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Articles for the following persons are stored in the North Carolina Depot. The owners will please apply for them:

Capt. J W White, 27th N C reg; John Sink, 15th do; Chas D Sides, 5th do. Westley Campbell, 7th do; J H Co, 6th do; Lieut Col H A Brown, 1st do; Col Iverson, 34th do; Major N C Scales, Q M. Penders brigade; G G Nicholas, co K 30th N C; E J McJurvis, co C, 28th do; R Yancy; Dr Chas E Johnson, Quartermaster, 30th do; Capt E H Rhodes, co G, 3d do; Capt R P Athineon, Capt L D Thurston co B, 3d do; A M Hains, do; P A Wilson; Dr J R Bratton; Capt G L Dudly, 1st do; H Latty, 46th do; Dr S J Green, Mc; W D Jordan, 37th do; Capt Vanbekklin, 3d do; Capt J C McMellon, co E 30th do; Capt E M Scott, 1st do; W Leggett; J W Baley; A S Cromwell, 48th do; Lieut Anderson, co B, 48th do; R M S Hocker, co H 34th do; Col D K McRea, 5th do; J F Gibson, 4th do; J W Wise, 45th do; Dr E W Lattemore, General Hospital No. 4; J P Britton, co F, 5th do; Capt. D C Clarke; Lieut Y B Allen 6th do; Thos Slappen 13th do; Lieut W. G N. 18th do; W P Emmett, 3d Col R Y Bennett, 14th do; H Atwell, 19th do; A J Williams, co F 30th do; Chestley Jordan, G F Smayer; S C Furgerson. 16th do; W H Jones 48th do; J B McCaw; J C Metcalf, co B. 54th do; J M Yackriff, co B, 25th do; D Houck, 6th do; A Russell co H. 54th do; Lieut. H J Mctical, 30th do; J D Beyan, 2d cavalry; Brady, 3d N C; Capt Miller, 1st do; J A Homes 4th do; J H Johnson, 17th do; Col--,2d do; John Murklin, 14th do; Sennett Townsend, 28th do; J H Lander, 3d do; W H Jones, 48th do; Captain John Crimes 4th do; G H Wilson; 49th do; Captain J C Mc, 39th do; A S McDowell, co C, 54th do; W H McBrovie, 4th do; W A Holt H D; J Steward, 49th do; Capt. A S Jordan, 19th do; S C Terry, 2d cavalry; W H Peoples, 7th do; J Parker; W P Herton; R W Stintson, 46th N C reg't; Lieut. D Sexion, 15th do D C Dearman co C, 42d do; Col W C D Rossett, 3d do; W F Matherson, 33th do; care Capt. D S C, 54th do; Quartermaster, 30th do; Lt A C Banner co K, 48th do; Capt F A Spreige, 5th do; H B Giddens, 20th do; L H Hunt, 13th do; Col A M Seales 13th do; Geo Sink and A Trout, 14th do; Lieut. Col W A Jenkins, 46th do; W F Watts 48th do; Prof Starling; 57th do; A Hardin, 2d Cavalry; D Jannett, 46th N C reg't; O Holdsomer, 4th do; H Whoifenfelt, 4th do; T B Armstrong, 4th do; J P Warren, 18th do; John Campbell, 4th do; Robert Parks, 21st do; Benj Browls; Commanding co C, 22d do; E C McLocland 4th do; Rev Howell, 1st do; Lieut 8 Furr 2d do; N C Rumple, 4th do;--Forcum, 33d do; J P 8 co B, 6th do; A M D Kenny, 4th do; W R Philips, 2d do; R H Joseph E F Burnard; G H P; E B C Harris, co A, 4th do; Lieut. S C Long 4th do; J B Nelson, 54th do; P C Carlton, 2d Cavalry, Major G W Andrew; D F Brower; Thos Summers, 4th N C reg't; M R Gorman, 4th do; John Andrews, 4th do; J R Stevenson, co K, 40th do; W D Laine , 1st Cavalry; J Andrews, co B, 2d do; S F Staneill, 4th N C reg't; Thos Rickard, 4th do; R Morrison, 7th do; R S Gage; Miles Sherrill, Thos Sherrill, 48th do; M M Yandles. co K, 36th do; W Caubis; H P Gidding, 20th do; Ch 8 Harris; G Garrison 57th do; Lt J B Foreum 4th do; J H Hyman 13th do; N C Steel, 4th do; F A Shuford, co C 4th do; Lt J F Conleys co B 54th do; D Cape; Capt A W Carr, 46th do; J P D, 2d do; J Harris, 33d do; Q Garrison, co C, 43th do; E W Wood, 34 do; Capt. A S McRen. 7th do; Mathew, Powers, 5th do; Sergeant 57th do; Serg't J D Wilds, 22d do; Allen Harrelson, 13th do; M Capt P M Garnett, 5th do; Capt Store, 37th do; W Emery, 57th do; M Parrish; Capt W D Doad; Lieut J C Mills, 7th do; H R Curtis; H Reeves, 4th do; Capt. Tucker, 2d battalion; Floss, 7th regiment; H A Williams, S K Cuthberton; C B Craigs; M E Lemmonds, 48th do; E R Lenard, 48th do; J F Walster: D L Sanders, 28th do; D C F; G L Ranklin, 7th do; Captain J Srockfield 5th do; Capt R W York, 6th do; Capt MeNeety 57th do; P A White, 48th do; Capt L D West, 6th do; Lieut. E D Gray, co G, 54th do; P G Carlton, 2d cavalry; Capt J G Wrigh; R O Linster co C 4th regiment; W Caldwe ; Capt Rhyne; Lieut J J Parker, 2d do; Capt J Andrews, 2d cavalry; R H Earhor; J H Houpe, 57th regiment; W H Jones, co G 1st do; R F Carpenter, co E, 4th do; R P Fennister, 4th do; Capt J F Speck 57th do; Lieut C N Craige, co I 3d do; Jonas Harim 4th do; David Shavel; J N Brotherton 4th do; st Brotherton, 4th do; Lieut R Riclok; Lieut W H McCrery, 4th do; R A Balley 49th do; J H Carr; M 1st do; Lieut Falls, 4th do; Capt. K, 4th do; Capt. Carter 4th do; W Huddle, co B, 57th do; Capt. Craige, 6th do; N B Brooks, 49th do; Rich Hailey 49th do; J W Geforth, co G, 49th do; R old, co I 33d do; Capt Atwell, 48th do; Capt. co B 48th do; W A Ellison, co A, 4th do; D Garnett, 46th do; Capt L C Latham.

Officers in command of North Carolina troops in Virginia will please send messengers to this Depot to convey supplies belonging to them, and forward their signatures by mail to prevent fraud.

O, F. Manson. Gen'l Ag't of N. C for Va.

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Chestley Jordan (3)
Jones (3)
Hiram Harris (3)
John Andrews (3)
Thos Sherrill (2)
Parker (2)
Thos Johnson (2)
Garrison (2)
Garnett (2)
Craige (2)
Col (2)
Dr Chas (2)
Carr (2)
Carlton (2)
Brotherton (2)
Atwell (2)
York (1)
Yancy (1)
Wood (1)
Wise (1)
Wilson (1)
Thos Williams (1)
Wilds (1)
White (1)
West (1)
Watts (1)
Warren (1)
Vanbekklin (1)
Tucker (1)
Sennett Townsend (1)
Thurston (1)
Terry (1)
Thos Summers (1)
Store (1)
Steward (1)
Stevenson (1)
Prof Starling (1)
Thos Slappen (1)
David Shavel (1)
Seales (1)
Branch O. Scott (1)
Scales (1)
Sanders (1)
Rossett (1)
Thos Rickard (1)
Rhyne (1)
Rhodes (1)
Reeves (1)
Philips (1)
M. Penders (1)
Parrish (1)
Robert Parks (1)
Nicholas (1)
Nelson (1)
John Murklin (1)
Morrison (1)
Mills (1)
Miller (1)
Metcalf (1)
MeNeety (1)
McDowell (1)
McCaw (1)
Mathew (1)
Matherson (1)
F. Manson (1)
Linster (1)
Lenard (1)
Leggett (1)
Latham (1)
Lander (1)
Kenny (1)
Iverson (1)
Hyman (1)
Hunt (1)
Howell (1)
Houpe (1)
Houck (1)
Allen Harrelson (1)
Jonas Harim (1)
Hains (1)
Hailey (1)
Green (1)
Gray (1)
Gorman (1)
Gidding (1)
Gibson (1)
Gage (1)
Furr (1)
Furgerson (1)
Foreum (1)
Forcum (1)
Falls (1)
Emmett (1)
Emery (1)
Dudly (1)
Dearman (1)
Curtis (1)
Cromwell (1)
John Crimes (1)
Clarke (1)
Thomas S. Carter (1)
Carpenter (1)
Westley Campbell (1)
John Campbell (1)
Benj Browls (1)
Brower (1)
Brooks (1)
Britton (1)
Bratton (1)
Enoch Brady (1)
Bennett (1)
Armstrong (1)
Andrew (1)
Anderson (1)
John J. Allen (1)
Ag (1)
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