From Fredericksburg.
Great fight on Saturday.
the enemy repulsed at all points.
&c., &c., &c., &c.

Great anxiety prevailed in the community on Saturday, to hear further and more satisfactory reports from the seat of war, as precious rumors had induced the supposition that a general and decisive engagement was imminent; but no intelligence of a reliable character could be obtained until 9 o'clock P. M., at which hour the following dispatches were received at the War Department by General Cooper.

At 9 o'clock this morning the enemy attacked our right wing, and as the fog lifted the battle ran along the whole line from right to left until 6 P. M., the enemy being repulsed at all points. Thanks be to God!

As usual, we have to mourn the loss of many of our brave men.

I extpect the battle will be renewed at daylight to-morrow morning.

General Wade Hampton reports that he had entered Dumfries, and captured thirty wagons with stores and fifty prisoners, which he brought across the Rappahannock.

Gen. Sigel is expected to be at Dumfries to-morrow.

The highly gratifying nature of these dispatches only increased the general desire to learn something further, and throughout the day the bulletin boards in front of the various newspaper offices were surrounded by eager crowds in search of later intelligence. The War office was also besieged by anxious inquirers, but nothing of an official character was disclosed.

A telegraphic dispatch was received at the office of the Provost Marshal at 7 o'clock last night, stating that five ambulance trains were then between Hanover Junction and Guinea Station on their route to Richmond. Up to the hour of 12 o'clock P. M. none of the trains had arrived, though a large number of ambulances and backs were still awaiting them to convey the wounded to Seabrook's Hospital.

Passengers who left Guinea Station at one o'clock yesterday and arrived by the early train, report that heavy firing was heard all the morning in the direction of Fredericksburg, and the presumption was that a general engagement was then going on.--It was also stated by the same authorities that our army had advanced two miles nearer to the town. No official information whatever could be obtained by the press yesterday, and all that we can give concerning what took place since the dispatches of Gen. Lee, on Saturday night, is conjecture.

The battle of Saturday commenced at six o'clock in the morning and raged with great violence until after dark. Our loss is estimated to be 2,500 wounded and 500 killed. It is said that Jackson accomplished a flank movement, capturing 3,000 of the enemy, but this is not generally received with credit.

A soldier of A. P. Hill's division says the enemy charged our men in their rifle pits and entrenchments nine times, and were repulsed with terrible slaughter, until our ammunition gave out, when our men were again charged in overwhelming force and driven back. But having obtained more ammunition, our forces in their turn charged the enemy and drove them from the works in great disorder, taking a large number of prisoners.

Johnson's, Crenshaw's, Purcell's, and the 1st and 3d companies of Richmond Howitzers, were in the fight. Two guns of the latter battery having been struck by the shot of the enemy, were taken from the field in a disabled condition.

Johnson's Battery lost fourteen killed and wounded. Their names we did not ascertain.

The number of wounded brought down by the first train last night was 180.

Gen. Cobb was killed. Gen. Hood is also reported killed, but the rumor lacks confirmation. Gen. Gregg was mortally wounded.

Arrival of bodies.

The 5 o'clock train yesterday afternoon brought down the bodies of several officers. Among them were those of Brig.-Gen. Thos. R. R. Cobb, of Ga., and Capt. D'Aquin, of the Louisiana Guard Artillery.

[from our own Reporter.]

Summit, Dec. 13, 1862.
Heavy firing was heard at the front for several hours yesterday afternoon, the result of skirmishing. Some parties state that our forces were shelling Fredericksburg, now in the hands of the enemy. Last night a brilliant light was observable in the direction of the town. The two armies, in line of battle, lay all night confronting each other, and it was expected that the battle would commence early this morning, but up to this time (7 o'clock) so firing has been heard.

In the fight of Thursday, a Mississippi regiment, of Featherstone's brigade, suffered severely. One shell is said to have killed and wounded twenty-eight men. Some ninety of the wounded arrived at this point last night, and were sent on to Richmond.

The committee for the wounded remained here during the night, but are preparing to move forward this morning. They have the facilities for doing good service, should anything occur to require the exercise of their labors.

The straggling, so much complained of on the eve of previous battles, seems to have been obviated in this instance, and very few men are to be seen absent from their posts. The condition of the army is such as to inspire confidence in the result.

Lieut. James Ellett, of Crenshaw's battery, was killed this morning while placing a section of his battery in position. His body will be sent down this evening. Major Brockenbrough, Chief of Artillery of 1st Division, Jackson's corps, was severely wounded in the hand. Several others were wounded whose named have not been ascertained.

The wounded.

The following is a list of the wounded men brought to this city on Friday and Saturday evenings. As will be seen, nearly all of them are of Barksdale's Brigade, which is said to have sustained the brunt of the heavy skirmishing of Thursday and Friday:

Lt J J Accostar, co I, 8th Fla; J A Hoppy, co G, 34 N C; C C Cauthorn, co G, 18th Miss; G H Lebrane, do, do; W F Bally, co H, 13th Miss; Sgt J M Carnwell, co A, 13th Miss; W Penn, co D, 18th Miss; S T Bruton, co D, 17th Miss; J M Black, co H, 51st Va. J W Thompson, co H, 13th Miss; J D Dewoty, co D, 13th Miss; H J Hurley, co C, 17th Miss; J J Gordon, co K, 17th Miss; T Saunders, co C, 8th Fla; J Manty, co K, 8th Fla; C Roberts, co I, 8th Fla; J W Alexander, co K, 13th Miss; G W Smith, co K, 8th Fla; J P Srackwell, co G, 8th Fla, Lt L Cornford, co A, 51st N C; Lt E G Jaudon, co I, 8th Fla; F M Campbell, co C, 17th Miss; J T Hood, co E, 9th N C; M, Collier, co E, 7th N C, S Lambert, co K, 7th N C, H W Barns, co G, 5th Ala; R E Moody, co D, 53d Va; E Johnson, co D, 33d N C; Wa Grosan, co G, 16th Ga; G D Hilman, co D, 51st Ga; W D Soules, co E, 8th Fla; Lt J D Finley, co A, 18th Miss; Lt W Baskin, co K, 18th Miss; J H O Kean, co G, 18th Miss; Sgt J V Prudy, co D, 18th

Miss; H Carroll, co C, 8th Fla; G Allen, co E, 18th Miss; R F Sellers, co E, 13th Miss; J E Eaves, co E, 13th Miss; N P Russell, co K, 21st Miss; J E Bennett, co K, 21st Miss; N Heim, co K, 21st Miss; J C Williams, co K, 21st Miss; Lt J W Price, co K, 17th Miss; Cpl C Gramer, co K, 17th Miss; J M Comer, co G, 18th Miss; J McCade, co G, 8th Fla; H Strong, co I, 21st Miss; J Schneckenburg, co B, 17th Miss; F M Carter, co G, 13th Miss; T J Tidwell, co C, 17th Miss; S S Lynch, co B, 17th Miss; J R Holt, co A, 21st Miss; Lt J B Clayton, co G, 17th Miss; J Brady, co A, 18th Miss; W F McDougal, co E, 17th Miss; S D Knapp, co D, 17th Miss; Sergt R J Begg, co C, 13th Miss; Sgt E D Sadler, co G, 21st Miss; Capt J F Sessions, co --, 18th Miss; R N Robertson, co I, 16th Ga; R J Hughes, co F 17th Miss; J J Carn, co C, 18th Miss; P W Murphey, co I, 17th Miss; B F Hurst, co G, 21st Miss, G W Cannon, co F, 17th Miss; N Anthony, co G, 21st Miss; T J Hunt, co E, 13th Miss; Sgt W H Eason, co I, 17th Miss; J M Witherley, co I, 13th Miss; W J Lusk, co I, 17th Miss; Ass't Surg D Hooker, 8th Fla; W H Parker, co A, 15th S C; J J Barnard, co K, 13th Miss; J M O'Nell, co E, 13th Miss; J L Finley, co C, 18th Miss; D A Cole, co D, 13th Miss; J L Smith, co G, 17th Miss; J C Fields, co I, 21st Miss; W D Chapman, co C, 17th Ga; A G Williams, co E, 18th Miss; Thos Missel, co K, 8th Fla; R A Harrington, co H, 13th Miss; J N Fielding, co A, 8th Fla; T W Harper, co B, 8th Fla; Capt C Green, co L, 17th Miss; J W Hilburne, co D, 51st Ga.

The following are the names of those who have died since their removal to the hospital:

J Easer, co E, 21st Miss; James Maulden, co L 21st Miss; W E Smith, co G, 17th Miss, J C Collier, co B, 21st Miss.

The following officers arrived yesterday afternoon:

Lieut J K Parker, co G, 8th S C, wounded in knee; Lt J K Wiggins, co B, 18th N C; Lt W H Holt, co D, 38th N C, throat and leg; Capt H C Fite, co H, 37th N C, left arm and breast.

Losses in Richmond companies.

Losses of the Letcher Artillery, commanded by Capt. Greenles Davidson, in the battle before Fredericksburg, on Saturday, the 13th inst.:

Lieut. Thos. A. Brander, of Richmond, slightly wounded in side.

Seriously wounded--Privates John Shea, of Richmond, both feet amputated; James Wilson, of Richmond, in leg; S. W. Coles, of Brunswick county, in arm, and F. Smith, of Richmond, in leg.

Slightly wounded — Corp'l Winston, of Manchester, in foot; and privates James Heinenger, of Richmond, in hip; Opie Staite, of Richmond, in foot; Frank Bernard, of Richmond, in side; John A. Estes, of Madison county, in arm; Frank Delaney, of Richmond, in hand; Michael Mannin, of Richmond, in head; M. Douglass, of Richmond, in leg, and Jno. Morrissey, of Richmond, in arm.

Sixteen of the horses attached to the battery were killed or disabled.

During the action Capt. Davidson had command of a battalion of seven rifle pieces and two light 12 pounders, composed of three of his own pieces, one of Capt. Braxton's, two of Capt. Brown's Chesapeake Artillery, and three of Capt. Latimer's--five of the pieces were under the immediate command of Capt. Latimer.

In Capt. Latimer's command, Lieut. Grayson, of the Chesapeake Artillery, was mortally wounded; four privates were killed, sixteen wounded, and eleven horses killed.

Lieut. Zeph. C. McCruder, of the Purcell battery' of Richmond, was killed.

Lieut. James Ellett, of the Crenshaw battery, was killed by a fragment of shell while standing in conversation with Major Pegram. His battery was not firing at the time. Lieut. E. was Clerk of the Circuit Court of Richmond. His body has been brought here.

In the 3d company Richmond Howitzers, Lieut. Jas. S. Utz and private W. T. Mathews were killed, and privates Geo. Nicholas, Geo. Smith, (lost an arm,) and Samuel A. Wakeham wounded.

In the 1st company Richmond Howitzers, private Murphy was wounded.

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