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Reports of casualties.

We append some further reports of killed, wounded, and missing, in the late battle near Richmond.

List of the casualties in the 14th Regiment Georgia Volunteers, Colonel F Price commanding, in the battle of May 31st, 1862.

Headq'rs 14th Reg't Ga. Vols., Camp near the Picket Lines. June 11th, 1862.
Editors Richmond Dispatch:

Below I send you an accurate statement of the casualties in the 14th Georgia Regiment, in the battle of the 31st of May. The 14th formed a portion of the brigade of acting Brigadier-General Colonel Wade Hampton; the other regiments being the ‘"Hampton Legion"’--19th Georgia and 16th North Carolina. The brigade arrived on the field about 6 o'clock P. M., after a double-quick of three miles, and immediately formed in line of battle, and charged a masked battery situated in the woods on the left of the line, and to the left of the road. A large majority of the casualties of the 14th Georgia regiment was occasioned by the enemy's first fire, which was delivered when the regiment had arrived with in 30 yards of the hostile battery. I see by this morning's Dispatch that Lieutenants W. C. Clegg and W. M. Presion, reported as missing in the statement, were taken prisoners on the field, and are now in the hands of the enemy. They were both known to have been wounded during the fight.

Field and Staff.--Killed, none. Wounded, none.

In the course of the fight every Field and Staff officer became dismounted, but continued the discharge of their duties on foot.

Company A, (Confederate-Volunteers.) Captain J. H. Etheredge, commanding.--Killed: Captain J. H. Etheredge. Wounded: Serg't B F Davis, slightly in shoulder; Corporal J F Lamkin, slightly in foot; Privates L N Thrash, slightly in leg; J M Thrash, slightly on head; R W McGinty, slightly on knee; F G Mitchell, slightly in thigh.

Company B, (Ramah Vol. Guards,) Capt. Charles C Kelley, commanding — Killed: Privates Joel Brewer, and George Dennard.--Wounded Corporal R L Croom, severely on head; Privates A C Dennard, severely in thigh; J J Dykes, severely in leg; George Christian, severely in leg; Sergeant Samuel Gee, slightly on chin.

Company C, (Jasper Infantry,) Captain L A Lane, commanding.--Killed: Private Wm S Seymour. Wounded: Sergeant J W Preston, slightly in neck; Corporal L B Thigpen, slightly in abdomen; Corporal J J Tyler, slightly in shoulder; Private Wm M Wommack, severely in thigh; Jas M Stone, severely in arm; S W Powell, slightly in arm; Henry A Cook, slightly in abdomen. Missing: Lieutenant W M Preston, and private William Vaughan.

Company D, (Cherokee Brown Rangers,) Captain J M Fielder, commanding.--Killed: Sergeant J V Baker; Privates G W Sorrel, M V Bruce, S W Wilson, and Martin McGinnis. Wounded: Privates W P Sountain, badly in abdomen; C G Adams, severely on head; Wm A Dupree, slightly in arm; Moses Black, slightly in arm; Captain J M Fielder, slightly in foot. Missing: Privates Clement Arnold, John Blythe, and W P Peterson, (all reported badly wounded.)

Company E, (Lester Volunteers,) Captain R P Lester commanding — Killed: Corporal T A J Armstrong and Private Cullen Otwell. Wounded: Privates M M Taylor, badly in arm; A J Hughes, severely in thigh; W E Dode, severely in hand; William Rogers, one finger shot off; O P Woodliff, severely in arm; F S Light, severely in both legs; George W Light, slightly in thigh.

Company F, (Johnson Grays,) Captain R P Harmon commanding.--Wounded: First Sergeant A A Jordan, badly in hand; Sergeant John M Mason, slightly in arm. Missing: Lieutenant William O Clegg, reported to be badly wounded.

Company G, (Yancey Independents,) Captain T T Mounger commanding — Killed: Corporal James J Goodman (regimental color bearer). Wounded: Privates Levi T Fowler, George W Spring, Jackson J Shiver, Thomas L Wheelus, and Richard McElhannon, badly; First Sergeant Thomas G Westfall, Privates Elbert Baker, Romulus Weeks, John T Jerkins, Thomas J Deariso, James Deariso, Norman G Gillis, and Nathan T Calhoun, slightly. Missing: First Lieutenant Robt F Shine, reported badly wounded.

Company H. (Blackshear Guards,) Captain T M Yopp commanding.--Wounded: Captain T M Yopp, severely in shoulder; Privates Emory Smith, badly in thigh; D J Bush, do in arm and side; N B Bostick and John Bates, both on head.

Company I, (Jeff. Davis Rifies,) Captain R W McMichael commanding.--Wounded: Private James Eidson, badly in arm.

Company K, (Etowah Guards,) Second Lieut James M Jackson commanding — Wounded: Privates A J Wood, slightly in side; J J Ferguson, slightly in shoulder. Missing: Corp'l James M Baker, reported badly wounded.


Number of men and officers carried into action, 486

R. A. Holt, 1st Lieut. and Act'g Adj't 14th Ga. Reg't.

List of killed of the 4th Reg't N. C. State Troops, in the battle of "seven piece," on the 31st May, 1862.

Company A.--Capt A R Simonton; Privates Joseph L Brown, Thomas C Deaton, Henry C Hart, McKannie W Hooper, Solomon H Kilgrove, and John Loftin.

Company B.--Sg'ts Montford S McKenzie and Calvin G Hix; Corp'ls Wm H Burkhead and Thos Jordan; privates Franklin Niblock, Nehemiah J J Sloop, Wm A Webb, Alexander Felzer, and Thos Pinkston.

Company C.--1st Lt Jos C White; privates Gilbert N Gills, Henry L Bustle, Reuben S Lolla, John T Tays, Thos B Summers, and John Scroggs.

Company D.--Sg't Jno W Harrison; privates Henry Bartlett, Jas P Powell, and Geo L Whitley.

Company E.--Corp'l Thos R Marray; privates Seth Brinn, Jacob O Merry, Bryan Campbell, and Lewis H Leggett.

Company F.--Capt Jesse S Barnes; Corp'l Wm T Lewis; privates Rufus M Franklin, Wm D Marier, Leopold Octtenger, John H Minor, Jacob Barnes, David Renttrow, Wm Todd, and Wm R Crafton.

Company G.--Serg't. Richard L Dismukes Privates John J Barlow, Anderson H Cain, Alex W Chaffin, James Cook, James Dowdy, Jonathan Jordan, Ira F Swarenger, and Rufus W Wagoner.

Company H.--Privates Moses B Diffes, Milan Morgan, Joseph Farr, Jno W Freizland, Jno R Kinder, Beverly Rash, Thos P Whitaker, Luther R Rennegar, Jas L Walker, Lorenza G Moosefield, and David Farr.

Company I.--Privates Francis Jones, David, Roe, Samuel Asperry, Jas H Foreman, Joseph B Simpson, Jno A Norman, Amarian B Hudwell, and Wright Pitt.

Company K.--Corp'l Jas Bowers and Robt G Kyle; Privates David C. Johnson, Alfred A Lawrence, Lawson A Rendleman, Samuel Strayhorn, and Geo S Winters.

Total killed, 2 Captains, 11st Lieut, 4 Sergeants, 6 Corporals, 64 privates. Aggregate 77.

List of wounded of the 4th Reg't N. C. State Troops, in the battle of seven Fines, May 31, 1862.

Field and Staff; Capt J D Hyman, A C S, badly wounded in foot; 1st Lt Thos L Perry, Adj't, mortally.

Company A.--2d Lieut William F McRorie, slightly in knee; Sergeants Ashbell S Frayley, slightly above knee; Wm L Shuford, slightly in shoulder; Corp'ls E Barnes, M M Weeley, seriously in throat; Jno M Barnes, seriously in breast and hand; privates Wm L Allen, slightly in leg; Hiram A Brawley, three fingers shot off; Robert M Brawley slightly in thigh; Franklin A Fortner, seriously in right hand; Wm S Honeycutt, slightly in head; Jas A Ingram, seriously in thigh; And D Kerr, seriously in shoulder; Cornelius Middleton, slightly in thigh; J B Morgan, thigh broken; Ernest A Morrison, seriously in thigh; Burrell Plyler, slightly in hand; John W Plyler, slightly in face; Pleasant A Shaver, thigh broken; Henry W Sides, seriously in wrist; John F Wallace, slightly in foot, Thomas A White, right arm shot off; William C Hobbs, slightly musician, Wm S Rickert, slightly in shoulder.

Company B.--Capt James H Wood, badly wounded in hip; 1st Lieut Thos C Watson, slightly wounded in head; 2d Lieut Jessee F Stansell, slightly wounded in head; Corporal Wm D Biggers, slightly wounded in hip; Privates Hugh Lexter, slightly wounded in arm and breast; John D Beaver, Michael M Beaver, slightly wounded in thigh; Wm Chunn, slightly wounded in breast; Jas F Cowan, seriously wounded in arm and thigh; Nathan N. Cowan, slightly wounded in shoulder; Wiley Cox, thigh broken; Jas C Graham, wounded in thigh and breast; Wiley Ghents, wounded in knee; Jas Hellard, wounded in arm and breast; Jno W Keisler, wounded in leg; John Seager; Rufus A Mills, wounded in elbow; Franklin Plumer, wounded in arm; Matthew W Stackleather, wounded in arm; Jas M Turner, wounded in arm; Jacob W Willhem, wounded in arm; Jas H Holdsclaw; Jefferson A Smith.

Co. C.--Privates Joseph A Houpe, Melmouth A Bowles, Wm M Moo, Chas B Annes, John C Hoover, mortally wounded; Corp'ls Nicholas W Carpenter and John F Goodman, Privates Robert A Hall, Sumpter A Hoover, Milas Holdshouser, Robert T Kerr, James P Norton, John C Reymer, James A Reid, Jas M Rickert, Thos Summers, Albert M White, John R Eldson, Joseph B Sherrill, David S Hustle, badly wounded; Serg'ts Andrew J Anderson and John A S Feirnater, Corp'ls John A Waddell and Jas A Holmes, Privates Wm S Beard, Geo Srady, Isaac N Brotherton; Augustus F Campbell, John H Campbell, Solomon A Claywell, Archy B Ervin, John A Fleming, James A Garrison, Alvill H Goodin, Robert O Hair, John F Holmes, Wm G Holmes, Chas S Johnston, Isaac M Jones, Columbus Kerr, James A McRoy, Peter T Miller, Jacob T Robb, Franklin A Shuford, and Wm Brady.

Co. D.--Second Lieut, M Clay Hazalle,

slightly in hand; Corp's James Brower, H Pearsall and Cedar Parker, seriously wounded; Privates James Anderson, Wm Burnham, John T Beard, Elijan Croom, Combs, Geo W Casey, Wm Dinkins, John Daniel, John Holmes, Stephen Holmes, T R Lee, Joseph Lane, Elisha Myers, Jas Norris DeWitt C Pate, Edward A Robins, W Sasser, Jas Sanderson, Jesse T Tindall, Right R Understood. Ber J F Whitley, John B Williams and John Whitley.

Co. E.--Capt David M Carter, 2d Lieut -ward Q Redding, Corp'ls Joseph W Leggets and Thos R Tettertson, Privates Jas Brady, Jesse Brown, James Williams, James Sy- John Harris, Mordecal Ward, Wm A Cutler Richard A Baynor, John Rivers, David Besnor, Jas Brickell, Wm Mallison, Geo Whit- 2d Lieut Dan'l P Latham, Serg't Major F Williamson, Henry C Cutler, Privates Wm T Haggard, John Latham, John Hawkins, Asa Johnson, Isaac Meekins, Isaac S Swindell, Appleton Squires, Dan'l Briley, Geo W Mears, Henry Cutler, Stephen H Whitley Joshua W Silversthorn, Langly Power, Thes Merry, James E Hodges, Moses Wooderd, George D Jefferson, Redding L Legg- Hautzy Hodges.

Company F.--Wounded: Lt John W Detham, thigh: 2d Lt Thos E Thompson, head Sg'ts Wm R Hansell, thigh; Robt R Lancaster, hip; Corp'l Wm V Stephens, arm; Thos B Smith, breast; Henry M Warren, arm, Privates Jas T Atkinson, leg; Barnyard Barnes, shoulder and arm; Geo B Battle, head, Wiky Farmer, arm; Jas C Farmer, arm and shoulder; Jonathan D Farmer, leg; Wm L Mean jaw; Rheston Marler, arm; Andrew J Robertson, arm; Abram H Sharpe, head and back Seth H Scott, hip; Zebulon M P Stewart, arm Bryant Stokes, ide; Joel Taylor, hand, Alfred Thomas, both shoulders; Benj T Williford, arm; John H Watson, abdomen; Gaska Watson, arm; Wm P Wootten, arm; David Vick, shoulder, B Rhodes, leg; John S Benton, breast.

Company G.--Wounded: Captain Wm Kelley, face; 1st Lieutenant Samuel A Kaley, foot; 2d Lieutenant Daniel L C- shoulder; Corporal Lewis S Mulligan, head; Privates Wm Austin, thigh; Thomas J Baker knee; Wm H Beck, leg; John W Beachan hand; John O Bowden foot; Wm G Cain John N Charles, heel; Edward J. Douth- hand; John W. Godsey, head; Davidson breast; Harrison H Hanes, side; Wm A Hasdrix, arm and side; Henry H. -ams, head Samuel A Jones, thigh; Wm A Lane, side Wilson Leach, side; Wm A McCracken, leg Wm Perry, hand; John E Reeves, hand; Wm ley W Sheets, side; John Taylor, leg; Edmo- Turner, thigh; Montreville Walls, wrist; Richard M Williams, arm; Thos F Whitlock, foot.

Company H.--Wounded: Capt Edwin A Caborn, hip; 1st Lieut John Z Dalton, head Serg'ts Samuel H Bobbitt, arm; Isaac Thomas, wrist; Privates Leander G Morris breast; Larkin L Goforth, thigh, amputated; Robert M Lazenby, head and side; Benjamin Tharp, ankles; Joseph F Chamberlin, mouth Henry L Milton, leg; Jesse A Weasner, hand; Samuel P Edwards, leg; David A Harmos, wrist; Joseph L Pagit, thigh; Reuben R Morgan, fool; Robert W Nesbitt, thigh; Thomas L Morgan, foot; Francis M Current, head; Jiles C Joyner, arm; Benjamin Carter, leg; John W Roberson, arm and side; John Barnard, side; Joseph N Goforth, arm; Emous Campbell, arm; John B Boles, hand; Noah Tomlinson, leg.

Company I.--Wounded: 1st Lieut Leo Creekmur, Corp'l Z B Carwan; privates W- Calloway, Geo R Roe, and William Norman, mortally,; privates James N Rees, leg; Thomas R Crawford, head; Edward Tripp, hand; Noah Pullpot, cheek; Thomas M Swindall, hip; Caswell Jones, right eye Zack Brantly, side; Samuel Swindall, arm Solomon F Swindall, arm; George Daw, side John R Boyd, side; William J. Litchworn hip; Charles C Doughty, shoulder; Richard C Pickering, arm; Edward White, head and hand.

Company K.--1st Lieut Coughenour, ear and head slightly; 2nd Lieut Hamilton C Long arm; 2d Lieut Marcus Hofflin; Corp'l Richard Williams, hand; Privates S A Brown, back; J C Crowell and W W Cummings, mortal; J C Caspar, arm; N W Church, hand; J C Deston, back badly; W A Ellett, arm slightly; A Friedheim, hand; S S Gardner, side; M N Holshouser, Lewis Holshouser, chest;-- -crop, hand; Calvin Miller, head; A N M- thigh; F W Mills, shoulder; Daniel Moyer, head and thigh; J Meldon, thigh broken; Neely, mouth; W H Page, arm; E Patterns and J W Roberts, shoulder; J W Snuggs, arm; H C Selvers, leg; W D Smithdeal, hand; Levis Turner, thigh; Matthew Weant, arm; Henry Wice, breast.

Total wounded: 5 Captains, 7 1st Lieuts, 2d Lieuts, 10 Sergeants, 18 Corporals, 1 Musician, and 244 privates. Aggregate 294.

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