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1 جَحَظَتْ عَيْنُهُ جحظت عينه جحظت عينة , aor. جَحَظَ , (S, K,) inf. n. جُحُوظٌ (T, S, TA) and جِحَاظٌ, (M, TA,) His eyeball, the globe of his eye, was prominent (T, M, K, TA) and apparent: (TA:) or was large (S, K, TA) and prominent; (S, TA;) as though a large pearl came forth from the eyelids. (Jm, TA.) -A2- جَحَظَ إِِلَيْهِ عَمَلَهُ (tropical:) He looked into, or examined, his deed, and saw the evil that he had done: (K:) and it may mean he looked into his face, and reminded him of the evil of his deed. (Az, TA.) The Arabs also say, لَأَجْحَظَنَّ إِِلَيْكَ أَثَرَ يَدِكَ, meaning (assumed tropical:) I will assuredly show thee the evil of the effect of thy hand. (Az, TA) 2 جحّظ جحظ , inf. n. تَجْحِيظٌ, He looked sharply, or intently. (K.) جَحظتانِ جحظتان : see ٰجَاحِظَتَانِ. جِحَاظٌ جحاظ : see جَاحِظٌ. جِحَاظٌ جحاظ The part [which is next below, or around, the eye, and] which is called the مَحْجِر of the eye. (IDrd, Az, L, K.) ― -b2- And, (Az, K,) in one copy [of the work of IDrd, i. e. the Jm,] (Az,) The edge of the gland of the penis. (Az, K.) ― -b3- جِحَاظانِ: see جَاحِظَتَانِ. جِحَاظَتَانِ جحاظتان : see جَاحِظَتَانِ. جَاحِظٌ جاحظ A man having the eyeball, or globe of the eye, prominent and apparent; (TA;) or large and prominent; (S, TA;) as also ↓ جَحْظَمٌ , in which the م is augmentative. (S, TA.) And جَاحظُ العَيْنَيْنِ A man whose blacks of his eyes are prominent. (TA.) You say also, فُلَانٌ جَاحِظٌ إِِلَىَّ بِعَيْنِهِ, and ↓ مُجَحِّظٌ , meaning Such a one is looking at me intently. (T, TA in art. زنر.) And جُحَّظٌ and جُحُظٌ, [which are pls. of جَاحِظٌ,] applied to men, signify Raising the eyes, and looking fixedly; or stretching and raising the sight; or opening the eyes and not moving the eyelids. (L, TA.) جَاحِظَتَانِ جاحظتان , (so in copies of the S, and in the L,) or ↓ جِحَاظَتَانِ , (so in a copy of the S, and so accord. to a copy of the KL, in which the sing. is written جِحَاظَةٌ, though Golius, on the authority of that work, writes it جَحَاظَةٌ,) or ↓ جَحَاظَانِ , accord. to Lth, (TA,) or ↓ جَحظتانِ , (as written in one copy of the S,) The two blacks of the eye [or rather of the two eyes]. (Lth, S, L, TA.) مُجَحِّظٌ مجحظ : see جَاحِظٌ.

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