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471. Verbal Adjectives.—Most of the verbals in -τός and -τέος are formed by adding these suffixes to the verbal stem of the aorist passive (first or second). Thus, φιλητός, -τέος (ἐ-φιλή-θην); πειστός, -τέος (ἐ-πείσ-θην); τελεστός, -τέος (ἐ-τελέσ-θην); σταλτός, -τέος (ἐ-στάλ-ην); βλητός, -τέος (ἐ-βλή-θην). On the accent of compound verbals, see 425 c.

a. Some are derived from other stem forms (pres. and fut.), as φερ-τός, ί-τέον, δυνα-τός; μενετός (cp. μενέ-ω μενῶ fut.).

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