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قِطْفٌ ذ A bunch of grapes, &c.: pl. قُطُوفٌ: see an ex. voce ذَلَّلَ. ― -b2- قِطْفٌ i. q. مَقْطُوفٌ. (TA in art. بسط.) See بَسِيطٌ. قَطَفٌ ذ : see بَقْلٌ. قَطَافٌ ذ and ↓ قِطَافٌ The time of gathering the crop of grapes: (S, Mgh, K:) or the latter has this meaning; and the former is allowable accord. to Ks: (T, TA:) and the latter is also an inf. n., (Mgh,) or may be so, (Ks, T, TA,) meaning the gathering of the crop of grapes: (Mgh:) [or both have this meaning; for] you say, هٰذَا زَمَانُ القَطَافِ and القِطَافِ. (Msb.) See جَدَادٌ. قَطِيفٌ ذ a coll. gen. n. syn. with قَطَائِفُ, mentioned in the TA voce أُبْلُوجٌ, which see. ― -b2- قَطِيفَةٌ A villous, or nappy, دِثَار [or outer wrapping garment]. (S, Msb, K.) See also راَحُولَاتٌ. قَطَائِفُ ذ : see my 1001 Nights, note 23 to chap. viii. See also زَلاَبِيَه. In the TA, art. كنف, it is applied to كُنَافَة. مِقْطَفٌ ذ (vulg. مَقْطَفٌ) [pl. مَقَاطِف] A handbasket, made of palm-leaves: so called because originally used in gathering fruit. (See also قُفَّة and زَنْبِيل.)

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