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1 لَفَحَتْهُ النَّارُ ذ , (S, M, K,) aor. لَفَحَ , (M,) inf. n. لَفْحٌ and لَفَحَانٌ, (M, K,) The fire smote, or hurt, his face; as also لفحت وَجْهَهُ: (M, O:) the fire burned him; (TA;) as also نفحته النار بِحَرِّهَا; (S, K;) and in like manner the hot wind called سَمُوم: (S:) لَفَحَتْ and نَفَحَتْ are syn., except that the effect of النَّفْح is greater than that of اللَّفْح: (Zj:) or لَفْحٌ relates to a hot wind; and نَفْحٌ, to a cold, or cool, wind: (As, S:) you also say لفحته السَّمُوم meaning the سموم blew in his face. (L.) ― -b2- Also لَفَحَهُ, aor. لَفَحَ , He smote, or struck, him, with a sword, (S, K,) lightly, or slightly: you say لَفَحْتُهُ بِالسَّيْفِ لَفْحَةً I struck him with the sword a light, or slight, blow. (S.) أَصَابَهَ لفْحٌ مِنْ حَرُورٍ وَسَمُومٍ ذ A burning gust of hot night-wind, and of hot day-wind, smote him. (L.) ― -b2- أَصَابَهُ مِنَ الحَرِّ لَفْحٌ وَمِنَ البَرْدِ نَفْحٌ [A blast of heat smote him, and a blast of cold]. (A.) ― -b3- You say also لَوَافِحُ السَّمُوِم [pl. of ↓ لَافِحَةٌ , and meaning Burning blasts of the سموم]. (S, K in art. سفع.) لَفْحَةٌ ذ A light, or slight, blow with a sword. (S.) لُقَّاحٌ ذ A certain well known plant, (K,) of the kind termed يَقْطِينِىٌّ, (L,) which people smell, (S.) yellow, and of sweet odour, (A, L,) resembling the بَاذِنْجَان (S, A, K,) when it becomes yellow; (S, A;) [accord. to Golius, app. on the authority of Ibn-Beytár, the same which the Syrians and Egyptians call شَمَّامٌ, q. v.]. ― -b2- Also, The fruit, or produce, (ثَمَرَة,) of the يَبْرُوح [or mandrake, which is called by this name (يبروح) in the present day]; (K;) thus correctly written, with the ى before the ب [not ببروح, as in the CK and some MS. copies]. (TA.) [It seems that the application of the term لفّاح to both the mandrake and the شمّام has led to confusion, and occasioned Linnæus to call the latter “ cucumis dudaim. ” See also يَبْرُوحٌ, and مَغْدٌ.] لَافِحَةٌ ذ : see لَفْحٌ.

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