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1 لَفَّ ذ He folded, or rather wrapped; folded up, or rather wrapped up, or rolled up, a thing in another thing. ― -b2- لَفَّ العَدُوَّ [app. He involved the enemy (in difficulty), or entangled him:] said with reference to war, and excellence of judgment, and knowledge of the case of the enemy, and the subduing him, with the infliction of many wounds. (L, in TA, voce عَمَتَهُ.) But see عَمَتَ. 5 تَلَفَّ3َ see 8. 8 اِلْتَفَّ ذ It (herbage) tangled; became confused, and caught, one part to another: (Msb:) or became luxuriant, or abundant; (S;) it (a collection of trees) became luxuriant, or abundant, and close together: (AHn:) [or thickly intermixed:] it (a thing) became collected together, and dense; (TA:) best rendered tangled, or luxuriant, or abundant and dense. ― -b2- اِلْتَفَّ and ↓ تَلْفَفَّ He wrapped, or enwrapped, himself in, or with, a garment; (KL, PS;) i. q. اِشْتَمَلَ. (Msb.) ― -b3- اِلْتَفَّ وَجْهُ الغُلَامِ means اِتَّصَلَتْ لِحْيَتُهُ [i. e. The face of the young man became continuous, or uninterrupted, in its beard]. (TA.) ― -b4- اِلْتَفَّ It (an affair) became complicated. لَفٌّ ونَشْرٌ ذ in rhetoric, [Complication and explication, involution and evolution; i. e., a construction in which two or more words are mentioned, and, after them, two or more other words, as epithets, &c., referring to the former. لفّ ونشر مُرَتَّبٌ, Involution and evolution regularly disposed, is when the order of the latter words agrees with that of those to which they refer. لفّ ونشر مَعْكُوسٌ, or مُشَوَّشٌ, Involved, or disordered, involution and evolution, is when the order of the latter words is contrary to that of those to which they refer]. (TA, passim.) See Har, p. 383. لُفَّةٌ ذ i. q. لُقْمَةٌ: see صُفَّةٌ, last sentence. لَفَّآءُ ذ A thick thigh: see a verse voce تَسَاهَمُوا. فُلَانٌ مِنْ لَفِيفِنَا وَضَفِيفِنَا ذ : see art. ضف. لِفَافَةٌ ذ A wrapper for the leg or foot &c. (S, K.) ― -b2- And A pericarp; a glume, and the like; an envelope: pl. لَفَائِفُ. لَفِيفَةٌ ذ A lock (خُصْلَةٌ) of hair. (S, voce خُصْلَةٌ.) نَاقَةٌ مُلَفَّفَةُ السَّنَامِ ذ [A she-camel having the hump much enveloped with fur: see اِلْتَفَّ وجْهُ الغُلَامِ]. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K, voce عُلْفُوفٌ q. v.) مُلْتَفُّ الخَلْقِ ذ A man having a well-knit frame; compact in make. (L, art. مسد.)

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