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1 كَلَحَ ذ , aor. كَلَحَ , inf. n. كُلُوحٌ and كُلَاحٌ; (S, K;) and ↓ تلكّح , and ↓ اكلح , (K,) and ↓ اكلوّح ; (A;) He (a man, S) grinned, or displayed his teeth, (M, rendered in the S and K by تَكَشَّرَ), frowning, or contracting his face, or looking sternly, austerely, or morosely. (S, M, K.) ― -b2- كَلَحَ فِى وَجْهِهِ He frightened him; namely a child, and a madman. (A.) 2 كلّح وَجْهَهُ ذ He contracted his face much. (A.) 3 مُكَالَحَةٌ ذ [inf. n. of كالحهُ He contended with him for superiority in strength;] i. q. مُشَادَّةٌ. (S.) [And so مُجَالَحَةٌ.] 4 أَكْلَحَهُ ذ He (or it, L) made him to grin, or display his teeth, frowning, or contracting his face, or looking sternly, austerely, or morosely. (L, K.) ― -b2- See 1. 5 تكلّح ذ (tropical:) He smiled: see 1. (K.) ― -b2- Hence, (TA,) تكلّح البَرْقُ (tropical:) The lightning flashed in continued succession: (S, L, K:) also, it continued, and became concealed, in a white cloud. (L.) 13 see 1. كَلَحَةٌ ذ (tropical:) The mouth and parts around it. So in the phrase مَا أَقْبَحَ كَلَحَتَهُ How ugly is his mouth with the parts around it! (S, K.) كَلَاحِ ذ : see كُلَاحٌ. كُلَاحٌ ذ (S, K) and ↓ كَلَاحِ , the latter [indecl.] like قَطَامِ, (K,) (tropical:) A year of dearth, scarcity, drought, sterility, or barrenness. (S, K.) You say أَصَابَتْهُمْ سَنَةٌ كُلَاحٌ A year of dearth, &c., befell them. (TA.) See كَالِحٌ. كَالِحٌ ذ , act. part. n. of 1. ― -b2- Also, Having the lip withdrawn from the teeth. (Zj, L.) So in the Kur xxiii. 106, accord. to Zj. (L.) -A2- دَهْرٌ كَالِحٌ (tropical:) Severe, distressing, or afflictive, fortune, or time; (S, K;) as also ↓ كُلَاحٌ . (TA.) كَوْلَحٌ ذ Foul, unseemly, or ugly; syn. قَبِيحٌ: (K;) an epithet applied to a man. (TA.) بَلَآءٌ مُكْلِحٌ ذ A trial, or an affliction, which, by its severity, makes men grin and frown. (L, from a trad.)

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