wounded: Lt J W Banning, across bowels and hip, slightly; Lt J T Dixon, in shoulder, seriously; G P Wyche, in leg; J L Gift, on head, slight; R A Crouch, in thigh seriously; T M Butler, in thigh, seriously; B T Crossen, flash wound in leg; T P Clark, in hip; R Findly, on hand; A Seath, in arm; M Smith, in Shoulder; Albert Phillips, in face, slightly; G W Rodding, in leg; O P Rowe, in breast; M Waddle, through the foot, while nobly carrying the colors; Joseph Woodruff, in the hand and arm.

Company F.--Killed: C S Padget, J M S umons, Jno M Word. J W Harbin. Wounded: Capt L R Wade, in the arm, slightly; Lieut R A McClure, in head, mortally; Corporal James Holcum, in shoulder, seriously; J T Anderson in the face, slightly; T Biddy, in both legs and right arm, seriously; Henry Wood, through the thigh, seriously; T M Hendman under right shoulder, slightly; H C. Jones through the thigh, seriously; T Kelley scalped, slightly; P M McCraw, in the leg; E Nix, through the arm; J C Richards, in the arm and breast, slightly; J L Smith shot in the mouth; A J Sanders, in the arm, seriously; J C Wilson, in breast, seriously.

Company G.--Killed: Sergeant J H Ranson. Wounded: Corpl Jesse Price, in hand: T Brucksher, in ; J R Saver, in head; S H Faith; in arm and bowels; A C Holcomb, in arm; A Lane in throat; Pinkney Tandress in arm; S W Mole, in arm and hip; H McCarty, shot through the ankle; Wm Smallwood, in the hips; Oliver Dean, left side slightly. One missing; name not known.

Company K.--Killed: Ed Moxley, Drew, Henry Horn. Wounded: Sergeant L B Coleman in right arm, seriously; Corporal J Drew, right leg, slightly; Godfry Miller, through the lungs, mortally; G T Derreso in the head, seriously; S Scarborough, right arm, seriously; D R Green in the shoulder and thigh, slightly R Johnson in the arm; J M Johnson in the head, slightly; S W L Sumner, in thigh and head; W L Pierce in the thigh; J E Good win through the neck, seriously; C Pervis, in throat, slightly; C B Pritchard in the shoulder; A D Proctor, left leg broken.

The aggregate of the Regiment when it entered the field was 370. Number killed, wounded and missing . The Regiment was under the fire of the enemy's guns hours.

I see in your issue of the 2nd ult., you speak of the 28th Georgia being deployed as skirmishers with a Miss Battalion. Such was not the case, it entered regularly into the engagement with the Brigade, (Gen. Featherstone's) to which it was attached. I see a mistake was also made in the number of the Regiment, the 12th Georgia being spoken of for the 28th Georgia, which, I have no doubt, was a typographical error.

In justice to that gallant Regiment. I take occasion to say it is now under the command of our hero, Gen. Stonewall Jackson, and has been in more battles and done harder fighting, than any other Regiment from our State.

T O Wi

Adjt. 28th Regt. Ga. Vol.

Casualties in the 19th Georgia Regiment.

Company A--Wounded: Corp'l Sherwood, Privates Worten and Harretson.

Company B--Wounded: Private Mitchell, mortally. Missing: Privates Lynch and Martin.

Company C--Wounded: Privates John Rantfrow.--Pierce, Corp'l Ting.

Company D--Wounded: Privates Russell and Turpley.

Company E--Wounded: Privates T C Card, J P Collins, J D Alman, J M Singleton. Missing: Private R Harrol.

Company F--Killed: Corporal Black, Privates W H H Bridges, W C Buise. Wounded: Privates S P Barret and B Thomson. Missing: Serg Garrison. Private J B Wire.

Company G--Killed: Private Gray; Wounded: Privates Conley, Wilder, Tomblin, Speer, Johnson.

Company H--Wounded: Privates John Yarboro, J Allen, and Turner.

Company I--Wounded: Corp'l J G Hanes, Privates N S Bates, A J Ayres.

Company K--Wounded: Private Dye.

These are our casualties, which, through the providence of God, we are thankful are no greater. May Heaven comfort the be reaved at home. They fell like men worthy of the cause in which they were engaged, and the sacrifice of such noble souls can never have any other effect than to alienate our affections towards the invader, and sow deep in the bosoms of their friends an undying hatred. Lt. J A. Richardson.

Co. C, 19th Reg. Georgia Vols.

Casualties in the 5th South Carolina Regiment, Col. J. R. E. Giles.

Number of men (including officers) led into action, 410.

Col J R R Giles, killed.

Lieut. Col Andrew Jackson, wounded.

Major W W Foster, wounded.

Company A, Capt J D Wylie.--Killed: Privates J L Allen and R H Adderson.--Wounded: Sergeant J W Flylor; privates J Moore, P Moore, J Sullivan, T L Wright, Jas Weaness, J D Cauthen, M A McCaskle.

Company B, Capt Thos C Beckham.--Killed; None Wounded: Capt S C Beckham, O S W H Ragadale; privates J W McCully, W D Watsor, T M Lemone, F M Lemone, T J Stevenson, J S Ross.

Company C. Lieut W T Norris commanding.--Killed: Sergt W Wilburn. Wounded: Privates J A Little john, Drury Scruggs, R H Smith, A C Lindsey. Missing: Privates J D McVeigh, and Jas Capos.

Company D. Capt J T Douglass.--Killed: Corp Gen Dukes; privates F M Cator, John Bishop, H Barnett, Thos Johnston. Wounded: Capt J T Douglass, Lt J C Gross, Serg'ts J S Davis and Wm Graham, Corp'l E. D. Fry and James Johnston, privates F Comer, Wylie Easters, A J Cline, J B Gorel, J P Jeter, Jas Jenkins, G J Lee, J McJunkin, J A S Oxner, D Pressly, J L Turner.

Company E, Lieut Saunders commanding.--Killed: Privates T C Crocker, James Saunders. Wounded: Lieuts J D McConnel and Wm Crosby, Sergt J T McKnight, Corporals M S Lindsey and F H Mullinux, privates W A Allen, J T Burris, W Brown, J A Brannon, W Carter, J T Collins, A Coln, J M Grant, A J Hood, J D Humphries, G W Hancock, W N Hardin, A J Hyndman, L Jones, W D Johnston, J M Kirkpatrick, R T Morrow, J E McKnight, A Melton J E Niel, J A Saunders.

Company F, Capt Jonathan Fitchett.--Killed: Privates John Turney, J A Clenton, W A Moore. Wounded: O S H J Allison, Sergt J A Bell, privates J C Parris, F H Lynn, E R Johnston, S J Harver, Wm Whitager, J H Yearwood, S A Smith, W J Fewell, John J Gasaway, R J Wilson, C H Mintz, Curtis Parrot, Joseph Murphy.

Company H, Capt J B Stedman.--Killed: Lt E J McKissick, privates John Mayes, John H Gailman, John Reaves. Wounded: Serg'ts J E Lindsey, R N Dunlop Corp'l G Puckett, R Foster, R T Harmon, S Mosely, privates J C Davis, W H Gautt, J Gregory, S Gregory, L McDaniel Jos Millwood, R J Vaughan, J C Vinson. Missing: W J scarf.

Company I, Capt W D Camp — Killed: Privates E R Brown, R T Brown, H E Price. Wounded: Capt W D Camp, Lieut D J McArthur, Sergt G S Moore, Corp'l Jos Price, W P Mitchell, privates W Bryant, C Blanton, C B Cash, L A Cantrell, Nathan Dyer, Annahias Hoord, J M James, J H Mitchell, J B Martin, Henry Tengue, Alfred Cantrell, F M Reynolds. Missing: Wm Harvey.

Company K, Capt R B Seay.--Killed: Lt M Y McDowell, Sergt W H Bush, private W Manous. Wounded: Capt R B Seay, Lieut Brian, Serg'ts G W Moss, J W McLure, H A Turner, Corp D Willard, privates J C Wall, Jos McArthur, J C Clemens, W. Rolline, Burnette, S Kirby, W Wheler, S McCall, W J White, J W Saunders.

Total Killed24
Total Wounded128
Total missing4
Aggregate loss156

Andrew Jackson.

Lieut. Col. Comd'g 5th Reg. S. C. V.

Casualties in the Infantry battalion of the Hampton Legion.

Company A, Washington Light Infantry, Capt T M Logan.--Killed: Corporal Richard Yeadon, Jr; Privates A G McDonald, H C Taylor. Wounded and Missing: First; Lieut Theo Klinck, Sgt E F Coschman, Private J T Jones. Wounded: First Sgt J W McEliroy, Corp'l Ehen Coffin, Privates L S Aveilbe, F G Coachman, E C Esterling, W H Ford, T S J H Jenkins, Chas Jones, Jas Ivey. H S Roux, C E Strohecter, T K Walker, G T Woilden, Jas Tupper Missing: R W Shustard, C W Hudson. Total killed, 3; wounded, 18; missing, 3--24.

Company B, Watson Guards Capt Gary.--Killed: Privates A J Lumpkin, H T Shalock. Wounded. Lieut Tompkins, Sgts R J Bank right, L T Dear, G P Tucker, Corp'ls D T Starkey, W R Does, Privates T N Browning, W B Coleman, J R Dorn, Jno Jennings, A Martin, G T Palmer, W S Ritter, J M Self. Missing: W B Idson; J W Tompkins, S W Corley. Total killed, 2; wounded, 15; missing, 3 --20.

Company C, Manning Guards, Lieut Dingle commanding — Killed: Sgt W J N Hammett, Privates A D Richburg, G J Stukes, Samuel Derackin, Edwin Reichbourg, Samuel Stuart. Wounded and Missing: Corp'ls W H McKnight, Samuel Patterson, Privates Jno C Bagnall, S F Cole, R W McKnight, S T Chandler, C L Witherspoon, H L Tindall Wounded: Lieut J H Dingle, Jr, Sgt J H M Jor , Corp'l R S Campbell, Privates B T Kelly, Wm Thomas, J W Redgill. J C Wilson, Ell M Riechbourg, R R Johnson, G W Williams, A L Jacobs, Samuel Humfreys Septimus Harvier, Thos N Davis, A D Moses, Patrick Brody. H J McLaurin, D H Baggett. J W Hodge. Total killed, 6; wounded and missing, 8; wounded, 19--38.

Company D, Giat Rifles, Capt Smith--Killed: Privates John Carr, R Wilson, T B Bennett. Wounded: Lieut E H Acker, Corpl W D Bennett, Privates W D Acket. W B Bennett, R H Bradley, J C Bruce, S J Gary, N H Hamilton, N Hamilton, N McWhorter, J J Riley, G Timbs, J Whilt, W Maddox, H Kelley. Missing: Sergt Kohler, T V Green, Thos Green, Corpl J H Wilson. Total killed, 3; wounded, 15; missing, 4--23.

Company E, Bozeman Guards, Capt. Arnold.--Killed: R H Fowler, Sergt W A Bagnall. Wounded: Corp'l T D Babb, A P Owens, Privates H S Coker, H C Peden, J P Rice, M W Thompson, J S Hiett, G W Davis, John Davenport, T P Voght, T C Perkins, J B Patterson, L E Parlor. C J Davenport, J R Godfrey, J J Fowler, J D Howard, J W Ramsey. Missing: J A Terry, J H Kraff, Austin Emens Total killed, 2; wounded, 18; missing, 3--23.

Company F, Davis Guards, Capt Austin.--Killed: R Holland, R Burdett, B Smith. --Wounded: Lieut Charles, Sergt Gainson, Sergt Smyre, Corpl Martin, Privates A Austin, W Morgan, J Burdett, L Dillard, T Donnegan, W Wallace, W Jones, C F Hoke, W M Moore A M Runion, Jos Watson, J A McDaniel, W Hutchings, R Thompson. Missing: W P Saxton. Total killed, 3; wounded, 18; missing, 1--22.

Company G, Claremont Rifles, Capt Moore. Killed: W H Thompson, T J Wright Wounded: Serg'ts T D Spann, J A McCachern, Privates T P Sanders, D R Patterson, L P Bostick, J E Eveleigh, S Coates, J Boygard. Total killed, 2; wounded, 8.

Total casualties — Killed, 21; wounded, 119; missing, 13--153.

The battalion went into battle with 21 officers and men. Jas. Conner.

Inf. Batt'n, Hampton Legion.

Casualties in the 6th Reg't S. G. Vols.

Col John Bratton, wounded in the arm, and missing.

Capt L L Love, A C S, slightly wounded in the thigh.

Sergt-Maj B W Means, dangerously wounded through the lungs.

--Moore, musician, severely wounded in the leg.

Company A, Capt G L Strait — Killed: Sg't W E Lewis; privates B S Backstrom, William Moore, Samuel Miller, W L McFadden. T S Reid, and J M Fry. Wounded severely: Privates D S Dickey, (and missing,) J T Thomas, Wm Richens, Joshua Ritchens, J P Nati, W C Reid, G Amy (Brown, Perry Ferguson, J H Gaston, John Dunlop, B J Massey, L H Dye, Jno McCarthy, and J P Gaston. Wounded slightly: Sg't J O Ferguson; privates Thomas Peden, L J McGarity, D J Mytle, J D Williamson, A P Neely, J J Nichola, A Hecklin, Wm Hughes, R N Blanks, W N Elder, Lieut J C McFadden, Sg't J N Whitesides, private F Begham, Missing: Private John McGarity. Total, killed, wounded and missing, .

Company B, Capt John White--Killed: Private W S F McFadden. Wounded severely: Sg't J P Miller, privates J M Caskie, W O Glover, H Johnston, B Merritt, and J S Nivens. Wounded slightly: Capt J M White, Jr 2d Lieut T M Wylis; privates B F Baker, Jas Epps, P Hargot, H Merritt, and W C Perry. Total, killed and wounded, 14.

Company C Capt Cauley.--Killed: None — Wounded: Privates M Baum, severely; J Motley, do; J Sadon, do; J J Brown, do; J W How, do; B Hough, do; J Jackson, do; Serg't J A McLeod, slightly; corp'l J B Arrants, do; privates W Marthers, do; Z Shiver, do; and C C Stucky, do. Missing: Privates W Stewart, L Watts, and W L Moye.

Company D, Captain J W Walker — Killed Capt Walker, private W P Mays. Wounded: Private John May, mortally; F Powell and S P Cox, slightly. Missing; corp'l Wm Murrah, privates Wm Centley and Ransom Lowe.

Company E, Captain Coker--Killed: corp'l Kilgore, privates Dunkins, R Dixon, T Hudson, Kilgore, McLendon and Tyner. Wounded: Corp'l Luckey, mortally; not supposed to be mortally: sergt Fountain, corp'ls Durant and Kelley; privates Bateman, B Ho , Bradley, E Byrd, Clements, W Gainey, J King, G McCutchen, J M Polson and A L Shaw.--Missing: Serg't Coker, private Langston, Crowley, H Ellis, Gandy, Davis and Patrick.

Company F, Capt J D Gaston.--Killed: Capt Gaston, Privates F Babcock, W Crawford, and W H Gaston, Wounded: Privates J F B , severely; W H Brawley, do; J D Caldwell, do; W J Cornwell, do; D E Dunlap, do; S E Vanpelt, do; J C Walker and C S Wilson, do; W D McDaniel, mortally; Robt Hempoilt seriously; S H McWetters, do; H Morris, J A Rader, and W S Turner, do; Lieut J M Moore, slightly; Serg'ts J Stringfellow, E M Shannon, and J G Blair, do; Privates J D Bovd, H Doffey, R S Lindsay, W H McConnell, E J and J R McDaniel, R McElduff, J C Peden, J R Peay, W F Smith, and W T Farrar, do.

Company G, Capt Phinney.--Killed: Capt J M Phinney, 1st Sergt J W Sloun, Corpl S T Camack, Privates W A Allison, J Powell, P N Powell, J J Weir, Wounded: Sergt W A Milling, severely; Privates A W , Robt Bankhead, J G Boggs, T T Williamson. J A Serves, J D Gaillard W M Melton, do; Lieut M Bries, slightly; Color Sergt J W Rabb, Corpl W D McKinstry, Privates R S Alken, Peter Bird, B F Boulware, A Boney, A C Frezer, W H Jamison; W T Hodges, J Leman, J T McCreight, J W McCreight, W M Nelson, Jas Richmond, J C Raines, and J Z Wooten, do.

Company H, Capt. Lyles--Killed: Capt W B Lyies, Privates Samuel Stevenson. J B Warfield. Wounded severely: E P Alten, W R Counts, J H Glenn, W P Gray, A T Holley, W W Hunt, W H Kerr, Serg R W Brice. Wounded slightly: Serg J T Rynum, Privates W Boyce Simonton, J A Brics, T S Brice, R M Cook, J H Crosby, J L Dys J Garrick J D Grissom, A Grubbs, J F Joyner, H McCormick, W B Norris, T R Sterling, W M Young, J B Blackledge.

Company I, Capt Crosbey.--Killed: None. Wounded severely: First Lieut W McAlliby, Serg H. S. Hardin, Corp'l W M Corkill, Privates J W Brooks, R M Duffey, R L Deffey, W R Kennedy, J Leopold, S J McNinch, Jas Walker, Andrew Serg' S M Neely, Corp'l W J Davis, Privates J H Jaggars, T A Lipsey, J A Lipsey, W H Ross, Missing: Joseph Leonard.

Company K, Capt Brane.--Killed: None — Wounded severely: Privates J S McCullough, R M Fortman, and H C Floyd. Wounded slightly: Corpl J H Fulmore; Privates W S Allen, R M Barrow, D Keels, J A McRae, and J T well. Missing: A S McLeod, and J S Gamble.

Total engaged521
Total killed21
Total, killed, wounded, and missing228

H. A. Gailland,

Adjt, 6th Regiment S C Vols.

Casualties in Co. N., 47th Va Regiment, (Capt, Thos. N. Welch

Wounded: Wm Bruce, John Brown, Wm H Coleman, Wm Tombs, Robt M Garnett, John Long, James L Hanna, and Lieut E G Dejarnette. None considered dangerously wounded.

Casualties in Co. A, 24th Va, Regiment, (Capt, J. W. .)

Killed; Privates R W Milis, Jesse A Pea- kins. Wounded: let serg't W T Dehest, corp F O Dobyns, privates N R Stimpson, L R Finch, S L Hylton, L G Atkins, Peter Bowling.

The company numbered 48 when it went into action.

Casualties in Co. B, 2d Arkansas battalion. (Capt. N. Shannas

Wounded John W Cockman, left arm shot off; John A Wilkinson, badly shot in both thighs; Wm Barker, shot in back and shoulder; Wm Walton, shot in thigh; Berry Morris, shot in right leg, severely, Lt. Johny Laster, shot in back of head, not seriously, J J Tidwell, B B Bearers, Robert all slightly wounded.

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Glasgow (Virginia, United States) (1)
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C. Smith (11)
William Moore (9)
John E. Davis (9)
Wilson (8)
Corpl (8)
Dennis Brown (8)
Wm Thomas (7)
Chas Jones (7)
John Thompson (6)
Bernard Johnson (6)
Henry WooD (5)
Jas Walker (5)
Samuel Patterson (5)
Hall (5)
Gaston (5)
Williamson (4)
John White (4)
James Ward (4)
John Turner (4)
Thos (4)
Robt (4)
A. Henry Robertson (4)
Thos Powell (4)
Mitchell (4)
McKnight (4)
Lewis (4)
James Johnston (4)
Jas Jenkins (4)
Henry Horn (4)
Corpl Hamilton (4)
Henry Fowler (4)
Allen (4)
Wm Williams (3)
Taylor (3)
Andrew Serg (3)
James Saunders (3)
James Ryan (3)
Ross (3)
Joseph Murphy (3)
Tom Morris (3)
Godfry Miller (3)
McFadden (3)
Tom Martin (3)
Lindsey (3)
Kelley (3)
John (3)
Privates Jno (3)
JAs (3)
Privates James (3)
Lt-Col Harris (3)
Thos Green (3)
Cunningham (3)
Coleman (3)
Coker (3)
Jesse Brantly (3)
Thos Bradley (3)
Bennett (3)
Witherspoon (2)
Wallace (2)
Tucker (2)
Tompkins (2)
Sumner (2)
J. M. Stone (2)
Samuel Stevenson (2)
Singleton (2)
Sheppard (2)
Seay (2)
Sanders (2)
Robinson (2)
Roberts (2)
William H. Richardson (2)
Rhodes (2)
Reynolds (2)
Reid (2)
John Reaves (2)
Corpl Jesse Price (2)
Pierce (2)
Phinney (2)
Albert Phillips (2)
Thos Peden (2)
Thomas Peden (2)
Norris (2)
Neely (2)
Mullen (2)
George Morrison (2)
Morgan (2)
Millhouse (2)
Samuel Miller (2)
Merritt (2)
John McGarity (2)
McDonald (2)
McDaniel (2)
McCreight (2)
Jos McArthur (2)
James Matheny (2)
Marion Maples (2)
Ransom Lowe (2)
Samuel King (2)
Kilgore (2)
Kelly (2)
C. Jones (2)
Andrew Jackson (2)
Ingram (2)
Hudson (2)
Howard (2)
Matt Hood (2)
Hodges (2)
Hastings (2)
Edmond Harris (2)
Serg H. S. Hardin (2)
Harbin (2)
Haley (2)
Gregory (2)
Gray (2)
Wm Graham (2)
Paron Glover (2)
J. R. E. Giles (2)
Gary (2)
E. D. Fry (2)
Foster (2)
Jonathan Ford (2)
Thos Fitzgerald (2)
Finch (2)
Perry Ferguson (2)
Ellis (2)
Edwards (2)
Douglass (2)
Dixon (2)
Dingle (2)
John Davenport (2)
Wm Crosby (2)
Crawford (2)
Corley (2)
Henry Cook (2)
Collins (2)
Jedediah Carter (2)
John Carr (2)
Campbell (2)
Burdett (2)
Wm Bruce (2)
Brice (2)
Brandon (2)
Berwick (2)
Bell (2)
Beckham (2)
Michael Barry (2)
Barlow (2)
Barksdale (2)
Geo Baker (2)
Avant (2)
Austin (2)
Wm Atkins (2)
Ashley (2)
Thidford Corpl Applewhite (2)
Chas Zandel (1)
Richard Yeadon (1)
John Yarboro (1)
Wylie (1)
Wyche (1)
Wyatt (1)
Wright (1)
Worten (1)
Worrall (1)
Wooten (1)
W. Wootan (1)
L. M. Woods (1)
Joseph Woodruff (1)
Winslow (1)
Willard (1)
T. P. Wilkinson (1)
Wilder (1)
Wilburn (1)
Whitfield (1)
Whitesides (1)
Whilt (1)
Wheeler (1)
West (1)
Matthew Werneth (1)
Thomas N. Welch (1)
Jno Welch (1)
Weir (1)
Webster (1)
Jas Weaness (1)
Watts (1)
Watt (1)
Jos Watson (1)
John Watson (1)
Mac Watkinson (1)
Warfield (1)
Ware (1)
Wm Walton (1)
Wade (1)
Waddle (1)
Vinson (1)
Veazey (1)
Vawter (1)
Vaughn (1)
James T. Vaughan (1)
Vanpelt (1)
Geo Underwood (1)
Tyner (1)
Turrentine (1)
Turpley (1)
John Turney (1)
Trice (1)
Townsend (1)
Tower (1)
Tosh (1)
Tomblin (1)
Tidwell (1)
Ticer (1)
Thomson (1)
Terry (1)
Tennille (1)
Henry Tengue (1)
Solomon Tanner (1)
Pinkney Tandress (1)
Swain (1)
Wm Sutton (1)
James Sutherland (1)
Sullivan (1)
Stukes (1)
Wm Stuart (1)
Samuel Stuart (1)
John Strowd (1)
Stringfellow (1)
Story (1)
Stimpson (1)
Stewart (1)
Stevens (1)
Sterling (1)
Stedman (1)
Starkey (1)
Sproles (1)
Speer (1)
Spann (1)
Smyre (1)
Wm Smallwood (1)
Boyce Simonton (1)
Sim (1)
Leopold Siegel (1)
Shields (1)
Sherwood (1)
Shelton (1)
Shaw (1)
Shannon (1)
N. Shannas (1)
Robert Seville (1)
Drury Scruggs (1)
Aloysius Schenerman (1)
Scarborough (1)
Scales (1)
Corpl Ed Scadamore (1)
Saxton (1)
Clestin Saunie (1)
Geo Sanford (1)
Russell (1)
Runion (1)
Rowell (1)
Rowe (1)
Jas Rowan (1)
Roux (1)
Roth (1)
Roseman (1)
Rooks (1)
Sgt Charles Romenger (1)
W. Rolline (1)
Rodgers (1)
Serg Robert (1)
Ritter (1)
John Ritchie (1)
Joshua Ritchens (1)
Riley (1)
Jas Richmond (1)
Richburg (1)
Richards (1)
Rice (1)
Renfro (1)
Edwin Reichbourg (1)
Redd (1)
Thos Reades (1)
Rea (1)
John Rantfrow (1)
Ranson (1)
Ramsey (1)
Ramsay (1)
Raines (1)
Rabb (1)
Puckett (1)
Proctor (1)
Pritchett (1)
Pritchard (1)
Joel Prince (1)
Priddy (1)
Jos Price (1)
James Price (1)
Pressly (1)
Powers (1)
Porter (1)
Polson (1)
Pitman (1)
Pickens (1)
Philips (1)
Perry (1)
Perkins (1)
Isaac Perains (1)
David Pegan (1)
Peay (1)
Peacock (1)
Patton (1)
Patrick (1)
Parris (1)
Parker (1)
Palmer (1)
Padget (1)
Oxner (1)
Owens (1)
E. Owen (1)
Overstreet (1)
Osborne (1)
O'Brien (1)
Northington (1)
Nix (1)
Niel (1)
Nicholson (1)
Nichola (1)
Newsom (1)
Newman (1)
Nelson (1)
Neal (1)
Murray (1)
Wm Murrah (1)
Munce (1)
Ed Moxley (1)
Motley (1)
Moss (1)
Moses (1)
Edgar F. Mosely (1)
Monahan (1)
Mole (1)
Mintz (1)
McDaniel Jos Millwood (1)
Green Millsors (1)
Merrill (1)
J. M. Melton (1)
McWhorter (1)
McVeigh (1)
McShane (1)
Frank McQueen (1)
McNinch (1)
McNeal (1)
Patrick McNally (1)
McMurray (1)
McMillan (1)
McLure (1)
McLeod (1)
McLendon (1)
McLean (1)
McLaurin (1)
MckKritz (1)
McKissick (1)
McKinstry (1)
McKinney (1)
McJunkin (1)
McGaynor (1)
McDowell (1)
Thos McDaugling (1)
Jno McDarmot (1)
McCutchen (1)
McCully (1)
McCullough (1)
McCraw (1)
McCormick (1)
McConnell (1)
McConnel (1)
McCarty (1)
Jno McCarthy (1)
McCardle (1)
McCall (1)
McAnear (1)
Mays (1)
John Mayes (1)
John May (1)
Jno Maudy (1)
Massey (1)
Massengale (1)
Corpl Martin (1)
Marsh (1)
Marin (1)
Jno Mandy (1)
Maddox (1)
Lynn (1)
Lynch (1)
Lyles (1)
Lt Samuel Luther (1)
Lumpkin (1)
Luckey (1)
Lowery (1)
Lomax (1)
Samuel Logue (1)
Logan (1)
Lloyd (1)
Chas Lipsey (1)
Lindsay (1)
Leopold (1)
Joseph Leonard (1)
Leman (1)
Joel Leffey (1)
Lee (1)
Leavel (1)
John Learman (1)
Lawrence (1)
Latham (1)
Johny Laster (1)
Langston (1)
Patrick Lanaman (1)
Kohler (1)
Theo Klinck (1)
Kirkpatrick (1)
Kirby (1)
El Kinney (1)
Louis Kinnev (1)
Kerr (1)
Kenner (1)
Kennedy (1)
H. Keeling (1)
Thomas M. Kanuaday (1)
Joyner (1)
James P. Jordan (1)
Howell Jones (1)
Joiner (1)
Thos Johnston (1)
Jett (1)
Jeter (1)
Jno Jennings (1)
Jamison (1)
Jacobs (1)
Stonewall Jackson (1)
Col Andrew Jackson (1)
Jas Ivey (1)
Moses Ingraham (1)
Hyndman (1)
Hylton (1)
Hutton (1)
Hutchings (1)
Hunter (1)
Hunt (1)
Humphries (1)
Hulliers (1)
Wm Hughes (1)
House (1)
Mike Houk (1)
Oscar R. Hough (1)
Horton (1)
Holley (1)
Holland (1)
Aaron Holingshead (1)
James Holcum (1)
Holcomb (1)
Hoke (1)
Hodge (1)
Hite (1)
Hightower (1)
Higgins (1)
Hiett (1)
Herring (1)
Albert Hensler (1)
Henry (1)
Henegan (1)
Robt Hempoilt (1)
Joseph Heller (1)
Chas Hatm (1)
Samuel Humfreys Septimus Harvier (1)
Wm Harvey (1)
Harretson (1)
Harmon (1)
Harman (1)
Harlin (1)
Harland (1)
Hardcastle (1)
Hardaway (1)
Jack Haralson (1)
Hanna (1)
Haney (1)
Hanes (1)
Hancock (1)
Abner Hammonds (1)
Hammett (1)
Roland Hambertin (1)
Ham (1)
Hale (1)
Gross (1)
Grissom (1)
Grimes (1)
James P. Grant (1)
Goslin (1)
Joseph Gonzales (1)
Samuel Goldsmith (1)
Godfrey (1)
Glenn (1)
Wm Gillespie (1)
Gayle (1)
Gautt (1)
Gasaway (1)
Serg Garrison (1)
Garrick (1)
Garrett (1)
Garnett (1)
Garey (1)
Gandy (1)
Joseph Gamboni (1)
Gamble (1)
Gainson (1)
Gainey (1)
Gaillard (1)
Fulmore (1)
Frizell (1)
Frazier (1)
Fowlkes (1)
Fountain (1)
John B. Floyd (1)
Fitzpatrick (1)
Jonathan Fitchett (1)
Findly (1)
Findlayson (1)
Fewell (1)
Featherstone (1)
Farrar (1)
Fairman (1)
Henry Evans (1)
Ethridge (1)
Erwin (1)
Jas Epps (1)
Epperson (1)
Ro Elliott (1)
Wylie Easters (1)
Nathan Dyer (1)
Dye (1)
Durant (1)
Thos Duon (1)
Samuel Dunn (1)
John Dunlop (1)
Dunlap (1)
Dunkins (1)
Gen Dukes (1)
Duffey (1)
Drake (1)
Downing (1)
Douglas (1)
Dorrah (1)
Dorn (1)
Louis Dondaro (1)
Dobyns (1)
Robt Dilley (1)
Jno Dilley (1)
Dillard (1)
Dickey (1)
Dickerson (1)
W. Dickens (1)
James Desont (1)
Jacob Derrick (1)
Samuel Derackin (1)
Dement (1)
Dejarnette (1)
Wm Deering (1)
Oliver Dean (1)
Daniel (1)
Daniel Curry (1)
Cumming (1)
Crowley (1)
Crossen (1)
Crosbey (1)
Cron (1)
Croft (1)
Crocker (1)
Crawley (1)
Cox (1)
Cornwell (1)
Cooper (1)
Wm Conner (1)
James Conner (1)
Conley (1)
Comer (1)
Comd (1)
Combs (1)
Colly (1)
Collier (1)
Cole (1)
Col (1)
Ehen Coffin (1)
Cochran (1)
Coates (1)
Cline (1)
Clifton (1)
Clements (1)
Clemens (1)
Clayton (1)
Clark (1)
Cheatham (1)
Charles (1)
Henry Chapman (1)
Charles Preston Chandler (1)
Wm Centley (1)
Cauthen (1)
Cauley (1)
Caskie (1)
Cash (1)
Casey (1)
E. Cary (1)
Owen Carsher (1)
Jas Capos (1)
Capers (1)
Alfred Cantrell (1)
Caldwell (1)
Jos Byrnes (1)
Byrd (1)
Butts (1)
Picayune Butler (1)
Bush (1)
Burt (1)
Burris (1)
Burnett (1)
Burke (1)
John Bullard (1)
Buise (1)
Buchanan (1)
Bryant (1)
Bryan (1)
Browning (1)
John Brown (1)
Brooks (1)
Brogdon (1)
Patrick Brody (1)
Brian (1)
Brawley (1)
John Bratton (1)
Brane (1)
Braddock (1)
Boyd (1)
Peter Bowling (1)
Boulware (1)
Bostick (1)
Boggs (1)
Blanton (1)
Bland (1)
Blake (1)
Blair (1)
Blackman (1)
Black (1)
John Bishop (1)
Peter Bird (1)
Bice (1)
Bevil (1)
Berry (1)
Privates Benj (1)
Beale (1)
Baum (1)
Bates (1)
Bateman (1)
Barton (1)
Dav Barry (1)
Barrow (1)
David Barribas (1)
Barret (1)
Barnett (1)
Wm Barker (1)
Banning (1)
Robt Bankhead (1)
Balch (1)
Bagnall (1)
Baggett (1)
Babcock (1)
Babb (1)
Ayres (1)
Atwood (1)
Arrants (1)
Arnold (1)
Ard (1)
Robert Anderson (1)
Alman (1)
Allison (1)
Alken (1)
Adjt (1)
Adams (1)
Adam (1)
Acker (1)
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June 5th, 1862 AD (1)
May 31st (1)
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