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List of wounded.

We continue this morning the publication of the list of killed and wounded as far as has been received:

List of Casualties in the Ninth Alabama regiment Major J. H. J. Williams, commanding, in the Engagement on Friday, June 27th, 1862.

Company A, Lieutenant A. H. Hays, commanding.--Killed: Color Sergeant J Donnelly, Corperal D. Mitchell, and private D. Thomas. Morrall Wounded: Privates Wm. McGlivery, M Winters, and B McTurnan. Slightly Wounded: Lieut A H Hays, Privates J Lynelf, W Brown, A J Lefevre, and J Morrissey. Missing: Private F Kent.

Company B, Capt. E B Moore com'ding.--killed: Sergeant Larkin, privates Jas Gorrin, Mike Percoll, Chas Riley, H Hulsey, Miles Cowan, and L yan Smith. Wounded: Corporal J Quinn, Privates P Connell, E Poteet, P Dromey, P Bodkin, J Coswell, B Green, John Green, John Jacobs, Thomas Ready. Thos McDonald. Missing: Private W Hogan.

Company C.--Killed: Privates J A J Sloan, Wm. Montgomery, N C Graham M M Rodgers. Wounded: Sergeant H V Whitehead, privates J. Brunan, G R Bailey, Color Corporal R H Coleman, privates C F Davis, N M Garnett, B C Harrison, J F Windham, A J Watkins. Missing: Privates T J Ralle, M D Allen, T H Hawkins.

Company D.--Killed: Corpl E J Pool, Privates A C Thrasher, M Perkins, D H Jones. Wounded: Capt Jas. M Crow, slight; Lt Jas. W. Wilson, slight; Color Corpl J E Beauchamp, Privates D C Hendrix, J Marcella, F M Young.

Company E.--Killed: Corpl Graves, Privates Russell, Martin, Cart Wounded severely; Lieut. John Hart, Corpl Co Privates Rothall, White, Carroll, Gassamay, Tackett, Barnett, House, Weatherby, Booker, Thomas, McKinzey.

Company F.--Killed: Private Cruse. Woundeds Privates Brackeen, Bridgforth, Fielding, Greeson, Gilbert, Hambleton, Hapner, McDonald, Sloan, Smith, Crouch, Capt. T H Hobbs, severely; Lieut. W L Wayland. Missing: Privates Johnson, Venable.

Company C.--Killed: Capt. E Y Hill, Corpl H W Whitaker, Private J L Lide. Wounded: Privates A J Mille, mortally; J S Knox, do; J M Mogran veryly; D Bullock, do; J Watson, do; H L Solomon, slight; L S Renfroe, do; Sergt Files, do.

Company H.--Killed: Private S Crabb. Wounded: Privates M Hill, mortally; H Watkins J Cline, G Dean, G Grisham, G T Graham, C P Lowell L R Bates, J L Baick, J K Patterson, W M R erts, Henderson, Sergts J Hardy, in leg; W T H bbs, in knee

Company L.--Killed: Privates P F Marbut, W J Barnett. Wounded: 2d Lieuts A C Chishoha, F M Gresham, Privates M Richardson, N H Rice, S W Ridgeway, F M Wilson. Missing: Private P S Whitehead.

Company K.--Killed: 1st Sergt. J C Miller, Sergt E V Robbins, Privates E B Offett, Wm L, A H Buchanan, J S Lawler. Wounded: Sergt J D Hackney, Corpl Jas Burck, Privates J P Critclen, J H

Critchen, Pat Hughes, M McClenden, J May, B Dalley, Dr. J W Fennell. Lieut. M. G. May,

Adjutant 9th Ala. Reg't.

A list of the Killed and wounded of the 8th regiment Virginia Volunteers in the Engagement of June 27, 1862.

Company A. Capt. Wm. R Bissell — Killed: Privated Wm P Janney and Robt S Young. Wounded: Lieut Edward C Gibson, severely; Corpl Albert Heaton, badly; Private Volney P Hill, badly.

Company B, Capt. H C Boule — Wounded: Lieut Geo T Allen, mortally; Sergt Hubert Moss, slightly; Privates Geo W Newlon, Bushrod Carter, and Zachariah Royston, badly.

Company C, Capt Robt H Taylor — Wounded: Orderly Marcus B Conrad, severely; Sergt A H Compton; Corpl Chas Kerns, slightly; Privates Warner Allison, slightly; Evans O Luncford, badly; Fitzgerald Thornton, badly; Robt Lynn, slightly; Wm O Haggerty, slightly; Snowden B Martin, do.

Company D. Capt. Wm N Berkeley — Wounded: Sergt Geo W Moran, very seriously; Albert Morris, slightly; Corpl French Gulick, slight; Privates Leven Luckett, very badly; David Gulick, badly; L F Hutchison, slightly; Francis Chiner, slightly.

Company E, Capt. John R Career — Wounded: Corpl J A Tavener, badly; Sergt Wm Moon, slightly; Corpl Richd Marshal, badly; Privates Joseph Steele, very badly; Wm Hann, slightly.

Company F, Capt. Alexander Grayson--Killed: Lieut R O Grayson; Private Wm T Dickey. --Wounded: Lieut H W Chamblin, badly.

Company G, Capt. J O Berry — Killed: Private Asa Peck. Wounded: Privates Geo L Williams, slight; Armistead Thompson, slight; Thos Holden, badly; J W Butler, badly; Geo Ghee, badly; J W Kidwell badly; Robt Wells, badly;

Company H, Capt. Fistus Griffith--Wounded: Corpt Chas A Cox, badly; Private John Manett, slightly.

Company I, Capt. Wm F Garrett — Killed: Orderly Jas. A Garrett; Sergt B W Skilman. Wounded: Private Saml Cole, badly.

Company K, Capt. J J Smith — Killed: Lieut E L Fant. Wounded: Sergts E M Herrington, slightly; John N Garrison, badly; Corpl L M Lawrence, slightly; Privates C W Farr, badly; Wm Legg. badly.

Rev. Geo. W Harris volunteers to the regiment, was badly wounded in side while bearing off a wounded soldier.

Total Killed8
Total Wounded52

This regiment went into action with 185 muskets, and was gallantly led by its brave Col. Eppa Hunton, who had just returned the day before the engagement from a severe spell of sickness, and though very weak and emaciated, never fallered in the discharge of his duty. Maj. Edmund Berkeley did much to inspire the men with courage.

T. B. Hutchison, Adj't.

List of Killed and wounded in the 34th north Carolina regiment.

Wounded: Col R H Riddick, Lieut-Col C J Hammarskold, and Adjt J W Riddick.

Company A.--Killed: Private Green Andrews.

Company B.--Killed: Drury Haull. Wounded: Privates Wm Wright, Adolphus Withro, William Brooks, F M Green, A H Davis, Amos Hamrick.

Company C.--Killed: Private A G Wallace, G R Keeter, B O Tanner, W H Miller. Wounded: L N McBryer, L A Daves, H Lumner, W G Conner, C M Crow, R M Harrill, A O Lynch, J W Wilson.

Company D.--Killed: Private J R McNeely.--Wounded: Capt W L J Lawrence Sergt T J Alkinson, Privates Wm Harvell, E Freeze, F M Miller, R A Overeash, Jool Corriher, S A Martin, B M Atwell, Wilson Overeash, David Pickler, J B Parter, J T Williford, J K McNeely.

Company E.--Killed: Lieut David Rhodes, Privates J H Hill, Dan Wise, Dan Perkins, Joab Mobre, Cephas Hartzoge. Wounded: M L Heavner, Joshua Queen, Pink Edmond, Charles Shull, Geo Hedgpelt, David Reid, Alex Helms. Thos A bernethey, Danl Gilbert, Perry Carpenter, Jno H Eaker.

Company F.--Killed: Capt A G Waters; Privates Wm Clay, A G Elam, R H Shields, W L Harden, B K Harden, J A Bryant, Saml Akin, John White, D A Wilson Solomon Carpenter. J E Beam. Wounded: Lieut D R Hoyle; Privates Cyrus Sparrow, A H Gantt. B M Hoyle, Solomon Newten, Newton Wright, A C Irvin, Jas Blimton, D M Stroup, Henry Hoyle, Presly Norman, Jacob Earls, John Newton, O W Felmot, H S Moss, D D Price.

Company G.--Killed: Privates Chas Anderson, J D D Alexander, J K P Means, J A Todd. Wounded: Lieut G M Norment, Lieut Robt D Reid; Privates W Clerk, J J Phillips, J J Bain, Scott Lawing.

Company H.--Killed: Privates Luther Roberts, Leroy Putrear, A P Gool, John Howell, Wm Brown, Martin Earls.

Company I.--Killed: S Cargall, G C Kenady.--Wounded: J Steadman. Wm Martin, Phillip Suttle, Jack Robbins, Joab Huntlcy, W L Jones, M Kimble.

Company K.--Killed: O L Hurlie. P G Green, H C Hamilton E. C. McLaughlin.

List of Casualties of the 20th Virginia regiment, commanded by Col. R. C. Allen, in the battle of the 27th:

Major N C Wilson, badly wounded in thigh.

Company A, Lieut Fink, commanding killed.--Wounded: Serg't Joel B Walker, Privates Philip T Barger, J G Hayes, John W Camper, E O Simmous. W Obendenchain.

Company B, Lieut Goode, commanding, slightly wounded in thigh. Wounded: Privates W H Jones, Hugh M Hill, John Abbett, J J Lakin.

Company C, Capt Shepard, commanding, wounded in head. Killed: Lt James H Reynolds, Corp'l Geo L Kintzley, Privates John W Givens and Philip J Williams. Wounded: 1st Serg't Wm E Reynolds, Privates B M Kerr, John T Dervin, Jas R McPherson, and Geo L Reynolds.

Company D, Lieut Stewart, commanding. Killed: Corp'ls A Overstreet and John W Beard. Wounded: 1st Serg't John P Walrond, Privates A L Blankinship, Harry Barton, Thos D Carroll Jeel M Franklin, Josiah Dooley, Jno S L Settle, Fielding Luck, and John T Payne.

Company E, Lt. Miner, commanding. Wounded: Serg'ts Kelley and Jas J Ester, Corp'l Patterson, Privates Alex Farris, Jas G Richardson, and Wm J Sunpson. Missing: E W Martin.

Company F. Capt. Hugh Nelson, commanding.--Wounded: 1st Serg't M M Lowry, Serg't J H Ellis, John C Rucker, Corp'l M V Shelton, Privates Thos Pucket, Thos Monroe, J B Tanner, John R Wilson, L B Wright. A P Wright, W H Mitchell, Gharles Padget, M B Claytor, W F Wright, Jno R Ellis.

Company G, Lt. Holland, commanding, severely wounded in each thigh. Wounded: Stephen Chaffin, O V B Dearing, R A Foster, R M Johnson, R Mitchell, J D Williams, W A Walker. Missing: W C Creary.

Company I Lieut A H Hoge commanding, severely wounded in shoulder.--Killeds Privates Ro S Phillips and Jas Murry. Wounded: Sgt A Lewis, in hand and arm; Corp'ls A Ramsey, arm broken; W L Williamson, arm and leg broken; P W Loyd, slightly in side; Privates Samuel M Brown, slightly in hand; David Collins, in body; Jno W Hix, slightly in shoulder; Jos P Lemon, in hand; O J Moseley, slightly in thigh; W W Meador, severely in foot; Jno H Persinger, severely in leg; Chas H Settle, severely in hand; Wm Schoonover, slightly in hand; J B Thompson; severely in thigh; H S Trout, slightly in knee; J W Whitesul, in thigh; Jno W Carroll, in leg; Jno R Hardy, thigh.

Company K, Capt Robertson commanding, severely wounded.--Killed: Corporal W A Peters and Private A S Richardson. Wounded: Sgts G W Shaver, in arm; W D Woodson, severely in groins; Privates L B Cundiff, slightly; B Painter, do; Wm Slack, arm and head; Wm H Tyler, severely in face; Wm H Terms, slightly in arm.


Wm. C. Leetwich,

A. Adj't 28th Reg't Va. Volunteers.

List of Killed and wounded of the Second Florida regiment, Brig. Gen. R. A. Pryor's Brigade, in the battles of Thursday and Friday, 26th and 27th, in the neighborhood of the Chickahominy River.

First Company.--Wounded: Captain and Ass't Quartermaster E M L Engle. Corp Geo R Brown. W E Livingston.

Second Company, Lieut., Tillinghast com'ding.--Wounded: Corporal R Cobb, E S Barnes, F A McNalty.

Third Company, Captain A Moseby.--Wounded: Sergt D L Dunham, Corp Jno Grey. E Hull, B F Brown, Thos W Hooper, J J Davis, E Beasley.

Fourth Company, 2d Lt. P Todd commanding.--Wounded: A J Hogan, M J Fogg, J Slager, Jno P C Massey.

Fifth Company, 2d Lt. A W Wright comm'ding.--Wounded: Sergt J C Gibbs, Jas Drummond, E Taylor, Jno Noland, Jos. Wilkerson.

Sixth Company. 2d Lt. Parker com'ding.--Killed: J G Grey. Wounded: 1st Sergt J L Dutton, D Dortch, Jno McCormack.

Seventh Company. 2d Lt. Jno W Hall com'ding.--Killed: Thos J Watson. Wounded: Geo Shiver, A Woodee, Jno Cheshire.

Eighth Company, 1st Lt. Wm H H Rogers com'g. Killed: T J Wilder, G Herndon. Wounded: J T C Adams, Thos Lewis, S W Parker.

Ninth Company, 1st Lt Sikes com'ding.--Killed: Jas Wilkie. Wounded: Thomas Mills, Jas White, Wm Stroble.

Tenth Company, 1st Lt Spiers com'ding.--Killed: Thos Miller. Wounded: 2d Lt Pratt, Jacoh Moore, M Craine,--Wilkerson, J C Mole, W B Brewer, Jno Bonnel.

Eleventh Company, 1st Lt E C Humphreys commanding.--Killed: Corp T M Ranson. Wounded: Jas H Knight, Jno L Penny, W B Sills, Samuel Cillford, A Viller, D C Knowles, D H Deer

Twelth Company, Captain W Parkhill.--Killed: Captain W Parkhill. Wounded: Corp R M Horn, Corp R D Sturgess, Wm Clair, Jno Dobson, Albert Paine, M Dillan.


Thos. M. Palmer.

Surgeon 2d Florida Vols.

Moore Hospital, June 28th and 29th,

Wm R Brown, 1st N C; C A Gregory, 12th N C. J Cave, 1st N C; A T Marsh, 22d N C; W B Hollingsworth, Ro Shipp, Wm T Sutton, 38th N C; M Bill, 1st N C; j W Porter, 38th Ga, (dead;) A 8 Hair, 38th N C; (dead;) Chas Marshmont, 44th Ga; M D Pitts, 19th Ga, (dead;) Tim Wheeler, 24th N C; G Osborn, 26th N C; J D Taylor, 2d Miss Battalion; H B Thompson, 12th Miss; T L Hatchett, 44th Ga; B F Parker, 24th N C; D R Foster, 24th N C; J H Russell, 12th N C; J O C Burlow, 26th N C; W M Carter, 38th N C; J P Bradshaw, 13th N C; M Rush, 34th N C; Wm Kennedy, Moody's Lousiana Battery; Chas Mauz, 4th Texas; R L Hunter, 19th Ga; Ro Haines, 19th Ga; A W Green, 12th N C; R C Montgomery, do; Wm B Powell, do; J T Rice, do; N C Tunstall, do; Wm B Powell, do; J T Rice, do; N C Tunstall, do; R F Carter, 20th N C; C F Kingsberry, 12th N C; J E Ducke, do; J D Pain, do; Henry Pitts, 12th do; R C Hamlett, do; W E Werner, 4th S C; J Watkius, 20th N C; G F Sinyer, 5th S C; Wm Wilson, 4th Texas; Wm H Rickeits, 13th Va; T J Britt, 14th S C; Jno Harrison, do; J N Phipps, 12th N C; Wm S Hallerday, do; A Frayser, 2d Miss; Wm Wilkins 34th N C; Wilburn Willis, 22d N C; Wm H Wright, 34th do; J T Selsm, do; Jno E Croom, 18th N C; Morris Grannon, 14th La; Capt J P Brooks, 20th N C; J D Shines, Ensign, 20th N C; D J Brandhurst, Sergeant Major, 29th N C; Jas P Moore,--.

Ligon Hospital, June 28.

W T Sills, 2d Fla; Lt W K Garnett, dead; Thos Fauntleroy, 55th Va. W T Rigsby, 13th Ala; Milton Dulin, 48th N C; B F Morris, 22d Ga; W Treppell, 1st La; T H Gildarb, J McPherson, A B Gardner, 12th Miss; W A Caruthers, Geo Brideweber, N A Clarke, 11th Miss; A B Green, 12th Miss; D J Harralson, W P Robertson, H Brannan, Jas McGordan, J Q English, J H Mounger, Wm Rounceavall, 2d Miss; Fr Stringfellow, J H Dailey, Reuben Chason, Jno Cenny, 8th Ala; J L Files, Jas Morrissey. W D Rothell 9th Ala; F C Grogg, The Sullivan, J H Lanford, 9th Ala; James W Wright, Enock Harris, J T Willoughby, A J Walker, B Steadham, E C Walker, J R McManus, 14th Ala; Mike Winters, 9th Ala; A C Cunningham, 10th Ala; Tho Mayfield, F Hetherington, T S McDonald, 5th S C; B C Johnson, 4th S C; G C Anderson, R A Gordon, 1st S C rifles; J J Ruff, 13th S C; J T Sprinkle, 28th N C; J F Brown, 6th S C; J M Jones, J Massey, 4th N C; W Dalton. C D Pollard, 18th Va; B H Rochelle, Johnson's Artillery; G Shievers, dead, J J Davis, E Hull, Thos Mills, 2d Fla; J D Hill, will die, 18th Ga; J J Adams, 6th Ga; J S Cudd, E M Gabriel, Jenkins's reg't; 8 Young, 4th Texas; P Mader, J T Lutler, 5th Texas; C B Fontaine, 22d Ga.

Second Georgia Hospital, June 28th.

H P Thomas, 45th Ga; Gaven. 19th Ga; M Ratsford, 6th Ga; Dr. F an 19th Ga; A J Wesley, 7th Ga; G P Elliott, 19th Ga; A J Hadson, 35th Ga; Lt Jno Grant, 18th Ga; D Stroup, 18th Ga; Jas Williams, do; J M Rice, do; J B Fuller, 23d Ga; J G Bearding, 41th Ga; J H Edwards, 44th Ga; H S Gregory, 14th Ga; W R Milwood, 2d Ga.

Third Georgia Hospital, June 28th.

Asa Newsome, 48th Ga; Jas Wright, 15th Ga; J M Clary, 5th Ga; Jno Kenedy, 2d Ga; H L Smith, 9th Ga; H Oliver, 2d Ga; O H Bandey, 22d Ga; W W Kendricks, 49th Ga; J A Smith, 35th Ga; T W G Inglett, 28th Ga; W G Gresham, 18th Ga;--Dumphrees, do; J A Dunn, 22d Ga; J M Fletcher, do; T J Elliott, 19th Ga; Wiley Parker, 14th Ga; Curtis Biftts, 49th Ga; Jesse Knight, 35th Ga; R W Knight, do; M N Minor, do; J L Brown, do; B M Ferrell, do; Thos C Owens, 2d Ga; E Adams, 6th Ga; G N Arnchbacker, 2d Ga; W Fluker, 15th Ga; Samuel Hill, 18th Ga; F C Hays, 20th Ga; John Craig, do; J A Waych, do; E Johnson, do, Nath Brown, 15th Ga.

Howard's Hospital, June 28th and 29th

J B Merrit, 8th Va; J B Martin, 19th Ala; J L Hearn; 35th Ga; Wm Haggarty, 8th Va; E A Lunsford, 8th Va; R S Lynn, 8th Va; A Compton. 8th Va; J C Oglesby, 15th Ga; N Royals, 20th N C. M Royals, 20th N C; J B Pitman, 2d Miss; R L Turner, 2d Miss; A J Woodward, 12th Ala; W W Graves, 12th Ala; D S Sottlemire, 4th Ala; J M Manck, 10th Va; J T Bowers, 10th Va; H B Jones, 8th Ga; M Crane, 2d Fla; C T Gallagher, 7th Ga; M Fitzgerald, 14th La; W Calhoun, 45th Ga; A T Brown, 4th Texas; J S Spidey 4th Texas; S G Courtney, 4th Texas; J Franklin, 4th Texas; W E Carroll, 4th Texas; W G Platt, 4th Tezas; Jno Merrison, 16th N C; F M McClenden, 10th Ala; A Bruce, 14th Ala; A J Hogan, 2d Fla; M Toole, 14th S C; J W Smith, 14th Ala; M E Lewis, 1st S C; Wm A Copeman, 24th Ga; J N Mason, 29th Ga; W McGaner, 7th N C.

Fourth Georgia Hospital, June 28th.

A C Osbern, 44th Ga; C A Bell, 49th Ga; J R Reby, 44th Ga; Z H Story, 44th Ga; Jno Sloan; 44th Ga; G W Chievers, 6th Ga; J R Puckett, 19th Ga; J T Smith, 48th Ga; W W Fisher, 3d Ga; N D Nicholson, 23d Ga; J T Lane, 45th Ga; W Black man, 45th Ga; J A Gaines, 15th Ga; Wm Brown 45th Ga; J H Dickerson, 45th Ga; C H Pierce, 2d Ga; G W Pierce; 2d Ga; A H Watson, 2d Ga; E Pullen, 15th Ga; E W Barker, 7th Ga; E W Davis, 8th Ga; G W Philpott, 7th Ga; A J Sartor, 18th Ga; --Douglase, 27th Ga.

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Holland (1)
Thos Holden (1)
Hoge (1)
Hobbs (1)
Hix (1)
Hetherington (1)
Herrington (1)
J. P. Herndon (1)
Hendrix (1)
Henderson (1)
Alex Helms (1)
Geo Hedgpelt (1)
Corpl Albert Heaton (1)
Hearn (1)
Hayes (1)
Hawkins (1)
Drury Haull (1)
Hatchett (1)
Wm Harvell (1)
Cephas Hartzoge (1)
John Hart (1)
Harrill (1)
Harralson (1)
Hapner (1)
Wm Hann (1)
Amos Hamrick (1)
Hamlett (1)
Hamilton (1)
Hambleton (1)
Hall (1)
Ro Haines (1)
Haggerty (1)
Hackney (1)
David Gulick (1)
Corpl French Gulick (1)
Grisham (1)
Fistus Griffith (1)
Gregory (1)
Greeson (1)
Lt Jno Grant (1)
Morris Grannon (1)
Jas Gorrin (1)
Goode (1)
Givens (1)
Gibson (1)
Addison C. Gibbs (1)
Gassamay (1)
Garrison (1)
William Garrett (1)
Gardner (1)
Gantt (1)
Gallagher (1)
Fuller (1)
Foster (1)
Fontaine (1)
Fogg (1)
Fluker (1)
Fletcher (1)
Fitzgerald (1)
Fisher (1)
Fink (1)
Files (1)
Fielding (1)
Ferrell (1)
Fennell (1)
Thos Fauntleroy (1)
Alex Farris (1)
Farr (1)
Fant (1)
Evans (1)
Ester (1)
Richard H. B. English (1)
Engle (1)
Elam (1)
Edwards (1)
Edward (1)
Martin Earls (1)
Jacob Earls (1)
Eaker (1)
Dutton (1)
Dunham (1)
Milton Dulin (1)
Jas Drummond (1)
Dortch (1)
Josiah Dooley (1)
Donnelly (1)
Jno Dobson (1)
Dickey (1)
Dickerson (1)
Dearing (1)
Dean (1)
Dalton (1)
Dailey (1)
Cunningham (1)
Cundiff (1)
Cudd (1)
Cruse (1)
Crouch (1)
Croom (1)
Creary (1)
Crane (1)
Craine (1)
John Craig (1)
Crabb (1)
Cowan (1)
Phillip Courtney (1)
Conrad (1)
C. L. Conner (1)
Connell (1)
Compton (1)
David Collins (1)
Coleman (1)
Saml Cole (1)
Cobb (1)
Cline (1)
Claytor (1)
Wm Clay (1)
Patrick Clary (1)
Samuel Cillford (1)
Francis Chiner (1)
Jno Cheshire (1)
Reuben Chason (1)
Chamblin (1)
Stephen Chaffin (1)
Jno Cenny (1)
Cave (1)
Wilson Solomon Carpenter (1)
Perry Carpenter (1)
Camper (1)
Calhoun (1)
Butler (1)
Corpl Jas Burck (1)
Bullock (1)
Buchanan (1)
J. Brunan (1)
George I. Brown (1)
Britt (1)
Bridgforth (1)
Geo Brideweber (1)
Brewer (1)
Brannan (1)
Bradshaw (1)
Brackeen (1)
Bowers (1)
Booker (1)
Jno Bonnel (1)
Jas Blimton (1)
Blankinship (1)
Bissell (1)
Curtis Biftts (1)
Berry (1)
Beauchamp (1)
Beasley (1)
Beard (1)
Bates (1)
Harry Barton (1)
Barnes (1)
Barker (1)
Barger (1)
Bain (1)
Bailey (1)
Atwell (1)
Green Andrews (1)
Warner Allison (1)
Alexander (1)
Adjt (1)
A. Adj (1)
John Abbett (1)
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June 27th, 1862 AD (2)
June 29th (2)
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