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2 مَتَّنَهُ ذ , inf. n. تَمُتِينٌ, He made it, or rendered it, strong, stout, form, or hard. (TA.) ― -b2- مَتَّنَ He seasoned a skin with rob, or inspissated juice (رُبّ). (K.) مَتْنُ الظَّهْرِ ذ is The erector spinæ muscle, which consists of the sacro-lumbalis and longissimus dorsi and spinalis dorsi. The مَتْنٌ is The back: (M, Msb:) or, as also ↓ مَتْنَةٌ , (M,) or مَتْنَانِ, (T,) two portions of firmly-bound flesh between which is the back-bone, [or that confine the back-bone,] rendered firm by being tied (مَعْلُوبَتَانِ) with, or by, عَقَب [or sinews,] (T, M,) or the مَتْنَتَانِ are the two sides of the back. (M.) ― -b2- مَتْنَا الظَهْرِ The two portions of flesh and sinew next the back-bone, on each side. (S.) ― -b3- مَتْنٌ [The broad side, or the middle of the broad side, of the blade, of a sword;] the part in the middle of which is the [ridge called] عَمُود, (En-Nadr, in L, voce عَمُودٌ,) or the part in which is the [ridge called] شُطْبَة, (K, voce سَفْسَقَةٌ,) and شَطِيبَة, and عَمُود: (K, voce عَمُودٌ:) or the ridge [itself] (عَيْر) rising in the middle of a sword. (T.) ― -b4- مَتْنٌ The hard and outer or apparent part of anything: pl. مُتُونٌ and مِتَانٌ. (M.) ― -b5- مَتْنٌ The middle of a bow, and of a spear. (Munjid of Kr.) ― -b6- مَتْنُ أُذُنِ الفَرَسِ: see عَيْرٌ. ― -b7- مَتْنٌ The part between two poles of a بَيْت, or tent. (AZ in TA, art. ربع.) ― -b8- مَتْنٌ Elevated, and level, or plain, ground: (M:) or hard and elevated ground. (S, Msb, K.) ― -b9- مَتْنُ الفَرَسِ One of the four bright stars in Pegasus, that (a) at the extremity of the neck: see الفَرْغُ. ― -b10- مَتْنٌ i. q. حَدِيثٌ and خَبَرٌ and أَثَرٌ, A tradition of Mohammad, or of another, namely a companion of Mohammad, &c. (IbrD.) مَتْنَةٌ ذ : see مَتْنٌ. مَتِينٌ ذ Strong; stout; firm; hard. (S, K, Msb.) [Well seasoned. Possessing any quality in a strong degree.] أَمْتَنُ حَلَاوَةً ذ , i. q. أَشَدُّ حَلَاوَةً, More sweet. (TA, voce حَمْتٌ.) تِمْتَانٌ ذ : see تَمْتِينٌ. تَمْتِينٌ ذ (a subst., properly speaking, like تَلْبِيبٌ, q. v.) and ↓ تِمْتَانٌ The threads, or strings, of tents. (K.)

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