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1 مَشَجَ ذ , aor. مَشُجَ , inf. n. مَشْجٌ, He mixed, or confused, syn. خَلَطَ, (K,) one thing with (بِ) another. (TK.) ― -b2- مَشَجَ بَيْنَهُمَا He made a confusion, or disturbance, (خَلَطَ,) between them two. (S.) مِشْجٌ ذ and مَشَجٌ and مَشِجٌ: see مَشِيجٌ. مَشِيجٌ ذ (S, K) and ↓ مَشَجَ (K) and like كتف in its two dial. forms, (فِى لُغَتَيْهِ, K accord. to the TA,) i. e., ↓ مَشِجٌ and ↓ مِشْجٌ , or like كَتِفٌ in a dial. of little authority, (فِى لُغَيَّةٍ, CK and a MS. copy of the K.) [See مَشْيُوحَآءُ, in art. شيج.] A thing mixed, or confused: (S, K:) or any two things mixed together: or any two colours mixed together: or what is a mixture of red and white: (TA:) pl. (of all the above forms, TA) أَمْشَاجٌ. (S, K.) ― -b2- نُطْفَةٌ أَمْشَاجٌ, occurring in the Kur, lxxvi. 2, [A drop consisting of] mixtures; meaning the sperma genitale, because it is a mixture of various kinds: (ISk:) or [a drop consisting of] mixtures of sperma genitale and blood: (Zj:) or [a drop consisting of] the sperma genitale of the man mixed with that of the woman and with her blood. (S, K.) ― -b3- Also أَمْشَاجٌ What collect together in the navel. (K.)

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