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The Congressional election.

Sufficient returns from all the Congressional Districts of the State have not yet been received to enable us to state with accuracy who will constitute the next delegation in Congress.

In the 1st District the candidates were M. R. H. Garnett, the present member, and Lieut. Gov. Montague. Returns meagre, but indicate the election of Montague.

In the 2d District the candidates were Gen. Mahone, Cole. Godwin and Parham, and Messrs. Hume and Whitfield. This district is entirely in the hands of the enemy, and the vote cast was by refugees and soldiers. Very few returns have been received, and no idea can be formed as to who has been successful.

In the 3d District (Richmond, &c.) Mr. Lyons, the present member, has been defeated by Col. Wickham.

In the 4th District, Mr. Collier, present member, is re-elected over Judge Gholson.

In the 5th District there was no opposition to the present member, Mr. Bocock.

In the 6th District the contest was between John Goode, jr., present member, and Col. Wm. Martin. Goode believed to be re-elected.

In the 7th District, Wm. C. Rives elected without opposition.

In the 8th District the contestants were D. C. Dejarnette, present member, and James Barbour. Returns indicate the re-election of Dejarnette.

In the 9th District Col. Funsten is elected over Mr. Menifee.

In the 10th District Mr. Boteler, the present member, was opposed by Col. F. W. M. Holliday, who is supposed to be elected.

In the 11th District Col. Baldwin is re-elected over Gov. Letcher.

In the 12th District the candidates were Mr. Staples, present member, and Col. H. A. Edmundson. No returns received.

In the 13th District the contest was between Mr. Preston, present member, and Col. Fayette McMullen. Returns favorable to the re-election of Preston.

In the 14th District the candidates were Messrs. Fitzhugh and Miller. Mr. Miller is the present member, and is believed to be re-elected.

In the 15th District Mr. Johnson, the present member, had no opposition.

In the 16th District Mr. Russell, present member, was opposed by Dr. Kidwell. Result not known. Below we give what has been further received about the general election:

Pittsylvania County.--In seven precincts of this county, including the town of Danville, the vote stands as follows: For Governor: Flournoy, 640; Smith, 266; Munford, 16. Lieutenant Governor, two precincts:--Price, 203; Imboden, 93. Attorney-General: Tucker. 362. Congress, seven precincts: Goode, 532; Martin, 379. State Senate: Sutherlin, 377; Keen, 394; Whittle, 197. House of Delegates: Buford, 702; Gilmer, 496; Stamps, 228; Swanson, 144; Jefferson. 107; Tredway, 33; Wade, 24; Dye, 4; Blair, 1.

Military Vote at Danville.--For Governor: Flournoy, 41; Smith, 36; Munford, 2. Lieutenant Governor: Price, 30; Imboden, 31. Congress: Martin, 11; Goode, 4. State Senate, Henry District: Saunders, 8; Burwell, 0. House of Delegates, Henry county: Gravely, 8; Mullins, 1; Smith, 1; Richardson, 1.

Camp Seventeenth Va. Regiment.--For Governor: Smith's majority over Flournoy, 69; over Munford, 146. Lieut Governor: Price 3 maj, over Imboden. Congress: 9th district, Funsten over Menifee, 227 maj; 10th district, Holliday 3 maj over Boteler. Board of Public Works: J. E. Stewart over Beall, 140 maj; over Burnwell, 151; over Kercheval, 155. State Senate: 24th district, Dulany over Ashby 86 maj; over Taylor, 109. House of Delegates: Alexandria, Snowden over Cazenove, 101 maj; over Smoot, 109. Fairfax, Hunt over Pugh, 21 maj. Prince William, Larkin has a maj of 3 over Nelson, 5 over Norvell, and 6 over Lynn. Warren, no opposition to Thomas.--Fauquier, Brooke's maj over Shackleford is 7, over Gordon 16, over Hunton 18.

Prince Edward County--Court-House — For Governor: Smith, 59, Flournoy, 33; Munford, 8. Attorney General; Tucker, 89. Lieut Governor; Imboden, 37; Price, 52. Congress: Becock, no opp, 93. Senate: Dickinson, 116; Miller, 1. House of Delegates: Tredway, no opp, 96. Green Bay Precinct — Governor: Smith, 23; Flournoy, 19; Munford, 5. State Senate: Dickinson, 26; Miller, 21. Lt Governor: Price 19; Imboden, 8.

Farmville.--For Governor: Flournoy, 80; Smith, 39. Lt Governor: Imboden, 51; Price, 45; Sheffey, 8 Senate: Dickinson, 105; Miller, 8. House of Delegates: Tredway, 95. Congress: Bocock, 69.

Nottoway County--Miller's reported majority in Nottoway is about 40. Asa D. Dickinson was no doubt re-elected to the Senate from Prince Edward, Nottoway, and Lunenburg.

Nineteenth Virginia Battalion, Battery No. 4.--Below you will find a statement of the vote cast at this post. There was but little interest manifested, and the vote is small: For Governor: Smith has a majority of 39 over Flournoy and 70 over Munford. Lieut. Governor: Imboden 11 majority over Price. Attorney General: Tucker, no opposition. Congress: 1st district, Montague has a majority of 4 over Garnett; 2d district, Whitfield's majority is 20 over Mahone and 21 over Parham; 3d district, Lyons and Wickham a tie; 5th district, Wm. C. Rives, 5; 7th district, Funsten, 31 majority. State Senate: 24th district, Ashby's majority 30; 1st district, Garrison's majority over Finney 21. House of Delegates: Alexandria, Snowden 26 majority over Smoot and Cazenove; Accomac, Weaver 6 majority over Parramore. Northampton, Scott has a majority of 26 over Savage; Amherst, Powell beats Rucker 6 votes; Isle of Wight, J. L. Wilson 18 votes.

Essex County.--Montague, as far as heard from, 40 or 50 ahead. At King William Court House he had all the votes. but 2. Smith, in Essex, reported to have a majority.

Dinwiddie--(Official.)--Munford, 15; Smith, 93; Flournoy, 46. Lieutenant-Governor: For Price, 177; Imboden, 90. State Senate:--Thompson, 134; Adams, 150.

Southampton--Two precincts.--Flournoy, 58, Munford, 4; Smith, 2.

Surry--Two precincts.--Munford, 24; Smith, 14. Congress; Whitfield, 75; Parham, 1; Mahone. 1.

Isle of Wight.--Court-House — Munford, 26; Smith, 2; Flournoy, 2

Greensville.--Smith, 38; Munford, 31; Flournoy, 9. Lieutenant Governor: Price, 24; Sheffey. 26. For Congress: Partram, 36; Mahone, 15.

Pickett's Division.--In all the brigades but Kemper's, Smith's majority over Flournoy is 208; Kemper's brigade is reported to have given Smith 30 majority. For Congress, in the 8th regiment, Funsten's majority is 137.--For Delegates from Fauquier, in the 8th regiment, Hunton leads Brooke 21 votes; Brooke leads Green 8 votes; Green leads Shackleford 5, who leads Campbell 1 vote.

Smith's Brigade, Early's Division, gives Smith, we understand, upwards of 500 majority. Funsten's majority for Congress "considerable."

Brown's Regiment, 1st Va. Artillery.--For Governor: Smith over Flournoy 14 For La. Governor: Imboden over Price 42. For Congress: 3d District, Wickham over Lyons 37; 4th District, Gholson 9 over Collier; 8th District, Barbour 19 over Dejarnette; 9th District, Funsten 16 over Menefee, 11th District, Baldwin 9 over Letcher; 12th District, Edmondson 2 over Staples. For State Senate; Randolph 33 over Haskint; Patton 14. over Early. For House of Delegates: Richmond, Robertson leads Burr 11, Wynne comes next, at a distance of 9; then Saunder 8 behind.

Thirty-second Virginia Regiment--Governor: Flournoy's majority over Smith, 19. Lieut. Governor: Imboden over Price, 39. Congress: Wickham over Lyons, 43. House of Delegates: Custis leads Colbert 19, who leads Vaughan 1, who leads Henley 13, who leads Slater 16.

Fluvanna County.--Palmyra: Smith 25, Flournoy 20. Price 39, Imboden 7. Guy 29, Massie 3. Scottsville, 10 o'clock: Smith 10, Flournoy 4, Munford 1.

Twenty-fifth Va Battery.--Flournoy's ma-

jority over Smith, 33 Munford received 4 votes. Imboden's majority over Price, 46.

Caroline County.--Returns from Sparth, Oakley, Court House, and Pitts's, add up thus: Governor: Smith 153. Flournoy 55 Lieut. Governor: Imboden 114, Price 71. Congress Dejarnette 174, Barbour 18. Butler to the House of Delegates without opposition. Six precincts to hear from, which will largely increase majorities for Dejarnette and Smith.

Thirteenth Va. Regiment.--Majority for Smith, about 170. Majority for Dejarnette, about 70.

Greene County.--Governor: Smith, 251; Flournoy, 39; Munford, 11. Lieut Governor: Price, 46; Imboden, 240. Congress: Dejarnette, 125; Barbour, 158. Senate: Early, 68; Patton, 220. House of Delegates: Woolfolk, 121; McMullan, 144.

Nottoway County.--Jeffries's Store, Smith, 13; Flournoy, 6; Munford, 2; Collier, 2; Gholson, 18 Very small vote.

Madison County.--Two Precincts, Smith, 202; Flournoy, 32; Munford, 11. Price, Imboden, 118. Dejarnette, 112; Barbour, 109. Senate: Early, 143; Patton, 38, Waliane, 18.--Smith's majority in the county about 250.

Third Brigade--Flournoy, 378; Smith, 296; Munford, 94. Lt Governor: Price, 364; Imboden; 200. In the 26th Va regiment — Smith, 125; Flournoy, 101; Munford, 17; Wise, 1. House of Delegates: Douthal, 3. For Congress, 6th District: Goode, 64; Martin, 27. In the 12th District: Staples, 69; Emundson, 60.

Charlottesville.--Flournoy, 200; Smith, 198; Munford, 7. Lt-Governor: Price, 122; Imboden, 242. Congress: Rives, 224.

Bedford.--Flournoy has a majority in this county of 150. Burwell and Jordeware elected to the Legislature.

Culpeper.--Barbour has a majority for Congress.

Wythe.--Seven precincts in Wythe give Flournoy, 163; Munford, 115; Smith, 58. Lt Governor: Price, 84. Congress: Preston, 328; McMullin, 99.

Lynchburg, May 30.--The following election returns were received this evening:

Roanoke County.--[Official.]--For Governor: Smith, 131; Munford, 39; Flournoy, 107. For Lieut. Governor: Price, 219; Imboden, 25. For Attorney General: Tucker, 228. For Congress: Staples, 115; Edmundson, 162. For House of Delegates: Dyerle, 141; Taylor, 122.

Bedford County--Returns from Bedford are received except two precincts — Big Island and Bigbie's. For Governor: Flournoy, 530; Smith, 194; Munford, 29. For Lieut. Governor: Price, 560; Imboden, 92. For Attorney General: Tucker, 589. For Congress: Goode, 436; Martin, 283. For House of Delegates: Jordan Burwell elected.

Campbell County.--Returns incomplete.--Deane and Mart elected to the House of Delegates.

Nelson County.--Flournoy, 308; Smith; 199; Munford, 58. For Lieut. Governor. Price, 262; Imboden, 375. For Attorney General: Tucker. 514. For Congress: Rives, 415. J. M. Shelton elected to the House of Delegates.

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D. C. DeJarnette (8)
Tucker (6)
Miller (6)
John Goode (6)
Funsten (6)
William Martin (5)
Barbour (5)
Wickham (4)
Staples (4)
William C. Rives (4)
Montague (4)
Mahone (4)
Early (4)
Asa D. Dickinson (4)
Whitfield (3)
Preston (3)
Patton (3)
Parham (3)
Gholson (3)
Collier (3)
Jordan Burwell (3)
Brooke (3)
Taylor (2)
Snowden (2)
Smoot (2)
Sheffey (2)
Shackleford (2)
Menifee (2)
William H. Lyons (2)
Letcher (2)
Kemper (2)
Hunton (2)
F. W. M. Holliday (2)
Green (2)
M. R. H. Garnett (2)
H. A. Edmundson (2)
Boteler (2)
Bocock (2)
Baldwin (2)
Ashby (2)
Wythe (1)
Wynne (1)
Woolfolk (1)
Wise (1)
J. L. Wilson (1)
Prince William (1)
Whittle (1)
Weaver (1)
Warren (1)
Wade (1)
Vaughan (1)
Thompson (1)
Ann A. Thomas (1)
Swanson (1)
Sutherlin (1)
Surry (1)
J. E. Stewart (1)
Slater (1)
J. M. Shelton (1)
Scott (1)
Savage (1)
Saunders (1)
Russell (1)
Rucker (1)
Robertson (1)
Richardson (1)
Randolph (1)
Pugh (1)
Powell (1)
Pitts (1)
Pickett (1)
Partram (1)
Parramore (1)
Oakley (1)
Norvell (1)
Nelson (1)
Mullins (1)
Menefee (1)
McMullin (1)
Fayette McMullen (1)
McMullan (1)
Massie (1)
Larkin (1)
Kidwell (1)
Kercheval (1)
Johnson (1)
Jefferson (1)
Hunt (1)
Hume (1)
Henley (1)
Guy (1)
Gordon (1)
Godwin (1)
Gilmer (1)
Garrison (1)
Fitzhugh (1)
Finney (1)
Fairfax (1)
Essex (1)
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Dyerle (1)
Dulany (1)
Dinwiddie (1)
Deane (1)
Custis (1)
Cole (1)
Colbert (1)
Campbell (1)
Pickens Butler (1)
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Buford (1)
William Brown (1)
Blair (1)
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